[TLH/SinKid] Lemy repairs something for Liby

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  1. "Liby, stop breathing down my neck."
  2. Liby backed up. "Sorry, I'm just fascinated."
  3. Lemy rolled his eyes, and went back to his work.
  4. Liby had come into his room with an ancient box, and old cassette player. She had apparently found some old Noir novel audiobook tapes and wanted to listen to them but the player she had gotten was busted.
  5. Lemy began soldering. Repairing this relic was a challenge despite its simplicity. It had probably been out-of-date for fifty years by now, if not more. It was certainly older than Aunt Lori, as he spotted a panel with '1986' marking a date of manufacture.
  6. "So why don't you just listen to those tapes online?" He asked, moving the schematics on his tablet screen bolted to the wall to figure out what he was doing next. "Hell, why didn't you just ask Mom to see if she has one?"
  7. "I..." Liby hesitated. "I dunno. I just thought it'd be cool to listen to it the way it was supposed to. Plus, your mom's barely around."
  8. Lemy did a bit more soldering. "You're lucky I don't charge for this, this analog crap is... uh..." He paused. "Dang it, I was gonna say something but I forgot."
  9. Liby chuckled. "Ah, don't worry about it."
  10. Lemy continued for a few more minutes, then (if his schematics were right) finished, bolting the case shut. "I think I'm done. Let's test it out."
  11. Liby eagerly, but carefully, reached into her bag and pulled out a few cassette containers, then put them back and pulled another one out. Lemy meanwhile plugged the player into the wall and opened the holder. He went to reach for the cassettes but Liby stopped him.
  12. "They're at least 70 years old, let me."
  13. "Jesus." Lemy replied, watching her slide a tape in and close it. Carefully she pressed the rewind button, which did nothing, so she hit the play button.
  14. After a second the machine whirred and static crackled out of the speakers. Low-quality music began playing and a voice-over began.
  15. "Christ, people used to-" Lemy was interrupted by a tight hug from Liby.
  16. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Liby squeezed hin tighter before letting him go. "Oh my gosh, you're amazing!"
  17. Lemy was more surprised than anything. Normally Liby was more reserved and calm than this. Then again, she was a massive film noir fangirl.
  18. He grinned, rubbing the back of his head. "Ah, don't mention it, Libs."
  19. "Seriously, Lemy, this is great! I owe you one, big time."
  20. Lemy's stomach rumbled. "Lunch?"
  21. Liby smiled. "I can do that."
  22. [Written July 2 '18]
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