Kain't Be This Possessed Nor This FRIENDSHIP

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  2. [20:03:32] <Kain> As I recall, you had departed Renegade's on a little errand...
  3. [20:03:37] <Kain> What would that be?
  4. [20:06:32] <Amaryllis> Actually, I didn't think about that at all. Uh, let's just say it's some grocery shopping.
  5. [20:08:31] <Kain> So you've found a small, open-air farmer's market around the middle of town. The moons shine brightly down on the city, and various stands are selling produce and other things.
  6. [20:10:35] <Kain> Cabbages, fruits, rice, dried seaweed, carrots, potatoes... lots of things fresh from Dali and other cities. The prices are a bit high, but what can you expect with imports?
  7. [20:11:33] * Amaryllis approaches one of the stalls and runs a hand through one of the containers of rice, letting the grains fall between her fingers back into the container.
  8. [20:11:58] <Amaryllis> "It is a good season for risotto, is it not?"
  9. [20:14:08] <Kain> "Yes ma'am." comes the vendor's response. "Fairly popular among the nobility this time of year..."
  10. [20:15:54] <Kain> "'course, it's also stew weather for the ones what can't afford anything too fancy.." he shrugs a big deeper into his jacket.
  11. [20:17:11] * Amaryllis scoops some of it into a bag and hands it over for the vendor to weigh. "There is no need to relegate stews to that lower station. A good beef stew is always wonderful in the winter.""
  12. [20:19:23] <Kain> He sets the bag on the scales, eyeing it a moment, and gives you the price. "I suppose so, but for some it's cabbage, no beef. Hard life for some folk around here..."
  13. [20:21:07] <Kain> A wealthy looking nezumi in a a colorful outfit passes by, attending a nearby stall. A pair of gruff bodyguards behind him, nothing too noteworthy of him except it being slightly unusual for those in the money to do their shopping here in person.
  14. [20:22:26] * Amaryllis nods. "It is the city that never sleeps, after all. Some kept up by their revelry, others by their struggle simply to live." She hands over the gil.
  15. [20:24:04] <Kain> And he thanks you as he hands you your things. Your bag of rice in hand, you find yourself leaving the market while thinking about the various food you'll be preparing.
  16. [20:24:48] <Kain> It's only after a few minutes that you realize that you seem to be following the nezumi noble, unable to change your path of your own will.
  17. [20:26:00] <Kain> Unable to speak, unable to move, you find yourself merely moving quietly behind, stalking this person and his entourage.
  18. [20:28:30] <Kain> Your last victim was a member of the nobility too, weren't they? Perhaps your other self has begun to develop a taste for the affluent. Your thoughts however, are your own even now.
  19. [20:30:27] <Amaryllis> Ammy's mind races, her thoughts probing and reaching within her own head for that shadowy corner where Tonberry's tales reside. To be clear on what's established, is this the norm, or are Ammy's thoughts usually less clear during these episodes?
  20. [20:30:42] <Kain> You're more lucid now than is usual, for certain.
  21. [20:30:57] <Kain> The Burmecian directs his bodyguards - each carrying a bag of fine cheeses and cabbages, through one of the many side streets in the Treno area, and you shuffle behind into the near-alleyway, the streetlights dimming as you hear yourself whisper the incantation for Twilight.
  22. [20:31:39] <Kain> You feel a very strong force resist your probes, pushing you back into your own corner.
  23. [20:33:03] <Kain> Your left hand moves, hanging your lantern at your waist, and with a twitch of your finger, the light snuffs out as you literally seem to melt into the shadows.
  24. [20:33:33] <Kain> The bodyguards glance around as the lights dim, but see nothing out of the ordinary. The Burmecian too hesitates, but urges his men onward.
  25. [20:34:34] <Kain> You continue gliding along unseen in the dark nooks and crannies of the street, a sensation you've certainly never felt before as your body is not unlike that of a specter.
  26. [20:35:35] <Kain> And after a moment, you emerge behind the guards, regaining your corporeal form. Your right hand raises up, the switchblade called to your grip. ...You left hand raises up, and an identical knife appears, called from a different point in time.
  27. [20:35:49] <Kain> And wordlessly you plunge one blade each into the necks of the bodyguards.
  28. [20:36:33] <Amaryllis> After a few more attempts to push back and reach through to the other parts of her mind, Ammy simply begins to think to herself 'There is a story I know, of refugees brought to new world. With their lanterns they found their way, and their knives guarded them. But never was murder their way. There is a story I know, of a lost band of summoners. With sharp blades they carved legends into the cave walls, and by the flame of the
  29. [20:36:34] <Amaryllis> lantern they told stories. There is a story I k-..." Her mental narrative pauses sharply at the stabbing.
  30. [20:37:16] <Kain> Their cries are gurgles of urgency, blood running everywhere as their bodies drop into the filthy streets and begin to lose their life force. The Burmecian turns around sharply, alarmed as you dismiss one of the knives and shuffle in for the kill. Inside your head, your mental voice sounds like the cry of a child against the deafening silence within the eye of a storm.
  31. [20:38:19] <Kain> You hear yourself speak thus: "The fatesss have deemed your thread be cut next. So it is written."
  32. [20:39:35] <Kain> You lunge forward with the knife, but there's a quick blur of movement as the man draws a shortsword of his own, hidden in his sleeve, and parries your blow to the side. After his initial shock, he seems to just have a look of disapproval on his face.
  33. [20:42:33] <Kain> "First Albert, and now on to me... hm? I see..." the Burmecian leaps backwards, beginning to chant something under his breath. A ripple of violet waves seem to emanate from your body, and you can feel a blinding pain as the spell attempts to confuse you. Your own powers, however, allow you to resist the enchantment's effects.
  34. [20:44:23] <Kain> You lunge forward again, shadows covering your blade as your lash out with as much power as you're capable of, all at once. The attack digs deep into the nezumi, a gash opening across his chest, but he seems determined to actually fight you.
  35. [20:44:45] <Amaryllis> In her own head, Ammy mentally cries out from the pain, interrupting another llitany of Tonberry tales. Her focus wavering, she simply tries her best to focus on the events unfolding before her - and in particular what the Nezumi is saying.
  36. [20:46:12] <Kain> "Now is not yet time for my death, I'm afraid." he rolls forward and under you, positioning his legs for an incredibly powerful kick that launches you upwards - past the safety of the shadows, above the rooftops of the nearby buildings.
  37. [20:47:37] <Kain> You feel pain travel in waves through your body, preventing you from even moving for the moment. And it seems he's leaping up the side of the buildings to follow you into the air.
  38. [20:49:45] <Kain> Once he's in the air, he unleashes a startling bright light that explodes outwards from his fist, the waves rocking into you and sending you hurtling back to the streets below.
  39. [20:50:15] <Kain> You land hard, and despite a desperate attempt on your part, cannot force yourself to rise.
  40. [20:51:06] <Kain> He tumbles down nearby, landing and out of breath. He just stares at you a moment, and shakes his head. "I must leave... if my location is known, then..."
  41. [20:52:25] <Kain> You feel a sudden and startling emotion well up in your body. Hatred for this Nezumi. You hate him, with every fiber of your being. Your hand open and closes around your knife, trying to will yourself to crawl forward and end his life, but you simply can't summon the strength. You hear yourself groaning, "I must.... I mussst...."
  42. [20:53:20] <Kain> The nezumi approaches you and steps on your knife arm, then lifts your head by the hair, positioning his short blade on your neck. "Apologies, but I can't have you follow me."
  43. [20:53:33] <Kain> But... he pauses, as he sees the knife you still cling to.
  44. [20:53:59] <Kain> Nezumi: "Wait a moment, you're..."
  45. [20:54:41] <Amaryllis> With all the willpower she can summon at this moment, through the pain and being pushed back by Tonberry, Ammy is going to try to activate the Golden Gaze if possible.
  46. [20:55:11] <Kain> Footsteps, you hear the sound of heavily armored footsteps as treno guards rush towards the scene. The Nezumi bites his lip, then picks up your mostly limp form and stuffs you into a barrel despite your attempts to stab him even then. As you lock eyes with him a moment, you feel his mind link to yours.
  47. [20:57:43] <Kain> "Child, I know not what's happened to you, but we shall meet again. I trust you have been taking good care of her... Good, continue to do so. Our paths will cross once more not too long from now."
  48. [20:58:41] <Kain> The nezumi glances over his shoulder, and slams down the barrel of the lid as the footsteps grow closer. You feel yourself lose consciousness as the pain finally gets to you.
  49. [20:59:54] <Kain> When you regain your senses, your body is again your own.
  50. [21:01:32] <Kain> *lid of the barrel
  51. [21:01:33] <Kain> whoops.
  52. [21:02:41] <Amaryllis> "urghhhh..." Ammy groans in pain, but it takes only a second for her training to kick in, and for her to focus on the immediacy of her situation. If there's room enough to move at all, she pokes a small hole in the side of the barrel with her knife and peers out, listening as well. How bad off is she feeling right now anyway?
  53. [21:03:12] <Kain> You feel like you're at 1 HP.
  54. [21:03:30] <Kain> Which is to say you're exhausted, beaten, not bruised, but certainly not 100%.
  55. [21:03:55] <Amaryllis> Nothing feels like it's broken though?
  56. [21:03:56] <Kain> The street... seems to be empty. A little time has passed. No one bothered cleaning up the bloodstains, but the bodies are gone.
  57. [21:04:04] <Kain> Everything seems to move, yes.
  58. [21:05:51] <Amaryllis> Ammy mentally commends herself for her surprising physical fortitude here given what she just went through, and she mutters the incantation for twilight, focusing on the street outside through the hole in the barrel.
  59. [21:06:27] <Amaryllis> Then she tries to pop the lid and crawl out of the barrel.
  60. [21:10:57] <Kain> You tumble out of the barrel into the streets, managing to compose yourself. Everything seems to be as deserted as before, though nearby you can hear some guys talking.
  61. [21:11:37] <Kain> "So it was a chick with green hair that knifed them? Where is she now then, genius?" "Like I know. I got out of there as soon as they started slinging magic around."
  62. [21:12:32] <Kain> "Think we should tell the city guard?" "Ehh, it's just a couple of knifings, they happen." "Yeah, but she was going after someone with cash, maybe we can get a reward for it."
  63. [21:13:33] <Kain> You don't see anyone... guess they're around one of the corners nearby or something.
  64. [21:14:04] <Amaryllis> In her head, every bit of Ammy wants to scream - from anguish as her eyes sweet over the bloodstains, from pain as she stretches her battered limbs, from panic as she overhears the conversation nearby - but she dips into her reserves of willpower and remains coldly pragmatic. A quick check of the barrel to make sure none of her clothing caught on it, or bloodstains or any other remnants.
  65. [21:14:29] <Amaryllis> And then if there's nothing, she slinks into the shadow and starts shuffling off away from the direction of the voices.
  66. [21:14:58] <Kain> You slink off, unseen. No one's still skulking about in this particular spot. Jesus, what just happened?
  67. [21:15:44] <Amaryllis> As she passes the bloodstains, she slows and mouthes a silent prayer to the muses before continuing, not daring to speak aloud, even in a whisper.
  68. [21:16:23] <Kain> The odd lucidity, the things that nezumi said... And on top of all this... it seems like a manhunt may start in the name of a couple of bystanders' greed.
  69. [21:16:24] <Kain> Great.
  70. [21:18:37] <Amaryllis> Thoughts and analysis are for a later time. Ammy sloughs off her cloak and begins to burn away the fabric with her magic, leaving nothing but ash behind as she goes. Another muttering of intuitive magic, and her hair turns a deep black, and marks not dissimilar to burn scars appear on her face.
  71. [21:19:09] <Kain> At least your rice didn't spill!
  72. [21:19:42] <Kain> There's SOME bright point in all of this, right...?
  73. [21:20:27] <Kain> Okay, so maybe not.
  74. [21:20:45] <Amaryllis> The bright point is in the shine of the whiskey bottle in the moon's light as Ammy pulls it from her bag, of course. She will have to think about how to deal with all this later, of course, but for now all she wants is to drink and forget as she finds a quiet and deserted alley or corner.
  75. [21:21:01] <Kain> Fair enough.
  76. [21:21:08] <Kain> And so that is that.
  77. [21:21:12] <Kain> For now, at least.
  79. [21:27:45] <Natalie> If Ammy doesn't come back Nat actually has every reason to go into town alone looking for her
  80. [21:29:18] <~Amaryllis> Ammy has always come back to where the pair are staying each night when this happens.
  81. [21:30:42] <Natalie> All right, then presumably it's past midnight so the others wouldn't notice?  Or... better idea, Nat's outside because she's been being silly and trying to teach Ambrosia how to fight all evening.  Hey Kain this okay?
  82. [21:31:13] <~Amaryllis> Let's just assume it's inside. Ammy would want to get inside after this.
  83. [21:31:44] <Natalie> Well it's more like, Nat's outside and sees her coming, then they GO inside.
  84. [21:32:05] <~Amaryllis> Sure.
  85. [21:34:09] <Natalie> It's like she has some sort of Ammysense or something, because she's running off from whatever silliness she was doing to see what's up as soon as the inevitable shuffling toward Thetaland happens, Ruby acting like a flashlight in the middle of the night.
  86. [21:34:11] <Natalie> 4!!
  87. [21:36:39] * Natalie actually gives Ammy a tackle-hug and stares into her eyes to assure that it's Ammy, what with her hair color being different and all. "Hey, what happened? You look..."
  88. [21:36:40] * ~Amaryllis is still making her way back in the shadows of Treno if possible, but as Nat approaches, she allows her twilight spell to fade as she comes into view. Though her appearance is still altered, and she probably looks like shit from the beating, she's still (hopefully) recognizably Ammy to Nat.
  89. [21:37:10] <~Amaryllis> The smell of whiskey probably hits Nat's nose if she's hugging.
  90. [21:37:31] <Natalie> "... That's not alright."  Nat steps back and the tiara glows a bright red.  "4Ruby Healing!!"
  91. [21:38:21] * Natalie does an animu pose and wisps of red seep into the Ton- I mean the serv- I mean the- ... Ammy's wounds, easing the bruises a bit. Worried, the smaller girl takes her hand.
  92. [21:38:45] * ~Amaryllis mutters a half-comprehensible "thanks" and starts to shuffle on inside.
  93. [21:39:15] <Natalie> "If Amby doesn't say anything I think we can get in quiet.  C'mon."
  94. [21:40:20] * ~Amaryllis nods.
  95. [21:40:46] * Natalie abuses her goofy stealth score without rolling it to- wait a second there are TWO clients in here.
  96. [21:41:05] <Natalie> 2d6+6 just because
  97. [21:41:05] <Giantree> Natalie, 2d6+6: 1 5 + 6 [12]
  98. [21:41:20] <~Amaryllis> 2d6+4
  99. [21:41:20] <Giantree> Amaryllis, 2d6+4: 5 4 + 4 [13]
  100. [21:41:21] <Natalie> Amaryllis, 2d6+4: 6 6 + 4 [16]
  101. [21:41:24] <Kain> Sorrid snock
  102. [21:41:48] * Natalie sneaks in averagely and closes the door behind, leading Ammy off to an unoccupied room. Which is saying a lot with ALL the residents here.
  103. [21:42:15] <~Amaryllis> Probably the room the two have been staying in, right?
  104. [21:42:40] <Natalie> Yep!  Does Ammy have any of her usual alcohol lying around in the room?
  105. [21:43:05] <Natalie> ... Well we'll get there later.
  106. [21:43:28] * Natalie leads her friend in and shuts the door, standing in place as it closes. "Okay, what happened?"
  107. [21:43:29] <~Amaryllis> Yeah, but as she enters she's just dragging out the whiskey bottle she just opened tonight and taking a drag from it.
  108. [21:43:37] <Natalie> "Was it... that?"
  109. [21:44:26] * ~Amaryllis nods as she glugs down a mouthful of booze, some of it dripping sloppily down her front. She wipes at her mouth with a sleeve, then slumps down against the wall.
  110. [21:46:00] * Natalie looks at Ammy with a stern expression, like trying to come off as though she remembers having experienced this before, and walks over to grab the bottle, wiggling it a little bit. If there's anything left she just takes the bottle and glugs the rest herself.
  111. [21:46:17] <Natalie> Without even wiping it clean.  1,1Indirect kissu~
  112. [21:46:37] * ~Amaryllis holds onto the bottle tight, not letting Nat take it.
  113. [21:46:37] * Kain leaves lesbian porn on the tv with a note
  114. [21:47:09] <Natalie> Then she does it with a DIFFERENT bottle.  Clearly Ammy just leaves them lyin' around.
  115. [21:47:15] <Natalie> ... Only it's not the whole thing because whoa.
  116. [21:47:26] <Natalie> "... 'Kay.  Tell me about it."
  117. [21:48:52] * Natalie knows what the inevitable response is going to be but stares hard, with universes of worry twinkling in her eyes.
  118. [21:48:53] * ~Amaryllis takes a deep breath, frowning as Nat grabs one of the whiskey pottion bottles and drinks from it.
  119. [21:49:55] * Natalie wears a soft, futile smile and takes another glug of her own. In fact she gives it a 'hey, this stuff's not bad' face after but wipes it off after a moment. "... It still hurts, huh?"
  120. [21:49:56] <~Amaryllis> "It...well...the usual. We have to leave. Or I do anyway..." she mumbles morosely. "Bloody hell, I'm a monster."
  121. [21:50:10] * ~Amaryllis nods.
  122. [21:50:30] <Natalie> "Stop that.  You're not a monster, Ammy!  You're... you."
  123. [21:50:57] <Natalie> "Well, Mr. Prickles is a monster and he's okay... nonono that's beside the point."
  124. [21:51:08] * Natalie sets the bottle down. "How'd you get hurt?"
  125. [21:51:41] <Natalie> "A little more... 4Ruby Heal~"  It's kind of silly when she whispers it instead of shouting, because the red wisps themselves seem to hesitate before pouring into the wounds.
  126. [21:52:32] <~Amaryllis> "I got lucky. He knew how to fight back. His guards...suffered the fate of a different story." She takes another drag and buries her face in her knees, muttering another thanks as Nat heals.
  127. [21:53:59] * Natalie sits down next to Ammy and pats her head despite being much shorter- it's probably something they can only do while sitting down. "It's okay... they've just gone back to the crystal. (I'm pretty sure this is how I always did it... I hope.)"
  128. [21:54:15] <Natalie> "It's over now, 'kay?"
  129. [21:54:38] <Natalie> "I think we're gonna leave soon..."
  130. [21:54:57] <~Amaryllis> "In the morning. Immediately."
  131. [21:55:27] <Natalie> "Yeah.  I'll make sure the others know, but..."
  132. [21:56:06] <~Amaryllis> "How cruel," Ammy clumsily reaches up and brushes Nat's tiara. "your first night with Renegade's gift, and this is what you must remember of me with it."
  133. [21:56:16] * Natalie stands up and frowns. "... Even if it feels like the first time, I don't wanna see my friend like this."
  134. [21:56:36] <Natalie> "So um... hmm... Well."
  135. [21:56:47] <Natalie> "I'm not a Summoner or anything, but, I have an order for you!"
  136. [21:57:12] * Natalie shrinks down. "I guess 'cause I'm not a summoner you could say no if you wanted... (even if it'd make me sad)."
  137. [21:57:22] <Natalie> "But!"
  138. [21:57:34] * ~Amaryllis gives Nat a weird look. She knows how she feels about the summoner's pact.
  139. [21:57:56] * ~Amaryllis takes another gulp. "Mhm?"
  140. [21:58:30] * Natalie feels about the summoner's pact like it's just a part of life, not even noticing how weird that came off. "Even when you're sad... I order you to smile!"
  141. [21:58:47] <Natalie> "It's not like we can go outside so I can't say 'let's do something fun together,' but I wanna see you happy, okay?"
  142. [21:59:08] * ~Amaryllis tries. It's awful and forced.
  143. [21:59:19] <Natalie> "And like me... I'm happy just because I want to be, even when I'm worried, or scared... I guess it's just my Ruby remembering on its-"
  144. [21:59:22] <Natalie> "..."
  145. [21:59:31] * Natalie shuts up. "... Pff."
  146. [21:59:45] <Natalie> ... And starts to crack a grin.  "Pffffehehehe."
  147. [21:59:57] <Natalie> "Hahaha!  That is so SILLY-looking!"
  148. [22:00:19] * ~Amaryllis takes another drink, mumbling. It's hard to catch the words until the last two. "...not funny."
  149. [22:00:46] * Natalie dives for another hug, then takes her own glug again. "Ahaha... well, you have me, don't you?"
  150. [22:00:59] <Natalie> "If you can't smile for real, then I'll just have to be happy for both of us!"
  151. [22:01:52] <Natalie> "Maybe I said this to you before, but... whenever you're sad you can just rely on me to be happy for you.  Okay?"
  152. [22:01:58] <Natalie> "That'll work, right?"
  153. [22:02:43] <~Amaryllis> "...Thanks." Ammy sets down the bottle, the whiskey left in it sloshing back and forth inside. With a pained groan, she crawls forward and grabs a small hunk of wood from the table before retreating to her spot against the wall. "That isn't fair to you. It isn't fair to Noah either. Or anyone." She mumbles as she flicks her wrist, switchblade flashing out.
  154. [22:03:48] <Natalie> "... Maybe."  Nat looks at her own bottle that's half-full still and sets it to the side.  "But it's not like you can help it, right?  And you're still my friend, either way."
  155. [22:04:12] <Natalie> "Come on!"  Her ruby makes some silly-looking sparkles.  "You have the blessing of a great Eidolon behind everything you do!"
  156. [22:05:28] * Natalie giggles playfully a bit more, before softening into a solemn smile. "... You hate it, don't you, Ammy? Do you want it to stop?"
  157. [22:05:29] * ~Amaryllis starts to carve at the piece of wood, shaving off large slices from it in a clumsy fashion. She winces as she predictably nicks herself trying this drunk. "What about me? Am I a great Eidolon? Is this what a great Eidolon does?" She mutters darkly.
  158. [22:06:11] <~Amaryllis> "I do. Of course I bloody do." It sounds rather pained instead of aggravated or frustrated with Nat.
  159. [22:06:39] <Natalie> "... Yeah."  Nat just watches the woodcarving, still wearing that same sad smile.  "It's... duty.  Honesty to yourself.  That kind of thing.  An Eidolon lives by their stories."
  160. [22:07:25] <Natalie> "I said I'd pay you back for helping me earlier, right?"  She looks curious and childlike.  "If you want, I can find out a way to do that for you!  To make it stop."
  161. [22:08:12] <Natalie> "If Renny was right and I'll be able to actually really remember from now on.  And I'll never forget this again.  And... that stuff."
  162. [22:10:30] <~Amaryllis> "We live by our stories, yes, but they are the chains that bind us to a particular fate." She's trying to carve again, and it's not going especially well. She nicks herself again. "Thank you, Nat. But...I have already caused so much trouble to others already by being who I am. It is not right..."
  163. [22:12:18] <Natalie> Wearing a :<, Nat stands up and walks over, flicking Ammy on the forehead.  "Who cares about that!  It's not like you cause ME trouble.  And I, the great 3Carb4u3ncle of the somethingsomething (Is it Glittering?  Shining?  ... Whatever) Ruby, am the one who wants to help you, got it?"
  164. [22:12:20] <~Amaryllis> "I want you to remember happy memories Nat."
  165. [22:13:17] <Natalie> "Soon enough I'll be able to get ALL my memories back.  Maybe I'll remember everything that's happened in Gaia since I was born... and that's a lot of stuff if you think about it.  I've probably helped people like this before, and even without knowing their names or faces I know without a single doubt I'd always do the same thing!"
  166. [22:14:33] <Natalie> "So if you don't wanna be an Eidolon, you don't have to.  I'll find whatever's making you turn into one and SMASH it!  ... If that's really what'd make you happy.  Being us isn't for everyone, you know!"
  167. [22:14:47] * ~Amaryllis rubs her forehead as she listens. "I am not convinced it will be so easy, I'm afraid. I have to go to Mt. Gulug. I have to see what it is the Tonberry civilization was truly like, or these stories will continue to take hold."
  168. [22:15:38] <~Amaryllis> "Nat. I..."
  169. [22:16:08] * Natalie sits back on her bed and droops down a bit. "... Well, yeah, it's probably not easy. But getting my memories back isn't either, right? Look how far on the track we are to that!"
  170. [22:16:25] <~Amaryllis> "I would rather live as a monstrous Eidolon, a magnificent myth, than die having nothing but the most feeble of stories to leave to the Crystal and the rest of the world."
  171. [22:16:47] <Natalie> "Both of those things sound bad.  Who says you have to do one of them?"
  172. [22:17:18] * Natalie pulls out the plushie, tangling it with a goofy look on her face. "Why don't you just be a ~cute, lovable~ Eidolon like me?"
  173. [22:17:24] <~Amaryllis> "I will not give up what I am. Even if it hurts like this. That is not to be part of my story."
  174. [22:17:46] <Natalie> "With my powers, I probably COULD be a 'monster' if I wanted, you know?  My little sis too."
  175. [22:17:57] <Natalie> "But am I?  Are we?"
  176. [22:18:20] <Natalie> "Nah," she swipes her hand over the air, "I just decided not to be."
  177. [22:18:41] <Natalie> "Monstering is too much work for me.  I wanna do fun things, I wanna take naps, I wanna make friends and help people..."
  178. [22:19:24] <Natalie> "So if you work at it, and I work at it too, we can change your story to something we're all okay with, right?"
  179. [22:19:25] <~Amaryllis> "It is not so easy for an Eidolon to change forms..." Ammy mutters, head buried in her knees again. "Nat." She takes a deep breath.
  180. [22:19:48] * Natalie walks over and pats Ammy's head again, listening silently this time.
  181. [22:19:57] <~Amaryllis> "It's killing them. Me. It. Tonberry. I'm killing the very people who would help you the most, the ones by whom I was charged to find and protect you."
  182. [22:21:08] <Natalie> "... Like I said, it's just 'going back to the crystal.'  I can't really think of it as that extreme as a thing.  And besides, it's not your fault, you know?  We can beat it together."
  183. [22:21:22] <~Amaryllis> "I am targeting them, and I do not understand why. I felt such hatred tonight, and even as he took my beaten body to hide from the guards, I was trying to kill him."
  184. [22:22:05] <Natalie> "Fight it."  Nat stands up, a more determined expression than ever, and puts her hands at her hips.  "If you don't like it, fight it.  You're you, and you decide who you are."
  185. [22:22:20] <~Amaryllis> "Can you imagine though? That maybe, maybe you would have had your memories back, if these people had not been killed. They cannot help you back in the Crystal, Nat. They can only do so here, on the stage of the world where stories happen."
  186. [22:22:44] <~Amaryllis> "I am trying. I am bloody trying. But it is still stronger than I am."
  187. [22:23:20] <Natalie> "Stop it!  I don't care about that!  My memories can come back later.  I don't care when I get them... actually, as long as I have this thing," she taps the tiara, "It doesn't matter if I ever do, right?  I'd be happy just making new memories and living totally off those."
  188. [22:23:31] <Natalie> "But you..."  She shakes her head.  "Maybe it is."
  189. [22:23:45] <Natalie> "But is it stronger than both of us?  Than all our friends?  Than the whole crystal?"
  190. [22:23:58] <~Amaryllis> "It could break, and then you would be worse off than ever."
  191. [22:24:01] <Natalie> She makes a minor stomp on the ground, not enough to wake the others up or anything.  "No way!"
  192. [22:24:29] * Natalie scoffs a little. "That's not the point either (and it's not like I'm THAT reckless... am I?)."
  193. [22:24:44] <~Amaryllis> "You are." Ammy murmurs.
  194. [22:25:01] <Natalie> "... Oh.  Well um... I guess I'll just have to try harder then, huh?  Ahahaha~"
  195. [22:25:18] <~Amaryllis> It's the first thing she's said all night that's had any hint of humor to it.
  196. [22:25:23] * Natalie twirls around and sits next to Ammy again, sternfaced. "But."
  197. [22:26:14] <~Amaryllis> "Listen, Nat, I never said I would not fight this sodding thing. They are not even great stories, merely tales of boogeymen meant to scare children, and I resent being composed of such an infantile narrative."
  198. [22:26:55] <Natalie> "Yeah... I know.  At least I think I know.  I'm pretty sure I know.  And I'm saying I'm gonna do everything I can to help."
  199. [22:27:05] <~Amaryllis> "But there is a story that is laid out before us, and we are all bound by its chains. I know not how mine shall lead me, but I can see the chains in the here and now."
  200. [22:27:40] <Natalie> "What was the place the crystal mentioned earlier?  Mada... Mad... Madaisomething.  There's something important there, right?  I feel it inside me even though I can't really remember what it is."
  201. [22:27:50] <~Amaryllis> "So, I what I can. Tell the stories I have learned. Create new ones. But I also," Ammy picks up the bottle again, "just really want some bloody whiskey right now, alright? It hurts, and I cannot stop that."
  202. [22:27:50] <Natalie> "A... hunch I guess."
  203. [22:28:21] * Natalie stops herself and picks her own bottle back up. "Yeah, well, you're not allowed to drink it all by yourself. That's just TOO lonely."
  204. [22:29:20] <~Amaryllis> "Madain Sari, old home of the Summoners." With another pained gasp, Ammy stands up and limps to the other side of the room, grabbing a small hourglass of sand from her bag. "...I cannot face the place as I am now. Knowing so little. It would be shameful."
  205. [22:31:05] <Natalie> "... I'm a little worried about what's there.  And I have a mission... so how about this," glug.  "Aahh... okay, I'll go there for you, alright?  For both of us.  If I went with you... well, I'm a little scared I don't know enough either."
  206. [22:31:38] <Natalie> "But I'm with you, even when I'm not with you!  That's how 3Carb4u3ncle's blessing works, you know?  You just FEEL it."
  207. [22:32:03] <~Amaryllis> "On your own?" Ammy clumsily tosses Nat the hourglass before collapsing onto the bed with a groan. She glugs down a bit more whiskey.
  208. [22:33:19] <Natalie> "Nuh-uh.  I've been teaching Amby stuff... or uh, trying to."  Cough.  "And I could probably bug some of the others since the crystal told us to, right?  But I don't wanna see you go off on your own either... at LEAST take Mr. Prickles with you."
  209. [22:33:44] * Natalie catches the hourglass in a foot, by the way. Yes, she's not wearing shoes.
  210. [22:33:47] <Natalie> Maybe both feet.
  211. [22:34:20] <~Amaryllis> "Whatever I find in the home of the Tonberries, I shall want time to myself to absorb and understand it."
  212. [22:35:18] <Natalie> "But what if it's dangerous?  ... Well I guess that's where it's like 'why don't I just come too,' but, I have to do something about the crystal too."
  213. [22:36:04] <~Amaryllis> "I am not so weak as to be incapable of caring for myself."
  214. [22:36:12] <Natalie> :<
  215. [22:36:57] <Natalie> "I dunno, whaddaya think THESE say?"  Nat makes a cat-dash over and points out not only Ammy's recent mostly-healed bruises, but all the scars she has.  Or at least the arm bearing them.
  216. [22:37:17] <Natalie> "You're tough, but, still."
  217. [22:37:51] * Natalie jolts a few red wisps of rubyheal in, after observing the bruises. They still look like they hurt a bit.
  218. [22:39:01] <~Amaryllis> "I have gone through worse. I have been trained for worse. I do not think it is so surprising, however, that a veteran of 12GIL would best one who was thrust into their position suddenly, by the death of their mentor." She frowns, looking pretty hurt at Nat questioning her capability to take care of herself here.
  219. [22:39:25] <~Amaryllis> "Nat, I threw a bloody dragon at someone to get us here more quickly."
  220. [22:39:50] <Natalie> "Well uh... yeah, okay.  But still, if there's any kind of excuse for someone to go with you, don't be stubborn, 'kay?"  Nat looks back with fierce determination, though it's clear most of it is just over-the-top worry.
  221. [22:40:30] <Natalie> "Even I don't know how I'll be able to handle stuff if there's a real threat to the Crystal.  Definitely not alone."
  222. [22:40:39] <~Amaryllis> "I will have to find time alone in the ruins regardless. Apotheosis is a rather personal matter, you know."
  223. [22:41:40] <~Amaryllis> "I shall meet you in Madain Sari as soon as I find out what I need to know from Mt. Gulug. Don't worry."
  224. [22:41:40] * Natalie stands back up and folds her arms, hmphing. "Well... okay. I guess you probably win, maybe."
  225. [22:41:59] <Natalie> "... Okay.  And I'll find out whatever I can to help you."
  226. [22:42:50] * ~Amaryllis just nods, taking another big gulg of whiskey.
  227. [22:42:52] <Natalie> "And then when you're an Eidolon like me we'll watch Gaia together and there won't be sad things and we'll be best friends all the time..."
  228. [22:43:07] <Natalie> "... Somethin' like that."  Nat takes another glug on cue.
  229. [22:43:26] <~Amaryllis> "Can you enjoy happy things without the sad? Nevermind."
  230. [22:44:06] <Natalie> "Sometimes sad things happen... but what does it help when you want to be sad instead of happy?"
  231. [22:44:34] <Natalie> "I said it earlier- even when you're sad, I'll be happy for you.  Even when bad things happen, I just want to smile!"
  232. [22:44:44] <Natalie> "Because I always look forward to the good things."
  233. [22:45:36] <~Amaryllis> "The world would be so dull with only happy things. You do not wish for sadness, but you cannot refuse it altogether either." Ammy's clearly getting more drunk and tired and a little delirious as she rolls on the bed and mumbles half into a pillow.
  234. [22:46:31] <Natalie> "... Either way I'm happy you're my friend, Ammy."  Nat says with a sad half-smile, setting her own bottle down and standing up.
  235. [22:46:46] <~Amaryllis> "As am I."
  236. [22:47:20] <Natalie> "I'm gonna.. whoaaa" wobble wobble.  PAUSE.  Nat takes a second to straighten her posture.  "I'm gonna finish what I was doing- Don't make yourself sick before tomorrow, 'kay?"
  237. [22:48:28] * ~Amaryllis nods as she takes one last gulp, setting the emptied bottle on the nightstand. "...Do me a favor, and bring a pitcher of water into the room before you sleep, Nat."
  238. [22:48:58] * Natalie opens the door, falls on the floor, and suddenly a tyrannosaurus rex bursts through the wall and- okay just kidding she only opens the door. "Okay."
  239. [22:49:02] <Natalie> "I'll remember it!"
  240. [22:49:23] <Natalie> Aaaaaand slips out.
  241. [22:49:43] <Kain> ~~~~~
  242. [22:49:45] <Natalie> Will she actually?  Unlike the previous times, the answer today is a nice, fuzzy, warm, 'maybe!'
  243. [22:49:47] <~Amaryllis> "Thank you. Good night." Ammy fumbles into her sleepwear once Nat's gone and collapses on the bed again.
  244. [22:49:52] <Natalie> AND
  245. [22:49:52] <Natalie> SO
  246. [22:49:52] <Natalie> THE
  247. [22:49:53] <Natalie> ADVENTURE
  248. [22:49:54] <Natalie> OF
  249. [22:49:57] <Kain> LEWD
  250. [22:49:59] <Kain> GOES
  251. [22:49:59] <Kain> ON
  252. [22:50:02] <Natalie> ~FIN~
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