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  1. Name:
  2. Audrey Daniela Crowe
  4. Age:
  5. 17
  7. Gender:
  8. Female
  10. Appearance:
  12. (pre-development)
  14. Audrey is a petite young woman, standing at 5'2", with pale skin and a very thin build due to a lack of physical activity. She has long brown hair reaching passed her shoulders occasionally held back by a black headband, and dark brown eyes. Her clothing consists of a white blouse with some frills in the center, a pair of dark blue jeans that have some tears in them, and tannish sandals over white socks. Under her sleeves, she hides self-afflicted scars and bruises caused by someone else, with one clearly seen on her cheek.
  16. (post-development)
  18. After some adventuring in the worlds and learning how to defend herself, Audrey has a much more athletic build, getting some color on her skin and even putting on a little weight. She wears a short red dress with short sleeves and a v-cut from the neck to the chest, a lighter red belt at the waist, and a black hemline at the edge that's slightly pleated. Underneath is a black full bodysuit that's not too tight, the collar thick and loose around her neck. Her armor consists of a light red shoulder and breast-plate on her left side, thick red leather gloves that nearly reach her elbows, and thigh-length, armored red boots. Over this is a dark red hooded cape held by a silver fastener on the collar of the hood. The clothes themselves have been enchanted to never tear or stain, allowing longer use.
  20. In the time she's not adventuring, whether she's staying in her apartment in Twilight Town or just hanging out with friends, Audrey dresses simple and casual. She tends to wear a camisole and skirt or a t-shirt and shorts, no longer hiding the marks on her body.
  22. (dreams)
  24. Whenever she's in the dream world, her clothes change in association with her powers. She wears a red top with pink frills on the sleeves and collar, with a pink spiral design on the sides and a Spirit Dream Eater symbol on the back; a pair of red shorts with a red three-quarter skirt over it, also decorated with pink spirals; a pink ribbon wrapped in a large bow on the back of her waist; white gloves with red linings at the wrist; pink nylons, and red ankle-high boots with the pink spiral design. Sometimes, she might sport a red beret on her head, depending on the dream.
  26. Alignment:
  27. Neutral-Chaotic Good
  29. Personality:
  31. (pre-development)
  33. Socially awkward and shy, Audrey rarely ever speaks up unless she needs to; when she does, she has a tendency to stutter, struggling to find the right words to say. She's somewhat naive, having very little outside experience, though more out of fear rather than cluelessness. Due to years of bullying and abuse, she has very low self-esteem and confidence in herself, feeling that she can't do anything right and that everything that goes wrong is her fault; this has only worsened after her captivity in Silent Hill. When pushed to the edge, she becomes overly violent, blindly lashing out at anyone in her vicinity whether or not they deserved it. Because of all of this, she shuts herself out from talking to anyone, preferring to hide behind an emotional cage.
  35. However, underneath this shell is a kind and compassionate girl, capable of being friendly and even talkative with others once she opens up. She can even be a total goofball at times, acting like she's younger than she actually is and having a tendency of making silly sounds. When sufficiently annoyed, she's capable of making sarcastic comments, though she's never rude for the sake of it, apologizing right away if she accidentally offends someone. Even after a bad first impression, she'll give others the benefit of the doubt if they turn out to be not so bad, judging them for who they are as a person instead of what they are or what they stand for. Despite her timidity and lack of confidence, she does have a spark of courage and determination, even though she doesn't yet realize it.
  37. (post-development)
  39. After her experience as a Converger, Audrey has begun to come out of her shell and open up to others. She's still socially awkward with a tendency to stutter, but now she lets her cheerful and childish side show more often. While most of this can seem like a front, as she still has some remaining doubts and trauma, she no longer lets this drag her down, gaining more confidence in herself and choosing to move forward instead of hiding away for the rest of her life.
  41. Powers:
  43. Audrey wields the power over dreams. In the physical world, this manifests as a sparkling pink mist, created from her imagination and positive energy. She can form the mist into physical constructs of whatever she can think of, be they objects for temporary use or physical barriers. The amount of magic energy she uses depend on the type of construct she uses, whether it's for quick use or something elaborately detailed, the latter which requires more concentration. When she isn't making constructs, the mist can turn into glittering dust that can put her targets to sleep.
  45. However, by extending almost all of her energy, Audrey can mentally enter the dream world while her body sleeps, whether it's her own, the dreams of another, or even a separate plane of existence depending on the world. It's here that her magic truly shines, allowing her to interact and even control the dream to her liking, building and conjuring anything she puts her mind to without the limits in the physical world. However, she can lose control if something else influences the dream, like another dreamer or her own terrors, and overuse of this can potentially leave her trapped in the dream, requiring an outside influence to wake her up lest she winds up comatose.
  47. Apart from this, Audrey also has the ability to sense other spirits, whether they're wandering ghosts or separate personalities that remain in others. Though she can't see them clearly, at least not yet, she can interact with them directly when in the dream world. This sense of "mediumship" comes from her brief stint as a Guardian Spirit.
  49. Abilities:
  51. (pre-development)
  53. Despite her lack of athleticism, Audrey has taken Taekwondo lessons when she was younger, and though not having gone far into it, still retains some of that knowledge. It's mostly limited to blocking and kicks, but when push comes to shove (and she's not lashing out blindly), she will defend herself if she has to.
  55. As she has a love for writing, Audrey has a pretty wide imagination. On its own, that might not seem very helpful, but with her dream-based powers, her creativity can come in handy if she needs to conjure something to aid her, or if she just wants to fool around. Outside of her powers, this also gives her some degree of genre-savviness, picking up on certain scenarios and plot points before they actually happen.
  57. When it comes to skills outside of combat, Audrey has some degree of musical talent, knowing how to play the piano and singing in choir (though she's somewhat tone deaf).
  59. (post-development)
  61. Having received proper training, Audrey has more upper body strength, allowing her use of a bow and a sword much easier than before. She's also more agile, capable of pulling off flips and dance-like movements when fighting. Rather than relying on brute force and rushing in, she focuses on stealth and fighting from a distance, only getting up close and personal if she has to.
  63. Weapons:
  65. (pre-development)
  67. None. Her only potential weapon, a kitchen knife, was lost in her escape from Silent Hill.
  69. (post-development)
  71. Dreamweaver: A bowsword that she personally nicknamed, crafted for her by Moogles. The bow half is a compound bow, the metal limbs red with pink linings with a thin holster in the center of the arc, between the handle and the keyring section, and a small blade extending outwards. When switching into a sword, the limbs shrink down into a handguard, the holster becoming a hilt, and the blade grows into a longsword, three feet in length. The mechanism to switch between weapons is located on the handle of the bow and the hilt of the sword.
  73. Equipment:
  75. (pre-development)
  77. N/A
  79. (post-development)
  81. Quiver: Though Audrey can conjure magic arrows, she carries this in case her magic is locked out. At the moment, the quiver carries up to 20 arrows.
  83. History:
  85. As a child, Audrey Daniela Crowe was spoiled by her parents, along with her older brother, the family living a fairly easy life then. Though she was picked on at school for being weird, often sent home when she would lash out, she was otherwise a straight A student, being fairly well-read for someone her age. She was always very imaginative, writing stories based around the things she loved, whether it was a cartoon she liked or a video game that she would watch her brother play. Rather than playing with other kids, she played in her own fantasy world with imaginary friends.
  87. However, things began to change when growing up into her teenage years. Her parents began to struggle with their jobs and keeping up with the bills, the stress making them take it out on each other and their kids. Her brother began to hang with the wrong crowd, badmouthing his family and stealing their possessions to pawn off for drug money. And Audrey was caught in the middle of everything, between her fighting parents and being forced to lie for her brother, who would threaten her if she argued back, at the expense of getting herself in trouble along with him.
  89. Bullying in school had also gotten progressively worse from middle to high school. Rumors spread of her being a violent nutcase, leading to her peers provoking her until she snapped back, leaving her to get caught and receiving detentions and suspensions while her bullies got off scot-free. Her grades also began to fall back as a result, her troubles making it difficult for her to focus, much less feel motivated to.
  91. With no one to turn to; her parents not giving her the guidance she needed, her brother continuing to abuse and manipulate her, her counselors unable to find a solution for her, and having no real friends; she turned to video games and fanfiction writing as an escape, as well as talking to people on the web instead of her real life peers. The fantasy world she fabricated as a child became a further escape from the troubles of her life.
  93. Everything began a week after her sixteenth birthday, which they were unable to celebrate due to the stress of their house being on the verge of foreclosure. While her parents had another fight, Audrey retreated to the safety of her room. At first, she contemplated suicide, wanting to escape for good. However, she decided to distract herself with a video game instead. Though her old Gamecube was left on with one of her favorite games, Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean, she instead switched to her PS2 with another favorite: Silent Hill 3.
  95. The minute she started up a new game, however, was when things started to get strange. Instead of beginning at the entrance of the Lakeside Amusement Park and working her way to the roller coaster, she instead began on the very tracks, though much higher than what was possible in the game, the threat of the coaster running her character over pretty much nonexistent. But that wasn't the scary part of it. The player character standing there was not the game's protagonist, Heather Mason.
  97. It was herself.
  99. Shocked, unable to tell if what was going on was really happening, Audrey soon saw that her options as herself were limited. She couldn't go further down the tracks, open a menu, or even try to quit the game. Her only option was to tilt the directional stick up...and let herself fall into the lake below..
  101. She did just that, watching as she fell back, falling from a great height. She felt the air rushing passed, the pump of adrenaline as she dropped, the fear that she would actually die from this.
  103. The minute the version of her in the game hit the water, her own vision went black. Not from death, but rather a deep sleep, her spirit diving into an abyss. She swam her way up before she could sink any further, waking up the moment she resurfaced.
  105. Normally, the event that would become known as the Great Convergence would've had her wake in the world of the last game that she played. However, because she had two games on beforehand, this resulted in her winding up in two worlds at once. Her body, comatose, had wound up in the foggy town of Silent Hill, at the potential mercy of the monsters that resided there. Her soul, on the other hand, had found itself in the Nekton Shrine of Spirits, in the world of Baten Kaitos, where she soon bonded with the game's protagonist, Kalas.
  107. While she remained unaware of what was going on with her sleeping form, Audrey's spirit had gone through the game like normal, including the loss of memories and the betrayal of her Spiriter. One difference had taken place, however. Before Kalas would properly rejoin, she had unknowingly found her way into his dream, fighting back against the last traces of his darkness, a Nightmare version of him, and rescuing him for good, receiving a proper apology for his betrayal. After that, with their combined power, she helped save the world, restore it back to the Earth and the Ocean that was lost, and said her goodbyes to the friends that she made, returning to the world that she came from.
  109. At least, that's what was supposed to happen. Instead, she dove into deep sleep once more, swimming her way back to the surface once again. This time, she resurfaced, she woke up physically, into the other world that she wound up.
  111. However, upon waking up, she didn't realize she was in Silent Hill at first. She woke up in a place she didn't recognize: an extravagant and fancy mansion, with no recognizable signs of the fog-filled town anywhere. She soon found that while she slept, she had been taken by the apparent owner of the mansion, a stage magician that went by the name Ignazio D'Aleo.
  113. In her eyes, the illusionist was a very handsome man, holding almost all of the traits that she found attractive: tall, long-haired, dressed classy and expensively, and speaking with a great deal of charisma. Because of this, she didn't care about the prospect that she had technically been kidnapped; in her mind, she'd been rescued by her Prince Charming, taken further away from the troubles of her life, physically instead of spiritually. In her vulnerable state, the man comforted her, promised to take care of her and protect her when no one else would, under the condition that she stayed with him no matter what. With no one to turn to; having no way to contact her parents, much less any way to know if they were worried about her, and the only friends that she had far off in a world that she may never reach again; Audrey accepted.
  115. She stayed in the mansion for a whole year, continuing to remain unaware of her actual whereabouts. At first, she was happy, her fantasy world now made real, with a good-looking protector to boot. However, as time went by, the cracks in the illusion began to spread and fall apart. Despite the kindness Ignazio showed, he kept her secluded, both literally and mentally, reinforcing her self-doubts and insecurities and making her doubt her family and even the friends that she made before. Every time she grew uncertain about her 'savior', he became forceful, threatening her and even striking her when she argued back. Only when she backed off did he give her comfort, seducing her and making her believe that she was the one at fault.
  117. Despite her growing fear and subconsciously telling herself that she was falling in love with him, both to subside the nightmare she was stuck in and from her own false belief of what romantic love felt like, Audrey still had it in her to escape the mansion that had now become her gilded prison. Whenever Ignazio left her alone, she had found clues that were left seemingly by crows that were left in cages. Familiar memos and signs, eventually coming across one that led to her to finally realize.
  119. She had been in Silent Hill the whole time, the mansion and even Ignazio crafted from her own delusions. This gave her the incentive to turn against the man that supposedly kept her safe and find her way out.
  121. It was easier said than done. When Ignazio found her trying to get out, his threatening and forceful side coming to the fore, Audrey didn't back down this time, calling him out for lying to her and keeping her for his own selfish reasons. A violent struggle ensued, the man holding her down and doing everything he could to overpower her. But Audrey, in spite of her fear, fought back, breaking out of his hold and making her escape out from a second floor window.
  123. Once again, she fell into the lake below. Once again, she dived deep, into an abyss both literally and mentally. However, thanks to the barriers falling apart and the distortions that followed, Audrey would not wash up on the shores of the lake. Instead, she wound up on a different world, on different shores that wouldn't threaten her safety. And this time, she was found by one of pure heart, not a selfish manifestation of the mind.
  125. Before she awoke, she met a familiar face in a dream: Naminé, the memory-altering girl of the Kingdom Hearts series. She explained to her that the reason she could talk to her was because of her own powers, that she unconsciously triggered when going into Kalas' dream before. She also revealed that the reason she could see into her memories was because, while she had been in deep sleep, Sora had seen her during his ventures into the Sleeping Worlds, allowing a small connection to form. Her last words before she woke up were words of encouragement, to find her strength and not let her fears overcome her.
  127. Audrey woke up to find herself on a familiar world, one completely separate from the town of fog and terror in its depths. Instead, she was on the calm serene beach of Destiny Islands, found by none other than the Princess of Heart, Kairi. Though initially wary and uncertain, they became fast friends thanks to the princess' naturally kind heart, reassuring her that she was out of the nightmare. Not long after was the arrival of Riku, the newly appointed Keyblade Master. Not only did he arrive to bring Kairi to Master Yen Sid for her own Keyblade training, but Audrey was also summoned to learn the truth of the worlds.
  129. Taken to the Mysterious Tower, it was here that Audrey learned from the sorcerer of the event known as the Great Convergence, of the barriers falling not just between worlds, but from her own plane of reality as well, and that she was not the only one who was brought here by the event. It was also through Yen Sid that she learned of her dream-based powers, and that, after assigning the main characters their tasks, she would be sent to Merlin alongside Kairi to learn more about them.
  131. And so began Audrey's journey as a Converger, no longer hiding away in seclusion. She would set out to find her strength and overcome her fears.
  133. But little did she know, her personal demon, the man that she once thought of as her protector, that she thought to have left behind, had followed her out into the worlds. Looking to drag her back into her prison, kicking and screaming.
  135. Her nightmare was far from over.
  137. Hobbies:
  138. Playing video games, writing fanfiction, browsing the web, listening to music, singing, and playing piano
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