ANP political advisor John T Bowles EXPOSED days prior to an

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  1. ANP political advisor John T Bowles EXPOSED days prior to annual nazi christmas party in SC
  3. MIRRORS:       <-   his own website!!
  19. Do you remember that Nazi organization that publicly endorsed the Occupation Movement through Twitter? No, not the NSM, (they actually showed up in person). The half-witted group we are talking about is called the American Nazi Party (ANP). The ANP are a very secretive and semi-clandestine “political-educational association” led by Rocky Suhayda. They do not make major public appearances like the NSM and are also very legalistic. This group claims George Lincoln Rockwell as their founder, but there is no actual connection to the original ANP or its successor organizations, aside from the fact that their website sells nostalgic reprints of Rockwell’s 1960s-era magazine “The Storm Trooper”. The information we are releasing below is being done three days before their “big” Christmas get together in South Carolina on December 10th. In it you will find names and addresses of high ranking members as well as supporters of the ANP, their meeting spot, the hotel they are staying in for the event and best of all… the full email content of their security arm political advisor, and one-time NSM member who ran for president in 08; John Taylor Bowles. We have taken the time to point out some of the highlights of these emails including very sensitive personal info such as social security numbers as well as very private conversations. Since the Xmas get together is in three days, we are asking folks to call the hotel they are staying at (864-984-0558 ) and let them know that Neo-Nazis are staying there. Furthermore, we hope that some community folks or antifa will see to it that this little get together never happens!
  21. Fuck the ANP, smash the Nazis, forever anti-fascist!
  23. Enjoy!
  27. The American Nazi Party(ANP)
  29.     - Rocky J Suhayda(chairman)
  31.     38564 Scott Dr
  33.     Westland, MI 48186-3854
  35.     Age: 55-59
  37.     Associated: Deborah A Suhayda, Brandi L Suhayda
  39.     possible number (734) 641-3614
  41.     John Taylor Bowles(SA political advisor)
  43.     102 Old Depot Road Enoree, SC 29335
  45.     864-969-3456
  47.     SSN-219764273(Confirmed: 11/30/11)
  49.     Was once member of the NSM
  55.     Children: Chelsea, Johana, Sara,
  57.         Paul A Kozak(SA leader/Chief security officer)
  59.         Email: anpsa88@yahoo
  61.         Possible addresses:
  63.         2033 Olive Hill Dr Buffalo Grove, IL 60089-4644
  65.         1921 S Tures Ln Des Plaines, IL 60018-2011
  67.         Age:45-49 5’9”
  69.         Cell phone: 847-877-6530
  71.         Axl Hess
  73.         Director of Media Outreach / SA Deputy Leader
  77.         Helps with white worker, twitter and website
  79.         Kevin P Brannon
  81.         (256) 378-6205
  83.         160 McDonald Ter
  85.         Childersburg, AL 35044-1850
  87.         Age: 30-34 ex-NSALP
  89.         Andrew L Westphal
  91.         10432 Swain
  93.         Chapel Hill, NC 27517-8534
  95.         (850) 819-0817
  97.         Tim A
  99.         SA HQ assistant section leader
  101.         Kevin Skea(aka steve davenport)
  103.     Meeting location for Dec 10th annual Christmas party
  105.         The Redneck Shop
  107.         108 W. Laurens Street, Laurens, SC 29360
  109.     Hotel they are staying at
  111.         Travel Inn
  113.         621 N Harper St
  115.         Laurens, SC 29360
  117.         864-984-0558
  119.     Attendees:
  121.         Jeremy Killgore
  123.     Supporters:
  125.         Chris K Wasserstrom
  127.         630) 221-0588
  129.         0S626 Robbins St
  131.         Winfield, IL 60190-1600
  135.         Wanting to be ANP in Illinos
  137.         Joshua Costa
  139.         4029 Satter Dr NE Salem, OR 97305-2173
  141.         Joshua Lawrence
  143.         (419) 492-0039
  145.         7197 State Route 4
  147.         Bloomville, OH 44818-9392
  151.         Mike D Dooley
  153.         509 Clubhouse Rd
  155.         Murrells Inlet, SC 29576-8166 or
  157.         3607 Sturbridge Dr
  159.         Hope Mills, NC 28348-2142
  163.         Victoria Florence (Bowles)
  165.         4951 verbogener Twig Rd Middleburg, Florida 32068
  167.         Gail Magee
  169.         5102 ALMA LANE, EFFINGHAM SC 29541-3134,
  171.         843-667-9153,
  175.         Howard Kenyon
  177.         Washington DC
  179. My phone is (202) 562-6704
  181.         James Hogan
  183.         New York James.
  187.         Leslie McKenzie
  189.         Georgia 229 638 0647
  191.         Josh bates
  193.         706 267 3976
  195.         Georgia, One time state leader of NSALP
  197.         -
  199.     The Private emails of John Taylor Bowles
  201.     Download his emails: mirror 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
  203.     Chapter 1: Bowles can’t think for himself
  204.     Chapter 2: Kozal tells of a “confidential source inside the NSM.”
  205.     Chapter 3: Attempt at a truce with ANSLP after detailed history of flame war. Rocky calls their leader Klebs a “newbie”.
  206.     Chapter 4: Kevin Branen tells rocky about persuading NSALP members to join the ANP.
  207.     Chapter 5: Rocky and Bowles discuss a ANP/KKK meet in greet that took place in August of 2009
  208.     Chapter 6: Rocky and Bowles shit talk hard on the NSALP and the NSM. Rocky Calls Jeff Schoep “sloop”
  209.     Chapter 7: Paul Kozak talks shit about potential supporter Mr Reihl
  210.     Chapter 8: Bowles passive aggressively talks shit about Paul Kozaks white worker articles being too long.
  211.     Chapter 9: More feuding between NSALP(Kurt Williams) and ANP
  212.     Chapter 10: NSM trashes the redneck shop
  213.     Chapter 11: J Hogan calls out ANP for working with the Klan in SC
  214.     Chapter 12: Rochy Hating hard on all other groups involved in the movement.
  215.     Chapter 13: David Strausbaugh inites John Bowles to speak at Worthington Kilbourne High School(1499 Hard Road Columbus, OH 43235(C) 614-403-8843)!!!
  216.     Chapter 14: Taylor Bowles first contact with ANP. He requests to Join ANP after being burnt by the NSM
  217.     Chapter 15: NSALP members are dropping like flies and trying to turn ANP. While NSALP members bicker, a truce between ANP and NSALP was called by Kleb, with no response from ANP.
  218.     Chapter 16: Bowles tries to get in ex-NSM member Matthew Ramsey for the ANP. Rocky hates on him hard and , as usual, condescends to Bowles.
  219.     Chapter 17: Fighting words between Bowles and NSM SC
  220.     Chapter 18: Bowles kisses Rocky’s ass after RockySuggests Bowles is too poor to help pay for the white worker. Plus more sht talk on NSALP by Bowles.
  221.     Chapter 19: Bowles invited to a radio show. Bowles embarrassingly prods the host to ask him questions about his presidential campaign.
  222.     Chapter 20: Commander Schoep lashes out against the ANP and their claims that he is “race mixing”
  223.     Chapter 21: Suhayda tells Bowles how to dress
  224.     Chapter 22: Kevin swift is kicked out for not being a big enough man
  225.     Chapter 23: Paul Hates on Kevin Brennan over who he associates with
  226.     Chapter 24: Bowles daughter Chelsea threatens to kill herself cuz they wont let her call her boyfriend.
  227.     Chapter 25: Bowles tells Rocky to only commit him to said events for 2011. It appears Bolwes feels Rocky is abusing his commitment.
  228.     Chapter 26: Bowles request Kevin swift for ANP. Paul talks shit.
  229.     Chapter 27: Bowles owes tax money. Confirms address and social security number
  230.     Chapter 28: Bowles tells rocky he fears an attack on the ANP event by the NSM
  231.     Chapter 29: Bowles gets lippy w. rocky
  232.     Chapter 30: ANP not interested in working with Road Disciples MC of SC
  233.     Chapter 31 – Bowles receives email talking shit on “Mick the Mick” Mick O’Malley of NSM
  235.     Download John Taylor Bowles full email here and here
  237.     Chapter 1: Bowles can’t think for himself
  239.         “ANYTIME that the masses – and in this case, mostly young White people – ATTACK the SYSTEM, we should support it. Especially when so many are mentioning the JEW”
  241.         RE: Confused
  243.         • To: <>
  245.         • Subject: RE: Confused
  247.         • From: John Bowles <>
  249.         • Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2011 11:05:45 -0400
  251.         • Importance: Normal
  253.         • In-reply-to: <>
  255.         • References: <COL106-W256577D32EFEA7D456D493B8E70@phx.gbl>,<>
  257.         NS Greetings:
  259.         Well, this is where the confusion comes in and we about tripped on our wires. Of course, when White people are mad at the System we should back them; but, in this instant case they are being tools of the left and probably have no love for us.
  261.         I won’t touch the subject in my BLOG. I know from experience tto follow the PARTY line and let the GRAND POOBAH (that’s you figure it out.
  263.         JTB
  265.         Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2011 07:24:47 -0700
  267.         From:
  269.         Subject: Re: Confused
  271.         To:
  273.         Dear Comrade Bowles: ANYTIME that the masses – and in this case, mostly young White people – ATTACK the SYSTEM, we should support it. Especially when so many are mentioning the JEW BANKERS as the problem. ROCK 88!
  275.         — On Sun, 10/16/11, John Bowles <> wrote:
  277.         From: John Bowles <>
  279.         Subject: Confused
  281.         To:
  283.         Date: Sunday, October 16, 2011, 6:17 AM
  285.         NS Greetings:
  287.         I just got an e-mail from Comrade Axl about we are supporting the OCCUPY WALL STREET Movement. Is this right? I just posted something on my BLOG against it. Let me know so we don’t get our wires crossed.
  289.         JTB
  291.     Chapter 2: Kozal tells of a “confidential sources inside the “nsm.”
  293.         HOUSEKEEPING
  295.             To:
  296.             Subject: HOUSEKEEPING
  297.             From: Paul Kozak <>
  298.             Date: Sun, 7 Feb 2010 18:01:34 -0800 (PST)
  299.             Dkim-signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=relaxed/relaxed;; s=s1024; t=1265594494; bh=FcEENO37VbTu5RPqp4qdc6MvcAbPqY6aIZWb0MObuyc=; h=Message-ID:X-YMail-OSG:Received:X-Mailer:Date:From:Subject:To:MIME-Version:Content-Type; b=OQJrLDzw+a7HcQD09eoMxXJxuB72dL0ReCBuSzfgz9HoiSgY3XRNkkQ1qegIB6zouPgOBa9muLoGKAYJ9BVByNmVMPeXopDZopEOk3uamw8txk+DNBMY98j7QFUcqbaiRgyTpfG7IW8+9zS59aDV4NOri4dGpp1jNrK4VHrQD88=
  300.             Domainkey-signature: a=rsa-sha1; q=dns; c=nofws; s=s1024;; h=Message-ID:X-YMail-OSG:Received:X-Mailer:Date:From:Subject:To:MIME-Version:Content-Type; b=vo2HOFqCaBmtKnB4bvIBrigdI9f0qoLBcOBc6t/ASuKObSDT8GV9hs/Ov5yQbTFHxtjSGAeOC4dmllPF+W9KI2a5oZ2EaRLTALoSpiCfnYPC5DYnUQfplZawVN+qokoWlV2VTAxwOSjSmnq7aR2X6W2vZPd81oLuthgATUwCPII=;
  302.         Comrade Bowles:1) I did call you today at 864-969-3456, someone answered and said it was a wrong number. What’s up with that?? My # is 847-877-6530, if you wish you can call me and I will call you right back, if it saves you any $$ (I have an unlimited “coast-to-coast plan, for I use my cell phone for my work.)2) Do not put out any personal info on Jeffy as of yet, we are right in the middle of another investigation about his past, which will be even more explosive than the “Satangate” was, and I will not do anything to compromise my confidential sources inside the “nsm.” Be patient, as I have always been, at the end of the game it always pays off!3) SA Candidate Swift has not contacted me as of yet.88!SA Leader Kozak
  304.     Chapter 3: Attempt at a truce with ANSLP after detailed history of flame war. Rocky calls their leader Klebs a “newbie”.
  306.         “Let’s end this shit now and get back to thumping on NSM devilers”
  308.         Re: Aryan Solider Cease Fire!
  310.             To: John Bowles <>
  311.             Subject: Re: Aryan Solider Cease Fire!
  312.             From: rocky suhayda <>
  313.             Date: Tue, 14 Jul 2009 17:54:26 -0700 (PDT)
  315.         Comrade Bowles: Since you brought up the “alp”, I thought that perhaps I might send you this, as I have no “defenders” of myself and/or the Party amongst these forum-activists. I sent it to Mr. Krebs several weeks ago, and I requested that he keep this comminication to himself, at the end of this letter – he didn’t. He apparently shared it as soon as he received it with his pals. As well, he never had the common courtesy to reply… So much for my efforts. I know you hate “drama”, so do I, but sometimes “all sides” ought to be heard. Sincerely, ROCK 88!— On Wed, 7/1/09, rocky suhayda <> wrote:
  316.         From: rocky suhayda <>
  317.         Subject: Re: Aryan Solider Cease Fire! FROM ROCK
  318.         To: “rocky suhayda” <>
  319.         Date: Wednesday, July 1, 2009, 8:59 PM
  321.         — On Wed, 7/1/09, rocky suhayda <> wrote:
  322.         From: rocky suhayda <>
  323.         Subject: Re: Aryan Solider Cease Fire! FROM ROCK
  324.         To:
  325.         Cc:
  326.         Date: Wednesday, July 1, 2009, 8:55 PM
  328.         Dear Mr. Krebs: I hope that this missive finds yourself and your family well, and in good spirits.I received the below message recently, and I thought that it was time to contact yourself, and offer a few thoughts from my end. If I am “rude” or “offensive”, I apoligize in advance, as that is certainly not my intent.From: Jim Ramm <>
  329.         Subject: Aryan Solider Cease Fire!
  330.         To:
  331.         Date: Tuesday, June 30, 2009, 1:10 PM
  333.         I think now would be a appropriate time to request a CEASE FIRE!The NSALP and ANP need to sign a nonaggression pact before the shit
  334.         gets out of hand and no chance of normality is possible.Who Benefits? Jeff Schoep and his army of freakish satanists….I talked to Retired US Army Captain (18 years) Krebs,
  335.         and he agrees that the shit should stop. I fully intend not to ever
  336.         mention your group again, assuming you and your people do the same.Let’s end this shit now and get back to thumping on NSM devilers…I and the American Nazi Party have often been under “attack” from various sources, which I tend to view with an attitude, of the ‘source” itself – meaning that this so-called reactionary, right-wing “movement” is filled with many creatures whom Adolf Hitler would have given a fast-pass to a re-education camp – that their “opinions” are valueless.What is refered to above, in nothing “new” – officers of the “nsalp” having been sniping at us, since last year – please check out this post at a JEWISH FORUM http://www.JEWISHJOURNAL.COM/THEGODBLOG/ITEM/OBAMA_OR_MCCAIN_AMERICAN_NAZI_PARTY_SURPRISES_US_20081103/
  338.         where an individual named “Kurt Williams” attempts to denigrate both myself and the ANP. To what end? WHOM is he seeking to “convince”, JEWS?
  340.         While he “attacks” myself ( a person who first joined Rockwell’s ANP, back in 1967 at the age of 16, and who has continued the National Socialist struggle all his life…) and the Party, he also attempts to convince the JEWS that the “nsalp’ ISN’T a “hate-group” OR “racist”?!
  342.         Something that IF anyone who WENT to your zogs website, would obviously find amazing!
  344.         I have been Party Chairman for about a decade now, and one of my main concerns has been the “cleaning up” of the NS IMAGE, out of the hands of either idiots or provocatures – that we are NOT in REALITY – the VERY SAME negative “stereotype” that the ENEMY portrays us to be.
  346.         Our enemy portrays National Socialists to be mindless, hate-mongering bigots, with whom every other word is a racial-slur, who fantasize over “exterminating” and/or “dominating/degrading” Non-Aryans, and who treat all others except “themselves” with ridicule and disgust – is this REALLY the proper attitude of a National Socialist? Is this what Mein Kampf teaches? Yet, in all honesty – this is all prevalent on your “nsalp” Zogs website and forum. In my mind, this operation is sadly THE “perfect poster-boy” for the enemy to hold up to the populace, of “what NS really are”. Such an “portrayal” is in my book, as bad as that put forth by the “nsm’ers”, Bill Weiss, etc et al , with their un-National Socialist antics. Bluntly, its a SMEAR JOB, actually done, by those who have the audacity to “portray themselves” as followers of Adolf Hitler’s ideology, and I KNOW that He would NOT “approve”, to say the least. Is the HATE WHITE CHRISTIAN teachings of “WCOTC” National Socialistic? WHY are they there? Just a small “example”…
  348.         Mr. Krebs, simply “because” an individual adorns themself with a “Swastika”, certainly does NOT make them a National Socialist, anymore than bikers, et al – who do it to “shock people”, or have a “look at me” personality. National Socialism is so much MORE, than simply being a “racist”, or a “anti-semite” – it is a comprehensive LIFESTYLE, of decency and honor.
  350.         Per decency and honor, a number of your groups “officers” have had the “courage behind the computer screen”, to slander myself as a “thief, who steals Party funds”, to a “do nothing”, to a “masturbator” no less, need I go on, on your groups forum? I believe that I can say that neither myself, nor any ANP officer, has BY NAME acted in a similar fashion – but, perhaps this shows once again the NEED to “vett” people, whom one gives authority and responsibility to speak in the name of the Party, to. Perhaps soon, my two autistic sons will be denigrated ala “nsm” standards, and recommended to be “exterminated”, like the degenerates of this hollywierd-nutzi, satanists, advocated in the past? Mr. Ramm never seemed to “have a problem” with that, when he was firmly integrated among these cretins as a “nsm leader” – not until, they stole his earlier, hidious website “nukeisrael” – do YOU actually wish to burn to death all the men, women and children in Israel – simply “because” they ARE jews? Sorry, I don’t. I don’t think any SANE person would. Anymore than I believe that the very decent, honorable people of Germany, eagerly sought out any, and every jew that they could uncover, to “burn them in an oven”. Yet, THAT is the “image” that I percieved, listening to the latest “expose’” on the ANP and myself, on Mr. Ramseys “nsalp radio show”. What was it? “EASY HATE OVENS”? Oh, perhaps that was “humor”? Sorry, like the filthy, kosher “catskill humor”, I missed the “joke”, simply being a sincere National Socialist gentleman….
  352.         One “nsalp officer”, Mr. Dan Schuender recently posted that the ANP is VERY SELECTIVE in whom we allow to join our organization. He is CORRECT. Through my years of EXPERIENCE – I have come to KNOW the “value” of certain people, who like to “play” in the “movement playpen”. A very large portion of them are HUMAN GARBAGE, and I refuse to try to get milage out of losers. In fact, in this day and age – they are a DANGER to a dissident organization. Every “leader” who has been brought down, was done NOT through HIS actions – but, by the “company that he kept”. Can I speak honestly and openly? I will attempt it, as through your own military background, I reckon that your a “cut above the grade”, of the usual “movementite”.
  354.         #1 I think that your a well-meaning “newbi”, who doesn’t yet, but perhaps is learning, that it is not “so easy” to develope what in your mind, you believe OUGHT to be a simple, and correct choice for curing White America’s ills. The establishment and operation of a SINCERE ( not a neo-nutzi ) NS political party. So, you are accepting and associating with – “people” – some of whom on the whole you don’t think too highly of, simply to “fill your ranks”. Mistake number one – as a military officer, surely you would rather have a SQUAD of competent people, over a COMPANY of stumblebums, who in the long run – MIGHT bring YOU “problems” that on your own, you wouldn’t have? Have you even MET many of these people, so as to REALLY “vett” their value, or potential harm? I cannot stress this strongly enough – This is NOT a “game”!
  356.         #2 It takes MONEY to operate in the REAL WORLD – even “local political campaigns” take a LOT of money, I know – I myself have run several times in the past for local office’s. So, in order to “do anything” significant – unless you ARE independently wealthy, it takes people who think alike, banding together their resources. How else could the ANP produce a 20-page monthly magazine, or hard-copy mini-stickers, bumper-stickers, bulk leaflets, our own produced booklets, etc et al – at “COST” for our activists to utilize in outreach? You can have a “fantasy club” on the internet, but not much more – especially, when “its free” to play. There is nothing “dishonorable” to ask the believers, to $upport THEIR ideology, any more than any other viewpoints, that request their believers to sacrifice for their agenda. Lets face it, people who “want it on the cheap”, are seeking momentary “ENTERTAINMENT” – not dedication, to what they “say” they “believe”. Personally, I have found 99.9% of anything “free”, to be worthless.
  358.         #3 The ANP has two levels of commitment, either Official Supporters, who agree to sacrifice to fund the Party’s agenda for a minimal 33cents a day, and who may indeed “do more” in terms of outreach to the masses, and Full Members – whom we have “vetted”, and have PROVEN themselves through “Good Standing” to be WORTHY of membership. We also have the uniformed “SA” (Security Arm”) which is led by a combat veteran, who served in four Zog-campaigns ( Panama to Yugoslavia ) was in the Special Forces, and after 15 years, wound up a Major. You and Comrade Kozak would probably have a lot in common. Their uniform is not a re-enactment costume, ala the 3rd Reich, but more aligned to a Police-Swat style uniform.
  360.         #4 We do NOT have, nor intend to allow an “open forum”, where loud-mouths can come on board, and “fantasize” their nonsense uncontrolled – through ASSUMED NAMES, and or “psudo’s” – that can CAUSE YOU a world of hurt, if they even “UNINTENTIONALLY” ( how do you really KNOW “whitewarrior14/88″ ISN’T a provocature? ) post something that Zog can “misconstrue”? Plus, lets be honest – its a total WASTE of TIME – for all the endless hours, “chatting” bullcrap – how much REAL WORLD ACTIVISM are you getting out of these drones? Ziltch, I bet – from my own experience, in the past.
  362.         #5 In your own writings, you have stated that you wish to seek the “electorial” path – that IS what we seek as well. But, it HAS to start at the “bottom” ( city council, school board, dog-catcher…) where we CAN run as “undeclared” candidates, on an NS style platform, with funds and campaign-workers to operate a REAL campaign. BUT – you need candidates whom the enemy hasn’t “outed”, and even IF – your organization HAS to bear a serious semblance of APPEARING SOMEWHAT NORMAL – could you see what the jews-media would “MAKE” of the “stuff” on your “nsalp-zogs” website? Is it REALLY “incorrect” of me to point this out to you? Afterall, you like myself – have a FAMILY to consider too – unlike a lot of these little bonehead types, who can act like wildmen, with no consideration except their “look at me!” ego-driven passion for “publicity”. What GOOD is “publicity” IF it is ALWAYS negative? I would prefer NONE. We’ll make our OWN “publicity” through OUR OWN media-outreach.
  364.         #6 And lastly, I come to that “outreach”. You may go to a website , where you may check upon anyones website on the net. The LOWER the “number” – the HIGHER that websites rating is – to the top 100. I went there and check the standings, here they are – Metzgers is listed at 281,360, what with being the “worlds most famous racist”, “nsm” is listed at 14,958,900, “” is listed at 7,732,958, “zogsnightmare” is 1,304,127, and the American Nazi Party website is listed at 322,324 from the top – with a BIG June spike in visitors, per our current literature campaign. Now I’m NOT showing you this to “rub it in”, but to show you clearly with FACTS – that the ANP is NOT “Rocky and a few old guys from the 60′s…” per Mr. Williams. But, OBVIOUSLY the most visited of ALL “NS” operations currently active, through “what we do”. Our operation IS a “nominal success”. Soooooo…….
  366.         Wouldn’t it make SENSE for ALL sincere, REAL, orthodox National Socialists to hook-up together, under the banner of the most successful operation, and work together to bring the NS IDEOLOGY to a viable chance of succeeding? Recently, John Taylor Bowles, another longtime Old Fighter NS leader of another operation, the “nsoa” – decided just that. Just like Julius Streicher did ( Mein Kampf Book II, Chapter VIII page 514 ) he honorably decided that the good of NS, came before “anything else”, and became a “cog on the wheel”, just as I myself am – and joined the ANP. He is now a trusted and valued Comrade, gaining authority and responsibility as he shows his capabilities. I would like YOU to consider this option as well.
  368.         I realize that I’m not known for my “beating around the bush”, or being coy – I believe that per your background, you could be a valued asset to the NS struggle, but your honestly being wasted on your present course. You currently, are the “one strong man…keeping the cripples on their feet, per Mein Kampf”. I’m 57, I sure am NOT going to be “Chairman” forever, and its long overdue to start getting younger men to be “groomed” for leadership, as I eventually slide back loyally into the ranks, where I served so many decades. In the ANP – ANYBODY – can “go as far as their abilities” can take them. But, the criteria is “PAYING ONES DUES” to the organization, ( and I’m NOT talking about money ) and IF one has what it takes, ( ability ) to fill a position of trust, authority, and responsibility, per the Party’s adherents – which I hold to be THE primary mission. In the ANP – loyalty – is a “two-way street”. We do NOT consider our Comrades to be “expendable”, in any way, shape, or form.
  370.         Mr. Krebs, I realize ( sadly ) that there has been, and always will be – offshoots – from the NS tree. Some false-flag operations, like Frank Collins/Cohns “nspa”, or Willie Weiss’s “anslp”, or Greenbaum/Hawks “kof”, etc et al – and even somewhat “sincere” clublets, that will remain simply that – “sucker-branches” that go nowhere, but drain off possible strength from the tree’s growth potential…along with the freakish 3rd Reich fantasy societies. You or I cannot do much about that – BUT, we CAN make a choice, with what WE can ultimately “do”. As you often state – “YOUR time is what YOU make of it!”. Well, here is an offered hand to you, to grasp or ignore. Its NOT “join Rock the mighty fuhrer” , its – become a part of America’s National Socialist Party, that has the best chance of viable success.
  372.         Over the years, I have seen so many “burned”, and then disappear…our Folk cannot afford that any longer. I myself WAS a “foot soldier” in “others” commands, for many years – I saw no “shame” in that – in fact I’m proud of my service to the Folk. Believe me, being “in charge” isn’t always the bed of roses, that those who haven’t entered the arena, make it out to be. Unless, of course, one is an egomaniac or a profiteer…
  374.         In any case, I have done this. I would appreciate that “whatever” course you choose, that my communication is not spread far and wide, for the “spectators” to hoot and hollar about. They can always find “nigger this/jew that” to amuse themselves with.
  376.         Sincerely, ROCK 88!
  378.     Chapter 4: Kevin Branen tells rocky about persuading NSALP members to join the ANP.
  380.         RE: NSALP Georgia guy/Washington
  382.             To: John Taylor Bowles <>
  383.             Subject: RE: NSALP Georgia guy/Washington
  384.             From: KEVIN BRANNEN <>
  385.             Date: Thu, 23 Jul 2009 17:31:51 -0500
  386.             Importance: Normal
  387.             In-reply-to: <COL106-W8E454DB15AA99E3460228B8180@phx.gbl>
  388.             References: <> <COL106-W6047C1F6112C222F280781B8180@phx.gbl> <COL115-W64B4239DF63D0B10327D7C1180@phx.gbl> <COL106-W8E454DB15AA99E3460228B8180@phx.gbl>
  390.         John:That is the guy from Georgia, his email is in my first email to you. I talk to Drew on a regular basis, so he will probably be in touch with you soon.Kevin
  392.         From:
  393.         To:
  394.         Subject: RE: NSALP Georgia guy/Washington
  395.         Date: Thu, 23 Jul 2009 17:47:20 -0400
  397.         Kevin:
  399.         Who is Josh Bates? Haven’t talked to Drew. Sometimes after a phone conversation I let a person think about what I said and see if they react.
  401.         Taylor
  403.         From:
  404.         To:
  405.         Subject: RE: NSALP Georgia guy/Washington
  406.         Date: Thu, 23 Jul 2009 16:44:23 -0500
  408.         Ok comrade, what about Josh Bates you’ll contact him also. I’ll ask Paul if he has contacted Bill Berlin. I’ll talk to you by Sunday. Have you talked to Drew again?
  410.         88,
  411.         Kevin
  413.         From:
  414.         To:
  415.         Subject: RE: NSALP Georgia guy/Washington
  416.         Date: Thu, 23 Jul 2009 17:28:38 -0400
  418.         Kevin:
  420.         I sent an e-mail to Steve. I’m not going to e-mail Mr. Berlin because I believe he is in communication with Paul. I don’t want to screw it up with him and get wires crossed.
  422.         Taylor
  424.         From:
  425.         To:;;
  426.         Subject: NSALP Georgia guy/Washington
  427.         Date: Tue, 21 Jul 2009 13:55:22 -0500
  429.         Comrades,
  431.         Here is a guy in Georgia who is the state leader for the NSALP. He might be persuaded to join with us. Also below is Bill Berlin’s email address, who you had asked about Comrade Kozak. I didn’t have it when I sent over the phone #. I have gotten an email from Rev. Steve Dotson from St. Louis who was with me in the CNSP, and he will likely be joining us soon. Please email Steve to continue to encourage him to come, as I have done my best so far. I will keep you all in touch with any new candidates for us.
  433.         Josh Bates: 706-267-3976
  435.         Bill Berlin:
  437.         Steve Dotson:
  439.         88,
  440.         Kevin Brannen
  442.     Chapter 5: Rocky and Bowles discuss a ANP/KKK meet in greet that took place in August of 2009
  444.         “I should have mentioned the time I dumped a bucket of water on Oprah Winfrey in the 1970′s in my campaign platform”
  446.         RE: Assistance
  448.             To: <>
  449.             Subject: RE: Assistance
  450.             From: John Bowles <>
  451.             Date: Sun, 30 Aug 2009 15:40:29 -0400
  452.             Importance: Normal
  453.             In-reply-to: <>
  454.             References: <COL106-W3552ED63BC804A372A0F31B8F30@phx.gbl> <>
  456.         Date: Sun, 30 Aug 2009 11:41:13 -0700
  457.         From:
  458.         Subject: Re: Assistance
  459.         To:
  460.         Comrade, I know your no doubt tired, but could i ask a few questions concerning yesterdays event?#1 Did any other ANP personnel show up, as guests or to help?A soon-to-be ANP member (Donovan) volunteered to help with security. Most visitors were brand new and lived within 100 miles of Laurens, SC and looking for a pro-White organization to join.#2 Did anyone identify themselves as “nsalp’ers”? Did that Gail Magee woman attend?Gail doesn’t have a car and I tried to find her a ride to and from the event to no avail. She will be at the November event. No NSALPers.#3 In all honesty, were most people interested in the kkk, over NS?Not really, they can visit John Howard and get Klan information any day of the week. I think (this isn’t Ego talking) came to see the museum with its old dinosaur (me). haha#4 Did anyone you talked with show real interest in joining ANP, beyond the “usual” simple curiosity?Yes, 15 applications were taken.I’ll be bluntly honest with you Comrade, if NO ONE from the ANP bothered to take part alongside you, I’m a wee bit disappointed in them.You know the other frogs wait until one jumps out of the safe pond to see if its OKAY. They will all start to jump now. lolI understand “all” that you had to “do” to carry out this activity, and I’m a bit “perturbed” that you basically had (I’m thinking) nil support from these folks. To carry off something like this with yourself and Comrade Kevin ALONE – speaks volumes ABOUT your dedication and commitment.Now you know why I made buddies with the Klan down here. There’s a method to the madness. In fact, that’s what amazed a lot of people and scored us some brownie points. I treat 40 year Klan leader John Howard with the same respect and courtesy I do to you. We are all old fighters and kinda like old dinosaurs. Old dinosaurs have respect for one another and don’t bite each other because we realize one day we will soon be extinct (new ones will one day take over) and don’t try to hasten that day! We are the last of our kind and the ground shakes when we all march together.The reason I ask about Ms. Magee showing up, is that IF she lives in the state of SC and didn’t “bother” – makes me wonder. When she applied as an OS, she never sent in her initial pledge, nor has she sent in Augusts’ pleade slip, nor did she ever contact me back, per my initial “welcome e-mail” which I sent right after she applied. I realize it sounds “childish”, but I’m wondering if Krebs might have “sent her in to spy” on our operation – silly, I know…but, right up these fantacists alley…I don’t think she is a spy. Kevin Brannen knows her better than me and I talked with her on the phone. When our people have a big disappointment with other crazy NS organizations they sometimes get hurt and discouraged and get mad.Per Mr. Bland, of course your joking – who would want Willy Weiss’s leftovers! Especially, one who ratted for Zog.I’m assuming then, that you had no “problems” per the “nsm” or otherwise – good. I view your activity as well worth the effort, per the “exposure” that it received amongst the “movement” itself. The Party not only held an “open-house/public event” that they crave and admire so badly, but did so in a POLITICALLY PROFESSIONAL manner – no need to cater to hooligans with “music/booze/partying” – simply to draw in “warm bodies”…instead, we showed what COULD be achieved dealing 100% as ADULTS for ADULTS.If you ever have to crack me on the knuckles it is because when a victory occurs for our TEAM I can get over-zealous and the propaganda starts to roll off the PRESS a 100 miles an hour. lolSometimes MY “expectations” of White people, run too high I guess…I better watch that – you would think that after all these years, I would be more pragmatic…LOL Well Done, Comrade(s) Sincerely, ROCK 88!— On Sun, 8/30/09, John Bowles <> wrote:
  461.         From: John Bowles <>
  462.         Subject: Assistance
  463.         To:,
  464.         Date: Sunday, August 30, 2009, 12:15 PMGreetings:Just wanted to hit base and let you know that Kevin S. (SC) assisted yesterday (did a fantastic job) with security for the event along with Klan security. We had walkie talkies to communicate and pepper spray as well. I would say the event was a complete success because most of the people will be back to attend the 2009 Annual White Unity Christmas Party and some took some ANP OS Applications as well.The lowest attendance for the Christmas Party was 20 and the highest attendance was 150. It varies because of economic conditions and how well the leaders of other pro-White groups push it.
  466.         I should have a BLOG titled “WHITE PEOPLE CAN SAY THE DARNDEST THINGS”. haha
  468.         One family said I should have mentioned the time I dumped a bucket of water on Oprah Winfrey in the 1970′s in my campaign platform. If White voters knew that I would have instantly got a million votes. lol
  470.         It’s been awhile since I made a public appearance and people talked me to near death yesterday. Gosh, I forgot my own people can be the worlds lengthiest talkers. Then again, most of the time talk always preceeds action (suppose to).
  472.         SA Political Advisor Bowles
  474.     Chapter 6: Rocky and Bowles shit talk hard on the NSALP and the NSM. Rocky Calls Jeff Schoep “sloop”
  476.         RE: Hmm
  478.             To: John Bowles <>
  479.             Subject: RE: Hmm
  480.             From: rocky suhayda <>
  481.             Date: Sat, 12 Sep 2009 16:42:39 -0700 (PDT)
  482.             Cc:
  483.             In-reply-to: <COL106-W20061BA433E010654EB9B2B8E60@phx.gbl>
  485.         Comrade, I think that you are damn clever and VERY capable. Our webmaster Axl has been pleading with me to find him some (trusted) computer help, as he does a wonderful job, but is sometimes a wee bit overwhelmed with all that there is to do. I’m sending this on to him, and I strongly urge you to contact him as well, since you obviously have the ability to do computer work, and I’m a complete old dumb-fart when it comes to anything beyond pecking on the keyboard! LOL What it would involve, you and he will have to sort it out – all I can say is WELL DONE and many thanks for joining in our Common Cause! You are truly an asset to the National Socialist Struggle – Sincerely, ROCK 88!— On Sat, 9/12/09, John Bowles <> wrote:
  486.         From: John Bowles <>
  487.         Subject: RE: Hmm
  488.         To:
  489.         Date: Saturday, September 12, 2009, 7:12 PMGreetings:I’ve been experimenting today with making an ANP recruitment video. On my BLOG I have posted it. Check it out and let me know if it flys or scrap it.Bowles
  491.         Date: Sat, 12 Sep 2009 16:11:18 -0700
  492.         From:
  493.         Subject: RE: Hmm
  494.         To:
  495.         Understood – ROCK 88!— On Sat, 9/12/09, John Bowles <> wrote:
  496.         From: John Bowles <>
  497.         Subject: RE: Hmm
  498.         To:
  499.         Date: Saturday, September 12, 2009, 11:14 AMGreetings:I don’t have articles for this months magazine. Sorry. The event took a lot of my time. I will resume writing them for the next one.Bowles
  501.         Date: Fri, 11 Sep 2009 14:23:05 -0700
  502.         From:
  503.         Subject: Re: Hmm
  504.         To:
  505.         CC:
  506.         Comrade, these people are going down-hill, but fast. Look at “alp’, their 2nd in command Hamilton quit, Railey in AL went off to AN, Brannen in Al joined us, so did McGee of SC, And Berlinn of Washington is an ANP OS, yesterday Tucker ( the ex-satanist? ) in OH, wrote that he figures Krebs is Krap and is looking at hooking up with us – honestly, I really don’t want him…I noticed that Bland in MD is gone from their listing too – lol Not much left, eh? Per Sloop – I COUNTED 14 PEOPLE in the pictures of his SC “gig” – almost HALF were women/followers-of the men there, the guy on the left has a “satanist belt-buckle”. His bbq in his home state showed about a dozen assorted bums, of whom I KNOW that three are NOT even “nsm” members, just racist come-alongs. I predict that “alp” will be gone by the end of the year, this guy isn’t a true-believer, he’s a come-along mini-fuhrer, who thought that he would be a big, emperor by now – and LOOK at the “type” of people he appointed to his “leadership” positions… Per Sloop, I really don’t KNOW HIM as you do – I figure that when the trinket-sales dry-up, – so will he. I did notice that in SC, the pictures showed “t-shirts&bonehead-music” tables, but NO literature?! Am I missing something? In any case, when I look at “nsm” numbers, AND the “quality” (low) of the people pictured, I really don’t see a promising future for them. Btw, Comrade Axl wrote that he’s in the process of moving, but hopefully this weekend he will get your “blog button” up on the website, which should boost your readership considerably. I am going to mail out the Nov Conference “reservation slips” this month, along with the White Worker ( are you sending in any articles for this issue? ) and I’m going to include your e-mail address for people to contact YOU for on-the-ground info, on hotels, bus-routes, etc. OK? It would be good too, to have a phone-number for them to be able to call – THIS INFO WILL ONLY BE IN OUR INTERNAL MAILING, NOT THE “PUBLIC” ANPReport – do you have a number that we can provide? I used a pre-paid cell for the May Conference, rather than hand out my home number. Once we get back the slips of those who are coming, along with their reservation-fee – I’ll cut you a check for the expense’s involved in holding this, along with a head-count. I guess thats it for now, will report further when anything comes up. Sincerely, ROCK 88!— On Fri, 9/11/09, John Bowles <> wrote:
  507.         From: John Bowles <>
  508.         Subject: Hmm
  509.         To:
  510.         Date: Friday, September 11, 2009, 9:09 AMGreetings:I’ve noticed something and I dont think it’s me being paranoia (haha). In August, I started my BLOG and the NSALP started theirs as well. I think they are copy cats. I noticed that a long time ago about them.Everytime I get an activity close to Schoeps state he does one close to mine. I guess he is trying to show me I’m surrounded by the NSM in the South. Oh please! I wrote the NSM in South Carolina a month ago and thanked them for all the activity they are doing in SC because the newspapers give me the credit for it. They stopped doing any activities in SC. lolBest regards,SA Political Advisor Bowles
  512.     Chapter 7: Paul Kozak talks shit about potential supporter Mr Reihl
  514.         Mr Reihl
  516.             To:
  517.             Subject: Mr Reihl
  518.             From: Paul Kozak <>
  519.             Date: Thu, 24 Sep 2009 20:07:40 -0700 (PDT)
  520.             Dkim-signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=relaxed/relaxed;; s=s1024; t=1253848060; bh=7CGwbqGkNPaJQjor6yPu/XWc35dwgQpcGB0d2dpdPs0=; h=Message-ID:X-YMail-OSG:Received:X-Mailer:Date:From:Subject:To:MIME-Version:Content-Type; b=fVjgaVlIdxn7iFgz7V5cNsvwBG1eC/gBcncmUSrrwCtgmgNVTGVnbz3LeAGF35JpJm3tffom+zF4ui80ooJxCmNVrxM0gARSPYKaFjtFgpUQ3A+DUkeq8ASS9TZRV9/6tTaSUx4FOM8qYqZJxxPSEgYS3twF1tgS1qbhAVWsAHw=
  521.             Domainkey-signature: a=rsa-sha1; q=dns; c=nofws; s=s1024;; h=Message-ID:X-YMail-OSG:Received:X-Mailer:Date:From:Subject:To:MIME-Version:Content-Type; b=3yA/pVweAv2JHS8cI7Se7JPI8Z25BN+pNT6pBZ28XvtCBmd0Cxi8cYEPdhHt2U+y8MAI9yBv+HmLjRJTRTuYtMdhwN1ttxSYeqYX4lQmJikT8JvnYw34iVL0L7gHG8R5lw6O6VjQzSKd0FHe9l9X//NbA5cR/2fJenkYuGf769w=;
  523.         Dear Comrade Bowles!I just received an e-mail from Mr Reihl. He is not the kind of a person that we want to join even as an OS.Perhaps he should stay where he is now LOL! Please, do not contact him anymore.88! PaulYou were right and I was wrong, my apology. I should always listen to my older Comrades!!
  525.     Chapter 8: Bowles passive aggressively talks shit about Paul Kozaks white worker articles being too long.
  527.         “Do you need any more articles for the next magazine or does Pauls article take it all up”
  529.         Re: Question
  531.             To: John Bowles <>
  532.             Subject: Re: Question
  533.             From: rocky suhayda <>
  534.             Date: Tue, 29 Sep 2009 05:56:55 -0700 (PDT)
  535.             In-reply-to: <COL106-W367CCE7D01AA2BBD5C2D0FB8D60@phx.gbl>
  537.         YES!!!, please send in your articles – folks look forward to them – I know I do. Comrades Kozak’s article was very good, but a wee-bit long for the magazine…I figured it would take up 4-5 pages…but, usually his writings are short and to the point ( a military mindset, which IS good in its own manner ) so I gave his valuable efforts exposure to an even far bigger audience… Sincerely, ROCK 88!— On Mon, 9/28/09, John Bowles <> wrote:
  538.         From: John Bowles <>
  539.         Subject: Question
  540.         To:
  541.         Date: Monday, September 28, 2009, 2:51 PMGreetings:Do you need any more articles for the next magazine or does Pauls article take it all up. lolSA Political Advisor Bowles
  543.     Chapter 9: More fueding between NSALP(Kurt Williams) and ANP
  545.         “the ANP hacked our Chief of Staff Ron Reihl’s e-mail and is sending porn”
  547.         Re: From Zogsnightmare
  549.             To: John Bowles <>
  550.             Subject: Re: From Zogsnightmare
  551.             From: rocky suhayda <>
  552.             Date: Fri, 30 Oct 2009 17:26:19 -0700 (PDT)
  553.             Cc: Paul Kozak <>
  554.             In-reply-to: <COL106-W524A6E5DAD1BDB3878E30EB8B60@phx.gbl>
  556.         These people are insane – NO ONE from the ANP ever called Mr. Reihl on the phone #1, and certainly NO ANP personell would be involved in illegal activities, such as “hacking” – ESPECIALLY when it concerns such a useless outfit like “alp”…. It SOUNDS like self-inflicted nonsense, done by THEMSELVES to create a marytr complex of “being attacked”. Hell, WHO cares or would bother with these bimbo’s? LOL ROCK 88! PS – Lets continue to IGNORE them, and drive them up a wall.— On Fri, 10/30/09, John Bowles <> wrote:
  557.         From: John Bowles <>
  558.         Subject: From Zogsnightmare
  559.         To:,
  560.         Date: Friday, October 30, 2009, 6:33 PMRocky Syhuda has sent out a e-mail saying that Jim Ramm has left the NSALP (as a result of the gay porn) He has also declared other NSALP Members as having defected, yet they remain loyal NSALP Members.Now today, the ANP hacked our Chief of Staff Ron Reihl’s e-mail and is sending porn via his e-mail, this just 2 days after they called him on his phone and attempted to recruit him.You be the judge………..Kurt Williams
  561.         NSALP Outreach Director
  563.     Chapter 10: NSM trashes the redneck shop
  565.         NSM
  567.             To: ‘John Bowles’ <>
  568.             Subject: NSM
  569.             From: James Hogan <>
  570.             Date: Sat, 21 Nov 2009 23:38:55 -0500
  571.             Accept-language: en-US
  572.             Acceptlanguage: en-US
  573.             Thread-index: AcprLbNR0ZjXlXCrRgGltsyg3pF+ZA==
  574.             Thread-topic: NSM
  576. Bowles,I presume that picture No. 7 shows the gathering where the members of the NSM made a mess of the Redneck Shop, threw garbage about, etc. ? Just seeing these pictures brought home to me what you and the chairman have said about the NSM being filled with freaks and losers.J.H.
  578.     Chapter 11: J Hogan calls out ANP for working with the Klan in SC
  580.         Re: FW: The Klan ?
  582.             To: John Bowles <>
  583.             Subject: Re: FW: The Klan ?
  584.             From: rocky suhayda <>
  585.             Date: Mon, 2 Nov 2009 10:19:08 -0800 (PST)
  586.             Cc: Paul Kozak <>
  587.             In-reply-to: <COL106-W3217CE3C9DBF0750EFF33DB8B30@phx.gbl>
  589.         Dear Comrade Bowles: Yes, Comrade Hogan is one of our OS who have been with us for about a year now – in Good-Standing, I might add – a unique circumstance. He is a college student, and seems very interested in NS, and not one of those “we are all racial brothers in the movement” unity types. I myself have attempted to “explain” the unique circumstances of your position in the south, and him being a NY’er – he probably cannot grasp that, seeing ONLY NS as THE “solution”. If you would, bcc me your reply, as I could use it with others in the future who question our involvement with “other orgs” even as limited as I intend on that being…. Its funny, but over the years I often thought no one ever really paid attention to what I promoted – yet this point, and my partial “flip-flop” on the “uniform question” ( even if only for a small SECTION of the Party ) has brought me queries upon “why” I changed my mind from our adherents…its called “evolving” with the circumstances, to me – but to others who consider my words to be “carved in stone” or something, its a apparent challenge to accept… Sincerely, ROCK 88!— On Sun, 11/1/09, John Bowles <> wrote:
  590.         From: John Bowles <>
  591.         Subject: FW: The Klan ?
  592.         To:,
  593.         Date: Sunday, November 1, 2009, 10:37 PMNS Greetings:Do either of you know this person before I answer him?SA Political Advisor Bowles
  595.         From:
  596.         To:
  597.         Date: Sun, 1 Nov 2009 22:26:22 -0500
  598.         Subject: The Klan ?
  600.         Mr. Bowles,
  602.         I am an official supporter of the ANP and have had some contact with party chairman Suhayda for the last year. All that aside, I am still left wondering why it is that you and the ANP would work with the Ku Klux Klan, as you did several months ago in South Carolina. Are they really so powerful that you need to work with them ? I asked chairman Suhayda and he said that it was good to work with the Klan in the south. But I had heard elsewhere that there are only several thousand Klan members in the south and that the organization was “a joke” compared to what is was in the 1920s. Granted, this was a “mainstream” source, but still, in light of what chairman Suhayda has said in the past on numerous occasions about the ANP standing alone, I was rather surprised. Can you explain the rumors I heard elsewhere as to the Klan being headed/infiltrated by Jews within the last several years (Burros and I can’t remember the name of the other Jew) ? I took the step of emailing you, as you seem to be on the front lines. Again, I have nothing but respect for you chairman Suhayda, and the ANP, but I am somewhat curious as to how this “southern strategy” can be explained. As perhaps you can tell, I am not a native southerner.
  604.         J. Hogan
  606.     Chapter 12: Rochy Hating hard on all other groups involved in the movement.
  608.         RE:
  610.             To: John Bowles <>
  611.             Subject: RE:
  612.             From: rocky suhayda <>
  613.             Date: Wed, 4 Nov 2009 08:43:25 -0800 (PST)
  614.             In-reply-to: <COL106-W4946D64810E067EE9DEEBEB8B20@phx.gbl>
  616.         Dear Comrade Bowles: I have a few suggestions/requests for you to prepare in advance of the Conference, so as to not have us running around like chickens trying to get everything ready. #1 I am bringing a load of propaganda for the Comrades to take back home with them – so, could you please set up a table where we can put these materials out – you might want to add anything left over from the 29th event too, we can always suppliment your needs afterwards. Please also put out a “free will contribution canister” as these items will be free, but if they wish they can leave a “little something” to produce more… And if you have any “bags” laying around, set these by too. #2 Please have some pens & paper available, so if anybody needs to network and write some “info” down, they will have it available. #3 Now this might seem “pushy” but could you temporarily remove most if not all – of ANY non-NS flags, etc from the basic meeting area? This is an NS gathering, not a “unity” affair. In fact, if you have available any “surplus” NS banners, etc around – put them up – the more the better! #4 I am bringing a few items like NS books, movies, etc – that I would like to use as “raffle/door prizes” for the attendee’s – could you prepare about “15″ half/half slips that we can use for the drawing, as well as a box or something to shuffle them in? Another thought – do you think we will need any “security” for the peoples vehicles in the parking lot? It might be good, if we can park their cars “backwards” against the building ( or something ) so their plates aren’t photographical. Do you have a camera available and ready? I suggest that ONLY “specific/appointed people” are allowed to photograph anyone – you know the drill. I will bring a small tape-recorder for use ( unless you have something better ) – perhaps we can figure out a way to record some “speeches” and post them online? If you have a boot brush and a can of blacking, you might want to have it available too – along with some large rubber-bands for “blousers”? I’ll bring along some large safety-pins for armbands, for the scrawny folks. I guess thats it for now, sorry if I sound nit-picky, thats just me… It looks like the “filth campaign” in over, I haven’t received one degenerate e-mail for 24 hours – pathetic, eh. If anything else occurs to me, I’ll bother you with it as it comes along…LOL Sincerely, ROCK 88!— On Mon, 11/2/09, John Bowles <> wrote:
  617.         From: John Bowles <>
  618.         Subject: RE:
  619.         To:
  620.         Date: Monday, November 2, 2009, 8:32 PMNS Greetings:That works! Mr. Howard has great admiration and respect for National Socialists and wants to see the ANP grow.SA Political Advisor Bowles
  622.         Date: Mon, 2 Nov 2009 17:19:23 -0800
  623.         From:
  624.         Subject: Re:
  625.         To:
  626.         Well, the truth is – I really DON’T believe in all this “unity” with most of the idiotic “movement”. Selective association is another thing. In my eyes its the old “eight cripples” thing – what would “unity” with all these “groups” gain US, but trouble? Perhaps he could speak about “our special” ANP-IKKK working relationship, and how it benefits the Cause? ROCK 88— On Mon, 11/2/09, John Bowles <> wrote:
  627.         From: John Bowles <>
  628.         Subject:
  629.         To:
  630.         Date: Monday, November 2, 2009, 7:04 PMNS Greetings:I have a question. Would you like John Howard to speak to attendees for about 15-20 minutes on the importance of White Unity? John probably wouldn’t mind it and it serves as good propaganda that the leader of the IKKK spoke to ANP attendees. He will be in front running the store that day with Klansmen and is a good ole southern speaker. I leave the decision to you.SA Political Advisor Bowles
  632.     Chapter 13: David Strausbaugh inites John Bowles to speak at Worthington Kilbourne High School(1499 Hard Road Columbus, OH 43235 (C) 614-403-8843)!!!
  634.         RE: Speaking to WKHS Poly Rad classes
  636.             To: John Bowles <>
  637.             Subject: RE: Speaking to WKHS Poly Rad classes
  638.             From: “Strausbaugh, David” <>
  639.             Date: Wed, 1 Dec 2010 14:02:12 -0500
  640.             Accept-language: en-US
  641.             Acceptlanguage: en-US
  642.             In-reply-to: <COL106-W32DBA699403D7EC1C69DD4B8250@phx.gbl>
  643.             References: <7600C3B288423A44A36B13F27890205CE277481AEF@WECEXC01.Worth.local>,<COL106-W15714DFA521D5F05DF170B8F70@phx.gbl>,<7600C3B288423A44A36B13F27890205CE277481B11@WECEXC01.Worth.local>,<COL106-W39A3B14D40DB375F7727BDB8F30@phx.gbl>,<7600C3B288423A44A36B13F27890205CE277481B29@WECEXC01.Worth.local>,<COL106-W234BFB2F89D90A7F868D2FB8F00@phx.gbl>,<7600C3B288423A44A36B13F27890205CE277481C14@WECEXC01.Worth.local>,<COL106-W38B3BF546A6A05691C61C2B8A80@phx.gbl>,<7600C3B288423A44A36B13F27890205CE277481C20@WECEXC01.Worth.local>,<COL106-W26F61CAC74511C7506A5A0B8010@phx.gbl>,<7600C3B288423A44A36B13F27890205C031466BFD901@WECEXC01.Worth.local>,<COL106-W5F5FEF3C694B1EEE6CD9BB8830@phx.gbl>,<7600C3B288423A44A36B13F27890205C031466BFD910@WECEXC01.Worth.local>,<COL106-W44477F65AD22AF3023FA86B8870@phx.gbl>,<7600C3B288423A44A36B13F27890205C031466BFD93C@WECEXC01.Worth.local>,<COL106-W35B7BC0D2A6D3CFB5A2CD4B8230@phx.gbl>,<7600C3B288423A44A36B13F27890205C031466BFDA4F@WECEXC01.Worth.local>,<COL106-W22172A9D2519E38321B8 ,11B8240@phx.gbl>,<7600C3B288423A44A36B13F27890205C031466BFDA54@WECEXC01.Worth.local>,<COL106-W32DBA699403D7EC1C69DD4B8250@phx.gbl>
  644.             Thread-index: AcuQ3t1eyb2Dtey1T5yqMiN9TCr9iwAq2Vcw
  645.             Thread-topic: Speaking to WKHS Poly Rad classes
  647.         Thank you John. Classes begin at 9:30 and end at 1:15. There are 4 classes in a row, 50 minutes each, 125 students total. Feel free to e-mail me articles, links, videos, etc. you would like the students to read prior to your presentation.Dave
  649.         From: John Bowles []
  650.         Sent: Tuesday, November 30, 2010 5:35 PM
  651.         To: Strausbaugh, David
  652.         Subject: RE: Speaking to WKHS Poly Rad classes
  654.         Greetings:
  656.         January 4th is fine.
  658.         John
  660.         From:
  661.         To:
  662.         Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2010 09:52:12 -0500
  663.         Subject: RE: Speaking to WKHS Poly Rad classes
  665.         John:
  667.         We would enjoy having you come in person; I’m glad you are willing to travel to speak to our classes. The best date for us is Tuesday January 4. Monday the 3rd is a late start which means shortened classes; on the 4th we have 50 minute classes. Let me know if that date works for you. Thanks.
  669.         Dave
  671.         From: John Bowles []
  672.         Sent: Monday, November 29, 2010 2:24 PM
  673.         To: Strausbaugh, David
  674.         Subject: RE: Speaking to WKHS Poly Rad classes
  676.         Greetings:
  678.         That’s sounds great #3 for early January 2011 to visit. Throw a date at me (preferably on a Monday).
  680.         John T. Bowles
  682.         From:
  683.         To:
  684.         Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2010 13:51:14 -0500
  685.         Subject: RE: Speaking to WKHS Poly Rad classes
  687.         John:
  689.         I hope your surgery goes well. We would love to have you in person on Dec. 13th but I understand why you can’t attend. There are a couple of options:
  691.         1. We do a phone interview on the 13th.
  693.         2. We do a video-conference using Skype or something similar to that on the 13th.
  695.         3. You are rescheduled to come in person, probably sometime in early January.
  697.         Let me know how you wish to proceed.
  699.         Thanks,
  701.         Dave
  703.         From: John Bowles []
  704.         Sent: Sunday, November 28, 2010 10:14 AM
  705.         To: Strausbaugh, David
  706.         Subject: RE: Speaking to WKHS Poly Rad classes
  708.         Greetings:
  710.         There has been a change of plans for my visit on December 13th. Is it possible to do this on the telephone that day? I realize that one-on-one in person inviews are always better; but, my surgery in early December prevents me from doing it in person.
  712.         Respectfully rquested,
  714.         John T. Bowles
  715.         570-746-6282
  717.         From:
  718.         To:
  719.         Date: Thu, 2 Sep 2010 13:48:27 -0400
  720.         Subject: RE: Speaking to WKHS Poly Rad classes
  722.         John:
  724.         Let’s aim for Monday December 13. First class is at 9:30, last class ends at 1:15. 4 classes in a row, 50 minutes each. Let me know if you have any web sites that you want the students to access. We can talk more about details as we approach the 13th. Thanks for your willingness to come in.
  726.         Dave
  728.         From: John Bowles []
  729.         Sent: Saturday, August 28, 2010 5:40 AM
  730.         To: Strausbaugh, David
  731.         Subject: RE: Speaking to WKHS Poly Rad classes
  733.         David:
  735.         Okay. Words and how they are arranged are very powerful tools. Maybe I’m getting cynical in my older age (haha). It can happen :) Anyhow, count me in. I learned some lessons from doing it in person the last time.
  737.         John Bowles
  739.         From:
  740.         To:
  741.         Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2010 07:33:01 -0400
  742.         Subject: RE: Speaking to WKHS Poly Rad classes
  744.         John:
  746.         Absolutely no hesitation on my part. The reason I asked for another speaker was in case you were unavailable. Also, if we wish to have another speaker representing National Socialism in addition to you we would have some contact info. I apologize if I offended you, it was unintentional.
  748.         Dave
  750.         From: John Bowles []
  751.         Sent: Tuesday, August 24, 2010 6:02 PM
  752.         To: Strausbaugh, David
  753.         Subject: RE: Speaking to WKHS Poly Rad classes
  755.         David:
  757.         I detect a sense of hestitation in you wanting me me back to speak in your e-mail and you wanting a better speaker representing National Socialism. Is there a reason?
  759.         John Bowles
  761.         From:
  762.         To:
  763.         Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2010 09:07:22 -0400
  764.         Subject: Speaking to WKHS Poly Rad classes
  766.         John:
  768.         I hope all is well with you and your summer was refreshing. Even though this is some time off I just wanted to you to know that we were thinking of inviting you back to WKHS during the week of December 13. I don’t know if that will be feasible for you given your travels but I wanted to give you advance notice. Also, if you know of any other speakers who might adequately represent the viewpoints of National Socialism could you let me know about them? Thank you.
  770.         Dave Strausbaugh
  772.         From: John Bowles []
  773.         Sent: Thursday, April 29, 2010 1:53 PM
  774.         To: Strausbaugh, David
  775.         Subject: RE: Speaking to WKHS Poly Rad classes
  777.         Greetings:
  779.         Just hitting base with you that I am still coming to your high school on May 10 to speak to four classes.
  780.         This weekend is the National Meeting of the American Nazi Party in Detroit, Michigan and I will be picking up some literature and material to mail to you on Monday for the class to peruse about the ANP.
  782.         Questions:
  784.         1.) What is the school address?
  785.         2.) What time do you want me there?
  786.         3.) Do I report to the school office and sign in as visitor?
  788.         Respectfully,
  790.         John Taylor Bowles
  791.         864-969-3456
  793.         From:
  794.         To:
  795.         Date: Tue, 17 Nov 2009 07:14:48 -0500
  796.         Subject: RE: Speaking to WKHS Poly Rad classes
  798.         John:
  800.         Why don’t we wait until after Thanksgiving and we can do a trial run from your PA base. Thanks.
  802.         Dave
  804.         From: John Bowles []
  805.         Sent: Friday, November 13, 2009 8:44 AM
  806.         To: Strausbaugh, David
  807.         Subject: RE: Speaking to WKHS Poly Rad classes
  809.         Greetings:
  811.         I have an interesting saturation. I am presently moving from my southern base to my northern base of operation in Pennsylvania for a few months from 11/20 to 11/30. Would you rather do a test from the SC base or wait until I transfer to my PA base?
  813.         Respectfully,
  815.         John Taylor Bowles
  816.         SC 864-969-3456
  818.         From:
  819.         To:
  820.         Date: Thu, 12 Nov 2009 09:42:01 -0500
  821.         Subject: RE: Speaking to WKHS Poly Rad classes
  823.         John:
  825.         Just a reminder of your speaking engagement with students at Worthington Kilbourne High School on Monday December 14. Our first class is at 9:30 and our final class ends at 1:15. We have 4 classes in a row, 50 minutes each, 125 students total.
  827.         We have a website for our class where we can post links, websites, articles, etc. Please let me know if there is anything you would like posted for the students to read before your presentation. You can e-mail me that information.
  829.         Before the 14th let’s do a trial run to make sure we can do a video hookup. Is there a number where I can reach you so we can make arrangements? Just let me know. Thanks; I look forward to hearing from you.
  831.         Dave Strausbaugh
  833.         From: John Bowles []
  834.         Sent: Wednesday, September 02, 2009 5:42 PM
  835.         To: Strausbaugh, David
  836.         Subject: RE: Speaking to WKHS Poly Rad classes
  838.         Greetings:
  840.         December 14th sounds fine. Let me know what time. I can handle 4 classes in a row like before. I have a webcam.
  842.         John Taylor Bowles
  844.         From:
  845.         To:
  846.         Date: Tue, 1 Sep 2009 07:59:15 -0400
  847.         Subject: RE: Speaking to WKHS Poly Rad classes
  849.         John:
  851.         Why don’t we aim for Monday December 14 or Tuesday December 15? Let me know if either of those dates work for you; feel free to share your ideas about what you would like to include in your presentation. Thanks.
  853.         Dave
  855.         From: John Bowles []
  856.         Sent: Sunday, August 30, 2009 3:50 PM
  857.         To: Strausbaugh, David
  858.         Subject: RE: Speaking to WKHS Poly Rad classes
  860.         Greetings:
  862.         Throw a date at me and let me check my calendar.
  864.         John Taylor Bowles
  866.         From:
  867.         To:
  868.         Date: Wed, 26 Aug 2009 19:49:23 -0400
  869.         Subject: RE: Speaking to WKHS Poly Rad classes
  871.         John:
  873.         We’re looking at sometime in December, probably the weeks of Dec. 7 or Dec. 14.
  875.         Dave
  877.         From: John Bowles []
  878.         Sent: Wednesday, August 26, 2009 2:32 PM
  879.         To: Strausbaugh, David
  880.         Subject: RE: Speaking to WKHS Poly Rad classes
  882.         Greetings:
  884.         Question: What month are we talking about doing this?
  886.         JT Bowles
  888.         From:
  889.         To:;
  890.         Date: Thu, 20 Aug 2009 10:57:36 -0400
  891.         Subject: Speaking to WKHS Poly Rad classes
  893.         John:
  895.         I hope this e-mail finds you in good health and having a good summer. Here at Worthington Kilbourne High School we are planning our speaker schedule for Poly Rad classes this semester. We are planning a unit on racial issues and separatist groups for early to mid December. In the past you have spoken to our classes and with a black President in office advocating policies some find very controversial I think our classes would be very intrigued by your views. We can arrange for a phone or video conference or you could speak in person if that is feasible. Everything is still tentative but if you could let me know if you are available and interested that would be very helpful to us. Thank you.
  897.         Sincerely,
  899.         Dave
  901.         David Strausbaugh
  903.         Worthington Kilbourne High School
  905.         1499 Hard Road
  907.         Columbus, OH 43235
  909.         (C) 614-403-8843
  911.     Chapter 14: Taylor Bowles first contact with ANP. He requests to Join ANP after being burnt by the NSM
  913.         RE: A Question
  915.             To: John Bowles <>
  916.             Subject: RE: A Question
  917.             From: rocky suhayda <>
  918.             Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2009 17:55:29 -0800 (PST)
  919.             In-reply-to: <COL106-W12AEE985FB78C52ADA0C7BB8B60@phx.gbl>
  920.             Reply-to:
  922.         The Balltimore HQ – wasn’t that the one with Wolfgang Schroedt (sic) ? Your websites sound solid to me, yes keep it positive if possible. Too much “dirt” about the scumbags only confuses and discourages the newbi’s, who have no experience – but, can be taught later the whole truth when needed. Are you aware of any other Old Fighters from the NSWPP days? Would it be possible to re-activate them if you do? Personally, I can’t understand how someone could just “walk away from it all” knowing the score – but, perhaps thats just me…. Sincerely, ROCK— On Sun, 2/15/09, John Bowles <>wrote:From: John Bowles <>
  923.         Subject: RE: A Question
  924.         To:
  925.         Date: Sunday, February 15, 2009, 5:19 PMGreetings:I came into the NSWPP because of the 1973 Cleveland March. I joined in February 1974. The NSWPP didn’t have a National Congress in 1975 (I don’t remember why); but I went to the 1976 National Congress and never missed one after that until Matt Koehl stopped having them. I enjoyed the NSWPP and was the treasurer for the Baltimore Unit and lived at the NSWPP Baltimore headquarters/bookstore.Yes, I went out on a limb for the NSM because I believed they would back me in the 2008 election. Good thing I saved my own asserts beforehand and didn’t rely totally on them. You are right when you say they can’t go beyond certain activities. Yes, if National Socialists ever engage in the election process again it should have a broad base of support. This thing of expecting support after announcing a candidacy just won’t work.Regarding the Bowles and Hoff Project website. I will keep that operating as a sole National Socialist information website (no membership) with the ANP link on it for those who want to take it a step further and join a political organization. On the Bowles Blog, I will convert it to a NS News only site (no opinions or bashing on it).I am going to keep everything positive because I just learned that Schoep and his people visit my BLOG every 6 hours to read my interpretations on them so they can fine tune themselves and correct their NS path. WTF! Oh no, they are on their own now. Let someone else point their errors out so they can fix them. It won’t be me!Hopefully, my experience and knowledge can contribute positively toward the ANP. It’s refreshing to be in an organization without DRAMA and NITPICKING along with comrades in arms from the past. I like the tactic of PEOPLE FIRST. Some organizations want their members to put themselves out there for an attack and won’t back them up when it happens.Best regards,JTB
  927.         Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2009 10:21:38 -0800
  928.         From:
  929.         Subject: RE: A Question
  930.         To:
  931.         Understood. In all honesty, I’m hoping that you will become a real asset to our organization. You went out on the limb quite a bit, and really went the whole nine-yards for those idiots of the past. It was beyond your control that it went sour, it had to with the “leadership” that had no vision beyond “doing” what others had tried and failed at ten thousand times. We are collecting people together who aren’t into this to “shock” folks, or to gain “attention to themselves”, and who understand the need to build a solid base before thrusting themselves into the masses face. I still remember the Cleveland Ohio Party Congress, where we had over a hundred, smartly uniformed men marching down the center of the city, not some rag-tag, pitiful collection of tattooed, snarling bone-heads. Truly, if it was done ONCE – it CAN be done again. Right now, the ANP’s agenda is to PUSH LITERATURE – leaflets, stickers, message-cards, plus of course the website – utilizing OUR OWN materials, rather than relying on enemy anti-NS “media” to reach/educate/organize a National Socialist resistance. The lack of “uniforms” keeps away those attracted ONLY by the “costume/trappings”. Same with the lack of “ranks/titles” – it drives off those only interested in self-aggrandizement. In the ANP, anybody who has the ABILITIES and the DRIVE can “go as far as they desire” in promotion within the organization…as Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf – a Comrade shows his commitment, NOT by “words”, but by what he DOES for the Party. I consider myself, as perhaps I have said – I say so much (lol) – only a “step” or a “chair-warmer” for He who will have much more capabilities than I…and when He comes on the scene, I will happily step back into the ranks as a loyal Comrade, having fulfilled “my role”. Until then, I will carry on hopefully providing orthodox, modern, and HONEST “leadership/teachership” to the best of my abilities. No doubt like myself, over the years, you too have suffered by having put faith in buffoons and outright con-men. Thats truthfully the one big reason we formed the “revived” ANP – we had all been burned so many times by frauds, that we figured that we couldn’t do “any worse” than these “prominant personalities” – and in truth, I believe that we were correct. My greatest pride is the fact that “I” have never had ONE Comrade lose a job, gone to prison, etc et al, through involvement in our organization. At present, we are kind of like the “christians” back in the catacombs – working, preparing, educating, carefully out-reaching, building that “skeleton” that eventually will “flesh out”. The “times” after so long, are coming in our direction – economically and socially. Hitler and Rockwell were both “flexable and adaptable” in their tactics – so are we. Please don’t think me vain here, but I really believe in my heart that we can create that organization that is so far different to what the enemy is used to dealing with as “NS” up till now – well, I believe that it can be done. Enough for now, I’m ranting again – sorry. Just a thought, perhaps you might keep one of your web-pages up – perhaps the best viewed one – as a “NS Resource Center” for people to view, educate themselves with, and through the link to the ANP – “get involved”? On it, you could have orthodox NS materials, and even a “personal blog” about current issues and events. Your call of course. My goal ISN’T to “restrict” the growth of true, orthodox NS in any manner – and please don’t take this in the wrong way – simply to weed/stamp out those who twist NS to their own peculiar agendas, or confuse people by putting forth reactionary, right-wing ideas as “NS”. You see, Sloop and the likes are people who really don’t KNOW what NS really IS – at heart, he is a reactionary, bone-head, “white power” loser. He once told one good Comrade that he “tried reading Mein Kampf, but it was too hard”. Thats sad. Looking at his past/present life – and I’m just using “him” as an example of the “type” – he’s a “white nigger”…who doesn’t feel the need of employment, leaves his wife and kids for some “good-time” women, has engaged in criminal activities – are these the attributes of a National Socialist?! How people can be aware of these things, and still support him is beyond me – yet, Frank Collins had a following too… I never forget my first NSWPP Congress, I went with a carload of older Comrades, one of whom was a ex-Hitler Youth. When he looked up on stage and saw Collins/Cohn he turned to us and said excitedly in his German accent…”IT’S A JUDEN! IT’S A JUDEN”! Yet, Koehl had him up there – go figure. I look forward to meeting with you someday Comrade, hopefully soon. Sincerely, ROCK— On Sun, 2/15/09, John Bowles <>wrote:From: John Bowles <>
  932.         Subject: RE: A Question
  933.         To:
  934.         Date: Sunday, February 15, 2009, 12:28 PMGreetings:No problem in writing an article every month for the magazine. Let me get the Official Supporter Application to you and we will take things from there. I will ease up on the NSM and start focusing on positive things.Ease me into the ANP. I come with good intentions.Best regards,JTB
  936.         Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2009 05:51:53 -0800
  937.         From:
  938.         Subject: RE: A Question
  939.         To:
  940.         Dear Comrade: I can only say that I’m very pleased with your decision(s). I would like to ask this though, you seem to be a quite capable writer, would you be interested in perhaps eventually writing articles each month for our magazine The White Worker? As I’m sure you know, there are always more folks around who like to see the pot boiling, without lending a hand to stir it. lol We could enlarge our publication, except that we have too few Comrades who are either able to write correctly and coherently, or “carefully” to avoid opening the door to Zog, or on “new” topics of interest to the Aryan community other that “i hate niggers and kikes”. Once we receive your application, and you are processed, I will send you some back issues, along with of course the current one. You will get a “feel” for our propaganda line from them. I am careful myself, to try not to insert myself into every little aspect of the Party, because lets face it – sometimes my “stuff” gets a lttle stale, or my mind draws a blank, or I’m just too darn busy to “be everywhere”, doing “everything”. As well, I totally UNDERSTAND your “feelings” toward Jeffie Sloop – but, might I suggest that you lighten-up a wee bit on wasting your time concerning him? Lets face it, Sloop is the sad kind of individual that “welcomes” ANY kind of attention – and the best that we can do is IGNORE him, unless of course its too outrageous, and/or harmful to do so. As I have told other ex-”nsm’ers”…concentrate on the POSITIVE work of promoting the ANP forward – and not so much on the pitfalls that so many of us who have been involved “in this” for so long have encountered. Just a thought. As well, any suggestions or advice that you might wish to offer, please always feel free to do so, I’m not “the big guy” – just a VERY tired old man ( be 57 next monday ) who is doing his best, utilizing his “experiences” over the past – to find a new and better path for the advancement of the Faith that means so much to all of us. As well, let us agree to be able to “discuss” any issues that may arise, without anomosity – you may not always “agree” with me…but, I’ll try my best to give the “reasons why” I take such and such a position, or make such and such a “move”. This ISN’T “Rocky’s” Party, this is the Party of every Comrade who is involved in it. Sincerely, ROCK— On Sat, 2/14/09, John Bowles <>wrote:From: John Bowles <>
  941.         Subject: RE: A Question
  942.         To:
  943.         Date: Saturday, February 14, 2009, 8:48 PMGreetings:I like your answers. Personally, I am going to eliminate the Bowles Blog and Bowles and Hoff Project and blend in with proper ANP protocol. However, I will keep the Internet store open and donate a percentage of the sales to the ANP. I will mail my application in around March 1, 2009. That gives me time to get my backyard in order.In the meantime, I am going to abstain from any media interviews; but, if one comes up that could benefit the ANP, I will follow the proper protocol and contact you.Also, all links to other pro-White organizations have been eliminated on the Bowles and Hoff Project website. It is time for all sincere National Socialists to unite. There is no need for all these NS organizations in America and to show I am not talk, I am dismantling mine.My phone number for your records is 864-969-3456.Best regards,John Taylor Bowles
  945.         Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2009 17:24:42 -0800
  946.         From:
  947.         Subject: RE: A Question
  948.         To:
  949.         I will answer you below – ROCK— On Sat, 2/14/09, John Bowles <>wrote:From: John Bowles <>
  950.         Subject: RE: A Question
  951.         To:
  952.         Date: Saturday, February 14, 2009, 4:39 PMGreetings:You are definitely right about me venturing into the wrong camp regarding the NSM. Whew!I have some questions for you:1. If I join the ANP what are my boundaries?For example, in the NSWPP days all interviews with the press had to be okayed through the Commander unless he gave prior approval for an individual to do them carte blanche. As a former NS Presidential candidate I receive requests for interviews all the time especially telephone-conference call interactions with high school classes. i.e., Ohio.ANSWER – I believe that until we meet you, and come to a mutual understanding of our agenda, the Party would prefer that you don’t speak “officially” for the Party as a spokesperson. To be honest, we usually ignore systemite requests for media attention, and prefer relying upon our own network of outreach, which is working quite well at the moment. Negative “publicity” has never gotten us many POSITIVE results in any case. I’m sure that this is not an unreasonable request.2.) I presently have three websites: Bowles and Hoff Project (an NS educational site), The Bowles and Hoff Project Blog (a critique blog) and the Bowles and Hoff Project Store (sells NS and other pro-White items). Which one of these (if any) would be allowable and which one(s) disallowable with ANP membership.ANSWER – Your personal websites are none of our concern, “as long” as they are not represented as American Nazi Party websites, or “opening the door” to the enemy for prosecution. Of course, if you would like to put a “promotion link” on your sites, refering people to America’s only representative of sincere, 21st century National Socialism, it would be appreciated. I might also suggest, removing links to such websites as the “nsalp”, as it only misdirects people into dead-end efforts that honestly have no future beyond promotion of the creators ego. Comrade, it long past due, that each and every sincere National Socialist unite under one effort – of course, the KEY word here is SINCERE. There is plenty of room for everyone as long as each of us is happy being a “cog on the wheel” , rather than a “mini-mighty poohbah”. Once, in an old Stormtrooper magazine, I saw an article from the editor beseeching people to quit their own half-assed efforts at producing their own piddly “Nazi Newsletters”, and instead to get behind promoting the Stormtrooper magazine 100% instead…making IT grow and expand. Although it came from Patler – it made sense in my mind, and I expanded it to the whole organizational effort itself. While there is and should be “room” for various outlets to promote NS…as long as they are ORTHODOX in their ideology…we must realize that it will take ONE MIGHTY EFFORT to succeed, and that if THAT effort does succeed – we ALL succeed. Much of this can be hashed out when we meet. “I’m” NOT some “omnipotant” fellow who’s word is the “only” thing that must be adhered to. Its simply that over the years I have seen so many “versions” of NS, many of whom could not be identified in Mein Kampf that I determined to be very “doctrinaire” in my message, as well as anybody elses. I and I hope yourself are committed 100% to promoting NATIONAL SOCIALISM and not this general “white power” that is void of any real ideological roots. Being in the South, perhaps this might be very difficult it being “klan country”….but, ONLY a NS society is what we are striving for – not some amorphous “white power” where judeo-capitalism still makes White Workers wage-slaves for the “white elite” even. I’m not saying cut yourself of from ANY of your contacts or endevors – simply remember in the end – just what it IS that YOU are striving for…a NATIONAL SOCIALIST AMERICA.Best regards.JTB
  954.         Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2009 16:26:26 -0800
  955.         From:
  956.         Subject: RE: A Question
  957.         To:
  958.         Cmrade: After playing in the fantasy playpen for literally decades, I came to the conclusion that the “movement” ITSELF was the BIGGEST obstical to moving forward. They never seemed to PROGRESS beyond the same old/same old Phase One antics. I can’t tell you how MANY “rallies”, “demo’s”, “marches”, and “protests” I myself attended – all to no profitable end. It was “political activism” without a GOAL in mind – remember when in the 70′s the NSWPP was actually starting to field REAL CANDIDATES for public office? I myself ran several times locally in my home town, and the last time for City Council actually received around 1,600 votes in a city of 100,000 – after having my home picketed by the JDL, and all the “anti-exposure” – THAT MANY adults actually WANTED A “NAZI” as their councilman!!! Of course, I played it NOT as a “hollywierd nutzi”, but as an intelligent and reasonable White Working class Aryan. I fully believe that building a REAL “political party” CAN be accomplished – but, NOT with the “material” swamping the reactionary right-wing. We NEED the “normal” people, and while we CAN “reach them” with a sincere, intelligent presentation of “what” NS really IS – we will NEVER reach them acting like the “street corner entertainers”. Not to be “rude”, but we HAVE to start off at the BOTTOM – city council, school board, etc – NOT “president”, or even “congress, or senate” – we simply do not have the needed resources or personel on hand. And from now on in – its QUALITY – NOT “quantity”….I have had more problems and setbacks from dealing with stumble-bums over the years, than if I would have simply “done it all myself” in many cases. Plus, to be bluntly honest – I’m TIRED of having to “explain away” the thousand-and-one “ideosincracies” of down-right LOSERS and DYSFUNCTIONALS back in the day, to folks – when “I” was an honorable and decent individual. The old adage of “your known by your friends as well as your enemies…” . PLUS – I NEVER INTEND ON BEING BROUGHT DOWN BY ANYONES ‘ACTIONS’, BUT MY OWN”. Many of these bone-heads, are walking time-bombs, and totally unsuitable to even WANTING to become anything more than a “white gang-banger” of sorts. Oh well, enough ranting I suppose! lol Honestly, I think that you are sincere, but for the same “reasons” as I, and many others ( I KNOW, I too fooled myself for a long time about all this “brothers” bullshit, and attempting to “see only the best in people”…) you strayed into the wrong camp of re-enacters. Koehl had a great thing going, by now we would have been huge if he had stayed the course – but, thats another sad story of one man having too much “total power” over a whole ORGANIZATION, and being able to treat it as “personal property”. While we MUST follow the Leadership Principal – NONE of us are another “Hitler” – and NONE of us deserve that amount of “authority and responsibility”. Oh well, I’m going off on another tangent… Let me know if you are ready to take that step, and we’ll get things moving for you. Presently, we have a National Conference scheduled for late spring, perhaps you might attend. Sincerely, ROCK 88!— On Fri, 2/13/09, John Bowles <>wrote:From: John Bowles <>
  959.         Subject: RE: A Question
  960.         To:
  961.         Date: Friday, February 13, 2009, 6:53 PMDear Mr. Suhayda:Thank you for the speedy reply and explanation of what is expected from an ANP Supporter/Member. I applaud your straightforwardness and being a longtime stalwart activist for National Socialism. I like what I read!Best regards,John Taylor Bowles
  963.         Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2009 16:12:30 -0800
  964.         From:
  965.         Subject: Re: A Question
  966.         To:
  967.         Dear Mr. Bowles: Thank you for your interest in the ANP, and the kind words recently mentioned on your blog. As a fellow ex-NSWPP’er – I would be pleased to have another sincere Old Fighter join our efforts. I will be honestly blunt with you however ( and I sincerely do not mean to sound rude or offensive ) you will find that the ANP is NOT like “other” so-called NS orgs of the past/present that have never moved out of Phase One. We have ash-canned “uniforms”, except for our very restrictive “Security Arm” (SA) ONLY – and except for ANP Staff, there are NO “ranks or titles” like Capt., Major, etc et al. IF a Comrade can organize at least three other Comrades into a Cell, then he can be authorised to be a “Cell Leader” – the “highest” form currently for any ANP organizer. An individual starts out as an ANP Official Supporter, IF they have remained in “Good Standing” over a period of one year,( per regular pledges and activism…) – they may apply for Full Membership in the Party. As well, ONLY ANP Staff are allowed to speak publicly for the Party as a policy maker, or spokesperson. Like the old NSWPP, we are very “centralized” oriented – perhaps more so – in these dark days, we certainly do not need “loose cannons” running around, making announcements ala “Mr. Bill Weiss” to name one such individual…that could bring everything/everyone down. I’m sure that you understand my meaning. Neither do we permit any Party adherent to promote their own “website”, “periodical”, etc under the American Nazi Party auspices. The ANP already has a website, and monthly periodical in place. At present, there can be only ONE promotion vehicle of the American Nazi Party – and every adherent is expected to solidly stand behind its efforts and promote it forward. “Ego” and personal hubris, is something that as National Socialists we dis-connect from – our motto is the “COMMON GOOD before PRIVATE INTEREST”. Hence, everyone striving to promote the Party, before their own little “thing” is the proper path to success. When the Party succeeds, we ALL succeed! As well, we do not have these “PO Box/One Man” operations as “contact points” – people are directed to our National HQ, and from there – are then vetted and placed with TRUSTED Comrades, IF they wish to be so placed. We totally believe in the Leadership Principal – in as much that as a Comrade earns trust and shows ability, so he/she is given the authority to wield that responsibility in action. We have a 101% obligation to PROTECT our adherents, not only from the “enemy”, but from all those “dysfunctionals” that infest the reactionary, right-wing. After four decades of “being in this”, and having been through it all myself – I take this responsibility VERY seriously. I am intent in building the ANP into a “real” political party ( like the “main-stream” political whores…) – NOT a costumed, “protest society”, or a “fraternal, social group”. I will carry the baton as far as I can, and eventually pass it on to the “coming man”, when he finally appears on the scene. Thats my “role” in this – to build something serious, worthy, and useful to the dark days facing our Folk. If this sounds like an effort that you would wish to get involved with, then I welcome you. Any other questions that you make like to ask, I will be happy to answer to the best of my ability. You might not like the answers, but I won’t bull-s**t you, I promise. Sincerely, ROCK 88!— On Thu, 2/12/09, John Bowles <>wrote:From: John Bowles <>
  968.         Subject: A Question
  969.         To:
  970.         Date: Thursday, February 12, 2009, 1:05 PMGreetings:I am seriously thinking about joining the ANP. I don’t like floating around out here independently since I got stung by the NSM and the NSOA collapsed because of my having a heart attack (I’m doing great now). If I decide to join would that pose any problems?Best regards,John Taylor Bowles.
  972.     Chapter 15: NSALP members are dropping like flies and trying to turn ANP. While NSALP members bicker, a truce between ANP and NSALP was called by Kleb, with no response from ANP.
  974.         Fw: your issues
  976.             To: Taylor <>
  977.             Subject: Fw: your issues
  978.             From: MJRAM <>
  979.             Date: Tue, 17 Nov 2009 15:23:07 -0800 (PST)
  980.             Dkim-signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=relaxed/relaxed;; s=s1024; t=1258500187; bh=6Kml7CIWPJaUGXuORB8LRIeU4IjCbT2RhakSaBAgKQk=; h=Message-ID:X-YMail-OSG:Received:X-Mailer:Date:From:Subject:To:MIME-Version:Content-Type:Content-Transfer-Encoding; b=Lx3TcbiklGKLxd+mTKY6e3bfSAZVhsSyTxX458knH11m8B1tQoFl1KCFnbLaYG1b3hq4qgcCukPN3PmnysFxOkpccpSDGbGUE/5K+T0btZdEixoDHtY8GgRUaQIS0cXJAXig/a79o9AC1X9qPyY0SDcUIbIQmNZsfidEh5nYA/4=
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  983.         — On Mon, 11/16/09, <> wrote: > From: <> > Subject: your issues > To: > Date: Monday, November 16, 2009, 3:19 PM > Comrade Ramm: > > The porno spam continues on you, Comrade Dan, and COS > Reihl. I have not been able to reach COS Reihl and I > think his e-mail is compromised. > > I had a chance to go see the Chairman before I head > home. I need to take care of some of this outstanding > stuff; my daughter is picking me up on Wednesday for > Thanksgiving. I told the Chairman of your issues in > detail and I think there is a wide gap in understanding and > communication. First, he was way whacked out on > medication from his chemo, so I didn’t push the matter, but > what I got was he was ready to do the final sale, he even > recalled the price was $300 bucks, but at the time, Zogs was > being hacked and they removed that other site and he said he > got a e-mail that was to the effect that that site was gone > forever and that Zogs would be too soon as well. Also > he was dealing at that time with 2 legal threats that he > fended off. > > Now, bare in mind that he that always has about 500 > fucking things going and is not at all tech savvy, so if > anyone even remotely said something that put the thought in > his head that the Shitskin site was kaput, that issue went > off his main agenda. Also keep in mind that was when > we were beginning to be attacked by the trolls and the Stop > the Hate fuckers here in LA. > > Here was his final word on the subject, if he fucked up, he > is sorry, if there is still something to buy, I am to buy > it. You need to let me know and I will send you a > Money Order from back home. I don’t do jew > banks. I still make the VA send me a check, even > though they want a deposit direct at some fucking > bank. Also, the new software, is the same, I need to > know that too. > > That is all I have on that. Like I said, he has a lot > on his mind and he has let his health go over all this shit. > But he is a man of honor that always put things right. > > About your other issues, those are Party issues, first of > all, you called for a knight of the knives on the forum, > that is kinda what we are doing. We are separating the > shithead trash from the real patriots and National > Socialists. We should not allow the true National > Socialists to look bad by the fools. For example, we > could have a whole page of intelligent posts and it only > takes 1 post to makes us look like NSM. Our intent is > not to regulate the writing, but to know who is wanting to > post, i.e., the fools that I have a list of and other > party’s members who do not wish us well, they can do that on > their own forum. The Chairman was not happy about > Bowles either, but Bowles has made his intent clear and he > has done nothing to stop the attacks by HIS party’s > members. He cannot call fro high conduct, and then say > nothing when his members do what he criticizes. > > So far the ANP has not given any reply to our offer of > simply leaving each other alone. > > We have been fair and reasonable and we have allowed far > too much shit by trolls and other groups on our Party’s > forum, they would not allow the same on theirs by us. > There are also the legal things that Krebs will have > to explain. Those are too complicated, I just know > that some of the people whose names were put on the forum > were going to sue us and we had to tell them that it was not > our doing that it was done by others and they insisted that > it was still our fault. Krebs checked it out and found > out that they could nail us for something, he paid some > lawyer he knew who specializes in this shit $1000 to > research it. > > Anyhow, this is all I have on this. > > I have done all I can to address your issues, no fucking > organization is perfect, but we do have to protect what we > have so we can do what we plan. There is a reason why > the others have folded or are flakes and there is a reason > why we are being attacked so much. > > The shit will really hit the fan when the papers file with > the States. > > Its up to you now, I do know this and you can take this for > what it is worth, there have been calls to the Chairman > bitching about Jim Ramm being too rough and demanding that > Jim Ramm be thrown under the bus, and the Chairman has told > those fuckers to get off the bus, I have listened to those > conversations and some of those people were people he really > wanted to keep in the Party. That should tell you > something about where you stand with him. I would > think you may want to give him a second shot at the gun, or > at least wait till he gets out of the VA and talk to him. > > Kurt Williams > NSALP Outreach Director >
  985.         Fw: Re: Covert manifesto
  987.             To: Taylor <>
  988.             Subject: Fw: Re: Covert manifesto
  989.             From: MJRAM <>
  990.             Date: Sun, 15 Nov 2009 03:53:00 -0800 (PST)
  991.             Dkim-signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=relaxed/relaxed;; s=s1024; t=1258285981; bh=BODqHQE4ba648f5vWmJrynE0LPqv1nDa4GsCGI1NjB8=; h=Message-ID:X-YMail-OSG:Received:X-Mailer:Date:From:Subject:To:MIME-Version:Content-Type:Content-Transfer-Encoding; b=VlYXIIwiGLR2V2Bo9EAaiqCYwP8oHNTN4pICH0sh9JEaBDd3O4beD0uG/4kdAbL1l2CJYZ7JJ29H97zI/0E7Vm9jfwAU1XrVqd7gRTVpqkOxbbbnPqZTRLW+MEbk4hBaFgi6/gn/AAtSjtlUjZKD7BgI5JM2u2uRoG6XPvHw0n0=
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  994.         — On Fri, 11/13/09, <> wrote: > From: <> > Subject: Re: Covert manifesto > To: > Date: Friday, November 13, 2009, 10:00 PM > Comrade Ramm: > > I ask that you bare with us and Krebs, he has let his > health go over all this, it took Sarah to get him to go find > out how ill he is. We have been dealing with a lot of > shit and attacks on all fronts, many things we have not put > out there, like the legal threats. > > I think, in all honesty, Krebs just let that slip, not on > purpose. Sometimes you have to keep on his ass. > That doesn’t make him mad at all, he realizes he over > tasks. > > I also don’t think he realizes that web site can be > recovered or is not gone. As I recall, this all > happenbed at the same time zogs got hacked too. > > I will talk to him about it, but I wont see him until > Sunday, his family is being very guarding of him. > > Also, about Bowles and the banning of other Parties > Members, Krebs has always been fond of him, thew new policy > came about by me and Dan. > > It is not our policy to censor any posts, but we do want to > know who is signing up and compare their e-mails and isps to > my list of fags and trolls before they are allowed to > post. I think that is fair. > > Let me try to fix this and I think you should give Krebs > the opportunity to make it right too, he is very strong > supporter of you. > > Kurt Williams > NSALP Outreach Director > > > > > —–Original Message—– > From: “MJRAM” [] > Date: 11/13/2009 11:52 AM > To: “” > <> > Subject: Re: Covert manifesto > > I have the files for shitskin, we just need to find a > domain name and plenty of good ones are available. Let me > stress I’m not going to make this public, I’m not going to > stir up shit but I have been frankly pissed off for two > months now about the shitskin affair. Krebs did agree to > buying it, even thought the domain name is gone the site > could easily be put up on another domain and linked to zog > to pull traffic. > > — On Fri, 11/13/09, > <> > wrote: > > > From: > <> > > Subject: Re: Covert manifesto > > To: > > Date: Friday, November 13, 2009, 3:57 PM > > Comrade Ramm: > > > > you have put a lot out here, much of it will take a > lot to > > address, manmy of the changes have a lot to do with > us > > beginning to get notices of possible court action, > Krebs was > > not going to get into that. > > > > The steps we have taken is far from censor, we are > merely > > not allowing people to use our Forum to continue this > shit. > > > > I instructed Comrade Dan to come up with some tough > > standareds to deal with these issues, he did, which > resulted > > inj the removal of all NSM and ANP Members, Bowles > > included. Ask why do they need to use our Forum > > anyhow? > > > > I don’t have the background on shitskin, I do know > that > > actually Hamilton was the one that actually pushed for > it, > > after he flaked out, Krebs honored the commitment and > was > > going to buy it, then it was reported to him it had > been > > deleted or lost somehow, I don’t know the exact > details. > > > > The current software is my commitment. > > > > Right now, we have to take these efforts, we have this > loon > > group hewre in LA that has been on our ass, we have > the ANP > > that has been on our ass, and we don’t need to allow > our > > sites to be used by any enemies. > > > > Kreb’s concern is that someone will, on purpose do > > something on the site so they can then file a legal > matter > > and try to break us. > > > > I hope you would consider this, before you make a > decision, > > I am not as detailed as Krebs. It seems they > alsways > > throw shit in the fan when he is gone. > > > > Kurt Williams > > NSALP Outreach Director > > > > > > > > > > —–Original Message—– > > From: “MJRAM” [] > > Date: 11/13/2009 07:26 AM > > To:, > > > > Subject: Re: Covert manifesto > > > > When in the Course of human events, it becomes > necessary > > for one person to dissolve the organizational bands > which > > have connected them with another. A decent respect to > the > > opinions of mankind requires that they should declare > the > > causes which impel them to the separation. The time > has come > > that we must part ways and cut the ties that bind. > This > > decision was reached after careful and introspective > > deliberation. > > > > The causes of this separation: > > > > 1. Your organization made a verbal agreement to > purchase > > the Shitskin website for $300, an agreement which you > have > > ignored. You given your word and made a honorable > agreement. > > This is unacceptable behavior for National Socialists. > I > > have continually fulfilled my side of the deal, even > going > > as far as to have your contract notarized. > > > > 2. The NSALP has recently turned the zogsnightmare > > uncensored forum into zogsnightmare censored. Why? > because a > > crackpot posted alleged personal information about > NSALP > > leadership. Information that is without proof of > validity. > > But you soon deleted all the posts. The correct way to > deal > > with crackpots that aren’t violating the rules is to > rip > > them apart with free speech. Your guilty reaction to > > immediately remove the posts tends to confirm their > > validity. Hell, if you ignored them it would have > been > > better, censoring is the worst thing you can do!! > > > > You next requested the ability to pre-screen every > post. we > > have deleted hundreds of sick and twisted posts and > they > > have never lead to such an Orwellian request for > total > > censorship. I informed you that the free software we > > use(SMF) doesn’t have the capability But vbulletin > does. > > Now the party is willing to to pay over 230 bucks to > buy it > > to > > moderate all future posts. This is after the party > reneged > > > > on the Shitskin website deal. > > > > 3. Next, you delete Taylor Bowles account for no > reason > > whatsoever other than he is a member of the ANP. > Taylor > > Bowles has never said a bad word about the NSALP, that > is, > > until you deleted his account. Taylor can’t be held > > responsible for comments someone else makes on his > free > > speech blog, > > anymore than we can for comments someone else makes on > the > > forum. The whole reason for this forum was to allow > > different viewpoints from a racialist perspective. The > rules > > have always been clear: anyone is allowed to > participate > > uncensored, provided they don’t post perversion or > ideas > > which are contrary to National Socialism. Your new > policy of > > allowing only NSALP members to be forum members is > > completely unacceptable to me. > > > > Of course, it’s your forum so you can do whatever you > want. > > > > But that doesn’t mean I will continue as a member, > blindly > > supporting Orwellian policies that I don’t agree with. > I am > > formally resigning from your organization effective > > immediately. > > > > Let me make this abundantly clear: I don’t give two > shits > > if the posts concerning NSALP Leadership are true but > I am > > finished with being an active member in your > organization. > > If you choose to fulfil your verbal agreement and > purchase > > the SKITSKIN website then the possibility exists for > the > > NSALP to utilize my web design and graphic arts > services, > > but as a paid independent contractor. Nor will I “jew > you” > > in costs, > > but I’m not going to work for free for a organization > > > which I no longer belong to. > > > > Nor do I intend to give the NSALP the Jeff Schoep > > treatment. > > You didn’t steal any websites so I’m not going to > start any > > shit. Zogsnightmare is yours and you can do whatever > you > > want to it. > > > > And if you fulfill your end of the Shitskin deal, you > can > > rest assured that none of this information will ever > be made > > public. > > We can then get to work redesigning the site into > whatever > > you want, finding a new domain name (I have some that > are > > better than shitskin!) > > and moving on. > > > > However, I sorry to say, I cannot in good conscious > > continue on > > as a member of your organization anymore. > > > > > > > > > >
  996.         Fw: An Olive Branch
  998.             To: Paul Kozak <>
  999.             Subject: Fw: An Olive Branch
  1000.             From: rocky suhayda <>
  1001.             Date: Fri, 13 Nov 2009 17:16:32 -0800 (PST)
  1002.             Cc: John Bowles <>
  1004.         LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!— On Fri, 11/13/09, NSALPPUBLICATIONS <> wrote:
  1005.         From: NSALPPUBLICATIONS <>
  1006.         Subject: An Olive Branch
  1007.         To:
  1008.         Date: Friday, November 13, 2009, 2:32 AMComrade Suhayda,Since I am a former ANP Supporter, and Chairman Krebs is very ill and now in the VA Hospital, he thought it would be a good idea if I sent you this olive branch from him.BTW, the truth be told, I do not believe you are responsible for the gay porn spamming, nor did you order it. There is the possibility that you have a loose cannon amongst the Official Supporters. You cannot rule that out. Nor can it be ruled out that a third party has engineered this to set us at each other’s throats. If the latter is true, we’ve all been a bunch of suckers for falling for it. But whoever is responsible, it’s time we both ignore the little sick-o, and get back to the real work: Saving our Folk and our country from destruction.Despite how much you disapprove of us, our intentions are truly honest. Please read the letter from Chairman Krebs below. Whether you accept or reject our offer of truce, we would appreciate a reply either way. Chairman Krebs is well enough to have his laptop with him in the hospital, and can respond from there, so you can email him directly. I’m sure you must have his email address. If you prefer, you can respond to me and I can forward your response to him.Whatever you decide, I’m sure you’ll at least think about it before responding. Thank You.Dan Schruender
  1009.         NSALP Director Of Propaganda And PublicationsAN OPEN INVITATION TO THE ANP
  1010.         AMERICAN NAZI PARTYTo our fellow National Socialist Comrades in the ANP-American Nazi Party.At some point, despite, the superficial insults, that all political parties let loose on
  1011.         each other, we realize, as we are sure you do, that you find many aspects of the NSALP
  1012.         appealing, otherwise, the ANP would not be so intrigued by our members, our web site, our
  1013.         forum, our publications and other NSALP plans.We also hope that the actions of some ANP Members that has contributed to the present
  1014.         tense situation between our two Parties may not have been officially sanctioned by the
  1015.         ANP.These actions, all of which are documented include:The posting of gross misrepresentations on NSALP forums.Chain e-mails that have contained fallacious lies, insults, and personal attacks on the
  1016.         NSALP, its Leaders and Members to NSALP members in attempts to recruit NSALP Members into the ANP.Attempts to join NSALP mailing lists for the sole purpose to trawling for new members.Telephone calls by ANP Members to NSALP Members espousing the most incredible stories,
  1017.         falsehoods and fantasies, that Hollywood jews would be embarrassed.The perpetuating of lies and falsehoods first put forth by anti-nationalist groups in Los
  1018.         Angeles, such as Stop the Hate and others regarding our Chairman and other NSALP Leaders.Insults and derogatory comments toward disabled Veterans.Crank telephone calls to the NSALP Office.“Chain” e-mails saying that NSALP Members had joined the ANP, when in reality
  1019.         they had not.This list can go on, but it reflects the most serious issues that have led to the present
  1020.         situation and a series of responses by the NSALP, including the banning of all members of
  1021.         other Parties from the NSALP Forum. Despite repeated attacks, the NSALP Chairman has
  1022.         instructed our Party to cease these silly squabbles and for the NSALP to continue on its
  1023.         path it charted nearly two years ago,The NSALP calls on the ANP to do the same and to engage in a constructive discussion of
  1024.         American National Socialism with us and how our two Parties can move American National
  1025.         Socialism forward, each in our own way without this political cannibalism that only
  1026.         serves the purpose of jews, marxists, and homosexuals that seek to pervert what remains
  1027.         in our society.We, the NSALP have laid out our grievances. We believe we can put these behind for a
  1028.         greater good, the question is can you put whatever your grievances are behind you.
  1029.         Frankly we have no idea why these tactics were brought to bear upon us.Lets us see what we can agree on, such as to cease interfering in each other’s
  1030.         internal affairs and agree to disagree on matters we cannot agree on and see if we can
  1031.         agree on a general direction to bring more American Nationalists into the political
  1032.         arena. Let us agree that our fight is not with each other, but with Jews and those who
  1033.         would end America as a western nation. If either of us would rather fight each other than
  1034.         address this, than we do not deserve to exist.Christopher Krebs
  1035.         General Chairman, NSALP
  1037.     Chapter 16: Bowles tries to get in ex-NSM member matthew ramsey for the ANP. Rocky hates on him hard and , as usual, condescends to Bowles.
  1039.         Re: From J.T. Bowles
  1041.             To: John Bowles <>
  1042.             Subject: Re: From J.T. Bowles
  1043.             From: rocky suhayda <>
  1044.             Date: Sat, 7 Mar 2009 15:12:00 -0800 (PST)
  1045.             Cc: Al S <>
  1046.             In-reply-to: <COL106-W66120BD46D17224CDFBAF5B8A20@phx.gbl>
  1047.             Reply-to:
  1049.         Comrade Bowles: I will try to throw some light on this situation. Mr. Ramm is not being completely honest here, as I requested our Security Head to contact him, and have a discussion about his joining the ANP, which is standard procedure. They had several e-mail exchanges. His views were that he “was not a street activist, rather a computer oriented type individual”, and that his services could perhaps be utilized in that manner best. This is quite acceptable, as we all have our nitch – and I was understood that he was going to “consider” joining. We heard no more from him. My only real concern, was the websites that he operated – zogsnightmare and shitskin – NOT being in the best interests of the ANP per association for both legal and respectability reasons. And I honestly didn’t think that he would wish to give them up, or modify them if requested to do so, as you yourself were quite ready to comply with. To myself – zogs, was NOT an NS website – it was a conglomeration of the “worst” racially-bigoted collection that I ever saw. As well, the collection of just about every “white power” “resource” that he could collect into one website, would confuse the observer into thinking that “AN”, “COTC”, “KKK”, “WAR” etc et al – were blended together, “NS” thinking, which of course is not true. To me, once again NOT trying to be rude – it was an extreme “entertainment” website, geared more towards “net-racists”, and not people who sincerely are seeking to “get involved” in a sincere political party. Now I see that Mr. Ramm is trying to sell them off – I honestly don’t know what to think about his current situation. I myself am quite ready to accept Mr. Ramm into our organization, as long as he, like yourself “conform” to the regulations that WE ALL accept, per building our organization into a REAL Political Party – NOT, another “racist pressure group” – out to “shock” the public. If he prefers the “nsalp”, I’m sorry for him – as per our security information – this outfit is very “odd”, and it raises the hackles of my past 40 years of experience, something isn’t “quite right” about this outfit. Personally, I believe that it is a “false-flag” operation. I am going to cc’ this e-mail to Comrade Kosak as well – and perhaps the two of you might discuss what I have related above – perhaps I’m mis-informed, but I don’t believe so. I have only heard good-things about Mr. Ramm from my Sercurity personnel, how he personally fought off numerous communists singlehanded etc., my only concern is, as it always has been from the begining – protecting the ANP from ANY possible form of enemy/systemite “attacks” by not “leaving any doors open for them to enter” per legal hassles, etc. Mr. Ramm obvously has great computer ablilities – if he is prepared to totally get out of “Phase One” tactical-activities per “shitskin” et al – and devote himself to instead building a “respectable” NS political party, as we are trying to do – I for one would be glad to see him in our ranks. I hope that I have made myself clear without offending anyone, as that surely was not my intention. Sincerely, ROCK PS – Per “talking to a voice on the phone” – whats the PURPOSE? I’ll be blunt here, having two jobs, a family with three kids ( two autistic ), friends, and “other interests” – I have very little, money, or inclination to spend my time talking on the phone 24/7 to folks who “need a little social conversation”. I neither CAN nor wish to seek to have to “convince” anyone to join the Party. They either wish to serve in the ANP, like us all, or they don’t. Unlike “nsm” or 99% of these groups out there – the ANP has no “ranks or titles” that give little ego-boosts, nor do we allow folks to run wild with their “personal agenda’s” or “pet projects” which might jepardize the whole operation. We believe in FAIR dicipline – for both above and below – and a person who seeks to be “active” can BE as active as he/she wishes – in the manner that the organization promotes. In other words – the ANP doesn’t participate in “street activities” any longer – perhaps WHEN we can field an IMPRESSIVE number of Comrades ( like the old White Patriot Party did in the 80′s ) we CAN do that. For now – we PUSH LITERATURE. Getting OUR message DIRECT into the hands of the White masses – not, some jew-twisted version in the enemies media. Believe me Comrade, I am on the phone “too much” already with trusted Party Staff everyday – sometimes neglecting my family to do so. I’m NOT going to “push it” for anybody. Plus, call me “paranoid”, but I don’t “like” phone conversations with people that I don’t know and/or trust. When I joined Rockwell’s Party back in 67′, I never even HEARD from another NS for two years – yet, everyday almost I was out there distributing literature until I had a group of local people joining from my own efforts. This isn’t a “social club” – IF a person REALLY wants to join us, “talking to someone” isn’t going to make that decision for him. Unless, perhaps one is talking to a slick con-man like Dave Duke…THEN, he might get one to sell the farm or something! lol I’m sincerely sorry that Mr. Ramm was burned by Sloop – hell, we ALL have been burned over the years – well haven’t we? But, did we let THAT put us on the shelf? I sure as hell didn’t, neither did YOU……….— On Sat, 3/7/09, John Bowles <>wrote:From: John Bowles <>
  1050.         Subject: From J.T. Bowles
  1051.         To:
  1052.         Date: Saturday, March 7, 2009, 2:07 PMGreetings:I usually don’t intervene in membership situations; but, this time I am going to make a slight exception. Matthew Ramsey (Jim Ramm) wants to join the ANP and I can personally vouch that Matthew throws himself into an organization with a full effort. He has previously contacted the ANP and wants to talk with someone in authority; but, claims no one will talk to him and answer some of his questions. Matthew got burned real bad by the NSM and is hesitant to join another NS organization without talking with a voice. I believe Matthew has a lot to offer the ANP and will conform to ANP policies and tactics. He is terrific with designing computer games and has a lot of computer/video/photography skills, plus isn’t afraid to get into the streets and get his hands dirty (he lives in Michigan). He is basically out there floating around and looking for a NS organization to be a part of and assist and be part of a TEAM. If the ANP doesn’t grab him I believe the NSALP might.Best regards,JT Bowles
  1053.         -88-
  1055.     Chapter 17: Fighting words between Bowles and NSM SC
  1057.         Re: WARNING!
  1059.             To: John Bowles <>
  1060.             Subject: Re: WARNING!
  1061.             From: Jason Tracey <>
  1062.             Date: Wed, 25 Mar 2009 22:08:03 -0400
  1063.             Dkim-signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=relaxed/relaxed;; s=gamma; h=domainkey-signature:mime-version:received:in-reply-to:references :date:message-id:subject:from:to:content-type :content-transfer-encoding; bh=nxhXWVaaQgYkvR1DDRJwCIwsoe4lm3OI7cd3YOGAQ10=; b=RMJMFC51sX9gftrvX19oikrvSBvZeLaRYTzlnkaMME5uJN1CyN5BMAa7gJThY+/nRL o7UgJgUiEehJaMslxJdEVyxyFUKOc39DGsD1pdmUeYge6jpx+Yzy+rLJzg5A6xqzzSgM Elw9aycZ2cc5aRLnyaDQ6i1O1n7dIvaklxsMk=
  1064.             Domainkey-signature: a=rsa-sha1; c=nofws;; s=gamma; h=mime-version:in-reply-to:references:date:message-id:subject:from:to :content-type:content-transfer-encoding; b=vavHSfxPgIpTS40Rngw55t1y5SioDDZneh5/YdhjTWDWnSLu2CxoSraxOdHDhd1aLW VpckztpSjhYgzImDPtzk1gvmVgnclrn/HBpwTVaxRVpxRoMf/TZ5gpsf3Gw7mNu3BItD PkpTDcmkTdsYPU/QvaQctC6MChCcgCIfKCJTE=
  1065.             In-reply-to: <COL106-W6BC8FC49DDDBE47AE28E5B8920@phx.gbl>
  1066.             References: <COL106-W6BC8FC49DDDBE47AE28E5B8920@phx.gbl>
  1070.         On 3/23/09, John Bowles <> wrote: > > You better stay the hell out of my area and face in South Carolina. > _________________________________________________________________ > Hotmail® is up to 70% faster. Now good news travels really fast. > — NSM South Carolina “Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live.” – Adolf Hitler
  1072.     Chapter 18: Bowles kisses rocky’s ass after Rocky Suggests Bowles is too poor to help pay for the white worker. Plus more sht talk on NSALP by Bowles.
  1074.         RE: FROM JT Bowles
  1076.             To: John Bowles <>
  1077.             Subject: RE: FROM JT Bowles
  1078.             From: rocky suhayda <>
  1079.             Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2009 18:09:20 -0700 (PDT)
  1080.             In-reply-to: <COL106-W12F329F8A9FB85D7949AA6B88E0@phx.gbl>
  1081.             Reply-to:
  1083.         Understood Comrade, I simply wish to say its a pleasure fighting side by side with you… Sincerely, ROCK— On Fri, 3/27/09, John Bowles <>wrote:From: John Bowles <>
  1084.         Subject: RE: FROM JT Bowles
  1085.         To:
  1086.         Date: Friday, March 27, 2009, 10:03 AMDear Comrade Suhayda:Thank you for inquiring and your concern. That is why I joined the ANP because the leadership is always concerned with its members and not afraid or ashamed to show it.My finances are okay. When I talk about catch-up time you can understand this because in life you have priorities and you fulfill those main priorities first especially if you have family and children. Then there is a list of back-burner priorities, for me it would be new brake job for the truck, new tire and tune-up, replacing a faltering water well pump. Things you can put aside until the finances are ready.I can pay my pledge every month and enjoy doing so as a National Socialist. It makes be happy and proud to be a OS and know my share helps the ANP.You have no idea of how grateful I am to be a part of the ANP. It feels good to be a part of a TEAM all struggling together for an IDEA and hopefully everyone is on the same page. I want to see the ANP grow – but grow the right way. To have top quality people that work hard and can relate to the average problems that White people are going through. Most other NS organizations lose touch with the White masses and their problems.This is what I plan to do within the next few months for the ANP so you know what I am doing:1.) Of course, pay my pledge and contribute like everyone else for the CAUSE.2.) Mail off 10 swastika flags to help the ANP (probably early next week).3.) Print out a letter of appeal (I’ll let you review it before mailing it) and download an ANP membership application to go with it to those that volunteered for the Presidential campaign. I can’t do a mailing to the contributors (unless they volunteered too)because FEC laws and regulations prohibit it.4.) Put some literature in the Redneck Shop in Laurens, SC in case someone wants information about the ANP. Probably put some membership applications in there too.5.) Contribute two articles or more a month for the ANP magazine.This should keep me busy and focused and hopefully we attract some quality members from it and it helps the ANP grow.Best regards to you and your family,JT Bowles
  1087.         -88-
  1089.         Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2009 16:10:03 -0700
  1090.         From:
  1091.         Subject: Re: FROM JT Bowles
  1092.         To:
  1093.         Dear Comrade Bowles: I am going to ask you something, and please believe me when I say that I don’t mean to intrude upon your personal life, or “embarrass” you in any fashion. You said that you appreciated my candor, so I’ll just get to the point – “if” your finances are in a strained shape ( and believe me, I HAVE “been there”, and are on the border-line even now at times… ) would you like to for-go paying any pledge for a while, and we will consider your contributing your two articles each month for The White Worker as taking care of that end, until you are able to get back on your feet? I know this isn’t sounding quite like I would like it to sound, but I’m personally not in this for the money, and I know how sometimes, how tight things can get for a while. Well, I hope that you take this in the manner that I mean it, and you don’t have to even reply to it – just let me count on your doing your end with the magazine as requested, and once your solidly on better ground, you decide when you can start contributing jew-bucks again. An Old Fighter like you and I deserve a little “consideration” sometimes for “all” that we have done, and would do if we were able – not to mention, all that we DO “do” at present. Dispite all the “crap” and “crapola people” that I have run through in my life, I still place a very special value on those whom I consider my Comrades… I only wish that I could somehow “help” you more – Sincerely, ROCK— On Tue, 3/24/09, John Bowles <>wrote:From: John Bowles <>
  1094.         Subject: FROM JT Bowles
  1095.         To:
  1096.         Date: Tuesday, March 24, 2009, 2:50 PMGreetings:Jim Ramm will hopefully delete my name out of the Zogsnightmare Forum either today or tomorrow. The NSALP Chairman has announced to that Forum his intention of being the new owner. The Forum participants already figured it out. One day things are normal and the following week all these fancy titled NSALP officials arrive in there. It’s not rocket science! The NSALP is trying to calm the fears of a new takeover by acknowledging me leaving has nothing to do with the new ownership. They can say anything they wish as far as I’m concerned. I just don’t want my name associated with it right now.Also, the NSALP Chairman invited me to the NSALP as a key speaker (via e-mail); but, I respectfully declined the invitation. Apparently, the NSALP thinks a PERSONALITY is what they need to draw people in. The IDEA is what should draw them in. The PERSONALITY keeps them enthused, focussed, and in.Right now, I just don’t want to be involved with anyone or anything unless it has to do with the ANP.
  1097.         That doesn’t mean I’m going to be nasty towards other groups; but, I’m not making a special effort to be conciliatory either.Best regards,JT Bowles
  1098.         -88-
  1100.     Chapter 19: Bowles invited to a radio show. Bowles embarrassingly prods the host to ask him questions about his presidential campaign.
  1102.         Re: Interview
  1104.             To: John Bowles <>
  1105.             Subject: Re: Interview
  1106.             From: Jim Swanson <>
  1107.             Date: Thu, 10 Dec 2009 12:47:52 -0800
  1108.             Dkim-signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=relaxed/relaxed;; s=gamma; h=domainkey-signature:mime-version:received:in-reply-to:references :date:message-id:subject:from:to:content-type; bh=VVx49u//xYWqK2Ph2ets3rTll1pbhdtYQCv3QakwmoY=; b=VTcd2AqXEO5Yn4RV2dFmUqzwbImc3Mw3RZTbZq6axL0oBLMdkErOfBsCyLnL5BLo0G dxgGJFphEyEJo7dOkD8M2LAB+s5K/rUJpze6rqbmqO4bg01qWnNBRGt6IcQsDZ6HKkj4 d49i8apbZrf2kpjzcZjky/jS8YJ2FzOk8GH2o=
  1109.             Domainkey-signature: a=rsa-sha1; c=nofws;; s=gamma; h=mime-version:in-reply-to:references:date:message-id:subject:from:to :content-type; b=VxNvGX6dbYSbUCrMg5fiVDWk1M7uGr+A420IElb5/YZRhn2tCdZQ6sn2+Rz//ZBecp EwVBWi42OVvMOBOJ21wsLXC4EOpcWe2xCxOJoKuEiN/+MHj7L7w7Q1IusDiLr7OqEhMu rsQQ+uXLhIvvUNBzS0Co0dBBFGNQycSkxZtsw=
  1110.             In-reply-to: <COL106-W19B1FB819DB6AC65B47C07B88D0@phx.gbl>
  1111.             References: <COL106-W178CA617371CDABE78A8ABB88E0@phx.gbl> <> <COL106-W19B1FB819DB6AC65B47C07B88D0@phx.gbl>
  1113.         I DO realize the opportunity to ask about the 2008 campaign and have already planned to ask some questions. But thanks for bringing it up.
  1114.         I’ll be sure to check out your blog too.
  1116.         Thanks for the info, the coming interview, blog link and all. Very interested to be able to talk to you.
  1118.         Jim Swanson
  1119.         On Thu, Dec 10, 2009 at 12:15 PM, John Bowles <> wrote:
  1121.         Greetings:
  1123.         I will get back to you via e-mail this weekend with a date. You realize this is an opportunity for you to question me regarding my past presidential campaign and what good and bad came out of it, plus the course of action for the future?
  1125.         Visit my Blog at:
  1127.         John Bowles
  1129.         Date: Wed, 9 Dec 2009 15:27:27 -0800
  1130.         Subject: Re: Interview
  1131.         From:
  1132.         To:
  1134.         John -
  1136.         First, January would be fine. I truly am appreciative for your quick response to my email. Please also thank Mr. Suhayda for me, or I can email a thanks to him myself.
  1138.         There’s really not much to doing the interview other than just answering questions. I’d like this to be an informative interview for our listeners and then let them decide (the way I do most “political” interviews).
  1140.         I’d like to interview you by telephone, and if possible a landline, since cellphone quality can really be an “iffy” thing. I like to get the best quality I can.
  1142.         Do you have a particular date in January that you’d be available or would be best for you? Also, what ever time of day that is best for you is fine with me. Since I do the podcast from my studio at home, I’m here all day.
  1144.         Also, I’m on the West Coast so the time difference may be a factor too.
  1146.         best regards,
  1148.         Jim
  1150.         On Wed, Dec 9, 2009 at 12:55 PM, John Bowles <> wrote:
  1152.         NS Greetings:
  1154.         I am former 2008 National Socialist Presidential candidate John Taylor Bowles. American Nazi Party Chairman Rocky Suhayda e-mailed me regarding your wanting to do an interview.
  1156.         I would be happy to do it since I belong to the American Nazi Party. Explain to me what’s involved in doing it and would January be a good time to do it?
  1158.         You can either e-mail me or call me.
  1160.         John Taylor Bowles
  1161.         864-969-3456
  1163.     Chapter 20: Commander Schoep lashes out against the ANP and their claims that he is “race mixing”
  1165.         “I have told people I have 1000 illegal Haitians locked in my basement, they pick cotton on my plantation down in Alabama”
  1169.             To: Michael Cook <>
  1170.             Subject: Re: IS THIS REALLY TRUE ABOUT THE N.S.M, LEADERSHIP?
  1171.             From: Commander Schoep <>
  1172.             Date: Fri, 28 May 2010 04:00:43 -0400
  1173.             Cc:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Ashley Beckham <>, david reihm <>, Greg <>, “hamilton.robert88″ <>, John Bowles <>, SS Werwulf <>, Tom Metzger <>, William Miller <>
  1174.             In-reply-to: <>
  1175.             References: <>
  1176.             Resent-date: Fri, 28 May 2010 01:00:44 -0700
  1177.             Resent-from:
  1178.             Resent-message-id: <BAY0-MC3-F3085564427725ADA559DD1D2EB0@phx.gbl>
  1179.             Resent-to:
  1181.         Mr. Cook,
  1183.         Remove my name, and all NSM related e-mails from your cc list. The NSM does not engage in nor answer to such childish, ridiculous games, rumours, lies, or gossip from a very immature man (John Bowels) who was thrown out of the NSM years ago for theft of several thousand dollars of our cds and shirts, along with other dishonorable behavior. Yes, people should see Bowels blog where he attacks every White Nationalist or National Socialist, even the murdered martyr Terre Blanche (AWB) was attacked on Bowels blog, not to mention he has slandered myself, David Duke, Tom Metzger, Don Black, and just about every known White Nationalist in the United States on that blog. Bowels and the very small collection of freaks that associate with him have clearly shown themselves to be serving the enemies of our Folk.
  1185.         This is not about the NSM, or even those of us who disagree or do not like each other. This is clearly slander, and if I were a fan of the court system I would sue Bowles, and his 3 friends who call themselves the so-called anp.
  1187.         You want facts Cook? I do not have 6 kids, I do not have any negro’s in my family (although that accusation is pretty funny and I have told people I have 1000 illegal Haitians locked in my basement, they pick cotton on my plantation down in Alabama ha ha), and considering the fact that Bowels friend Matt Ramsey (Jim Ramm) posted leaflets all over the Suburbs of Detroit calling me an evil Nazi Racist with pictures of myself and my wife and what he believes to be our home address, and videos all over youtube with that address, any of you anti-racist freaks can certainly find where I am at any time you like and come see for yourself who lives at my home, and we can discuss this in person, not over the internet in the manner of a coward!
  1189.         I do find it interesting that this small collection of so-called anp has made numerous attempts to target my children, my wife, and home. I would expect this type of thing from the jewish defense league, or maybe some of the lower types of ara/antifa scum, but you untermensch targetting my family is downright disgusting!
  1191.         Dishonorable scum will reap what they sew on Judgement day! For some that day may come sooner than they may expect. Again, remove my name and all NSM related e-mails from your gossip column. Jeff Schoep/ National Socialist Movement
  1193.         On Thu, May 27, 2010 at 1:09 PM, Michael Cook <> wrote:
  1194.         Comrade’s political advisor John Taylor Bowles, on his excellent Blog ( see the “links” key on the front page of this website ) – has revealed with much DOCUMENTATION and FACTS – that the so-called “Kommander” JEFF SCHOEP, of the NSM the fellow who abandoned his common-law wife and six kids in Minn. , without ANY kind of support for his children – did so, to MARRY a woman who years earlier had been MARRIED many years to a NEGRO and has a MULATTO CHILD by him!The “Kommander” of this hollywierd nutzi, costumed clown traveling circus – KNEW FULLY WELL IN ADVANCE these “circumstances” , yet somehow “OVERLOOKED” this woman’s
  1195.         RACE-MIXING! Comrades, in the “racial movement”, ESPECIALLY in the NS COMMUNITY – RACE-MIXING IS “THE” LINE THAT WE CAN NEVER FORGIVE OR CONDONE. It MEANS the DEATH of our Folk! Go to Bowles’s Blog and CHECK OUT THE FACTS YOURSELF.YET, just as it did in the beginning with “Satans-gate” – the “MOVEMENT” has IGNORED this revelation – so far. It took the “anti’s” to finally EXPOSE Herrington far and wide as a SATANIST, after we let loose the FACTS – and Schoep CLAIMED he had “retired” from the “nsm” to “quiet the fall-out” – yet, Herrington was just at their recent “L.A, Rally” ! So much for Schoeps LYING once again! WHEN will this SUPPOSED “racial-movement” CAST-OFF this FRAUD, who wears a MASK ala FRANK COLLINS/COHN – PRETENDING to be a “RACIAL-MINDED NATIONAL SOCIALIST”?Is this “movement-wide” SILENCE simply BECAUSE so damn MANY of these creatures have
  1196.         DEEP-DARK SECRETS of their OWN – and its a little game of “I don’t see yours-please don’t see mine”? Or, is it simply the sad fact of “birds of a feather flock together”…What really BAFFLES me, is HOW can ANYBODY who is aware of these FACTS – continue to
  1197.         FOLLOW or allow a RACEMIXER to LEAD a so-called “NS” org? Does it ALL simply come
  1198.         down to the chance to – PLAY DRESS-UP and PRETEND to be “BIG BAD NAZI’S” – over
  1199.         REALLY – BELIEVING in what they CLAIM to believe in…and the former wins with these people?Comrades, I don’t enjoy exposing such garbage, as it shows our Cause in such a bad light that we have such creatures in our midst – but, WE HAVE A DUTY TO CLEAN UP and DISCARD THAT WHICH IS BAD, and THEREFORE – NOT OF US!When Dr. Goebbels first went to Berlin, per Adolf Hitler’s appointment – the VERY FIRST THING HE DID – was to DISCARD 50% of the NSDAP membership as worthless trash. WE NEED TO CLEAN HOUSE AS A MOVEMENT TOO! Only until we “clean up our own backyard” will the White masses take us SERIOUSLY – and we will FINALLY start “getting
  1200.         somewhere”.The ANP is well on its way surging into Phase Two – HOW FAR WE GO – is up to YOU and
  1201.         YOU and YOU! Does it REALLY “need to get worse” for YOU to ACT?For White Worker Power! 88!
  1202.         Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman
  1204.         ANP Report Archives
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  1213.         Commander Jeff Schoep
  1214.         “If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.”
  1215.         National Socialist Movement
  1217.         The information in this email is confidential and may be legally privileged. Furthermore, the NSM is not responsible for the content of this e-mail, and anything written in this e-mail does not necessarily reflect the NSM’s views or opinions. Access to this email by anyone other than the intended addressee is unauthorized. If you are not the intended recipient of this message, any review, disclosure, copying, distribution, retention, or any action taken or omitted to be taken in reliance on it is prohibited and may be unlawful. If you have received this mail in error, please destroy the copy in your possession and notify:
  1219.     Chapter 21: Suhayda tells Bowles how to dress
  1221.         RE: Announcement
  1223.             To: John Bowles <>
  1224.             Subject: RE: Announcement
  1225.             From: rocky suhayda <>
  1226.             Date: Thu, 23 Jul 2009 18:48:06 -0700 (PDT)
  1228.         Comrade: I have full faith in you, and rest assured that you will carry out your program with the proper National Socialist attitude. I do have one request though, I would wish you to dress either in a suit&tie, or your ANP SA uniform, or simply in civvies…I would prefer that no ANP personell utilize the black&tan of the “old days”, as unfortunately its too closely associated with the negative image that was created by the “nsm” clowns. Otherwise, I’m leaving your activities control to the ‘people on the ground’. Perhaps, when we meet in Nov., you can give me a few “pointers” on properly dealing with present-day, “southern klan” types. In early August, we will send you a parcel of various ANP literature/materials for you to display. Anything else that we can do, please let me know. Your two posts are showing a lot of hits, apparently there IS some positive interest in NS “Down South”… Sincerely, ROCK 88!— On Thu, 7/23/09, John Bowles <> wrote:
  1229.         From: John Bowles <>
  1230.         Subject: RE: Announcement
  1231.         To:
  1232.         Date: Thursday, July 23, 2009, 5:19 PMDear Chairman Suhayda:I talked to John Howard today and everything is on schedule for the August 29th event.I realize that with a title goes responsibility. I won’t let anyone down.It appears the NSM is having a fit because I selected a weekend they had something planned for the South only 3 1/2 hours away. Oh well! They don’t own the calendar. Schoep planned his event as a big NSM invasion into the South and now is whining about the ANP blocking his shot and drawing activists away from his booze and band activities.Kevin Brannen sent me a few names of possible new members that might join the ANP. I’m going to contact them about it.Take care,SAman Bowles
  1234.     Chapter 22: Kevin swift is kicked out for not being a big enough man
  1236.         Re: 9th Annual White Unity Christmas Party
  1238.             To: John Bowles <>
  1239.             Subject: Re: 9th Annual White Unity Christmas Party
  1240.             From: rocky suhayda <>
  1241.             Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2011 18:56:25 -0700 (PDT)
  1242.             Authentication-results:; sender-id=temperror (sender IP is; dkim=pass; x-hmca=pass
  1243.             Dkim-signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=relaxed/relaxed;; s=s1024; t=1318643785; bh=QhKDkZ1iVzQAkJhzIvDEIav7e5Tb+GhJuveIRyGIj5U=; h=X-YMail-OSG:Received:X-Mailer:Message-ID:Date:From:Subject:To:In-Reply-To:MIME-Version:Content-Type; b=6TyQpNTdJbY/a2IeOIHfbJz6K/TeArVJ1mN31YABbRgDIAo0YWu9koC280QR/bdRXKBHCvFaNp/ytAKt9Z1ARcgsm9z41H2g2LLluzre3s6bEtHn1F9eN46PcXdiX//SwynuK22Jb7Z0CGbhCVaBlZ6gbVHHG2DGLx5RIuVkn00=
  1244.             Domainkey-signature: a=rsa-sha1; q=dns; c=nofws; s=s1024;; h=X-YMail-OSG:Received:X-Mailer:Message-ID:Date:From:Subject:To:In-Reply-To:MIME-Version:Content-Type; b=d51g3bd1rLkHEswmbH0as1CPCVXKTMY0f07uzS1ZCx/gawcAQOfWxQzO1IohK1JVFi9RFue3bvnWJDHcaOelwUMtEVl+RdrfAp2vvZ0XR7K9G8gqGTurBWDZhePlroRg3XxmLAV6xBRSuq8obKJZ2nT/LlDQManRTij1jlvmito=;
  1245.             In-reply-to: <COL106-W20319F1C2C62E83FA88695B8FD0@phx.gbl>
  1247.         Comrade Bowles: We will start putting some real effort in promoting your Dec event, I talked with Axl and he intends on putting an “ad” on the front-page of the website as I requested. I heard from those two girls from NC that attended the July event in SC – they are both still very up-beat and paid pledges, ordered lit, and an ANP flag – they also stated that they returned Jeffy’s nsm-patches to him that were given to them at the Tenn “march” – bet THAT rots his socks! LOL Axl reported that they were interested talking with him about attending the Dec event – so that gives you Comrades Killgore, Dale Rich. the two-girls so far, along with some other new ( and old) people in SC/NC that I’m hoping Killgore will be able to organize by that time. Hopefully you’ll have some support this year, expecially since Kevin Swift is considered gone… Per Swift, I’m forwarding an e-mail to you that I sent him in reply to another one of his “please comisserate with me” wet blankets. I understand that I gave him “tough love”, but its also how I feel – I’m sending it to you, simply because he was/is your friend, and I thought you might need a “heads up” on my point of view in case he starts blubbering to you about how Rock raged on him. Personally I like Kevin and was always proud of him, but this “state” that he’s fallen into rubs me the wrong way – hell, we ALL got “problems” – but a MAN ( which I thought of him as ) gets OVER it and deals with life – whatever choice do we have? I received your article for the White Worker – its EXCELLENT! Right up my alley. It will be in this months issue. What I would suggest. is that at least once a month – you embed an article on your blogsite “explaining” the Xmas Event , WHERE it is held, etc et al – for all the newbi’s out there who honestly have no idea about the “Redneck Shop” – perhaps do the same on VNN and Strormfront? White folks are so “childlike” that we need to “explain” like we would be talking to a five year old. And repeat it OVER and OVER again. Tell about the SAFE location and parking, Santa and the Christmas tree. NORMAL festivities – not a “hate fest” filled with blaring bone-head “music” and “nigger-kike speeches”. I know – you’ve “done that” – but, we have to do it even MORE. I will start promoting it in my ANPReports as well as the magazine – perhaps the RADIO-SHOW would be another place to promote it? With SO FEW “WN” events anymore – “movement” folks in any case, OUGHT to be hungering for some DECENT event to fellowship. I still believe that it was the WEATHER that fucked us up in July, otherwise we would have had a breakthrough. In any case tell me what you think, what if anything you want ME to do – and I’ll try. Sincerely, ROCK 88! PS – My e-mail to Kevin has NOT been circulated – I’m NOT out to “humiliate” him, or harm him in any manner. In fact, I HOPE that he starts to “man-up” and eventually returns…who knows.
  1249.         Re: KEVIN SWIFT FROM ROCK
  1251.             To: John Bowles <>
  1252.             Subject: Re: KEVIN SWIFT FROM ROCK
  1253.             From: rocky suhayda <>
  1254.             Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2011 18:59:40 -0700 (PDT)
  1255.             Authentication-results:; sender-id=temperror (sender IP is; dkim=pass; x-hmca=pass
  1256.             Dkim-signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=relaxed/relaxed;; s=s1024; t=1318643980; bh=Qm865gCYkUXpep+0Ul3sxIRQ/yFYCOdf8KwTuyuuYVU=; h=X-YMail-OSG:Received:X-Mailer:Message-ID:Date:From:Subject:To:MIME-Version:Content-Type; b=RpdS3cE+K8Ok0Fk9HVGDQ+4htkp75+tq7vmOL8FT5eo9uI7AATg/LrDHrCEJNLcUQiAUi9kaU5bjc4sLu/fXXTrBJHtv/BEnj2Qjm0mNmuYe21WIsO2rcltVGmb0kN1sFTzFWIQNoIvlO2OPWAM5aDbwfxWpbwTqz2Us8JH1sDQ=
  1257.             Domainkey-signature: a=rsa-sha1; q=dns; c=nofws; s=s1024;; h=X-YMail-OSG:Received:X-Mailer:Message-ID:Date:From:Subject:To:MIME-Version:Content-Type; b=v4ZTFjwkCVlV6WyXln30y0ZC1VvzuO9e4Xh7edxiPxF2q5sD2AovZ0NgGPCNrSBP0gG43bUFvEF5Vd3JhHFzSKkuAbICbQymbpmvTepalMN7AeO5WHJCyBS7rVQZC41BtpXuNzNDMK+cGDUgfYtAvs8oqlWYQ2SFrOn7tVVuwjk=;
  1259.         — On Tue, 10/11/11, rocky suhayda <> wrote:
  1260.         From: rocky suhayda <>
  1261.         Subject: Re:
  1262.         To: “Kevin Swift” <>
  1263.         Date: Tuesday, October 11, 2011, 2:55 PM
  1265.         Dear Kevin: I will give you some “blunt” talk. YOU are your own worst “enemy”. Your situation is NOT caused by ANY of the “problems” that you perceive – its caused by your allowing yourself to sink down into that level of “depression” where you now find yourself. Look – lets SEE “what” you DO “have going for you”. (A) Your BIG , STRONG and HEALTHY. ie “NORMAL” White male. (B) YOU can READ and WRITE. (C) YOU are fairly decent-looking. (D) YOU have a JOB. Need I go on? MY two SONS on the other-hand, are AUTISTIC – while 15 & 17 both are apparently going to be “child-like” their entire LIVES. I still have to WIPE the older boys ASS when he takes a crap. Unless some MIRACLE occures medically or otherwise – THEY will NEVER – DRIVE a CAR, HOLD a JOB, even be able to TALK properly…. and YOU THINK YOU HAVE IT SOOO “BAD”? How would YOU like to be in THEIR shoes? Or, MINE? QUIT being such a frigging WIMP and GET OVER your “problems” whatever THEY are supposed to be. I sure wouldn’t want the present “YOU” on a wagon-train headed West in the pioneer days – whining and moaning – or, IF we were together on the Russian Front facing the WEATHER and the DEPRIVATIONS and the SOVIETS – I would rather be ALONE in my fox-hole than have to DEPEND on YOU to “be there for me” when the shit hit the fan. Look, ONCE I was PROUD to know you and call you MY “COMRADE” – now, I’m ASHAMED – FOR YOU – whatever you’ve become! YOU dare call yourself a “NATIONAL SOCIALIST”? WHAT KIND – a “NSM’er”? You aren’t ACTING like a National Socialist are you? Adolf Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf that “OBSTICLES DO NOT EXIST TO BE SURRENDERED TO, BUT ONLY TO BE OVERCOME!” A National Socialist – no matter HOW MANY or WHAT KIND of “PROBLEMS” he or she might face – STRIVES to OVERCOME THEM. IF NOT YOU – then WHO? Are YOU frigging AUTISTIC too? Need Old Dad to come and wipe YOUR ass? OK – thats enough….you must GET MY POINT. What I have written above is for YOUR OWN GOOD. Coddling you and “comiserating” with you is OVER. YOUR a MAN in MY eyes – ACT like ONE. I’m an old man going on sixty next year. I don’t have a decent job to provide for my family as they deserve, and THATS my “future”. My future is also that I’m going to have two “GROWN” young men on my hands till the day I die – and WHAT HAPPENS TO THEM WHEN I’M GONE? YOU got “problems”? Kevin, I don’t want to hear from you again – UNTIL you tell me that your back in the saddle, and are going to HELP this OLD MAN to achieve “OUR DREAM”. IF it IS still your dream too… I honestly wish you all the best, but if you’ve “surrendered” to “life” ALREADY – what are you gonna do when it REALLY get rough, as its going to… Sincerely, ROCK 88!— On Tue, 10/11/11, Kevin Swift <> wrote:
  1266.         From: Kevin Swift <>
  1267.         Subject:
  1268.         To: “Rocky Suhayda” <>, “Paul Kozak” <>
  1269.         Date: Tuesday, October 11, 2011, 1:31 PMDear Rock,I just wanted to send you an email on my current situation. I have been talkin to Paul a bit and he really got me thinkin, yes he is right there is little in my life to fight for without the party, but as I’ve noticed in the past months I don’t have the drive, the burning passion anymore. I don’t know if this is the depression talking- due to I don’t sleep much anymore and I’m down to a single good meal a day. I remember the main focal point on recruits (of course I am not the standard of recruits due to my outstanding past with the party) that quality is far more important then quantity. I’m not trying to sit back and make excuses far as not making a return. I told Paul as we discussed that I should just get back in a small bit at a time, back in good standing and so forth. I thought about it and a lot but without the basic motivation I’m lost on involvement. I have a deep love for the party and as you do know a die-hard devoted national socialist.I am very open and I encourage any comments or advice you may have.Kevin Swift
  1271.     Chapter 23: Paul Hates on Kevin Brennan over who he associates with
  1273.         Kevin Brannen
  1275.             To:
  1276.             Subject: Kevin Brannen
  1277.             From: Paul Kozak <>
  1278.             Date: Sun, 6 Jun 2010 12:54:57 -0700 (PDT)
  1279.             Cc:
  1280.             Dkim-signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=relaxed/relaxed;; s=s1024; t=1275854097; bh=k7ZWulP5eMTCSjGvN0LXF+VObYkcXCcDEAXYs1WSEmI=; h=Message-ID:X-YMail-OSG:Received:X-Mailer:Date:From:Subject:To:Cc:MIME-Version:Content-Type; b=zuvwbauWGQSq91fUvpiA3tuSOp1TBQM/Z6ygUCelF7VyVhU1Ug95Z4u2pUr6K0NLxZB1ATm5aKQCNHApJ9HczpsAZAVN2eKiTvE9xTcMfkaSzTrEmwlBVuhRSc2aGlRG3CBY3Q3/QQoyx+YoSxN7NvuV/EsHgrIVKkMhNslJ1hc=
  1281.             Domainkey-signature: a=rsa-sha1; q=dns; c=nofws; s=s1024;; h=Message-ID:X-YMail-OSG:Received:X-Mailer:Date:From:Subject:To:Cc:MIME-Version:Content-Type; b=ieKa5zOB7Espg9L8tj6AK8CDIM1WPOfow3OQFd6W//IWr0QOG9PpK2aVBn+DUpXThbJd3nu9pNDPH2mwD4HfngX4cxnVTrHhKaC4i1xk+uev3cRg2k2LvJs5E8UYa1IqsJieOotj9yORDbJRgEdMF6IZfhGuwgqj7QWckR7q43o=;
  1283. at this shit! One of his “friends” on Facebook is a lesbian bitch who put on there her pic where she is sucking another bitch’s foot! And she is a “friend” of a “good Christian” Kevin Brannen… What a fucking hypocrite!!!SA Leader Kozak
  1285.     Chapter 24: Bowles daughter Chelsea threatens to kill herself cuz they wont let her call her boyfriend.
  1287.         “I wonder if the State of Delaware Sanitarium would take her for a time to help her? Why not. She is going to fail school anyhow.”
  1289.         RE: FROM DIANA
  1291.             To: “‘John Bowles’” <>
  1292.             Subject: RE: FROM DIANA
  1293.             From: “Diana Brittingham” <>
  1294.             Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2010 13:27:17 -0400
  1295.             In-reply-to: <COL106-W2884489A33E46024BE9B64B8020@phx.gbl>
  1296.             References: <000d01cae6f3$a6e4e2e0$f4aea8a0$> <COL106-W2884489A33E46024BE9B64B8020@phx.gbl>
  1297.             Thread-index: Acrm98FtfuN/NqQMS3iANnBRogDVCAAAD3eg
  1299.         CAN YOU GET ME MORE INFORMATION ON THAT?From: John Bowles []
  1300.         Sent: Wednesday, April 28, 2010 1:24 PM
  1301.         To: Diana Brittingham
  1302.         Subject:RE: FROM DIANADiana:A theat made by her to kill herself is suicidal and I wonder if the State of Delaware Sanitarium would take her for a time to help her? Why not. She is going to fail school anyhow.JOHN
  1304.         From:
  1305.         To:
  1306.         Subject: FROM DIANA
  1307.         Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2010 12:55:48 -0400
  1313.     Chapter 25: Bowles tells Rocky to only commit him to said events for 2011. It appears Bolwes feels Rocky is abusing his commitment.
  1315.         A request
  1317.             To: <>
  1318.             Subject: A request
  1319.             From: John Bowles <>
  1320.             Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2011 20:01:33 -0500
  1321.             Importance: Normal
  1323.         NS Greetings:I have a request. Please don’t commit me to anything other than the following for 2011:January 4th High School Meeting With Students – DoneMay High School Meeting With StudentsJuly National ANP Conference in SCDecember 10th / 9th Annual White Unity Christmas PartyOf course, the ANP can use the meeting hall in SC anytime. Kevin and his team can set things up ahead of time without my presence.REASON: My health and age and distance travelling (gas prices going up, etc) are factoring in on this decision. Four events a year is my maximum capability.SA Political Advisor Bowles
  1325.     Chapter 26: Bowles request Kevin swift for ANP. Paul talks shit.
  1327.         “I just cannot believe that the “nsm” would appoint someone without a valid driver’s license and unable to operate a motor vehicle as a chief of your security!”
  1329.         RE: 1) ANP SA uniform; 2) Comrade Swift
  1331.             To: John Bowles <>
  1332.             Subject: RE: 1) ANP SA uniform; 2) Comrade Swift
  1333.             From: Paul Kozak <>
  1334.             Date: Fri, 15 May 2009 10:53:28 -0700 (PDT)
  1335.             Dkim-signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=relaxed/relaxed;; s=s1024; t=1242410009; bh=8cHRPmRgaz6CPcmVfiztXj+wkArHKm8otLqZ94KaxE0=; h=Message-ID:X-YMail-OSG:Received:X-Mailer:Date:From:Subject:To:MIME-Version:Content-Type; b=MkixT7Gq/ULFB4vlXa8NKYvyUFdAZBtWvHCHG1gHM0aINFJBCeH18MGFC7+e4gyiHOSQ6Az2f/WfxBh1rJXQnQqeZgLcJfmZOlIqcgO4sXalTTlxQ+ZZcyy+k8RHupHCTXxCa+SxMEb5a62UtsFZ9eVdYfKDjcZ60rL9whl3IqY=
  1336.             Domainkey-signature: a=rsa-sha1; q=dns; c=nofws; s=s1024;; h=Message-ID:X-YMail-OSG:Received:X-Mailer:Date:From:Subject:To:MIME-Version:Content-Type; b=O2xsE5DOABnLeT8CzYOvyHxORyg1AGHgUHfWERFv4rAK2eLtn+pdHXgy9/l0szOPiAy4eXN8nAPQWhA0FkrnInd6lhpodJCi0Z/tZU9Rd2+V/4YJeqJUFkwj9YHAJ9j3J6QChpCD+hRgtRlQKw/91ZCx9uIK4ebtvQ/My9Ug2zQ=;
  1338.         Dear Comrade BowlesThanks for the update, I will purchase our pins from a different source then. I just cannot believe that the “nsm” would appoint someone without a valid driver’s license and unable to operate a motor vehicle as a chief of your security!Unfuckingbelievable!! Well, if they cannot give enough respect to someone with your credentials and background, we certainly will. Heil Hitler! Paul— On Fri, 5/15/09, John Bowles <> wrote:
  1339.         From: John Bowles <>
  1340.         Subject: RE: 1) ANP SA uniform; 2) Comrade Swift
  1341.         To:
  1342.         Date: Friday, May 15, 2009, 9:03 AMDear Comrade Paul:I will start putting the uniform together. The swastika pins that Mr. Howard has are 1″ and too big.Kevin Swift has learned to drive and obtained a drivers license and vehicle for travel. I will inform Mr. Swift to communicate with you if he desires a position in the ANP regarding security.Best regards,JT Bowles
  1343.         -88-
  1345.         Date: Thu, 14 May 2009 21:44:29 -0700
  1346.         From:
  1347.         Subject: 1) ANP SA uniform; 2) Comrade Swift
  1348.         To:
  1349.         Dear SAman Bowles1) The patch that Brother Howard has in his store is not the one we can use. I already send you the design of our SA patch, it is available from, $6, S&H included (good deal, I think.) We are not affiliated with micetrap in any way, shape, or form, but they have those patches, and the price is the best, so you should get one from them. It will have to be attached to your right sleeve, 4″ from the top of the sleeve.Start putting together your uniform, time does fly!We will issue everyone an armband, a pin (BTW, did you measure those pins in Mr Howard’s stock?? They have to be 3/4″ wide if we buy them,) and a plain black security style ball cap. Of course we will not charge a penny for those items, unlike “komander kike,” we are Aryan! LOL. You will have to get for yourself:i) a pair of black polished boots;ii) a black belt (cross-strap is optional;)iii) a pair of black BDU pants, clean and pressed;iv) a black poly uniform style tie (if you have no cross-strap, it will have to be tucked inside your shirt or worn with a silver tie bar;)v) a black police /security style long sleeved shirt (if you have no idea where to get it, let me know, I will recommend you an online vendor.) The ANP SA patch is to be attached to the right sleeve, 4″ below the top of the sleeve. Tucked out BDU shirts are NOT authorized!!!vi) You can (and should) wear your USAF ribbons. Medals are NOT authorized at this time. The only other decorations / awards authorized for the ANP SA uniform are:a) The original ANP awards issued by the late Cmdr Rockwell (if an original certificate is provided;)b) The awards issued by Organization of Former SS Members, with certificates / affidavits of the superior Officer issuing the award.Any awards / decorations issued by any other group (KKK, NSWPP, NSPA, NSRP, NSM, etc, are NOT authorized, and will never be.AND PLEASE, MEASURE THOSE PINS!!!2) If you were “expelled” from the “nsm,” it is almost like”a badge of honor” for us at the ANP!!! You must have done something right then. Now, IF Comrade Swift would like to be considered for the ANP SA, he should write me, and we will discuss the procedure. What did you mean: “learned to drive??” You meant him or his gf?Hope you are doing OK. Heil Hitler! Yours Paul— On Thu, 5/14/09, John Bowles <> wrote:
  1350.         From: John Bowles <>
  1351.         Subject: From JT Bowles
  1352.         To:
  1353.         Date: Thursday, May 14, 2009, 8:23 PMDear Comrade Paul:The eagle patch is about 3 5/8″ long and 3″ wide ($4). John Howard said he doesn’t know a hat printer/distributor…Kevin Swift (25) mailed his OS application in this past Tuesday. He and I talked today and he wasn’t brought into the NSM SS by Brunson; but, by Carlson. He only saw Brunson once at a rally and didn’t talk to him. He resigned from the NSM when other NSM members en-massed resigned & phoned him and told him what happened to me (expelled). He is doing well now. He works and has a girlfriend (18) thats neutral with the politics, and lkearbned to drive. I informed him he has to prove himself like anyone else to get responsibility and rank in the ANP.Best regards,JT Bowles
  1354.         -88-
  1356.     Chapter 27: Bowles owes tax money. Confirms address and social security number
  1358.         RE: Question
  1360.             To: “John Bowles” <>
  1361.             Subject: RE: Question
  1362.             From: “Individual Income Tax” <>
  1363.             Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2010 10:17:52 -0400
  1364.             In-reply-to: <COL106-W481AFA538A8252BD03DC0FB82F0@phx.gbl>
  1365.             References: <COL106-W481AFA538A8252BD03DC0FB82F0@phx.gbl>
  1366.             Thread-index: AcrDnORv1duJGZb3TianyoBVbgQPqAAq8HWw
  1367.             Thread-topic: Question
  1369.         Your balance is $836.10. The mailing address is as follows: SC Department of Revenue, PO Box 125, Columbia, SC 29214. Please reference your receivable number – 03983587-0.Renee HarrisIndividual Income Tax Section
  1371.         From: John Bowles []
  1372.         Sent: Sunday, March 14, 2010 1:36 PM
  1373.         To: Individual Income Tax
  1374.         Subject: Question
  1376.         Hi:
  1378.         I owe South Carolina some tax money and need to know what it is. I want to pay it off in whole. Please let me know how much and where I can mail what I owe?
  1380.         John Bowles
  1381.         102 Old Depot Road
  1382.         Enoree, SC 29335
  1383.         864-969-3456
  1385.         SSN-219764273
  1388.     Chapter 28: Bowles tells rocky he fears an attack on the ANP event by the NSM
  1390.         From:John Bowles
  1392.         Subj: RE: NSM
  1394.         Date: 11/24/11 9:14:29 AM
  1396.         Show details
  1398.         Your right! That’s unfamiliar territory for them and they wouldn’t know what to expect coming onto PRIVATE PROPERTY in the back.
  1400.         JTB
  1402.         Date: Thu, 24 Nov 2011 04:59:17 -0800
  1403.         From:
  1404.         Subject: RE: NSM
  1405.         To:
  1406.         PLUS, lets be honest, they wouldn’t have any POLICE PROTECTION or a CAGE to hide in. You haven’t a cage laying around anywhere do you? LOL ROCK 88!— On Wed, 11/23/11, John Bowles <> wrote:
  1407.         From: John Bowles <>
  1408.         Subject: RE: NSM
  1409.         To:
  1410.         Date: Wednesday, November 23, 2011, 4:40 PMGreetings:True! Also, an attack would be considered an attack on a KLAN.JTB
  1412.         Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2011 12:03:48 -0800
  1413.         From:
  1414.         Subject: Re: NSM
  1415.         To:
  1416.         Dear Comrade Bowles: I seriously doubt if the nsm would ever dare attack an ANP event. More than likely, they are holding it in hopes of lessening our numbers of people attending by having a competing event in the area… ROCK 88!— On Tue, 11/22/11, John Bowles <> wrote:
  1417.         From: John Bowles <>
  1418.         Subject: NSM
  1419.         To:
  1420.         Date: Tuesday, November 22, 2011, 6:07 PM
  1422.         Greetings:
  1424.         I see the NSM all of a sudden having something a hundred miles from out event on the same day. Behind the scenes I am being told they separately plan to attend ours and trash it. Schoep will coordinate things from Eastern Georgia while his lackeys take the assualt. This is Schoeps clever way of getting manpower down there and drunk to do something I believe.
  1426.         NSM Martyr’s Day Gathering in the South
  1428.         - Announcement -
  1430.         We are holding a Martyr’s Day gathering in Eastern Georgia on Dec. 10th, to honor Col. Wild Bill Hoff and Robert Mathews, both who left this mortal world on Dec. 8th. Each year Nationalists in the area have held celebrations to honor our brave soldiers who have gone on ahead to the next world. This year the invitation is extended to those who wish to honor them. Speaking at this event will be Commander Schoep as well as others. There will be a meeting and after party with food and fireworks. Free Camping or Motel info is available:
  1432.     Chapter 29: Bowles gets lippy w. rocky
  1434.         From:John Bowles
  1436.         Subj: E mails
  1438.         Date: 11/20/11 2:31:30 PM
  1440.         Show details
  1442.         NS Greetings:
  1444.         I believe all these e-mails from ANP personnel to other wannabe NS organization should stop. You don’t see me falling into that bull-crap game because I have nothing I ever want to communicate to them. They now have an e-mail from Dan posting it from 10 days ago. The only person that should contact any other organization should be the Chairman or if he authorizes someone to do so. Just my opinion.
  1446.         Seems when the NSALP gets an e-mail from Paul or Dan or any ANPer they consider that making them credible because we bow and bring ourselves to their level to communicate.
  1448.         JTB
  1450.     Chapter 30: ANP not interested in working with Road Disciples MC of SC
  1451.     From: Eric Meadows <>
  1452.     Subject: Greetings
  1453.     To:
  1454.     Date: Saturday, November 6, 2010, 12:27 PM
  1456.     I am a representative of the Road Disciples MC based out of South Carolina and a founding member of the Southern Cross Militant Knights of the Ku Klux Klan once based out of Ft Payne Al. Our leadership is interested in building and keeping a working relationship with the racialist organizations across the great state of South Carolina. We believe that by working together we can assist one another in simular goals and interests.
  1458.     We would like to set-up a meeting at a location of your choice in order to discuss this possibility in person.
  1460.     Feel free to contact me via the website linked or via this email. I look forward to hearing from you on this matter.
  1462.     AKIA,
  1464.     Eric “Grinch1%er”
  1466.     • To: John Bowles <>
  1467.     • Subject: Fw: Greetings
  1468.     • From: rocky suhayda <>
  1469.     • Date: Sat, 6 Nov 2010 09:55:06 -0700 (PDT)
  1470.     • Cc: Paul Kozak <>
  1471.     • Dkim-signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=relaxed/relaxed;; s=s1024; t=1289062507; bh=JLx3uL+C4aUof4u/c7V0uolhSaU63xhpO2lEJRS9mOI=; h=Message-ID:X-YMail-OSG:Received:X-Mailer:Date:From:Subject:To:Cc:MIME-Version:Content-Type; b=mMz1bWTkx11GEHpFIjA1eu2LX0pE0Ll5BomEeoxy+UddCuuzd4PNWOR/NglQpY8zB3OFKdQG40X1hVu3XvCil117CDMHVpP+vH/U+Am7Ta3dv78nvuYBMmY2i4NTXVnzqXKkyLWGwDgQibyZmk+uZPby/KMY74hBGiKuOAJ2Yoo=
  1472.     • Domainkey-signature: a=rsa-sha1; q=dns; c=nofws; s=s1024;; h=Message-ID:X-YMail-OSG:Received:X-Mailer:Date:From:Subject:To:Cc:MIME-Version:Content-Type; b=dl0nXF6C50/lGeA1T8lnXH9GU2hnCPuoieTtuTxtQZb8Ms32R9EpwPaVilEbLaLzWcHgoIFIX4SRCfN5bCm/YbDN6cBzJ975N2x3gzccKwrLJOAMai+nfqkis8Aaq6NWSg8WoTkKFdioydxhb5S0WwU9Qo85Vwc4vx4EYVyVI3E=;
  1474.     Comrades: I received this today – personally, I’m not very interested in bikers, and “all the possibilities” that they bring with them, but your thoughts…? ROCK 88!
  1476.     Chapter 31 – Bowles receives email talking shit on “Mick the Mick” Mick O’Malley of NSM
  1478.     From: John Bowles <>
  1479.     Subject: FW: Details of NSM Nazi’s sad life
  1480.     To:,
  1481.     Date: Friday, October 23, 2009, 6:29 AM
  1483.     I received this today.
  1485.     Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2009 15:38:12 -0700
  1486.     Subject: Fwd: Details of NSM Nazi’s sad life
  1487.     From:
  1488.     To:
  1490.     Here’s the text of a flyer being circulated ahead of NSM’s Riverside event- it seems Mick O’Dell is not a happy camper. See what he thinks of fellow NSM’ers like Joe Chelminsky.
  1492.     ———- Forwarded message ———-
  1493.     Local neo-Nazi shows his vulnerable side on MySpace
  1494.     What does it take to make a successful Nazi stormtrooper? A bloodcurdling growl, big gleaming boots, and black slacks with an ambiguously tight seat? Alas, it isn’t all blood ‘n’ guts, as the MySpace page of San Francisco’s own spokesman for the National Socialist Movement, or NSM (not to mention “One of Lower Nob Hill’s most eligible bachelors “) makes pitifully clear at (Fear not; if he erases his page, all of its contents have been archived off-site.)
  1495.     The lovelorn mickthemick (Michael O’Dell, a resident of 1020 Hyde Street, Apt. 1), spills his heart out about his disastrous love life and takes digs at comrades who’re just in it for the hunky uniform, while lamenting that “My life is out of control. I don’t have any friends. I don’t have much of a future.” He posts a drunken video to his would-be Russian internet bride, hoping that’ll change, alongside a heart-wrenchingly sad Valentine’s Day video literally begging for a woman, any woman, to sleep with him.
  1496.     Michael’s most important mission is the establishment of the Fourth Reich, and he does get down to business at times to mention some of the difficulties that lie on that path. Of his fellow Nazi Joseph [Chelminski], of the East Bay branch, Mick writes “I am now convinced that kid is a fetishist… I really think that he joined up so he could run around in a Nazi uniform. He’s a total douche bag. I don’t understand what he sees in the brown shirt anyway. I feel like a tool in mine…” (For more on Joseph, see our upcoming flyer about his homoerotic penis drawings posted online. The numerous illegitimate children of the NSM’s California head, to whom he does not pay child support, will be the topic of yet another flyer).
  1497.     It’s tough work, keeping the Mexicans out in order to preserve America’s high intellectual level – the sort of intellect represented by a fellow self-assigned border patrol member who “is dumber than shit. I mean he’s pig ignorant. I don’t want to be in a unit with these clods.” For a future leader of the New Order, though, Michael is surprisingly whiny about the work expected of him. After the farcical incident with his “pig ignorant” pal, he writes “I talked to [witheld] about these guys. I gave him the lowdown on what happened. [witheld] said it’s up to me to take the lead and seize the initiative. He said that next time I should prepare something to say and make a speech to the group, which I don’t want to do. I did not sign on to this thing to make speeches – I signed on to patrol the border. I mean, the rallies are cool as shit, but to hell with unit meetings, I say. What are they for? I guess you need to plot unit-level action, but I don’t think [witheld] and [witheld] could find their asses in broad daylight using both hands and Google maps.” Go, NSM!
  1498.     Despite his age of 42, Mick is in many ways much like any SF hipster, from the sometimes gay music faves (Morrissey’s “I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris,” anyone?) to his vague suspicion that he got “gypped” on a pot buy (that’s what happens when you stick exclusively to the Aryan dealers, man- The editors of Mein Kampf have presumably taken out the part about getting high for the Master Race). He faces the same existential angst as any SF Academy of Art student (“I don’t understand my mind. I really don’t know what’s wrong with it.”) Mick drools over a Jello Biafra performance, apparently unaware that Jello’s the same guy who sang “Nazi punks fuck off.”
  1499.     There’s nothing surprising about a self-declared loser without friends turning to Nazi fetishism to compensate for his self-loathing. It’s not just Michael, but basically every single Nazi who turns to racist hate because of shame and sexual frustration. The mixture of low self esteem and affiliation with a violent (or wannabe violent) organization is, of course, a combustible brew, and folks who live in Michael’s neighborhood might want to familiarize themselves with his appearance in case he blows a gasket. In the interest of public safety a smaller version of this flyer with photos of Mick from his MySpace page and from NSM sites will be distributed in his neighborhood while he’s down in Riverside this weekend at an anti-Chicano demonstration.
  1500.     This information brought to you by the Riverside Committee to Ridicule Racists.
  1502.     For more of Michael’s fascinating personality, see his truly frightening drunken video fantasy about having sex on Valentine’s Day:
  1506.     His wishlist (David Duke a’plenty – note that he uses the same handle, mickthemick, everywhere online):
  1508.     His posting on Stormfront, the neo-nazi website (“There are Jews EVERYWHERE in the government.”):
  1510.     Take a look at his party’s website (the guy in front holding up the NSM flag is our friendly SF Nazi):
  1512.     Or just get in touch- a guy so depressed could surely use a personal gesture: 415-346-5910;
  1514.     Below is a sampling of mickthemick’s wisdom from his MySpace page, in case he deletes it (but don’t worry, everything including the videos has been copied for circulation and/or broadcast among spectators at future NSM rallies):
  1516.     August 30, 2009 – Sunday
  1517.     Journal entry for Sunday, 30-August, 2009
  1518.     Current mood: sad
  1519.     ………………..
  1520.     I went into the bar for a few minutes today to say goodbye to Marie. It was sad. She’s very happy and excited. She’s young, so I guess she should be. I gave her my address but I don’t think I will hear from her again. I can’t think too much about the fact that I’ve seen her for the last time or I’ll break down about the whole thing. I feel sick. My life is out of control. I don’t have any friends. I don’t have much of a future. Today I bought some stuff to make me feel better. I bought a nice cotton U.S. flag, and also California and Michigan state flags. I’m going to hang them on my walls. I think I’ll move the Vinland flag to my bedroom window.
  1521.     .. ..
  1522.     I also went to Amoeba and bought some CDs. I got the Owl City CD, Regatta de Blanc, Automatic for the People and The Hooters album. After I went to Amoeba I went to the park and bought some pot. I’d never bought anything there. I think I got gypped. It was still nice to have some weed. I went by the market on my way home and bought some cod. I made a nice dinner and listened to my CDs. I smoked my herb and played the guitar. It was good. I am thinking about playing music again. All my tapes suck. I hate listening to them. I wish I could get my ideas down but I don’t understand my mind. I really don’t know what’s wrong with it. Most of the time I just don’t feel good and I have no inspiration. Now my muse is leaving. I think that inspired me to play. Maybe I will play some more.
  1524.     May 10, 2009 – Sunday
  1525.     mickthemick journal entry for 10-May, 2009
  1526.     Current mood: content
  1527.     Category: Blogging
  1528.     Today was good. I was tired after last night. I did not leave Annie’s Social Club until 1:34 a.m., then I still got up today before 7:00 so I could do laundry and call grandma. She wasn’t feeling well. And neither was ma. There must be a stomach bug going around. Both of them were puking. That’s too bad that they’re sick on Mudder’s Day and all. They should have been at Annie’s last night. Watching a fat, bald, middle-aged Jello Biafra jump around on stage almost made me sick, but he sure sounded good. The band was tight, and it was cool that Kimo was up there. And it was nice to see Dave & Kurt, too. Neither Kurt nor I had anything, but Griddle’s drummer turned us on, so it was all good.
  1529.     I really don’t know what’s wrong with me. Why must I be a teenager in love? I went in to see the Mudshark today, even though I swore up and down that I never would again. I’d been trying to avoid that whole place for the last two months, and I’d been doing a good job, too. Then on Tuesday I walked by and she ran out to say hello. They were all in there having some goddamn Stinko-De-May-o party. Why must White people celebrate Mexican holidays? It’s so unbecoming. She was dressed in a sombrero and had a paper mustache taped to her lip. I am still in love with her, though, so I forgave her right away. I had been feeling depressed (I know, what else is new?), plus I have had this damn crud all week. Her thoughts cheered me up immensely. It’s amazing what a little female attention will do for your attitude. It changed the rest of my week, much like Wednesday when I went to the box and found our business cards. There was also a letter from a brother at Avenal. I was moved. I broke down and got the info. from Springfield, like I told myself I was going to. This letter must have come from Providence. I’m glad I stopped for a few days to think about things. I was getting really down after the previous weekend. A little attention from Mudshark and a sign from Providence helped me deal with the whole thing. Then I was prepared when Joseph called me on Wednesday.
  1530.     I am now convinced that kid is a fetishist. He wants to wear his brown shirt to Phoenix instead of his bdu’s. I don’t understand that kid at all. I really think that he joined up so he could run around in a Nazi uniform. He’s a total douche bag. I don’t understand what he sees in the brown shirt anyway. I feel like a tool in mine, but I tried to tell him I’m not in this for the clothes. I think the bdu’s are kickass, especially the pants. I wear mine around sometimes just for the hell of it because they are so comfortable, and because they have those big hip pockets. But that’s my Virgo practicality coming through. I talked to the kid again on Friday. Now it seems like neither he nor Bill can get together this month. Fuck those guys. I’m going to the border. That’s why I signed on anyway. I’m going to do this thing my way. I talked to Hall about it tonight, so it’s cool.
  1531.     Today after I got my shit together I went down to see the Mudshark, even though I swore up and down I’d never set foot in that place again. There was nobody in there but her and me. It was nice. I connected with her. It made me feel good. I have some self-esteem to work with for the rest of the week. It was nice to see her. I was in there for a while, sucking coffees and listening to tunes on her iPhone. She got some sun over the weekend, and looked as beautiful as always. I think today is how I will spend many a Sunday morning moving forward. The Mudshark even gave me her digits and invited me to go out taking pictures with her. But I better not tell anybody that. Especially not the White Whale, because God knows what she’d say. She already told me she’d quit being my friend if I hooked up with the Shark, but what am I going to do? I am in love, and my heart’s hers, regardless of what I might tell the Whale, myself or anybody else.
  1532.     May 4, 2009 – Monday
  1533.     mickthemick blogs about the first weekend in May
  1534.     Current mood: angry
  1535.     Category: Blogging
  1536.     What a weekend. It pissed on and off everyday. It was even raining out in [witheld] where [witheld] lives, which was all the better. I don’t know if I could have foreseen the disaster that was the gathering on Saturday. First of all, [witheld] was running around in a vintage SS uniform and wouldn’t put on his brown shirt, tie and armband like everybody’s supposed to do for official events. Then he gave a lame speech ([witheld]‘s was probably more lame, but at least he had his damn uniform on.) [witheld] embarrassed us all. [witheld] and I were chiding him to get his uniform on. Even his mother was doing it. But, no, [witheld] was playing soldier, and that was that. Man, that kid’s a tool. And that [witheld] is dumber than shit. I mean he’s pig ignorant. I don’t want to be in a unit with these clods. They’re an embarrassment to humanity. I talked to [witheld] about these guys. I gave him the lowdown on what happened. [witheld] said it’s up to me to take the lead and seize the initiative. He said that next time I should prepare something to say and make a speech to the group, which I don’t want to do. I did not sign on to this thing to make speeches – I signed on to patrol the border. I mean, the rallies are cool as shit, but to hell with unit meetings, I say. What are they for? I guess you need to plot unit-level action, but I don’t think [witheld] and [witheld] could find their asses in broad daylight using both hands and Google maps.
  1537.     Sunday was schizoid. I did laundry in the morning, then went to the gym. I dragged my ass over to [witheld] ’s to watch “The Curious Dr. Hump” and [censored]. I was tense. The weekend and my conversations with [witheld] really got to me. I needed a drink, and I needed one bad. I really wanted to go to Zeki’s, but there was a hassle. First, [witheld] and [witheld] were standing in front of the Hyde Out doing something, and I didn’t want to see or talk to them, so I just hung out in my apartment and [censored] until I figured they’d gone back in the bar. When I went downstairs I didn’t see them, but by that time [witheld] had come out to smoke and so I still couldn’t walk past the bar because I didn’t want to talk to him, either. What a life I have to lead! Always dodging all the people who hate me and wish me harm! Why do they do it? Eventually I just walked across the street in front of Cala and went down to the ATM on Van Ness. By the time I got back up into the neighborhood, [witheld] had gone back into the bar and the coast was clear. I was able to go to Zeki’s in peace without getting into some kind of altercation with somebody trying to fuck with me. There was hardly anybody at the bar, and I was able to have a drink in peace and quiet, like I wanted to. I drank three Maker’s Mark Manhattans. “Fuck everybody!” is what I told myself as I sat down at the bar and ordered my drinks from complete strangers who left me the fuck alone and didn’t say a goddamn thing to me all night.
  1539.     more public info on Bowles:
  1541.         ————-
  1547.         Running mate Matthew Ramsey
  1549.         Born April 11, 1957 (age 53)
  1551.         Baltimore, Maryland
  1553.         Spouse(s) divorced
  1555.         Children Sara, Chelsea, Johana
  1557.         Occupation Federal officer, U.S. Department of Agriculture, politician
  1559.         John Taylor Bowles (born April 11, 1957 in Baltimore, Maryland) ran for President of the United States of America in 2008 as the candidate of the National Socialist Order of America, a group which broke off in 2007 from the National Socialist Movement.
  1561.         Bowles is a Baptist and, since 2006, a resident of Laurens, South Carolina
  1563.         Bowles ran his campaign out of the “Redneck Shop” in Laurens, South Carolina, which features Nazi, Confederate States of America and KKK paraphernalia.[1]
  1565.         Bowles was the only listed individual contributor to his campaign.[2]
  1567.         Bowles stated that he was “the white people’s candidate,” and claims that the Patriot Act gives the President of the United States the ability to remove nonwhites from the country.[3]
  1569.         Bowles is divorced and has three daughters. He earned an associates degree in agriculture from Delaware Technology and Community College in 2001.[4]
  1571.         He served in the United States Air Force in the late 1970s specializing in telecommunications
  1573.         and, from 1999 to 2006, worked as a federal officer at the United States Department of Agriculture.
  1575.         He was a union representative, United Auto Workers Local #1400, in 1984 and served on the safety committee of the American Federation of Government Employees in 2003.
  1577.         ———–
  1579.     He blogs at
  1581.         ———–
  1583.     Criminal Record:
  1585.         About the four years Bowles spent in prison (Maryland, 1985-1989), reportedly for arson, he calls it a ‚Äúrailroad job,‚Äù and evokes a constitutional loophole he says would allow him to hold elected office
  1587.         regardless.
  1589.         Source:
  1591.         ———–
  1593.     Education:
  1595.         Associate, Agriculture, Delaware Technology and Community College,Grade Point Average of 3.76, 2001.
  1597.         Professional Experience:
  1599.         Federal Officer, United States Department of Agriculture, 1999-2006
  1601.         Telecommunications, United States Air Force, 1979.
  1603.     Political Experience:
  1605.         National Election Director, National Socialist Movement, 2004-present
  1607.         Campaign Treasurer, National Socialist White People’s Party, 1975.
  1609.         Organizations:
  1611.         Safety Committee, American Federation of Government Employees, 2003
  1613.         Union Representative, United Auto Workers Local #1400, 1984.
  1615.         Source:
  1617.         ————-
  1619.         BOWLES FOR PRESIDENT 2008
  1621.         PO BOX 1496
  1623.         LAURENS, SC 29360
  1625.         Treasurer Name: NICHOLAS CHAPPELL
  1627.         Source:
  1629.         —————-
  1631.         Ex-Wife
  1633.         Diana Lynn Bowles
  1635.         Diana Brittingham
  1637.         Divorced in 2001:
  1639.         Also listed:
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