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  1. appearence
  2. Muscular broad build, hunches over somewhat, making him appear shorter than he actually is. His face, though young, is worn and scratched, small scars litter under his chin, some visible through his beard, which is braided. His eyes worn yet focused, the outside is stained with remnants of war paint. His hair grows only from the middle of his head down to the base of his neck in a line, where it has begun to spread horizontal for an inch. He wears a cap made from a skull tied together by leather strings, feathers adorn its sides. His leggings are an unknown leather, with shin guards made from bone of a much larger creature. His chest is protected by a decorated and damaged leather armor made by humans. He wields a large drum at his side, and half of a pair of clubs that he uses for both drumming and self defense.
  4. backstory
  5. Toet grew up never knowing his real father, and his earliest memory is watching his human mother die and orcs taking him as their own. His new home's elder's saw a unique opportunity in Toet, his mixed heritage could be used as a way to bridge the hostility between them and the local humans, and would be raised to become a leader and a diplomat. As he was being raised, Toet grew up closely with 5 other orcs, who he would become brothers in arms with, and as they came of age they would fight together and have a long history of traveling to either make peace or war with neighboring humans. Toet would inspire his troop with the primal beat of his drums and lead them to victory. However, one day while his troop was camping out near a human settlement, Toet witnessed a score of armed human warriors approaching their camp, with the urge to kill in their eyes. They were outnumbered, and they could not escape as a group, so Toet saw the need to fight. As he drummed to alarm and arouse his brothers, he marched into the approaching threat, but at his back was the fast retreat of his comrades. They used him as bait to escape. Toet stood his ground, and used his newfound rage to survive and kill his aggressors, alone. Toet swore to kill the comrades that abandoned him, and shortly thereafter found that four of his troop already betrayed one of their own to ensure their escape. He cut his ties with his orcish heritage, and seeks only vengeance on those who wronged him.
  7. quirks
  8. Composed and calm in most situations.
  9. Looks for the long term goals over instant gratification.
  10. Very dexterous, but pursues no talent that shows this.
  11. His words are short and meaningful.
  12. Likes sweets.
  13. Distant.
  14. Doesn't know what the hell is hair is doing.
  15. Does not seek close bonds.
  16. Can force others to seek them with him.
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