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  1. ViyanaToday at 08:12
  2. She won't, Bluhen... she never will. The other Gods wouldn't let her do such a thing.
  3. And besides... you're still very much clearly alive, aren't you?
  4. You're safe and sound, talking here with me, and with a friend who cares about you so very much right beside you.
  5. salz auroraToday at 08:21
  6. how do you know that
  7. hhow can you say that
  8. what if she will
  9. what if yure wrong
  10. i
  11. s she hasnt gotten to it then
  12. i know she will
  13. ide serve it if she hates me this much
  14. that she
  15. that shed ignoreme too
  16. ViyanaToday at 08:29
  17. Because that's never happened before in Epoche, and it never will... the Gods would never be cruel as to bestow such a grave punishment to you for something so minor, Bluhen.
  18. This time is different, alright? You won't disappear... I can reassure you about that, Bluhen.
  19. And... her silence doesn't automatically mean she hates you, alright?
  20. Remember what I told you, about everything they do having a purpose and hidden meaning?
  21. I know she wants you learn something out of this, and she would never do anything that would put you in danger... because she never has.
  22. And I can attest to that, I promise.
  23. salz auroraToday at 08:37
  24. bbut i did something really bad
  25. itwas so bad that auri had to warn me
  26. sshe does hate me
  27. she ignored me when i tried to say sorry
  28. she
  29. i deserve whateever she does t me
  30. iif iget hurt i deserve iit too
  31. ViyanaToday at 08:39
  32. No, Bluhen...
  33. She's not going to punish you like that, I promise.
  34. She warned you for your own safety, you know?
  35. That's better than leaving you on your own and letting you get hurt without warning.
  36. And besides, if it helps for you to know...
  37. Arshan's the one with a knack of punishments, not Auri. ^^;;
  38. salz auroraToday at 08:42
  39. ah
  40. ddid he
  41. i
  42. i just
  43. i disappointed her
  44. i d disappointed her
  45. i disappointed auri
  46. im
  47. ii dont know anymore
  48. ViyanaToday at 08:44
  49. Don't know what, Bluhen...?
  50. salz auroraToday at 08:44
  51. i dont know what to do
  52. ViyanaToday at 08:45
  53. Are you okay with any suggestions from me, if it's alright?
  54. salz auroraToday at 08:46
  55. i
  56. okkkkkkk
  57. sorry
  58. i didnt mean to do that
  59. ViyanaToday at 08:51
  60. Heh, it's okay. I just want to make sure you're alright.
  61. I just want to know, however... have you been taking care of yourself?
  62. Eating and bathing and the like?
  63. salz auroraToday at 08:51
  64. i dont neeed to
  65. ViyanaToday at 08:53
  66. I know, but it's the little things that can help you feel better.
  67. Do you think you can get out of bed and do some stretches?
  68. Maybe even go for a little walk outside the house, perhaps with Goro?
  69. After all, studies say that keeping the body active can lighten up your mood, even juuust a little bit. ^^
  70. salz auroraToday at 08:56
  71. it
  72. i dont want to get up
  73. tthe bed is comfortable
  74. ggoro is hhugging me
  75. im tired
  76. ViyanaToday at 08:57
  77. Ah, that's good! I'm glad he's still there keeping you company.
  78. Very well then, can I get you to promise me that you'll try and do what I'm asking you after you two sleep?
  79. salz auroraToday at 08:58
  80. i
  81. i dont wwant to promise you something i ddont know if i can keep
  82. ViyanaToday at 09:00
  83. Ahah, I see... you don't have to promise me, then. I just want you to try your best, alright?
  84. I know you can do it; you're Bluhen, after all. ^^
  85. salz auroraToday at 09:01
  86. mmm
  87. i can
  88. try
  89. but i
  90. ill just disappoint you too
  91. ViyanaToday at 09:03
  92. You won't, Bluhen...
  93. In fact, I'll end up encouraging you even more instead, probably!
  94. I'll be patiently waiting and trying my best to help you out with Goro, that I can promise you.
  95. salz auroraToday at 09:06
  96. ah
  97. if
  98. if youre sure
  99. ill try
  100. but i
  101. youll just end up disappointed anyawway
  102. ViyanaToday at 09:11
  103. I won't! That I can promise you on.
  104. If I do end up "disappointed," then you can let me treat you to whatever you want!
  105. salz auroraToday at 09:12
  106. you... promise?
  107. you... promise...
  108. i... okay
  109. ill try
  110. im sorry for being such a burden
  111. ViyanaToday at 09:14
  112. Shhh, don't apologize!
  113. I'm just grateful you trusted me enough to open up to me and let me listen.
  114. I know I'm not Goro, and I'm not in the same vocatum as you are... but that doesn't mean I don't want to help you still.
  115. salz auroraToday at 09:17
  116. i
  117. ah
  118. i
  119. wasnt
  120. i wasnt supposed to tell you ss omuch i
  121. you werent supposed to know im
  122. ssorry
  123. sssorry i
  124. sorry im sorry
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