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  3. You are wasting time following this Q.
  5. It's a psyop (probably to lure YOU in) from the opposition or some agency (protected , else he would be arrested by now for causing this much damage... They took down Alex Jones too)
  7. It's designed to keep you from any real organization. It makes you lazy.. Free beer tomorrow, for 1 year !!!!!!!
  9. None of you is saving America or protecting it from outside forces or domestic enemies !!!!!
  11. Qanon sheep are trolling the US president too.. They divide you ... Use #qanon on twitter for reaching audience but start a new movement spreading COMMON SENSE and get organized... these internet bubbles also cause your intel agencies to be overloaded and go after tens of thousands IP's to find a few instigaters..........
  12. You are helping them (the firestarters) to waste resources.
  14. The Cl0wns and the NSa already got Shit methods and tactics in judging people wrongly and causing damage because of pressure , lack of time , fucking inside shills ..........
  16. Today I heard Hillary say something interesting on Russia Today (I watch all). She said "We funded the people we are now fighting" referring to the mujahideen. HRC speaks truth if you listen. Even Obamummer when he claims whole countries "potential places from ...deep inside a cave lol... can be plotted against America" , the excuse to bomb entire countries and obvious stupid move causing changes of influx in all theaters. (This is why Obummer is a mkey).
  17. The point is you must not be divided and project hate. Your memes are fucking funny. So Was Alex Jones.
  18. Right now you must get together and research truth for yourself and get it out, organize.... Stop bashing and wasting time... and when shit hits the fan, do you reps also catch a bullet for a dem? What about for african americans or muslims? I would, did it before... I would also fight the enemy (external or within).
  20. FIND OUT WHO IS REALLY CAUSING THE DIVISION. THINK!!!!!!!! Be your own investigative reporters, stop following stupid movements that can fire right back at you! (Guilty by association....)
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