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  1. Today only comes once, so make the best of it. This could be simply sitting on the couch, under a warm blanket, watching your favorite show. Perhaps it’s a nice relaxing bath, or time with a loved one. No matter what, the day is yours to conquer. Each second belongs to you. Don’t waste it with sadness. You get the gift of this very moment. Such a precious gift, Cherish it.
  2. You are only human. You will make mistakes, you will laugh, cry, scream, and smile. You will feel down, and you will feel up. You are only human. Never forget that humans are riddled with imperfections. It’s the ability to show compassion for one another, despite those imperfections, that drive us closer. In that same way you show compassion for someone else, you must show it for yourself, after all, you are only…human. Accepting that mistakes are ok will further this goal of totality, and bring you closer to unity with your heart, and in your mind.
  3. If you were wondering why I’m doing this, it’s to help you. These are not just daily messages to use once, but “Rules” of such that you can apply to yourself, to help you become the person you want to be. Each one represents a moment of inspiration. A moment for you to take and devote solely to yourself. With that, the lesson of the day is as follows. Control. Control is an important part of success, in your mind and in the world. We find it hard to control ourselves sometimes, but what makes this subject a hard one to conquer is the effects of emotions. When we become angry, the physical characteristics of it are usually pretty noticeable. Likewise with all other emotions. Our emotions control our physical form. They control how others see us, or rather, they allow others to see what you feel. Which is OK to an extent. It’s the moment when you can no long CONTROL how your emotions control your physical presence. For example, One might become angry and display that with facial expressions, and that’s OK, but if one became angry and couldn’t control how their emotions control them, They might punch a small child, or a wall, or become destructive is some way. We have the ability to choose. The gift of “choice” in life is a good one. Being able to take control and choose will make a big difference to your life. This can only really happen if you have full faith in yourself, and if you can really single out those key factors that lead to those harsh, negative feelings. Control. Control your surroundings, if its something displeasing to be around, separate from it. Control. Control your reactions to things by referring to a few days ago about people only being human. After all, most angry between two individuals is usually due to misunderstanding each other. Control your emotions, by realizing that you Own your body, you own your mind. Your mind does not own you. Keep working towards that goal.
  4. This one will be short and simple. Follow your heart. Your heart is the guiding light through this world. Your heart is all you need to grow. If you put your heart into Everything you do, and you can control your emotions, accept that mistakes happen, make the best of every moment you get, and take life One small goal at a time you will find yourself moving closer and closer to that totality I talked about. Don’t accept “good enough”. Strive for excellence in everything. Most importantly, love yourself. Love who you are working to become. These are how I move through life. I’ll be here for your support.
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