fnv modlist

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  1. #Mod_Priority,#Mod_Name,#Nexus_ID,#Mod_Nexus_URL,Comments
  2. 0,DLC: TribalPack,-1,,
  3. 1,DLC: OldWorldBlues,-1,,
  4. 2,DLC: MercenaryPack,-1,,
  5. 3,DLC: LonesomeRoad,-1,,
  6. 4,DLC: HonestHearts,-1,,
  7. 5,DLC: GunRunnersArsenal,-1,,
  8. 6,DLC: DeadMoney,-1,,
  9. 7,DLC: ClassicPack,-1,,
  10. 8,DLC: CaravanPack,-1,,
  11. 9,NVAC - New Vegas Anti Crash,53635,,Probably not necessary
  12. 10,OneTweak for FNV,59266,,
  13. 11,New Vegas Stutter Remover,34832,,"Again, not necessary, added because I was getting crashes"
  14. 12,Couriers Stash Integration,46251,,
  15. 13,Interior Lighting Overhaul,0,,
  16. 14,JIP LN NVSE Plugin,58277,,
  17. 15,The Weapon Mod Menu,0,,
  18. 16,New Vegas - Enhanced Camera,55334,,
  19. 17,Roberts Male Body FNV,54731,,"Underwear version, obvs"
  20. 18,Type3 Body and Armor replacer,34825,,"Again, normal underwear version"
  21. 19,Spice of Life - Variety Armor and Clothing Robert Breeze Type3,44476,,This has a project nevada patch (which I wasn’t using)
  22. 20,Willow - A Better Companion Experience,41779,,"Actually don’t like this mod much, but the player house in Novac is good"
  23. 21,Project Nevada,40040,,"I just use Core, but Equipment is good too"
  24. 22,The Mod Configuration Menu,0,,
  25. 23,FNV Realistic Wasteland Lighting,52037,,
  26. 24,CAGE - Continue After Games Ending,42428,,
  27. 25,zzjays body and face textures workshop - Type 3,55174,,Just the face texture
  28. 26,Wasteland Clothing HD,,,
  29. 27,Dynamic Pipboy Light,64023,,
  30. 28,Weapon Mods Expanded - WMX,39651,,This has great synergy with The Weapon Mod Menu
  31. 29,Stealth Suit Configuration Menu,50480,,
  32. 30,Megaton Hairs - Vegas Edition by zzjay,62744,,"Just use any hair mods, the default ones suck"
  33. 32,UIO - User Interface Organizer,57174,,
  34. 33,Fallout 4 Quickloot for New Vegas,,,Use instead
  35. 34,Settings,0,,This is just to throw any files that the mod menu makes in
  36. 35,Virus hunt 90 or 45 seconds,35024,,
  37. 36,Zion Exit Cave,41874,,
  38. 37,Dead Money Type3 Outfits,40595,,
  39. 38,Dead Money Annoyance Reducer,61347,,"This makes the DLC really easy, only really use if you’ve done it before or are Koubitz ;)"
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