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Meian Alien

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  1. <OOC> Hikari says, "Do we want to try to pick up something from that far back, or just start something new?"
  2. <OOC> Meian says, "New might work better. Though by all means let's keep that atmosphere because it was gold :)"
  3. <OOC> Hikari giggles. "Which one? The 'Meian got alien-symbioted and is doing stuff to Hikari, but Hikari's taking it way better than Meian is?
  4. <OOC> Meian says, "I like that steady (and very very naughty ;) ) hikari"
  5. <OOC> Hikari giggles. "Mm... Well, then, let's start, hmm? ^.^
  6. <OOC> Meian says, "Heh okay. How far into the transformation should I be?"
  7. <OOC> Meian says, "Or perhaps the symbiote should be in charge that first time she goes to see Hikari?"
  8. <OOC> Hikari hmms... then laughs. "So symbiote-controlled Meian shows up with her alien bosom and makes out with Hikari?"
  9. <OOC> Meian says, "Heh, with some naughty alien agenda in mind no doubt. :)"
  10. <OOC> Hikari says, "Oh, absolutely. I do like the idea of Hikari-as-alien-ship-computer-core. Especially as naughty as she is. :3"
  12.      A gentle knock comes from your front door.. at a rather early hour to as the darkness outside the window and the '5:30' on your clock attest to. It repeats a few seconds later, then again a few seconds after that.
  13.      Huh... A knock at 5:30? That's unusual... The sun's not even coming up yet... Mmh. Hikari blinks some sleep from her eyes, doesn't bother to change out of her somewhat-scanty nightgown, and goes to see who's at the door. It opens with a click, and she peeks out, vision slightly blurred by her lack of glasses. "Mmh... It's too early... who's there?
  14.      The voice belongs to your friend Meian.. but something seems.. off about it. Like of her were talking at once. "You are the one my host calls.. Hikari?" The odd dual voice says, the blurry figure moving closer.. something odd about the color and shape of it, though it's hard to tell in the dim light.
  15.      Uh... huh. Well, ok, she can play at a little early-morning roleplaying, if it's Meian. "Uh... yes, I am. Er... come on in?" She pulls the door farther open, stepping out of the way and wondering what the plan is this morning. A shame she didn't get her glasses; it seems Meian's gone out of her way a little to go for a bit of costume play...
  16.      That green color is surprisingly uniform.. almost like she wasn't wearing any clothes at all. The figure steps in and closes the door. "My host's mind seems to indicate that you may be of help. I will need a.. companion, if I wish to remain hidden on this planet long enough to create an escape craft."
  17.      Aha. Alien play, then. Well, that's doable, certainly... She wishes she could see clearly right now. "OK... give me just one minute, I'll be right back, then we can do this properly... but I'll certainly help, if that's what you need, hmm?" Hikari slips out of the room, just long enough to retrieve her glasses from the nightstand, then comes back to see... oh, wow.
  18.      Standing before you is.. well a green skinned space babe. One with your friend's face, three breasts.. and no clothes at all. "Good. With your cooperation I shall be able to depart with the minimum of risk." If that's body paint then your friend did a VERY thorough job with it..
  19.      Hikari stares for a few moments... then asks, "...Did you come over here like that? You... do realize it's illegal to walk around without clothes outside, right... and, um... it's kind of cold, too..." She blushes, trying to figure out *how* you pulled off those spectacular breasts... it's a wonderful look on you, certainly. So big and perfect... and there's no seam that she can see, either.
  21. <OOC> Hikari says, "Is she completely transformed already, or is it more of a 'most of the way' at this point?"
  22. <OOC> Meian says, "I figure not entirely, just green and three breasted right now"
  23. <OOC> Hikari nods. "So she hasn't got pointy ears or cute long antennae or anything else 'weird'. :3 Cool cool.
  24.      She nods. "That is why I came under cover of darkness. Human night vision is.. lacking, and the low temperature discourages wandering outdoors." She says. Taking a look at those breasts.. yes, yes it's very cold out there. She looks you up and down as if evaluating you. "I must ascertain if you are suitable." She steps forward, taking your face between her green hands and kisses you full on the lips. Her tongue slips into your mouth and.. wait.. how could it possibly be going that far in?!
  25.      Hikari's eyes widen in surprise as she's... she's... oh. Well, then. Admittedly, you've never kissed her like this before, so, she doesn't know that that *isn't* how far your tongue should.. er... ok, that's a little... mmm... Mmmmm... What little resistance was there at the start melts away as she presses against you, her slight bosom pressing delightfully against your... rather more than 'slight' counterpart.
  26.      Meian breaks the kiss, looking at you. She's.. warm.. almost feverishly hot, even that third breast.. She seems to be looking you over again before she says. "What shape of crystal is typically used in a stimulation shower?"
  27.      Hikari looks a little dazed, but somehow manages to come up with an answer... whether it's right or not is beyond her, but she manages to come up with "...a columnar hexagon, with a filiform transmission matrix through its length..." Damn, she... wants another kiss like that... wants to touch those breasts, those... very, very convincing breasts...
  28.      She nods. "You are suitable.. now for the full download." And she kisses you again, pushing you back onto your couch and straddling your lap as her tongue once again seems to probe deeper than it should..
  29.      Wait... What... Ohhh... She blushes something fierce as she's pushed against the sofa, pinned... kissed again... Hikari just can't resist this. It's... it's too good... Mm, she'd mentioned to Meian that one of these days, she needed to dress up as a horny alien hottie and come seduce her but... this is something else...
  30.      Something seems off.. there's information in your head all of the sudden. Devices, ships, machines.. it's like you suddenly know how they're all put together.. how to make them.. and the knowledge is growing!
  31.      Part of Hikari probably ought to be fighting this... or something. But... it's an interesting sensation, not all that unpleasant, and... and... her eyes widen a little as she realizes this *isn't* roleplaying... And that just excites her more. Her arms wrap around her alien visitor, pulling the green-skinned beauty closer to herself, as she gazes longingly into those wonderfully violet eyes...
  32.      Weren't meian's eyes brown? Maybe she's got in contacts.. but.. why do you know how to build a flux capacitor? What's a molecular augmentation field and why do you feel the need to make one?
  33.      With the information flooding her mind, Hikari's not worrying about brown eyes or violet... She's quite convinced that there's no makeup involved now, and that her best friend has been an alien all along. Which... might be why it took so long to get around to doing this, because she wanted to save the best for last...
  34.      Meian breaks off the kiss and smiles. You suddenly know that the creature atop you has inhabited your friend since birth.. no.. it's been moving down the generations, waiting for the technology here to get advanced enough to allow for its companion to build a ship capable of escaping this world. "Hikari.. I've wanted to do this for a looooong time.." She says with a smile, some of the reverb fading from her voice and you sense that Meian's personality at least concurs with that.
  35.      Hikari shivers a little, dazed from the intense, intense kiss.... then softly replies, "I wanted you to do this... too..." She looks up at you with her glasses a little crooked, then giggles softly. "So this is the real you... I like this you better than the old one. Purple eyes're pretty..."
  36.      Your brain is running at a mile a minute, like it's been supercharged. In fact you just solved all the problems from your math class homework in your head and tucked them away to write down later. She smiles. "I have wanted to do this for some time, though my human side is very.. shy about it.'
  37.      Hikari watches you for a long moment... then shyly brings her hands up to grasp your outer breasts, giving them a gentle squeeze... then blushes. "...Your true form is so big..." she murmurs, smiling... Oh, she's smitten. "And... and you wanted to give me all this information? Or you wanted to kiss me like that...?"
  38.      Meian reaches up and cups her hands over yours, allowing you to squeeze them. "Mmm.. both. Is the change proceeding well?" She must mean the alterations to your brain.. oh wow all your assignments in math and science have already been finished while you were sitting here marvelling at how nice Meian's chest is. Technical projects and ideas for conveniances now avaiable from the knowledge of alien tech in your head are springing up like weeds as you plan a dozen build projects and parts lists simultaneously without taking anything away from your attention to the alien hottie straddling you. "I have longed for a Companion over the generations.. but you are the first I have been able to bond with in all that time due to the technological backwardness of this planet.."
  39.      Hikari nods... once, twice... then smiles. "At the rate things are going in my brain, ah... I'll have an escape strategy ready by the end of the day, and we can begin gathering materials tomorrow." She takes a couple of deep breaths, then grins. "Of course, if you don't think that's fast enough, I'm open for more kisses..."
  40.      Meian grins wickedly. "Well I don't know.. you're already about to swell into immobility from all the eggs I laid inside you during those last two.." She says, in a completely serious tone, one hand reaching down to stroke your stomach.. then her face splits in a grin. "Just kidding."
  41.      Hikari looks at you for a moment, not even a moment of horror... then she admits, "I... don't think it would've been a bad thing if you had..." She strokes her stomach as well, for a moment, then leans in and kisses your cheek as her hands slide down to your hips. "I like this version of you. We're going to play all sorts of hot and kinky alien sex games, aren't we? I bet you've got all sorts of things you've been eager to do for all these generations..."
  42.      She grins. "Mmm.. good old xenophilia.. one of the reasons I picked you." She says and wiggles in your lap. "And indeed we will, as many as you like." She says. "Though actually getting you pregnant will have to wait until my mating cycle comes up again which isn't for some time I'm afraid." She grins "UNtil then though.. we can have lots of consequence free fun.'
  43.      Hikari grins back again. "Were you serious about laying eggs in me with a kiss...?" she asks playfully, shifting as she holds your hips to swing you to the side and onto your back, then stretching herself out on top of you. "...Or do you have even more exciting methods in store...?"
  44.      Meian smirks. "Well it's not a kiss that does it.. though there is often a lot of that involved.." She says, stroking your side as she grins. "For one we should definitely build that Sensation Shower.. you can do all kinds of fun things in one of those."
  45.      Hikari mmms. "A Sensation Shower... combined with a Stimulation Shower, of course. There's no sense in doing one separately from the other, is there? Mmm... The crystals would resonate so wonderfully..." She can't help but moan softly at the thought of it... then she grins. "Mmm... And now you've got me thinking of naughty traps to lay all through the ship for you, just to make the trip more exciting..."
  46.      She smiles. "I take it then that you've found what your role will be when the ship is finished?" She says with a quick grope of your backside.
  47.      Hikari grins. "I'm a xenophile, and you're a technofetishist. It's a perfect fit~" She wiggles her hips a little, and smiles. "Mmm... And that's why you're going to start using your shyer half's subconscious to start turning me into her dream lover, so that she can be better-eased into her new existence, hmmm? Because my actual physical body's not going to be accessible easily once we're off the planet..."
  48.      Meian nods. "Mmm.. I think that sounds wonderful." She says as she continues to fondle you. "And your job will be to make her less shy." She grins. "I have enough influence when she's dominant to get her together with you.. but you'll have to make her just as bold and kinky as you are.. perhaps with your new knowledge of our.. toys." She says with a wicked grin. "But why not get started now.." And she plants another kiss on your lips, that tongue probing deep once more as you feel your night gown moving over your rear.. like it was starting to push out against it..
  49.      Hikari mmmms, wiggling her hips a little more, pressing her body against yours as you kiss her, and.. reaching to take your hands, moving them to rest right there, where you can squeeze what's sure to be a delightfully-full backside...
  50.      Meian squeezes and massages at those two growing cheeks as your rear takes on a delightful heart shape as it continues to grow larger, remaining firm as it does. "Mmm.. you know it was this that made her realize she had feelings that weren't just those of a friend for you.. she loved the way you looked when you dressed up for that steampunk convention.
  51.      Hikari laughs softly. "Mmm... I thought she was making a surprisingly insistent point on following me when I decided to try the padded panties instead of a crinoline... Such a naughty girl you are. Not that I'm innocent of the same..." She pushes her firm rump into your hands a little more. "But this is bigger than that was... I wonder what's lurking in my girlfriend's subconscious?"
  52.      Meian hmms. "Mmm.. a thing for girls with big hips and big rumps among other things." She says as your feel an odd tingle in your bones as your hips begin to move outward a bit.
  53.      Hikari laughs softly. "Mmm... And, it seems, a thing for girls who are going to have to wear a skirt to go out today, and hope nobody peeks underneath..." she replies playfully. "Mmm... A sexy three-breasted alien girl is making it so my jeans won't fit anymore, and all I can think is that I must be dreaming to have something so perfect happening to me... Why didn't you spring this on me sooner?"
  54.      Meian gives your rear another squeeze. "Because I wasn't sure you'd take it well.. At least until we played that.. truth or dare game and you told me about your abduction fantasy."
  55.      Hikari mmmms. "A shame you have no ship to abduct me in..." she replies, wiggling her hips happily. "So how big *does* she think is perfection...?"
  56.      Meian grins. "No ship yet." She says. "As for how big.. about.. this big." She says. Your pants will need to be at least a couple sizes bigger before you can wear any. It's the kind of booty usually associated with rap songs. "Oh and she does like seeing this kind of rump in a skirt by the way."
  57.      Hikari grins back. "Good thing, since that's all I've got that'll fit... And no panties either, at that. She's a naughty girl, isn't she? Mm... And I'll just make her more so... I wonder, does she like seeing this kind of rump in, say... leather...?"
  58.      Meian nods. "Oh yes, though she doesn't like to admit it." She says with a grin. "It will be fun watching as you make her into a kinky little lover.."
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