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  1. Jirozame Shinkai 11:53 PM
  2. ((No biggie, just figured I'd ask. ^^))
  3. ================================================================================
  6. After the ring had been cleared, Jirozame Shinkai stepped up, ready to take his place in his battle against one Shinjo Kurosawa. In one hand he grasped a smooth bokken, worn by frequent use. He hated using swords, but he chose to participate and if he lost well...he was an archer. No big loss of face there. He'll offer a bow to his opponent once he appears, giving a nod afterwards. "This should be interesting, Shinjo-san. You, with no horse, and me, with little idea what I'm doing."
  7. Shinjo Kurosawa 12:00 AM
  8. The Unicorn stepped into the arena, geta clacking softly as he made his approach. He would bow deep towards the Shark. "It is so; striking from horseback is much easier than on foot." He would straighten up and let a small smile break his On for a second. "I am sure you know more than you let on, Jirozame-sama." The rough, inelegant handle of the bokken was not nearly as great as his katana, but he knew it well enough. "Let us begin..!"
  9. Shinjo Kurosawa 12:14 AM
  10. Kurosawa held his sword in front of him, pointed upwards. His lungs filled to the brim with air, before he slowly exhaled it out. His lips pursed and he focused on his blade, feet shifting into a centered stance. The rough handle slowly warmed and became part of him. Yet inside already, turmoil was brewing, tendrils of doubt snaking through his mind and piercing his inner peace. No matter how much he exhaled or tried to relax they would not leave him. His grip on the bokken tightened further, knuckles crackling and turning white.
  11. [Center stance]
  12. Jirozame Shinkai 12:14 AM
  13. The Shark took the lull in the action to focus himself, exhaling deeply. Memories of his mother's lessons on swordsmanship bubbled through to the surface from when he was a child. Hold the blade like this, feel the edge is an extension of your being...mostly a bunch of nonsense that he didn't much pay attention to, but at this moment, he really wished that he did. [Center.]
  14. Shinjo Kurosawa 12:25 AM
  15. And in a moment, that attempted peace was gone. He dashed forward with the bokken in hand, aiming to strike the shark across his side, no elegance here. Just a quick, hard strike. (35 hit, 14 damage)
  16. Jirozame Shinkai 12:27 AM
  17. The Shark mimicked the Shinjo in this. It would seem great (ha!) minds with Doubt: Kenjutsu thought alike! At the same moment, Shinkai burst forward as well, thwacking into the side of the Unicorn with just a hair more force, letting his armor absorb the blow. ((Voiding down to 4 damage. 27 to hit back, 16 damage.))
  18. Shinjo Kurosawa 12:36 AM
  19. The Shinjo turned around after dashing past the Shark, skin stinging underneath the armor from the blunt impact. He held the sword out in front of him, studying the point, trying to bring himself steady. But he didn't give himself enough time. He dashed forth and lashed out with the bokken but it only ate air, to his shock. ((Voiding the 16 down to 4. Center stance, full attack, attack missed.))
  20. Jirozame Shinkai 12:37 AM
  21. Shinkai backed off and focused again, trying to calm his breathing as he adjusted his grip on the bokken. It seems his strike found purchase when both he and the Shinjo made their all-out why not keep it going? He rushes forward the instant Kurosawa does, bringing his blade around to thwack solidly into the thigh of the Unicorn, hoping to perhaps slow him down a bit. It was probably his only shot, especially against his superior skill. ((27 to hit again, 20 damage. Centered, Full Attacked.))
  22. Jirozame Shinkai 12:50 AM
  23. He was starting to feel himself a bit, Shinkai was. This was easier than he remembered...but then again, the last time he thought it was easy,, musn't think about it. It was in the past. His grip on the bokken was white-knuckled now and he tried burying the old memory, with the splatter of crimson and the cry of pain. No, it wouldn't be the same this time. Taking the weapon in both hands, the Shark gave a shout and brought his bokken around in an overhand slash, disregarding the blow from the Unicorn that he knew was coming. He brought the blade down with all his strength, only checking it at the last moment to not crack into the head of the Unicorn, instead crashing down on his collarbone, trying to drive him to the ground. ((45 to hit, 29 damage.))
  24. Shinjo Kurosawa 12:57 AM
  25. Why was this so difficult? His armor clacked thunderously under the hit, before he whirled around once more. His mind raced as he tried to find his center, but it wasn't working. And if he took too long Shinkai was going to strike him while he stood like a fool. He dashed forward, arm out and swinging his bokken to strike the Shark in the flank again. (Voided 10 off the 20. 31 hit, 22 damage)
  27. One. Last. Time. He held his arm to his bruised ribs. He clearly was not thinking clearly, and while he centered he pondered. Lots of terrible things were happening these past few days. The worms of doubt had buried deep into his brain. He rushed forward again at the Shark but as he would have swung, Shinkai's bokken crashed hard into his collarbone and he sprawled forward, knees skidding on the arena floor. An arm raised up and clutched at the area. But worse than the pain right now, was going to be the hit to his pride. Surely after this he couldn't continue to swing properly. He stared hard at the ground, before finally:
  28. "I yield."
  29. Jirozame Shinkai 1:06 AM
  30. After flooring the Unicorn, Shinkai takes a few deep breaths, catching some air as he forces the pain from the bokken thwacks to subside a bit...or at least grow a bit number. He will politely offer his arm though to help up his opponent. "You fought well, just seems luck was with me today."
  31. Shinjo Kurosawa 1:10 AM
  32. He should have learned ages ago that messing with Sharks was rough. His upper body was stiff, but with his uninjured side he grasped the elder man's arm and brought himself to his feet, light armor rustling softly. "It is not luck, it is skill, Jirozame-sama. You bested me fair and square. I humbly accept my defeat." He would awkwardly bow to Shinkai as low and best he could, loosening his grip on the bokken and letting it clatter to the floor as it rolled around at his feet.
  33. Jirozame Shinkai 1:24 AM
  34. "I'm pretty sure most of that was luck, Shinjo-san. I'm awful with a sword." As he notices the stiffness of the upper body of the Unicorn, he frowns a bit. "How about we both go take a soak at the baths, eh? Hot water loosen up my old muscles and help yours too. I'll regale you with a tale or two of my travels while we're at it, sound good?"
  35. Shinjo Kurosawa 1:34 AM
  36. "Your standards are far too high, Jirozame-sama." He kicked the downed bokken up into the air and caught it with his good half. His sullen look from the ground was wiped away and replaced with a steady On as much as he wanted to run off and do his usual thing when he was down. A splash struck him from behind as a medical shugenja doused him with his healing magic. "That certainly sounds pleasant." He gingerly pressed on his side to test and while the pain was gone, the ache was definitely not. "Lead the way," a hand motioned towards the exit of the arena and he would follow Shinkai into some tiger traps where ever the baths were located.
  37. Jirozame Shinkai 1:36 AM
  38. And with that, the intrepid duo dodged all the pongi sticks and made their way to the baths.
  39. ((End.))
  40. Shinjo Kurosawa 1:36 AM
  41. ((FIn.))
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