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Cadance side story

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Apr 12th, 2014
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  1. >On public display in front of the gates of canterlot castle, lit brightly in the eternal night by a line of bright torches, is a stage with Celestia stockaded, exposed, presented, and available for all her subjects to show her how much she is loved and adored.
  2. >A surprising few but the most wretched scum have volunteered for the occasion to have a try at her.
  3. >Loyalty and love for their sun princess still exists in most ponies, but as the eternal night sets on, and equestria's food and resources dwindle, she will see just how quick a people can turn.
  4. >Deep inside the dungeons of the castle, away from public eye, was the rightful heiress to Celestia's throne, Princess Cadance.
  5. >Princess Cadance was still a threat, both in her place and in her abilities.
  6. >Celestia could cast the light of the very sun and bring the world to daylight, but her power was now useless in Nightmare's shadow, her throne usurped.
  7. >But Cadance had the power to cast love on a large scale, she could rally adoration for her and her cohorts, could turn the loyalty of a people back to empassioned resistance.
  8. >But breaking the six had given you experience, and you knew how to twist even the most sacred things, defiling and withering them.
  10. >Rarity, the element of generosity, through all her nobility, had her imperfections, she was proud, vein, and did not want to give in when you came for her. But you changed that.
  11. >You gave her cruelty, shame, abuse, and humiliation.
  12. >Rarity was such a punching bag to your abuse, such a toilet to your most disgusting outlets of debaseful pleasure, that stockholm had taken her and she now begged for your abusive hand, and suckled at you for your filth.
  13. >Cadance was an alicorn that burned with the power of love, but she had her weaknesses.
  14. >In order to cast love, she needed to be loved by many. But in her dark dungeon, she felt the love of her subjects increasingly distant, cold, and fading. Had they forgotten her?
  15. >She is still not very safe to approach, for she could cast her spell and turn the victim's loyalty away from Nightmare Moon.
  16. >So she is kept in isolation, contained within a shield bubble. Guards are discouraged from coming near.
  17. >She is denied food and water for days, and though does not die from starvation or dehydration, she weakens to a dismal state, losing most of her power.
  18. >Her subjects, the crystal heart and her true love shining armor are far away now.
  19. >You propose an idea to Nightmare Moon as to what to do about Cadance for her disloyalty.
  20. >Nightmare Moon likes the idea, and accompanies you as you went to her cell.
  21. >Cadance looks up bleakly. NMM dropps the shield.
  22. >Cadance resists, blasting a small burst of bright red energy at NMM, but Nightmare deflects it and knocks her back against the wall with a counterspell.
  23. >Cadance yields, utterly spent, it was a last desperate swing.
  24. >Nightmare gives you the chain to lead Cadance in her shackles by to her new home.
  26. >You tug and pull her, submissively and cooperatively, towards another chamber, larger, enough for a gathering.
  27. >Cadance was chained haunched down so she couldn't stand up against a large, cold metal trough on the floor, with metal walls about a foot tall on four sides of her, and left to be for the time being.
  28. >Meanwhile, In the castle barracks a party was thrown for the royal guards to celebrate the coronation of Nightmare Moon,
  29. >...and the dethronement and humiliation of Celestia at the stockading and rutting ceremonies earlier.
  30. >A break of festivities was held for the stressed and terrified soldiers full of drinking, music and revelry, on a night that would never end.
  31. >The guards got worked up, drunk, and... in need of a visit to the little fillies' room.
  32. >After no more than an hour and a half, they all began to notice a sobering reality about their party arrangements.
  33. >All the bathrooms in the castle barracks had been locked.
  34. >“Hey, what gives? We have to go, master Anon! Why are they locked?”, they say to you.
  35. “Oh, I suppose you're all in need of some lavatory relief. Sorry, we're having a lot of... issues with the plumbing... Come with me, I will show you the way to the only facility we have available at the moment.” you say to them with a devilish smirk on your face.
  36. >They look at each other worriedly, but, looking about to burst, they eagerly follow you through deeper halls into the castle.
  38. >Into the chamber the anxious guards follow you, and when their eyes adjust to the light and they see their princess of love chained to the floor they gasp in horror
  39. >A look from you quickly makes them snap back into soldierhood.
  40. >They stare blankly on at her, not daring to look at you.
  41. >”Here is your lavatory, my loyal soldiers.”
  42. >You beckon the guards to gather fearfully in a circle.
  43. >You stand in front of her.
  44. “Princess Cadance... the princess of love,” you chuckle derisively, “Will you receive love of your subjects, or give them love in return? Never again. Celestia, the six elements of harmony, all your friends and family, now submit fully to our will, they get a taste of love. Celestia right now is in the square, heartily receiving the love of all her subjects... The six can get a taste of my love anytime, ...if I feel inclined to give it to them. But will you get your people's love? MY love? No. For there is no love for the unloyal. And if you don't receive love, you have none to give in return. So what are you good for, then? You are a burden, an extraneous player, a third wheel who just had to be there. You had to step up and rebel, resist us, insisting on some arbitrary right to a throne your line no longer has any hold on.”
  45. >you grab her by her mane, and pull her face toward yours.
  46. “We have a use for ponies like that. You're not an enemy, you're not even a slave. You're a trough. A trifle thing in which we dispose of our waste.”
  48. >You pick up a metal and leather object and hold it up to her.
  49. “Open your mouth.” you command.
  50. >She just glares at you, frowning. A solid left hook and with a gasp of pain she complies.
  51. >You force her jaw open and shove the object in.
  52. >She gags and her tongue wrestles with it, but you it in and strap it on around her head.
  53. >It is a mouth-ring.
  54. >Now Cadance is ready to fullfill her new role in life.
  55. >She was going to be a public urinal for the rest of her immortal days.
  56. >The guards all begin to worriedly look at each other, biting their lips, dancing on tiptoe, glancing at you in fear.
  57. >One guardspony can't take it anymore, in a tiptoeing dance he frantically moves over to her, practically shoving you out of the way.
  58. >He stands upon the grated platform set over her trough, and forcefully takes her head and pushes it up into his underbelly.
  59. >His dick flops out of its sheath, and plops into Cadance's awaiting, gaping, ring-fastened maw.
  60. >He clenches his teeth, sucks in, and releases a deep sigh of relief as a loud torrent of thick yellow urine sprays into Princess Cadance's mouth.
  61. >Cadance gags, gurgles and sputters horribly for awhile in the silent chamber, urine splashing and spattering down her front and into the trough where she sits.
  62. >but with the massive flow of liquid entering her oral cavity, she can't fight anymore
  63. >She begins gulping it down in a frantic attempt to free up her throat for a breath of air.
  64. >It's not working. The guard really has to go, and his flow goes on for what seems like a full minute.
  65. >Cadance's eyes roll back in her head as she gurgles weakly in the relentless flow.
  66. >She looks like she is going to drown in piss from her first guard, and she still has the rest of the regiment to go.
  68. > The rest of the guards all look on anxiously at the first guard pony, whose face is flush with relief as he empties the contents of his swollen bladder down the love princesse's throat.
  69. >In the deathly silence of the dungeon the watery sound of the first guard's micturition gushing into Cadance's gaping mouth echoes off the walls.
  70. >There could not be a worse thing for a room full of frightened guard ponies about to piss themselves to have to hear.
  71. >They continue to glance at the wretched sight of their princess being used as a urinal back up to you in fear.
  72. >You smile on at them and nod.
  73. >The rest of the guards frantically form a line in front of Cadance.
  74. >As soon as the first guard's stream slows to a trickle, he shakes the last few squirts off across her lips and face.
  75. >Another guard anxiously steps up, forces Cadance's mouth onto his crotch and pees like a racehorse.
  76. >Then another.
  77. >And another.
  78. >The sight is so disgusting you almost vomit yourself from having to witness it, but you hold it down and stand strong, unblinkingly watching the show.
  79. >What Cadance doesn't manage to swallow falls into the trough she sits in, the smell wafting from it is overwhelmingly pungent
  80. >Cadance looks up at you from under the guard's bellies and stares back into your eyes with an expression that looks like sympathy.
  81. >She winces her eyes, and you see her horn begin to glimmer a little.
  83. >Impossible! Nightmare said she was too weak for magic now! You brace yourself.
  84. >Nothing happens as you feared for a second, when you hear a voice in your head.
  85. >'You poor thing. You have no idea what awaits you once Nightmare Moon's use in you is over... It will be a thousand fold the torture of what you think this is for me! But even now there is still hope. Just listen to that whisper from Nightmare Moon when she is in doubt, the voice she tries to hide. Listen to it, answer it and you can save yourself, and all that you love!'
  86. >You consider the words in your head, keeping a poker face, and shake the thought away, pretending you didn't hear anything. She looks at you for awhile, anxiously awaiting to see what your reaction may be to her message, but as your expression remains unwavering, she begins to look unsure if you heard it.
  87. >as she gargles down the piss of the last guard, her eyes are rolled back, glazed over, staring out blankly into nothingness. Already after just one session he mighty alicorn princess of love looks broken. But time will tell. And she will spend a lot of it at her new job.
  88. >After several minutes all the guards had gone and walked back down the hallway, most looking deadpan with inner guilt, but a few were changing their demeanor, after serving and worshipping her, a few of them couldn't help but enjoyed the experience a little, chuckling quietly amongst each other.
  89. >Cadance's belly bulged with the urine of a whole herd of stallions. You looked down at the sight of her, resting in an inch deep puddle of urine in the trough from what she hadn't guzzled. If she felt thirsty again anytime soon, she had plenty more around her to drink. She would not need much other attendance at all.
  90. “Allright guards. This is to be the only working bathroom set aside for your force for the next two weeks.”
  92. >An immortal alicorn could endure near infinite levels of degredation and torture.
  93. >You would see how effective Cadance is at love once every semblance of her ponyhood, personhood, and dignity was marred into nothingness,
  94. >once she learned that she really was nothing more now than a thing to relieve oneself of waste into and forget about.
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