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  1. September 4th, 2018
  3. (I’ve deliberately substituted the numeral 0 for the letter o/O in names, and a 3 for the letter e/E, to foil web-wide name searches and to prevent stalking)
  5. This is a significantly lengthy report for which I apologize, but I also spent an entire week in this dangerous host’s apartment (desperately trying to simply avoid him at all costs) and to avoid the bizarre and frightening experiences that occurred repeatedly, several times every day!
  7. I’m “in between apartments” in NYC which can be a real trial, and can take a while (weeks or month) to get something nailed down; it’s incredibly stressful, and outrageously expensive; just the process alone! One of THE hardest places in the world to find ANY apartment, let alone not one charging Hong Kong rates!
  9. I was a repeatedly recognized AirBnB “super-host” myself for several years, with SIX pages of glowing reviews! I honestly enjoy/ed hosting; no kidding, despite the VERY rare disrespectful/disruptive guest! 99% of my guests were wonderful people, and I sincerely enjoyed hosting them and getting to meet them!
  11. I was also in the hospitality industry myself for years prior (restaurants, bartending, hotels, resorts, etc) so, I know how to make customers feel well taken care of, respected, and appreciated, and take pride in paying attention to my guests’ needs, even before they inquire! As an experienced host, I actually know what guests expect to find, during a stay. The smallest details matter, and I always provide them.
  13. During the few hours prior to my arrival as a GUEST, host “Matth3w B0rda” would be completely unreachable for 30-60 minutes at a time. This happened two or three times. The only way to gain entry, was to meet him in person, but when I would try to reach out, via three different channels (AirBnB messaging, txt msg, voice call), I would get no response whatsoever. Worrisome. After one extended silence, host finally responded by saying his phone was across the apartment while he was doing dishes, so he couldn’t hear it. While also expecting my call!
  15. NO in-house WiFi! Guests are expected to use some unsecured nearby/unknown Optimum mass-public hotspot. No password needed for hotspot; all logins for all personal services, email, banking, etc. are transmitted unencrypted! This hotspot is not only impossible to connect-to many times, it would then drop the connection frequently, requiring the login process to be completed over and over again. Repeatedly, 24/7. Absolutely maddening.
  17. The host also mentioned that the Hotspot login info (to allow each connected device to be formally recognized/authorized/actually connect to the public internet via any nearby public hotspot)… is actually that of an old girlfriend’s and could be revoked/invalidated without warning. Then he tried to “blame” me for not having a cell phone contract with unlimited data that I could use instead.
  19. In what follows, you will see that "Matth3w B0rda” (if that’s actually his name) living at 728 Knickerb0ck3r Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11221 (Apt 2L, 2nd floor, left door), is a dangerous, aggressive, unpredictable nightmare of a host. I felt unsafe and physically threatened several times. But also, while toting my miserable cat in a carrier, felt I also had nowhere else to go, and had no choice but to suffer in literal fear, worry, and sleeplessness.
  21. The first morning I awoke, I quickly used the back half-bathroom, exactly ONE time. This (plainly visible, from the main hallway) toilet+sink is “near” the host bedroom, in the very back of apartment. Upon my exit from the bathroom, the interaction with the host that unfolded was surreal, and actually frightening.
  23. I was screamed at and scolded like a child, repeatedly, for a minimum of 5 minutes, while I repeatedly attempted to apologize. The host seemed determined to intimidate and belittle me, and was defiantly deaf to my apologies and explanation for my confusion.
  25. It was actually a tense experience and the exact moment I realized the host is unstable, and potentially violent. The host repeatedly insisted that I always, clearly understood his vague rule, and that I was defying him deliberately!
  27. Apparently, when the host declared previously, “all that, back there, is mine only!,” that declaration also included the clearly visible half-bath at the end of the hall. I made a completely honest mistake in using it exactly once, and I swore/promised to the host, that it would NEVER happen again, and yet…
  29. This host insisted on “dressing me down” like a child, over and over and over at length, even insisting that I DID understand his proclamation all along, and was simply defying him on purpose! Insisting I deliberately disobeyed his “my area only” rule in order to test his authority, or something similarly ridiculous.
  31. He then re-visited/re-ignited my alleged “deliberate defiance of him,” ALL over again, the NEXT DAY too, in front of other, new guests. A bizarre, unexpected, uncomfortable experience for me, and everyone.
  33. The following evening, when I allowed my bedroom door to remain open for 90 seconds, apparently my currently miserable, bedroom/crate -bound cat curiously wandered down the hall toward the “forbidden territory,” near the hosts’ bedroom; must’ve had a cautious but quick sniff, and then immediately returned to my bedroom. I didn’t even realize he'd left my bedroom, he was out and back so quickly.
  35. That odeur-de-chat must’ve provoked the host's (admittedly) blind, bed-ridden/terminally ill chihuahua to bark. At which point, the host stormed downstairs from a roof-top social hang-out, and proceeded to (aggressively/violently) accuse me of “going into his room, because he heard his dog bark, which thereby proved my crime and also proved my blatant deceit in denying that I ever entered his room!”
  37. He had frequently bragged/declared/warned about having a camera in his bedroom (and frequently reminded guests that, “he trusted no one!"), so I replied, “just look at your camera; if anything, you might see the reflective glow of a cat's eyes, but you certainly won’t see me.” Minutes later, he came out and apologized to me!
  39. On August 27th, host casually said to me in passing, “I hate cats." I have a terribly bored but still well-behaved, affectionate, dignified/calm, stand-offish, if not ultra-cautious, non-destructive cat in my/this bedroom, which has/had been openly acknowledged as my unfortunate/unwilling traveling partner since the moment I booked the room.
  41. There is CONSTANT, never-ending foot traffic in and out of the front door of this hosts’ apartment, 24 hours a day, by a wide variety of faces, many faces I’ve never seen and will never see again, or frequent activity by the host himself. Which includes slamming the (solid metal/heavy, front) door immediately opposite my bedroom door. Usually by the host.
  43. Some kind of "frequent activity” by a constant stream of short-term visitors is going on in this apartment repeatedly, to generate non-stop foot traffic. Which does NOT involve arrival/departure of genuine AirBnB guests. This apartment, is WAY too “busy” for any sense of peace and comfort. I think for ANY guest to feel comfortable, really. Most of the people in the constant flow in and out are not AirBnB guests.
  45. The apartment has two actual/real guest rooms, of vastly different size. The one I slept in, is the half-size one opposite the front door, in roughly the center of a very long/linear, narrow floor-plan. This middle bedroom has a single, small/medium window facing a five-foot wide, narrow slot of a long, 3-story-tall rear alley, and each side wall (outside the window) contains multiple windows on three floors. The front guest room seemed to be about twice as large, and contained two or three large windows facing north/the street. And actually had at least one chair and a tiny, folding “TV-stand” style table, to put a plate of food on.
  47. The host has “attached” the curtain for the small room, by raising to the top, the upper half of the window in order to capture/wedge the top edge of the curtain in the (almost) closed window, so that it may hang from there; the curtain is also several inches too short for the total window height, so sunlight streams in at the window sill under the curtain, at dawn.
  49. This curtain “mounting” also means, there is always a very slight opening at the top, which also means it’s impossible to close out all the noise from three floors of windows on two sides (outside), the noise of which is perfectly funneled/channeled right into the/my guest window. The window cannot be closed 100%, without removing the curtain.
  51. This host has a condescending, bullying, intimidating, sociopathic, unnerving, perpetually aggressive attitude. I never saw him smile or laugh the entire week I was there. Always energetic and unusually intense, but would always return to spontaneously insulting, shocking, confrontational, and unpredictable behavior.
  53. He’s got a screw loose, seriously. Seems to have ZERO awareness/care of anything/anyone outside his own thoughts/ego, and never-ending desperation for money. His thoughts were usually paranoid and aggressive. Possible schizophrenia, or BPD, or socio/psychopathy… but I’m not a doctor.
  55. I only wanted a peaceful, completely uneventful stay, for a large chunk of money spent, while I’m simultaneously, furiously, VERY stressfully working out my own housing nightmare in NYC!
  57. Host also joyously, openly bragged about finally being free of his constant parole officer oversight after 5 or 7 years, though he didn’t describe the specific crime or length of prison time. That comment DOES generate some brand new (worrisome) questions, however!
  59. It’s either a profound, and likely violent/dangerous mental imbalance (his OWN comments indicated incarceration that required 5-7 years of parole supervision post release), or an ongoing drug addiction. Either way, he is the LAST person whose abode I would EVER stay in again, even if I was paid to do so!
  61. I just never knew when he’d snap in rage AGAIN, or threaten to become violent, etc! It’s certainly not any kind of restful sleep while keeping one eye open, AND while also paying substantially for the experience! Or literally being told I can’t shower or prepare food when he’s in the same (kitchen/common) room! (see below…)
  63. When discussing a common “gig economy” business opportunity of bicycle food/document delivery (Postmates), I mentioned that I had a freshly broken foot that a recent follow-up x-ray confirmed was not healing after 3 weeks post injury, and which I was forbidden to put weight on, which meant that (bike delivery) was certainly not an option for me. To which the host replied, “oh, poor baby!”
  65. This host claimed he HAD a thriving AirBnB hosting situation going strong like a federal mint printing entire sheets of new money, but after one/several horrific guest report/s, AirBnB froze his account without warning and canceled all his reservations, spontaneously and also without warning or discussion.
  67. He’s STILL intensely furious and enraged about that, and wouldn’t stop complaining about AirBnB being SO unfair to him. Blamed his entire problem on ONE guest (a couple traveling together I think), and on AirBnB. Tried to convince anyone who’d listen that ALL the blame was due to only one guest.
  69. Matth3w B0rda’s current info:
  71. "Br00klyn Life"
  72. 728 Knickerb0ck3r Avenue, Apt. 2L
  73. (2nd floor, left door)
  74. Brooklyn, NY 11221
  77. But now, he has proudly/defiantly (claimed he’s) returned to AirBnB hosting using a different name, a different credit card to receive payment, and has used a different email address. I was initially slightly sympathetic to his sob story, but can now COMPLETELY understand why ANY guest would very quickly feel unsafe, and why this host should never be allowed to host anyone; he’s actually dangerous and unpredictable!
  79. Also mentioned something about needing to “self medicate.”  My guess is some kind of stimulant. Like cocaine, a condensed derivative (like “crack”), common street meth, or a pharmaceutical stimulant like Adderall or Modafinil. In my opinion, this host is borderline dangerous, has extreme, unpredictable mood swings, and actually made me feel anxious/worried all the time I felt stuck there, because there was nowhere else to go!
  81. Host spent several obsessive sessions “sweeping” with a tiny broom and dustpan, every square inch of an otherwise barren apartment (but never wet-mopping?), which points to My bare feet would quickly turn black on the hardwood floor, which tells me he must NEVER actually wet mop, probably never has, not even once.
  83. Host blasted music/movies/television out of his far/back room at all hours of day and night. First night I could hear movies or television literally all night long, which meant I also barely got any sleep. When I mentioned hearing something like movies or TV all night the next morning, his response was, “yeah, that was probably me, but I mentioned the potential of noise in the listing.”
  85. Host never stopped ranting loudly and with animation about what a mountainous amount of money he will make with AirBnB, constantly asking me how much MORE he could've charged me, how high he could set his prices, etc. How much he could charge PER SERVING for the bland, minuscule vegan meals he prepares primarily only for himself (sporadically, but meticulously.) How much he could make doing deliveries by bicycle, but while using MY personal acct information to sign up!
  87. Apartment constantly out of toilet paper. Had to request some, half a dozen times just in order to use the toilet. Bath-rug was always soaking wet like a submerged kitchen sink sponge; no shower curtain installed. Though the apartment designer used a half sheet of installed glass as a pseudo-shower “curtain,” the remainder of the shower water splashes out on floor, leaving floor and bathmat soaking wet at all times.
  89. NO plates whatsoever, to put food on. _ONLY_ single piece of furniture in common area/kitchen, is one, absolutely filthy, disgusting bi-fold futon, that looked like it was retrieved from a dumpster or a swamp. Or curb-side, meant to be picked up by the garbage truck. Was apparently originally light beige/tan in color, but now various shades of brown stains, and looked like it had been retrieved from a landfill; absolutely covered in stains and muck. A real bio-hazard; not joking!
  91. The bed in the small/my room is well-elevated, unusually so, about waist high+ for me. A very small, three shelf bookshelf is the only other piece of furniture. So, nowhere to sit while tying shoes, pulling on socks/pants, etc. Again, only sit-able surface is the _waist_ high, elevated bed (impossible/impractical), or the floor.
  93. There is literally NOT ONE horizontal surface to rest a food plate on, while eating! Unbelievable. Your choice was your lap, while perched/sitting on the filthy sofa/futon (if it wasn’t already fully occupied by a fresh crew of new faces+filth), or literally standing at the kitchen counter. When I mentioned this significant shortcoming to the host, he called me a “whiner.”
  95. Host has also chosen, a snow-white, goose-down filled duvet as a blanket over the light tan sheets. Which means, it’s impossible not to roast/cook/sweat in late August in N.America, and, since the duvet is a blinding, snow-white, it’s going to show every last speck of dust within 50 feet. I fully expect host complaints, with regard to this.
  97. Host also loudly announced Sunday morning from kitchen, that everything in the fridge had been disposed of. Luckily I only had half a quart of milk in there.
  99. I will quickly and cheerfully improvise with whatever _amenities_ I find provided in any home-stay; have done so my entire life as a fearless traveler, beginning with an early stint in the U.S. Navy; I’ve seen it all… BUT an unpredictable, unstable, potentially violent, ex-convict, potential drug addict, HUMAN HOST… is another kind of stress altogether! There really is NO solution, except getting far away from the crazy person.
  101. He NEVER stopped talking about himself, his next-get-rich-scheme (he concocted a new scheme about every half hour), or how the whole world is conspiring against him, including his paying guests, his own mother, etc. Seriously, it’s the never-ending blather of a certifiable lunatic.
  103. This guy needs long-term professional help/medication, NOT to be BEING PAID to host innocent, unsuspecting guests in a barren, filthy, lunatic asylum with screamed, random rules that change hourly and a never-ending parade of strange faces streaming in and out.
  105. He is a literal danger to guests and his neighbors. I had to escape to my room as often as possible, and as soon as possible, to avoid his non-stop insane ramblings. Which he apparently greatly resented.
  107. I believe, given his obvious mental instability/imbalance, that the reason he chose to despise/insult/harass me is because he was causing me profound mental stress by demanding that I listen to his non-stop insane ramblings, so I reached the same conclusion that anyone else would - I stayed silent, kept conversation to an absolute bare minimum, and sequestered myself in my room as often as possible, away from him!
  109. His ramblings included every last topic in the universe, most of which involved magically generating some sky-high mountain of money. He’s also currently addicted to online stock-trading too, and so he MIGHT even be an intelligent person. But stable, calm, predictable, non-violent, and trustworthy, HE IS NOT!
  111. The guest bedroom door I had, locks from the inside with a rotating button, but the host may still have a key for the keyed-slot on outside. So I was never entirely ensured my belongings couldn’t be picked through when I stepped out, ran errands, was sound asleep, etc. And there were so many different people coming in and out of the house, at all hours.
  113. I finally decided to again attempt installation of a new pet (cat) vest (with integral D-ring for a leash) onto my now always captive/traveling cat, put him in his carrier, and walked over a block to Irving Square Park on Knickerbocker Ave. My first time attempting to "walk a cat," of mine or anyone’s, EVER in my life; oh boy!
  115. I felt like my miserable cat could really use a change in environment; something new and interesting. I had already proved the cat could tolerate wearing the wide, cloth, velcro’d vest, just around the house. So I vested him up, clipped on the lead, stuffed him into the carrier while suffering a deafening, howling feline protest (THE part he loathes the most; being put into the carrier!)
  117. Then coincidently crossed paths with host Matth3w when exiting the apt with the cat, and explained my genuine excitement about my first time cat-walking experience. Matth3w then proceeded to sternly lecture me about some kind of flea/parasite epidemic in the park, and practically insisted I thoroughly spray/saturate my cat with his home-made apple cider vinegar solution, BEFORE leaving the apartment!
  119. I balked, told him the cat would freak out about about some vinegar spray (and certainly would’ve) and thank goodness he quickly dropped his request without perpetuating the debate/lecture.
  121. Sunday early afternoon, host Matth3w tried to explain some kind of money swap he had discussed with previous guest “Ri0” who had also slept on the roof in a tent a night or two previous with his girlfriend, claiming “Ri0” still owed him $160 and a house-key still to be returned, so he wanted to hide an ancient, rusty, barely functional Peugout bicycle with an attached milkcrate in my room, such that if “Ri0” returned, Matth3w would still retain Ri0’s bicycle as collateral for the $160. I complied to assist in the bike hiding plan. Felt like I had no choice, honestly.
  123. Later on Sunday evening about 6:00pm, Matth3w knocked on my door, asking “for a favor.” He wanted to open a Postmates acct in my name, using MY information, so that he could begin making deliveries immediately; as in, that very night (yet another example of his extreme/bizarre money desperation!)
  125. I was initially willing to listen to his deliberately vague description/plan, but once I realized exactly what he was asking me to do, I flatly refused to help with his plan.
  127. I honestly thought he was going to punch me when I said I didn’t want to let him work for using MY personal information to open an acct. He was literally enraged, and kept screaming “but you promised you’d do me a favor!"
  129. At which point, he became enraged and psychotic, and I thought I might need to call the police. He WOULD NOT stop accusing me of promising him… “something,” and but then also reneging on whatever he imagined I promised him.
  131. Then, he texted me twice in immediate succession, to demand a face to face meeting in the barren living room. I reiterated the fact that I wasn’t interested in his Postmates delivery scheme registered under my name/information, and that my position had nothing to do with him personally; I wouldn’t enter into that kind of scheme with anyone.
  133. At which point he proceeded to tell me he could read inside EVERYONES’ minds and thoughts, and ALWAYS KNEW when I (or anyone else around him) was lying to him. Which included me! What he claimed I was lying to him about, I STILL don’t know!
  135. Host just told me while I was dishing out a portion of canned food for my cat in the kitchen, “that because you don’t respect me enough not to lie to me…” (possibly still raging/obsessing about his Postmates illicit registration scheme that I STILL wasn’t interested in discussing), I’m "not allowed to use the kitchen, or the bathroom+shower when he’s already present in those spaces, and not to speak to him at all.”
  137. It’s now 11:51pm on Sunday night, Sept. 2, and host Matth3w is literally screaming from one end of the apartment to the other, to another guest. From the back bedroom, all the way to the front bedroom. Host also now has his own TV blasting a movie out of his back bedroom.
  139. Awoke late on Monday morning, to hear host loudly lecturing another new guest about how he could always tell when a person was lying, and that the guest’s “hesitation” in responding to the question of what song was presently playing on his radio, “proved” to the host that the guest was hiding something.
  141. The guest, similar to my experience, didn’t even know how to react, or what to say. You’re dealing with someone not grounded in reality; there is NO right or correct answer or any response.
  143. Also just overheard the host (who NEVER shuts up talking about himself and his grandiose plans and exceptional, supernatural genius!), talking about how he might not even have an actual lease for this apartment, and might actually be squatting! Was elaborating on how he intends to hire a lawyer to legally resist being evicted. Thanks goodness I leave tomorrow morning!
  145. This host is likely mentally imbalanced, emotionally unstable, likely has some kind of criminal record that required many years of parole officer supervision, and is physically dangerous. I would’ve gladly checked out sooner than Tuesday morning, but I couldn’t extend my next guest stay at the next AirBnB to begin any sooner than it’s already been reserved for.
  147. I think the landlord also needs to know this dangerously unstable guy intends to rent out every bedroom including his own (told me he’d just wander the streets for two nights as virtually homeless on the weekends, so he could rent out his own bedroom too), and also intends, and actually did, open up/flatten-out the disgustingly filthy futon, intending to rent it too!
  149. If he’s not also renting space on the roof, using a tent! Saw that play out with my own eyes, for at least one night.
  151. Now he’s trying to desperately finagle/pressure actual cash out of yet another guest or strange visitor to finance an Uber ride for himself, which he’s repeatedly promising to reimburse the guest for, once he returns from whatever urgent mission he’s presently obsessed with.
  153. This AirBnB host is inherently dishonest and manipulative, mentally unstable and unpredictable, physically dangerous and threatening, and may very well lead to a guest lawsuit filed against you, for not vetting him more thoroughly.
  155. Just went to use the main bathroom before turning in for the night, and had a super fast, super short, effectively risky chat with the two seemingly pleasant, normal fellows currently in the front bedroom watching a movie on their laptop.
  157. Mentioned my name, greeted them briefly, and also made it clear that _I_ am the normal one who seems to always remain hidden/is never seen, and that I cannot wait to leave this place tomorrow morning!” They both immediately nodded in agreement, completely understood the point I was trying to make, and also said they couldn’t check-out soon enough themselves!
  159. Warning! Stop this guy ASAP, before he even further destroys your reputation as a company, or actually hurts someone physically! If you honestly don’t care what kind of frightening, dangerous experiences your hosts and guests are experiencing so long as you get your percentage of the fees, then these situations will have to move to another stage of action/recourse.
  161. My preference in this particular case, would be a full refund for each night spent in this nerve-racking hellhole, minus any small incidental fees you normally add-on to the final page of costs. I am traveling with an unhappy/boxed-up cat (in a carrier), and I cannot just find another AirBnB accommodation on extremely short notice.
  163. Let alone for the one and two week reservation lengths I’ve been booking, while I’m still apartment hunting for myself. Odds are slim to none that you’d have found anything else for me to move into instead, on immediate notice. It’s peak season, everything’s fully booked, need to bring cat along, etc…
  165. What would an actual NYC hotel room cost (which also allows a pet), and which party would be responsible for the final bill charged, given that this current AirBnB host host from hell turned out to be the devil himself? Serious question…
  167. This host was SO consistently, constantly insulting, unpredictable, unreliable, unprepared, physically threatening, intimidating, bullying, and blatantly INHOSPITABLE (and has been to all the guests I’ve witnessed here, whose similarly dumbfounded faces were also often on display) that he fully well deserves to lose the/my entire reservation payment.
  169. This mentally deranged host made my AirBnB stay constantly, extremely stressful, legitimately threatening and frightening, and consistently inconvenient due to so many lacking amenities. I also felt like I had nowhere else possible to go instead, given the details of my travel (carrying cat, 1-2 week stays needed, etc.)
  171. I eagerly await your response.
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