Daddy Daughter Time (DDLG)

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  1. It was a rather bright and sunny day and the rays of the sun would be beaming through the room of Peaches, softly running over her eyes. The little one knowing morning was there and squirmed a bit in her bed grumbling and groaning, though as she squirmed about. She'd remember that her daddy was off from work, quicky she'd hop up and smile happily. Storming off to her daddy's room and softly fidgeting with the handle to her daddy's room till it would finally open up, peaking in she'd see him still there sleeping. Sneakily climbing into his bed and poking at his chest, where her lips started to speak. "Daddy! It's morning and you promised you'd play with me!" She'd shout out a bit and continued to poke all over, where her father would be lightly grumbling and wiggling around from her pokes. "I know, I know sweetie just give daddy a few more minutes and I'll be there." He'd remark grogily as he opened his eyes, smiling up at her.
  3. The little one would pout and didn't move a muscle, which her daddy knew she'd just sit there till she had her way. Trying to advert his gaze from her pretty little eyes, though he knew he couldn't escape those little eyes beaming at him. Almost feeling like a laser was being beamed at his face, only to roll his own eyes and slowly pull the sheets off him. "Oh alright little one, let's go." He'd remark with a chuckle, though as he stepped out of bed he'd only be in a rather baggy shirt and his boxers. Thankfully ones that concealed his morning excitement well enough, though as he stood up and stretched his figure. He'd softly remark. "Come now little one." He'd hold his hand out towards her, only to happily feel her hand in his. Holding onto her little hand and caressing it gently in his grasp as she hopped off the bed and followed him towards the little one's play room.
  5. Upon entering the little one's room, the little one would release her daddy's hand and instantly started digging into her toy chest once again. Rummaging through things and grabbing out a few of her stuffies and building blocks, holding them up to her daddy and shouting. "Daddy look! What do you want to play with?!" He'd love the energy she had and couldn't help but giggle as she spoke, though as he came towards her. He'd softly tap her little bear and said. "Why don't we have a snuggle party with daddy and mister bear. How's that sound?" He'd question and softly leaned down to place a small kiss on her head, which she'd respond with a soft blush and nodded rather shyly.
  7. As he saw her little reaction, a smile grew more on his face. Happy to see her enjoying herself and he'd slowly sit down against the floor, his back against the wall and his lap free for the little one to rest her rear within. Lightly patting his lap and softly spoke. "Come then little one and bring teddy." His voice was soft and he'd watch the little one scurrying towards him, only to leap and plop herself down into the confines of his lap. Nuzzling her little butt comfortably against his groin and her back against his chest, with her pretty little face looking up at his. Where her teddy was firmly being held within the confines of her hands. "Hehe, hello mr.teddy..I've missed you." She'd mumble as she snuggled her little bear close to her chest, while her father's arms came around her waist and he'd rest his chin gently against her little head.
  9. Little Peach would continue to snuggle herself into her father as she fussed over the little bear within her arms, though the more she moved. The more his morning annoyance would become more apparent, normally one to take care of such a thing before she was awake, but since he didn't have work today he thought he'd be able to sleep in. Lightly he'd bit down into his own bottom lip as a small bulge would press up against his little girl's rear, unable to contain himself. However, as the bulge would lightly poke against her butt, the little one would squirm and tried getting comfy again, but the bulge would prevent her from doing so. "D-D..Daddy there's something poking my butt, quit it.." She'd mumble a bit grumpily, but not knowing what it was.
  11. He'd nip his lip harder and gave a small sigh, feeling the little one leaving his lap as he glanced down at her. Only to find her kneeling down before him and glancing at the slightly hardened shaft between his legs, concealed by the boxers though still feeling a bit embarassed. "Umm...Daddy what's that?" She'd question and tilted her head, reaching out and about to poke it, before her daddy swiftly caught her hand and prevented her from doing so. Giving a small cough as he tried to regain his composure as he spoke. "W-Well you see little one, daddy gets these urges sometimes like most men do when they wake up in the morning and well since you wanted to play with daddy. He didn't get the chance to take care of them." He'd explain rather slowly to her, though she'd still look up at him confused, before glancing back down at the bulge. "But daddy, if you didn't do it shouldn't I help?" She'd question and it only made his heart skip a beat a bit.
  13. The man knew he'd need the urges to be tended to and considering his little one already knew about it and kinda gave him the question of helping him, he didn't think he could pass it up. After all, she was an adorable little princess that always enjoyed spending time with him and doing things here and there. However, the two never got into full on lewd play, which he knew would happen soon enough and apparently the day was today. "Well I suppose you can help sweetie, why don't you be a doll and strip for daddy and I'll show you a fun game that we can both play together." His voice was still soft and somewhat calm, though there was a tint of lust in his voice. Although, the little one wouldn't be able to sense the difference, she'd just light up as she heard the sound of a new "game" being taught to her. Swiftly stripping down before her daddy as he would do the same, allowing the swollen length ot carefully spring free from his short and undid his shirt. Allowing both their bodies to be completely freed.
  15. Standing there they'd both look at each other, the little one's face completely beat red and holding her teddy out infront of her. The bear covering over her chest and her princess parts, not letting them be in clear view as she mumbled lightly. "D-Daddy I feel a bit weird, I-I'm kinda tingly.." She'd squirm and trembled a bit, feeling a bit of something wet dribbling down her legs as her eyes were then fixated on her daddy's hardened member. "Hmm...I understand come here cutie and let daddy help you with your issues." He'd offer and called the little one towards her, pulling the little cutie into his lap and soon feeling the length of his shaft carefully brushing along the length of his little girl's slit. Prodding and poking gently against the little folds and making his little one squeak a bit in surprised. "Mnn..D-Daddy! That feels weird.." She'd whine and looked up at him innocently, her face as red as an tomato.
  17. He'd nod and continued to carefully grind back and forth against the soft and sticky folds between her little legs, hearing her whimper and squeak a bit from the unknown pleasure she was recieving. "Mm...I-It's okay little one, just let daddy help and you be a good girl and snuggle Mr. Teddy." He'd remark softly and had a soft groan leave his lips, rocking back and forth a little longer. All before slipping the tip and a few inches of his girthy length on through her heated and drooling canal, causing the male to pant out a bit and the little one to snuggle her bear much tighter. The little red face just glowing brighter from her blushing and her squirming becoming more persistant, but helping him as well as she wiggled her bottom up and down a bit against his shaft unknowingly.
  19. The lewd sounds of their hips softly colliding would soon be heard along the room, all as the little one just sat there feeling her daddys thing rummaging through her little princess parts. Causing her to tremble a bit and coo, feeling something rising a bit in her belly. Unsure of what was going on, though she felt as if she was going to explode. "Mng...D-D..Daddy, I-I feel funny...I-I.." She'd then squeak out loudly and be cut off as he pushed up against her little g-spot, instantly causing a pleasure filled cry to escape her tiny lips as something warm came rushing from her little cunny. The girl's first climax and not even knowing what it was, trembling and shaking  with her face now buried within her bear. Where her daddy would be panting and groaning from the feeling of that little snatch clenching around him and spraying down all along her shaft, which would only turn him on further. Forcing his own climax to come closer towards it's peak, knowing it wouldn't be too far off.
  21. With the climax reaching it's peak and the little one viciously trembling and shaking against him, the man would feel his hips consistently pumping up into his little princess's slit. Mixing around the warm and leaking juices splashed around the length of his own girth, using them to completely rock back and forth with more speed towards her heated core. In which, wouldn't be hard to push through after her first climax, as it wore down the barrier to her womb. Where by now the male twitching and throbbing mass would be puncturing through, causing the little one to cry out much louder within her daddy's lap. Especially as another wave of pleasure would shock through her little body. "Mng...D-D..Daddy's gonna.." He'd groan out into her little ear, as he held her down towards the base of his shaft as he pushed on through, feeding the needy and aching little snatch every inch. Balls resting along her heated folds and just a pleasure filled cry would escape abruptly from both their lips. The two of them just spraying down and along the length of the their heated and drooling nethers, his massive strands of seminal fluids coaxing the beaten and battered walls. Even inseminating her sensitive and overly heated core with every last drop he had stored away inside of him.
  23. "Nng...F-Fu..." He'd cut himself off, trying not to swear in front of the little one as he pulled her close to him and held on firmly. "Mn...Y-You..were a good girl princess.." He'd mumble down to the little one just quivering and shaking within his arms, feeling just a small nuzzle of her head against his chest. Knowing that she was completely drained of energy and just needed her rest..
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