Dec 16th, 2020
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  2. #RequireAdmin ;tells script to detect if it has admin rights
  3. ;If script DOES have admin rights make a msgbox popup.
  4. ;Note MsgBox might appear behind FFXI.  ALT-TAB to ensure weather msgbox exists.
  5. If IsAdmin() Then MsgBox("", "", "The script is running with admin rights.") ;create msgbox with text "this script is...etc"
  7. ;Change AutoIT options that might effect script working at all
  9. Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 1) ;comments in line below
  10. ;1=start, 2=subStr, 3=exact 1=(default)MatchsTitleFromStart 2=MatchAnywhereInTheEntireTitle ;3=ExactTitleMatch  Test with 1 or 2
  12. Opt("SendAttachMode", 0) ;0=don't attach, 1=do attach ;2 methods for autoit to send text to ffxi. try both
  13. Opt("SendKeyDelay", 30) ;5 milliseconds default. Increased to 30 for possible ffxi lag
  14. Opt("SendKeyDownDelay", 30) ;1 millisecond default.  Increased to 30 for possible ffxi lag
  17. ;Notes re: WinWait and WinWaitActive that might cause script to pause forever if not detecting the ffxi window correctly
  18. WinWait("FFXI", "") ;PausesScript until window with title FFXI exists. (if script isn't detecting title correctly the script will wait indefinitely)
  19. WinWaitActive("FFXI", "") ;PausesScript until window named FFXI is active.
  21. ;relevant notes about pixelsearch
  22. ;PixelSearch(50,50,100,100,0xFF0000,3)
  23. ;search for RED pixel between these coordinates. Searches inside a square starting in the upper left hand corner of screen.
  24. ;3 is used to let pixel search for a similar color in coordinates. Can be helpful if script misses the EXACT time the pixel appears
  25. ;I'd not go higher than 10 (at the most) as you will start getting a lot of false positives.
  26. ;If you get false positives set at the mininum of 1 then make sure your camera is looking somewhere else. The pixel might already exist in the background
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