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Jan 23rd, 2012
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  4. Part of conversation found on private email box (BTW your password suck, Donald! And you don't even know I've been there. Soooo lame). These are fragments of emails between D.Tusk and other - which is not important now - russian email. I have a copy of all emails I've found. This is my translation to English.
  6. This part of conversation was sent before April 2011
  8. R: Russian
  9. T: Tusk
  11. R:
  12. Hi!
  13. I'm writing to ask if everything is ready. Is plan complete and fully prepared?
  15. T:
  16. Yes. As we spoke earlier, I've managed to organize two planes. First one is already prepared. No one will know. A little damage is made to first plane. Just make sure, that no one can see whole plane.
  18. R:
  19. You know already how we can do this. No one will ever think that we've made it. An accident. Be prepared for news.
  21. T:
  22. Ok, waiting for news.
  24. (...)
  26. It is not everything I have. I wonder how many people would like to know private bank account ballance. There are few very interesting transactions from Russia.
  28. So stop even thinking about ACTA. We will fight for freedom. Fuck you, Donald.
  30. We are Anonymous.
  31. We are Legion.
  32. We do not forgive.
  33. We do not forget.
  34. Expect us.
  35. Pasted on 2012-01-23 17:25:25
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