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Hitomi-3 by Edge-Braak

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  1. Hitomi-3: New homes, new lives
  4. Hitomi felt a little strange as they left her apartment. She knew she'd devoured everything in it. The memories were hot in her mind, and she could feel her liquid mass, so tightly confined into this Human form, surging within her. She felt... powerful.
  5.     New instincts were growing stronger in her, and as she locked her door for what she realised was the last time, she looked at her keys, the little metal key ring looped about her index finger and the keys themselves lying in her hand. She smiled as she remembered flowing over the toaster, flowing into and absorbing it, coverting its cold metal into hot, warm flesh. Into liquid. Into her.
  6.     The flesh of her palm rippled, like the surface of a pond, and she slowly began to draw the keys into herself. Fujiko watched, her attention rapt, as Hitomi's flesh moved and flowed over the keys, her skin twisting and altering, the lines of her palm vanishing as the flesh stopped pretending to be normal and obeying the rules that bound other, lesser beings. She let out a soft moan, her lips slightly parted, as she felt herself pushing into the metal, strands of herself penetrating it and filling it, hollowing it out as she worked into the very molecules and filled them full of herself.
  7.     The keys disappeared under the surface of her hand, the key ring seemed for a moment to be almost a wedding band, though it was clear there was something attached to it, something that jutted from the join between finger and hand. Then it was gone, a little sound of groaning metal as the key ring was twisted until the smaller ring holding the keys onto it snapped under Hitomi's sudden, hungry suction, and the keys became part of her completely. She held up her hand and looked at the ring, then made a little swirl of her finger, and it was gone within her. The little bulge it formed was only there for moments before she consumed it utterly.
  8.     "That's really impressive," Fujiko breathed. "You're feeding, and growing, unimaginably quickly!"
  9.     "Am I?" Hitomi asked, smiling broadly, then biting her lower lip. She had no idea how to make comparisons. "Fujiko," she said, realising something. "The key's part of me now, right?"
  10.     "Not really, you've made it into flesh. It's mass has been added to yours," Fujiko said, keeping her voice low in case someone was listening in.
  11.     "But," Hitomi said, looking at her finger closely, "if I do this..." she concentrated, and her finger rippled liquidly, then became thinner and shorter, the underside grooving and shaping, until in place of her index finger, there was a perfect match for her door key. She waggled it and smiled.
  12.     "Oh, that's easy!" Fujiko chided, slapping her on the shoulder. "Come on."
  13.     "I thought it was quite impressive," Hitomi pouted as she followed her, returning her finger to normal.
  14.     "It's just like filling a mould, any of us can do that," Fujiko said.
  15.     "But it means I can..." Hitomi started, looking over her shoulder at the plain, closed door of her apartment, recalling the angry neighbours upstairs, and the timid little girl who always wished to be left alone. She turned back to Fujiko and smiled, remembering with sudden clarity just how good she looked without any clothes. "Never mind," she said.
  16.     "No going back, right?" Fujiko asked, then continued down the stairs. "Don't worry, Hitomi. If you want a new life, you can have one. The power's yours now. You make the rules. Pretty much all of them, in fact."
  17.     They left the apartment block, Fujiko firmly leading the way, Hitomi keeping close by her, thinking about the many changes that the evening had seen in herself. She wasn't even remotely the same as she had been when she woke up this morning. Everything had changed, so massively, so suddenly. It was staggering to think it.
  18.     The sun had set over Japan by now. The night was cool and dry, dressing the streets in a garb of darkness and beginning to reveal the parts that few wise eyes could discern with the bright light of day distracting them. Hitomi lived in one of the nicer parts of the city, but even here the sound of night-time revelling was loud, and a woman walked the streets with a provocative stride and subtly revealing clothes.
  19.     It occurred to Hitomi that the buses probably weren't running around her area anymore, and that Fujiko didn't drive. Or did she?
  20.     "Fuji? How are we going to get to Madam Yukio's?" Hitomi asked.
  21.     Fujiko laughed. "It's closer than you think, Hitomi. Believe me, it's always closer than you think. Let's go this way. Just look for it and want to be there," she said.
  22.     Without another word, Fujiko started walking along the pavement, casting her eyes about her at the rising apartment buildings and rundown blocks across the road. Kyoto was a city of contrasts, in places. Old and new stood side by side, each of them ironically sentinels of the past facing an uncertain future. Japan hadn't been confident in so long now, hadn't been sure of its direction for such a length of time, that nothing looked quite right. Everything was either a relic of the past or a relic of what grew out of it. Even the present was out-dated, staring gloomily into the middle distance and lacking the past's wry wisdom about the ever-changing nature of the world.
  23.     The young, after all, never did understand change.
  24. It wasn't long before they passed out of Hitomi's street onto the main one. Here, Hitomi paused. The night-time crowd were noisy already, even before they started getting drunk and hungry for fun of a firmer variety. Hitomi lurked near the corner. She hadn't been out with this crowd in a long time, ever since she started her office job a couple of years ago. Fujiko walked on, oblivious for a moment. Then she realised Hitomi wasn't with her and looked back, an expression of momentary panic on her face, which then calmed to kindliness.
  25. Hitomi smiled with embarassment, and leant against the wall, listening to the noise of the crowd, watching the salarymen looking for the sake houses and karaoke dens to close out their day or days of work with something approaching happiness. She hugged herself quietly, noticed only by one person among the multitudes.
  26.     Fujiko came over to her and put a hand on her shoulder. "Hey, don't worry. Seriously, you're fine. There is nothing at all to worry about. You're safe."
  27.     "Then why did you look afraid for a second?" Hitomi asked suddenly.
  28. The question seemed to take Fujiko by surprise, for her mouth opened to give an answer, then closed. She moved her hand to Hitomi's cheek, and a sudden rush of pleasure ran through Hitomi's face. She felt their flesh softening and melding together, and her body arched back from the wall. Fujiko leant in and breathed in the moan of pleasure that escaped from Hitomi's lips, swallowing it with a kiss. Then they were separate again, leaving Hitomi's breathing quickened, and Fujiko standing nearby looking a little shaken.
  29. "What we did was more than sex, Hitomi. You know that. Pleasure that intense leaves marks. I... well, it doesn't matter," she said, keeping in a sigh as she stared at the friend that she now wanted more than anything else in the world, and wondered if she'd just fallen in love with her or was working out something that had always been there but subtly beyond her notice.
  30. Hitomi softly bit her lip, while her flesh rippled softly under the cold light of the moon. She felt some of the mental restraints on herself fall free, became intimitely aware of the power roiling beneath her surface – the surface currently pretending to be solid – that was just waiting to get out. She smiled and straightened up, then brought her body back in line with the way it had been when she stepped onto the street a little while ago.
  31. "We..."
  32. "Don't talk about things like that in such a public place," Fujiko said, pressing a finger to her lips and moving a little closer. "Maybe in a quiet restaurant with a private backroom. You know, the kind where, how shall I say it, subtle things, won't necessarily be noticed," she said with a meaningful smile and a wink, then she turned and headed back into the stream of people on the pavement.
  33. Hitomi followed her without hesitation this time. She wasn't going to let her old weaknesses hold her back now. Not when she was so incredibly aware of how fluid her being was. It occurred to her that she was technically naked. The clothes across her body were just flesh that she had woven into fibers. With a thought, perhaps a little less than that, she could present herself to them. Or present someone else to them. With a little naughty smile, her eyes flickered in a moan as she sucked up her underwear, unweaving the fibers and reabsorbing them, adding a subtle weight to her breasts, swelling them up a little so her stiff nipples were visible indents through the pale white fabric.
  34. Fujiko spotted the change almost immediately, and smiled. "Naughty," she said to Hitomi, who put her arms around herself and grinned in a way that could only be defined as 'cute'.
  35. They came to a crossing and moved to the other pavement, sliding away from Hitomi's home. She looked around her curiously, wondering exactly where they were going. She knew that Madam Yukio's wasn't in this direction. "Are we going to your place?" She asked.
  36. "Not the one you're referring to, no. I've already told you where we're going, silly! Madam Yukio's. Are you still wondering where we're going?" Fujiko asked suspiciously.
  37. "No!" Hitomi protested.
  38. "You are, aren't you?" Fujiko asked as they moved on.
  39. "Not!"
  40. "Are!"
  41. "Not!"
  42. "Are not and no returns! Trust me, Hitomi. We're going in the right direction. Besides, when you're looking for Yukio's, every direction is the right direction," Fujiko said with a little chuckle.
  43. Hitomi frowned, and suddenly a few things clicked into place in her head. She couldn't remember having ever seen Madam Yukio's shop before, despite having been to that street many times. She'd never heard of it, yet she imagined that it was a place that she would have heard something about by now. Unless nobody could find it, excepting those that were invited and who belonged there. Hitomi bit her lip. This explanation made a lot more sense, while she was so consciously aware of the exquisite magic at work in her body. However, that awareness, so effortlessly inspired by Fujiko, was fading softly. She remembered the slight alterations she'd made to her body, the chafing of her nipples on her shirt reminded her of them with every step, but somehow she was less aware of her own liquid being.
  44. She yearned to talk to Fujiko about it, but looking around her she knew that the proximity of the people meant she couldn't. Her old timidity began to rear its vile head, and she pressed closer to Fujiko, and caught her hand close.
  45. "I told you to relax," Fujiko said. "Come on, Hitomi. You're a grown woman, now. You can't be acting like you're seventeen your whole life. I know your youth was very conservative," she went on, carefully resisting the urge to say 'conserved', she'd never liked Hitomi's parents, and even before her ascension she'd thought Hitomi was being held back and her potential squandered by them, "but you have to kick those feelings now."
  46. Hitomi nodded.
  47. "I'd love to explain why, but you know I can't at this moment. Now, if you don't start looking for Yukio's we're never going to find it," she said reproachfully, skillfully redirecting Hitomi's moment of weakness back onto a productive path.
  48. Hitomi nodded firmly, and concentrated on where they had to go and what they had to do. They had to find Yukio's if her new life was going to start properly. She still had no idea what was going on, in truth. She couldn't help but giggle quietly at the ridiculousness of that admission. She could feel the power inside herself, feel the subtle, impossible rippling of her flesh. But still, she had no idea what was going on!
  49. "Stop laughing, you look insane," Fujiko chided, poking Hitomi in the arm. Her finger sank in a good inch, and she felt Hitomi's flesh ripple around her finger, hungrily flow against the fabric of her shirt. Fujiko retracted her finger in alarm and shook her head, then stared at Hitomi in a meaningful way.
  50. Hitomi pouted, then concentrated and settled herself down again.
  51. She blinked a couple of times. Something was in the corner of her eye. She turned suspiciously, and her eyebrows raised sharply. There, right in front of them, was the door to Madam Yukio's.
  52. "That is not supposed to be there," Hitomi said firmly, pointing at the door and indeed the whole shopfront accusatorily. "I go past this street every day when I go to work and that has never been there. Ever. Ever ever," she proclaimed, turning to Fujiko. "Ever."
  53. "Well, I told you, didn't I? If you want to find it, you'll find it," she smiled, then took Hitomi by the hand and led her towards the door. "Don't worry. The Humans can't see us anymore. They never see Yukio's unless they're invited, and I don't think she ever gives invites to 'normal' people, as it were. Somehow, I doubt we're the only strange things that nobody's noticed in this lovely world of ours," she said with a little chuckle.
  54. They approached the door, an old and anachronistic frame of dark wood lacquered red, only for it to be opened with a quiet jingle of bells. Standing on the threshold within was none other than Madam Yukio herself. Hitomi's breath caught in her throat. Yukio hadn't looked like that before, she was sure.
  55. Yukio's skin was white. Not pale, but actually white, like fresh snow on an open field. Her lips were a luscious cherry red, while her hair was a bunched up mass of raven wing darkness and feathery softness, held in place by a fan of seven gold and silver hairpins that each bore an opal, creating a flowing sequence of dark and light. Her slim body was clad in a kimono of pure white, tied with a red and white obi, but the cut was far from traditional. It hung low and tight on her body, offering a tantalising glimpse of her pert breasts and surprisingly close cleavage, as well as showing the very gentle curves of her body. She was built like a very traditional Japanese woman, in that the curves were as the curves of a wave on the open sea, flowing up and down in a way that was indivisible from the natural world. Her beauty was sublime, yet it was beauty designed only to be noticed by those with the eyes and sense to look. Hitomi looked, and she was stunned.
  56. Yukio looked at her with soft dark eyes, and beckoned her forward. She reached out with pale hands bearing long red nails and stroked Fujiko's cheek. "Well done, child," she said. "You have brought her into our fold after all. For a time I wondered."
  57. "I don't understand," Fujiko said, before Hitomi could speak up.
  58. "I felt her change, and this is normal, but this time Yamako felt it also. Even Oichi said she was feeling a little queasy. Most unusual, by all accounting. I see also you have flesh-melded," she said, a tone of chiding entering her voice. Fujiko grinned and stood on one foot, rotating the point of her shoe on the pavement. "You should not be so forward with one so new! I would have thought you would know better by now, especially since you were dealing with a friend of yours, though now far more."
  59. "Ms. Yukio?" I asked. "Don't be angry. She made me better. Really, she did. I wasn't adjusting very well, I didn't know how to use myself."
  60. Yukio laughed, and the sound filled Hitomi with joy. "No, child, do not say that. You did not know how to be yourself. Nobody uses anything or anyone around here. Well, not unless that is their desire, or you can persuade them that it is their desire. But you are powerful indeed," she said thoughtfully, leaning down and stroking a line of burning ecstasy down Hitomi's cheek. She visibly staggered as the touch ended. "You are truly powerful indeed!" Yukio said, her eyes widening slightly. "Fujiko, explain this."
  61. "I can't, Madam. She devoured her apartment, that would explain her mass, but if there's anything else..."
  62. "There needs to be?" Yukio asked with raised eyebrows. "Well, you are a fascinating addition. Enter, my dear. It seems that we must begin your education swiftly indeed. The last thing I'd want is for you to use your powers unconsciously."
  63. "Why, Ms. Yukio?" I asked.
  64. "Because, my dear, we are capable of great destruction, as well as great pleasure and great kindness. And I sense you have a good, kind heart. I would not want to see you upset by an action you never intended. Now, come within, and see the world to which you have been reborn," she said, and then with a grand, sweeping bow, ushered Hitomi and Fujiko inside. Hitomi smiled at her friend then walked tentatively into the shop, wondering what she would find within. She peered around the edge of the door, and immediately her jaw dropped.
  65. The interior was lavish, certainly. It was also impossible for the small shop front that was presented. The area was as large as a nightclub floor, decked out in bright reds and gold, melding into white here and there. Beautiful artwork decorated the walls and depictions such as those often found on folding screens could be seen on the hanging silk drapes that curved down from the roof at many points. Solid round pillars were positioned evenly and with the apparent purpose of holding up the roof. The ground itself was made up of a mixture of bare floor boards and tatami matting, but that stopped when the ground began to tier up and away. Here a section was decked out much like a bar, though the glass cabinets were filled with drink and there was no barman whatsoever but for the lady who appointed herself to the position. There the matting flowed seamlessly into a white carpeted area built around a central table and a quartet of couches, a lounge for the ladies to relax and talk quietly. But the place, as dizzying as it was, would have been nothing if not for the ladies themselves.
  66. They were beautiful, one and all, in their own ways. Some were pierced, some were pure, some were short, some were tall. Some looked like perfect little Japanese women, some were nigh-perfectly hourglass shaped, their bosoms clearly fuller than was naturally possible. But then, that much was true of many other aspects of them. In the lounge area, a woman rested her head on her hand, but her elbow melded into the mass of liquid flesh that made her up, as she flowed down off the couch and covered some of the floor. Across from her, another lady had relaxed herself down so that she seemed almost flat, but was currently just very spongy. In the bar area, one of the women had altered her body to the point that she was undefinable as a Human, resembling an amoebic, rippling blob of flesh from which a multitude of tendrils were extended, stroking and caressing those nearby. Another woman, dressed in ripped jeans and a positively scanty T-Shirt over a pair of breasts that were each twice as big as Hitomi's head had pressed herself into the 'mould' of the softer woman and made a kind of chair for herself, allowing her to sit comfortably on one of the tables. One of the silk drapes above, Hitomi realised, was actually another of the ladies, stretched into a thin sheet and gluing herself to the ceiling. They walked to and fro, visions of beauty one and all, talking and laughing, dressed in all kinds of clothes or in various stages of nakedness, completely open and acting as if all this was perfectly natural. Off to one side, two of the women were lying down beside each other, kissing quietly, open and undisturbed.
  67. Hitomi's jaw didn't close.    
  68.     Slowly, faces turned in her direction, and conversations appeared to come to a slow stop as the ladies variously realised that there was someone knew among them. From out of her vision in the bar area, Hitomi saw a long, long neck stretch a divinely beautiful face out to look at her, and she recognised the features instantly as the geisha woman she had seen when she first came to the store. But she wasn't sure how she knew. The face smiled, then was lowered onto the shoulders of another of the ladies.
  69.     "Welcome, Hitomi-san," Yukio said, "to Outer Heaven."
  70.     Hitomi looked around her, and saw a room full of bowing beauties, all paying respect to her. In a way, it would have been better if all of them had bowed, or none, because in some places they lacked enough body to bow with, and in the case of the woman with the split jeans she received a raised pair of fingers, the reverse side offered to her accompanied with a bright smile. The amoebic lady stretched a pseudopod into her shape, the features pushing out as if the flesh was being pulled like a mask back over some inner hardness, and lips open in a moan turned into a bright-eyed and welcoming smile. The woman stretched into a sheet formed her features all across her body, her smile as wide as Hitomi's torso. She didn't feel threatened, how could she? But she did feel very intimidated.
  71.     Fujiko touched her on the hip. "Hey," she said. "Don't worry. They all went through this themselves at some point. They know how you feel. Introduce yourself. No need to say anything more than your name if you don't want to."
  72.     Hitomi nodded hesitantly, then swallowed and faced the room again. It wasn't completely silent. There was a quiet mumbling, but when she turned her attention their way silence arrived swiftly. "Hello," she said, bowing deeply.  "My name is Hitomi Kawasae, I am twenty three years old, and I am an administrative assistant working for Tuju Industries. I also have absolutely no idea what's happened to me, just that I..." she paused self-consciously, but she felt buoyed by the faces turned in her direction, showing the purest care and affection for this newcomer amongst them. "I really like it," she finished, blushing. A ripple of soft laughter passed through the ladies.
  73.     There was a chorus of returned hellos, like a single movement in a symphony of kindness, before Yukio waved an elegant hand and the congregation separated to go about their business. Many eyes remained on Hitomi, but the majority let her be.
  74.     Hitomi's eyes were fixed on the elongated neck of the geisha woman, still wondering how she could recognise her. Slowly, almost eerily, the woman's body appeared, clad in an orange and red kimono tied with a white obi, much more decoratively attired than Madam Yukio, though this woman's hair was tied merely in the traditional way of the geisha, with only three hairpins that glittered under the room's soft lights. Her neck retracted with a sucking noise and her head slid back into place upon her shoulders as she stepped down from the bar and approached.
  75.     "O... Outer Heaven?" Hitomi asked dumbly, as she remembered what Yukio had said all of a sudden. "What does that mean?"
  76.     Yukio laughed, and it seemed a delightful sound, like tinkling wind chimes to a child's unjaded ears. "You must have a great many questions, dear. I will answer many of them since dear Fujiko has decided to shirk that responsibility."
  77.     "I..."
  78.     "I am not criticizing, dear," Yukio said, and Hitomi couldn't help but be a little alarmed as she turned to see Yukio raise one delicate arm which suddenly lengthened, her kimono sleeve curling inwards and fusing with the flesh, her neck stretching noiselessly to allow her to place a kiss on Fujiko's cheek, stroking her neck with her hand before retracting again, leaving Fujiko visibly shuddering. "I am merely repeating the truth. You have decided that we shall be her teachers, and in fact I believe you have made the correct decision. You are not, after all, so old yourself, and it would be tragic if there were to be a repeat of prior mistakes."
  79.     Fujiko nodded, then smiled at Hitomi. "Don't worry, Hitomi. I'll be over in the bar. They'll take great care of you."
  80.     Hitomi nodded, and Fujiko walked over then stepped up into the bar area. A little ripple of greeting went through the ladies there, with particular attention coming from the woman in the ripped jeans, whose whole torso suddenly lengthened, her clothes straining to hold her in as she bent impossibly on herself and stretched forward to wrap her arms around Fujiko's waist and nearly bury her face in her cleavage. She seemed eager for answers, so eager that as Hitomi watched the girl's arms suddenly flattened and liquified, flowing in a hot wave over Fujiko's body and then lifting her off the ground. She was deposited into the girl's lap and into the amoebic lady that was serving as her seat. The amoebic one rippled with what Hitomi somehow knew was delight, and seemed to grow, flowing over the girl with the ripped jeans who was more and more abandoning pretense of Humanity, her breasts and torso starting to flow over Fujiko's body, like a wave of soft toffee.
  81.     She looked to Yukio in alarm, then to the geisha, but both were watching and smiling. Hitomi looked back and saw Fujiko moaning in pleasure, as the girl who had been wearing ripped jeans and was now naked had reduced herself to merely her bosom, arms and head, while the amoebic one was blossoming up around them both, flowing like rising dough to consume them. A grin passed over the girl's face, and then they were both lost as the rippling ball of flesh swelled to consume them both. Hitomi watched as it rippled and shifted, dripping off the table. Suddenly it erupted upwards and clung to the ceiling, then sucked its mass up after it, and she could vaguely see two forms within, rippling and rolling against each other as Fujiko gave in to her own fluid nature. Hitomi blinked a few times, and wondered if she should feel betrayed.
  82.     "Come, child," the geisha said, her voice warm and soothing, "there is much you must have explained, including, or perhaps especially, what you should and should not expect of your friends and lovers around here."
  83.     Hitomi nodded and followed them as they led her away from the main room, crossing that floor of a hundred delights to the back, where a number of different doors in different styles were presented to her. One was a traditional Japanese sliding door surrounded by shoji screens that flowed into a more modern wooden door with cream wallpaper surrounding it, which flowed in turn into an even more modern automatic door. She didn't know what to make of it. They passed through the wooden door, as the geisha turned the handle and opened it out towards them, then stood respectfully to one side for them to pass.
  84.     A wide corridor opened itself out, with a long red carpet threaded with golden dragons and surrounded by suits of lacquered armour holding katana raised and ready, a walk of fame for the noble and the proud. A single stair led off to the right in the middle of the otherwise dead-end corridor, and it was onto this little platform of tatami mats and traditional Japanese comforts that Hitomi was led. All of the accoutrements and materials for the tea ceremony were laid out in the center of the area, and shaded lamps meant it was warmly lit from all four corners. The shoji screens which surrounded Hitomi were decorated with calligraphy and paintings, depicting some of the most bizarre, and yet most arousing, sexual scenes Hitomi had ever witnessed.
  85.     She looked in wonder at a fleshy waterfall flowing over a princess' body, bearing her into a river of ecstasy. She saw a pair of women making love in a sequence of paintings, the one slowly melting away as she was brought to climax, flowing over her lover, rippling over her body, stroking and caressing and sucking at her until she reformed coccooning her, lying on the ground distorted and stretched around her, smiling blissfully. Here another woman took on the male part, lengthening her clitoris as Hitomi had felt Fujiko do, to take her beloved from behind. It continued, on and on, a panoply of sapphic, liquid delights.
  86. Hitomi knew that she shouldn't be so aroused, yet she was. The paintings spoke to her. The calligraphic words were poems and prayers, all dedicated to the beauty of the feminine. It was mind-blowing, but it was delicious. She knelt down, not sure if that was the right thing to do or not.
  87. The geisha had taken the time of Hitomi's wonder to prepare the tea, while Yukio had folded herself regally into place in front of her. Hitomi immediately felt small and inferior as she faced the madam. Her plain, modern clothes seemed so rough, so small, in comparison to this woman's simple yet beautifully regal garb. There was something about the traditions that this place was enshrining that spoke to Hitomi's soul, and would have made her feel the same way even without her recent changes. She felt out of place. She felt anachronistic. She wished she had a kimono.
  88. Suddenly, she gasped. Her shirt buttons popped one by one. The geisha's hand stopped in mid pouring of the tea. Hitomi shuddered as her bra and panties melted into her body, and she moaned softly as her shirt ripped itself open, bearing herself to the ladies before her for a moment, while her shorts tore and were sucked into her hungry sex, rippling away into the flesh they really were.
  89. Hitomi's shirt suddenly wrapped itself tight around her, stretching to fold on itself and then lengthening sharply down her body, she felt herself lengthening, for it was part of her again, and she felt herself shaping the garment she desired. The pale cloth faded into rippling flesh as she closed her eyes and lost her attention, as it flowed down over her legs and knees, then crept over her calves and towards her feet. She bulged herself out with a little gasp of delight, and spread the flesh out into her obi. She wove her skin into thread and silk, her eyes rolling into the back of her head as she molded herself to her desires. A few moments passed, and she was dressed in a kimono of white and blue, with a snow white sash.
  90. She let out a gasp and opened her eyes, then looked down at herself in shock. The geisha continued pouring the tea. Madam Yukio raised one eyebrow.
  91. "I... I'm sorry, Madam!" Hitomi exclaimed, seeing her reaction, then tugging at the long sleeves of her kimono and looking around her in shock.
  92. The Madam's soft and warm laugh brought her back to her senses. "No apologies! I was merely surprised, child. Calm yourself, please, and take tea with me. When the ceremony has brought some calm to your soul, then, then we shall talk."
  93. Hitomi nodded. The first cups of tea were served after some long minutes of ritual and preparation. Hitomi drank nervously, but found that the tea was fragrant, hot, and exquisite. She smiled at the geisha respectfully, and received a bow in return.
  94. Madam Yukio put down her own tea cup and reached out to stroke the geisha's cheek. As the Madam's fingertips caressed her skin, her eyes closed and her lips parted in a sigh which turned to a smile as the caress ended. "Your tea is superb as always, Yamako," Yukio said.
  95. "Very tasty," Hitomi agreed.
  96. "You both  honour me with your compliments," Yamako replied.
  97. "Now," Yukio said, as Yamako began to pour the next cups. "To yourself, and your apparent remarkable abilities."
  98. Hitomi's eyes widened. "What did I do now?"
  99. "You should not have been able to reform your clothes so utterly and so easily, with so little experience and while so young," Yukio replied smoothly. "I am to assume that you own no kimonos?" Hitomi shook her head. "Doubly impressive, then."
  100.     Hitomi smiled. "I'm... honoured by your compliments?" She offered.
  101.     Yamako put one hand to her mouth, laughing in a way so ladylike that it made Hitomi feel crass and common, Yukio again laughed like wind chimes tinkling in the breeze. Hitomi was surrounded by two beings of wonder and beauty, she knew it, she could feel it, and it made her feel elated, exalted, and yet incredibly small and self-conscious all at once. She felt the grinding need not to look stupid in front of them, but also the unpleasant feeling that she couldn't stop herself no matter how hard she tried.
  102.     "I am glad to see you smile, but less so to see you shrink like that," Yukio said in a warm, almost motherly tone. "Please, try not to feel overwhelmed. Though I and Yamako are more powerful and infinitely more experienced than yourself, we are still peers. Do not forget that. We are equals, dear, though my position would best be thought of as a respected elder," Yukio explained, her words gently assuaging Hitomi's doubts of equality, born from listening to Fujiko talking about her. But then she realised that Fujiko didn't talk about her in a subservient way at all, and never had. "The girls all speak to me and come to me with their worries and their questions, and I provide them with guidance and answers where I can. That is what I do. I provide a place for you all, and for all of you, to be, a home you can always come to in order to be among your own kind, and I provide guidance for those leaving their mortal shells."
  103.     "Mortal..." Hitomi repeated.
  104.     "Your new body is immortal," Yukio said. "Killable, but ageless."
  105.     "And not especially killable," Yamako commented very delicately, yet her tone suggested she was well aware of the details behind the statement.
  106.     "I'm not Human," Hitomi said quietly. This fact was still hovering around, yet to quite sink in but always threatening to do so. Sometimes it was there, sometimes it wavered. The harder she tried to grasp it, the more it slunk away, as if afraid to be faced by her mind all of a sudden, afraid that she would find fallacy in her firm belief in her former Humanity.
  107.     "Indeed not. There has been, already, plenty of evidence in your last few hours of life to prove that, am I right?" Yukio asked. Hitomi nodded. "There will be more, and more, and more as you come to grips with your powers. No doubt you observed Kiku in the main room?"
  108.     "I don't know," Hitomi said.
  109.     "She was the one who carried off Oichi and your dear Fujiko," Yukio added.
  110.     "Oh, the blob-girl?" Hitomi asked.
  111.     Yukio laughed softly. "Perhaps, but you should not call her that, it is most assuredly rude. She has studiously maintained that form for over three years now. I don't believe she's ever taken on more than an approximation of a Human form in all this time, and I believe she has also lost the inclination to."
  112.     "Why?" Hitomi asked.
  113.     "Why not?" Yamako asked in return. "But it would be better for you to ask her about that, I would think."
  114.     "You are of course correct, beauteous one," Yukio said, causing Yamako to smile and, seemingly, to blush with happiness. "Do not speak to us about the opinions of others, Hitomi. You would and will be better served speaking to them. When you have questions that the others cannot answer, that your sisters cannot answer, then you should come to me."
  115.     "And to her? To you, sorry, miss Yamako," Hitomi said, smiling bashfully and realising she had to be coming across as horribly ill-mannered.
  116.     "No 'miss' for me, Hitomi-chan," Yamako said, using the suffix that suggested sincere and deep affection, and making Hitomi feel a little shocked and confused. "Just call me Yamako, like all the others. And we are peers, though I am looked up to in much the same way as Madam Yukio. Spend what time with me you will, though I think we should spend some on this very night."
  117.     "Why?" Hitomi asked. "Oh! Not that I think that's a bad thing, or don't want to, you understand?"
  118.     "Yes, Hitomi, I understand," Yamako said, inclining her head, and then, with a soft stretching sound, lengthening her neck to incline it more deeply. She lengthened her neck further, curling it up and moving towards Hitomi, her beautiful, flawless face being pushed towards her, separate from her body. She looked the perfect image of the rokurokubi, beautiful and seductive, yet subtly alien, or not so subtly at this precise moment. Hitomi's breath caught in her throat. She was beginning to feel a little aroused despite herself.
  119.     "You must forgive Yamako-san," Yukio said. "She feels an especial connection to almost all of us here. Hers is the strongest, after mine, and she felt your birth quite intensely. It left her incapacitated for some time. It makes her feel closer to you than is necessarily appropriate."
  120.     Yamako seemed to realise that she was being very forward at this careful reminder, and smiled with embarassment, then began to retract her neck. Hitomi, however, didn't want her to. She reached out with her arm, and then suddenly realised that wasn't enough. Not enough by far.
  121.     She let out a soft moan, and her whole torso lengthened, her kimono stretching, then her obi unwinding due to the pressure, as she pushed herself out over the tea cups and the tea pot to press her body against Yamako's elongated, serpentine neck. Unthinkingly, Hitomi stretched her arms, instincts she'd relied on well so far causing her to curl around Yamako's head and push it between her breasts, as her kimono melted away into her body, leaving her bare and naked. Yamako smiled, and rubbed against her chest, then suddenly darted in and sucked on one of Hitomi's hard little nipples.
  122.     Hitomi gasped, then let out a short scream of pleasure as Yamako's jaw stretched effortlessly, hinging open to suck in the whole of Hitomi's breast, and as she looked down she watched as Yamako's massively distended face began to melt onto her body, the hair, pins and all, becoming softer in colour and density, her long eyes growing longer and thinner, closing and disappearing, her nose folding down into her stretched lips. Like a ripple of syruppy milk, Yamako's head melted onto Hitomi's breast, and then flowed liquidly outwards in a wave, the neck now flaring out as Yamako consumed Hitomi's other breast as well and began to suckle on them both. Hitomi let out a full throated moan of pleasure, and swelled her breasts into Yamako's caresses and touches, then let out a gasp of frustration as that beautiful liquid sucking was gone from her.
  123.     She looked down as the flood of liquid pulled back from her body, retracting and folding in on itself, twisting and swirling, hair and features slowly swimming back into perfection as Yamako's head slid smoothly into place upon her neck, leaving Hitomi's body stretched out above them all, her breasts swollen and engorged to over twice their normal size, her flesh now visibly rippling, hungry for more pleasure.
  124.     "More..." She uttered.
  125.     "And you will have it," Yukio said. "You will have it."
  126.     Yukio regarded her for a moment, and the Madam's body spread itself open. Her face opened down the middle, her clothes, her body, those perfect breasts pushed outwards in opposing directions as if pulled by relentless hands. Within, she was smooth, perfectly smooth, a rippling, swirling mass of flesh that opened wider and wider, beckoning her in.
  127.     Hitomi let out a cry, and shot herself forward, diving into that beckoning body. Tentacles, for that was what they were, erupted from Yukio's fleshy interior, and a voice a thousand times more beautiful than the parody she used in ordinary communication echoed in the room. "But I will be satisfied, also."
  128.     Yamako was gripped, her clothes vanishing into her body. Tentacles wrapped around her throat, her breasts, her legs, shot out and enwrapped Hitomi's body even as she dove her torso into that unimaginable, unthinkable yielding liquid softness. She felt Yukio ripple, a single swallow that could devour a planet, and Hitomi's whole body was sucked into her. She felt Yamako slap against her malleable form, felt them deforming around each other as both became softer and softer. She felt Yukio's body slowly closing around them, felt an approximation of feminine curves being fitted around their rippling, hungry forms.
  129.     A smile was on Yukio's face. Her clothes, like her flesh, were distorted about the bulge of her body. Her torso was stretched horizontally, her belly pushed out, her flesh still a little held open by one of Hitomi's kicking legs. Yamako and Hitomi were inside her, and she daintily reached up, holding each of her breasts in her hands, squeezing with hands that had helped to shape Mt. Fuji, and then pushed them back together. She shut herself, zipping herself up around her lover and this newcomer whose essence was so strong. She understood Yamako's actions, inspiring Hitomi's instincts to cut through the haze her Humanity had left behind like mist on the mountains. Power like hers had to be mastered quickly, lest she go wrong. One of Yukio's breasts flowed liquidly around Hitomi's leg, and with a single great suck she pulled Hitomi's limb inside herself. She smiled, closing her eyes and enjoying the feelings caused by the girls inside her.
  130.     Within, Hitomi's mind was lost in riot as she was brought into crashing contact with Yukio's soul. She felt as if she'd plunged into a sea, an endless sea of burning liquid flesh, so hot and so present and so filling. She felt timeless, ageless, lacking beginning or end. Every iota of her being seemed full to bursting, ionized, galvanized, powering and rippling in ecstasy as she screamed voicelessly into eternity. She felt Yukio flowing through her, around her, in her. She was everywhere, everything, the world within and the world without. Every dream, every wish, every thought was Yukio, and she in turn were they. Hitomi's mind couldn't contain it all. She knew Yamako was molding against her, knew they were being pressed together as if by tidal forces, their bodies crushing and squeezing until each was pressed over the other like two water currents side by side, flowing softly as Yukio rubbed and touched them against one another. Hitomi knew she came. Hitomi knew, above all else, that this was right.
  131.     It seemed to end suddenly. She was pouring, being sucked up, pulled upwards, flooding forwards, being dragged through Yukio's being. She became aware that she was dripping out of Yukio's mouth, being pooled in her former sitting place. Part of her could feel the endlessness of Yukio's being, and yearned for more, but the push was inexorable. She felt Yamako's body leave her consciousness, and then she could only feel the coldness of the air, the cursed solidity of the world, and the bleak lack of pleasure in herself. She pooled, feeling suddenly dejected.
  132.     Yukio retracted her neck. She had not moved an inch. Her body rippled softly as Yamako moved under the surface, but then she reinforced the outer appearance, squeezing her beloved down inside her, pushing her into realms of ecstasy that very, very few others could grasp. Her form became solid and static again, though underneath Yamako and she rushed together in joy and pleasure. None of these sensations, so intense and pervading, were displayed on her face, however. She could see already that despite Hitomi's power, even the brief touch was enough to send her mind reeling.
  133.     "My apologies, Hitomi-san," Yukio said quietly. "I did not intend to give you such a shock."
  134.     Hitomi flexed, her fleshy form curling like strands of toffee as she solidified a hairless, bald head and face, extending from a short neck. "You're... a Goddess," she breathed.
  135.     Yukio smiled. "No. We are," she said. "We are all Gods. Little Gods. Kami of flesh. Understand this, and you have taken the first crucial step towards self-realisation, and personal understanding."
  136. “I’m… a Goddess?” Hitomi asked, her voice strangely distant and confused, as if the words felt unnatural in her mouth.
  137.     “Of course you are,” Yukio laughed. “Arise, Hitomi. We should talk now, and your questions should be answered. Get comfortable.”
  138.     Hitomi’s face rose on a smooth and flowing pseudopod of flesh, she didn’t bother to form hair from her mass, allowing herself instead to flow as if water, as if her face was the apex of a spout of flesh that didn’t move even though all down the stretch of her lengthening flexible ‘neck’ her body was flowing like waves of water falling down into herself. She drew herself upward, a mountainous bulge forming as she delightedly spread herself out, coating the tatami matting all around her, studiously avoiding the invisible line formed were the tea set began. Her face smiled as she felt herself sliding between the rushes, dripping down the steps and coating some of the corridor that led here with her warm liquid mass. This was comfortable, all pretenses abandoned, melted and free, her solidity nothing more than a casual whim of her soul.
  139.     She extended herself all across her form, creating dozens of lengthening, thickening tentacles, turning her face-bearing pseudopod to regard them hungrily. One brushed against her lips, and she moaned softly at the sensation. The tip rippled and swelled, thickening out into an approximation of a masculine member tip, a shape all too familiar to her from anime, hentai and manga. Her instincts were unbound, sexual instincts that had burst the dam first when Fujiko had made love to her in the apartment, and Yamako had easily, skillfully aroused them once again.
  140.     The liquid ripples that began at the edges of her beautiful features were now mimicked by her sloping sides, as the Hitomi-mountain mimicked an angry Mt. Fuji, flesh flowing as if molten lava were running down its sides, with long and hungry-looking tenticular members flisking about in the air. Hitomi tasted herself in this new form, towering over Yukio and yet feeling vastly smaller. She knew that though she could cover the entire floor space of this room and much of the corridor, Yukio was infinitely larger. Looking at her now, with her desires properly aroused, her hunger deepened and rippling out from her transformed soul, Hitomi could sense Yukio’s relative power. She felt as if she was looking at a peak, an insignificant peak of warm liquid flesh atop a mountain larger than all those in the world combined, and all of that compressed down into this tiny, exquisite five feet of slender oriental female. If she had needed to breathe in this form, if she had a chest at all, it would have begun to quicken in its breathing. She wanted her, but their contact had been crushing. The short time spent in Yukio’s body, buried in that delightful liquid ecstasy, was already blurring and dreamy in her mind. She knew she wouldn’t be able to hold onto even the smallest fragment of it for much longer. Her mind simply wasn’t able to contain such sensations.
  141.     “I can… feel you…” Hitomi said, and found her voice had become huskier, more lustful, matching her wants. She smiled wickedly as she imagined Fujiko impaled on her tentacles, as she imagined herself taking her in twenty orifices at once, pushing hard against her malleable body until it allowed her in and in and in…
  142.     Hitomi blinked hard. The wave of desire had crashed against her, and rolled back. She turned her pseudopod this way and that, and let out a low, happy sound. The repetitive movement she’d set up in herself was a gentle, constantly pleasurable stimulation. This new body felt so satisfying, simply because it wasn’t Human, wasn’t even a vague pretence at being Human. She was more than human, now. And it felt glorious to know that this was true.
  143.     “And I can most definitely feel you,” Yukio said with a musical titter.
  144.     “Yamako’s still inside you,” Hitomi said. She could vaguely sense Yamako’s presence, a second, smaller presence, within Yukio’s own mass.
  145.     “She is,” said Yukio, still showing no sign of the tumult within her pristine exterior. Yamako was roiling like a whirlpool, writhing, twisting and coiling like a zephyr through Yukio’s being, making love to her in that exquisite way only Yamako ever could, and which had ultimately made the two into bonded lovers. But Yukio possessed a capacity for pleasure that was truly trans-Human, and Yukio’s control over her own form was perfect. Though her voice showed not a whit of it, she felt as if she was being dragged over a carpet of orgasmic razorblades, and she was being gradually planed away to a two dimensional sheet of luminant ecstasy.
  146. As she looked at Hitomi, and pondered the seed-connection that Fujiko had formed by making bond-love to her, Yukio wondered if the pair was headed towards to a similar destiny. But of course, despite her power, obvious affinity for the ascension, and her inherent willingness to be remade, she was still young and inexperienced. She had no idea what Fujiko had really done when they made love that way, or the possible future that had been offered. She was interested to find out, to say the least.
  147.     “But now,” Yukio said, “surely you have questions for me to answer? Everyone else has throughout our history.”
  148.     “I suppose the first would be what I am. Really, what am I? I feel wonderful,” Hitomi said, her form shuddering even as she lengthened her pseudopod to put her face down onto Yukio’s level. “But I don’t feel like I have any idea what I am,” she said, and her accustomed shy and somewhat embarrassed smile flitted across her features. “Kami isn’t really an answer… it’s more of a description.”
  149.     “True,” Yukio said, internally attempting to make Yamako relax so she could concentrate properly, but her lover was more impassioned now than she had been in months, and even Yukio’s self-control was being tested as Yamako thrashed and erupted within herself. If anything, trying to maintain a humanoid form was making it worse, as Yamako pressed deliciously against the boundaries Yukio had set for her. “You mean to ask, I assume, what our purpose is, rather than merely what we are? I have already answered the latter question adequately.”
  150.     “Weeeeeeeeell…” Hitomi said, smiling broadly, her face shifting subtly, altering its dimensions as the pseudopod adjusted its shape, stretching her features into a picture of embarrassment. “Actually, I still don’t have a clue what I am.”
  151.     Yukio laughed, and allowed a little expulsion of pleasure to sneak in on the undercurrent of her voice, hoping both that Hitomi wouldn’t notice, and the little indulgence would steel her against her lover’s insistent stimulation. “Very well, child. I will attempt to answer both of your questions. What are we? We are Kami-that-walk-among-flesh. That must seem imprecise, yet it is the most exact definition. Most Kami do not or cannot walk from the place to which they are bound. However, we are a new breed of Kami, born directly from the lusts of the living. Essentially, we are desire, spirits of Human desire. That is why we are ‘born’ in the way we are, from Human beings. That is why when you use your powers you feel so dramatically different, why you become more lustful, and why you have… unusual fantasies,” she said with a knowing smile. Hitomi bit her lip, the expression remarkably cute, or even adorable, putting the dramatic grandeur of her altered form into a very different light. “You will inevitably act upon these fantasies, the more in tune with your new nature you become. Similarly, you will likely spend more and more time away from your Human origins, adopting forms of your own choosing. Yamako will help you learn more about yourself, and develop better control over yourself, later.
  152.     “As for our, and your, purpose? Essentially, we do not have one. Our purpose is the same as our nature. Pleasure. What is the purpose of a Kami of rocks? There is not a purpose. The rock is the Kami’s home. Purpose is a concept that is foreign to us, imported and impressed upon us by Humans, because they themselves need the world around them to serve a purpose. I can give you tasks, tell you what to do, and suggest courses of action, but to put it quite crudely, you can ignore me and simply fuck yourself and your lovers stupid for the rest of eternity, should you so desire it.”
  153.     “So… there’s nothing for me to do?”
  154.     “If you want there to be, then there will be. If not, then not. You can, like other Kami in this very building at this moment, go about the illusion of a Human life, continuing as you were. There is one here who has lived now some fifty years, and is in her third career, having switched identities when it became suspicious that she wasn’t aging. Or I should say, she was noticed out of work looking far younger than she was pretending to be in work,” Yukio added with a rueful smile. “She never has mastered subtlety, that one.”
  155.     “Oichi?” Hitomi asked with a frown, remembering Oichi’s enormous, unnaturally large breasts. She found that she had the sudden desire to strip her out of that tight shirt and suckle on her nipples, to wrap her tentacles around them and squeeze them until they were deforming around her crushing pressure…
  156.     Yukio laughed. "No, no. Oichi has quite abandoned her Humanity, and has little to no intention of ever leaving this place. Her reasons are her own, and for you to inquire upon. I need not tell you such things, Hitomi. You are one of us, now. Ask what questions you might of whomever you would. Go now, and do so. It is unhealthy for you to rely too much upon me. When you have need of insight and wisdom, then speak to myself, or to Yamako, or to Oichi, for we three are eldest and most powerful here," Yukio said, although she thought that perhaps Hitomi might soon be the one who broke the mould in terms of power to age ratio, "but for now... mingle. Relax. Yamako will come to fetch you later, and the two of you can practice together."
  157.     Hitomi nodded. "I see, madam." She turned her pseudopod and looked over her rippling mound, and smiled. "I suppose I'll have to be smaller again..." She found a note of sadness creeping into her voice. She liked being so different, feeling so good all the time, so powerful...
  158.     "Not if you do not desire it, Hitomi," Yukio said. "That mass of yours could easily ooze under and around the door we came through, could it not?" Hitomi's great form rippled with delight. "You like that idea? Then do so. You may cause surprise, and attract lovers, but you will most certainly not cause any worry or alarm. Go, in this form, and realise truly the life you have been reborn to."
  159.     Hitomi grinned, and sucked her pseudopod back into her mass, her features softening and bending in on themselves, eyes joining together before vanishing into her nose, her lips stretching up as if in a scream that consumed all before turning inside out and becoming merely smooth and flawless receding flesh. A sound, unnatural in its entirety yet to Yukio unmistakably a throaty moan of delight, rang out, and Hitomi swelled in size, now carelessly flowing over the tea set and nearly touching Yukio herself as Hitomi grew to touch the walls of the room before deigning to move her bulk.
  160. The mound flexed and moved, silkily slithering out of the room, sucking and flowing out of the double doors, pouring into the corridor and flooding down it out of sight.
  162. ***
  164. As Hitomi left, Yukio felt gladness creep through her being. She knew she couldn't hold herself in any longer, and while thrusting Hitomi onto the tender mercies of the other ladies wasn't exactly what she'd had in mind, it was better than breaking her demure façade and falling into screaming orgasm.
  165. Yukio smiled, and her smile seemed to spread across her face. Her body erupted, and her mouth opened unnaturally wide in a silent scream of pleasure as she finally allowed Yamako to move her. A great bulge, like a shark slamming against rubber, formed in Yukio's body and her clothing ripped, falling away to reveal small breasts distended around the malformation, her flesh stretched and folded upon itself. Her clothes unwound and flowed into her, leaving her naked and delighted.
  166. Her back bulged out as Yamako moved herself, now beginning to spread and grow within this miniscule prison. Yukio smiled as her throat was forced as wide as a truck tyre by what was unmistakably a solid phallus Yamako had extended from her liquid mass, and Yukio rippled her throat muscles to suckle upon it. Her head was tiny upon her distended throat, but smiling still. Her small, lithe body was stretching and distorting as Yamako rolled and spread and twisted about, swelling Yukio randomly and spectacularly, spreading her form out over meters, then sliding back together and pushing her another way so she seemed almost like a ball of putty being played with by someone without rather than from within.
  167. Yukio let out a husky murmur as Yamako thrust herself harder up, and her boneless head began to slide back upon the phallus, her face to stretch over it and out, her features elongating and moving unnaturally, her smile growing even more. She rippled, now, sucking with pressure that could crush cars on Yamako's singular, hardest point, the cock that housed the majority of her essence. Then she opened her mouth and allowed Yamako to press forwards, to push her eyes and face apart into a wide film of flesh, a foreskin upon the great curved head that pushed its way forth from Yukio's enormously distended jaws.
  168. Yukio felt her soft featured face rolling up on itself, her lips sliding back until she could suck and play at the very base of Yamako's member head, and she pleasured her there, causing new spasms from this very subtle stimulation. Suddenly, with a sound like stretching rubber, Yukio widened her maw and rippled her face forwards, extending her neck to slam her lips closed on Yamako's member and give her a long, powerful suck that became a series of gulps that allowed Yukio's face to slide atop the member, still stretched pleasantly across its surface. Then her face slid back onto the shape of her head, and her head slid back together, and finally, with a great swallow that ran through her whole form, she took Yamako's member down and crushed it back into her lover's liquid mass.
  169. With effortless will Yukio sucked herself back into Human dimensions, and closed her mouth tightly so Yamako's scream of ecstasy could not escape Yukio's body, as she squeezed and pressed upon her love, forcing her down into a smaller, tighter yet infinitely denser condition for a time. Yukio reached up with one hand and calmly pushed her finger inside one of her nipples, sucked upon it and pulled it free. Her breast moved like the surface of a still pool, then swelled as Yamako pushed into it from behind. Yukio let out a growl as she clenched her teeth together, and felt Yamako's absolute insistance on orgasm beginning to win over. It was time to make love again, and Yukio wanted it more than anything else in the universe at this moment.
  170. She rose elegantly and walked to one of the corners of the room, then smiled again as her body elongated sharply, lengthening abruptly and twisting, coiling serpentinely, though her face remained unchanged upon her new form. She dived her face against the ground and flattened it, pushing underneath one of the stiff tatami mats and finding the grating underneath that led to her inner sanctum far below the shop.
  171. Her body bloated delightfully as Yamako rippled through her again, and Yukio hissed with pleasure as she began to flow through the network of fine ducts and soft, intertwining lines that were less thick than strands of silk or Human hairs respectively, and Yamako wailed in pleasure as she was pulled by Yukio's being, grated and ground and twisted into liquid lengths of nearly impossibly thin proportions. Yukio unravelled as she loved to do, becoming a writhing mass of fleshy strands that spread like roots through the Earth, following the causeways that only the most powerful, most enlightened and most controlled could possibly hope to navigate.
  172. At junctions and crossroads the threads touched, melded, kissed, flowed and parted again, balling up in small bulges wherein parts of Yamako's essence roiled and rolled before Yukio pressed on, spreading and spreading and spreading her out. Their pleasure was dragged out over three miles of these tiny passageways and cracks, their essences spread so far and experiences swelled to such intensity that perception itself became difficult, and anything so small as a Human had no hope of notice. For, even in the tiniest of cracks, they flowed together, rolling in those silken passageways, pressed and rippling together, winding through each other's essence and merging in the tiny spaces, part of one becoming part of the other, and vice versa, little motes of burning pleasure detaching from one to fuse permanently to the other's soul.
  173. In a chamber of incredible size, nearly a half kilometre wide circular gap in the Earth, far below the shop and carved out of dark stone that had been worn to perfect smoothness by the running of liquid strange, the strands began to emerge. They came like an awe-inspiring mass of wriggling baby worms, though they were slimmer still and moved with a spasmodic yet elegant joy.
  174. Like individual threads upon a loom they approached one another, here and there they wound about until they formed squeezing, rope-like lengths, there they merged and became a singular strand that sought out others not like itself. The Earth softly thrummed with the sounds that began to echo in that chamber, as two voices like a thousand voices moaning at once began to cry out their pleasure.
  175. Faster and faster they rushed through the passages towards the terminus, as their mass sought to catch up with the peripheries of their souls, as they desired to dive the whole of their consciousnesses into the pleasure they could feel eeking at them. Yukio had undone the locks and wheels, shut off the traps and cleared access for them to this place, her place, and done so by the incomprehensible system of the passageways, that needed to be touched through in a specific order if one was to find their way here. Here, where the pleasure lay.
  176. Thicker and thicker, greater and greater became the fleshy sail that they were weaving of their bodies and of their lovemaking. It grew and filled with liquid flesh, as they made only their outermost extremity solid and poured their delight within, pounding and pouring against themselves in tidal bliss until finally, finally, Yukio could take no more from Yamako's inhumanly passionate yet patient lovemaking; and the creature that once was a mere geisha in feudal Edo gripped the reins of a Goddess' orgasm and pulled with all her torrential might.
  177. Yukio's scream could have shattered a mountainside. The force of her ecstasy could have crushed an army. The great hanging ball, like a small fleshy sun suspended by singular fleshy threads from the ceiling of the chamber, exploded. They struck the ground and poured into its contours in liquid roiling happiness, but in their joy they could have reshaped a shoreline. They grew and grew and grew, spreading out with aching joy, as both felt true freedom dawning upon them.
  178. They became each other's riptides as they filled the chamber to bursting point. Yukio noticed Yamako had grown again, as her essence billowed out a little into the tiny passageways above. She stroked this compliment into Yamako's soul, and felt a delightful twist within. With a casual thought she pushed against the rock and wound into it, absorbing it and growing a little larger even as she carved out a larger space for them both, deliberately making her absorption inefficient. Yukio knew full well what could happen if she did make her absorption efficient, and kept growing and growing, tripling the mass she made part of herself while stuck in a contained space. The pressure would build, and build, until the Earth itself did crack, for such was Yukio's power. There was within her another series of rippling shivers as the undercurrents shifted and Yamako ripped through Yukio's being, scything a moan from her lover.
  179. She wasn't done yet, not by far. Hitomi had roused Yamako's passions properly. Yukio felt the tides of flesh flowing through her shifting as Yamako moved and pressed through her silkily. Yukio decided it was time to punish the naughty geisha for trying so hard to distract her when she was talking to Hitomi.
  181. ***
  183. Above, Hitomi rippled her body mound towards the door. Her whole essence was filled with joy and desire, pure and unfiltered, multiplied and extended by this magnificent, impossible form she was in as she shifted her bulk and flowed deliciously along the walls, over and inside the suits of armour without disturbing them at all. She was contained, shaped, parcelled, then free and flowing and reshaped again, and she loved it.
  184.     She extended her face-bearing pseudopod out towards the door and pressed her cheek against its warm wooden facade with an undisguised moan of delight, for even as she did she felt her cheek flattening and spreading over it. She licked at the door for a moment, then her tongue touched against and flattened against the door, becoming deliquessant and once more being absorbed into her mass. Her features disappeared as the pseudopod pressed itself over the door's veneer, as she moved her hall-filling bulk up to ripple against this tiny impediment to her glory, for now she did feel glorious indeed.
  185.     She began to slide through the cracks in the doorframe and through the lock, feeling herself sliding through those small yet so silky spaces, and she realised that Yukio's home had truly been built for the designs and pleasures of her ladies. She wondered what delights there might be in other small places around the shop; what subtly different pleasures might be hidden away in nooks, crannies and hairline cracks as small rewards for those who explored and celebrated and revelled in their powers? A liquid shudder passed through her being with the imagining, and she surged around the doorframe, leaked through the keyhole and began to ooze into the main room.
  186.     For a time her appearance was not noted, but she was able to survey the room, filled with those delightful beings, and she was able to seek out the ones she sought. The amoebic lady, Kiku, was spread more widely this time, and serving as a kind of hammock for both Oichi and Fujiko, who lay naked in her soft embrace talking with one another. They seemed to be having fun. Oichi's breasts were still enormous, easily three times the size of Fujiko's, and Fuji always liked to be busty for a Japanese girl. Hitomi found herself lusting for those breasts, those big soft breasts. She could feel that Oichi was powerful, but also could feel how relaxed and at peace with herself she was. She realise that she wanted to taste that as much as her luscious body.
  187.     The ladies began to notice as Hitomi surged and let out a shuddering moan from her shapeless and flowing mass, as she brought herself together on the other side of the door, and now began the process of dragging the rest of herself blissfully through the door's few yet pleasing passages.
  188.     Her pseudopod rose from the mass almost immediately, waving like a flexible wand or serpent through the air as she began to pile up and ripple herself together, pouring like waves of thick cream to a central point, slowly melding together back into her running-walled mound shape. The ladies began to notice all across the floor, now, as Hitomi groaned and moaned with open-throated pleasure, pulling herself through the door and rising, rising above them, flexing out her tentacles and flickering them through the air before tensing and sharpening them into penile heads that flicked tantalisingly close to the onlookers.
  189.     She saw them solidifying out of hidden niches in the walls and seemingly solid objects reshaping, one girl who'd been apparently painted black and had taken the form of a sofa now rippled a dark androgenous torso into being that stared at her, as every lady that could see turned their attention to the enormity of Hitomi's being.
  190.     She pulled the last of herself through and bounced softly for a moment, before groaning up into the mountain spire from which her pseudopod emerged, her long neck bringing her down on head level with the girls. She flicked her tongue out and tasted one of them, and found that the touched one stepped forward, mouth slightly open and curious. Hitomi felt a fragment of nervousness, like a shadow of the past, but she banished it with a wave of pure desire.
  191.     Her tentacles surged down and coiled about the woman's body, wrapping her up in moments, then pulling her, stretching a distorted scream from her throat as she was pulled and twisted by Hitomi's strength. She smiled delightedly and plunged into the lady's sex, and moaned as she drew her against her soft flowing sides and rippled over her, cocooning and encasing her and flowing over her soft and supple body that was twisted out in a mad artistic panoply over a portion of Hitomi's surface like some kind of unique living tattoo.
  192.     She could see and feel the lady's pleasure, as she rippled gently and abandoned her Human pretence, head and hands and feet lengthening into penile tentacles, and a sudden mass of them exploding from her, stretching and distorting Hitomi's sides and causing a sudden cry of shock and delight at this new sensation. She could feel so perfectly her skin being stretched and distorted, bending around the pressure from within and shaping slickly around the lady's tenticular mass.
  193.     Hitomi rippled forward, glowing under the lusty regard she was receiving from the ladies, though most of them remained silent. She turned her pseudopod head this way and that, smiling and bowing at them, occasionally running a tentacle close to the lips of one lady or another, receiving a kiss or even a suck, but Hitomi took it no further than that. She moved her mass, as the lady inside her thrashed herself around and Hitomi just allowed herself to be distended and warped by the one inside her, pausing finally to let out a rippling shudder of pleasure, her vision blurring and her whole body bursting with warmth and delight.
  194.     "Hey, there," called a familiar voice from below. It was Fujiko, and as Hitomi's orgasmic haze faded and she slowly returned to her normal shape, the lady within relaxing contentedly inside her, she dropped her pseudopod to smile warmly.
  195.     "Hi, Fuji," she said. "I'm a little different."
  196.     Fujiko put her arms around the pseudopod and kissed Hitomi on the lips. "You're beautiful. I'm so happy for you. This is amazing. But come on, you're attracting everyone's attention. You shouldn't be such a glory hound."
  197.     "Yeah, Hitomi. You haven't even said hi to most of us, at least not personally. Come up here and say hello to me," called Oichi, now supported in a kind of high backed chair formed from the amorphous one beneath her.
  198.     Hitomi nodded and began to squeeze herself down towards a Human shape, even though it felt strange to be making herself so small. She felt the peak of her mass beginning to pull downwards, dragging her pseudopod neck with it, and as the peak became a volcanic crater, the slopes began to fold in as well, the softly rippling flesh became still in one way yet much more motile in another. The ladies all watched in delight as Hitomi swirled and pooled within herself as she squeezed and twisted her mass down and down, the amorphous shape she'd adopted becoming smaller and smaller, until she seemed an incredibly bloated ball, from which hands and delicate feet emerged.
  199.     Hitomi groaned with delight as she pressed herself inwards, and felt the mass of tentacles inside being squeezed and rolled within her. As she formed her breasts they were immediately pressed against from within and stretched outwards, her nipples coating the lady's tentacles as she flicked them about and then surged them towards Hitomi's slowly forming face. Without thinking she opened a cavity that became defined as her mouth as she pulled down, the ball of flesh seeming now to be drawn over a solid shape within though of course this was not the case. She moaned and her moan became a muffled scream as both of her elongated breasts were thrust into her throat, her mouth stretching a little to accomodate them. She suckled without thinking, shuddering with pleasure at the sensations from her distorted breasts, at the feelings that sparked all over her smooth warm flesh.
  200.     She pulled her head back and licked at her nipples, ideas blossoming in her mind for the future as she imagined stretching them into members and taking lovers with them, her breathing, mimicked now as she formed faked internal organs and skeletal structures, was quick and lusty. She shuddered, and her fleshy body groaned as it pulled itself towards a Human shape, as Hitomi crushed the lady inside down and balled her up and spread her out all through herself, finally perfecting the body she'd worn her whole life and yet had so gleefully abandoned on this night of insane pleasures and even crazier revelations.
  201.     She stepped forward, and shivered with pleasure as she felt the lady inside being pressed against and pushed about by her step, by every movement of her flesh. It was wonderfully… erotic. Fujiko led her by the arm around the various sections of the main room, while Hitomi bit her lip and tried not to cross her legs in an expression of her delight, for she was wet and dripping below, her nipples stiff and hard.
  202.     In the lounge, Hitomi was introduced to a few of the newer ladies, one of the four admitted immediately to preferring her half-melted state to any other, as she poured off one of the sofas and coated some of the floor around it, her torso flowing in a rippling curve out of the mass, her arm joined to it at the elbow, and her long dark hair turning into flesh at the tips where it trailed through her. Hitomi sat with these girls, feeling the gentle caresses from inside herself and quietly keeping her legs demurely together so they couldn't see the wetness, but her nipples betrayed her feelings more than enough. In this company Hitomi found that the lounge was mostly used for quiet, philosophical talking, sharing experiences of their newfound forms and powers and learning more about their new existence. The bar was where they went to really relax. They were fascinated by Hitomi's obvious power and immense size, especially since she was so young, and when they inquired as to how she'd become so powerful so quickly she could only shrug and smile. As they spoke, Hitomi looked about occasionally, seeing ladies here and there entwined and making love, twisting their malleable bodies into spirals or shapeless passionate masses, in one case forming a complex knotwork of their bodies. The two were artists, and she actually recognised them as the pair who'd been talking in the lounge when she'd entered some hours earlier. They were bond-lovers, whatever that meant. The moans that issued back and forth across the room, from love-making or little pleasurable trips and tricks created a sultry ambience that did nothing to help calm Hitomi down.
  203.     After a short time, Fujiko took her away, the girls there all suddenly abandoning pretences, coiling and stretching from their places seated to rub against her and around her, licking and sucking on her breasts and kissing her lips, the liquid girl splashing against Hitomi's crotch and pushing up into her for a moment, penetrating her suddenly and passionately before again sliding back onto the sofa, the girls retracting their distorted bodies before waving goodbye and returning to their conversations.
  204.     Hitomi was guided away, but her steps were somewhat unsteady, and her passions raged even louder, for the lady within had felt the touches, caresses and penetrations, and was twisting and writhing through Hitomi's being, sending sparks of pleasure through her structure and making her want to grow and spread out again and express her desires. But for now, she decided it would be better to exercise some control. At the very least it was worth proving she could.
  205.     As Fujiko led her towards the Bar, the other big area on the main floor, she explained that there were other places behind the doors at the back, for Madam Yukio's shop was a lot bigger than it looked, and even she had no idea how it worked or really where they were at that exact moment. Hitomi learnt that there was a bath house, several meditation rooms, a passageway that led to an area of mountains that Fujiko hadn't yet located geographically, several large rooms dedicated to those ladies who wanted to train or practice, and of course several large rooms that could be taken as personal quarters for those ladies who wanted a place to rest alone and simply be. Hitomi took this in with slightly parted lips and nods of her head, though it was hard to concentrate.
  206.     As she was brought up the tiers of steps that led to the bar, she saw that whatever the ladies were drinking it probably wasn't mere alcohol, for it seemed to fizz and bubble and was a truly vivid variety of colours, and was served in tall crystal glasses. She was greeted by all, but it was Oichi that held her attention, as she rolled elegantly over in the sponge-like embrace of the amorphous lady, who had like before balled most of her mass up on one of the large tables, though she spread down onto one of its benches and a little onto the floor as well. She moved softly as Hitomi approached, forming little waving filaments that flicked out and tripped over Hitomi's nipples, causing her to gasp and nearly fall into Fujiko's arms. Oichi laughed and spanked her chair-lady, who moved and shifted liquidly at the blow, shivering with delight.
  207.     Oichi smiled at Hitomi as she straightened up, and she saw Oichi up close for the first time. Her naked breasts were round and very soft looking, her eyes were somewhat wider then they had been before, the slits less exagerrated. Her hair was a long velveteen wave of purple, red and black flowing in almost zig-zag patterns throughout, washing over her shoulders and ticking at the upper swells of her breasts. She was curvy and shaped in a way that bespoke a lusty temperament, and that would have been without her quite obviously presenting her seemingly tight-lipped sex for Hitomi's perusal. The urge to take her was powerful indeed, but so was the knowledge that this one was perhaps greater than her, second to Yukio and Yamako, but probably superior to Hitomi. Hadn't Fujiko said that Oichi, despite her modern appearance, was over a century old?
  208.     Her fleshy seat rippled as Hitomi approached, and as Oichi leant forward it flowed to match her, keeping her comfortable and pressing against her, though which was more important to the lady so intently moulding around Oichi's body was hard to tell.
  209.     "Hey there," Oichi said again, with a husky twist to her voice and a grin, mimicking Fujiko's greeting yet at once sexualising it.
  210.     "Hello, Oichi-san," Hitomi said, biting her lip very gently as the lady within her insistently pushed against her recalcitrant flesh, while Hitomi merely kept herself still, the efforts of the other a soft, slight movement across her flesh that to Hitomi felt like being caressed and stroked across fully half of her body at once, shifting and moving about and keeping her excited. Her breathing was still quick and her chest, slight though it was, heaved. It didn't help, now that she was looking at Oichi's enormous breasts with their huge stiff nipples which were each as thick as a moderately sized masculine member, that she couldn't help but imagining what it would look like if Oichi's chest were heaving.
  211. She shuddered unconsciously. Oichi's grin dropped to a smile, and she rolled her shoulders back, lifting and presenting her magnificent breasts to Hitomi. "So, you want to be friends?"
  212. "O-of course," Hitomi stammered, feeling just a little confused again, a little more like the person she used to be. "Though I don't really know what that means."
  213. Oichi shrugged, causing her breasts to bounce and jiggle softly. "Hang out, do each other's hair, read manga, go to KFC..." she licked her lips. "Have sex. You know. Fun stuff. Girl stuff."
  214. "I... like... girl stuff," Hitomi said thickly, swallowing deeply and losing a little control, allowing for eight wriggling lines to emerge from her torso, as the lady inside stretched Hitomi out, bending and distorting her slightly relaxed flesh. Hitomi's eyes rolled up into the back of her head and she cried out in pleasure, adding her voice to the occasional moans that could be heard from various parts of the room.
  215. "You look like you're about to fall over," Oichi said. "Need a hand? Something to hold onto?" There was a sound, not unlike a balloon being twisted hard upon itself, Oichi's soft gasp, and Hitomi opened her eyes slightly, then snapped them wide as she saw Oichi's enormous breasts growing bigger yet, swelling out and blossoming, pressing together liquidly and flooding out from her torso until they were within her reach, until nipples now each the size of Hitomi's head and as long as her forearm were within her finger's reach. "Feel free," Oichi said softly, bending her head and nuzzling against her mass of soft titflesh, "there's plenty to go round."
  216. Hitomi reached up with a trembling hand, and touched it to Oichi's enormous, engorged nipple. It felt stiff, like hard rubber, smooth and springy, yet at once firm and resisting. It was like a dark traffic cone, the bumps along its surface like tiny, rock hard gems, and the aureole swollen and puffy. As if feeling Oichi's proximity, the lady within Hitomi surged, and Hitomi cried out, her face falling against that wonderful nipple as her body was distended and stretched by the writhing tentacles within that now pushed her out and began to rub her over Oichi's soft and liquid breast flesh. Hitomi screamed in delight, and with a sudden rush her mouth was filled by that silkiness as Oichi's breast surged forward again, issuing that strange rubbery sound once more. Hitomi sucked, then chewed on it, running her teeth over Oichi's breasts and hungrily sucking the flesh into her throat and rippling on it powerfully, tasting the saltiness of Oichi's skin and being forcibly rubbed over the softness of her breasts, being stretched from within and pushed around. Hitomi held onto the offered nipple with both hands, squeezing and kneading, hearing Oichi sigh with pleasure.
  217. Suddenly, the nipple shuddered, no more solid than quicksand, and Hitomi's grasping, compressing hand sank into it as Oichi now moaned in delight. There was a loud sucking sound, not messy like the sound water makes down a plughole, but an airless, flawless single billowing note as her breast pulled backwards, flesh tightening down into Oichi's form and dragging Hitomi forward with its passage. She felt the nipple shrinking and tightening on her hands, saw the great mass of breast flesh disappear from her vision and Oichi appeared, tongue lolling from her mouth and held firmly between her teeth, hands rubbing through her liquid tits and playing and pleasuring them.
  218. They shrank back down to what she clearly thought of as her 'normal' size, and Hitomi found that both her hands were being gently sucked on by one of Oichi's breasts, the nipple distended dramatically around Hitomi's wrists. The tentacles of Hitomi's body, part of one of her breasts pushed violently out to form one of them, were running insistently over Oichi's bosom, thrusting up through her cleavage and giving Hitomi an intense feeling of its depth and tight soft pressing delights that only made her grow hotter and yet more aroused. She felt like she was boiling inside, barely in control.
  219. Oichi met her eyes with a sultry stare, then glanced at the stroking tentacles that the lady within was forming from Hitomi's body. Oichi stroked her hands inside her own breasts and purred as they moved about, the flesh where they entered risen slightly and sucking on her wrists, moving with her arms perfectly. "Can't you keep Mima under control?" Oichi asked playfully, almost chidingly. "I mean, everyone's hyping you up as the next big thing," she grinned, "and you can't even make her your bitch? She's totally mine."
  220. Hitomi felt suddenly angry, as she had a few times, and she snapped into control. Her body violently crunched back in on itself, slipping back into Human dimensions, yanking out of Oichi's cleavage and pulling back from her breasts to settle back where Hitomi decided it belonged. She felt Mima moving around, and with simple will she calcified her in place in a prison of her own body. "Better?" She asked, her voice suddenly deeper, more intense. She realised, though, as she tried to pull her arms back, that she only succeeded in pulling Oichi's breasts forward, dragging that strange rubbery sound from them as they lengthened and her nipples were distorted by Hitomi's pull, before they snapped back again, keeping her hands pinned together inside her nipple and soft fleshy breasts. She struggled only briefly, before standing and heaving furiously, thinking about what else she could do but doing nothing. They stared at each other silently for a few moments, and Hitomi slowly calmed down as she felt the rippling undercurrents within Oichi's bosom, the flesh whirling and writhing, licking and kissing over Hitomi's hands and sucking on her fingers.
  221. Oichi purred again and slid her hands forward through her breasts, then stroked over Hitomi's hands with her fingers before pulling them out, her flesh clinging to them hungrily as Hitomi's own had once earlier in the night. Oichi shuddered and grinned broadly, before yanking her hands free of her breasts and throwing her arms above her head, setting her breasts to jiggling and bouncing around Hitomi's hands, at the same time rolling her shoulders back and presenting them again as if for play. There remained a wolfish and playful grin on Oichi's face as she leant back into her amorphous friend. Or was she a lover? Probably, Hitomi realised. She knew that she would have many, already. The one within she'd taken on a sudden instinct. How often would that happen?
  222. "So," Hitomi said, her voice normal and quiet again, "what happens to me now, Oichi-san?"
  223. "Now? Well, now that you've calmed down, we can talk. You do feel... comfortable, don't you?"
  224. Hitomi wiggled her fingers, and Oichi gasped. "Yes, I'm okay. Your breasts are very soft."
  225. "Best pair in the universe, girly," Oichi said. "And don't ever doubt it."
  226. "Better than Yukio's?" Hitomi asked with a smile of her own. She was surprised by Oichi's answer.
  227. "Hell yeah! I'll admit that I can't quite match her for quality, nobody can. But for quantity, for flexibility, for imagination... I win," she said.
  228. "I don't believe you," Hitomi replied, almost imperiously. Her brief, heavenly touch with Yukio was lost to her mind in detail, but there remained a shadowy impression of wonder that carried into her voice and gave her firm resolve in Yukio's perfection.
  229. "Don't believe all you want, but it's true. But then, that's because I specialize, or hadn't you noticed?" Her breasts suddenly bounced all of their own accord, rippling and flowing around Hitomi's wrists and causing Oichi's breath to catch in her throat.
  230. "I'd... noticed, yes. But we can all do that, can't we?" Hitomi asked, slightly confused.
  231. "To some degree, of course," Oichi said. "We're all fluid, we're all shaped by our desires. You've seen me stretch, right? We can do what we want. But when we focus, when we codify that pleasure, when we define our own metaphors for it... well, that's when we start really exploring ourselves. I always wanted bigger, better breasts. I hated mine. So I've been focusing on them ever since I changed, and now I'm happy. You can probably make those little, little breasts as big as mine, but you'll never make them as sensitive or be as perfectly in control. That's my thing."
  232. "I don't understand," Hitomi said.
  233. "You shouldn't. You're only what... one day old? Two?"
  234. "I'm only a few hours old, Oichi-san," Hitomi replied.
  235. Oichi laughed, as did a few of the other girls who were listening. Hitomi didn't get the joke. "Oh, I'm sorry, you obviously lost track of time. You've been talking with Yukio for at least a day."
  236. Hitomi's eyes widened, but then she merely frowned. She wondered suddenly if that time had vanished when she'd made contact with Yukio. In fact it was the only possible explanation, so she went with it.
  237. "Oh," she said. "I had no idea. Your breasts are magnificent."
  238. "Wanna play with them?" Oichi asked archly. "Wanna touch them?"
  239. Hitomi nodded, and gasped. "I'm so aroused. It's overwhelming!"
  240. "You'll get used to it," Oichi said with a broad smile. "You'll spend an awful lot of time in that state, after all. Right now, indulge yourself, and let us, let me, enjoy you."
  241. Hitomi felt Oichi's flesh push, and her hands were thrust out of the nipple, she saw it slide perfectly back together and sit, proud and large and stiff, on Oichi's breast. She arched her body back and presented even more drastically, almost begging Hitomi to play with them. It was beyond the point where she could hope to resist.
  242. She raised her hands and laid them on Oichi's breasts, beginning to stroke over the soft surface, feeling it and gently squeezing it here and there, experiencing how amazingly silky her flesh was and how yielding. In only moments she lowered her face to Oichi's bosom and began rubbing her cheek against her right breast. Activity in the room was long returned to normal. This was anything but an unusual sight.
  243. Fujiko took up a seat nearby, watching Hitomi and Oichi together, smiling at Oichi over Hitomi's back. They'd been lovers for a long time, and if there was one person Fujiko was happy to share Hitomi with it was Oichi. For one thing, Fujiko knew what Oichi was almost certainly going to do, and she knew it would blow Hitomi's mind, and she definitely wanted to be around to see the results.
  244. Hitomi moaned as she again loosened her iron control, and felt the lady inside flexing and moving, causing little bulges in her back and sides and in the upper curve of her left breast, beginning to pleasure her from within once again even as her senses were excited by Oichi's incredible breasts. Almost unconsciously, Hitomi swelled her own, making them more rounded and full and bouncy, causing a ripple of sensations she hadn't expected, as she felt her flesh expanding and multiplying, her outer surface stretching to contain the increased mass and in doing so pushing through and around the lady within her left breast. She gasped, and her lower lip brushed Oichi's nipple. She lowered her head slightly, and suckled upon it, extracting a cry of pleasure.
  245. She began to knead and squeeze, letting out a low growl of hungry lust, biting on the nipple and causing Oichi to gasp loudly. But then they were interrupted by a sudden tremor that ran through the floor. Hitomi looked around, but Oichi slapped her hand to her head and pressed it into her cleavage. "Don't stop, for fuck's sake!" She gasped, as she felt herself rising, rising and reaching the limit point, where this fun would really begin and she'd show Hitomi exactly what she was talking about earlier. She'd show her how magnificent her breasts really were.
  246. "But, what was that?" Hitomi said, mumbling into Oichi's soft flesh as she rubbed her face back and forth and rubbed Oichi's breasts together, feeling them molding and rippling under her insistent squeezing pressure. They were so soft and smooth! She felt like she could be here forever, just rubbing against them and squeezing and playing, especially since she knew, she could feel somehow, that at the merest whim Oichi could make them bouyant and firm fleshed and far less yielding.
  247. Oichi gasped with quickened breaths, her eyes flickering, her passions beginning to boil through her belly and spreading out through her body. She always preferred a harder form than many of the other ladies. She liked a little solidity to her being. She loved the sound and feeling of her bones lengthening and coiling away into flesh, snapping and shattering as she distorted herself away from her pretence. She was kinky that way.
  248. "It was… almost certainly… Yamako and Yukio fucking each other," Oichi said. "They're pretty wild, which shouldn't be much of a surprise since they're basically like us with the knob turned up to three sixteen. And Yamako's… really good… at pleasuring people. It's like she's a fucking psychic or something. She always knows which buttons to press. So yeah. Probably them."
  249. Hitomi took it on board, not comprehending. But her body knew, and it was as if that tremor loosed something into the air, for those ladies making love became more passionate, and those not began to seek their bond-lovers or to press against those nearby, or to soften or melt against those they were already close to. Hitomi began to suckle hungrily, then raised her head and cried out in delight as Mima thrashed hard, pushing Hitomi's back out sharply, thrusting one of her buttocks out at a right angle, slamming part of her left breast out, thrusting in a wave out of her belly, throwing Hitomi into shudders. She moved around Mima, and felt her flesh sliding over her stiffness, her pressing pressure. Her breast slid up around the tentacle, even as the part she'd pushed moved away from the tip. Hitomi manouevred her nipple there, and Mima gripped and pushed it out, causing her to scream. Hitomi felt the wet barrel of her sex suddenly being filled from within, and new Mima was about to explode from her body. She squeezed hard, so very hard, on Oichi's breasts, extracting a loud cry of pleasure from her… and Hitomi felt her hands sink into them.
  250. She suddenly looked down, and saw on Oichi's face a look of absolute hunger, as her breasts became a seething, boiling mass of flesh, shifting like enraged quicksand, sucking Hitomi's hands into them. She felt Oichi's flesh clinging and sucking and flowing rapidly, and she knew immediately what was intended for her. She turned, and saw Fujiko smiling at her. She licked her lips, and winked. Hitomi looked back at Oichi, just as she arched her back and raised her breasts so that her nipples slid up and sucked around Hitomi's wrists again, holding them in their stiff rubbery enclosures.
  251. "That's better," Oichi gasped, as she felt her limit break, and her lusts boil through her, infusing her with desire and unleashing her true power. She sucked, and felt Hitomi's milky soft skin sliding into her nipples, passing into the wondrous confines of her breasts, and she let out a long, low cry of pleasure and almost angelic delight as her breasts began to swell with Hitomi's entrance into them. "That's so much better! This is heaven…"
  252. Within Hitomi, Mima became still. She knew what was happening outside, and she didn't want to distract Hitomi from it. That would be all wrong. She wanted Hitomi to enjoy it, to experience it, and she wanted to be part of it herself.
  253. Hitomi was drawn in up to the elbows, and she watched as Oichi's seething titflesh burgeoned, becoming ever larger and rounder and fuller. She wanted to press against them, but she didn't want her face to disappear beneath the surface yet. She wanted to watch, to watch that soft surface flowing over her limbs and growing larger and greater. She had a sudden flash of an idea. She smiled and looked into Oichi's somewhat hooded, lust-filled eyes, then began to make her arms longer, stretching her bones away with a loud grinding sound and pushing hard into Oichi's bosom.
  254. They grew, blossoming and swelling dramatically, their curvature threatening to hide Oichi's face, falling down over her belly. The fleshy seat beneath her spread out long fleshy pseudopods that started rubbing over the enormous heft of them, and Oichi cried out in high-pitched delight, her voice shifting to an unnatural tone that reminded Hitomi of water and wind.
  255. Oichi suddenly growled, and sucked Hitomi's arms all the way in up the shoulders, pulling Hitomi's head down between her breasts, crying in delight as her breasts grew suddenly larger, looking down and ducking her head to lick over her own bosom and kiss at her beloved breasts.
  256. "What… what happens now?" Hitomi asked, rubbing her face against Oichi's so soft boobs, feeling the surging flesh within each of those great orbs and the sucking pressure of it and the hungry nipples that sought to drag Hitomi inside. She knew she couldn't fight it. She knew suddenly that these tits had uprooted and devoured trees, consumed stones and ripped chunks from mountainsides. She knew, and she wanted so much to see and to witness and to be there when it happened. But at this moment, she could feel the pressure growing in her faked skeleton, could feel her flesh being pulled upon in both directions, and was surprised to find Oichi's breasts not yielding to her nuzzles, acting like mere Human skin rather than the liquid flesh that had sucked in her hands and was drawing her within.
  257. Oichi laughed. "Now? Now my tits suck you up!"
  258.     "But…" Hitomi began, but she didn't finish. With a sound like a great sail of cloth tearing, mixed and shook together with the sound of a skull cracked apart by incredible pressure, her face split at the forehead. She let out a choked cry of sudden, shocked ecstasy as her skull melted and rolled apart, as her head was slowly pulled apart by this dragging, sucking pressure, as the nipples surged and wrenched upon her and Oichi's hungry flesh roiled like a tempest hungry to grow larger still.
  259. Hitomi vomited out another cry, her head split open down the back and was ripped into two perfect halves, her vision suddenly spiralled away in two directions as her head halves were pulled each towards a different nipple, each hungry to be satisfied, each breast wanting to feed upon her and hold her mass within.
  260. Her neck tensed, tried to hold, then her spine began to grind and snap to pieces and her flesh again ripped apart, splitting down the middle, her flapping head halves slapped slickly against Oichi's tits and she felt through one and saw with the other the rippling flesh beginning again to swell as it fed now on her shoulders, the nipples swelling fat around the balled bone and muscle before gulping it into the bosom like a great thickening fleshy throat.
  261. Hitomi's head halves were pulled towards the nipples like discarded cloth being dragged by a coathanger, held up again as her torso felt that incredible, earth-cracking pressure upon it. Hitomi let out a warbling scream of delight, Oichi's unearthly voice echoed, and with a thunderous sound Hitomi's breastbone shattered, split and cracked open, her flesh tearing apart as Oichi pulled her in half again, unzipping her torso right down the middle, revealing only perfect smooth flesh in the middle as the rip ran down towards her crotch, as Hitomi was swiftly ripped into halves.
  262. She felt her breasts yanked in opposite directions, and unconsciously she swelled them larger yet, for she was becoming lost to passions she didn't yet understand, but she knew she liked them larger as Oichi's amorphous friend reached out with her tendrils to stroke over Hitomi's increased bosom as it was pulled relentlessly towards Oichi's hungry tits.
  263. The nipples bulged and grew with the flesh pouring in, dragging the halves of Hitomi's hair into them and sucking her inside, Oichi screaming now, screaming in unbridled lust and pleasure as she swallowed her up. Hitomi's eyes were gone, melted away. She saw with her whole being again, as Human perceptions were lost to her. She felt her neck and half chest being sucked into both of those breasts, she felt herself blossoming within and boiling up against Oichi's fleshy exterior, stretching those mighty fleshy globes out, swelling them larger and larger, masking Oichi's face from any who looked from the front, they were too large to see over now.
  264. There was a pause as Hitomi's swollen breasts reached the nipples, she felt them sucking intently, pulling her in, rippling like powerful throats sucking on a member, then stretching wider to swallow.
  265. Oichi gasped and roared with passionate delight as she grew to encompass Hitomi's smaller, insignificant tits and gulp them into her own greater bosom. She buried her face in her tumultuous breast, feeling her flesh bubbling against her face, sticking to it. She pulled her head back, and her voice became truly inhuman as her head was pulled into a long fleshy line, her face remaining stuck to her hungry tit. She thrust her arms into her breasts without thought or doubt, wanting to continue the abandonment of her pretence, devouring her pointless, useless limbs and using them to swell her breasts all the more. Her face was finally released from her breast and she raised it up, looking down as she began to lengthen a dozen tentacles from her boiling flesh, whipping them around in the air and twisting them almost immediately into cocks before slamming them down into Kiku, her bond-lover and her seat. New pleasures erupted through her mind as she began to take her beloved, the amorphous form accepting her utterly and immediately, sucking intently, pressuring and rippling upon her. She stretched her neck, laughing in delight as she felt her spine stretching, dislocating and clicking, her flesh bending to her will as she looked high up over her immense bosom to see Hitomi's body as she split it asunder to suck it up through her nipples. Her grin grew, and she looked hungrily at Fujiko, licking her lips. Fuji was half-melted now, her sex half-formed from the pool of her body, and she'd lengthened her nipples into tentacles to take herself, and was licking herself out with her elongated neck while staring with wide-eyed joy at what was happening to Hitomi. Oichi liked having an audience.
  266. Hitomi couldn't believe how good it felt. She also couldn't believe it could get more intense. She felt herself pulled deeper and deeper into and through Oichi's body, felt the parts of her in both breasts pulled slightly deeper into Oichi's form and gently touch, rejoining there through an elegantly controlled causeway that linked her bosom. She could feel Mima now beginning to swim and writhe free of her, and in turn felt Oichi's breasts swelling yet larger as more and more of Mima was sucked in through her nipples. The rip in her body passed in delicate ticklishness over her navel, then it paused again at her hips, which resisted only for moments as Oichi's passionate sucking shattered them into flesh in split moments, ripping her apart violently… and yet she didn't come apart. She writhed and screamed within as incendiary pleasure burnt through her, for now her sex was split apart, ripped asunder, and her external body was linked by a single stretching thread, her legs kicking and thrashing and moving apart uselessly, as Hitomi's clitoris stretched like a rubber band, the only thing holding her body together.
  267. Oichi roared in delight. Her tits were so big already! Hitomi was amazing, and she tasted so good. Mima poured in and rushed through, bringing her own mass into Oichi's glorious breasts, and now she stared, she stared lustily at the thin strip of clitoril flesh that held Hitomi's legs together, that prevented the last of her being sucked up by Oichi's massive, bicep-thick nipples. "Yes, yes Hitomi," Oichi growled, licking her tongue out of her mouth and lengthening it by meters to flick over Hitomi's distended clit and send her whole mass into twitching orgasm that caused Oichi's boiling breasts to bloat suddenly and distort in the most delicious manner. Oichi's neck jerked, but she held it in position even as she felt her soft breast flesh pressing against and flowing over her neck, as she felt her breasts suddenly sucking on her neck and she licked insistently at Hitomi's clit, her own face pressed between her intense, pressured cleavage, for as her breasts had grown they'd grown in all directions, and the pressure where they pressed together was now enough to grind rock to powder, yet it only brought to Oichi's face delightful sighs.
  268. Hitomi screamed inside, the sound pleasuring Oichi all the more, and her sound blossomed all through her, spiralling up into a sound beyond the reach of Human ears as her ecstasy peaked and finally, finally when even Hitomi's enhanced mind felt it would shatter from the searing pleasure of it all, her clitoris snapped and slapped against her inner thighs and the remains of her dripping sex and she felt Oichi sucking her hungrily up into her tits.
  269. Oichi roared in victory, her tongue lashing out and coiling around her left nipple, cradling it and licking at it as she watched Hitomi's body splitting in opposite directions, felt and watched it sliding into her hungry bulging growing swelling tits. The last of the hip joints disappeared, and Hitomi's legs kicked weakly and uselessly, suddenly bending unnaturally and letting out a similar delightful sound as when Oichi herself stretched that caused her to shiver with pleasure. The now limp legs were sucked up, flicking back and forth outside Oichi's nipple like final loops of spaghetti disappearing into pursed lips. The strong muscular thighs, tight knees, soft flowing calves and delicate feet slid in, Oichi's enormous distended nipples sliding slickly back together now, until they daintily sucked up Hitomi's toes and with one final luscious suck, Oichi's breasts finished devouring her.
  270. She roared in delight, in orgasmic pleasure and boundless lust, then turned and simply sucked her neck and head into her tits, merging with and feeling them utterly for a few moments, feeling how enormously large and soft they were, feeling intimitely Kiku's tentacles stroking all over her breasts, each of them now larger than two wheels from a monster truck pressed together and rounded out, each larger than her whole body. Oh, but how much bigger they could be…
  271. Oichi's breast rippled and rose, and her neck and head and face emerged from the flesh, a satisfied smile upon her features as her tits slowly settled down and relaxed, finished their hungry swelling, now squeezing gently on the lovers inside. They'd been wonderful.
  272. But Oichi wasn't quite right in her feelings, however. Her bosom was swollen and full of her lovers, who moved and rippled pleasingly within. She was satisfied and lost in a haze of orgasm. But Hitomi wasn't done yet. In fact, Hitomi hadn't even started giving back yet. But she was about to.
  273. Hitomi had felt herself devoured completely, felt the great fleshy orbs containing her. It was so warm, soft and intimate, it felt natural being this way. Natural and wonderful. Yet, she wasn't satisfied with stillness. Even the gentle squeezing of the gargantuan breasts didn't please her. She felt herself becoming more, and more aroused, as she thought about herself being sucked up into these tits, and imagined herself doing it, imagined her own tiny nipples swelling up around Fujiko's fingers, sucking them in one by one and swelling up pillow like to devour her hands and arms and head, to split her open like Oichi had and rip her apart and suck her up and grow. She began to boil, bubble and writhe through Oichi's breasts in a paroxysm of lust. And she began to stretch herself, to stop restricting her flesh, to spread out as she had as the Hitomi mountain.
  274. Seeing Oichi big wasn't knew. Seeing her so huge from only two swallowed ladies was a bit special. But overall there was no real attention paid. It was quite rude to stare at a lady making love, after all, and especially with the lust that always followed Yukio and Yamako's lovemaking far below the other ladies had their own desires to attend to. Yet, when Oichi let out a delighted, groaning cry, many turned to look, and they stayed looking as her gargantuan breasts began to ripple again, bulging unevenly and swelling even larger.
  275. Kiku spread herself out wider, flowing up over Oichi's legs and pouring off the table to spread over the bar floor as Oichi's breasts grew larger and larger still, her elongated neck now bearing a face twisted into an expression of deepest desire. Her great fleshy globes swelled and swelled, now dwarfing her body, exulting as they bounced gently against the floor, her nipples growing as thick as telegraph poles and as long as truncheons. Kiku's tentacles continued to caress over Oichi's bosom, continued to pleasure and delight her, but now she surged up between her lover's legs and entered into her sex, thrusting herself into a phallus shape within her body.
  276. Fujiko stared in amazement, her own lust redoubling at the great stretching sound erupting from Oichi's unevenly growing bosom, and she licked hungrily at herself, her body flowing and growing ever more liquid as she pleasured her own essence. The other girls at the bar were watching, too, almost all in stunned amazement. Oichi was growing enormous, and it seemed she wasn't going to stop as her breasts pressed out side to side, beginning to press over and flow around other tables and chairs, threatening to fill the whole bar with her surging titflesh, and one look at her hungry expression told that she wanted to.
  277. Within, Hitomi was spreading in all directions, feeling so intimitely the fleshy confines stretching and being pushed away from her by her relentless growing. She was flooding through Oichi's semi-solid being, she could taste the faintness of some of her bones as she pushed down through her body, down towards somewhere special. Had she lips to grin with, Hitomi would have been grinning. She tasted a phallus, flowed around it, shaped against it, pressed and sucked with her essence, and continued doing so as she pressed out against Oichi's flesh. She felt it deforming against her pressure, sucked some of her out of Oichi's breasts as she pushed against it and surged outward in a new direction.
  278. Oichi screamed, her head snapped back, she felt her breasts sucking a little smaller, their great soft curves pulling back over the floor a little leaving behind the temptation to simple make them bigger as she knew she could, but her temptation was forgotten a moment later. She felt Hitomi rippling down through her belly, sliding down into the pit of her stomach, into its very base, gathering and pooling there like orgasm ready to burst from her sex. But Kiku was filling it now, and instead she felt her lover being bathed in Hitomi, sucked and pleasured by her inside Oichi's body, and Kiku began to thrash, to flick and to grow, puffing and bulging up around her, flowing over the table and the floor, beginning to stretch herself into a large bed-like form at the height of the table, not that it was necessary. She spread out and scooped up Oichi's tits, lifting them into the air on herself, supporting and suckling against their undersides.
  279. Then she felt it. Oichi felt the ripple just above Kiku's entrance into her body. She felt the flutter of skin, the movement of Hitomi, then screamed in pleasure as her clit erupted outwards, shaped around Hitomi's desires as she thrust outwards with her eruptive might, pushing and pushing, fucking Oichi's clitoris turned cock into her own cleavage, thrusting hard through the valley of impossible softness until it thrust out into open air, at the base as thick as Oichi's body, at the tip as thick as an oak tree trunk, tensing and flicking, a pseudo-cock ribbed and powerful, formed purely out of Hitomi's essence stretching through Oichi's malleable flesh. She screamed and delighted in it, clicking out her screaming spine to make her neck longer to look over her breasts, down at the enormous clit member.
  280. "I'm… so big," she muttered, seeing Fujiko's wide, lustful eyes as her body melted into perfect liquid then rose up as a lusty torso that surged forward from the pool and rubbed its soft breasts over the member. Oichi immediately wanted to devour her, but Fujiko jinked back as Oichi's breasts bulged and grew sharply, flooding over the length of member that had escaped it and her nipples erupted like tentacles that flicked over the air where Fujiko had been. It was a pointless play. Oichi was faster and more deft than Fujiko. But before she could act again, a rush of truly unexpected pleasure struck her, and her attentions shifted internally to the roiling mass in her breasts, member, and Kiku's now rapid pressings, squeezings and powerful, stretching penetrations.
  281. Hitomi, internally, nuzzled against Oichi's breasts, as she felt them pressing against her, realising now how huge Oichi was, and how that size was focused into her bosom. She wondered, with sudden lust, if Oichi could fill this whole room if she desired. She pressed hard against the flesh, knowing that Oichi's other breast was just beyond, and felt it ripple and reshape against her directed pressure.
  282. A part of the inside curve of Oichi's breast distended sideways, and Oichi gasped, looking down into her deep chasms for the reason. When Hitomi finished shaping her face and planted a deep kiss on her other breast, moving Oichi's titflesh to her whim, she realised why, and cried out in delight. This was new. This was completely new! She looked up, and saw that Fujiko had noticed, too, was staring in amazement. Everyone was that could see, and Oichi gave a flex of will, and pushed her breasts apart so they could see Hitomi's gasping, moaning face imprinted onto the flesh. A savage little grin appeared on Hitomi's face, and she suddenly erupted tentacles of herself through Oichi's breast and enwrapped the other, pulling it against her face to kiss it passionately.
  283. Hitomi exulted in her discovery, she squeezed Oichi's breast around itself, made it kiss with lips formed of her own devising, loving the feeling of her body so precisely distorted and solidified within those great globes. She moved her 'face' downward, and felt herself ripple liquidly around the cock she'd forced into Oichi's body, and she surged against herself, flooding her face larger to engulf that mighty member in these lips she'd made. She sent an inspirational shudder into Mima's being as the other lady was curled in Oichi's other breast, urging her to do the same..
  284. Oichi felt Hitomi beginning to suckle at her distended clit, she squeezed on Kiku's cock, she groaned and moaned at Kiku's playful tentacles and Hitomi's squeezing might as she made one breast crush the other in loving embrace. Then, unbelievably, the sensations redoubled, as her other breast blobbed out and the growth planed into Mima's face, sucking and enveloping her cock completely, and kissing Hitomi passionately around it, as their features bulged and grew to encompass that trunk like member, sucking on it as they shared their passions, rubbing Oichi's titflesh together in ways she had never even thought of on her own and wondered how, how she could ever have missed it. Ideas and inspirations blossomed in her mind, but they were washed away by torrential desire and flooding passion, made only better by Fujiko's body, melted again and boiling with desire. A small crowd was gathered to watch, to stare at Oichi's huge breasts, enormous cock and the two faces that were formed in the former, kissing each other passionately with faces formed of bubbling breast flesh.
  285. Hitomi pushed herself forward, and stretched a tongue out of her pouting, kissing lips, and felt a shocked Mima do the same, and through those breasts they kissed passionately, rippling up off the member now. She knew she could do more, she could feel Oichi's pleasure. She wanted to make more of it, to thank her for ripping her in half and sucking her up like she had. So she pressed towards those enormous nipples, that had so hungrily devoured her body.
  286. Oichi was lost in her new sensations, she was so used to feeling liquid ladies flowing through and around her breasts that she didn't even think about it, it was nothing more than an extra pleasure on top of the rest. But she noticed when the outer curvature of her breasts, both at once, began to push forward independently of the rest. She glanced and stared, and realised just before the critical point that Hitomi was rippling great jaws into her tits that slammed closed on Oichi's nipples, grinding them and crushing them in their grip, twisting the mass of breast flesh to wrench her nipples around, coiling the whole like a length of rope. She screamed, she screamed in orgasm as she felt their kisses and tongues playing against one another, felt her member being stroked by her surging breasts, felt her breasts and member caressed by Kiku's skillfull tentacles, felt her lover ramming hard into her sex and up into her belly, felt Hitomi's tentacles squeezing and depressing her right breast, and felt them both rippling and moving inside her. She came and came, squeezing hard on all, pressuring and pleasuring and caressing her three lovers, feeling blissfully, incredibly happy to have experienced Hitomi's delights.
  287. And yet, as her eyes began slowly to clear of the dancing lights before them, Hitomi still wasn't done.
  288. Hitomi felt the eruption of orgasm, and was only stimulated more by it. She kissed Mima passionately, crushing her breast against the other, kissing and licking deep into her throat, sucking Oichi's tits on her own nipples, wrenching and wrapping around them with her own malleable titflesh, revelling in her liquid glory. As Oichi orgasmed, though, Hitomi felt the coldness, comparitively, at least, of the outside air. With but a beat of thought, she realised that a part of her had leaked out of Oichi's nipples, a tiny flesh covering on the surface, which Hitomi stretched into a condom-like sheath over that gigantic, thrusting nipple. She twitched herself around it and squeezed, in turn squeezing herself for her essence was filling and engorging Oichi's nipple, making it bigger and even more fleshy and full. She leaked softly out of the other, trickling and suckling.
  289. Oichi remained twitching uncontrollably, her member-tentacles held tightly and pleasured, stimulated by Kiku's experienced, insistent and very passionate slithering body, her clit-cock and breasts, enormous as they were, also in her lover's skilled grasp. With the two inside her, kissing passionately still, rubbing and shifting her beloved breasts and filling her essence with knew sensations, Oichi felt the cracking aftershocks of multiple orgasms shooting through her, and her flesh reacted on its instincts, ignoring the little limits she'd put on it. Her back arched, lifting and jiggling her gravid bosom just slightly, setting it to rippling like a seething mass of fleshy jelly, and then her mind filled with heat and her vision blurred as her spine snapped with the power of her pleasure. She felt it boiling away inside her, sending fresh delights through her as Kiku's cock thrust harder and wider and farther into her body, and Hitomi sucked upon more of its girth even as Oichi rushed in to meet it, slowly melting her inner body into the consistency of fine fleshy soup. That was when she realised her nipples were being squeezed and suckled on, and a moment later, as she absorbed her eyes and looked through her whole distorted body, seeing herself fully for the first time and glorying in the sight of her tits dwarfing their anchor points, her member swollen to thrice the width of her body at its tip, she saw also that Fujiko wasn't responsible. Nobody was. Her nipples were just being sucked, their dark long lengths flexing and moving... and disappearing less than half way up their length.
  290. There was a covering of pale flesh over them. At first it made no sense. But then, as the covering lengthened and she felt flesh oozing out of her nipples, as she felt the delightful rush of it moving inside and bubbling free of them and gasped with pleasure, she realised what was happening. Hitomi lengthened and sheathed her whole nipple, beginning to flow onto the aureole.
  291. Hitomi felt herself trickling out of Oichi's breasts, tasting from without and feeling the subtle differences in texture, in softness and consistency, squeezing and rubbing herself against herself, for she had permeated Oichi's whole breast now, was intertwined and wound through Oichi's flesh itself. It was auto-erotic, only enhanced by the sound of Oichi's pleasure, unnatural and stimulating. But a hunger was blossoming in Hitomi, a competitive hunger. She wanted to suck Fujiko into her tits. But she needed tits to do it with. She couldn't have those while inside Oichi, and when she felt the nipples suddenly suckle hard on her flesh, causing her to twitter and shiver in pleasure, sending the great mass of titflesh into convulsions and violent distortions, she began to fight back.
  292. Oichi screamed as she felt her nipples being forced wider as Hitomi bubbled out of her, slowly eeking her way further and further out, coating her nipples in her warm flesh stuff and beginning to creep gently up like a film of ice over the enormous front swells of her breasts. Hitomi's subtly different skin tone made it clear to those watching what was happening, and every mouth dropped. No-one had ever been able to resist Oichi before, not like this!
  293. Yet Hitomi did. She pushed and poured out of Oichi's nipples, spreading further and further, now seeing from outside how enormous those breasts had become with her inside them, swelling them with her great fleshy mass. It aroused her even more, and she moved herself in a liquid wave that passed through Oichi's breasts even as she kissed Mima passionately, rubbing breast flesh against breast flesh, now squeezing and caressing the nipples that she was coating and running over and emerging from like thick syrup. Her consistency had grown viscous with her lustiness, she realised. And it felt good to gloop and trickle up and down and across that massive expanse of flesh, and to be surged and tossed on the wave of her body moving within it. She surged again and again, tiding inside Oichi's breasts, disturbing the distortions of her and Mima's faces, causing their lips to surge hard against each other when the ripples passed by, their kisses suddenly becoming powerful and fierce.
  294. Oichi found the new, unexplored pleasures drastically weakening her control, she knew she could suck Hitomi back inside where she belonged, but... but not now! It was too overwhelming! The front face of her breasts was coated by Hitomi, and she began to spread out over the jiggling mass of the upper and lower swells, rising and falling with the tidal sweeps that she was causing from within. Oichi gritted her teeth against the ecstasy, and quirked her lip in a smile. This wasn't a new game to her by any means, and she wasn't going to go down without a fight. She tensed and squeezed her breasts inwards on Hitomi's mass, wrenching her tentacles free of Kiku's sucking, shuddering body and whipping them around her breasts, enfolding and wrapping around them, knitting a web of bondage lines, feeling her squamous titflesh bulging through the gaps in her new netting, feeling Hitomi being squeezed and compressed even as she spread to engulf more and more of Oichi's breasts, shrinking them as a whole while she moved some of her bulk outside. Her progress stopped, and with sudden, powerful, muscular gulps, Oichi's yawning wide nipples began to swallow Hitomi back down, to suck the film of her flesh back inside.
  295. Hitomi screamed internally at this sudden and insistant pleasure that Oichi was inflicting upon her, delighting in being drawn back in, loving the feeling of being pulled over and through those rubbery nipples, feeling Oichi's breasts fluffing up and billowing back out as she entered them again. But Fujiko seemed to rip through her mind, as if begging to be swallowed, and as she felt herself being gulped up she wondered again how it would feel to do it to Fujiko, and she roared with passion and forced her way back out.
  296. Oichi's nipples exploded at Hitomi's surge, the flesh stretching membranously outwards until they were stretched open and flat on Oichi's tits, pressed underneath Hitomi's spreading body as she rushed up under the squeezing, caressing netting and engulfed the whole of Oichi's bosom, shrinking it down as she slid more and more of her bulk out of the ripped open nipples, through that gap that Hitomi had forced as wide open as her Human form's torso. How small that seemed upon these breasts!
  297. Oichi shook like a soft mound of jelly as her nipples were torn open by Hitomi's eruption, and she was screaming orgasmically again and again, unable even to properly tighten her net and apply her own pleasure to Hitomi as she felt her lover engulf her tits completely, and felt them shrinking as Hitomi left them. She was so concentrated! Every part, every ounce that left seemed to inordinately decrease Oichi's tits, which already had pulled up from the floor and away from her enormous member, huge yet not overwhelmingly enormous.
  298. She was reminded of that one, blissful time when Yukio had allowed herself to be swallowed up, and without even spreading out Oichi's breasts had amoebously swollen to fill a building and burst its foundations... this was the wrong thing to remember. Completely wrong. The remembered ecstasy only furthered Oichi's disadvantage, and she felt Hitomi creeping down over her belly and up over her shoulders and around her sides. She was letting herself slip.
  299. Fujiko was lost in orgasm of her own. Just imagining Hitomi's pleasure was enough. Enjoying what her friend-lover was doing, how unbelievably strong and powerful she'd become so quickly, was enough to push her into orgasm. She'd been sucked up by Oichi many times, she loved it. It was a pleasure she'd wanted Hitomi to share in the moment she'd brought her through the door, and to see how big, how big Oichi became as a result was ecstatic, as Fujiko's oh so vivid mind filled with future delights they could share, those four. Herself, Hitomi, Oichi and Kiku, maybe even Mima as well, now. So much potential...
  300. Hitomi exulted and grew, slithering and engulfing, squeezing insistently now on Oichi's breasts even as Oichi tried to maintain her netting, but as the tentacles that made it up were formed from her breasts, Hitomi was slowly suckling her way up their lengths, feeling herself rippling as if she had more than a dozen mouths licking their way up the tentacles, filling her throat up with Oichi's broad and thick shafts, hungering for the luscious cock heads she knew were at the tips. She crept down and sideways over Oichi's belly, and suddenly tasted the base of the rippling, distorting clitoral shaft that was filled to the brim of Hitomi's essence. She felt herself inside it, writhing and moving it like a great length of rubber, knew Oichi was enjoying it for now she could hear clearly and feel from all angles her lovers' responses. Suddenly, Oichi's flesh shifted and moved, seething up and around, and Hitomi couldn't quite grip on. She was sucked back as Oichi's breast flesh gripped and tried to pull Hitomi back in, as the cock heads of her tentacles began to drink Hitomi up and deposit her back inside Oichi's breasts. She froze with this sudden tweaking, squeezing and sucking pleasure that set some of her essence aflame, and felt herself drawing up and filling Oichi's breasts again, bulging them wider and full, before her trance ended and she began to pulse out of Oichi's tits with even greater intensity, as the pair began a back and forth war of pumping cumming pleasure.
  301. Oichi had her stalled just below and around her breasts, now that she was using her very essence to pull her back inside and putting her tentacles to good use, but Hitomi was relentless and these new pleasures were distracting. Mima's features, covered now in a layer of Hitomi's flesh as well as Oichi's, had not disappeared, nor had Hitomi's, and the cursed girl was kissing her with even greater and yet greater passion, making it harder for Oichi to concentrate. She was sure she'd be able to win, even now, if it was just her versus Hitomi, but whether by design or coincidence Mima was helping her! Kiku's insistent thrusting was an assistance, though, and as Kiku felt Oichi's need she swelled and thickened her shaft yet more, and Oichi's body groaned with a delicious stretching sound as the great girth of Kiku's shaft began to distort her body around it, widening and elongating it. Oichi began to bubble and shift her flesh as a whole, now, starting to wind and wend herself through and around Hitomi, trying to just eek her outer surface over her, to solidify and abruptly contain the girl, weaving her throughout her essence but holding her beneath the surface.
  302. Hitomi realised she wasn't advancing. She tried to swim up through the haze of her passions and manage a little constructive, creative thinking. She had to work around this. She could feel Oichi's skin seething now wherever it were touched, all up her chest from her still expansive tits, her shoulders, she still had no arms, even on those delightful shaft tentacles and across the whole bubbling surface of her breasts, now resistant to Hitomi's attempts to wave and lap through them. Her belly flesh moved like warm putty, Hitomi felt herself sinking into it, but leapt outward and kept on the surface, as the two began a fleshy dance of divine pleasures, each trying to consume and grip the other. But at the moment Hitomi just couldn't think. It was all too overwhelming. All she had were her instincts, her powerful, powerful instincts. And they weren't enough.
  303. Mima kissed Hitomi passionately through the stretchy cocoon of breast flesh that held her, lusting and clinging as the flooding and battling liquids in Oichi's breasts battered against her like the torrential rains of a sea storm. She pushed her titflesh tongue deep into Hitomi's 'mouth' pleasuring all concerned, wanting Hitomi to win. She knew she was losing, though. Yet it was her, and her alone, that ended up turning the tide. A piece of her was carried out by Hitomi's relentless surging free of Oichi's flesh, and Mima immediately, instinctively, tightened and twisted the piece of her into a tentacle and coiled it around one of Oichi's, pulling it out of Hitomi's mass with a sucking popping sound.
  304. Hitomi felt it, and suddenly, a flash of inspiration struck her. She changed tactics. She allowed Oichi to win parts of the battle, while she went to work on securing her supply lines. Hitomi started frantically creeping up the tentacles of Oichi's breasts, surging up their member-thick lengths with hungry abandon, still clinging to her passion for the power to press on. Her conscious, thinking mind, what little of it there was, couldn't believe the strength she was taking from her passion, couldn't believe how easily it helped her push on through this unbelievable mind-searing ecstasy.
  305. Oichi cried out as she felt Mima join the fray, moaned as her tentacle was pulled out of Hitomi and her own's sucking and writhing flesh and her massively distended nipple was abused again, stretching wider yet as Mima's tentacle thrust out of her bosom. Her high pitched soul scream entered a higher pitch again, and those who heard it found their flesh beginning to boil whether they liked it or not as Oichi's true power began to display itself. Hitomi flowed up, enwrapping three quarters of her tentacles, and she cried out in frustration, even as she surged over Hitomi's flesh and sucked it into herself, for Hitomi maintained control of her breasts and would soon have it all. And it was true, brought true in mere moments as Hitomi completely flooded over her tentacles. Oichi cried out in mixed delight and frustration. It was so pleasing that Hitomi was so good, yet so frustrating that she would find a victory this way, and her own not insignificant ego was a little bruised in knowing she'd probably lost this favourite game of hers for the first time ever.
  306. Hitomi felt herself shluck back together, forming a singular flexing stretching membrane around Oichi's breasts and joyfully shaking as she felt them growing larger both with and underneath her at once. Hitomi pulled her flesh back into them, consolidating her power in this wonderful, burgeoning base of operations, preparing for her victory thrust as she tightened and forced Oichi's tentacles down and smoothed out her breasts. She pulsed and boiled out of Oichi's flattened out nipple and began to spread herself in a film over Oichi's flesh, redoubling and pouring in piling waves that circularly pushed over even Oichi's most insistent fleshy suckings. She kept tightening her membranous part, keeping Oichi's breasts from swelling up, making it harder for Oichi to trap her and easier for herself to press back out and continue the siege.
  307. Oichi was a strong opponent, though. She'd done this a lot of times, and she refocused her blocking efforts, rolling and billowing out around her breasts, forming fleshy shields of flowing flesh, upwards turned bowl-like eruptions that Hitomi had to try hard to climb up but dripped back down every time. She thought that she'd stopped her, could wait it out until Hitomi's mind broke from the ecstasy and she could engulf and suck her back inside and play to her heart's, or tits', content. But there was one thing she hadn't taken account of.
  308. Hitomi felt herself being blocked, but she wasn't totally contained. There was still that enormous, trunk-like member filled with her. She reduced her pressure above, just a little, and she erupted against the head of it. The clitoril sheath surged, bulged thickly, and Hitomi poured out in a sudden erupting web that began to drain the cock, sucking the clit back down towards Oichi's crotch. Hitomi heard the scream from Oichi, felt it crackling through her flesh, and felt her defenses weaken just as Hitomi's offence redoubled. She surged up from the flattening cock, reduced now merely to a finger's length and thick bulge as Hitomi slapped her mass wetly against Oichi's belly and licked up over the bowl-extrusions, coiling over them and linking to her greater membranous mass. She surged and enwrapped Oichi's torso, began to push down and up at once.
  309. It was too late now. Oichi screamed and twitched and moaned, Hitomi spread up over her shoulders, down over her muscular legs, between them and clinging suckingly to Kiku's thrusting massive member. She felt her feet covered and embraced, felt Hitomi's slick warmth embracing and engulfing her, now folding around her neck, and she gritted her teeth with delight and defeat at once, tasting the sweetness and bitterness at once as Hitomi flooded up her elongated neck and cradled lovingly around her chin. Strands of Hitomi-flesh licked over Oichi's lips and nose, hooked and gripped and pulled up like a fetish mask, pushing and tightening over her features, pressure masking onto them and entrapping Oichi's ecstatic screams inside herself.
  310. Hitomi's features began to ripple out on the side of Oichi's face, her lips, one of her eyes at an impossible diagonal from her mouth, her nose half-shaped yet still button like and hers. Her hair flickered out in a fleshy wave that rippled like a silken curtain into glistening black that began to coil around Oichi's multi-coloured own. Hitomi's voice now matched Oichi's, as they cried out in mixed erotic glory, as Oichi forgot the defeat and focused only on the joy of consummation. Defeat or victory didn't matter in the end. Only sensation was queen in her existence.
  311. Oichi felt Hitomi's fetish-mask features dragging across, slickly creeping over her own lips, eyes pasting onto hers, nose slithering over her own somewhat larger one, hair replacing. And then it was done. She felt the membrane complete, she was trapped, Hitomi joined and complete around her, containing her.
  312. Hitomi screamed in exultation, and tightened. Her face sucked hard down, forcibly reshaping the head she'd pressed over, making her features the one dominant one and taking long, liquid, thick rippling bulging swallows as she began to exultantly swallow Oichi down her meters long neck. Hitomi slowly began to retract it, glorying herself in the stretching sounds that Oichi's body made. She saw Fujiko looking at her with unbridled lust, and her own passions redoubled, her eyes widened in hunger.
  313. Fujiko's liquid form pulled up into a solid torso emerging from the pool, arms above her head, breasts presented, staring lustily at Hitomi's still rippling form. "Hitomi," Fujiko whispered. "You're so beautiful…"
  314. Hitomi grinned, and her breasts, almost shrunk to her body's size, now ballooned out as she pumped Oichi into them, taking control of this form utterly, pouring herself into the torso mass, feeling herself flooding around the enormous cock that Kiku had thrust into her even as she rammed and rammed Oichi's mass against her clit to erupt it outwards. She loved the form Oichi was in, and she intended to occupy it herself.
  315. Mima's features were finally planed off, her mass, like Oichi's used for the only purpose that mattered, swelling her bosom so she could feel it growing and becoming so deliciously full. She tightened her thighs and sucked on the member, felt it pound up into her chest cavity, screamed at the sensations, began to suck up more and more of Kiku, until the phallus was pressing against the back of Hitomi's throat and her torso was rounded like a sheath around that enormous thrusting cock. Her screams shifted into unnatural, deep and husky tones as she rippled on her fourth lover, then flicked her neck with a sharp snap of spine and stretched it out to stare at Fujiko over her erupting bosom. With a pair of sharp, sudden pops, Hitomi's nipples swirled then snapped straight out from her breasts, each enormous and thick, her breasts fully half as big again as Oichi's had been at their largest, flooding over the bar and engulfing three whole tables with matching chairs.
  316. "Fuji!" She cried, voice low, dusky and hungry for sex.
  317. "Hitomi," Fujiko said, glooping off her chair and flowing up into the middle of a step, reaching out with a hand to stroke over the squamous flesh that moved and shuddered so delightfully under her touch. Hitomi's neck lengthened further, staring down hungrily and twisted into a mask of joy and happiness. "Oh, you're so amazing."
  318. "I'm hungry for you!" Hitomi cried, and her gigantic nipples shivered, her titanic tits flexed and jiggled, flooding around the furniture.
  319. "You want to suck me up, don't you?" Fujiko asked, her own voice dropping into a seductive groan as she pressed herself up against Hitomi's bosom, feeling it distorting around her as rested on it. "You want me to add to your mass too, don't you? You want to be bigger still?"
  320. Hitomi nodded frantically, as Kiku shuddered in orgasm beneath her, the gigantic member twitching and twisting Hitomi's body even as Fujiko began to rub up against Hitomi's clit-cock. "Want to suck you up into my, my tits, my small, pert little tits…"
  321. "But you don't have them now, baby," Fujiko said. "You've got these instead," she said, taking great handfuls of breast and squeezing and kneading, lengthening her legs and beginning to rub her wettened sex against Hitomi's enormous member and feeling Oichi rippling hard against her almost immediately. "So," she said, looking right up into Hitomi's eyes, then stretching her neck up to kiss her. "Still hungry?" Hitomi's wide, staring eyes said it all.
  322. Her right nipple erupted out, her breasts pulled in one direction, a violent sound of roiling flesh creaking out as it pushed against Fujiko's neck and liquified around it, then immediately and hungrily began sucking her in. Hitomi cried out as she felt her lover flowing through her nipple, and bending, bending in the sucking point as she was drawn into her breast. It shuddered and began to grow, as Fujiko's own mass, much more concentrated after she'd fed on the flesh Hitomi had absorbed from her own apartment, began to spread warmly and thickly out through Hitomi's breast. Fujiko's neck was pulled in from both directions, her face twisting in joy, her hands squeezing and kneading until Hitomi's breast, like warm clay, parted and let her hands enter in.
  323. Fujiko pushed harder, feeling the soft flesh parting and allowing her into the roiling hungry mass inside. She was yanked against Hitomi's breast, lifted off the cock and plastered to its sucking underswell, feeling her flesh clinging to her, partly bubbling over her, enclosing her in warmth and rippling silky skin as her face was dragged down over the bosom kissing all the way until that massive nippled sucked her head down into itself until only her face was visible, staring up into Hitomi's wide staring screaming face. Then the nipple surged, bucked and grew, and it swallowed Fujiko's head whole.
  324. Hitomi orgasmed, and did so with frightening power. As her bosom swelled larger, the other ladies abandoned the bar and stared in disbelief as the screaming mass of breasts, swelling out from an insignificant, sheath-like torso that was still being pumped by Kiku's amorphic mass, bulged and blossomed and grew, iron-stiff nipples pressing until they flattened out against the wall and her flesh enwrapped and filled almost the whole area, pressing into nooks and crannies and pushing all the furniture that wasn't nailed down against the walls while moulding around everything else, pleasuring the ladies with their own deformations. Hitomi felt her breast bulge sharply, suddenly, and lift Fujiko up into her consuming nipple, and she pulled her up thickly through her treaclish flesh to draw her in through the pipe-like nipple. A couple of gulps, then a long, long and drawn out suck, and Fujiko was licked up like a single length of rope, her legs kicking about only once or twice, then lengthening out to keep the process going as long as possible before Hitomi bounced her tits and laughed and consumed her. They swelled up to their full girth, amazing and dominating the scene, finally forcing everyone to look in disbelief.
  325. Hitomi sighed and slowly laid her exhausted neck down across her bosom. She gasped, and twitched as Kiku slowly thrust through her, stretching her smoothly in and out around that fabulous length. She shuddered in post-orgasmic haze, her mind awash with lust and pleasure and joy, the wonderful feeling of Fujiko's liquid mass filling her right breast, of Oichi in her left breast and cock, and Mima curling between all three, filled her soul. She thought, like Oichi had once earlier, that it was over. It wasn't. A loud, stretching groan of flesh told her it wasn't over. She let out a long low groan of disbelief, as she felt the inner curves of her breasts distending and bulging out as Oichi and Fujiko both pressed out. Hitomi smiled. They were going to pull her own trick. Or so she thought. But she was wrong.
  326. Oichi was inspired. When Oichi was inspired, things always happened, and happened fast. She exulted in Hitomi's breasts, she didn't spread herself out to her full mass, didn't swell those globes up until they covered half of the main floor, didn't want to overwhelm Hitomi in that way quite yet. Instead she pressed herself, a part of herself, out against the side where she could feel from her gentle pulsing the breasts nestled together with destroying pressure, taking a new concept to the next level. Defeated she was, but mistress of this domain she remained. She easily sculpted this part of her, controlling it and forming it into herself, a fleshy, full length version of her own magnificent fleshy Human body, only her hair being the missing detail as Hitomi's breast vaccuum formed around Oichi's pressure. She pulled herself out of Hitomi's member, eeking Mima into place so she could play her part in the final gambit, to blow Hitomi's mind to pieces. They'd worked this out between them in here, through their soul to soul communication and naked desire flashes back and forth. Oichi smiled as she felt Fujiko's breasts rubbing up against her own, and she pressed arms out of the breast, reaching across to stroke Fujiko's face in a panoply of stretching sounds and leaning forward to passionately kiss her.
  327. Hitomi stared in utter disbelief, and let out a choked shriek as Kiku suddenly thrust her cock higher, violently bulging a length of her throat and giving her only her new and unnaturally deep and husky voice to cry out with. Hitomi roared and moaned as Fujiko and Oichi rubbed together and kissed and stroked each other's bodies, pulling and stretching her flesh as they whimmed. She knew already what had to happen, and wasn't surprised even if she was dragged into screaming orgasm that filled her mind with spikes of stabbing pleasure, her whole body following suit as every inch of her was filled. Her cock began to writhe and shift as Mima erupted tentacles outward, distorting its idealised shape and violently distending her clit in all directions, randomly pushing and bulging to pleasure Hitomi yet more. Fujiko and Oichi thrust their hips together, and their own clitoril places pushed out into masculine cocks that they forced out of Hitomi's breasts, then rubbed against each other's bodies, lengthened like serpents, coiled about and down and up between each other's legs then thrust into one another.
  328. Hitomi saw Kiku bubble up and slickly flood around the distorting cock to suckle and play with it, even as she whipped out a tentacle to grab a lady and pull her in to thrust her face against the member's tip. Hitomi screamed in delight and in amazement as she saw and felt her cock bulging and shifting, as the lady's face was forcibly stretched to allow her to suckle on Hitomi's cockhead while Kiku squeezed insistently and Mima thrust outwards and all around. Hitomi's vision began to blur, her throat filled fully half with the cock that Kiku had been erupting up into her since she'd begun making love to Oichi. The sensations rose and melded flowingly together, like a great tidal wave of fluidic delight falling down in rhythmic shatterings on Hitomi's mind.
  329. Finally, with Oichi and Fujiko stretching their forms flawlessly out of her titanic tits, Hitomi could take no more. She could feel them fucking each other with such intimacy that it was shocking, her consciousness flexed and shivered under the onslaught. Their members stretched out of her bosom stabbing deep into the other breast, bending her flesh around their incredible thrusting power, lips pressed together, breasts and stiff nipples rubbed insistently. In her member, Mima roiled and writhed, distorting it like a rubbery snake that had swallowed some great amorphous weasel, and Kiku slithered thickly around in Hitomi's breasts and body, stretching filaments of herself out from that enormous still thrusting shaft.
  330. Hitomi screamed her God-scream, and she screamed it until Fujiko erupted some of her essence into Hitomi's distant swollen nipple and filled it up, stretched it out and coiled it back through her valley of cleavage, erupting up and slamming into her mouth and stretching it open two, three times wider than it had been when she swallowed the melon in her apartment. But she still needed to scream her pleasure and joy.
  331. Mouths suddenly tore open on her body so she could scream louder until finally she deliquesced, her breasts becoming so soft that they melted, sucking her tiny body into their mass, dissolving and consuming it before they themselves flowed away like melting glaciers, pouring down the steps of the bar and over the tables and chairs, coating fully the main floor area and washing some of the others literally off their feet as all five ladies orgasmed with such explosive power that they spread out almost to their maximum liquidity. They were inundated with the feelings that were always brought by soft, lithe bodies wriggling and moving in their liquid mass, and in fluidic rapture they all revelled in their transformative glory.
  332. Hitomi, finally, lost consciousness.
  333. Time passed. The ladies got used to walking around in the great fleshy liquid mass that sometimes sucked hungrily on their limbs, for while Hitomi was completely unconscious, Oichi, Fujiko, Mima and Kiku were merely blissfully relaxed and happy still to provide gentle play for those ladies who lied down or stopped to enjoy their attentions.
  334. Yamako stepped daintily from the wooden door, even now sliding her kimono from her flesh as her own novaic and radiant ecstasy throbbed through her being, and looked about her. She coughed politely.
  335. Hitomi was snapped into awareness. From the mass of flesh across the floor, five bodies seemed to be vaccuum moulded into being, Hitomi's slowest and last, forming with a confused expression on her brow even as Oichi bubbled her breasts up to their normal yet huge size and stretched her arms above her head in an expression of tired delight. Mima became herself, and rubbed her hands over her face, grinning broadly at the sensations that were still even now boiling through her, and the memories that were already exciting her hunger. She turned and curled herself, lengthening her body and rubbing against Oichi's bosom. She wanted to be taken by them again. Kiku rippled up into her form, she was small and petite, but that was all anyone saw before she blossomed out, shoulders widening and bosom erupting, face melting back and limbs being consumed as she erupted into her amorphous, preferred shape and shuddered liquidly in the delights that still echoed through her being. Fujiko sighed and took several deep breaths, then laughed softly.
  336. "Well, it seems you'll fit in just fine, Hitomi," Fujiko said, extracting a somewhat stunned laugh from several people that heard the comment, and from Mima.
  337. "Quite revelatory, it would seem," Yamako said, smiling broadly. She could feel, like a haze, the memories of the events that had taken place here, could see and partially feel from the five's proximity the shuddering backwashed memories of their experiences. Quietly, her nipples stiffened in subtle arousal.
  338. Oichi topped over onto her back, letting Mima enwrap enfold and suckle on her breasts, raising one hand into the air with index and middle fingers reversed. "Viva la revolution!" She exclaimed, and they all laughed.
  339. Yamako reached out with her hand for Hitomi, who accepted it and stood up. She looked around at the five, feeling suddenly nervous again and unsure of herself, as the raging, unnatural passions so stirred by Yamako had finally been sated and washed away into her soul, leaving behind only the shocking memories of what she'd done, and of how hungry her breasts had been... and... still were.
  340. "What did I do?" She asked suddenly, holding one hand to her mouth sheepishly, though she didn't feel embarassed and was actually quite confused by her own action, because she knew how good it had felt and how natural.
  341. Oichi raised her head and glanced at her. "You have got to be kidding me," she said, then turned to Fujiko. "Is she always such a total schiz?"
  342. "'Fraid so," Fujiko sighed, standing up and walking over to Hitomi, putting her hands on her friend's curvaceous sides and leaning in to kiss her on the lips. Hitomi didn't pull away, though. She kissed back, and deeply. Fujiko pulled back, and there was a smile on her face. "But she's getting better. Quickly, she's getting better."
  343. Hitomi smiled.
  344. "Come, child," Yamako said, her own smile displaying the radiant happiness she always felt when around such pleasure and joy. "Let us go, and let us practice together."
  345. Hitomi smiled and went with her, turning only to wave goodbye at her new lovers, already looking forward to being with them again, and knowing that they felt exactly the same way.  
  347. ***
  349. Elsewhere, far away from the shop, and Hitomi, and Yukio, two girls drove a car down a road. They were going home after a long night at work full of annoying hours and even more annoying people, and were looking forward to a bath and bed. They weren't going to get either of them.
  350.     A woman, walking the other way, saw their vehicle. She was naked. Her skin was a luminescent white, like solid moonbeams or purest milk. Her hair was pure raven black and billowed in wisps about her. Her limbs were perfectly formed and flawless. Her lips were small and smiling, her eyes sharply slinted, dark and dusky. She saw their vehicle, and more importantly, she saw them.
  351.     She turned into the road, walking leisurely, with long strided grace, into the path of the car, her smile turning into a wide-eyed hungry glare. As the car sped towards her she opened her mouth wide, her cheek membranes stretching impossibly as if she meant to swallow the whole vehicle, but in truth the motion only caused the girls within to panic and not turn the wheel.
  352.     She let out a cry as the car struck her, a cry of devilish, ringing joy, as her body splashed across the bonnet of the car and she felt herself instantly deliquesce. The bumper hit her just below the breasts, and she allowed her legs to stretch out unnaturally, her feet immediately melting and flowing wide into a pool even as her breasts, shoulders and arms struck the bonnet and turned instantly into milky liquid. The girls screamed and hit the breaks, tried to get out, but it was already too late.
  353.     Chisato, for that was the creature's name, spread quickly, flowing over the car's cool, delicious metal, pinning the doors closed as strands of herself erupted from the pool that spread out under all four wheels even as the car carried all three entities off the road into a ditch.
  354.     She leered into the windshield, licking her lips then spreading her face out to fill their vision, delighting in their screams as she pushed herself out, wrapping around the car and encasing it completely in her milk-white Godbody. She watched and grinned as the girls thrashed and tried to find some way to escape their confinement. Then her features disappeared, and she began to seep through the cracks in the doors.
  355.     They cried words, but it didn't matter. They begged, but she didn't care. They asked, but she didn't listen. All that mattered was the sensations as she felt herself penetrating the car's metal bonnet, flowing into the engine, her still part-formed breasts ballooning under the bonnet, now so soft that they fitted around it like a jelly mould and then with a soft sigh like a shout in the wind she made her hungry tits flow over and into the metal, oil and fuel, sucking it up. Strands of her began to permeate the windshield, to push into the tyres and fuel tank at the back, filling the boot and pushing into the leather seats, bonding and absorbing and cannibalising it all.
  356.     The girls pressed together as the milky tide began to push towards them, and suddenly from the mass two homunculi emerged, copies of Chisato's Human form, both smiling and each reaching out for one of the two girls. The only difference now was that they were only half-formed, each of them flowing out of the mass, billowing into shapely limbs and smiling faces while their heads flowed back into a gently twisting mass of white flesh.
  357.     The two girls sought escape, but Chisato let out a soft note that rang around the small, receding gap in her being, and it touched the two girls to the cores of their being. The four nipples of Chisato's bodies lengthened, touching shirts and in moments spread out to devour all of their clothes before sliding back into place, breasts swelling softly as she put the newly formed flesh to good use. The girls began to pant, hungry and desirous, wanting her yet not knowing what it was she offered.
  358.     Both Chisatos smiled, and with a groan of flesh their clits lengthened into members of dimensions like both her forearms pressed together, yet wider still. The girls would be split asunder by them, surely. Yet they spread their legs before her, wanting her to take them. And she did.
  359.     In unison Chisato entered the girls, instantly pushing filaments of herself into their sexes and, even as the girls screamed in agony as they felt like they were being ripped apart, Chisato devoured their vaginal passages and the bones of their hips, replacing them with her own milk-flesh, then stretching them effortlessly around her impossible girth. She pushed into their now-willing bodies, and they tensed and pressured upon her, pleasuring her as best they could, worshipping her with their forms and giving themselves up completely.
  360.     Chisato smiled and pounded into them, hungry to cum, to absorb, to devour completely as she billowed into the car and consumed it all, until the girls were supported in space, only their chairs remaining on Chisato's seething flesh body.
  361.     Before long a sound like a crack of thunder issued from the roiling mass at the roadside, as Chisato orgasmed. It flowed into the girl's bodies, they tossed their heads back in shock and their bodies first seemed to shudder, then began to bloat as Chisato pumped herself in and in and in to their mortal forms. They grew bigger and bigger as she cried in delight, cumming herself into them, filling them with her glory, bloating them like fleshy balloons.
  362.     One homunculus bent down and licked at the nipple of her girl, and her tongue stuck to it. The girl's head snapped forward, and it bore Chisato's grin. She sucked her humonculus into her new tits, the legs folding and melting together as the torso flooded and collapsed inwards with perfect fluidity, the twinkling toes fusing at the last moment to form her nipples. This swelled the new body's tits dramatically, until they touched the rest of Chisato's Godbody and she merged them instantly, joining the new form even as it began to flush white. Chisato exulted, feeling herself ripping through the girls, hungrily consuming and growing and swelling as she was born to, needed to do. As always, with new extremities came the lust, the burning need to use them, to wrap her soul in a cocoon of pleasure and hatch it into titanic orgasm, to revel in her nature.
  363.     The other girl continued to swell even as the first began to plane down and become Humanoid again. She swelled, rounded and lengthened, as the remaining Chisato homunculus grinned literally ear to ear, as she merged her member with this new extension of herself and molded it into a more fitting shape.
  364. The girl seemed to look towards her friend as if to say something, but her lips began to purse, then stretched vertically as her nose receded. Her eyes closed and her cheeks puffed up around her lips as her hair disappeared into her head. Her throat bulged and thickened with great liquid pulses that swelled up and distorted her head in unison with it, her shoulders and chest barrelled out even as her arms fused to her swelling, flowing hips and billowing buttocks, while her legs lengthened and merged with Chisato's form. The great swollen central mass of her body shrank and added to her length and overall thickness.
  365. Chisato looked at the other girl, a milk-white version of her Human body, now staring at her former friend with a wide, hungry mouth as Chisato began to bend and twist her new member, now five and a half feet long and as thick as a slender tree trunk. With no more than a twitch of will she lengthened it, pushing it against the lips of her extension, then stretching it's jaws around the friend-cock, widening and distorting the body until it was little more than a sheath around the member, sucking and pleasuring at Chisato's whim as she played with herself in this most direct manner.
  366. She felt the girls roaring in ecstasy as they became part of her, and she analysed them as she felt their souls, determining their worthiness. She decided that they would do just fine. With the merest whim she lengthened the other girl until those sucking lips were pressed against the base of her stomach, the lower tickling her sex, while her member threatened to stretch free of that body and extend further into the night. She flowed inwards and devoured the last of the car, as passion overtook her, and the need to consume it all became overpowering.
  367. The mass grew still, like a solid block of milk just sitting there in a ditch. Then suddenly Chisato erupted her member from the mass, stretching herself out, stretching both girls out, blowing their minds with new sensations and shocking them into total awareness. The cock lengthened and lengthened, twisting and winding like a cable free in the wind, it's outermost layer consisting of the wildly distended body of the girl who'd been made into its sheath and she screamed with her mind, for her mouth was still wrapped tight around the base of the cock even though at this moment Chisato let out a ripping roar and sucked her into the member, beginning to draw her whole mass into that beautifully formed, long and thick phallus.
  368. It slammed down in the centre of the road, and the mass was pulled towards it, compressing and shrinking down in mid-air while the part on the ground softened and shrank until it separated into legs. The last of it flowed into her face, head and hair, the very last twisiting into strands of raven brilliance that were caught on the wind, and sliding onto her face to form her twinkling eye, at first stretched wildly long before creaking into its normal elegance. She smiled to herself, then looked down as her breasts began to bubble like boiling milk.
  369. They bulged and blossomed out explosively, pouring down from her body in a fountain that fluffed out and shifted, as Chisato slowly and pleasurably shaped the forms of the two girls she'd just absorbed. When she'd finished the shaping and they were perfect, all made of her soft breast flesh and their curves improved to her desires, she allowed their souls to inhabit these homunculi, so that when the process finished they began to suckle on Chisato's breasts with something approaching their own volition. They suddenly pulled away in shock, staring at their own milk white bodies in surprise. Their names were Sakura and Aiko.
  370. "You are Sakura and Aiko," Chisato said, her voice a velveteen sound, stroking and sensual. "You are part of me, and you will feel whatever pleasures I decide, and you will give me whatever pleasures I decide, and you will have whatever freedoms I decide you shall have. Is that understood?"
  371. Neither answered. Chisato's glance changed subtly, and the girls suddenly turned and stared at each other. Aiko's face bulged violently forward, stretching and distorting, shaping itself into the member her whole body had been merely a minute before. Sakura opened her mouth as Chisato willed it, and her face stretched around Aiko's head and gave her a long, lascivious suck that sent both girls' bodies into quivering as they felt each other's sensations through Chisato. She allowed them to return to normal, and both staggered back, only to find strands of themselves shooting out to push against the ground and hold them steady before slithering back within themselves.
  372. "You are part of me," Chisato said coldly. "You have no free will. Accept this. Understand this. If you do, I shall allow you to enjoy my power. If not, I shall absorb you, and devour your soul for more of it. Our relationship is pre-determined, and not negotiable. Do either of you have an argument with this situation?"
  373. "N-no," Sakura said, quavering, clearly a little fearful.
  374. "What can we do to serve you, mistress?" Aiko asked, looking at Chisato with undisguised lust in her features. She knew the feeling was honest, for of course they were her, she simply chose to allow them a kind of autonomy for a while. And she now knew she'd found her favourite.
  375. "You will be what I desire, when I desire it. Ah. More come," she said, eyes glittering hungrily. "Feed upon them, then we shall discuss servitude."
  376. Another car, another pair. Sisters going back to their families in the country, and their brother. Sakura and Aiko didn't know what to do. Chisato pushed them in the right direction. They pressed together in the centre of the road, terrified and naked, obviously rape victims. Aiko fell into the role naturally, predatory instincts rising with the abandonment of what she was and the embrace of her new soul. Sakura was part led by Aiko, part forced by Chisato's will.
  377. The car stopped, the girls were hailed. Aiko acted without Chisato's will. She gave herself a command and her body obeyed. She opened her mouth as if to speak, then her eyes widened and her jaw erupted into a maw, her torso stretched forward and she distended her mouth over the brother, launching her arms forward and curling them like tentacles to grab the girls and pull them closer.
  378. Sakura pressed both to her breasts, and as Aiko slid her lips and throat down the male's torso, Sakura shuddered and sucked the girls into her bulging, swelling tits. Chisato smiled as she felt them growing and distending. Sakura was lost in the pleasure of it, Aiko was embracing it utterly, she was even angry that Shinjo's body was feasting at all, and Chisato saw Aiko standing alone, sucking all three into her body at once, billowing and bulging and rippling. And she liked it.
  379. As Aiko tossed her head back, lifting the male from the ground, Sakura's breasts expelled the two females, and Aiko shot her own breasts forward, lengthening them impossibly to suckingly envelop their arms. She screamed delightedly around the male as she pulled them back to her and her sucking tits began to billow out as they devoured the females' flesh. They sunk in to their arms, tried to pull their heads away, but Aiko's great, engorging nipples grew stiff with desire and hunger and pulled them in. Their bodies were yanked off the road, and they kicked and screamed as Aiko shudderingly sucked their breasts into her own enormous, still swelling orbs, each stretching out like balloons.
  380. Aiko shook and spasmed, gulping the male down into her now rounding belly, rippling her tits with instincts belonging to her sudden Goddess, sucking her prey into her body with abandon, devouring and swallowing and changing with delightful ease. Her breasts were magnificent, her belly, as she finally closed her lips over the male's feet and slid her neck and torso back into proportion, was distended out into a spectacular, distorted shape that hung down before her legs and seemed like it wanted to reach the floor, tightly contoured around this form which was very visible within.
  381. With a final roar of pleasure she consumed the females, her nipples turning in on themselves to suck the last of them in before popping out like stiff spear points. Her breasts finished their swelling, each supported by her enormous belly, between them large enough to make a more than serviceable cushion, bouncing gently as the girls vainly tried to act in their new state. She rubbed her hands over her changed body and purred with delight, feeling the hardness of the male in her belly and the liquescent softness of her swollen bosom, that moved and shifted under her firm rubbing. Sakura shuddered, feeling what Aiko felt, but not through her own body. It was strange and confusing, made more so by Aiko's utter enjoyment of it, and her own sudden desire to stretch, to swallow, and to be stretched. Aiko loved her breasts the most. Sakura loved Aiko's belly. Her own felt so empty.
  382. Chisato smiled. "Well, that was delightful." She stepped towards them. There was a sharp sucking sound, and Aiko's body slid back to it's natural proportions, as she let out a shocked scream of joy and felt herself devouring the male inside her and crushing the flesh of the females away. She stood, smiling coquettishly, her clitoris now bulging softly, feeling the ardent desire to be filled again, to devour and consume. "I see that being my cock has changed your perspective somewhat. Excellent. Well, I think it's time I return to the big city, don't you? I haven't seen Yukio in a long time."
  383. "What can we do for you?" Sakura blurted, stepping forward abruptly and determinedly, not wanting Aiko to make her seem like nothing. Chisato liked this sudden rivalry between the two over her 'affections' as they were, though she felt that both would be acceptable lovers. In fact, they were the best two she'd ever absorbed. It occurred to her vaguely that she did still have some appreciation of companionship. She would meditate upon it later.
  384. "You will bear me there," Chisato said simply.
  385. Sakura gasped and shuddered, then her neck lengthened and moved towards her friend. Aiko sighed and began to bend backwards, twisting and pushing her hands down onto the road even as her clit erupted into her member and Sakura's body slid onto it and began to melt gently onto Aiko. Chisato began to walk towards the recent prey's abandoned car as Sakura continued flowing onto and into Aiko, and the pair of them now cried out in pleasure as Chisato merged them into her vehicle.
  386. Aiko cried out and stared ahead, her eyes suddenly glowing with bright blue light that cut through the darkness of the night. Her hands swelled up and thickened, pushing her off the ground. Her belly erupted down between her legs, her breasts exploded outwards, both swollen by Sakura's as she pressed through Aiko's flesh until her belly was swelling into and stretching Aiko's belly and her breasts were forcing Aiko's bigger and bigger, bringing reverberating pleasure to both as they grew in unison and distorted their impossibly malleable bodies, feeling their new Goddess' power rushing through them, soft milky flesh boiling into them from somewhere vast and amazing. They embraced each other's mind, not caring about the lives they'd lost, caring only for the ecstasy that this new one promised, and the amazing transformations they knew their Goddess had to offer.
  387. Chisato calmly flowed over and devoured the other vehicle, not eeking out the process as she often did, for she had no-one to savor and she did have somewhere to be right now. She flowed with her true strength, crushing the car like a paper cup, squeezing it into a ball of tangled metal within herself which she devoured as she walked towards the twisting, flexing mass of flesh that Sakura and Aiko had become. She couldn't help but lick her lips at the size of their breasts, and unconsciously stretched her mouth open as if to take one or both inside and suckle on them. Perhaps later.
  388. Sakura's feet blossomed and thickened as they merged together, her arms flowed up past Aiko's head and bent outwards, forming horizontal bars. Her spine jutted sharply up at the tailbone and then spread wide to form a high seat that melded with her hips. Their fused hands and feet bounced up into rubber-fleshed tyres as they altered the consistency of themselves, their arms and legs solidified into the wheel shacks. Their breasts and belly merged together, eliciting a cry that was formed by both their voices fused into one, a cry of pleasure as some of their erogenous zones twisted and reshaped into the engine block of the vehicle that would take Chisato into the city. Finally, Sakura shrugged her shoulders and melted completely, pouring down and coating them both, creating the bike's outer shell and giving it a hard, shiny white veneer that glinted under the moon while Aiko's eyes blazed blue light onto the path they'd soon be driving.
  389. Chisato licked her lips as she finished consuming the car, a final flutter passed over the smooth and flawless skin of her belly before it became still again, and she stood before the fleshy approximation of a Harley Davidson. It was beautiful. And she hadn't made it. She had simply told them to bear her to the city, given the malleable bodies she'd granted them the command, and allowed their souls to shape the result. She looked upon it, and she was pleased.
  390. She stroked a foot over herself, and smiled at the threefold pleasures that were returned. The two girls were lost in ecstasy again, their minds wide open and stunned by the powers of Chisato. It was time to mount their glorious and worshipful creation.
  391. She stared at the seat, and a phallus blossomed from it, a phallus as thick as the bike was wide. Chisato smiled at how tiny it seemed these days, and lengthened her legs. She straddled the bike and slipped onto the cock by shortening her limbs again, her flesh stretching effortlessly around it, tightly fitting and pleasuring herself as her body bulged into its shape. She had no need to pretend that she had bones or other such Human contrivances. She was flesh, pure and perfect, like Yukio claimed she could never be.
  392. Her breasts surged, fluffed up soft and pillowy, then moved forward, stretching and lengthening until they fused onto the handlebars, accompanied by a purr of delight from Sakuraiko. She formed a member from her own clit, extending it forward from its place at the base of her distorted belly, rounded by their girth within Chisato's form. As her cock lengthened they rippled and two mounds formed a valley through which it pressed and passed, black nipples slowly swirled into being on these new and additional breasts. Chisato reached down with her hands via lengthening arms and played with them, kneading and squeezing them against her shaft, lengthening still as a gap opened in the front part of the handlebars, a gap that unmistakably became Sakura's lips. They took Chisato's cock and sucked it deep into their body, even as Chisato kneaded her hands into their tits and began rhythmically rubbing them against her shaft. Finally, she lifted her legs and merely pressed them against Sakuraiko's growling body, and they were sucked in starting from the knees and working down until they were visible distortions in the bike's main body, clad and protected and held.
  393. Chisato leant back against Sakuraiko's seat, and sent ripples through her distended hips, long arms, flexing cock and elongated bosom, communicating with them, letting them understand how this worked. She smiled, for they adapted easily and hungrily, understanding instinctively and embracing utterly as Sakura's reserve was crushed utterly by Sakuraiko, who delighted in the power surging through their breast-belly engine. With flexes in Chisato's distorted sex and body, ripples in her lengthened breasts, squeezes in her arms and lascivious sucks of her member they responded and she knew finally and certainly that they were the best she'd ever made. Perhaps, she thought, she might even end up keeping them.
  394. With fuel of powering pleasure and slamming orgasm, Chisato began to stimulate her flesh-forged vehicle through the night towards the distant, sleeping, unexpectant city, and the bike roared with a twinned and melded voice.
  395. An Oni was coming home.
  405. 1.  Breast vore/conjoinment for Oichi, I think her name is
  406. 2.  Hitomi experimenting with how she can change herself by trying forms no-one would think of.
  407. 3.  Spending some time bathing with the geisha, Yamako, eventually finding out that she's bathing in the woman's flesh.
  408. 4.  Why not have something bad happen that could be resolved in Chapter 4? I would need to reread part two to remeber it, but what if the two girls accidently combine? Or one goes down the drawn, or gets too close to a mop? The return of the girl who disappeared, mentioned very briefly in Hitomi-2.
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