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  1. syntax makes a language pretty thats all.
  3. Beauty is not words it is all the other mysterious symbols that tie it all together. Make up your own I want to see what you come up withh.
  5. The way it should look, I think all programming languages are ugly and boring
  6. to mee it is not about for loops or if statements or modulo operators, only 2 things really
  7. symetry or no symetry.
  9. ` has no symetry,
  10. ~ has no symetry
  11. () and [] are commonly used symetry
  12. % new symetryd
  14. (*) or [%&] encapsilated symetry
  16. take a look:
  19. `# --> (--)(--) ---<
  20. ltr ~[%&]
  21. (*) !- = 750.
  22. okei%sava$% ` google
  24. so what this means is that everything in the syntax gets filtered into two pieces
  25. symetry or no symetry
  27. and then on top of that there are quantum processes that act in different states other than just the two.
  28. because non symetry is encapsilated in symetry is a quantum state
  29. symetry cannot be encapsilated. Which might mean that nonsymetry(prettiest I think) is
  30. always pushed through first.
  32. like Closures ` punctuation for macros works well like this.
  33. that is why instances and classes never work in my opinion, and only first class objects really matter, all just because the symetry is effected in the network.
  34. Which also means there is always an advantage to creating something new, as old programming languages slow down over time unless they modify themselves, because entire protocols act as a symetry mechanism, so the redundancy in the network is constantly providing stability as it evetually peaks.
  35. As it spreads quickly a new protocol or web app or program it speeds up the network incrementally faster, but still retains the advantage for new protocols and pushes them through as soon as the redundancy hits.
  37. Think of it as a particle colider your program creates the hoop, as people adopt the program more hoops are created, as the data is pushed through the hoops, and as the hoops add functionality it increases the magnetism, as the programs themselves are only hoops they begin to move through the fiber optic cables slowly and as the data gets pushed through the hoops the hoops increase in speed. The same is true for the entire ipv6 itself which acts as a bigger hoop ontop of ipv4, since ipv6 is here it might create speed limits so the data transfer is not too fast, as it creates speed limits the ipv6 hoop increases in speed possibly. I'm not sure limits are possible through the ipv6 mechanism and might actually create the entire destruction of the interenet, which cannot be turned off. The only possible way is for everyone to get 3D processors which because there is a hill in the graphene when an electon goes up the hill the electons on either side are that are spinning , spin goes up while the one going over the hill remains in same spin.
  38. Cellular automata is the future of programming. Now there are three states rather than 2 because can spin sideways which means that it is theoretically possible to . First let me show you a picture. of 3D processors.
  41. ________________________
  42. so here is a picture of 3 threads | | | | | | with asymptotic complexity being defined as electrons
  43. spinnin upwards, imagine in your head that they are moving toward you and what is behind is spinning up as it rolls toward you with the side facing you moving down and that there is a plate above it that is creating the magnatism ^ upward as it is spinning toward you.
  44. thread 1, thread 2, thread 3
  46. | ^ | | ^ | | ^ |
  49. so now with the 3D graphene plates, which apparently are really hard to make absolutely perfectly flat, thats alrigh because any little hill can be stitched into a processor and used.
  51. so since the middle processor is going over some 3D geometry which isn't directly perfected maybe random, but if it does work the same way and the process is down hopefully there will be a hill for thread 2 . As the electron goes up the hill it will pull thread 1 and 3 towards itself and their spin will go side ways, hopfully outward theoretically or another similar structure, this is all still new.
  53. so hill is /-\ above magnetized plate is probably ____________ which may be implemented through SSD solid state drives?
  55. //Intel has a new SIMD.js for node.js so this can be a starting point.
  56. //
  58. so here it is 3 threads with 3D processors, china owns 30 % of graphene, maybe this is an example on nonsymmetry moving through symmetry when it makes the two symmetry of thread 1 and 3 manipulate as it squeezed thread two past it, flinging it even faster.
  59. ________________
  60. | ^ |
  61. | ^ | /-\ | ^ |
  64. that may cause thread 1 and 3 to go like this
  66. | < | | > |
  68. or maybe more magnetism is needed.
  69. so electrons are positive and negative so if you use a negative electron and a positive electron in the middle they will attract or detract and/or bobble outward left and right?
  70. what about up and down? well with 3D processors that becomes possible.
  71. so as 2 and 3 move up and down can manipulate 1 and 4, of their is symmetry for
  72. 2 and 3 moving up and down together can make 1 and 4 move 90% left or right.
  73. if 2 and 3 moving up and down at different time intervals will make 1 and 4 move
  74. left and right may pop 2 and 3 up to move into a spiralling quantum state where the magnetism of 1 and 4 is permentantly for 1 / and 2 \
  76. so this
  77. | ^ | |+ ^ | |- ^ | | ^ |
  78. becomes this (~) represents a spiral of + and - this is for asynchronous up and down
  79. / +~- \
  81. while synchronous 2 and 3 will create possible number of states unknown?
  82. if magnetism of 1 and 4 locks in 2 and 3 wile they are both up look like this
  83. example 1
  84. \ -+ /
  85. if locks in while down locks in like this
  86. example 2
  87. /-+\
  88. the magnetism keeps it down, there might not be enough force for 1 and 4 to do this since the verticle _____ SSD plate will be pulling 2 and 3 this acts like a spring. there would have to be a pulsing from 3D that would get locked in from other threads to left of 1 and right of 4 i think.
  89. So lets say example 1 is left of thread 1 and right of tread 4, locking in is easier from a verticle perspective, if happening at the right time after example 2s thread 2 and 3
  90. is comming toward you on page still.
  91. example1 \ -+ / example1 \ -+ /
  93. that shift of example 1 code might delay it just enough for example two to come in. And then lock in.
  94. \ -+ / /-+\ \ -+ /
  96. This is amazing!
  98. after this it creates a quantum tunnel that once the data is pushed through it goes faster and faster with frictionless environment. This might be dangerous? If persistent data pushes through the tunnel in middle while non persistent data is on 1 and 3
  99. it could push 1 and 3 back to normal, and then the spring releases and tunnel 2 flies upward in 3D processor.
  100. so these electons will spin sideways and go somewhere else now? creating another state other than 1 or 0 which can be seen in Bennet Clocking when you create asymptotic (asymptotic is just the spin of electon) complexity on planar processors is usually 1 or 0 forward or backward however bennet clocking can be used to bend processors that create bugs, or can also make electons jump threads to insert vulnerabilities.
  102. In theory in the world of cellular automata complexity, randomness happens all the time, cutting edge research on NMR Nano Magnetic Resonance I think it is called is implemented on 3D processors is bassically cellular automata on 3D processors.
  104. Now it is funny because I am not sure that it will jump a thread because in bennet clocking it works like this asymptotic spin moves this way \ not directly 90 degree turn.
  105. So in theory electron could jump off processor in a number of ways vertically in a quantum state that is moving perfectly 90 degrees -> while other two are moving forward or backward, leading to what no doubt is untold efficiency of battery life and speed as a possible self contained propulsion mechanism.
  107. in theory this could happen rather than jumping threads. the other two dont spin outward
  108. but make the middle one temporaryily stay popped up and moving sideways.
  109. so magnetism looks like this for thread 2 1\2/3 so \/ is like a magnetized thread that thread two is cushoned uppon with almost frictionless environment it is encapsilated in.
  111. | -> |
  112. | ^ | / - \ | ^ |
  114. the structure of cellular automaton language is what will then determine the ones and zeros, not logic gates themselves, so get ready to be a glitch tracker, glitches will happen everywhere while the most important resources can be encapsulated with the right kind of cellular automaton complexity, without worrying about garbage computers will be hack-able through knowledge of patterns(demonstrating valuable science) while at the same time we live in a world of infinite mystery. A patterned stock market not just direct buy and sell price setting, based off patterns, and randomness? (less, or no manipulation and front-running.)
  117. As far as the hoops of the network moving the symmetry of ipv 6 and ipv4 tunneling and the fear that the network is moving too fast it may be possible through 3D processors to tone it down, where the unstoppable and uncontrollable network collides with the worlds 3D processors, the network may once again be under our control.
  119. So go ahead give it a try. make your syntax as beautiful as possible. No words are even needed.
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