CMC Poop Contest Applebloom Day 0(SCAT)

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  1. Applebloom day 0
  3. >You are applebloom.
  4. >Today scootaloo challenged you to a biggest crap contest.
  5. >Not wanting to sully the apple name, you agreed.
  6. >You were making your way to Carousel boutique.  
  7. >The girls had agreed to take a laxative before starting the hold, as such an endeavor would very much be influenced by how much was in your system before you started.
  8. >You see them talking about something just inside.
  9. “Ah’m right here.” You announce.
  10. >“Right, now we can get started. Sweetie Belle?”
  11. >“Right this way, I have everything set up.”
  12. >You follow sweetie into the bathroom. On the floor you can see 3 pills, and 3 glasses of water.
  13. >You had to go slightly beforehoof, so you were glad they were doing this.
  14. >”Alright, we each take a pill and finish the glass on 3, you ready?”
  15. >Scoots nods her head in approval.
  16. >”1”
  17. >”2”
  18. >”3!”
  19. >You see scoot down the glass instantly. Big mistake. You take your time to finish the glass.
  20. >After you're done, you all get into a circle, waiting for the effects to take place.
  21. >It gets boring, and soon you ask:
  22. ”You guys feel anything yet?”
  23. >”No… wait… yeah!” Sweetie replies
  24. >“We have to wait until we all need to go, that way it will be fair.”
  25. >Sweetie looks at scoot and starts to pout.
  26. >its not long after when you feel a rumbling in your stomach.
  27. >*Grumble*
  28. >It’s stronger than you thought.
  29. ”Okay, Scoot I’m feeling it now. Can we use the toilet?”
  30. >Scoot stares at you quizzically, and answers;
  31. “No Applebloom, we need to wait for them to work on me.”
  32. >Sweetie starts to moan. ”Uggg… Please hurry.”
  33. >Scootaloo starts to get a sad look on her face, before she perks up and says
  34. >“Alright, now, Sweetie you can go. After that, Applebloom. I’ll go last.”
  35. >Sweetie bolts for the toilet, and you face the other direction to give her some privacy.
  36. >You hear the loudest fart ever come from her, and you try not to laugh.
  37. >Scootaloo turns to you, a worried look on her face
  38. >“Hey uhh, Applebloom? Would you mind if I went before you? I’m pretty sure I’m going to explode here.”
  40. ”No Scoot, I’m next. You said so yourself.”
  41. >You smirk at the orange pegasus next to you, your insides are bubbling, but they’re nowhere ready to explode.
  42. >You hear sweetie get off the toilet, and you jump at the chance.
  43. >As you are emptying yourself, you look at Scootaloo.
  44. >Her cheeks are puffed out, and her eyes are squinted shut.
  45. >you can tell she really needs to go.
  46. >’Tough luck scoot, you wanted this.
  47. >You  feel your insides calm down as you rid them of the waste, making sure to spend as much time on the toilet as possible without having scoots explode.
  48. >The moment you get off, and your hooves touch the ground, scootaloo is on the toilet, releasing some very loud and smelly gas.
  49. >Walking over to sweetie belle, you see she is clearly exhausted from the ordeal, and wants nothing more than to go to sleep.
  50. >scoots finishes up in about a minute or so, and you watch her clean up and flush the toilet.
  51. >looking at her, she looks as tired as sweetie belle.
  52. >You follow her and Sweetie out of the bathroom, and into the guest bedroom.
  53. >Scoot falls asleep first, with sweetie a close second as she takes time to actually get under the sheets.
  54. >You make your way to your side of the bed, ready for a nice long night of sleep, and a very long week ahead.
  57. Other day 0 pones:
  58. Scootaloo:
  59. Sweetie Belle:
  61. Day 1:
  62. Applebloom:
  63. Scootaloo:
  64. Sweetie Belle:
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