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Kunoichi short

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  1.     There he is. My husband. The light of my life, what I wake up for every morning. He just doesn’t know it yet.
  2. Into the guild, and exit exactly six minutes later. Inside he will talk to another adventurer with whom he has become friends. They will discuss how the veteran’s latest job went, and how my husband just barely missed the last job posting.
  4.     In reality, I have already bribed the guild officers who work at the desk to give my husband quests that have been pre-approved by me. No dangerous monsters, no giant groups, and no job that will leave him with enough money to retire.
  6.     Out of the guild, into the market. Today is Wednesday. That means a large meal of perishable food. A big chunk of boar, some vegetables and some questionably ripe fruit. His cooking is atrocious, I’ve tried it. How he tolerates it is a mystery, but that just means he’ll fall for me even harder when he tries my cuisine.
  8.     The hardest part of the whole day is next, watching him flirt with the harlot who runs the arms stand. She knows better than to talk to him in anything but one word answers or to try to make eye contact with him. I made sure to silence her. A combination of blackmail and light beatings shut her up nicely. Proves that she wasn’t worthy of him; if she really cared about him she would have pushed through the threats and violence. Still, he can’t seem to get over her, even if she’s about as talkative as a board. His interest will wane soon enough.
  10.     While he’s making dinner, I’m working my way through all of the contacts I’ve established. All the beggars, barkeepers, watchmen, guild members, friends and whores I keep under my thumb. An intricate web of money, lies, favors, sex and violence. It took months to set everything up. Slowly spinning my web and catching all the pathetic flies that would become part of the web themselves. One after another, every person I enlisted was another step towards my husband.
  12.     Ducking into an ally way, I polymorph myself into a buxom bar wench. Six thirty, time for work.
  14.     The Sodden Cask is a typical back ally bar. Discount beauties running around serving tankards of watered down beer to fat, ugly men who haven’t lusted after their own wives in years. It’s also the easiest place to get information.
  16. “Oh ho lassy! I found out what ye wanted me too!” belched a beggar. Shockingly, not the most undignified of my cabal.
  18. “Oh Ajoi, I just KNEW I could count on you.~” Alright, flash the tits, give a little eye flutter. Euch. I already feel like I need a bath.
  20. “He’s still looking for work. An’ e says that he needs to find some fast.” said the drunk.
  22. Nothing new here. Not uncommon for multiple people to come up with the same information.
  24. “Tha~nks Ajoi, I knew I could count on you.” Disgusting.
  26. On to serving burnt fish and liquor that’s only been distilled half way.
  28. Near the end of my shift, one of the serving girls signals me over.
  30. “I know you’re head over heels for Muscovan, but I hear that Velsa is planning on putting the moves on him.” she said.
  32. What? Who? There’s nothing about her in my notes...
  34. “Y-you alright? You look kind of intense…”
  36. “Where is she. Where does she live.”
  38. “Ow! Stop! You’re scaring me! She lives in one of the manors, some noble’s cousin or something I don’t know!”
  40. That bitch. The nobles had been beyond my scope of interest, as none of the daughters had shown any interest in my husband. They scarcely left their luxurious homes, so he was safe from their covetous eyes in the slums.
  42. “Why does she want him? What’s her motive?”
  44. “I don’t know I swear! I heard it from my friend who does laundry for her family!”
  46. Damn. This complicates things. Not ruins though, just… complicates.
  48. ~~~~
  50. Stepping out into the cool night air, I readjust my polymorph once again. Back to my true form. Kunoichi.
  52. No time for caution tonight. This has to stop now. I’ve kept dozens of women away from him. Worked for months to get his friends to instill the idea that he needs a woman into his head. She is no different. Just another obstacle.
  54. In fact, I have just the plan for her. Yes… I think it’s time for this spider to claim her meal.
  56. Just a quick stop into my home is all I need.
  58. My home being my husband’s attic. Our attic really if you think about it. I moved in after I found him. He never uses it so it work’s out nicely for both of us. I get a roof over my head and food (his cooking) to eat, and he gets to hear me whisper all the things we’re going to do once we are officially married into his ear every night.
  60. As much as I love my husband, I know he has a soft spot for pretty girls with a ton of money. A fault for sure, as he should only be lusting after me, but something I can fix in time.
  62. Throwing the essentials into a bag, it’s out the window and into the uptown.
  64. ~~~~~~
  66. This is it. Velsa’s manor. Now, I just need a way in.
  68. A maid? She’ll do.
  70. Using magical adherence, all I have to do is wait under the window until she passes by. Then, a quick knock on the window and…
  72. “Hello? Is someone there?”
  74. Dumb bitch. Who the fuck knocks on a second story window?
  76. Yanking her out headfirst, I put a realm-silver knife into her throat. Dropping down into the garden below, I set to work changing my look. A bit of her spirit energy is all I need to don her appearance. The clothes fit perfectly thanks to my transformation. After dragging the body into a thicket, I bound back up the wall and through the window. I’m in. Now, where’s the kitchen?
  78. ~~~~~~~
  80. “Lady Velsa? I brought some tea for you.” Tea indeed. This will do more than keep her up.
  82. “Oh how delightful Miraba! I didn’t know you could brew tea.”
  84. “I must admit, I am still learning.” I said placing the cup and saucer on a table.
  86. “I’m certain that it will taste wonderful. You have such a discerning pallet!”
  88.     I hate her. Even if she wasn’t trying to take the love of my life away from me I would still hate her. The insufferable saccharine attitude, the sickening naivete, a complete lack of instinct; she was just so… wrong. People should be challenged. This gilded lifestyle was an affront to the real world.
  90. “Mistress, if I may be so daring, I happened to hear that a man in town had caught your fancy?” I asked.
  92. Oh by the Demon Lord, that blush. Get a hold of yourself. Though I can relate, he is pretty great isn’t he. Fine, I’ll let you have that.
  94. “I had a feeling that word would get out. Yes, it’s true. When I was just arriving, I saw a man in the crowd. Our eyes met and he gave me the sweetest smile. Ever since then I just can’t stop thinking about him. He’s even an adventurer! Isn’t that exciting? I’ve never really been in love before, but what else could it be? I just know we would be perfect together.”
  96. “Yes, he is something special. No doubt about that.”
  98. “Do you know him? What’s he like? Is he as kind as he seems?” she asked.
  100. “Even kinder.”
  102. “And is he as handsome as I believe him to be?” she asked leaning forwards.
  104. “He is more beautiful than all the stars in the sky.”
  106. “Oh my, I must meet him! Tomorrow. I’ll go see him first thing tomorrow!” she said. She kicked her legs and gave a little squeal of excitement.
  108. “Ufufu… tomorrow will come sooner with this tea. I made it special just for you.” I say offering her the saucer.
  110. “Thank you. Do you think you could arrange for us to meet? You seem to be close to him.” she said as she took a sip.
  112. “I am close. I am closer to him than anyone. Closer than anyone ever will be. But he doesn’t even know my name yet. He hasn’t seen my face. Because I’m too busy fending off whores like you.”
  114. “Miraba what are yo- cough- wha.. what are you saying?” she was feeling it now.
  116. “I'm saying he’s MY husband. You thought you could just waltz into the city and take him away from me?”
  118. She collapsed out of her seat onto the floor. She was coughing violently now.
  120. “What have you done? Wha-cough- what was in that-hrrgh!- drink?!” she asked. Looking up at me with those big sad eyes. Pleading for help. Shouldn’t have tried to take my man bitch.
  122. “You like it?” I said crouching down to her level. “It’s a special blend of three spices, four herbs, green tea leaves, and a vial of Ushi Oni blood.”
  124. Her vision shifts from looking me in the eye to looking through me. I can only imagine the though process going on in her head. What I just said, what it means for her, how her life will change after becoming a monster; she’s busy trying to readjust her whole future. No more silk sheets, no more five course meals, no more walks through the garden or visits from noble pretty boys.
  126. “…Why…” she said weakly.
  128. “Because you tried to steal my man.”
  130. The least I could do for her was drop my polymorph. It would give her some closure and let her know that her friend didn’t betray her. She rolled onto her back as horns broke through her scalp and her digits began to turn into dull claws. Time to go, no sense in watching the whole transformation. I didn’t want to get caught either. And I REALLY didn’t want to be around when an ushi with a penchant for vengeance finished changing.
  132. She would be fine once she made it into the wild. A couple of lazy city guards posed no threat to even a fledgling ushi. She would probably regenerate faster than they could stab her. With my work done, it’s time to return home. Tomorrow hubby sets off on his last quest.
  134. ~~~~~
  136. It took a while for me to fall asleep what with Velsa throwing the guard around all night, but soon enough she had been chased out the gate and into the forest. After a refreshing four hours of sleep, it’s off to the adventuring guild. The officers know this form as one of the people that are allowed to give Muscovan quests.
  138. “Give this too him.”
  140. “Yes ma’am.”
  142. I love these guild officers. Obedient, unquestioning, and they won’t talk your ear off about inane nonsense.
  144. Now it was my turn to head into the forest.
  146. ~~~~~~
  148.     I had been sending Muscovan into the world to do simple tasks for months now. Granted, most of what he fought was illusions conjured by totems I created, but he was learning quickly. He would fight, and I would watch him. He was just so gallant the way he swung his sword around.
  150. But it was time to see how good he was with his other sword.
  152.     Muscovan was being sent out under the pretense of destroying the ushi that had mysteriously attacked last night. The docket he was to be given gave detailed instructions on how to find her. Unbeknownst to him, the map led to a romantic cabin in the woods where I would woo him.
  154. Aww yiss, that dick is MINE!
  156. ~~~~~~
  158. It takes a bit longer than I anticipated for him to arrive, but he makes his way here eventually. Even better, he has a layer of delicious stubble from the days he spent on the road. Mmmm.
  160. Time to seal the deal.
  162. I am no longer a highly skilled ninja, but a simple monster girl living alone in the woods in my comfy cabin. Just me out here, picking some mushrooms for a roast that I’m making (it’s his favorite).
  164. Here he comes…
  166. “You there! Do live around these parts?”
  168. “Eep!” I fall back, spilling some of the mushrooms I’ve collected. Lean up against the tree, make sure to show off the tits and thighs.
  170. “Oh! I mean you no harm. I have been sent on a quest to slay a beast that was seen heading in this direction.”
  172. “P-please! I haven’t done anything wrong! I’m not a beast!” Covering my face with my hands I start bawling.
  174. “Ma’am, there’s no need for tears, I mean no ha-“ he stops short as he sees my tail trembling between my legs.
  176. “You’re a monster!” He says unsheathing his sword and pointing it at me.
  178. “WAHHHHAHAHHH! PLE-E-EASE! I’m just a simple monster trying to survive out here in the wilderness alone!” Tucking my legs into my chest, I curl up into a ball. No hero in all the realms will kill a pretty lady sobbing in the fetal position; that’s a fact.
  180. “Why are you out here. Give me a reason not to kill you.”
  182. “I-sniff- I was just gathering some mushrooms for a roast I was preparing.”
  184. “A roast?”
  186. “Yes, one with potatoes and -sniff- gravy and a big side of biscuits and candied sweet potatoes -sniff-.” There’s the hook.
  188. “Sweet potatoes huh…” Too fucking easy. I’ll have to teach him not to take such obvious bait.
  190. I uncover my face and look up at him with the biggest eyes I can muster.
  192. “Y-yes. I have to prepare quite a lot of food for myself since I abstain from consuming spirit energy.”
  194. “You don’t drain men?”
  196. Oh I'll drain you alright, just not in the way you're thinking.
  198. “No, hero! Never! I could never bring myself to harm someone.”
  200. He lowers his sword and looks around. “And uh… you live around here?”
  202. “Yes, I have a small cottage not far from here.”
  204. “I see. And you haven’t seen an ushi oni around here?”
  206. “No, -sniff- I don’t get any visitors.”
  208. He seems to be mulling the situation over in his head.
  210. “Show me where you live.” Oh yeah, I love it when he gives orders like that.
  212. “O-of course! This way. Just please, have mercy on me.”
  214. ~~~~~~
  216. “Here we are. It’s not much I know, but please, try to make yourself comfortable.”
  218. I can already tell he’s hooked. He started drooling the second he got within a hundred feet of the house.
  220. “Huh.”
  222. “What is it hero?”
  224. “It’s… less monsterish than I would have guessed.”
  226. True, the interior was made to emulate a human cottage, not a monster dwelling. There was a table, some chairs, an oven, some cupboards, a bed, bookshelves, and a small stove for heat, placed in the opposite corner from the bed. There were also several lesser ice seals embedded in the walls, so that he would be forced to cuddle for warmth at night.
  228. “I never enjoyed the aesthetic some of my kind insist on.”
  230. “You don’t seem like any monster I’ve met before…”
  232. “Is that a bad thing?” I say shuffling over to the stove and tending to the roast.
  234. “No, no. It’s great that you realize what it means to feed on humans. All the suffering it causes.” You’ll be suffering soon boy.
  236. “Yes, it is truly tragic that our species are so incompatible. All I ever wanted was a family, but it seems I will have to grow old alone.”
  238. Silence.
  240. “There’s no other alternative for monsters, is there.”
  242. “To have a family? No. It has to be a human male. That’s why so many resort to violence. Most just can’t bear being lonely any longer.”
  244. “Desperation.”
  246. “Indeed.”
  248. Silence.
  250. “Have we met before?”
  252. The question almost makes me drop the roast as I take it out of the oven.
  254. “WHAT?! NO! OF COURSE NOT HAHAHA, ahem. Why would you think something like that?” This was not part of the plan.
  256. “I feel like I’ve seen you before. You have a familiar presence you know? Have you ever been into town?”
  258. “There have been occasions where I had to go into town to procure items I couldn’t in the forest, but I never stayed very long. Anyways, the roast is done, how much would you like?” Nice save me.
  260. ~~~~~~
  262. He sure ate a lot of roast. After he cast a low-level detection spell and found it was safe to eat, he dug right in. We almost finished the roast over the course of the meal. A shame though, most of the meal was eaten in silence with him glancing up at me once and a while.
  264. “This is a bit of a personal question, but what do you plan to do with your life?” he asked as I scrubbed the dishes in a basin of water.
  266. “I don’t know, I never make plans for more than a few months in advance. I don’t have any grand ambitions if that’s what you’re asking. Eat, sleep, do my chores and repeat.”
  268. “Would you start a family if you could? I mean without hurting a man that is.”
  270. “I would. In a heartbeat. Men aren’t harmed either, that’s a misconception that humans have. They don’t feel pain when we copulate, in fact there are many benefits to sex with monsters. It’s stigmatized by humans, so most men who marry monsters flee. That’s where the myth of man eating monsters comes from.”
  272. “So the guy is perfectly fine?”
  274. “Yes, in most cases he becomes stronger.”
  276. I can hear him mutter a spell of detect lie. No lies here tough guy. He must be feeling the pressure now. I can smell his arousal. His fetish for a babe in an apron made him putty in my hands. Even now I could feel his eyes burning holes in my pants.
  278. “What’s your type?”
  280. “Pardon?”
  282. “In men I mean, what’s your ideal man.”
  284. “Oh, well, I’m quite fond of men who go on adventures.” Cue blush, perfect. “But I also would like a husband who knew that his duties as a father and a husband came first. Someone who I could help grow to become a great man.”
  286. “I see…” Oh he’s thinking about it.
  288. “Well, I am going to bathe and retire for the night. Would you be so kind as to allow me to sleep on your floor?”
  290. “You mustn’t! Please, take the bed, I insist! I shall sleep on the floor. Your company is more than enough for everything I’ve given you.”
  292. “No. I simply shall not. You need it more than I do.”
  294. “Very well, if you are certain, I will not force it upon you. Please let me know if you are in any discomfort though.”
  296. ~~~~~~
  298.     No need to watch him bathe, I need to get on his good side. Besides, I normally watch him bathe every day.
  300.     I couldn’t help but chuckle. Soon, soon my plan will come to fruition. He’ll spend a few days in the cottage hunting the ushi, and fall in love with me after a few days. Then, I blow his brains with mind shattering sex that I’ve perfected by finding all of his sensitive spots in his sleep. After that, I take him back to the Kunoichi village and train him to be the best adventurer in the realms while using his superior seed to have eight kids. They’ll be the stuff of legends.
  302. “Are you awake?”
  304. Oh shit! I was daydreaming and I didn’t hear him come in.
  306. “Y-yes hero. Just drifting off to sleep.”
  308. “Would you mind if I join you?”
  310. What?
  312. “What?”
  314. “I thought about what you said. Can you swear to me that monsters really do not harm the humans they capture?”
  316. “Yes, hero where’s all of this coming from?”
  318. “I think it’s fate. Fate that I found the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on, fate that she’s cooking my favorite meal, fate that she’s looking for a man that matches me to a T, and fate that she told me the truth about what monsters really do to men.”
  320. “Bu- huh? Wait, huh? You- I, we… uhhh?”
  322. “I think you really can make me stronger. And I’ve been lonely myself these last few months. Like the universe was telling me that I need to find someone to complete myself.”
  324. Actually, that was just me.
  326. “So how would you like to start a family with me?” he said leaning over me. He gently swept a lock of hair that was hanging down over my face.
  328. THIS WAS NOT PART OF THE PLAN. This was supposed to happen AT LEAST three days from now. Please, my heart isn’t ready for this.
  332. He smiled. “I can’t believe a monster doesn’t want to have sex. But I’m not disappointed. Sorry I came on too strong.” He said turning away.
  334. “NO!” I yell grabbing his arm. “STAY! I-I mean, please stay. I really like you. If you’re ok with it, I’d love to be your w-w-wife!” Barely got that last part out.
  336. “I think I’d enjoy that.” He said crawling under the covers with me.
  338. My tail instinctively coils around his leg, causing him to jump a little. I start to apologize but he just pulls me in closer and strokes my head. This is it, this is what I’ve been waiting for.
  340. It’s my win.
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