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Sep 15th, 2019
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  1. so, the problem in matrix that machines wasnt able to solve is choice. People can choose, machine cant. And so i thought. How are we chosing something?
  2. like equal things
  3. red or green
  4. guitar or piano
  5. and the things is tha
  6. subconscious
  7. controlls it
  8. subconscious
  9. is the thing
  10. people are trying to give conscious to machine
  11. but subconscious defines conscious
  12. as freud said
  13. our conssiousness
  14. controlled by subconscious
  15. mostly
  16. subconscious simply being what we dont control?
  17. so to make artifficial intelligent, we need to make like a tree
  18. it will constantly
  19. hold all the
  20. preferences
  21. and everything
  22. dude
  23. a binary tree?
  24. personality is a combination of all the choices
  25. like
  26. yes
  27. a discrete set of these things?
  28. YES
  29. and
  30. it fills more and more
  31. while you grow
  32. so subconscious is like a cell for an information
  33. can it expand but also shrink?
  34. that conscious use to MAKE A CHOICE
  35. well, i dont know can it shrink
  36. what happens when u bonk it on head with a flashlight
  37. i know, it wont only contain choices, but also analogues or reflexes
  38. like
  39. bright white colour - uncomfortable
  40. It would have to shrink or else in its expansion it would get stuck in recursive thought loop
  41. it wont need to shrink, it will be a massive
  42. where you will fill cells or remove
  43. or replace
  44. and like
  45. you know
  46. so like big excel sheet
  47. aprox at 10 years your interests start to change
  48. maybe thats like
  49. and update
  50. yes
  51. excel
  52. thats to accurate
  53. this idea really makes sense
  54. in this excel sheet there will be several groups, just like in our brain
  55. and it will be just liike human
  56. every cell
  57. is neural network
  58. that can be filled
  59. or empty
  60. i know
  61. it will be done with quantum compture
  62. it will be one program in hyper position
  63. one is conssiousness
  64. and other is sub
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