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Oct 19th, 2020
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  1. ╔════════════════════════════╗
  2. ═══════════════════════╣█▓▓▒░ C A B A L (v1.1) ░▒▓▓█╠═══════════════════════════════
  3. ╚════════════════════════════╝
  5. File : Depends on what zip you've down-loaded. This
  6. text file accompanies all CABAL files.
  8. Zip file: Wad file: Level name:
  10. flood.wad "Bloodflood" map 03
  11. derelict.wad "Derelict station" map 02
  12. watchtower.wad "The Watchtower" map 04
  13. todeath.wad "Temple of Death" map 05
  14. arena.wad "We who are About to Die" map 06
  15. storm.wad "Eye of the Storm" map 09
  16. the_evil.wad "The Image of Evil" map 30
  18. Author : Sverre Andre Kvernmo (aka "Cranium")
  19. Whats new since 1.0 : This is the first update of Cabal, containing:
  20. - Fixes of some very minor bugs.
  21. - Most levels have a new secret area or two.
  22. - New, extra evil encounters <G>.
  23. - All levels have had overhauls where the response
  24. from the people that downloaded and played them has
  25. been taken into consideration.
  26. -"Beautified" a bit in places. As if it needed it! :D
  27. - It has NOT been made any easier! Rather a few of
  28. the areas have been spiced up even more.
  29. - I've also added a new section in this file under
  30. "play information" that gives the maximum % of
  31. secrets attainable on each level. It is annoying not
  32. to be able to get 100% all the time, I know, but the
  33. node-builders around don't seem to be able to
  34. correctly register secrets after they exceed the
  35. number 4. Even Ultimate Doom doesn't have 100%
  36. attainable on every level, so there!
  38. Misc. info : This and the other of my wads were initially
  39. intended released inside a 32-level "episode" on the
  40. internet. I got drafted for id's project
  41. "DOOM2: The Master Levels" though, and having Id
  42. release four of my wads is about 666 times cooler<G>.
  43. The remaining seven, now known as the CABAL series
  44. didn't make it into that project, most of them due to
  45. the deadline (I came into TML just as it was about to
  46. be finished). After premiering on the coverdisks of
  47. PC Zone and GIGA they are now available to all you
  48. CIS, GAMESNET & FOREST users.
  50. If you like these wads and want some more of my
  51. stuff, together with the excellent wads of Jim Flynn,
  52. John "Dr. Sleep" Anderson, Tom Mustaine and
  53. Chris Klie you can go and get The Master Levels when
  54. they come out. Very likely they'll be the best wads
  55. you have _ever_ played...
  57. Setting : Ok, here's the plot: Kick Butt!
  58. Gripping, isn't it? In case you are a little more
  59. into story-lines you can keep on reading <g>:
  60. The plot in the intended episode was as follows:
  62. : You once were the biggest and baddest Cyber-demon
  63. to rule hell and you spear-headed the council that
  64. governed the underworld; "the Cabal". Betrayed by the
  65. other members you find yourself not only dismantled,
  66. but also a victim of the utmost demonic humiliation:
  67. You've been morphed into a human! Of course you're
  68. out for revenge and have to kick the other members of
  69. the Cabal's butts one by one.
  70. There's a short low-down on the story of each wad at
  71. the end of this document (additional info).
  73. Credits : The whole of id Software for DOOM & DOOM II.
  74. : Andrew (& Mark) Cornes, Gregory "Acoma" Hyne,
  75. Peter "Pete" Ripley, David "Macca" Mccandless,
  76. Jim F Flynn, Björnar Johansen, Baard Zakariassen and
  77. Stian Danielsen for playtesting, viewpoints,
  78. help, enthusiasm and for being mad bastards.
  79. : Oh, and Erling Paulsen for managing to convince me
  80. that there was such a thing as a full fledged
  81. Doom-editor, back in early 94. Os!
  82. : A brand new BFG goes out to Geoff Allan (DOOMed),
  83. Raphael Quinet (DEU), Olivier Montanuy (DeuTex),
  84. Colin Reed (BSP) and Antony Burden (DETH), plus
  85. whoever put together idBSP. These guys gave us
  86. tremendous tools of joy without claiming a buck for
  87. it. Keep going guys, you are much admired and
  88. respected. About a thousand times more so than those
  89. who are deeply doomed...;)
  90. : Shawn Green for sending me the picture of that
  91. very friendly pizza-girl. Oh, and for including me in
  92. "DOOM2: The Master Levels" project.<G>
  93. : A humongous round of applause to those doom-players
  94. who still play without cheating. I made these wads
  95. for you guys! :)
  96. : Last but never least to all other WAD-designers who
  97. have lost themselves in the worlds of tag numbers,
  98. upper textures and vertexes as badly as me. Quake
  99. will be the end of what's left of our social lives.
  100. <G>
  102. Deathmatch
  103. bad-arse credits : Macca, Escher, Loki, Woof, Piano and Pete. You can
  104. walk over my melted bodies anytime. Don't hang around
  105. that corner for too long though. I'll silently BFG
  106. your butt!
  108. ╔══════════════════╗
  109. ╣*Play Information*╠══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════
  110. ╚══════════════════╝
  112. How to play : Load up, using the command line:
  113. DOOM2 -FILE <path to wad/name of wad>
  114. When in the game, choose difficulty from the menu and
  115. use the IDCLEVxx cheat when level 1 of Doom2 starts.
  116. xx being the map number of the relevant wad. I know
  117. you knew all that but you see, there might have been
  118. _someone_ who didn't. Now they do, eh? :D
  119. Map # : See top of text file
  120. Single Player : Yes
  121. Cooperative 2-4 Player : Yes
  122. Deathmatch 2-4 Player : Whadda ya mean? Of course there is! Take a look in
  123. "additional" to find out which of the levels are
  124. best suited. All levels have been play-tested in
  125. 2-player mode.
  126. Difficulty Settings : A new setting (Total Carnage) has been implemented
  127. to challenge the most hardened of Doom assassins.
  128. Cabal's Ultra Violence is ment to equal Doom2's.
  129. New Sounds : No.
  130. New Graphics : Yes. Difficulty setting menu.
  131. Demos Replaced : None
  133. Percentage of
  134. secrets attainable : Bloodflood 100%
  135. : Derelict Station 100%
  136. : Watchtower 100%
  137. : Temple of Death 87%
  138. : We Who Are About to Die 100%
  139. : Eye of the Storm 100%
  140. : The Image of Evil 84%
  141. ╔══════════════╗
  142. ╣*Construction*╠════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════
  143. ╚══════════════╝
  145. Base : An obsessive personality, lotsa caffeine and lotsa
  146. nicotine. :Q A twisted mind doesn't hurt either. :)
  147. An additional credit should go out to those wad-
  148. designers that have inspired me greatly through their
  149. work. I don't know all their names, but the names of
  150. their WADs should suffice. Hail the hall of fame:
  151. "Nukemine" (old I know, but the supreme numero uno
  152. at it's hayday)
  153. "Castle of the Renegades". Best castle-type wad I've
  154. seen. Just _couldn't_ believe the size of it in my
  155. pre-GCC days.
  156. "Eternity"
  157. "Dante's Gate"
  158. The secret level in the AlienDoom episode was groovy
  159. as well, and "Cleimos" had some nice touches.
  160. Build Time : Don't ask, really! First baby steps at "wadding"
  161. taken in the summer of 94. Almost dropped out of
  162. university for this bloody obsession. One reason for
  163. surviving was that I handed in a wad of my campus as
  164. one of my projects. <G>
  165. I would guess that I on average spend about 130 hours
  166. on each wad. And it's not because I work slow :)
  167. Editor(s) used : The supremo editor DETH v1.666 was used for the
  168. updates. Other editors used include:
  169. DoomED 4, DEU2, DETH, BSP1.2x, idBSP and DEUTEX.
  170. Bugs : No way. If you should find some then get in touch,
  171. but know that I will forever hate you!!! ;)
  173. Where to get the
  174. CABAL wads : Compuserve (Action Games Forum/DOOM II Levels).
  175. : October 95's issue of either PC Zone or GIGA
  176. (GIGA is only sold in Norway).
  177. : The London GAMESNET server. (0171 4600515)
  178. : FOREST BBS (0142 5629623)
  180. Hope you enjoy the wads!
  182. ╔═════════════════════════════════════════════════════╗
  183. Î All comments & questions will be highly appreciated Î
  184. ╚═════════════════════════════════════════════════════╝
  186. Sverre Andre Kvernmo
  187. (it's a norwegian name OK? I'm from Norway smart arse)
  188. aka Cranium
  192. ╔═════════════════╗
  193. ╣*Additional info*╠═════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════
  194. ╚═════════════════╝
  196. Bloodflood (map 03)
  198. : I set out to make the ultimate deathmatch level in
  199. this one. Once the players are fimiliar with the
  200. level it kicks b u t t, ala big time. Works well
  201. as a 1player as well.
  203. "You have come upon one of the Cabal's blood-depoes.
  204. An important element in any powerful black magic is
  205. huge amounts of blood. Emptying the depoe's tanks
  206. into the nearby river you will have struck your first
  207. blow against the Cabal."
  209. ==============================================================================
  211. Derelict Station (map 02)
  212. Co-author: Greg "Acoma" Hyne
  214. : Should you tire of Bloodflood (What!?) then try
  215. this smaller, even faster frag-machine on for size.
  216. Quite playable as a single game as well.
  217. This is the only Cabal-wad I didn't do from scratch.
  218. Greg: "Please make this wad I've sketched out."
  219. Me: "God's sake Greg, I have enough making my
  220. own. Go and download DETH!"
  221. Greg: "Pleeeease..."
  222. Me: "Ok then."
  223. -1 week later-
  224. Greg: "Please make my wad beautiful."
  225. Me: "What? Isn't it enough that its playable?"
  226. Greg: "No. You gotta throw in some cool light-
  227. effects & stuff!"
  228. Me: "<sigh>"
  229. Greg "Pleaaaase... I'll make you a cup of tea!"
  230. Me: "Ok then."
  232. "Just having escaped the Sea of Blood you have sought
  233. out a derelict building in the search for arms &
  234. equipment. Unfortunately the station isn't as
  235. abandoned as you thought."
  237. ==============================================================================
  239. The Watchtower (map 04)
  240. Co-designer: Greg "Acoma" Hyne
  242. : Me and Greg wanted to do an awesome Deathmatch
  243. level but with all the ideas we had it kinda grew a
  244. little large <G>. Still very good if you have the
  245. incentive to learn it. Good for 3 & 4 player network.
  248. ===============================================================================
  250. Temple of Death (map 05)
  252. : My first wad <blush>. Don't worry you won't have to
  253. struggle with mis-aligned textures and collaged
  254. colours, as I recently went over the thing and
  255. polished it a bit.
  256. The only wad I originally made for Doom 1. It was
  257. released "somewhere" on the internet as "death.wad"
  258. (one of about a million with that name:) at which
  259. time it couldn't be saved, the barrels didnt explode
  260. and half the monsters were "friendly". Gosh have
  261. editors improved since then <G>.
  264. ===============================================================================
  266. We who are About to Die (map 06)
  268. : Ok for Deathmatch but v e r y playable as one
  269. player, judging by the response of play-testers.
  271. "The Cabal has started striking back at you. That
  272. last gateway should have taken you... well somewhere
  273. else. Not to an arena where thousands of humans have
  274. lost their souls to hungry demons. As you get ready
  275. for the first wave of hellspawned gladiators you
  276. swear to blast the emperor's thumbs off before he can
  277. even think about turning them down on you..."
  279. ===============================================================================
  281. Eye of the Storm (map 09)
  283. : Made the whole level design with the thought of one
  284. encounter only (you'll know wich one when you
  285. encounter it :). The level is an exercise in how to
  286. dodge and use the BFG to full effect. If big-weapon
  287. blasts are your thing in Deathmatch then you'll want
  288. to live inside STORM.<G>
  290. "You find yourself in the remains of an old forttress
  291. after ascending a lift shaft from the mines where you
  292. were trapped. Signs of unlife is evident but from
  293. what you know of this place it should pose no great
  294. threat to you. It used to be the centre of a
  295. Cacodemon empire that perished some 665 yeaes ago.
  296. Oh, by the way, it's new years eve..."
  298. ==============================================================================
  300. The Image of Evil (map 30)
  302. : This was to be the final showdown in Cabal.
  303. Wanted to see how far I could take the design of the
  304. map view with it. Cowards go IDBEHOLDA as soon as
  305. they enter. Good players will see it evolve.
  306. Also known as the wad that made Jay Wilbur go:
  307. "Wow! Who did that?" (on my soul!)
  309. "The Image of Evil is a humongous temple created
  310. to the honour of the first Demon to slay an angel;
  311. Lithlaar. In it you will find the Cybo that now is
  312. known as the lord of Hell and his two Soulguards."
  315. ╔════════════════════════╗
  316. ╣*Copyrights/Permissions*╠═════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════
  317. ╚════════════════════════╝
  319. You may not use these levels as a base to build additional levels, and you
  320. may _certainly_ not include it in any horrible 100 000-wad-compilation.
  321. It will be greatly appreciated if you distribute the Cabal WADs, provided
  322. you include this file, with no modifications. If you WANT to mess around with
  323. them for some peculiar reason then get in touch first.
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