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May 15th, 2019
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  1. get No-Bling mod
  3. get tweaked autoexec.cfg
  5. add launch options:
  7. -nogamestats -nobreakpad -nocrashdialog -disablehangwatchdog -forcepow2dxt -swap_chain_as_is +r_frame_sync_enable 0
  13. baa!
  14. aveyo
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  17. 10 months ago
  18. Try troubleshooting options such as:
  19. -nogamestats -nogammaramp -novr -nojoy -noime -nobreakpad -disablehangwatchdog
  20. -dx11 -dx11renderthreadstack -onethreadpool -swap_chain_as_is
  22. Do not use -high or -fullscreen if crashing a lot, but play in borderless window
  24. Disable Overlay feature in software such as Discord, Spotify, Teamspeak etc.
  26. Disable RTSS (part of overclocking software such as Afterburner)
  28. Add Dota 2 and Steam to your AV and Firewall exceptions (AVG, avast, mcAfee, Eset -> uninstall)
  30. Do not run VPN, DNS and other remote software while playing / try another solution that won't conflict with Steam and VAC
  32. Do not run virtual pc software while playing
  34. All above practices might not help at all, since custom games are fucking broken in the connecting phase - Valve has set a low-priority network communication with the servers, but did not adjust all the various timeouts cvars accordingly, because they don't care, and can get away with it.
  35. Dedicated servers, my ass. I can load any map of Roshpit Champions in <10s when hosted locally, but when using Valve's server, it takes at least 30-45-1min+ just waiting for the server to reply. And then it timeouts!
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  43. Set low (100MB) Data usage limits for all connections. Enable Airplane Mode. Manually disable Ethernet, Wireless and Bluetooth adapters via Device Manager. Play an offline-able demanding game for an hour.
  44. -Did you get micro-stutters?
  45. Uninstall all monitoring and overclocking services (MSI Afterburner with it's RTSS)
  46. Use one of those Windows 10 privacy tweaks (ShutUp10 / WPD) full options selected, reboot, test.
  47. -Did you get micro-stutters?
  48. Install 2016 LTSB Eval to rule out version bugs.
  49. -Did you get micro-stutters?
  50. Check ISP peering with the game servers you use or other servers located in the same geographical region / home network devices (routers, switches and cables) / PC ethernet and wireless adapters / drivers. Test from other ISP like for example tethering from your phone data plan.
  51. -Still getting micro-stutters?
  52. At this point, one would consider that you have fucked up your build, either hardware matching / wrong slots for ram, stuff not fastened, additional power cables not connected, or simply BIOS settings being crap so you should either stick with defaults or ask a specialist to do it for you.
  54. [Edit] Forgot about something: disable WdNisSvc (Windows Defender Antivirus Network Inspection Service) - yeah it might sound like a bad idea security-wise, but that thing is pure cancer when it comes to screwing up real-time network connections as those used by competitive online games (messing packet timestamps that can get you flagged by anticheat, and exponentially making latency and packet loss worst). The firewall will still work just fine without it, and having the latest OS updates means there should be no vulnerabilities. As a matter of fact, this must be the most useless so-called "security" service since it did zero nil nada zilch to stop "powered-by-the-NSA" stuff like WannaCry.
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