I think my dance teacher was a pedophile

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  1. Yeah, later on in life I rejoined dance, and a lot of crazy weirdness happened... some of it might've been illegal. Some of it definitely was...
  3. It was a couple of weeks after my time working at raisins. I had my new gameboy and I was the talk of the town. I showed it off to my friends.
  4. "Haha! Yeah, I'll bet you're all kinds of jealous!"
  5. "... We've actually already got one."
  7. My mom was actually the first to take notice. She saw me playing with it in the living room.
  8. "Awww... Wait, where did you get that?"
  9. "I uh, bought it."
  10. "Jaiden, you just complained last week that you couldn't afford it."
  11. "... It fell off a truck?"
  12. At the time, all I could think of was that I'd found it under a park bench, but that just raised questions why I was looking under park benches or who it actually belonged to. The whole thing was a mess. Eventually, she managed to get the whole story about rasins and the group I was with. Her first reaction was not great.
  13. She kept saying that I'd been deflowered, which at the time, I didn't get what that meant. I just thought 'I didn't have flowers to begin with, why is this a big deal?'. Thinking back, I really should've been more freaked out than I was, but I never really cared about any of it. Like, the whole thing didn't taste great, but it didn't kill me or anything.
  14. ...ugh, if I was thinking like that now.
  16. Anyway, my mom said I needed something to help me cope, and I was sort of between clubs at the time, so she said that I should sign up for dance again.
  17. "oh, O-ok?"
  18. I wasn't super hyped about dance or anything, but if my mom calmed down about stuff, then I was all for it. The only thing is that there were two big warning signs that made the whole thing a bad idea. 1, I hadn't actually gotten a new dance leotard since I was in dance originally... like 3 years ago! I didn't actually realize how bad it didn't fit me until the actual day of. My mom kept telling me to try it on before, but I had... so much... busier things to do, so I just said 'yeah, it still fits me, it's fine' and then go back to the games. So yeah, that was a mistake. The whole day it was riding up me, and every time I bent over it was like getting a wedgie.
  19. 2, when we'd actually gotten to the hall, my teacher was kind of staring at me weird. I kept trying not to like look him in the eyes too much, because he was kind of creeping me out with how hard he was staring at me... in my more than slightly undersized leotard. Yeah... that should've set off some bells.
  20. At the time, it made everything really awkward, I think even mom was having second thoughts, but then he shouted out
  21. "Jaiden!"
  22. And I looked up
  23. "What?"
  24. "Jaiden, right? I taught you 2 years ago for a bit. It was driving me nuts. My goodness, you've grown!"
  25. ... OK THEN!
  26. Somehow that was enough to convince me that everything was alright. 'Oh, mister creepy guy is just trying to place where you were from, that's all!' was just enough for me, I guess. (actually, he recognized me from somewhere else, but I'll get into that later)
  27. So, we got into the class, and it was me and 5 other girls. I think I was the youngest by 4 years or something? There were teenagers there, that were twice my size. I want you to picture that. 7 year old, scared jaiden, already with a wedgie, already with all kinds of weird vibes, walks into a room with a bunch of teenagers.
  28. "...hii-iii?"
  30. So, I started off doing my stretches, trying to get used to the feeling of the tight material on me. It was not something that was easy to do. The whole thing was pinching in all the weird places, it was rubbing against me in a way that felt funny, and when that wasn't enough it genuinely hurt to wear. That whole day I was worried I was going to break it into a thousand pieces. Just flex, crack! boof! all gone. I'd never done that before, or since, but it was still a constant fear.
  31. After a while, a few more kids show up, and I'm not the youngest by 4 years. I'm still the youngest there! but it's more like, 3, or 2 and a half. They start doing their own stretches and warm ups and the teacher says;
  32. "alright girls, we're going to go from a triple soucow in 4 minor a material to a drum palo on b in 5/8 time, are you ready?"
  33. "...what?"
  34. It turned out I was set up for a WAAAY more advanced class than I'd ever been in before. I did not know what any of that meant. Literally, I just made that up on the spot. I don't even know what he was saying exactly at the time. Needless to say, the day did not go over great. I was trying to follow what everyone else was doing, and just doing a TERRIBLE job of it. Dirty looks were thrown, tripping happened, a few times I kicked into the back of someone's legs. It was awful.
  35. Eventually the teacher took me aside and said
  36. "Jaiden, you're clearly not as far as the other kids. How about I tutor you one on one, tonight?"
  37. "mm okay."
  39. So, I called up my mom, and said that I was staying late for extra classes. She was happy I was getting back into it, and I was happy she was happy. I spent the rest of class sitting down watching everyone else dance around me. I was supposed to be 'observing', but really, I was just swinging my feet back and forth watching people do stuff. I was still 8, I just had no idea what was going on. As they were wrapping up the class, a few of the girls that were leaving were giving me funny looks, but I just thought that was because of the leotard. I mean, it was still pretty tight and painful. At the time, it also felt... well, a bit more than painful. So we started the lesson. First question, what teacher did I turn over after I'd quit dance class?
  40. "no one."
  41. Second question. Had I practiced anything since the last time he'd seen me?
  42. "...No."
  44. He was pretty frustrated after that. Said that I probably shouldn't go to the next class he was teaching, but he did know some other classes that were beginner level for me. Great! I geuss. I mean, I didn't really care that much, but it was something to do at least.
  45. "Of course, if you're going to go back to working at raisins, you really ought to know how to dance properly for there."
  46. "...WHAT!?"
  47. It turned out, he actually hadn't taught me before. He might've sat in on one of my classes, once, but actually, he knew me better from raisins than anywhere else. Now I'd think that was awkward, but back then, it was kind of awesome. He asked about girls that were working there, like if Kelly got the flowers he'd sent (she did) and if I was thinking about going back, and what the deal was with those guys I was talking to at the end of the night, it was a blast. ( well, he got kinda quiet when I mentioned the gangbang in the grass, but otherwise it was fine)
  49. Once we'd talked about everything, I still had about 3 more hours to kill before my mom picked me up, so I decided to learn the 'secret dances' for raisins. I mean, I figured I might go back at SOME point, and even if I didn't, I still had hours to kill. I couldn't just spend that time sitting awkwardly and swinging my feet back and forth.
  51. So, the teacher put on some bassy music and started to run me through some positions. Bending, twisting, turning, spreading, thrusting, crawling. Even at the time, I thought it was pretty weird. Looking back, the amount of time his hands were on my hips and chest... yeah... probably would be cause for alarm.
  52. The part where it got illegal was when I was something like 2 thirds through the set.
  53. See, the teacher was pretty passionate about the whole thing, but noticed I kept screwing up on the beats when I was moving from one position to the other. Right when the leotard was at its most... wedgiest.
  54. Frickin' leotard...
  56. He asked me what was wrong. I said it was my leotard, and he just said
  57. 'Ah! Right, say no more'
  58. And tore it off of my body right there and then!
  60. Right. That was where it'd gotten pretty illegal.
  61. I tried to keep going with my routine, but the whole thing was just too embarrassing. the whole thing was just giving me flashbacks to raisins and well... I didn't know it at the time, but I was actually getting pretty turned on. I missed another step and crashed right into his lap.
  62. "well what's wrong no-"
  63. And that's when he noticed a small puddle forming around his lap. I went from an 8 to a 10 on the embarrassment scale. I thought I'd peed on him or something! It was awful.
  64. He said he knew exactly what was going on and said he had a special massage technique to clear it up. I just shrugged and went with it, too embarrassed to speak.
  66. He lay me down across his lap, keeping my feet spread to either side. This included spreading... yeah... I actually tried keeping my legs closed at first, I remember saying something like
  67. "I don't think you should see my vagina." (Yeah, I didn't know dirty talk or anything)
  68. "Trust me. And call it a cun- a cunny. Yeah. That works." For too long afterwards I called it a cunny. Let me tell you, that gets you some weird looks at 16! Ha haaa...
  70. So, he said trust me, and I just shrugged and went with it, cause still had an hour to kill. His hand starts to go up my legs. I'm thinking 'ok. that's fine'. Starts sliding up my inner thigh. 'Ok, getting a little close there, don't think you should-' his thumb is already rubbing against my clit. 'WHAT THE FRICK!?'
  71. I was about to jump off in a panic, but the way it was rubbing made all of my limbs just feel like they were gone. I went limp on him, and he started to rub against me harder and in different directions. I gotta say, rough hands, not really a turn on for your first time. Just feels painful. This guy, had rough hands. I didn't really think too much about it when it was happening, because I was having the first orgasm I'd ever had in my life that I was sober for, but it was still a lot rougher than it had any right to be.
  73. So, he's playing with me like that, and he bends over (I'm thinking he's going to give me a raspberry so I put my hands up) and he starts sucking on my nipple. I moan and cry out and fall back a bit more. It was insane! It was like being on a still roller coaster! I was just lying there, screaming and moaning, and he was just playing around with my body and making me scream and squeal and moan like crazy.
  74. After a while he started putting a finger inside me. I felt it. I mean, of course I FELT it, but it definitely didn't hurt as much as my first time. He kept mentioning that I was really tight everytime he pulled his finger out, and I thought he meant muscles, but I thought I was pretty loose at the time, melting along his legs like a slurry!
  75. A few minutes later and I felt this huge wave building inside of me. It was sort of like the one at raisins, except waaaaay more powerful because, again, sober. I also remember it way more clearly. Anyway, big huge whoosh of excitement, and I started to shake and cry out and moan a bit more, tears were in the corners of my eyes, and I remember my face being all red.
  77. "That... was nuts!"
  79. Now you might be saying to yourself, "JAIDEN! This guy is clearly a pedophile, and he's going to rape you and stuff!" Well... that's just it. It all kind of stopped there. We just went back to the routine a couple more times and it went flawlessly. I mean, clearly he's got some stuff to do with kids, but I wouldn't say it was all the way pedo... I think.
  80. ...I don't know.
  81. Anyway, he tossed me a spare leotard (which I remember being a little sticky, but at least it fit me ok) told my mom the one that I'd came in with broke off in a stretch (which, isn't that wrong, I was in mid pose at the time) and said that I really wasn't ready for his course.
  83. (awkward car ride back. "so, what'd you say about your leotard being fine?" "musta shrunk in the wash?" She took my gameboy for a while after that)
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