A Whole Fuckin' Bunch of Robots In Space

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  1. [23:33:13] <@Giantree> Unknown date unknown time- you move and feel for the first time you're aware of.  Visual interfaces... online.  The first thing you see is a spacious room with pure white walls, with humanoids standing in place.  None of them have any identification at the current, nor does anything.  You have only the self-identify as "VMU #737."  Everything feels cold, like the fleeting memory of having once been remotely human vanishing within seconds.
  2. [23:34:01] <@Giantree> The humanoids... there're three standing.  One male, two female.  They seem to be conversing.
  3. [23:34:10] <@Giantree> Audio turning on...
  4. [23:35:16] <@Giantree> "Moth-ERR!"  The smallest of the group shouts.  Blonde, barely chest-height to the other two... visibly disappointed.  "Why does that even matter?  I already had a good friend!"
  5. [23:38:23] <@Giantree> #2, adult, female, looks back... the look on her face is clearly, visibly, a scowl.  "That's nonsense, dear.  The reason your father and I made this decision is because of adult matters, it's -NOT- something you should be concerned with."
  6. [23:38:38] <@Giantree> #3, adult, male... simply nods.  "She's right."  He looks distraught.
  7. [23:39:28] <@Giantree> Sensory functions online... there.  You can move.  Or maybe you always could.  The awareness of having a physical shape floods into you regardless.
  8. [23:39:39] <@Giantree> ... It's about the young girl's height, only barely taller.
  9. [23:44:23] <@Giantree> #1: "I DON'T want to hear it!  She's probably going to be sad!"  The girl groans.  "I guess it's too late now..."  Tap, tap, tap.
  10. [23:44:55] <@Giantree> Her formal shoes ring loudly against the nondescript, hard white floor.  She walks closer to where you're standing and waves her hand.  "Excuse me!"
  11. [23:45:17] <Leen> Or maybe not ready for launch. Either way, looks like she's gotta activate everything first. Click, click, click, click...ok, so there's no clicking. Except maybe for the audio. Apparently she's just stuck listening,  given lack of motor functions being online--ah, there we go. Confused much like a newborn, she gets up (if applicable) and stretches a bit. Juuust a bit (which ends up
  12. [23:45:17] <Leen> slightly longer than normal beings should be stretching). And if her language is up to date, the first question comes out! "Ah, er...Where am I?" It's a pretty standard question!
  13. [23:48:16] <@Giantree> Functions... working normally!  Or it appears so, because the girl with wavy blonde shoulder-length hair giggles.  "That's nice!  You seem to work okay... but there still weren't any defects with her."  She pouts.  "You're at the shop and about to go to your new home, um...."
  14. [23:48:23] <@Giantree> "Moth-ERR!  What's her number?"
  15. [23:48:31] <@Giantree> #2: "It's #737, dear."
  16. [23:48:41] <@Giantree> #3: "7... I mean, right, #737."
  17. [23:49:37] <@Giantree> #1: "That's boring!  I want to name her like I named the other one... she's little, and I'm going to outgrow her soon.  What's something that will always sound cute?"
  18. [23:49:54] <@Giantree> "Len, Len, Len..."  She keeps rapping her tongue to make the noise.  "Lené... no..."
  19. [23:51:49] <@Giantree> The girl just circles around where you're standing... upon reflexively watching her move it's apparent that you're in front of a large tube of some kind, so she has to walk all the way around that.
  20. [23:52:00] <@Giantree> "Eeee.  Eeeen.  Leen!"
  21. [23:52:22] <@Giantree> "That settles it!  Mother, I'm calling her Leen, okay?"
  22. [23:53:53] <@Giantree> The older woman just shakes her head.  The man flinches a bit and follows suit.
  23. [23:54:08] <Leen> 737 takes this time to look around. ...A lot of white here, the people are nice splashes of color to this weird landscape--ah, no wonder everything looks almost like her for some reason. ...Whatever that is. Especially...number one. She's cute! "Oh, Leen sounds nice~" NAME REGISTERED. GIVEN NAME: LEEN.
  24. [23:56:06] <@Giantree> "Aha!"  She claps her hands together and does a short little jig in place, which looks silly in the poofy dress she's wearing.  "She likes it!  Now, let's take you home, come on!"  A tiny hand reaches to grab your wrist, accompanied by her smiling face.
  25. [23:58:00] <Leen> ...She has no idea what she's doing, but it seems that she'll pick it up with time. At any rate, she's glad to be able to stretch a bit, but much more glad to take this hand! She's happy! Like a puppy taken from a pet store! "OK~"
  26. [23:59:23] <@Giantree> "Now!  Mother, you have to PROMISE me Vale isn't going to be scrapped or anything."  She looks her mother in the face, almost angrily.  "This is just because it's my birthday.  Promise?"
  27. [00:00:12] <@Giantree> The old woman scowls a bit, but then sighs.  "Dear, it's just to... keep it in check, that's all.  We're not going to take your toys from you."
  28. [00:00:41] <@Giantree> The man opens the door and holds it.  "Right... listen to your mother, Gabriella."
  29. [00:01:02] <@Giantree> She HMPHs and walks out the door, leading to another white room.  This one has a large rectangular object near the wall... oh, that's a desk.
  30. [00:01:35] <@Giantree> The adults move over to it while the girl drags you and runs off to a corner, away from them.  "So!  What's the first thing you're thinking of right now, Leen?"
  31. [00:05:43] <Leen> ...Vale? She notes the name being vaguely similar to her own, at least in the sense that Jack and Jill are similar. Even though there's no good reason presented at the moment, it's what she believes. "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm~ ...Besides from the 'what is everything', I'm really excited! Those other two, they're not you, you seem really great where they just seem okish, so
  32. [00:05:43] <Leen> I guess I'm thinking about what's next~ ...And who Vale is, I guess! But that comes with the 'what's next' bit!"
  33. [00:08:32] <@Giantree> "Ahaha!  She's your sister!"  She lets go of the hand and steps back before curtseying.  You can't help but feel that it's out-of-place, though there's not enough solid evidence to point it out.  "Sorry about being so sudden, it's just... the only chance I'll ever get to find out what androids think when they first come into the world, you know?  I always wondered if they had dreams, or if they learn things before they're activated..."
  34. [00:10:40] <@Giantree> "Oh, sorry!"  The girl leaaaaaaaans to the side to look at the other two.  They're still at the front desk.  She nods approvingly.  "My name's Gabriella.  Your sister likes to call me that, but if you think of anything else that's fine too... what my parents are going to tell you is that you're supposed to be my bodyguard, but all I -really- want is a friend."
  35. [00:14:12] <@Giantree> "Hmmm," She checks her parents again and leans back.  "'What is everything' and 'what's next.'  I didn't even get the chance to ask her that, so all the more I know~  Well, how much do you know about what you're able to do, Leen?  I don't think they ever expected me to do my research, but I bet I could tell you ALL about it!"
  36. [00:14:35] <Leen> "Well, I can talk, I guess! ...But before I was...activated...well, I guess I could understand words and walking! Aside from that, though, just weird bits I can't grasp but I think that's this personality thing." Nod nod. "Gabriella? ...Hmmm...Leen...Gabriella...Ella, Leen...Ellaleen..." She gets lost in thought for a second. "Oh, can I call you Ella? Is that OK? And of course I can
  37. [00:14:36] <Leen> be your friend~~"
  38. [00:16:41] <@Giantree> "Hmm... Ella?  Okay, I like it!  Ella, Ella, Ella... it flows off the tongue well."  She comically moves her tongue to the motion of exaggeratedly pronouncing it a bunch of times.  "What was that last one?  Ellaleen?  Maybe when we're together we can be called... Elleen?  Pffhahaha!"
  39. [00:16:52] <@Giantree> Her parents look back in concern at her bursting into laughter.
  40. [00:20:51] <Leen> She laughs along, unaware of any possible connotations. "It does, I like that too~" As for the note about her functions... "As for my" On being asked for functions, she's clearly loading them, perhaps noted with the most faint hum EVER. Perhaps it's a safety measure or lock or whatever, but it's becoming undone either way. It should be noted that due to the slightly
  41. [00:20:51] <Leen> different design, this file that she's loaded on mind is slightly different. "...says something about liquid metal, a bit on messing with people's heads but it's kinda smushed, and there's this comment not part of the code that says 'be cute'. Am I doing that last bit?"
  42. [00:21:53] <Leen> "...oh, and something about absorbing. Missed that, sorry!"
  43. [00:24:45] <Leen> " there supposed to be instructions for this..." During the downsizing, they left stuff out. Some programmer clearly had a tiny bit of fun here.
  44. [00:25:16] <@Giantree> "Eheheh... okay, I'd better not do that."  She coughs and turns back.  "That's what I thought, anyway!  You're supposed to be the best model for delivering ~justice~" she makes exaggerated finger-trickling motions while saying this "so I guess you wouldn't need a manual for yourself.  She didn't either... my parents think she's going to use her powers to mess with me so they made you stronger than her.  I can't BELIEVE people actually think like that."
  45. [00:28:35] <@Giantree> "Oh, but I'm sure you'll learn!  The only rule you're supposed to go by is that you don't use any of that stuff on me... and I mean, I hope you won't ever want to, I'm not really dangerous or anything.  ... Am I?"
  46. [00:30:49] <@Giantree> (You're silly)
  47. [00:31:16] <Leen> "Y-yeah, I'll figure me out! It can't be too hard~ Vale doesn't sound bad I think, soo..." Sadly, the downsizing altered a single bit that might have made her more useful. Oh well. As for what that is, figure it out. "You're..." She's thinking about something. "Dangerously huggable!" She's her friend, and a hug just sounds really nice. She assumes friends hug, and that's in the language
  48. [00:31:16] <Leen> file under the header 'be cute' section so doing this is productive somehow! So, a hug!
  49. [00:32:51] <@Giantree> The older two come back just in time for that 'dangerously huggable' line and shoot 'oh no, what have we done' looks at each other.  Gabriella lightens the mood by giggling loudly enough to trump their worries and grabs your hand again, squeezing.  "Well, we'll get to teach you more when we get home!  Mother, father, are you done?  Can we go now?"
  50. [00:32:55] <@Giantree> They reluctantly nod.
  51. [00:36:32] <Leen> What's with those two? She just doesn't understand. Probably just like Gabrielle, whom Queenie is different than--wait, wrong thing. "Let's go, then~ I can't wait to meet big sis~" NAME OF VALE SUDDENLY WROTE WROTE OVER AFTER ACCESSING FUNCTIONS FILE: BIG SIS.
  52. [00:37:42] <@Giantree> "That's right!  I bet she can't wait to have a little sis either!"  You all begin to walk out the door of the building, which is blindingly white.  "But I guess that means I'm kinda your big sis too..."
  53. [00:37:45] <@Giantree> Blindingly white...
  54. [00:37:48] <@Giantree> Blinding...
  55. [00:37:56] <@Giantree> VWOOSH.
  56. [00:38:21] <@Giantree> UNKNOWN DATE UNKNOWN TIME
  57. [00:40:11] <@Giantree> "... ot done cleaning the whole dock.  Oh well... Wipe over here, polish over here..."
  58. [00:40:57] <@Giantree> Everything feels cold, just like it did at the beginning of that day.
  59. [00:42:09] <@Giantree> Only, an awkward kind of cold.  More a metaphorical chill than a physical one.  Everything felt as though it did in that moment, only Gabriella and her parents aren't there.  And 'big sis' is just the words 'big sis.'  All your visual interfaces show is a slowly-opening screen.
  60. [00:44:30] <@Giantree> Audio on... all other modules online.  Everything feels depleted, like it's seen use before.  Lack of power supply?  Something's strange.
  61. [00:45:28] <Leen> She's pretty sure she doesn't have a screensaver. What's happening now? ...Lack of power? Let's draw in power from the surroundings, little bits and pieces. ...Is there any?
  62. [00:46:22] <@Giantree> ".. And THEN Fan can take a nap!  It's probably a good idea to call somebody for then it opens..."  It opens to this dialogue in particular, as a humanoid head full of neat black hair pops in.  And big, youthful eyes.
  63. [00:48:09] <Leen> If the whole thing is wonk, it's definitely a cause for concern! Either way, Leen is full of questions again! "...Huh? What's happening?"
  64. [00:50:23] <@Giantree> "WHOAHOWHA it's a robot!"  The boy scrambles as the pod continues opening, and there're a bunch of noises of THINGS falling on the ground.
  65. [00:51:04] <@Giantree> Seems like, as far as drawing in energy goes... this works.  That's where the depleted feel came from; the pod you're in was COMPLETELY out of energy.  But the wide expanse of a room you're in very much isn't.
  66. [00:53:14] <@Giantree> The head pops back up into view, this time with a bucket on it.  "... An enemy robot?"
  67. [00:53:55] <Leen> "Ahh, that's...huuuuuuh. Huuuuuuuuh." She takes in energy a bit more quickly now, which might actually result in looking a bit more intimidating due to sucking in the light so much she gets a weird dark aura or something. "...This...this doesn't make sense. Where am I?" At least she isn't speaking in some angry tone.
  68. [00:56:23] <@Giantree> The black-haired boy, who now obviously has cat ears poking up, blinks a few times in worry.  "... Not an enemy robot!  Are you lost?  Fan's supposed to show people around when they get lost."
  69. [00:57:23] <@Giantree> Seems like he doesn't realize why the room's getting gradually darker, but it's slow enough to not be a big deal.  There are a lot of ships to either side, too, that seem like they're also getting siphoned a little.
  70. [00:59:37] <Leen> Those other people in the...was it a store? Is that what it was? Whatever, they clearly didn't have those ears. But they were all different in some way so these ears really aren't a deal at all. Either way, the overdrive should cease as soon as she's regained full power. "...Uh, I am kinda lost, then, huh? I just went through those doors and there was all this white and..." She glances
  71. [00:59:37] <Leen> at the pod she came from. "And then I was in there and now I'm here. Do you know a Gabrielle?"
  72. [01:02:20] <@Giantree> "A who?"  Headshake.  "Rings not any bells, none at all!  But then let's see... who does Fan take lost people to?"
  73. [01:03:10] <@Giantree> "To Mr. Scruffy...?  Or to Ms. Feathers...?  Oh, Fan knows!  Robots and robots are best friends, aren't they not?"
  74. [01:04:53] <Leen> "Oh..." ...She misses Gabrielle already, even though they spent all of five minutes together. Or something. "...Um, sure! I don't think my real best friend is a robot though, so, but they can definitely be great friends, which is close enough!"
  75. [01:05:14] <@Giantree> (it was a, you know)
  76. [01:05:58] <@Giantree> "But that's nonsense!  Fan has seen robots meeting robots, they always get along!  Can you get up?  Come come, this way!"
  77. [01:06:23] <@Giantree> The boy leaps back and leaves the escape pod in place for the exiting.  His tail twitches with each step he takes.
  78. [01:09:10] <Leen> (I don't know what you're getting at. A person is a a person, which might be referred to as A PERSON, where person takes the place of the name the person has and the a remains. You confuse me! Be more clear!) "OK~" And speaking of confusion, she's gonna have to get to the bottom of this. This involves getting up and following a catboy!
  79. [01:09:27] <@Giantree> (No I mean, her name is Gabriella)
  80. [01:09:56] <Leen> (Oh. Fix all those typos then, I'm terrible with names.)
  81. [01:10:32] <@Giantree> Well much unlike many of the Florians who fortunately don't exist in this universe, Fan - who was kind enough to share his name, see? - hops along, scrubbing walls with a cloth as he goes like a professional.  Passerbys walk by and occasionally chuckle to themselves.
  82. [01:14:03] <@Giantree> The hallway in itself is a little awkward to walk in.  It seems much... newer than the white room.  Rather, it feels like a completely new experience.  Like there's never been anything like it before.
  83. [01:15:04] <Leen> Huh. She takes glances at all of them, too. Occasionally she stares, but keeps moving. Someone that needs a bodyguard is currently without one! This is both suspicious and worrying--oh my god these walls. On realizing the walls are there, she stares at them too, even slowing down a bit.
  84. [01:15:40] <@Giantree> "Haah?"  Scrub, scrub.  "Is something wrong?"
  85. [01:15:47] <@Giantree> "Is Fan doing a bad job?"
  86. [01:17:54] <Leen> "I've never seen walls that aren't all boring and whi--" She looks up. It is likely the ceiling she is looking at. "--whoa, that means..." She looks down. There is likely a floor there. "...whoa. This isn't anything like before~" At least she can still stay positive!
  87. [01:20:19] <@Giantree> There IS definitely a floor.  And every now and then there's a window, showing a display of the vast space outside.  Or at least, where you arrive NOW there is, in a spacious room filled with circular tables that have circular chairs at them.  All of them are floating.
  88. [01:20:24] <@Giantree> This, too, is for some reason familiar.
  89. [01:21:14] <@Giantree> "Miss Franç, Miss Franç!  You're a new robot, this robot is too!  Fan thinks you could be friends, is Fan right?"  He runs up to a desk at the other side of the room and starts shouting.
  90. [01:25:56] <Leen> OH MY GOD SPACE. Leen attaches her head to the window as soon as she becomes aware of it. But she stops herself after this, lest she start counting the stars and never stop. "Hi~" She goes to Françoise and waves at her!
  91. [01:27:24] <@Giantree> The redheaded robot... is she familiar?  It's hard to tell.  Regardless she peps up and waves, jolting immediately to attention at a not-catboy speaking.  "4Hi!"
  92. [01:29:32] <@Giantree> "4..."
  93. [01:30:03] <Leen> She is familiar for some reason. In fact, she makes it a point to look behind her next chance she gets, for...something or other. "Do you know where a Gabriella is?"
  94. [01:30:09] <@Giantree> "4Ohmigosh WHAT?  Fanny did you REALLY mean it?  There's another robot here just to see me~?  Oh dear, I-I'm not sure if my heart's ready though..."
  95. [01:30:37] <@Giantree> She cuts herself off.  "4... Oh.  Um, no, I don't know if there's anyone like that in my records here.... but lemme check!"
  96. [01:30:43] <@Giantree> She starts furiously typing.
  97. [01:34:53] * Blaxploitation is now known as Jazz
  98. [01:38:23] * Jazz steps into the large room, his shield strapped to his back, his arm cannon detatched, and his helmet held under one arm, allowing his piercing blue eyes to be seen. He stops next to Françoise's desk, and says ,1"Hey, uh...can I just call you Fran? Or Franky? Or...something? I'm not good with long name- O-Oh, sorry I didn't mean to interrupt anything!"
  99. [01:38:40] * Jazz takes a step back once he realizes she's busy talking to...someone.
  100. [01:40:45] <@Giantree> "4Ooonf!  Oh, hi Mr. Jazz!  No, it's okay, I was just looking something up... uh... sorry, there's nobody with that name staying here."  She pouts a little.
  101. [01:41:15] <@Giantree> "4And everyone DOES call me that!  Fran, or Franç... hmm... can you get shorter?  Fra... Fr... F... Ffffffffffff.... ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff...."
  102. [01:41:59] <Jazz> "E-Er, i'll just use Fran, okay...?"
  103. [01:43:53] <@Giantree> "4Ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff- Oh, alright!"
  104. [01:44:49] <@Giantree> The catboy has been scrubbing walls all this time and comes back to attention, approaching Jazz.  "Oh!  You're the newcomer too, right?  Fan apologizes- he wondered if he scared you back there."
  105. [01:45:37] * Jazz smiles akwardly at Françoise, before noticing the boy talking to him! He looks over and says. "Hm? Oh, yeah, I'm new. What's this about scaring me...?
  106. [01:46:25] <Leen> Leen's gaze is locked with the other robot's eyes in anticipation. THERE'S NO WORDS HERE, at least till she figures it out. Or maybe until she's don--oh. "Oh..." She seems disappointed. "...wellll...if I can't find Ella, then...this means that I don't have any friends anymore, does it? That won't do! I'll be your friend, but not your best friend cause Ella has that title cause she's
  107. [01:46:25] <Leen> the first person I met and she's really great and I kinda don't know anyone else but she's my best friend and that's final!" Nod nod. And turn to Jazz. "You can be my friend, too, if you want~"
  108. [01:46:32] <@Giantree> "Oh, Fan was cleaning earlier, and had to go fast, that's all!  And then he met this robot..."
  109. [01:50:23] * Cael is now known as Kain
  110. [01:51:41] * Jazz takes a deep breath after realizing that he needs to introduce himself to some new people! "A-Ahem...My name's Jazz, the Champion of Justice! It's nice to meet you both! I just got here after saving a space station, but i'll probably be here for a while, so let's try and be friends, alright?"
  111. [01:51:45] * Jazz exhales.
  112. [01:56:03] <@Giantree> Françoise, at the very least, applauds to the introduction.  Of course the catboy doesn't get it.
  113. [01:56:51] * Jazz scratches the back of his head, blushing a bit out of embarassment. "S-Sorry about that. Just call me Jazz, okay?"
  114. [01:58:21] <Leen> Being an android that most likely lacks proper lungs, she continues with a breath not even taken. "Nice to meet you, Jazz and Fran! Jazz...Fran....Jazznfran..." She giggles to herself before catching herself. "Champion of Justice, huh...Oh, and I'm Leen! I was supposed to be a bodyguard for Gabriella, but...well, I only saw her for five minutes and then I was in the pod and this is
  115. [01:58:21] <Leen> kinda confusing but it should be OK, right? If there's a Champion of Justice, things start going better! That makes sense!"
  116. [02:00:53] <Jazz> "Huh. Well, I don't know anyone named Gabriella, but i'll keep an eye out, okay?"
  117. [02:02:09] <Leen> "Please do! Thank you~" She bows. "...Hm...maybe if I ask everyone, I'll be able to find her...huh, maybe I should look in that pod...i-is it OK if I can look back inside that thing I came in?"
  118. [02:04:39] <Jazz> "I'll go with you, if you want. Losing people you like really...stinks, and I like helping people out."
  119. [02:05:04] <@Giantree> Fan headtilts.  "Why wouldn't it be?  Fan was cleaning it, but not removing it... pods take strong bodies to move from the dock.  And Fan doesn't have one of those."
  120. [02:05:48] <Jazz> "I can probably help with that, too. If you'd like, I mean. Kids like you shouldn't have to work so hard on things like that!"
  121. [02:07:32] <@Giantree> "With cleaning?"  Headshake headshake.  "No worries, Fan does it so nobody else has to!  Sometimes it's even relaxing, or fun."
  122. [02:07:56] * Jazz scratches his neck. "I guess so. I just meant dealing with big heavy stuff."
  123. [02:08:39] <Leen> "W-well, lemme take a look at it first, OK? ...Though maybe if there's something on the back...and you can come too, Jazz! ...Fran looks kinda busy behind that...whatever, so I'll leave you to that while I look and then come back, OK~?" She's off as soon as there's confirmation!
  124. [02:09:27] * Jazz smiles and waves to Françoise, saying "I'll see you later, okay?", before following Leen and Fan
  125. [02:10:16] <@Giantree> "4Good luck!  I'll be here if you ever need anything, okay!  Don't let me be lonely!  I might get lonely..."
  126. [02:10:28] <@Giantree> Vwoop the door opens.  The door closes.
  127. [02:10:37] <@Giantree> "4I'm already lonely..."  Sniff.
  128. [02:10:58] <@Giantree> Meanwhile, Fan leads the way to the docks.
  129. [02:11:23] <Leen> It's OK, she'll be right back! Just as soon as she examines every nook and cranny of what she was in. She totally stares at everything on the way, but she doesn't slow down.
  130. [02:12:58] <@Giantree> By the way was it ever mentioned that Leen's been wearing a shield with a weirdass emblem on her arm that wasn't there during the flashback?
  131. [02:13:03] <@Giantree> ... Whoops, should've mentioned that.
  132. [02:13:21] <Leen> She'll figure it out eventually.
  133. [02:13:22] <@Giantree> WAIT, BETTER IDEA
  134. [02:13:35] <Leen> Or she'll figure it out when she gets back! Either way!
  135. [02:13:53] <@Giantree> As you make your way back to the docks during whatever conversation or other silliness, led by a catboy with a happy twitching tail, the pod is still there and wide-open.
  136. [02:14:02] <@Giantree> And INSIDE of it, under where Leen was sitting, is that shield instead.
  137. [02:14:06] <@Giantree> She was never wearing it.
  138. [02:14:09] <@Giantree> PHEW everything salvaged
  139. [02:14:53] <Jazz> "So...Leen, what model and make are you? I'm a Wright Robotics PAR-01, myself."
  140. [02:16:18] <Jazz> "Well...To be fair, I might be the only one of those. I think" Jazz trails off for a moment, before shaking his head "He was PAR-02, I think."
  141. [02:20:53] <Leen> "...Oh, I don't remember this! But it's in there!" She takes it and takes a good look at it, clearly excited at the latest discovery. If one looks over her shoulder, you'll note that there's a message engraved in one of the sides of the shield thing. 'One day, I will see you again.', it says. "What...hmmm...maybe...huuuh..." Huuuuuuuuuuh. "...Oh, I'm a...a...hold on...I also have the
  142. [02:20:54] <Leen> name VMU 737, I think that's it?" She makes a good guess! "I almost forgot it, I like Leen more!"
  143. [02:22:22] <Leen> She continues to examine the pod itself, after finishing the examination of the shield thing. But not before wearing it, of course!
  144. [02:22:44] <Jazz> "Hey, Nice shield! I've got one two, I guess that means we can be shieldbuddies, huh?"
  145. [02:23:44] <Leen> "Yep! We'll defend the world together, and uncover the truth! That felt nice to say!"
  146. [02:24:34] <Jazz> "Heh! I'm glad!" Jazz says, before moving to inspect the pod himself. Maybe he can figure out where it's from? Serial Numbers, return-address, something...
  147. [02:28:44] <@Giantree> Looking at the pod doesn't provide much... in fact, everything seems to be totally nonfunctional.  But upon making some 'adjustments' - meaning ripping some of it apart - it's clearly old enough to logically have NO reason to be intact.  Some of the very tiny, mostly faded lettering on it is definitely not in a dialect that exists in modern times anymore.
  148. [02:28:51] <@Giantree> Any time Leen tried, by the way, it wouldn't reactivate.
  149. [02:29:22] <Jazz> "Huh...Whatever this Pod came from, it's pretty old..."
  150. [02:29:43] <Jazz> "If you're a bot, that means you could have been drifting for a...long while."
  151. [02:30:49] * Jazz suddenly sounds kind of sad! He hopes that this pod was an antique when Leen got into it, not the other way around, or this "Gabriella" person could be...
  152. [02:32:14] <Leen> " there someone on here that can figure out how long a long while is? Or at least how long it was in use? Definitely how long it was in use." Worry worry worry. She sounds the worry.
  153. [02:33:03] <Jazz> "Sure...let's go ask Fran first, okay? I don't really know anyone on the ship but her." he says, grabbing a piece of the craft with the old lettering on it.
  154. [02:34:44] <Leen> "Alright~" Her attempt at being cheerful registers as an attempt.
  155. [02:35:46] <@Giantree> Fan had been trying to sniff pieces of the craft in the meanwhile, but it didn't get far.
  156. [02:37:35] * Jazz pats Leen on the shoulder and starts to head back towards Fran's desk.
  157. [02:38:34] <@Giantree> The cat breaks off, though he's at least kind enough to wave, upon realizing he has more work to do.  Scrubscrubscrub down the opposite direction of the hallway...
  158. [02:42:22] <Leen> She waves back, and continues following Jazz!
  159. [02:44:13] <@Giantree> Okay guys, get ready to move into the other channel~
  160. [02:44:17] * Jazz heads back to Fran! "Hey, Fran! Do you know of any...ancient language experts on board?"
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