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  1. Are you looking some sicko fat ass piece of shit loser to be friends online with for fun when you're bored?
  3. Update: "He is now currently in the Battle Arena chatroom on Paltalk - look for his nic misfired bullet"
  5. From 12 am to 4 am Eastern time New York USA time nightly
  7. PS don't say or type his real name in room  he will cry info runner and admins will ban or bounce if you do
  9. Then this is your guy Russ Tallevast.
  11. He is a racist pig excuse for a man who stalks women nonstop when he gets rejected.
  12. He becomes obsessed with women who hurt his feelings and searches for their personal info online and stalks them.
  14. He spends most of his time bullying, harassing and stalking women and threatens to kill their children and them if
  15. they don't give into his sick demands of showing themselves and their children nude on cam.
  17. He claims to be a professional photographer looking for women and their children for modeling jobs.
  19. He is an in the closet homosexual and loves to flirt with other men with his constant talk about faggorty, rape, molestation of children and cock sizes of other men.
  21. He is actually a pathological liar and manipulator hes a 49 yr old jobless loser collecting a disability check who
  22. lives with his elderly 74 yr old mother who to pay the bills working outside daily hauling loads of firewood.
  24. His lazy fat bum ass is either too busy sleeping til late afternoon so he can get up and play on paltalk all night or lies and says his back is hurting him. His poor elderly mom knows she cant count on him to help her out or be a responsible adult.
  26. See his photo in the link below.
  28. misfired bullet
  29. 573 768 5158
  30. Russell Tallevast
  31. 200 Valleyview Dr
  32. Perryville Mo 63775
  35. photo of misfired bullet/russ
  37. As you can see the guy is one fat ugly stupid looking creepy stalkerish pedo.
  38. He talks with a heavy lisp and has upper dentures that tend to pop out when he gets mad and he will start stuttering, mumbling and making retarded noises on the mic in the chatroom.
  40. Call this fat slob vile disgusting creature like he does those women.
  42. He cannot block numbers from the below websites you can make phone calls to his phone number.
  44. He loves voice messages and will cry about it on Paltalk in a chatroom called Battle Arena.
  46. Look for his nic misfired bullet in the Battle Arena chatroom on Paltalk
  48. Or if you really want to fuck with him blow up his phone with voice mail or text messages.
  49. He always leaves it on even when he sleeps.
  51.  5
  52.      5
  53.        4
  54.         4
  55.        4
  56.     4
  57.       4
  58.      4
  59.    4
  61. can make up to the number of calls daily showing next to each link
  62. resets daily and can make phone calls again
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