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  1. (3/23/2015 8:21:37 PM) frozenphil: yes, that's how inneffective alliances like BL play this game
  2. (8:24:00 PM) Cartras Vokan: I'm just saying, denying people fights is a two-edged sword.
  3. (8:35:04 PM) nour_samy: morning
  4. (8:35:07 PM) nour_samy: what needs doing ?
  5. (8:35:45 PM) nour_samy: why again are we blue balling them ?
  6. (8:36:09 PM) nour_samy: Can't we just skynet some troll ceptors or something and blap elo ?
  7. (8:36:40 PM) snod_how-do-i-fly: blue ball or blob is the order iirc
  8. (8:37:00 PM) atrum_veneficus: nour_samy: we win wars
  9. (8:37:07 PM) atrum_veneficus: we don't win 'gud fites'
  10. (8:37:29 PM) atrum_veneficus: if there's no timer to win, or no timer to create, we provide no content to elite pvp
  11. (8:38:29 PM) nour_samy: Line members want 'gud fites' as you put them. Eve is a game, not a job. For some people it might seem like that, but for most line members this deployment has been nothing but blue balls and no kms.
  12. (8:38:50 PM) snod_how-do-i-fly: tough?
  13. (8:39:05 PM) nour_samy: I do not understand this concept. Our job as FCs at least in FCON, is to secure strategic objectives, and if there are none, to provide content for line members.
  14. (8:39:34 PM) pooki_bear: then join NC. god damn
  15. (8:39:51 PM) nour_samy: No thank you, i'm quite happy in FCON.
  16. (8:40:02 PM) pooki_bear: I enjoy fun fights as well but the whole point is to not make invading us fun
  17. (8:40:11 PM) pooki_bear: if you want a fun fight go to lowsec or BNI space
  18. (8:40:21 PM) pooki_bear: or I hear wicked creek is fun this time of year as well
  19. (8:41:14 PM) atrum_veneficus: nour_samy: you should join BNI then
  20. (8:41:18 PM) nour_samy: If we smash their faces in every time they try to have a 'gud fite' how are we making it fun to invade us.
  21. (8:41:29 PM) atrum_veneficus: people farm the fuck out of BNI and IRC because they undock whenever someone shows up
  22. (8:41:43 PM) atrum_veneficus: we remind people every day why we are a terrible place to come find "gud fites"
  23. (8:42:28 PM) nour_samy: Good fights are what keep line members interested.
  24. (8:42:47 PM) snod_how-do-i-fly: they are probably in the wrong place then
  25. (8:42:58 PM) atrum_veneficus: no, wars keep line members interested
  26. (8:43:22 PM) atrum_veneficus: and winning
  27. (8:43:28 PM) nour_samy: What ? wars where you do nothing but structure bash and get blue balled and watch blue titans DD each other ? That's no war.
  28. (8:44:37 PM) atrum_veneficus: you really don't have any idea what we did in our previous wars do you
  29. (8:44:50 PM) nour_samy: If you haven't noticed, i'm talking about this war.
  30. (8:44:56 PM) Dave Blaumeise left the room.
  31. (8:44:56 PM) komosunder: 10:42 PM nour_samy: Good fights are what keep line members interested. <-------- you answered your own question
  32. (8:45:00 PM) Dave Blaumeise [dave_blaumeise@goonfleet.com/Dave Blaumeise] entered the room.
  33. (8:45:22 PM) dirk_macgirk left the room.
  34. (8:45:24 PM) gray_arachnid: if BL keeps getting fights then they'll keep coming back
  35. (8:45:25 PM) kendarr [kendarr@goonfleet.com/68f9d6a4] entered the room.
  36. (8:45:36 PM) gray_arachnid: We show them that it's not interesting to come fight us
  37. (8:45:38 PM) nour_samy: If BL keeps getting their face smashed in they won't.
  38. (8:45:40 PM) sixx_spades left the room.
  39. (8:45:45 PM) snod_how-do-i-fly: you are an idiot :cripes:
  40. (8:45:45 PM) nour_samy: Even more than blue balls
  41. (8:45:55 PM) gray_arachnid: "Fights" do not dictate the winner or the loser
  42. (8:46:01 PM) gray_arachnid: as long as they get "fights" they will keep coming back
  43. (8:46:04 PM) gray_arachnid: it doesn't matter if they win or lose
  44. (8:46:08 PM) nour_samy: snod_how-do-i-fly: Do not be offensive please.
  45. (8:46:11 PM) gray_arachnid: they got what they wanted, they'll come back
  46. (8:46:22 PM) snod_how-do-i-fly: stop being an idiot then pls
  47. (8:46:36 PM) snod_how-do-i-fly: you're being told exactly why we don't do what you want to do
  48. (8:46:44 PM) snod_how-do-i-fly: and don't seem to grasp it
  49. (8:46:47 PM) nour_samy: Yes and it makes no sense.
  50. (8:46:53 PM) gray_arachnid: Yes it does make sense.
  51. (8:46:59 PM) nour_samy: Not to line members.
  52. (8:47:13 PM) Andupor left the room.
  53. (8:47:15 PM) gray_arachnid: well you tell them that.
  54. (8:47:19 PM) atrum_veneficus: nour_samy: your mythical "line members" are stupid fucks then
  55. (8:47:24 PM) atrum_veneficus: and you should spend more time educating them
  56. (8:47:38 PM) atrum_veneficus: goons seem to get it quite easily
  57. (8:47:39 PM) nour_samy: Again no need to be offensive, we're all CIVLIZED are we not ?
  58. (8:47:49 PM) snod_how-do-i-fly: are you new?
  59. (8:47:53 PM) snod_how-do-i-fly: to the cfc?
  60. (8:48:04 PM) nour_samy: 4 months almost
  61. (8:48:19 PM) fawlty7: nour_samy, let me play out a scenario for you
  62. (8:48:23 PM) fawlty7: BL and co
  63. (8:48:24 PM) fawlty7: Have spies
  64. (8:48:24 PM) rothana_haldane: nour_samy: need a hug?
  65. (8:48:27 PM) fawlty7: Lots and lots of spies
  66. (8:48:34 PM) fawlty7: You undock your fleet to fight
  67. (8:48:43 PM) fawlty7: They kill you and all backup fcs and then murder your fleet
  68. (8:48:49 PM) fawlty7: And high five each other on the way home
  69. (8:48:58 PM) fawlty7: How is that going to help anyone on our side
  70. (8:49:16 PM) vily [vily@goonfleet.com/ab72e4bd] entered the room.
  71. (8:49:17 PM) atrum_veneficus: nour_samy: we are not civilized, we're goons.
  72. (8:49:20 PM) atrum_veneficus: eat dicks
  73. (8:49:29 PM) nour_samy: Why do you think i joined FCON dickwad ?
  74. (8:49:37 PM) atrum_veneficus: that's better
  75. (8:49:40 PM) fawlty7: haha
  76. (8:49:49 PM) fawlty7: nour_samy you have to look at the bigger picture for this
  77. (8:49:51 PM) rayonar: http://i.imgur.com/MrW5mUX.gif
  78. (8:49:59 PM) fawlty7: There is a reason the cfc has lasted as long as it has
  79. (8:50:06 PM) stuart_hutchison: look at it like trying to get laid if you get it first time everytime there is no challenge the second one woman blue balls you and you think she is worth it you will go back more eager than the first time
  80. (8:50:06 PM) rothana_haldane: I'm still gonna hug you
  81. (8:50:10 PM) nour_samy: raynor lol, i haven't even had my coffe yet
  82. (8:50:35 PM) rothana_haldane: grp goon hug! (fart)
  83. (8:51:47 PM) nour_samy: fawlty7: i never put my secondarys or tertiarys in MOTD, Always have enough logi, and overtank my FC boat.
  84. (8:51:54 PM) fawlty7: :cripes:
  85. (8:51:56 PM) fawlty7: You do know
  86. (8:51:58 PM) fawlty7: They just listen on comms
  87. (8:52:01 PM) thomas_lear left the room.
  88. (8:52:01 PM) fawlty7: Like always
  89. (8:52:07 PM) fawlty7: And the moment you mention someones name
  90. (8:52:10 PM) rayonar: http://i.imgur.com/3t63g.gif
  91. (8:52:10 PM) nour_samy: And i never say them on comms either
  92. (8:52:15 PM) fawlty7: Don't have to
  93. (8:52:30 PM) rothana_haldane left the room.
  94. (8:52:31 PM) fawlty7: Their spy in fleet goes to the target broadcasted and you can see who broadcasted it
  95. (8:53:09 PM) gray_arachnid: They called hitting services a hellcamp
  96. (8:53:10 PM) gray_arachnid: http://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/3039yz/hellcamp_of_4ep12/
  97. (8:53:52 PM) snod_how-do-i-fly: upvotes and gud fites dont win wars
  98. (8:54:06 PM) rayonar: Really? Apparently upvotes got me my Titan back.
  99. (8:54:20 PM) rayonar: To be fair it does look like an arrow.
  100. (8:54:31 PM) nekro_elders: #diplotank
  101. (8:55:08 PM) snod_how-do-i-fly: hashtags got the titan back
  102. (8:55:20 PM) rayonar: snod_how-do-i-fly: Oh right, mah bad.
  103. (8:55:23 PM) nour_samy: fawlty7: I also broadcast my self. I'm good like that :)
  104. (8:55:34 PM) nekro_elders: Bridge not jumpLOL
  105. (8:55:37 PM) fawlty7: Are you dumb?
  106. (8:55:40 PM) fawlty7: They headshot you
  107. (8:55:45 PM) rayonar: nour_samy: For real. Are you trolling? Or are you just dense.
  108. (8:55:45 PM) fawlty7: And everyone else who takes command
  109. (8:55:54 PM) rayonar: This isn't Branch, this isn't a skirmish.
  110. (8:55:55 PM) rayonar: It's a war.
  111. (8:56:01 PM) nour_samy: Overtanked FC boat and logi ? Those exist you know
  112. (8:56:08 PM) gray_arachnid: Overtanked won't save you from shit.
  113. (8:56:37 PM) gray_arachnid: if they can't break your tank they'll kill you logi and try again
  114. (8:56:40 PM) gray_arachnid: your*
  115. (8:56:43 PM) rayonar: Does anyone have that BR from the last war where we were unironically using Domis, and BL brought Maels and basically headshotted 5 of our 6 FCs in out fleet.
  116. (8:56:47 PM) rayonar: In Overtanked FC Boats.
  117. (8:57:00 PM) rayonar: With tons of Logi.
  118. (8:57:03 PM) fawlty7: I have been fcing fleets where I had 3 chars in fleet in overtanked ships
  119. (8:57:06 PM) fawlty7: All 3 got chained down
  120. (8:57:10 PM) fawlty7: 1 2 and 3 all dead
  121. (8:57:45 PM) rayonar: Fuck it ima find it.
  122. (8:57:56 PM) nekro_elders: #failtank
  123. (8:57:56 PM) marshall_boma: #failfit
  124. (8:58:18 PM) gray_arachnid: As rayonar just said, this is not a skirmish, this is not branch. This is a war we don't want them to win. And we want them to leave with low morale, depression, and blue balls.
  125. (8:58:19 PM) nour_samy left the room.
  126. (8:58:26 PM) atrum_veneficus: WOOOOO
  127. (8:58:28 PM) gray_arachnid: lmao he left
  128. (8:58:31 PM) snod_how-do-i-fly: good guys win again
  129. (8:58:37 PM) atrum_veneficus: THROW THEM TOYS OUT THE TRAM
  130. (8:58:50 PM) fawlty7: Inb4 hes a bl spy
  131. (8:59:07 PM) snod_how-do-i-fly: you can't fake stupid
  132. (8:59:15 PM) atrum_veneficus: also, i was really quiet for the last 10 minutes
  133. (8:59:19 PM) atrum_veneficus: blawrf can't yell at me
  134. (8:59:20 PM) BromanderData left the room.
  135. (8:59:22 PM) rayonar: Damn I literally just found the Battle Report too.
  136. (8:59:22 PM) atrum_veneficus: this was rayonar
  137. (8:59:37 PM) gray_arachnid: hashtags blame rayonar
  138. (8:59:40 PM) Kun'mi [kunmi@goonfleet.com/Home] entered the room.
  139. (8:59:46 PM) rayonar: Blame me idc.
  140. (8:59:53 PM) gray_arachnid: I'm just joking :v:
  141. (8:59:57 PM) atrum_veneficus: #REPS ON NOUR_SAMY
  142. (9:00:10 PM) rayonar: I know.
  143. (9:00:13 PM) rayonar: I just don't care. :V
  144. (9:00:14 PM) nour_samy [nour_samy@goonfleet.com/Home] entered the room.
  145. (9:00:59 PM) grimbb left the room.
  146. (9:01:23 PM) nour_samy: I dced. And snod_how-do-i-fly honestly dood just :)
  147. (9:01:38 PM) snod_how-do-i-fly: :cripes:
  148. (9:01:46 PM) rayonar: nour_samy: Cool you're back. Let me show you what happens to overtanked FC Boats in fleets. https://zkillboard.com/kill/37166813/ https://zkillboard.com/kill/37166794/ https://zkillboard.com/kill/37166763/ . These were all prelocked. Pre-repped. Everything. I was the last Damnation on field to FC and I literally barely lived. https://zkillboard.com/br/32738/
  149. (9:02:02 PM) lemba left the room.
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  152. (9:04:10 PM) rayonar: You can throw whatever argument you want on the table. If you haven't been in this situation, you don't know. This is a region at risk, not a money moon. You don't undock to fight for shits and giggles, you undock to win timers, win systems, and to demoralize. You don't undock "just cuz".
  153. (9:04:35 PM) gray_arachnid: If you want good fights then you're not going to have any with BL. as much as they keep saying they want "Good fights" they actually don't and just headshot you everytime.
  154. (9:04:46 PM) rayonar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQbRyay_ojY
  155. (9:04:49 PM) atrum_veneficus: i'm not even sure why we are bothering engaging the 4 month old babby. A guy who is going to ignore people who been winning wars in the cfc since 2010 isn't going to listen to reasoned arguments.
  156. (9:05:04 PM) rayonar: Cause I feel like it.
  157. (9:05:17 PM) gray_arachnid: Crushing arguments feels good yknow
  158. (9:05:30 PM) Cartras Vokan: I seem to recall a lot of good fights in B-D a couple years ago...
  159. (9:05:54 PM) nour_samy: atrum_veneficus: I am listening, i never ignore anyone.
  160. (9:05:55 PM) atrum_veneficus: we had a lot of fleets where we got wrecked with caracals
  161. (9:06:02 PM) atrum_veneficus: then we made baltec fleet
  162. (9:06:14 PM) atrum_veneficus: and rolled massive battleships over all the things
  163. (9:06:16 PM) yysler [yysler@goonfleet.com/jabor] entered the room.
  164. (9:06:25 PM) atrum_veneficus: "good fights" were blobbing the shit out of everyone
  165. (9:06:36 PM) rayonar: ^
  166. (9:06:37 PM) atrum_veneficus: and they were always over timers
  167. (9:08:09 PM) vicki_rail [vicki_rail@goonfleet.com/Home] entered the room.
  168. (9:08:10 PM) warr_akini [warr_akini@goonfleet.com/2c126051] entered the room.
  169. (9:08:30 PM) nour_samy: atrum_veneficus: There is never any need to be offensive, if you're trying to convince me of something, the worst way to do it is to degrade, belittle, or offend me.
  170. (9:08:31 PM) jimmmy_gorgo left the room.
  171. (9:08:49 PM) snod_how-do-i-fly: please keep talking about how people should treat you like some princess
  172. (9:08:52 PM) snod_how-do-i-fly: that makes it better
  173. (9:08:53 PM) atrum_veneficus: right
  174. (9:08:59 PM) vicki_rail: All FCS are drama filled divas
  175. (9:08:59 PM) atrum_veneficus: respect is earned not given
  176. (9:09:02 PM) rayonar: https://image.eveonline.com/Type/2048_64.png
  177. (9:09:15 PM) atrum_veneficus: you make stupid statements you get stupid feedback
  178. (9:09:53 PM) nour_samy: atrum_veneficus: dood i don't fucking know you, and you don't know me, I am resepectful until given reason otherwise.
  179. (9:10:11 PM) raltera_muvila: which is where you and a lot of other people differ
  180. (9:10:14 PM) nour_samy: It's called being a respectable person.
  181. (9:10:30 PM) scooter_mccabe: nour_samy:  you are fighting in a no win situation
  182. (9:10:43 PM) gray_arachnid: You seriously need to learn better how to interact with goons.. You're getting nowhere
  183. (9:10:48 PM) rayonar: I'm going back to popcorn gifs and looking for good porn. Someone call me when this is over.
  184. (9:10:57 PM) atrum_veneficus: jesus.
  185. (9:11:09 PM) atrum_veneficus: can we just skip to the part where you ragequit and join bni?
  186. (9:11:15 PM) nour_samy: scooter_mccabe: I know :) I don't backdown.
  187. (9:11:20 PM) scooter_mccabe: Okay give him a Billy Martin.... let him walk away from this now and take it as a learning experience
  188. (9:11:25 PM) stuart_hutchison: 1 v 1 at the sun!!!
  189. (9:11:41 PM) fawlty7: doesn't back down...
  190. (9:11:43 PM) raltera_muvila: never backing down is a great way to never learn anything..
  191. (9:11:47 PM) orion_moonstar: look out everyone
  192. (9:11:53 PM) orion_moonstar: we've got someone that doesn't back down over here
  193. (9:11:59 PM) nour_samy: :)
  194. (9:12:00 PM) fawlty7: This is turning into a :munch: session
  195. (9:12:08 PM) snod_how-do-i-fly: Isn't there a movie called never back down or some other gay shit
  196. (9:12:11 PM) vicki_rail: Is this like that movie "never back down" or whatever
  197. (9:12:13 PM) rayonar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUTXb-ga1fo
  198. (9:12:18 PM) vicki_rail: yah
  199. (9:12:19 PM) vicki_rail: snod i love you
  200. (9:12:25 PM) snod_how-do-i-fly: great minds think alike
  201. (9:12:28 PM) vicki_rail: agreed
  202. (9:12:41 PM) nour_samy: I'm just really finding this amusing lol
  203. (9:12:55 PM) orion_moonstar: so are we, except it's at your expense
  204. (9:12:58 PM) rayonar: And people say I have stockholme syndrome...
  205. (9:13:22 PM) atrum_veneficus: pretty much if you won't listen to our reasoned arguments about why you are being retarded, you can just fall back on "blawrf_mctaggart told you to." and if you won't accept that then I'm sure your time itc will be quite short.
  206. (9:13:46 PM) cephei_kells left the room.
  207. (9:13:51 PM) william_wartouth left the room.
  208. (9:14:05 PM) nour_samy: atrum_veneficus: like i said, i listened, and i get all of that. I still believe that line members need content.
  209. (9:14:16 PM) orion_moonstar: and you continue to be wrong
  210. (9:14:36 PM) tiberizzle: i got some pretty dank repairing station services content personally
  211. (9:14:41 PM) gray_arachnid: Sometimes you just to step a step fucking back, look at yourself from another angle and realise how much of a retard you are with all the replies you're making. You're making absolutely no difference in this argument that you are still losing. This is how the CFC fights, we don't do things you're not supposed to do and fighting BL outside of timers or certain objectives is one of them.
  212. (9:14:56 PM) novenas_heresy [novenas_heresy@goonfleet.com/aca0984f] entered the room.
  213. (9:15:08 PM) dephekt left the room.
  214. (9:15:21 PM) atrum_veneficus: if you don't like how the cfc fights wars, you are more than welcome to join an entity that persecutes wars the way you think they should be ran.
  215. (9:15:30 PM) kilgarth [kilgarth@goonfleet.com/73fc6375] entered the room.
  216. (9:15:33 PM) atrum_veneficus: of course, you will then probably never win another war
  217. (9:15:37 PM) stuart_hutchison: PVP basics take a fight on your terms not the enemies
  218. (9:15:38 PM) atrum_veneficus: but you'll be doing what you love
  219. (9:15:38 PM) snod_how-do-i-fly: I hear origin is recruiting
  220. (9:16:05 PM) kilgarth: you fucking dicks
  221. (9:16:13 PM) kilgarth: someone post the log somewhere
  222. (9:16:20 PM) kilgarth: so i can laugh at it too
  223. (9:16:22 PM) rayonar: kilgarth: On it.
  224. (9:16:31 PM) kilgarth: god damn scroll back :argh:
  225. (9:16:40 PM) maidas_mulligan [maidas_mulligan@goonfleet.com/Home] entered the room.
  226. (9:16:54 PM) scooter_mccabe: kilgarth:  Gave him a Billy Martin but instead of walking away he doubled down
  227. (9:17:07 PM) nour_samy: Wth is a billy martin ?
  228. (9:17:26 PM) snod_how-do-i-fly: try google i hear that might be a source of information
  229. (9:17:52 PM) vicki_rail: while we are all reading i'm sure you need good music
  230. (9:17:53 PM) vicki_rail: so
  231. (9:17:54 PM) vicki_rail: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIA1XQnAv5s
  232. (9:18:00 PM) scooter_mccabe: Billy Martin was a ball player fired and later rehired by George Steinbrenner, it synomous with a second chance
  233. (9:18:26 PM) nour_samy: Ah ok thanks scooter.
  234. (9:19:19 PM) merlin_sadalbari left the room.
  235. (9:19:19 PM) merlin_sadalbari [merlin_sadalbari@goonfleet.com/Ghobintosh] entered the room.
  236. (9:19:26 PM) sinnister_agenda: anyone in here play archage and want free stuff?
  237. (9:19:33 PM) vicki_rail: what server sinnister_agenda
  238. (9:19:43 PM) vicki_rail: i'm on aranzeb and still play sometimes
  239. (9:19:50 PM) nour_samy: I understand all your arguments, really I do. They all make sense in one way or another, i never said give them a good fight, i said blob them to fuck and smash their heads in, as for FC boats getting alphad off field, those were tars not maels.
  240. (9:20:03 PM) sinnister_agenda: idk im about to log in to someone who has been using my act like an idiot and left my email on it
  241. (9:20:07 PM) vicki_rail: this is why you are in gfsc, leave the big boy decisions to the big boys nour_samy
  242. (9:20:08 PM) sinnister_agenda: so i change everything
  243. (9:20:09 PM) reagalan: the fuck is going on in here
  244. (9:20:18 PM) nour_samy: But People hear and understand what they want so *shrug* Thank you all for your Input.
  245. (9:20:29 PM) private_pineapple left the room.
  246. (9:20:32 PM) warr_akini: attn: channel
  247. (9:20:33 PM) sinnister_agenda: no i got a free archage character with stuff most likely
  248. (9:21:02 PM) novenas_heresy left the room.
  249. (9:21:04 PM) vicki_rail: haha well if its on aranzeb i'll take free stuff sinnister_agenda
  250. (9:21:05 PM) orion_moonstar: warr_akini: you should !pingall
  251. (9:21:13 PM) nour_samy: vicki_rail: I'm not a drone, i like to understand why i'm doing something whenever possible, opsec and all that in mind ofcourse.
  252. (9:21:24 PM) warr_akini: orion_moonstar: i'm just trying to distract everyone
  253. (9:21:31 PM) orion_moonstar: that would do it
  254. (9:21:32 PM) warr_akini: not trying to get lynched
  255. (9:21:36 PM) orion_moonstar: heh
  256. (9:21:39 PM) vicki_rail: Anything i have is considered opsec :)
  257. (9:21:46 PM) orion_moonstar: it's a good way to get a z0r chain  going
  258. (9:21:49 PM) snod_how-do-i-fly: z
  259. (9:21:53 PM) gray_arachnid: 0
  260. (9:21:55 PM) arhippa: r
  261. (9:21:55 PM) rayonar: r
  262. (9:22:01 PM) orion_moonstar: z
  263. (9:22:02 PM) gray_arachnid: 0
  264. (9:22:09 PM) reagalan: nour_samy:
  265. (9:22:09 PM) snod_how-do-i-fly: r
  266. (9:22:28 PM) nour_samy: reagalan: yes ?
  267. (9:22:34 PM) kilgarth: JESUS CHRIST YOU ARE FUCKING STUPID nour_samy
  268. (9:22:39 PM) gray_arachnid: :laffo:
  269. (9:22:40 PM) vicki_rail: hahaha
  270. (9:22:50 PM) arhippa: bravo
  271. (9:22:50 PM) rc: http://assets0.ordienetworks.com/images/GifGuide/clapping/hp3.gif
  272. (9:22:57 PM) sinnister_agenda: part of a war is demoralizing and making it no fun..winning all the timers and the blueballing their fun fleet is how you win in all aspects
  273. (9:23:03 PM) atrum_veneficus: wooooooooooo
  274. (9:23:11 PM) kilgarth: I feel like i just lost IQ points reading the log
  275. (9:23:18 PM) scooter_mccabe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOi3CzZjV0M
  276. (9:23:21 PM) kilgarth: fucking god damn
  277. (9:23:23 PM) atrum_veneficus: the guy with 7 titans just called you stoopid
  278. (9:23:31 PM) atrum_veneficus: eve peen set to -10
  279. (9:23:33 PM) vicki_rail: haha
  280. (9:23:54 PM) sinnister_agenda: im guessing nour is sad he wasnt allowed to fight BL?
  281. (9:24:13 PM) kilgarth: Is this guy a fucking spy?
  282. (9:24:21 PM) atrum_veneficus: more like he apparently thinks "line members" have the intelligence of a chimpanzee
  283. (9:24:21 PM) kilgarth: It is the only explanation
  284. (9:24:28 PM) nour_samy: No, not sad, just not understanding it
  285. (9:24:34 PM) nour_samy: but i do now so
  286. (9:24:35 PM) kilgarth: Only someone in BL would be this fucking stupid
  287. (9:24:40 PM) stuart_hutchison: hey stop picking on monkeys lol
  288. (9:24:42 PM) robbbin_hood: rofl
  289. (9:24:51 PM) orion_moonstar: so you're backing down?
  290. (9:25:00 PM) vicki_rail: never back down
  291. (9:25:03 PM) kilgarth: :frogout:
  292. (9:25:17 PM) orion_moonstar: :frogbarf:
  293. (9:25:29 PM) nour_samy: I still say you're all dicks and i still think line members deserve content of some sort, but yes i understand your arguments now.
  294. (9:25:30 PM) scooter_mccabe: light a cyno and have prencleeve grothsmore drop on this convo
  295. (9:25:33 PM) scooter_mccabe: its the only way
  296. (9:25:54 PM) kilgarth: We're dicks?
  297. (9:25:58 PM) orion_moonstar: we should move it over to whatever the slack channel is that has xenuria
  298. (9:26:01 PM) orion_moonstar: get his opinion
  299. (9:26:05 PM) kilgarth: YOu do know what coalition you are a part of, right?
  300. (9:26:12 PM) scooter_mccabe: G
  301. (9:26:14 PM) scooter_mccabe: O
  302. (9:26:15 PM) scooter_mccabe: O
  303. (9:26:16 PM) scooter_mccabe: N
  304. (9:26:17 PM) scooter_mccabe: S
  305. (9:26:18 PM) scooter_mccabe: W
  306. (9:26:20 PM) scooter_mccabe: A
  307. (9:26:20 PM) snod_how-do-i-fly: I don't think this conversation needs any opionions about feet though
  308. (9:26:21 PM) scooter_mccabe: R
  309. (9:26:23 PM) scooter_mccabe: M
  310. (9:26:24 PM) orion_moonstar: 0
  311. (9:26:28 PM) kilgarth: Where is deadtear
  312. (9:26:35 PM) kilgarth: I feel like deadtear needs to see this
  313. (9:26:39 PM) scooter_mccabe: yes
  314. (9:26:42 PM) robbbin_hood: lol
  315. (9:26:42 PM) vicki_rail: don't bring another toxic person
  316. (9:26:44 PM) vicki_rail: in this channel
  317. (9:26:44 PM) vicki_rail: please
  318. (9:26:49 PM) vicki_rail: its at its limit
  319. (9:27:01 PM) scooter_mccabe: wait im going to pop some corn
  320. (9:27:02 PM) raltera_muvila: the toxicity level is at maximum, the dial doesn't go any higher!
  321. (9:27:04 PM) sinnister_agenda: im not a dick i like to think of myself as an asshole
  322. (9:27:05 PM) scooter_mccabe: and get an RC cola
  323. (9:27:10 PM) vicki_rail: i love rc cola
  324. (9:27:15 PM) gray_arachnid: nour_samy:
  325. (9:27:20 PM) gray_arachnid: Watch this
  326. (9:27:21 PM) gray_arachnid: https://youtu.be/gvo08_uYjHI?t=57m28s
  327. (9:27:21 PM) scooter_mccabe: RC cola for popcorn and moonpies
  328. (9:27:23 PM) gray_arachnid: it's educational
  329. (9:27:24 PM) scooter_mccabe: only way to do it
  330. (9:27:31 PM) rayonar: I preferred Mellow Yellow myself.
  331. (9:27:37 PM) tiberizzle: also watch this: http://goatse.info
  332. (9:27:46 PM) sinnister_agenda: moonpies..you better give me some
  333. (9:27:48 PM) tiberizzle: [warning: literally goatse]
  334. (9:28:10 PM) atrum_veneficus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32iCWzpDpKs  nour_samy is clearly a pussy in this video
  335. (9:28:29 PM) reagalan: So.
  336. Earlier today I had a domifleet with 230 dudes and great comp, full boosts, triage, fuckloads of capital support, 170 FYF support, 110 ishtar support, and bomber support. I had twice what the hostiles had in a doctrine that countered them. I could have jumped right into them while they were set up and wrecked their face earlier today.
  337. Why didn't I?
  338. Because the hostiles wanted me to do that. They wanted a fight. They would have lost that fight, but they would have got a fight. They would have gotten a handful of kills, and we would have gotten about an equal number in return.
  339. But that isn't the way we do things, and it never will be. I don't want to give the enemies a single fucking inch of what they want. Not one bit. They either get helldunked or blueballed. There is no middle ground.
  340. You have two options: get with the program, or fuck off and go join some elitepvp fuckfest who care about kill death ratios instead of playing the objective..
  341. (9:28:42 PM) kilgarth: WHAT THE FUCK WALL OF TEXT
  342. (9:28:46 PM) scooter_mccabe: tl;dr
  343. (9:28:49 PM) kilgarth: ^
  344. (9:28:54 PM) vicki_rail: tl:dr fuck off
  345. (9:28:56 PM) reagalan: ^
  346. (9:29:01 PM) kilgarth: This is how we have done war for years
  347. (9:29:03 PM) robbbin_hood: ^
  348. (9:29:08 PM) lofac [lofac@goonfleet.com/work] entered the room.
  349. (9:29:18 PM) kilgarth: dont come in here and tryt to tell us our methods dont work when we are literally the most successful coalition in the history of this game
  350. (9:29:19 PM) kilgarth: get fucked
  351. (9:29:34 PM) vicki_rail: And also if you start smelling like a spy more than you already do i will remove you myself.
  352. (9:29:45 PM) dephekt [dephekt@goonfleet.com/desk] entered the room.
  354. (9:30:06 PM) vicki_rail: yes
  355. (9:30:20 PM) nour_samy: kilgarth: IN what part of my argument did I do that. Reaglan Thanks makes sense.  
  356. (9:30:32 PM) rayonar: I DONT HAVE
  357. (9:30:33 PM) rayonar: ENOUGH
  358. (9:30:34 PM) scooter_mccabe: there where first lieutenats in vietnam that didn't get fragged this fast
  359. (9:30:36 PM) rayonar: POPCORN GIFS
  360. (9:30:40 PM) rayonar: FOR WHAT IS ABOUT TO GO DOWN
  361. (9:30:48 PM) kilgarth: If I have to explain your own fucking words to you, then there is no saving you and you just need to do us all a favor get kill yourself
  362. (9:30:49 PM) snod_how-do-i-fly: rayonar: http://imgur.com/a/LPRbU
  363. (9:30:56 PM) atrum_veneficus: rayonar: this is like illum
  364. (9:31:00 PM) orion_moonstar: rayonar: http://www.reactiongifs.com/galleries/popcorn-gifs/
  365. (9:31:01 PM) atrum_veneficus: before we blew up your titan
  366. (9:31:04 PM) rayonar: snod_how-do-i-fly: YOU ARE A HERO
  367. (9:31:04 PM) kilgarth: ^
  368. (9:31:05 PM) vicki_rail: oh god
  369. (9:31:05 PM) atrum_veneficus: HOPE THAT HELPS
  370. (9:31:07 PM) vicki_rail: don't bring that up
  371. (9:31:07 PM) reagalan: rayonar: i need a cyno lit please
  372. (9:31:07 PM) kilgarth: true story
  373. (9:31:10 PM) orion_moonstar: zing
  374. (9:31:11 PM) vicki_rail: i'm sorry rayonar
  375. (9:31:13 PM) vicki_rail: :(
  376. (9:31:13 PM) reagalan: rayonar: cyno plz
  377. (9:31:19 PM) atrum_veneficus: ahahahaha
  378. (9:31:22 PM) atrum_veneficus: soz rayonar
  379. (9:31:22 PM) rayonar: Its all good.
  380. (9:31:27 PM) rayonar: Mistakes were made.
  381. (9:31:30 PM) rayonar: Im still here.
  382. (9:31:31 PM) tiberizzle: elite pvp sustains itself on the impatience of inexperienced skirmish commanders, if they want to fight you its because they think they can win or at least zonk a few things and get out then chestbeat about fitin' da goonies outnumbered 37:1 were so gud pls dont leave allince guys b/c we're #1
  383. (9:31:31 PM) atrum_veneficus: heh
  384. (9:31:34 PM) vicki_rail: i've never felt more guilty with pulling a trigger then i did with you
  385. (9:31:34 PM) vicki_rail: hahahaha
  386. (9:31:50 PM) kilgarth: it was a bad day
  387. (9:31:51 PM) vicki_rail: it was just a love tap
  388. (9:31:54 PM) kilgarth: we dont talk about that day
  390. (9:32:00 PM) kilgarth: I JUST GAVE OYU A LOVE TAP WITH A FEW TITANS
  391. (9:32:00 PM) snod_how-do-i-fly: rayonar i still have your kill in my bio no regrets
  392. (9:32:02 PM) atrum_veneficus: we hit you because we lov eyou
  393. (9:32:02 PM) kilgarth: THATS ALL
  394. (9:32:07 PM) kilgarth: ITS BECAUSE I LOVE YOU RAYONAR
  395. (9:32:09 PM) rayonar: GUYS
  396. (9:32:11 PM) scooter_mccabe: look out over the water lenny
  397. (9:32:12 PM) rayonar: THIS ISNT ABOUT ME
  398. (9:32:15 PM) rayonar: ITS ABOUT A REAL BL SPY
  399. (9:32:17 PM) vicki_rail: yes lets get back on subject
  400. (9:32:18 PM) rayonar: FOCUS
  401. (9:32:18 PM) vicki_rail: JESUS
  402. (9:32:18 PM) rayonar: PLEASE
  403. (9:32:19 PM) reagalan: WHO
  404. (9:32:20 PM) reagalan: WHO
  405. (9:32:24 PM) reagalan: IS IT vicki_rail?
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