scsitool-nwz.exe basic output

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  1. Usage: scsitool [options] <dev> <command> [arguments]
  2. Options:
  3.   -o <prefix>   Set output prefix
  4.   -f/--force    Force to continue on errors
  5.   -?/--help     Display this message
  6.   -d/--debug    Display debug messages
  7.   -c/--no-color Disable color output
  8. Commands:
  9.   get_dnk_prop  Get DNK property
  10.   get_dnk_nvp   Get DNK NVP content
  11.   get_dpcc_prop Get DPCC property
  12.   get_user_time Get user time
  13.   get_dev_info  Get device info
  14.   do_fw_upgrade Do a firmware upgrade
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