Lupa incites a cult (Rathable)

Nov 19th, 2019
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  1. >Leni, Lincoln, Lori and Lucy are in the living room, while Lupa listens impatiently to her older aunt's sermon from the stairs.
  2. >I don't care if you want or not little lady, you will stay late if necessary in that mandatory evaluation about religions. According to the director, you've been putting it off since the beginning of the year!
  3. >You won't tell her anything? She talks annoyingly towards her parents.
  4. >* Sigh
  5. I voted against it.
  6. >Both direct an intentional glance at Lincoln.
  7. >Now I have to agree with Lori honey, it's a simple exhibition! It is not as if you betray your beliefs or something similar, it is just talking in front of people about something you don't believe . Take it as ... Like any oral test.
  8. >I don't see what the problem is. I remember that when I did something like that it was totes funny!
  9. >Leni, you literally talked about Dadaism ... That doesn't matter, Lupa. We will go personally to make sure to you won't run away.
  10. The next day
  11. >Lincoln drives Vanzilla with Lucy in the passenger seat and Lori sits back, something she clearly sees with annoyance.
  12. >"Are you sure about leaving your job early just to ..."
  13. >"Shut up Lincoln. I'm going to show that stubborn girl that I keep my promises."
  14. >In the front of the car both siblings turn an accomplice look of mockery. Then Lucy changes the subject.
  15. >"It's getting dark earlier to be autumn, and the air feels colder. I like it"
  16. >Finally they arrive at the front of the school, and while they open the doors a growing murmur is heard. In that comes Lupa running with a huge smile on her face.
  17. >"What...?"
  18. >"I would recommend turning on the car again dad."
  19. The chorus begins to be heard: "Gods of Chaos, we offer this sacrifice ..."
  20. >Around the corner, a group of about 20 students has been tied to nothing less than the director, who bleeds from multiple wounds. A malignant red mist forms over the cultists. Lucy devours the scene with her eyes until Lori shouts loudly, waking Lincoln from his oppressive reverie and causing Vanzilla to back off at maximum speed.
  21. >After the hearts have calmed down a little, Lincoln and Lori ask in unison:
  22. >"What the hell was that?"
  23. >"Let's say they really liked my presentation Aunt Lori ... Too much. Doesn't it bother you right?"
  24. >There is silence again while Lupa smiles showing her long fangs and Lori looks horrified.
  25. "...
  26. We have to call the police." Lincoln says.
  27. >Very well done honey, but you're still grounded."
  28. >"But mom!"
  29. Lincoln and Lori look at each other confused, furious and terrified, ice running through their veins. Behind vanzilla, a trail of smoke begins to rise skyward in the direction of the Royal Woods school.
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