Pentru Pateu special de la Ovi :PPP

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  1. <C><P F="7" Ca="" /><Z><S><S L="20" X="8" H="200" Y="160" T="1" P="0,,0,0.2,-25,,0,0" /><S L="20" X="361" H="200" Y="382" T="1" P="0,,0,0.2,-45,,0,0" /><S L="20" H="200" X="233" Y="381" T="1" P="0,,0,0.2,45,,0,0" /><S L="320" H="20" X="300" Y="391" T="6" P="0,,0.3,,0,,0,0" /><S L="80" X="174" H="25" Y="176" T="6" P="0,,0.3,,0,,0,0" /><S L="20" o="" X="171" H="10" Y="299" T="13" P="1,200,0.3,0.2,,1,,0" /><S P="1,200,0.3,0.2,,1,,0" L="20" o="" H="10" Y="299" T="13" X="432" /><S L="80" H="25" X="436" Y="176" T="6" P="0,,0.3,,0,,0,0" /><S L="20" o="" H="10" X="237" Y="188" T="13" P="1,9e40,0.3,0.2,,1,,0" /><S L="10" H="23" X="120" Y="101" T="4" P="0,,20,0.2,,0,,0" /><S L="80" X="305" H="25" Y="75" T="6" P="0,,0.3,,0,,0,0" /><S L="20" H="250" X="778" Y="294" T="1" P="0,,0,0.2,25,,0,0" /><S L="20" o="" H="10" X="484" Y="381" T="13" P="1,9e40,0.3,0.2,,1,,0" /><S L="120" X="741" H="20" Y="390" T="6" P="0,,0.3,,0,,0,0" /><S L="10" X="747" H="23" Y="102" T="4" P="0,,20,0.2,,0,,0" /><S L="80" H="25" X="40" Y="248" T="6" P="0,,0.3,,0,,0,0" /><S P="1,9e40,0.3,0.2,,1,,0" L="20" o="" X="499" Y="189" T="13" H="10" /><S L="80" X="567" H="25" Y="275" T="6" P="0,,0.3,,0,,0,0" /><S L="81" H="25" X="159" Y="101" T="6" P="0,,0.3,,0,,0,0" /><S L="41" X="728" H="25" Y="101" T="6" P="0,,0.3,,0,,0,0" /><S L="80" H="25" X="601" Y="75" T="6" P="0,,0.3,,0,,0,0" /><S L="20" o="" H="10" X="454" Y="98" T="13" P="1,200,0.3,0.2,,1,,0" /><S L="81" H="25" X="233" Y="88" T="6" P="0,,0.3,,-20,,0,0" /><S L="82" X="674" H="25" Y="88" T="6" P="0,,0.3,,20,,0,0" /><S L="80" X="698" H="25" Y="176" T="6" P="0,,0.3,,0,,0,0" /><S L="81" H="25" X="111" Y="379" T="6" P="0,,0.3,,20,,0,0" /><S L="81" X="36" H="25" Y="366" T="6" P="0,,0.3,,0,,0,0" /><S L="40" X="61" H="22" Y="307" T="6" P="0,,0.3,,0,,0,0" /><S L="40" H="25" X="677" Y="275" T="6" P="0,,0.3,,0,,0,0" /><S L="10" H="469" X="807" Y="168" T="1" P="0,,0,0.2,,0,,0" /><S L="10" X="-6" H="469" Y="168" T="1" P="0,,0,0.2,,0,,0" /><S L="40" H="25" X="56" Y="66" T="6" P="0,,0.3,,0,,0,0" /></S><D><DS Y="342" X="18" /><P X="729" Y="415" T="45" P="0,0" /><P P="0,0" Y="417" T="45" X="317" /><P X="775" Y="27" T="41" P="0,1" /><P X="568" Y="263" T="106" P="0,0" /><P P="0,1" Y="297" T="106" X="62" /><P X="-8" Y="254" T="107" P="0,0" /><P X="182" Y="381" T="12" P="0,0" /><P X="690" Y="164" T="12" P="0,0" /><P X="441" Y="165" T="12" P="0,0" /><P X="695" Y="381" T="2" P="0,0" /><P X="538" Y="262" T="2" P="0,1" /><P X="411" Y="165" T="3" P="0,0" /><P X="718" Y="90" T="3" P="0,0" /><P X="186" Y="90" T="3" P="0,1" /><P X="148" Y="89" T="3" P="0,0" /><P X="129" Y="374" T="3" P="0,0" /><P X="208" Y="383" T="5" P="0,0" /><P X="613" Y="64" T="5" P="0,0" /><P X="159" Y="165" T="5" P="0,0" /><P P="0,0" Y="53" T="2" X="48" /></D><O /><L><JD c="cccccc,6,1,0" P1="176,312" M1="5" P2="176,320" M2="5" /><JD c="cccccc,40,1,0" P1="170,298" M1="5" P2="170,301" M2="5" /><JD c="cccccc,6,1,0" P1="164,323" M1="5" P2="164,313" M2="5" /><JD c="8998A0,6,1,0" P1="182,325" M1="5" P2="182,317" M2="5" /><JD c="8998A0,6,1,0" P1="170,327" M1="5" P2="170,321" M2="5" /><JD c="8998A0,6,1,0" P1="158,322" M1="5" P2="158,313" M2="5" /><JD c="cccccc,6,1,0" P1="187,314" M1="5" P2="187,304" M2="5" /><JD c="cccccc,6,1,0" P1="153,314" M1="5" P2="153,304" M2="5" /><JD c="cccccc,6,1,0" P1="187,314" M1="5" P2="187,304" M2="5" /><JD c="211d21,8,1,0" P1="170,302" M1="5" P2="170,305" M2="5" /><JD c="1a191a,6,1,0" P1="177,293" M1="5" P2="178,292" M2="5" /><JD c="1a191a,6,1,0" P1="163,293" M1="5" P2="162,292" M2="5" /><VL n="Layer3" l="6" /><JD c="cccccc,6,1,0" P1="436,312" M1="6" P2="436,320" M2="6" /><JD c="cccccc,40,1,0" P1="430,298" M1="6" P2="430,301" M2="6" /><JD c="cccccc,6,1,0" P1="424,323" M1="6" P2="424,313" M2="6" /><JD c="8998A0,6,1,0" P1="442,325" M1="6" P2="442,317" M2="6" /><JD c="8998A0,6,1,0" P1="430,329" M1="6" P2="430,321" M2="6" /><JD c="8998A0,6,1,0" P1="418,322" M1="6" P2="418,313" M2="6" /><JD c="cccccc,6,1,0" P1="447,314" M1="6" P2="447,304" M2="6" /><JD c="cccccc,6,1,0" P1="413,314" M1="6" P2="413,304" M2="6" /><JD c="cccccc,6,1,0" P1="447,314" M1="6" P2="447,304" M2="6" /><JD c="211d21,8,1,0" P1="430,302" M1="6" P2="430,305" M2="6" /><JD c="cccccc,9,1,0" P1="430,293" M1="6" P2="430,298" M2="6" /><JD c="1a191a,6,1,0" P1="437,294" M1="6" P2="440,292" M2="6" /><JD c="1a191a,6,1,0" P1="423,294" M1="6" P2="420,292" M2="6" /><VL n="Layer4" l="12" /><JD c="cccccc,40,1,0" P1="483,380" M1="12" P2="483,383" M2="12" /><JD c="8998A0,6,1,0" P1="495,407" M1="12" P2="495,399" M2="12" /><JD c="8998A0,6,1,0" P1="471,404" M1="12" P2="471,395" M2="12" /><JD c="cccccc,6,1,0" P1="500,396" M1="12" P2="500,386" M2="12" /><JD c="cccccc,6,1,0" P1="466,396" M1="12" P2="466,386" M2="12" /><JD c="cccccc,6,1,0" P1="500,396" M1="12" P2="500,386" M2="12" /><JD c="211d21,8,1,0" P1="485,387" M1="12" P2="481,387" M2="12" /><JD c="1a191a,6,1,0" P1="489,376" M1="12" P2="491,375" M2="12" /><JD c="1a191a,6,1,0" P1="478,376" M1="12" P2="476,375" M2="12" /><JD c="cccccc,7,1,0" P1="486,390" M1="12" P2="480,390" M2="12" /><VL n="Layer5" l="21" /><JD c="cccccc,6,1,0" P1="459,111" M1="21" P2="459,119" M2="21" /><JD c="cccccc,40,1,0" P1="453,97" M1="21" P2="453,100" M2="21" /><JD c="cccccc,6,1,0" P1="447,122" M1="21" P2="447,112" M2="21" /><JD c="71818A,6,1,0" P1="465,124" M1="21" P2="465,116" M2="21" /><JD c="71818A,6,1,0" P1="453,128" M1="21" P2="453,120" M2="21" /><JD c="71818A,6,1,0" P1="441,121" M1="21" P2="441,112" M2="21" /><JD c="cccccc,6,1,0" P1="470,113" M1="21" P2="470,103" M2="21" /><JD c="cccccc,6,1,0" P1="436,113" M1="21" P2="436,103" M2="21" /><JD c="cccccc,6,1,0" P1="470,113" M1="21" P2="470,103" M2="21" /><JD c="211d21,8,1,0" P1="453,101" M1="21" P2="453,104" M2="21" /><JD c="1a191a,6,1,0" P1="460,93" M1="21" P2="463,91" M2="21" /><JD c="1a191a,6,1,0" P1="446,93" M1="21" P2="443,91" M2="21" /><JD c="cccccc,7,1,0" P1="462,87" M1="21" P2="456,91" M2="21" /><JD c="cccccc,7,1,0" P1="444,87" M1="21" P2="451,91" M2="21" /><VL n="Layer6" l="8" /><JD c="cccccc,6,1,0" P1="242,203" M1="8" P2="242,211" M2="8" /><JD c="cccccc,40,1,0" P1="236,189" M1="8" P2="236,192" M2="8" /><JD c="cccccc,6,1,0" P1="230,214" M1="8" P2="230,204" M2="8" /><JD c="677882,6,1,0" P1="248,216" M1="8" P2="248,208" M2="8" /><JD c="677882,6,1,0" P1="236,220" M1="8" P2="236,212" M2="8" /><JD c="677882,6,1,0" P1="224,213" M1="8" P2="224,204" M2="8" /><JD c="cccccc,6,1,0" P1="253,205" M1="8" P2="253,195" M2="8" /><JD c="cccccc,6,1,0" P1="219,205" M1="8" P2="219,195" M2="8" /><JD c="cccccc,6,1,0" P1="253,205" M1="8" P2="253,195" M2="8" /><JD c="211d21,8,1,0" P1="232,196" M1="8" P2="239,196" M2="8" /><JD c="1a191a,6,1,0" P1="243,185" M1="8" P2="246,183" M2="8" /><JD c="1a191a,6,1,0" P1="229,185" M1="8" P2="226,183" M2="8" /><JD c="cccccc,7,1,0" P1="245,179" M1="8" P2="239,183" M2="8" /><JD c="cccccc,7,1,0" P1="227,179" M1="8" P2="234,183" M2="8" /><JD c="cccccc,7,1,0" P1="240,193" M1="8" P2="231,193" M2="8" /><VL n="Layer7" l="16" /><JD c="cccccc,6,1,0" P1="505,203" M1="16" P2="505,211" M2="16" /><JD c="cccccc,40,1,0" P1="499,189" M1="16" P2="499,192" M2="16" /><JD c="cccccc,6,1,0" P1="493,214" M1="16" P2="493,204" M2="16" /><JD c="677882,6,1,0" P1="511,216" M1="16" P2="511,208" M2="16" /><JD c="677882,6,1,0" P1="499,220" M1="16" P2="499,212" M2="16" /><JD c="677882,6,1,0" P1="487,213" M1="16" P2="487,204" M2="16" /><JD c="cccccc,6,1,0" P1="516,205" M1="16" P2="516,195" M2="16" /><JD c="cccccc,6,1,0" P1="482,205" M1="16" P2="482,195" M2="16" /><JD c="cccccc,6,1,0" P1="516,205" M1="16" P2="516,195" M2="16" /><JD c="211d21,8,1,0" P1="493,195" M1="16" P2="506,195" M2="16" /><JD c="1a191a,6,1,0" P1="506,185" M1="16" P2="509,183" M2="16" /><JD c="1a191a,6,1,0" P1="492,185" M1="16" P2="489,183" M2="16" /><JD c="cccccc,7,1,0" P1="504,198" M1="16" P2="495,198" M2="16" /><JD M1="5" P2="174,176" /><JD M1="6" P2="436,176" /><JD M1="12" P2="567,276" /><JD M1="21" P2="455,-18" /><JD M1="8" P2="305,76" /><JD M1="16" P2="565,75" /></L></Z></C>
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