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  1. Pre-five years -
  2. A rift requires 30 seconds in order to open. This is also limited to 2 people along with the caster. This limit also includes tri-summons (such as undead).
  3. Cannot open a pocket dimension.
  4. Does not benefit from the 1500 pursue.
  7. Post-five years -
  8. A rift magi can open a rift in 20 seconds, and the limit has been increased to 4.
  9. Pocket dimensions are now possible to be opened. Warning: more experienced rift magi may be able to track and trace them.
  10. Still does not benefit from from the pursue
  11. A rift magi might have enough knowledge to create rift runes. These runes are connected to each other, and only allow travel to the locations which the runes are set. One rune is connected to one other set rune, not one rune is connected to multiple set runes. These expire after two uses. (Basically to and from)
  14. Post-ten years
  15. The limit becomes 15 seconds, and it is possible to transport 5 people now.
  16. The pursue/flee can be benefited from now.
  19. Post-Twenty years
  20. The rift magi can open the rift in 5 seconds and is able to transport a maximum of 7 people.
  23. All
  24. There is exhaustion when trying to open a rift for the maximum number of people. The rift magi is unable to verb, but there is an exception when in events.
  25. Summons that are not ‘spirit’ nor nature are included in the limit for transportation.
  26. When benefiting from the pursue/flee, it is only possible to change locations when the flee has perfectly succeeded.
  27. There is also a 5 year time limit to which a person can travel to a specific location. Example: A throne room. As for just traveling to the village and not a specific area, that is not hindered by the 5 year limit.
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