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Oct 23rd, 2020
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  1. Arousal to X
  2. Desire for X
  3. Behavior seeking X
  4. Sexual fantasies about X
  5. Daydreams about X
  6. Porn use depicting X
  7. Repulsion to X
  8. Compulsions for X
  9. Perceived immorality of X
  10. Objective harm/benefit to self of X
  11. Perceived prevalence of sexual interest in X (... for own demographic?)
  12. Perceived taboo of X
  13. Traumas regarding X or something?
  14. Opposite-of-X behavior or something? like "exotic becomes erotic", "powerful men are sexually submissive", ...
  15. Practical viability of X
  16. Distress about not achieving X
  17. ... not quite sure what exactly but something related to identification with X or whatever?
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