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Apr 25th, 2020
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  1. [hyperiond EFFECTFILES] (INFO) 38 effects loaded from directory :/effects/
  2. [hyperiond EFFECTFILES] (INFO) 21 effect schemas loaded from directory :/effects/schema/
  3. [hyperiond EFFECTFILES] (INFO) 0 effects loaded from directory /home/pi/.hyperion/custom-effects
  4. [hyperiond SettingsManager] (DEBUG) (SettingsManager.cpp:108:SettingsManager()) Settings database initialized
  5. [hyperiond BLACKBORDER] (DEBUG) (BlackBorderProcessor.cpp:65:handleSettingsUpdate()) Set mode to: default
  6. [hyperiond ComponentRegister] (DEBUG) (ComponentRegister.cpp:36:setNewComponentState()) Blackborder detector: enabled
  7. [hyperiond DAEMON] (INFO) set screen capture device to 'dispmanx'
  8. [hyperiond DISPMANXGRABBER] (DEBUG) (Grabber.cpp:34:setVideoMode()) Set videomode to 0
  9. [hyperiond DISPMANXGRABBER] (INFO) Display opened with resolution: 1920x1080
  10. [hyperiond DISPMANXGRABBER] (DEBUG) (Grabber.cpp:83:setWidthHeight()) Set new width: 80, height: 45 for capture
  11. [hyperiond DAEMON] (INFO) DISPMANX frame grabber created
  12. [hyperiond V4L2:auto] (DEBUG) (Grabber.cpp:34:setVideoMode()) Set videomode to 0
  13. [hyperiond V4L2:auto] (INFO) Signal threshold set to: {12, 12, 12}
  14. [hyperiond V4L2:auto] (INFO) Signal detection is now disabled
  15. [hyperiond V4L2:auto] (INFO) Signal detection area set to: 0.250000,0.250000 x 0.750000,0.750000
  16. [hyperiond DAEMON] (DEBUG) (hyperiond.cpp:467:handleSettingsUpdate()) V4L2 grabber created
  17. [hyperiond JSONSERVER] (DEBUG) (JsonServer.cpp:25:JsonServer()) Created instance
  18. [hyperiond JSONSERVER] (INFO) Started on port 19444
  19. [hyperiond LEDDEVICE] (INFO) LedDevice 'adalight' found.
  20. [hyperiond ComponentRegister] (DEBUG) (ComponentRegister.cpp:36:setNewComponentState()) Smoothing: enabled
  21. [hyperiond LEDDEVICE] (DEBUG) (LedDeviceAdalight.cpp:56:init()) Adalight header for 266 leds: Ada 0x01 0x09 0x5d
  22. [hyperiond LEDDEVICE] (INFO) Opening UART: /dev/ttyACM0
  23. [hyperiond LEDDEVICE] (DEBUG) (ProviderRs232.cpp:219:tryOpen()) Setting baud rate to 100000
  24. [hyperiond LEDDEVICE] (DEBUG) (ProviderRs232.cpp:235:tryOpen()) Device blocked for 1500 ms
  25. [hyperiond FLATBUFCONNECTION] (INFO) Connecting to Hyperion:
  26. [hyperiond EFFECTENGINE] (INFO) Run effect "Rainbow swirl fast" on channel 0
  27. [hyperiond PROTOSERVER] (INFO) Started on port 19445
  28. [hyperiond FLATBUFSERVER] (INFO) Started on port 19400
  29. [hyperiond WEBSERVER] (DEBUG) (WebServer.cpp:32:initServer()) Initialize Webserver
  30. [hyperiond WEBSERVER] (DEBUG) (WebServer.cpp:32:initServer()) Previous line repeats 1 times
  31. [hyperiond EFFECTENGINE] (DEBUG) (EffectEngine.cpp:183:runEffectScript()) Start the effect: name [Rainbow swirl fast], smoothCfg [2]
  32. [hyperiond HYPERION] (DEBUG) (PriorityMuxer.cpp:158:registerInput()) Register new input 'System/EFFECT' with priority 0 as inactive
  33. [hyperiond HYPERION] (INFO) Initial foreground effect 'Rainbow swirl fast' started
  34. [hyperiond EFFECTENGINE] (INFO) Run effect "Warm mood blobs" on channel 254
  35. [hyperiond EFFECTENGINE] (DEBUG) (EffectEngine.cpp:183:runEffectScript()) Start the effect: name [Warm mood blobs], smoothCfg [2]
  36. [hyperiond HYPERION] (DEBUG) (PriorityMuxer.cpp:158:registerInput()) Register new input 'System/EFFECT' with priority 254 as inactive
  37. [hyperiond HYPERION] (INFO) Inital background effect 'Warm mood blobs' started
  38. [hyperiond HYPERION] (DEBUG) (PriorityMuxer.cpp:158:registerInput()) Register new input 'System/GRABBER' with priority 250 as inactive
  39. [hyperiond ComponentRegister] (DEBUG) (ComponentRegister.cpp:36:setNewComponentState()) Framegrabber: enabled
  40. [hyperiond Dispmanx] (DEBUG) (GrabberWrapper.cpp:49:start()) Grabber start()
  41. [hyperiond BOBLIGHT] (DEBUG) (BoblightServer.cpp:28:BoblightServer()) Instance created
  42. [hyperiond HYPERION] (INFO) Hyperion instance 'First LED Hardware instance' has been started
  43. [hyperiond ComponentRegister] (DEBUG) (ComponentRegister.cpp:36:setNewComponentState()) LED device: enabled
  44. [hyperiond WEBSERVER] (DEBUG) (WebServer.cpp:89:handleSettingsUpdate()) Apply Webserver settings
  45. [hyperiond WEBSERVER] (DEBUG) (WebServer.cpp:89:handleSettingsUpdate()) Apply Webserver settings
  46. [hyperiond WEBSERVER] (DEBUG) (WebServer.cpp:107:handleSettingsUpdate()) Set document root to: :/webconfig
  47. [hyperiond WEBSERVER] (DEBUG) (WebServer.cpp:107:handleSettingsUpdate()) Set document root to: :/webconfig
  48. [hyperiond WEBSERVER] (INFO) Started on port 8090 name 'Hyperion Webserver'
  49. [hyperiond HYPERION] (DEBUG) (PriorityMuxer.cpp:238:setInputImage()) Priority 250 is now active
  50. [hyperiond HYPERION] (DEBUG) (PriorityMuxer.cpp:333:setCurrentTime()) Set visible priority to 0
  51. [hyperiond WEBSERVER] (DEBUG) (WebServer.cpp:173:handleSettingsUpdate()) Setup SSL certificate
  52. [hyperiond WEBSERVER] (DEBUG) (WebServer.cpp:189:handleSettingsUpdate()) Setup private SSL key
  53. [hyperiond WEBSERVER] (INFO) Started on port 8092 name 'Hyperion Webserver'
  54. [hyperiond HYPERION] (DEBUG) (PriorityMuxer.cpp:238:setInputImage()) Priority 0 is now active
  55. [hyperiond HYPERION] (DEBUG) (PriorityMuxer.cpp:198:setInput()) Priority 254 is now active
  56. [hyperiond LEDDEVICE] (DEBUG) (ProviderRs232.cpp:253:writeBytes()) 27 frames dropped
  57. [hyperiond HYPERION] (DEBUG) (PriorityMuxer.cpp:298:setCurrentTime()) Timeout clear for priority 0
  58. [hyperiond HYPERION] (DEBUG) (PriorityMuxer.cpp:333:setCurrentTime()) Set visible priority to 250
  59. [hyperiond WEBSOCKET] (DEBUG) (WebSocketClient.cpp:30:WebSocketClient()) New connection from ::ffff:
  60. [hyperiond WEBSOCKET] (DEBUG) (JsonAPI.cpp:99:handleInstanceSwitch()) Client '::ffff:' switch to Hyperion instance 0
  61. [hyperiond WEBSOCKET] (DEBUG) (WebSocketClient.cpp:204:sendClose()) send close: 1000
  62. [hyperiond WEBSOCKET] (DEBUG) (WebSocketClient.cpp:30:WebSocketClient()) New connection from ::ffff:
  63. [hyperiond WEBSOCKET] (DEBUG) (JsonAPI.cpp:99:handleInstanceSwitch()) Client '::ffff:' switch to Hyperion instance 0
  64. [hyperiond WEBSOCKET] (DEBUG) (JsonAPI.cpp:1032:handleLoggingCommand()) log streaming activated for client ::ffff:
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