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  1. From: Prince Minkahmet D'Varden
  2. To  : Everyone
  3. Subj: Current status with Gaudiguch
  5. So Alaksanteri, the recently appointed leader of Gaudiguch were briefly discussing the state of
  6. affairs between the three of us in relation to what happened since the Ascension confusion and
  7. breach of treaty they initiated, and  we discussed some fines for the three that breached it, whom
  8. were Esoneyuna, Dys and Malarious-to no surprise on Malarious's end. Though anyway,  I suggested to
  9. Alaksanteri that Esoneyuna and Dys should be fined two million essence to Weiwae rather than the
  10. usual easy way out via gold/power. As to Malarious's demise he knows full well that he'll never be
  11. unenemied to Celest and I pointed that out to her and offered amnesty status only and it would be
  12. senseless to fine him for something he'll never be relieved of anyway. As Deichtine wasn't present
  13. with us, I don't know/think if Alaksanteri relayed it to her if she wanted to agree to it or not,
  14. but I have on my end relayed my thoughts to fines and left if up to Deichtine to ponder if she
  15. wanted to agree to that for her people and that was that. We were also suppose to have a face to
  16. face meeting several months from now-but not set in stone as to what will happen or to discuss
  17. further of plan of actions in the future to rectify, modify or dissolve the trinity accords of one
  18. two or all parties involved.  Then recently no more than a day or two ago, Alaksanteri discharged
  19. all members of Celest and Glomdoring from the Crux coordination clan.
  21. Unfortunately, when I inquired about the sudden discharge and no reasons as to why, all she stated
  22. was that "there's a misunderstanding" and when I asked for verification on Gaudiguch stances with
  23. Glomdoring and Celest, it was "we're neutral".  So, with the shift to neutrality, we'll keep things
  24. as they are now and keep hostilities at a non-existent level, but be ever vigilant and respond in
  25. defense if they raise arms. You will be updated if anything changes, as I expect they will soon.
  26. Lastly, for the time being, there's an alternative clan called ShadowLight if you wish to be
  27. inducted, myself or Deichtine can induct you as far as I'm aware of from her.
  29. -Prince Minkahmet
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