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TVTropes: God Mode Sue examples - October 10, 2011

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  8. * The SailorMoon fandom uses God Mode Sailor Sues as fuel. Pretty much every fan has one or two perfectly perfect senshi who are more powerful than all the canon senshi combined and win the hearts of everyone while simultaneously beating every bad guy in the universe with one hit. Generally, these Sues are the true princesses of the moon and will be Sailor Galaxy, Universe, or something else sufficiently encompassing.
  9. * In all of Lord of the Land of Fire's works, Naruto Uzumaki and Minato Namikaze are depicted as [[GodModeSue God Mode Sues]]. This makes battles -- even ones against [[AGodAmI Pain]] -- huge anti-climaxes.
  10. ** GodModeSue ''{{Naruto}}'' fics are extremely common and all seem to follow the same general template: Naruto is hated and physically abused by the village. He gains new power by (a) [[strike:awakening a]] awakening multiple bloodlines, (b) getting super training, or (c) befriending the Kyuubi (d) all of the above and then goes on to "drop the mask," to "become a real ninja" (i.e. [[HeroicSociopath a killer]] and either [[JerkSue kind of a jerk]] or a martyr), to [[TenchiSolution accumulate a harem of women of all ages]], and then to Show Them All (or just leave the village). Basically, it's what every angry high school boy wishes he could do: get back at all the jerks, be an unstoppable badass, and have women hang off of him.
  11. *** Don't forget the [[PerfectLionheart author]]uber-bashing all the people that they can.
  12. *** Or the men.
  13. **** If it's the men, then it's usually a SelfInsertFic...
  14. *** Possibly from a [[CrossoverPairing different universe]]
  15. ** The Oogakari from ''[[YetAgain Yet Again With A Little Extra Help]]'' are this but unlike most of the other examples on this page, they're CrazyAwesome.
  16. * David "Davey Crockett" Kintobor from ''[[GonterVerse The Piasa Bird]]'', ''[[GonterVerse Blood and Metal]]'', and ''[[GonterVerse Sailor Moon: American Kitsune]]'' trilogy of MegaCrossover {{fanfiction}}. DavidGonterman (what a coincidence) probably thought it would be badass to have a random St. Louis civilian completely outclass the PowerRangers, SonicTheHedgehog, and the [[SailorMoon Sailor Senshi]] (combined...), but it was done in such a flimsy, unjustifiable, and blatantly "making this up as we go along" way that nobody can relate to the character.
  17. * Practically the whole point of the ''[[RanmaOneHalf Ranma ½]]'' (and later ''BubblegumCrisis'') SelfInsertFic ''[[http://www.fanfic.net/pub/Anime/FanFictions/Twisted-Path/ Twisted Path]]'' is how insanely powerful Twister is with his completely over-the-top psionic and magical powers that ''don't stop growing in strength'', and the MartialArtsAndCrafts he learned from Ranma himself.
  18. * In ''StarTrek'' fanfiction, one character has become rather infamous: Stephen Ratliff's prized Her Royal Highness Lieutenant Marrissa Amber Flores Picard Gordon, Princess and Heir to the throne of Essex, Chief of Security USS Enterprise, Fighter Commander, and Coordinating Officer for all Kids Crews in Starfleet. She started her career in ''Enterprized'', taking command of the ''Enterprise'' ... at ''11 years old.'' During the series, she ends up getting adopted by the Captain (hence the name), carving embarrassing defeat messages on Cardassian warships, inflicting TheWorfEffect on Worf, rewriting Starfleet regulations, and eventually becoming acting commander-in-chief of the ''entire Federation''. This series turned into a popular {{MST}} target ... to the point where Ratliff himself started joining the {{MST}}ers. Some, however, find this at least to be SoBadItsGood, unlike the works of Gonterman.
  19. * ''[[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2388537/1/ Rei: A New Kind of Princess]]'' is an incredible example of this in [[AvatarTheLastAirbender Avatar]] fanfiction - she's "some kind of second avatar," [[InuYasha a wolf-demon]], and weaponizes [[RelationshipSue her good looks]] as well. A popular MST target - it is still unclear whether this is [[SoBadItsGood just that bad]] or [[ParodySue a satire]]. You decide.
  20. ** WordOfGod says it is indeed a satire of Sues. ''[[ParodyRetCon Says.]]''
  21. * Two words: [[FanFic/TheGirlWhoLived Rose Potter.]] Whole articles have been written about this gender-switched HarryPotter's absurd amount of abilities. [[http://community.livejournal.com/deleterius/3119013.html Here's one of them.]] She somehow manages to act way ''worse'' than Voldemort while getting away with it. If this isn't a huge satire, then the author's brain is one ''scary'' place.
  22. * [[http://www.heavens-feel.com/elmer/evad1.txt Tom. Dyron.]] Okay, let's review. 6'3" 16-year old ''Air Force pilot/Globally famous musician/Amateur professional wrestler'' turned '''''EVA pilot,''''' who is more powerful that the other pilots combined, pilots Eva-03 and sexes the living hell out of Asuka over the course of this ''unbelievably'' ridiculous (if audaciously so) ''13-chapter'' fanfic called (and here's the clincher) ''Evangelion 2: The Delta Invasion''. Can you freaking believe that? The Un-Msted vs. is lost; just change the number after "evad" in the link above for the other chapters of the {{MST}}ed version. Bear in mind that the same fanfic also turned Shinji into a beer-swilling, bike-riding, guitar-playing badarse.... who shags Rei. which is probably the ''best'' treatment he's ever got in ''Evangelion'' Sue-fic.
  23. * An awful lot of [[KnightsOfTheOldRepublic female!Revan]] fiction is written as SelfInsertFic in the MarySue mold. Given a certain fact about Revan, this isn't entirely surprising. The trend is adeptly skewered in [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2722948/1/KotOR_Marisu_Saves_The_Day this fic.]]
  24. ** In fairness, the author of that fic has seen male!Revan fics that are [[JerkassStu just as bad]]. It's just that there are fewer of them, as the fandom is largely female.
  25. * Marvah from the ''WorldOfWarcraft'' webcomic ''[[http://www.martianwarmachine.ca Equinox, Defender of the Horde]]'' took over the comic from about the middle of its second story arc. What was once a light-hearted romp became increasingly dark and heavy-handed. Marvah gained more and more amazing powers. At the same time, she developed a tendency to mouth off to authority figures and explain why they were wrong and she was right - which she always was. By the middle of the third arc, she was effortlessly and single-handedly defeating monsters designed to be a challenge for 20-40 players.
  26. * In ''{{Transformers}}'' fanfic, there is Ultra Rodimus, created by the [[http://www.fanfiction.net/u/547151/Ultra_Rodimus author of the same name]], who straddles the line between PossessionSue and GodModeSue. Able to turn into an infinite number of vehicles and creatures, expert at Metallikato (the Transformer martial art), super-strong, super-fast, able to change color and "heal" himself instantly with nanite technology, has traveled to multiple universes via crossover and is somehow responsible for ALL the major plot developments in each... and sleeps with about anything that moves. Add the fact that he has HAIR -- a long gorgeous ponytail, even though he's a freakin' ROBOT -- and there's just no way he can escape SOME sort of Sue title...
  27. * {{Daria}} fan fiction [[{{Understatement}} is a ripe ground]] for this kind of character...
  28. ** ''The Misery Senshi Neo-Zero Double Blitzkrieg Debacle'', a Daria/Sailor Moon Crossover by the infamous Peter Guerin, includes an obvious one. Apparently having the entirety of the canonical Sailor Senshi, a group of people who have saved the world from immensely powerful super beings (Sailor Moon has done it ''naked'') was not enough for this already-bloated fanfic cast. Enter The Solar Warrior, dubbed "The Sun Jerk" in the {{MSTing}}, whose powers include [[NewPowersAsThePlotDemands anything the plot needs him to have]]. He even gets to deliver a huge monologue of nothing but talking about how awesome he is and all the things he did that covers pretty much an entire chapter. This included things like being the descendant of a civilization in the Sun that was far more advanced than the Moon Kingdom, earning medals of honor from Queen Serenity, being reincarnated as pretty much every significant person in history, and being the servant of Amaterasu, creator of the universe and the only being depicted as more powerful than him.
  29. ** [[SarcasmMode There's some debate]] as to whether the character of Lynn Cullen is a GodModeSue or simply a MarySue who lives to TakeALevelInBadass, get plot-relevant info from the [[MagicalDatabase one-stop online store she frequents]] whenever needed, and [[ScrewTheRulesIHaveMoney hasn't met a rule she has any respect for]]. Did I mention that she has ''[[BeyondTheImpossible her own version]]'' of the EvilOverlordList?
  30. ** Designed as a TakeThat against the titular character of {{Daria}}, ''Finn Morgendorffer'' (both the series and the titular character) is an AuthorFilibuster taken to BeyondTheImpossible-levels. A GenderBender version of Daria's sister Quinn , Finn simple exists in a world where ([[ParkerLewisCantLose like another character we remember]], but ''fondly'') there is literally nothing Finn can't do.
  31. * ''[[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/799650/1/DragonBall_V Dragonball V]]'' Meet Valis. A female Saiyan survivor. Destined wife of Piccolo. Destined mate of Vegeta. Embodiment of an ancient warrior prophecy, with [[SailorMoon Inner Senshi]]-style "warrior women" assistants. More powerful than Goku. Bigger clothes-horse than Cher. Destined Universal Queen. The author wrote a sequel in case readers didn't get the message the first time.
  32. * [[NovasAventurasDeMegaman The Brazilian]] ''Game/MegaMan'' comic had Princess, a character created by a "mad writer" to "kill all the characters and take over the comic." Literally. Yes, the writer was going to write Princess killing the entire Megaman cast, taking over the comic and turning it into his own original work. The editor found out and fired him after issue 5.
  33. ** This is a fairly common thing in ''MegaMan'' sprite comics, particularly those that sprung up in the first few years of ''BobAndGeorge'''s run. Common threads were being Dr. Wily's ''real'' ultimate weapon (which meant, like Princess, killing the rest of the MegaMan classic cast), having/being immune to the Maverick Virus, and using the Evil Energy introduced in ''Game/MegaMan 8''.
  34. * The numerous Fan-Made {{Kaiju}} falls under this. More powerful than Godzilla? Yup. Is more revered than Mothra? You betcha! MarySue? Hell yeah!
  35. * [[FanFic/TheElizaTrilogy Eliza Diawna Snape]], a very old-school Harry Potter fanfic first published in 2000 with a veritable ''herd'' of Sues. Eliza Diawna (and her twin sister, Diawna Eliza) are the daughters of Snape and another Mary Sue, along with Draco Malfoy's little sister Wyrren. Eliza is more or less a Harry stand-in, complete with a prophecy, [[PowerCrystal magic jewelry]], and "''shinning'' blue-grey eyes" which are described over. And over. And over. Once upon a time there were photographs of the author (also called Eliza Diawna Snape) online, and she looks pretty much exactly like her Sue, albeit not Suetiful. When the fandom was smaller, her fics--all three of them--were considered the textbook case of Mary Sueism. The fics themselves are difficult to find online anymore, unfortunately, since they're unintentionally hilarious.
  36. * ''[[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3933832/1/Harry_Potter_and_the_Invincible_TechnoMage]]'' Harry Potter and the Invicible Technomage. A definite candidate for this trope and the title says it all. Surprisingly enough, the prose is quite good and so is the story in places, until it turns out that not only does Harry (adopted by Tony Stark after an industrial accident) have his daddys tech, he is also a super genius, with incredible magical power and wields incredibly potent 'Chaos Magic' at the age of 9. It also features an evil and stupid Dumbledore, it has incredibly unrealistic features such as Riddle's diary trying to persuade various 1st year girls to try and SEDUCE Harry. It also features Professor Flitwick playing chess against a computer in Hogwarts. The same author also uses a variety of tenuous at best scenario's both in the story and in others to remove every single bit of HP canon that they dislike. Which is most of it. The main theme seems to be 'America good, Britain crap.' or rather 'Marvel comics good, HP bad'.
  37. * In Fanfic/LightAndDarkTheAdventuresOfDarkYagami, the titular character, after dying from being shot by "the girl from the bus," goes to the Shinigami world, kills his shinigami, and becomes King of the Shinigami, using the Everything Note to take over the world. Unfortunately, his sister Sayu manages to one-up him, defeating him by firing nuclear missiles at him from a Harrier jet, becoming Queen of the Shinigami and turning him over to L.
  38. ** They later fight again, with [[strike:Sayu]] Sa'yu having the Everything Note on her side, but Dark gets the note, only to be betrayed by Blud again and taken to the afterlife.
  39. * {{Sonichu}} is [[CopyCatSue half Sonic, half Pikachu]]. If you're familiar with the CommonMarySueTraits, you probably think you've heard enough. [[ItGotWorse But it gets worse]]. Much, [[ThirtySuePileup much]] [[SelfInflictedHell worse]].
  40. ** The worst offender of this is the AuthorAvatar of the creator himself. How bad? His appearance caused his main character to be DemotedToExtra.
  41. * Played with in an interesting fashion by ''Plagues Misadventures'', a fairly popular ''MegaManX'' SpriteComic hosted on ''BobAndGeorge''. The series contains several fan characters who would be God Mode Sues, except for the fact that there's so damn many of them fighting on different sides that there's actually a real sense of competitive balance, albeit an incredibly overblown, ''DragonBallZ''-esque one. It helps that it's fairly decently written & edited compared to most sprite comics.
  42. * [[http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1147386/The_Writer_with_No_Name The Writer with No Name]]'s DCU/Marvel fusion fanfic series "The Last Son" has {{Superman}} be even ''more'' of a God Moe Sue, with hints of PossessionSue and maybe a few other Sue traits. Although the recent chapters have Clark going through emotional difficulties (broke up with girlfriend/lover), it still doesn't deny the examples of how ''god''-like Writer has made the Kryptonian since the start.
  43. * [[FanFic/SoullessShell soulless shell]]'s Leif Melyamos. [[SoBadItsGood Mere words cannot describe him]], but let's try: he has the power to shoot energy beams, teleport and [[OneWingedAngel transform into a demon]], and if the fic continues, he's on his way to getting a sentient sword. All this is in a world with no canonical supernatural powers to speak of.
  44. * [[AxisPowersHetalia America]] has a tendency to turn into this in fanworks, in hands of [[PatrioticFervour patriotic American fans.]]
  45. * There's one for ''WALL-E'', too...or at least a very weird, [[MoeAnthropomorphism anthro'd]] [[InNameOnly version of it...]]. Magici-N. He can literally do ''anything'' because he was a "magic wand" that allows him to do so, ''and'' he's somehow managed to make AUTO his bottom.
  46. * In the ''{{Prince of Tennis}}'' Fandom, you'll often see fanworks of OC females appearing in one of the many schools (namely Seigaku, Hyotei, or Rikkadai). They happen to be Pro Tennis Players (or at the very least, won numerous juniors tournaments) and they beat all the girls on the schools girls team. Then they march over to the boys team and beat the regulars on that team too! That includes beating the likes Tezuka, Atobe, Sanada, Ryoma, Fuji, etc. Sometimes it's not even by a close margin of 7-6 or 7-5 but more like 6-1 or 6-0. It gets worse when the female OC doesn't even break a sweat while the canon characters are almost dead from exhaustion.
  47. * ''Fanfic/FuckTheJesusBeam'' has Kaminic, in his first appearance, destroying and recreating reality to kill some Bombignats. He spends much of the story [[spoiler: [[DeusExitMachina as]] [[VillainSue O.B.A.M.A.'s]] {{Brainwashed}} slave until he finally breaks free in Chapter 8]]. After shaking off the brainwashing, Kaminic goes on to create a universe where intelligent life evolves for the sole purpose of using it's death to launch big bangs at O.B.A.M.A.
  48. * Parodied, Subverted, and Deconstructed in ''[=~Latias' Journey~=]''. "Mariah Sussanon" and her boyfriend "Berry Stoo" from the TournamentArc are obvious {{Parody Sue}}s with absurdly powerful "Original Character" Pokemon. Subverted in that none of the other canon (or original) characters even remotely like them, none of them really have much impact on the overall plot, and Berry Stoo gets crushed by a Jirachi-shaped HumongousMecha on his second appearance (no, I did not make that up; there was a good reason for having a HumongousMecha, and yes, that reason was awesome). Deconstructed in that [[spoiler:Mariah Sussanon is actually a psychic construct made from TheCorruption that occasionally brainwashes people into being her boyfriend...]]
  49. * In the ''Legend of Spyro'' Fandom, there are a plethora of these; including dozens of elemental/guardian/fullfillers of prophecy characters. The best example that come to mind is "Vamp, the Last Vampire", who is the most powerful demon in hell, is the I-could-kill-you-if-I-wanted servant of the dark master, kills Elemental Dragon Guardians like no tomorrow, and [[RelationshipSue absolute sex god.]]
  50. * This can also apply to authors themselves in [[SelfInsertFic self insertion scenarios]] in stories. Though it's largely done for comedic value, with the authors ''punishing'' self aware characters, although there are times the author themselves gets their comeuppance from abused characters.
  51. * In ''{{Ranma}}'' fandom virtually every second fic will paint Ranma as some sort of martial arts god capable of destroying cities in a single blow. While he is a good martial artist in canon, most of his fights are won not because of effortless superiority, but by frantic {{Indy Ploy}}ing 'til he finds a weakness in his opponent or they make a mistake. He continually improves and learns throughout the series while most of the others stay put. And no, [[{{Fanon}} he didn't kill a god]].
  52. * [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4493545/1/One_Crazy_Life This]] AlienvsPredator fanfic's main character, if not an obvious AuthorAvatar, is a ridiculous one of these, bordering on Classic as well. She's Japanese, beautiful, has a [[DarkAndTroubledPast tragic past]], majorly skilled in all manner of weapons, [[ScrewTheRulesIHaveMoney ranked as one of top three richest people in the world]], and then in the sequels [[{{Sequelitis}} it all gets more obnoxious from there.]] She fights with fans, has purple eyes, is ridiculously skilled in several forms of martial arts, and eventually recieves Predator blood, causing her to have extraordinary senses, red eyes, enhanced strength and a longer lifetime. She also has a side-kick friend who is never as good as she is but loves her anyway, a hunky Predator lusting after her, immediately kicks the ass of anyone she meets or at least holds her own enough to impress them, and is admired/grudgingly respected by every Predator she meets.
  53. * Ronan in Fanfic/NarutoVeanganceRevelaitons, shortly after being introduced, proceeds to [[CurbStompBattle curb stomp]] Orochimaru when the rest of Team 7 fails to do so, and Team 7 declares that he's stronger than the four of them combined. His few losses are mainly due to carelessness or being taken by surprise.
  54. * ''SonicTheHedgehog'' fanfics seem to have plenty of these. A lot of them tend to be other "Ultimate Life Form"s who can have their own SuperMode.
  55. * Draconis Maxmillian from the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan fiction "Angst, Much?" is a textbook example of this. Not only does he come with god-like powers, he also sleeps with three of the main characters.
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  61. * Nationwide Insurance has "The World's Greatest Spokesperson In The World", a guy wearing a telephone on his jacket who is literally able to do anything needed to sell insurance to people, including disappearing, creating and crumbling giant boulders out of nowhere, and sprouting a third arm in order to create ImpossibleShadowPuppets. The fact that he's totally [[SpokesSue smug and arrogant]] about it makes him even worse.
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  66. * Kicker from ''TransformersEnergon'' is given Energon-detecting powers by the Transformer god Primus and wears a super-suit created by his scientist father. Despite his bad attitude, he goes on to have pretty much all the good ideas and order the Autobots around almost as much as Optimus Prime. His girlfriend's also [[HollywoodNerd pretty hot in a geeky way.]]
  67. ** In ''TransformersHeadmasters'', ''TransformersMasterforce'' and ''TransformersVictory'', everybody else is basically useless until the hero of the series (Chromedome and pals, Ginrai/Super Ginrai/God Ginrai and Star Saber/Victory Saber respectively) runs in to save the day. Formerly powerful characters such as Predaking and Metroplex are [[BadassDecay]] rendered impotent and must be saved by the star of the show.
  68. * Valencia Tachibana from the {{OVA}}s of ''BlueSeed''. Every power she has is an increased version of anything the other characters ever had, culminating with the ''golden mitama'' she has in the chest.
  69. * ''{{Golgo 13}},'' aka Duke Togo, is an DracoInLeatherPants BadAss Sniper with a 100% accuracy rating, is a multi-billionaire, has played a hand in just about every historical event of the past forty years, and beds just about every woman he comes in contact with (and is ''awesome'' in bed, no less)... but it all kind of works, doesn't it?
  70. ** It helps that the series focuses more on the events that require his intercession than on Duke Togo himself as time goes on. His overwhelming ability is doled out in controllable doses.
  71. * [[KuroShitsuji Sebastian Michaelis]] is insanely overpowered, being able to solve more or less any problem the series throws at him or Ciel with incredible ease. The peak of this is probably him throwing an armed criminal off a moving train, locating a well-hidden bomb, tearing the roof off of one of the carriages and throwing it away as if it were nothing, and then stopping a moving train with his bare hands, all in the course of 5 minutes, without so much as breaking a sweat.
  72. ** Which is kinda the point. He's a demon who is sent to serve Ciel.
  73. * Kira Yamato [[YourMileageMayVary debatably]] became this in ''GundamSEEDDestiny'' mainly due to the fact that Destiny had poorly written battles where one side was always easily winning. The winner of a battle was usually some god-like being who can take on numerous mechas at once, when Zaft was the winner this was split between numerous pilots, because Archangel only had Kira for most of the series the result was that Kira would pretty much just mop the floor with everyone whenever the Archangel was supposed to win. Which was pretty much always, with exception of one time, when Kira needed to upgrade to new mecha. The best example of his godmodding was when he disabled mechas of every major character other than him in less than a minute, without killing anyone.
  74. * Anglo Mois of ''KeroroGunso'' [[{{YourMilageMayVary}} could]] count as one. Everyone (Save Tamama) seems to like her, she acts all perfect, is constantly fawning over Keroro, and has the power to obliterate the world.
  75. * ''{{Id}}'s'' normal state is quite godmode. Also has a state where he taps into his dragonheart for even more god mode. And, just in case that's not enough, he has an even further state where he fuses with Lamia for god mode so hard he curb stomps God (that's right, with a capital G). Only loses once in the entire manga by a very thin margin and shortly emos over it. Also has absolutely superhuman physical endurance, speed, power, stamina, etc., can cast Ki Magic, has godlike summoning powers, etc.
  76. ** Except that God was specifically not the Creator, and that the aftermath of the battle left Id incredibly weakened. To the point that (as of this update), he was unable to defeat a particularly skilled warrior, utterly failed to harm a bunch of Chimeras and was KO'ed by a Magic Swordsman despite attempting a desperation technique. So YourMileageMayVary on that.
  77. * The SpaceMarine known as Ghost from ''{{Halo}} Origin'''s "Prototype" anime short:
  78. ** He uses a "prototype" God Mode suit, more powerful than anything anyone (including the Covenant and the Forerunners) had used on the series to that point, despite being an "average marine."
  79. ** He was able to use said suit despite the fact that in canon, only the Spartans are able to use powered armor.
  80. ** He kills hundreds of Covenant ships, tanks and infantry with ease, a feat that even [[OneManArmy Master Chief]] couldn't do.
  81. ** His armor has a ridiculous amount of [[{{BFG}} overpowered guns]], shields thicker than those of a tank and the ability to fly like a plane (In canon, it is impossible for one armor to have all this because of energy cost).
  82. ** His final act is a TakingYouWithMe suicide that kills even more Covenant than before and he's instantly considered a legend.
  83. * Tenchi Masaki from the ''TenchiMuyo'' series and spinoffs. Shattering dimensions in a blink of an eye, being stronger than the very people who created the universe, having women fall in love with him with no explanation, if a MarySue can do it, Tenchi's done it. [[IsekaiNoSeikishiMonogatari His half brother Kenshi Masaki]] also counts to [[TheAce a lesser degree.]]
  84. ** One could see the entire series as three gods attempting to breed a MarySue in their own universe. And succeeding. Gods as fanfic writers...*shudder*
  85. * Dark Schneider from ''{{Bastard}}'' is an "invincible sorcerer" that consistently destroys his foes with magic, despite almost all of them being immune to magic or close to it, going so far as to [[spoiler: kill a fire elemental with a fire spell.]] Every time he comes across another enemy he casts a more powerful spell, until one enemy can't be killed by the most powerful spell in the series, so Darsh [[spoiler: grows extra faces so as to cast all of the most powerful spells of each member of the cast at once.]]
  86. ** He also constantly breaks the fourth wall to inform the audience that "the handsome hero can't die."
  87. * [[MedakaBox Medaka Kurokami]]. Incredibly popular and beautiful, can beat up delinquents with a single punch, can copy anyone's unique abilities simply by watching them, [[AlwaysSomeoneBetter became better at anything]] than full-grown adults when she was one year old. It's justified in that she was the result of a government conspiracy intended to create {{God Mode Sue}}s.
  88. * Lena Sayers of MaiOtome is sometimes considered this, as she manages to [[spoiler:activate her Robe wtihout her Master's authorization and defeat four of the Five Columns in a minute.]] It should be noted, though, that she is canonically considered the most powerful Otome ''ever''.
  89. * Kaname Madoka from MadokaMagica: [[spoiler:When she finally makes a wish with Kyubey to become a magical girl, she turns out to be so powerful that she's able to make herself a goddess and rewrite the reality of their entire world.]] This is {{Justified}} within the series by the fact that [[spoiler:Homura reset the timeline an indefinite number of times purely for the sake of saving Madoka's life. In the first timeline, Madoka's magical girl powers were of a normal level, but by making her the focal point of a time loop, Homura increased her potential ''enormously'']].
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  93. * This was a major problem with ''{{Superman}}'' comics until the writers gave him some weaknesses and limits on his powers. Nobody wanted to read Superman because there was no way anyone could even hope to match him, which killed any drama that the comics otherwise would have had.
  94. ** Which is probably ''the'' reason why KryptoniteIsEverywhere.
  95. * As a parody of Superman, Mad Magazine gave us Fantabulaman. [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking Multiple superhero origins so he has no weakness. Endless powers over reality itself. A good 401(K).]] Funnier than it sounds.
  96. * ''Rex the Wonder Dog'' from DCComics is quite possibly the first and only instance of this being applied to a non-talking, non-anthropomorphic dog. Rex can and has literally done everything and anything. He can drive boats and cars. (?) He's a great fisherman. He can ski. He can rope cattle. And ''he once killed a Tyrannosaurus Rex using an atomic bomb''. (?!) All without opposable thumbs. Did we mention that he's a lauded investigative reporter and camera man? (!?!?!) And that [[UnusuallyUninterestingSight nobody seems to find any of this the slightest bit strange?]] One hopes the writers were in on the joke.
  97. ** If they weren't in his original run, they certainly were when they gave him CaptainAmerica's WorldWarII SuperSoldier backstory and then had him drink from the Fountain of Youth, gaining immortality, the ability to speak human languages, and unspecific magical powers among the strongest on Earth.
  98. * Big surprise, ''{{Watchmen}}'' has a {{Deconstruction}} of this trope. As far as the reader (and the narrator) can tell there is literally no limit to what Dr. Manhattan can do, but his abilities leave him completely unable to relate to anyone else on any level, and he sees all of time and space and feels obliged to keep it all the way it is, describing himself as "a puppet who can see the strings."
  99. ** He doesn't exactly feel obliged to keep things the way they are. Dr. Manhattan certainly uses his powers on a regular basis, such as by creating enough lithium to make electro-cars commonplace. It's more that he ''knows'' already what he is going to do in the future -- and since the Watchmen universe is completely deterministic, he plain ''can't'' do anything else. He doesn't stop the assassination of John F. Kennedy, for example, since he already knew that he wouldn't, so he couldn't. For all of his power, he's probably the character most out of control of his own life.
  100. *** Actually, According to Manhattan himself, he can't change the future because 'to [him], it's already happening.' It's not that he can't act because he's stuck in a chain of causality, it's that he's living his entire life at once.
  101. ** Ozymandias would be this if the good doctor wasn't around.
  102. *** Although, in his case, Ozymandias had spent quite some time planning his actions, so it's not like he has NewPowersAsThePlotDemands or anything. Even when he [[spoiler: catches a bullet]], he seems really surprised.
  103. * In ''GIJoe'', the newest character Agent Helix can read a person's speed, instantly identify an opponent's weapons and its characteristics, learn a martial art just by seeing it performed, is so above top secret no one in ''GIJoe'' except General Hawk knows of her, she used to participate in fights to the death, she's an expert marksman, she has more martial arts expertise than Snake-Eyes, Storm Shadow and Quick Kick put together. She debuted in a book entitled Special: Helix, where the first third of the book was just General Hawk telling Duke about how super awesome special badass unique above top secret she is. It's normal for GIJoe members to be really good at their job because they're an elite, daring, highly-trained special mission force, but this is just taking it too far. To top it all off, she has no personality whatsoever... just a long list of powerful abilities that make her invincible.
  104. ** Hardly surprising, considering she was a creation of the Double Helix (how clever) video game studio and writer Brian Reed, who also happened to write the comic.
  105. * Anarky was always something of a Mary Sue for writer Alan Grant. In later appearances, the character built his own GreenLantern ring and beat Darkseid in an argument.
  106. ** But Grant also sort of subverted in the first Anarky miniseries. Yes, he ''is'' a teenage super-genius, self-made multimillionaire, self-trained martial arts master, and capable of outwitting Etrigan, Darkseid, and Batman. ''On the other hand'', it turns out that his superweapon doesn't actually work, and if it had, the results would have been totally disastrous, even from his perspective.
  107. *** Grant even tried to make him the illegitimate son of The Joker, but DC editorial wouldn't let him. Instead we got a lukewarm story where it's hinted that he ''might'' be The Joker's son (though there's no real evidence) and then no other writer ever mentioned it again.
  108. * [[DarkAvengers The Sentry]]. Powerful enough to fight Galactus to a standstill, retroactively beloved by everyone in the MarvelUniverse, including being the best friend of the [[FantasticFour smartest man in the world]], sleeping with [[{{X-Men}} Rogue]] and alien princess Crystal, capable of surviving complete destruction of his very molecules, able to resurrect the dead, and possibly even the Angel of Death in human form. Even when Comicbook/TheAvengers manage to kill the Sentry to stop his SuperpoweredEvilSide, it's only with his permission. [[AndTheFandomRejoiced The fandom rejoiced]] much that day.
  109. ** If anything, like many comics characters before him, Sentry was intended to be a deconstruction of a particular trope or theme... only for other writers to miss the point and just turning him into a straight example.
  110. *** Not just other writers. The much reviled [[http://www.comicsalliance.com/2010/05/13/sentry-rogue-fallen-sun/ funeral issue]], in which in superheroes of the MarvelUniverse stand around and talk about how awesome the Sentry was, was written by Sentry's creator, Paul Jenkins.
  111. * Chris Claremont grew quite fond of this trope with [[{{X-Men}} Kitty Pryde]]. Supergenius [[KidHero 13-year-old fighting alongside her adult team members]] on the X-Men while possessed by her combat-trained future self. Develops a relationship with a teammate several years her senior in a bit of [[SelectiveSquick Selective Squick]] which fandom never once thought was awkward. Takes time out of her busy day to single-handedly defeat powerful demons through her mutant power of...walking through walls. And then she turns 14, at which point another demon downloads a lifetime's worth of martial arts training into her brain. On the other side of the pond, she dates a government agent several DECADES her elder, and joins up as an agent of SHIELD. And then, eventually, she turns 18.
  112. * [[{{X-Men}} Hope Summers]] is either this trope played straight or a subversion of it. She's the "Mutant Messiah" who's demonstrated the ability to manifest the power of any mutant while also having the Phoenix Force. The subversion comes from the fact that as the so called "Mutant Messiah," she has to deal with the expectations of her people, many of whom put their lives on the line and have lost good friends and teammates to ensure that she survived.
  113. ** Hope Summers also has the typical [[CommonMarySueTraits Mary Sue ability]] to [[EasyEvangelism inspire extreme loyalty]] in people as soon as she meets them. Unlike most Sues, though, this is hinted to be caused by her powers, making it look more like inadvertant MindRape.
  114. ** On the other hand, a lot of fans (especially casual fans) aren't all that knowledgeable about her above-listed powers outside of the Phoenix Force, and usually see her more as "that kid Cable adopted that people think might be a messiah". This is especially true with people who are fans of Cable or {{Deadpool}} who know she's important but are having trouble finding the issues that explain why.
  115. *** To some people she's 3 things: The possible mutant messiah Cable adopted, the first mutant born after M Day, and maybe the reincarnation of Jean Grey. The rest is considered [[FanonDiscontinuity perfectly omit-able]].
  116. ** The X-Men have more than a few examples of this in their history, starting with [[AllYourPowersCombined Mimic]] in the 1960s. The whole reason behind the Dark Phoenix Saga was because JohnByrne resented Jean Grey's becoming this, and in TheNineties, {{X-Man}} started off as a {{Deconstruction}} of this, but gradually moved on to [[MessianicArchetype play the trope painfully straight.]]
  117. * Steve Englehart's Mantis character in ''Comicbook/TheAvengers'' was a notorious example of this. Storylines would soon start revolving around her as soon as she showed up, and she would often come onto the scene by demolishing ''entire teams of Avengers'' at once. She once knocked out Thor with one shot (keep in mind that her power is largely "martial arts training"), and at another time wiped out the West Coast team, including Wonder Man, himself a very powerful FlyingBrick. Such was her Sue-ness, that Englehart would pout upon his removal from books and go about retelling her story with duplicate characters at other companies.
  118. * In the unfinished homoerotic novel ''[[HeathenCity Maranatha]]'' and its graphic novel continuation ''HeathenCity'', Q. I. Malloy is a God Mode Sue as much as a BadassNormal can be. If Malloy wants something done, it ''will'' be done, either through sheer force or through genius of planning and {{Xanatos Gambit}}s. He may be incredibly {{Badass}} and EvenTheGuysWantHim, but his effectively omnipotent GaryStu-ness is painfully apparent at times.
  119. * Played for laughs with God Man above. In one strip, in response to a Lois Lane Expy seeing him changing into God Man, he destroys Earth and decides to start up life on another planet to try again.
  120. * {{Batman}} can come across this depending on the writer. Particularly egregious examples include JLA: Act of God, which is basically a love letter to Batman, and anything written by FrankMiller post-Dark Knight Returns, where the stories are equal parts gushing over Batman and Batman talking about how awesome he is and how much everyone not named Batman sucks.
  121. * Carlie Cooper from the current Spider-Man comics is coming dangerously close to this. Other character's are constantly talking her up and saying how great she is. Mary Jane- Peter's previous love (and wife)- talked her up to Peter after meeting her once, exclaiming how "present" she is and aware of others, later proclaiming that it's great that Peter "finally learned how to pick them" after Carlie gunned down the one of Spider-Man's villains (an act with MJ has done herself before), and even encouraged Peter to hook up with her. She can blow up and get angry at Peter, but the story implies it's Peter's fault for being "insensitive." And she's shown to be incredibly resourceful in helping out Spider-Man, and has none of the problems with Peter's duel identity that his other love interests have. And in the upcoming Spider-Man event, she's getting powers similar to Spider-Man itself. Time will determine if Carlie will eventually subvert these tropes, or end up playing all of them depressingly straight.
  122. ** By now a popular [[WildMassGuessing fan theory]] is that she made a deal with Mephisto herself before OneMoreDay, to be the girlfriend of a superhero and everything is playing out like this because this is what a StrawFan or hero-worshiper would think being a hero's girlfriend is like. It also explains her apparent soullessness when written.
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  126. * Alice from the ''ResidentEvil'' [[Film.ResidentEvil films]], particularly the second and third sequels. Originally a perfectly normal (albeit conveniently [[LaserGuidedAmnesia amnesiac]]) woman trapped in a abandoned Mansion with a group of similarly confused companions, she possessed a wholly believable and appropriate level of skill in [[WaifFu martial arts]] owing to her true role of [[spoiler:a member of the Umbrella security force for The Hive]]. However, starting from the second film's opening credits, she spontaneously morphed into an unstoppable badass who was somehow infused with the powers of the T-Virus without turning into a slobbering purulent eye-covered monstrosity like all the ''other'' people who've had the [[SarcasmMode bright idea]] to juice themselves up with this stuff. This alone might not be enough to raise the Sue alarm; however, subsequent plot points have Alice being placed beside canon character [[ActionGirl Jill Valentine]] and make Jill and all other characters in the movie incidental. It culminates in Alice fighting and ''winning'' in hand-to-hand combat with the freakin' ''[[ImplacableMan Nemesis]]''. For perspective, this is a creature which, in the games, [[NighInvulnerable shrugged off rockets, its head being burned, and a hit from a particle cannon]], and finally died when a bomb was dropped that leveled an entire city. Alice is now developing {{psychic power}}s, and she picked up the guy who was originally all into Jill. And Jill is pretty much just there to look stupid so Alice will look more awesome. Heck, so is ''the entire Resident Evil cast''. Perhaps even the entire Resident Evil universe ''itself'', considering she defies normal T-Virus infection just so she can get neat powers. This culminates in the ending of the third movie where Alice, now with [[SuperPowerLottery immortality, regeneration, super reflexes, super strength, and psychokinesis]] finds an army of clones of herself and the trilogy basically concludes with '''[[MesACrowd Alice being the dominant species on the face of planet Earth. By herself.]]''' Hey, [[RealitySubtext being the director's wife has its perks!]]
  127. ** Lost and turned against Alice in Resident Evil Afterlife. After a large number of her clones die due to attacking a Umbrella facility which explodes, she gets injected with a T-virus cure which completely robs her of her God mode Sue powers by Wesker. Wesker has injected HIMSELF with the T-virus, which for no apparent reason gives him abilities that Alice never had, such ability to survive a massive explosion by completely regenerating, super speed and super strength, red eyes just like in the games, and thus defeat any normal human including Alice in combat with no effort whatsoever.
  129. * Ator from ''CaveDwellers'', one of the reasons the movie is MysteryScienceTheater3000's choice as "the worst movie ''ever''" (though this was before they had seen ManosTheHandsOfFate). He can invent anything on the fly (such as a ''hang glider''), perform complicated surgery despite not having tools or existing in an era that possesses the knowledge, beat down any opponent with his brawn and his manly pecs, and grab the attentions of any woman in a two-mile radius. He's just as bad in the other ''Ator'' films as he was in this one.
  130. * L in the DeathNote films. [[hottip:*:Not in the anime, or manga versions however.]] In the film series L somehow ''knows'' that Light was using the bag of chips as hidden means of watching television, and subtly taunts him with that fact (despite not knowing in the original, and only suspecting that the victims Light chose had committed relatively minor crimes). In the sequel, he not only ''knows'' Light's ''entire plan'' to kill him, and exactly how it will work out [[hottip:*:That is, he knows Light will manipulate the Shinigami Rem into killing him using her own Death Note]] (except a one minor detail) but prevents it, exposing Light as Kira. This wouldn't be a problem normally, however, the films are an almost exactly re-telling of the anime and manga, in which [[spoiler: L never realized Light's plan until it was too late, and died]]. His knowledge of these facts comes literally out of nowhere. This was of course added so the film would be different from the anime, and manga, and could have a TwistEnding. It doesn't hurt that the director [[WordOfGod admitted]] that he [[CharacterFocus really liked L]]. Of course, [[YourMilageMayVary YMMV]]. I'd also like to stress that this only applies to the film version, and not the anime or manga.
  131. * Dr. Connery (Neil, not the one you may be thinking of) from ''Operation Double 007'' (aka Operation Kid Brother/OK Connery) is a world famous plastic surgeon, polyglot, skilled martial artist (enough so that he can perform an instant killing blow bare handed), lip reader, and hypnotist (his most Sueish skill of all). And by hypnotist, I mean he's basically a wizard, since he uses hypnosis as an alternative to anesthesia for surgery, and can instantly hypnotize anyone he runs into and make them do anything he wants, sometimes seemingly without even giving them verbal commands. All of this is revealed in his introductory scene, he shows a few other techniques later (like being a champion archer). As Joel from MST3K commented "Life probably loses a lot of its zip when you have ultimate power over everyone."
  132. * Pretty much any film that ChuckNorris has a significant role in.
  133. ** And then ChuckNorrisFacts turned this into a MemeticBadass joke.
  134. *** [[ThatGuyWithTheGlasses Uh-Chuck-uh-NORRRRRRISSSSSSSS!!!]]
  135. * StevenSeagal must count as well, seeing as in every action movie he's ever been in, none of the villains came even close to harming him. Try and find a movie where he bleeds just once or suffers a single bruise on his face. You won't because it never happens. He has never faced a villain that he didn't completely outmatch at every turn. There is no second act, no lowpoint in his movies at all where he faces the slightest bit of adversity to make you wonder if he will pull through.
  136. ** He got hurt a few times in ''[[OutForJustice Out for Justice]]'', and there was that torture scene in ''[[AboveTheLaw Above the Law]]'', but both were early roles for Seagal, before he settled into that preachy, unstoppable doughball character he's run with ever since.
  137. *** Screwface, the BigBad of ''[[MarkedForDeath Marked for Death]]'' puts up a decent fight throughout the movie.
  138. ** Even when he's made the villain in ''{{Machete}}''. At the end; [[spoiler: [[BetterToDieThanBeKilled he kills himself rather than be defeated by Machete]]. It's also implied that he wasn't even fighting at full strength the whole time.]]
  139. ** He does get shot near the end of ''Under Siege 2'', but that doesn't count, since he reacted to it as though there was an [[AnnoyingArrows Annoying Bullets]] trope.
  140. ** The sole exception to his invulnerability is when he gets put in a coma in ''Hard To Kill''. But even ''that'' required him taking two shotgun blasts at point-blank range (!), and when he woke up seven years later, he only needed a few days of exercise (at most) to reclaim his BoringInvincibleHero status.
  141. * Jean Grey in the third ''X-Men'' film could count as a deconstruction of this type. She is said to be the only Class 5 mutant in existence (more powerful than both Magneto and Professor X). However she can't control her powers and ends up killing [[spoiler: Scott and Professor X because she lost control]]. And because of her fragile state of mind, she is easily manipulated by Magneto into siding with him. And of course [[spoiler: she has to be killed because her powers are too strong for her to control]].
  142. * Played for laughs in The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension
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  146. [[folder:Literature]]
  147. * Ayla, from Jean M. Auel's ''[[EarthsChildren Earth's Children]]'' novels, starts out as a misfit and reject within her adopted tribe. As the series progresses, she metamorphoses into a neolithic BadAss and ActionGirl who [[OneMillionBC ends up inventing several things that we now take for granted]], eventually becoming everyone's heroine and the subject of mass adoration. (Any character who dislikes her is portrayed as ''blatantly'' unsympathetic). To ice the cake, [[spoiler:a powerful spiritual leader is impressed with her to the point of being intimidated... but all that Ayla wants to do is settle down with her nearly-as-disgustingly-perfect love interest and raise their daughter]]. Also, she is an amazing medic who just "senses" what is wrong with people and can fix, or at least diagnose, medical problems that she would have little to no realistic way of treating, given her physique and the tools available to her. She also figures out how reproduction works all on her own and has birth control available to her (which comes in handy, given all the sex she has). Furthermore, she can imitate a truckload of animals well enough for them to believe she is one of their species.
  148. ** Wait, there's more! She invents the needle, discovers "firestones," or a way to strike flint to make fire faster, domesticates the horse, dog, AND cat, learns how to double-fire a sling (despite being female, and therefore prohibited from using weapons while still in the Clan), and she's...[[IfYouKnowWhatIMean big enough for Jondalar.]] [[BiggusDickus All of]] [[MartyStu Jondalar]].
  149. *** In reviewing [[TheFilmOfTheBook the film adaptation of the first book]], RogerEbert remarked "She's not the first Cro-Magnon, she's the first Rhodes Scholar." This is after Ayla invents ''mathematics''.
  150. * ChungKuo has the MartyStu Karr, a prize fighter from the slums who is made an officer, sent on manhunts across the world. While he grew up in a low-tech slum, he somehow manages to socialize well everywhere, and even fly space ships. He never fails, never doubts, never breaks a sweat. The laws of psychology and physics seem to collaborate to present him with success whenever he shows up in a chapter.
  151. ** He is supposed to be nigh seven feet tall and built like a linebacker, yet he is constantly able to go undercover, especially among the triads where being white is enough to make you stick out like a sore thumb.
  152. * Professor John Kenner of the MichaelCrichton novel ''State Of Fear'': he graduated from an MIT engineering course and a Harvard Law course, both at higher than average speed; he became a professor at MIT at the age of 28 and still manages to be a hot-shot federal agent. Oh, and he can quote geological surveys from memory. The only thing keeping him from being absolutely perfect is his once confessing he isn't good at languages and a major WhatAnIdiot moment (chasing a group of bad guys into a warehouse, finding no one there, and going into a room with a ''lightning generator'' without bothering to secure the door).
  153. ** Don't forget that he already knows the entire plot of the bad guys at the very start of the novel.
  154. * ''HonorHarrington'''s Havenite secret agent Victor Cachat, who's simply too awesome to not to be included here. The man is a walking CrowningMomentOfAwesome, and is basically an AuthorAvatar for Eric Flint, the second main Honorverse author. While he is an amusing and well-executed fellow characterwise, his plot-bending skills are so ridiculously exaggerated that it's sometimes detrimental to WillingSuspensionOfDisbelief. Luckily, he's [[RefugeInAudacity so badass]] that most readers [[RuleOfCool let it slip]].
  155. * Richard Rahl from ''{{The Sword of Truth}}'' ''defines'' this trope. The only man with access to an "instinctive" magic that means he never has study it. He can fight and kill 30 expert warriors at the same time. He's the only one who can resist the {{Mind Control}} magic of the {{Big Bad}}, including the people whose deal is turning magic against its wielder. And he's the only one who can protect others from him, but they have to ''[[AGodAmI literally bow down and pray to him]]''. He's the only character who can survive being zapped by super-love magic, because he already has super love, and is thus the only man living who can bang the leader of the all-female Confessors, who of course happens to also be the most beautiful woman in the world. [[OmniscientMoralityLicense Morality is defined by him]], as in, [[WithUsOrAgainstUs anybody who agrees with him is good, and anybody who disagrees with him is evil]]. At the end [[spoiler: he actually creates a new world]].
  156. * Arn Magnusson from Jan Guillou's ''Knight Templar'' series. He's an ambidextrous super soldier who was raised by monks (and therefore embodies every ''positive'' Christian trait there is), has an angelic singing voice, is wise beyond his years, loves animals and seems to be able to talk to them, revolutionizes his entire home land in terms if warfare, technology and acceptance of other cultures, speaks numerous languages...and of course is sympathetic to Muslims, whose moral superiority only he sees. And he has a love story including 20 years of chaste adoration from afar.
  157. * Laurell K. Hamilton's AnitaBlake started out as a much more reasonable character, being a professional zombie animator and vampire hunter. Balancing this are variations on the classic problems of a romance heroine: Loads of Catholic guilt about sex and the supernatural causing endless problems for her in her relationships with the super-hot werewolf chieftain and (literal) boy scout boyfriend, and the equally hot master vampire who lusts after her. If you stop and think about the implications of ''that'' being reasonable in comparison to what she later becomes, you know why she's listed here. Over the course of the series, however, she has become (possibly) the most powerful necromancer in centuries, possessed of vampire and lycanthrope powers without the need for sunscreen or flea powder, and found herself surrounded by (certainly it wasn't ''her'' idea) a harem of fawningly devoted male strippers, shape-shifter leaders and vampire lords. And most of her magic is [[DeusSexMachina activated by sex]]. And having sex with her is an almost guaranteed way for a minor character to level up. Oh, and the very mother of all vampires wants to seduce, possess, or kill her.
  158. ** She also has strong elements of the TsundereSue, being able to treat some of her Harem quite horribly without consequences. She's called Nathaniel a freak for [[{{Fetish}} being a masochist]], even when he simply requested for his hair to be yanked. Poor Richard is now a neutered dog on a leash, and he never even considers leaving her because she's just better. Oh yea, two of the harem were [[YaoiGuys lovers]], but are no loner allowed to fuck each other, since that's "Icky"
  159. ** To elaborate on the Mother of All Vampires thing, this is a character that very few ''vampires'' can ever remember so much as batting an eyelid. She's so disinterested in the world that she just ignores it. Renaissance? Bah. Industrial revolution? Pfft. Vampires being legalized and joining society at large? Boooor-iiiiing. Anita? ''Zomg ever so fascinating!''
  160. * Brian Herbert tries hard to avert this in regards to the lead character of his ''Timeweb'' trilogy, but said lead is simply too powerful, and can be declared SuetifulAllAlong by the time he uses his "primal energy" to [[spoiler:[[DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu blow up]] an EldritchAbomination]]. Imagine what would happen on ''Series/{{Heroes}}'' if Peter didn't possess the IdiotBall, and you've got some idea of the problem.
  161. * Speaking of Herberts, Brian's father Frank proves himself to use this with [[{{Dune}} Paul Atreides]]. Paul has every advantage: trained by the best tacticians and swordsmen in the Galaxy, the heir to a respected and powerful ducal house, a potential Mentat and a trained Bene Gesserit "human being." Oh, and he's the Messiah. Turns out, [[spoiler:being the Messiah [[BlessedWithSuck sucks]], since YouCantFightFate [[PrescienceIsPredictable once you've peered into the future]], and no matter how hard you try to make it clear to your followers that you ''do not want'' billions and trillions to die in your name, they will continue to conquer anyway.]]
  162. ** Things are much the same for Paul's son Leto, except that he figures out what was wrong with prescience. This is not good for him, as it forces him [[spoiler: to merge with the sandworms and [[AGodAmI declare himself a god]], subject the entire galaxy to 3500 years of oppression, and generally become NecessarilyEvil in order to save humanity.]]
  163. * Any protagonist from a DanBrown book is, without exception, an expert in their field -- internationally recognized as the expert-of-experts in fact, elicits love at first sight from their love-interest, who is, as a general rule, fabulously attractive, and probably way out of the league of [[YouSuck the sort of person the protagonist is meant to be]]. Not to mention able to act as an ActionHero despite being a middle-aged intellectual. Their inability to sort out the plots by the end of the first page when all the readers do makes this exceptionally infuriating.
  164. ** Robert Langdon from ''TheDaVinciCode'' and ''Angels and Demons'' is an example. An athletic, ruggedly handsome, and brilliant academic, in both books he is apparently the only person in the world smart or qualified enough to solve the various obscure puzzles that turn up in the plots of both books. He is, essentially, what every art history or religion major wants to be.
  165. * Many of Brian Jacques' ''{{Redwall}}'' protagonists are bad in this respect, mainly because they emulate medieval tales of geat heroes:
  166. ** Tiria of High Rhulain. A flawless, beloved-by-all, "spunky" teenager who [[InformedAbility is skilled at everything]] and would be the leader of her people, only women can't hold that position (which is a huge {{Asspull}}, given that women can hold every other position with no problem). Despite having no combat training, she beats up experienced fighters using a loaded sling by hitting them with it (which would be charitably described as "suicidal" against multiple, sword-bearing opponents), because using ranged weapons at range is for suckers. Despite having had a professional chef all her life, she instantly becomes flawless at cooking when nobody else is around to do it. The entire B-plot centers around the entire supporting cast finding out she is the long-lost queen of a long-lost island and getting her long-lost crown to her when she goes there. She does, rallies LaResistance, and kills the BigBad in one shot with a spiky metal ball loaded into a sling. Some epic confrontation. Bonus points include the BigBad being well out of range of {{Muggles}}, the projectile not being remotely aerodynamic, the projectile not being all that lethal, and the fatal shot being fired with zero interaction between the two.
  167. ** The Tabura and Salixia from ''Eulalia!''. The Tabura is 'the wisest of all badgers' DESPITE its being stated in Mossflower that ''female'' badgers are scholars, male badgers are badasses. He comes to the Abbey, and all every single solitary creature within its walls can do is ''gush about how wise and wonderful the Tabura is''. He has little sessions in the courtyard about the virtues of simplicity. He's a crackerjack healer. And then, it turns out [[spoiler: he's also a psychic badger with telepathic powers!!!]] His ward Salixia is, if possible, an even bigger Sue. She's constantly described as being slim and beautiful (two traits that ought to be incompatible in a badger!); she's wise in the ways of herbs; and then, out of nowhere...SHE'S AN EXPERT ARCHER, TOO. She stands next to a shrew and ''tells him'' exactly how to make a shot. And Gorath the Flame, the other badger, falls madly in badger wuv with her, and she with him. Yeugh.
  168. ** Mattias, the young and shy, yet brave and determined orphan who turns out to be the spiritual successor of the greatest hero the land ever knew, whose 'star metal sword' he can wield perfectly as soon as he touches it, and who wins the heart of the unbearably pure and sweet girl Cornflower with his gentle and bumbling ways...
  169. ** Mariel Gullwhacker, the plucky young girl who leads her adoring friends into battle with murderous pirates armed with only a rope with a knot in the end and topples an Empire at the head of an army of the finest warriors in the land...
  170. ** Trisscar Swordmaid (''Triss'') may outdo them all. At least Sunflash, Matthias and Mariel have some degree of practice in weaponry and combat prior to their moments. The closest the slave orphan Triss had been to using a sword was when she was cleaning them at the command of [[GodSaveUsFromTheQueen Princess]] [[EvilAlbino Kurda]]. At no time in the ''entire book'' before she actually fights Kurda has she actually used a blade of any sort. You'd expect that when they DO meet, Kurda [[HardWorkHardlyWorks (who spent at least a quarter of her day for years practicing swordplay)]] would crush her, or at least put up a good fight. Yet when she finally confronts the Princess [[DuelToTheDeath in a battle long-time coming]], Triss not only [[NonChalantDodge evades and counters her thrusts with ease]], but [[WreckedWeapon destroys Kurda's saber with one strike]]. Even though Triss's father was reputed to be a master swordssquirrel and the Sword of Martin [[InstantExpert makes an expert fighter out of any 'good' wielder]], that's a bit much. And to top it off, Triss didn't even have to levy the killing blow, since the princess [[HoistByHisOwnPetard didn't look at where she was going and fell on her broken blade]]. This, of course, ensured Triss remained pure, since it wouldn't do to have your mortal enemy--who sailed halfway around the world to find and kill you--fight on with a broken sword. Then to complete it, she travels back to Riftgard at the head of a massive army and a ship named "Freedom" and topples [[EvilOverlord Agarnu]], setting the realm free to a golden future of peace.
  171. * Colleen [=McCullough=]'s acclaimed ''{{Masters of Rome}}'' series about the fall of the Roman Republic is largely excellent, but her treatment of Julius Caesar verges on hagiographical. Other main characters have flaws, such the complex, brilliant but deeply damaged Sulla or the calm, "unfeeling pillar of ice" that is Octavian. Caesar himself is a polymath, a superb soldier, a compassionate statesmen, incredibly handsome, and amazing in the bedroom. While the real life Caesar was certainly an impressive individual, [=McCullough=] seems almost to be in love with him and his perfection. It even spreads to his enemies; she spitefully renders Marcus Brutus in a highly unsympathetic light.
  172. * Herzer Herrick from JohnRingo's ''CouncilWars'' series. He begins the story with debilitating physical deformities, but he's fixed via AppliedPhlebotinum the day before [[TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt the big crash]]. From there, he begins outdoing everyone with improbable physical feats, each greater than the last, with a great deal of page-time devoted to this. His one flaw, namely [[spoiler: unexpected arousal at fembots basically created for users to abuse sexually, leading to his fearing he'd eventually submit to temptation to harm someone]], upon further review of Ringo's other works, is AuthorAppeal for him or perhaps a reflection of his own temptations, making Herzer an AuthorAvatar.
  173. ** Herrick's an interesting case, he wasn't supposed to be the main character. Duke Edmund, [[spoiler:an Expy of Charles Martel and Charlemagne]] was the original main character, Herrick was supposed to be the Duke's sidekick but became more interesting to write.
  174. ** Similar complaints have been raised about the title character in the IntoTheLookingGlass series. As a counter, in the second book Ringo listed off each over-the-top trait and stated that his co-writer, Travis S. Taylor, ''had them all''.
  175. * Anne Robillard's ''Emerald Knights'' series contain both a MartyStu and a MarySue as main characters. Without going into too much detail, the main character and Chief-of-the-Mighty-Reformed-Ancestral-Order-of-World-Defender-Magic-Wielding-Knights, Wellan, is simply the best fighter; every girl in the knights swoons over him (secretly or not); all guys admire him; kings need his guidance. His only flaws are that he gets angry at times ([[InformedFlaw but mostly for good reasons]]!) and he gets a love relationship with the [[PuritySue Gorgeous and Kind and Perfect Queen of a magical country]]. Sadly, she is horribly raped, her kingdom is destroyed by the BigBad (who's also an anthropomorphic insectoid monster king) after which she dies. Causing much Wangst to Wellan the Great. Buuuuut that's not it! No, because the terrible [[{{Squick}} insect-on-fae-rape]] produced an offspring whose MarySue-ism score in [[http://www.springhole.net/quizzes/marysue.htm The Universal Mary-Sue Litmus Test]] hit 151 points. Princess Kira is a half insect/fae/human BUT unlike the atrociously ugly creature you might imagine it would sum to, she actually looks like a [[CatGirl purple-skinned elf girl with cat-like features]]. She is also the [[TheChosenOne Child of the Prophecy]], the villain's Evil Wizard tries to capture her, she got magical powers, strange physical powers, grows uncannily fast, and got into the Emerald Knights order at a very young age.
  176. * [[TheKirk Captain Kirk]] in the ''StarTrek'' novels (ghost-)written by (for) WilliamShatner. He beats Spock in a logical argument, out-wrestles Worf, out-doctors [[TheMcCoy [=McCoy=]]], single-handedly defeats the Borg, and romances a MirrorUniverse Katheryn Janeway (who's a beautiful resistance fighter). He cold-cocks Picard at the end of one novel (they were competing for who would attempt that extremely dangerous mission against the Borg). And this isn't even getting started on Mirror Kirk, aka Tiberius, who started the mirror Klingon-Cardassian alliance because the Imperium was getting too soft, and who got the best of mainline Kirk at the end of one novel.
  177. ** Fortunately, if you can get past Kirk, the novels themselves are quite good and play off some interesting ideas (the conceptual Borg in "The Return," for example). Shatner got some top-tier writers for his {{Marty Stu}} magnum opus.
  178. ** Not to say that the original Captain Kirk wasn't one hair shy of being a God Mode Sue.
  179. *** But not ''all the time''. He was fully capable of bone-headed mistakes, such as when he let a Romantic (in a capital-R sense) admiration for Khan cloud his mind, or letting his GuiltComplex over the death of a previous commanding officer interfere with his decisions.
  180. ** The novels actually give this to just about everybody in turn, actually. While Kirk gets the most spotlight because, well, the novels are arguably about him, other canon characters all seem to take a level in badass in turn. Picard and Beverly do covert ops in the heart of a Borg cube, Riker kicks ten different kinds of ass, Scotty runs around building whatever he wants on whatever ship he wants, [=McCoy=] does some badass doctor-ing while ignoring Klingons trying to kill him, and Bashir can keep a laser scalpel from slipping even when the ship he's on is being pounded by photon torpedoes. Among others.
  181. * Related (distantly) to the above, Diane Carey's ''Dreadnought!'' {{Star Trek}} TOS novel stars a severe {{Mary Sue}} of this type. Piper -- no last name -- is a very recent Starfleet Academy graduate who is assigned to the ''Enterprise'' because it turns out her ex-SO ("ex" because they were going off to their respective careers, and she "couldn't do that to him") helped to steal a Federation dreadnought. Of course, all is not as it seems. But in the process, she shows herself to have Kirk's tactical acumen, Scotty's knowledge of engineering, and Spock's -- or at least a Vulcan's -- sense of logic. In part averted because she keeps torquing off her Vulcan companion [[spoiler:who is pissed at her for outing him as a gifted weapons designer.]] But then it is reasserted with a vengeance as he eventually is come to accept her well-meaning intentions to be his friend. As the [[AuthorAvatar Author's self-insert]], she also spends at least four {{Anvilicious}} pages explaining the evils of socialism to a Vulcan, who sits there rather amazed and has several "But, Professor..." moment. Some have called this something of a {{CanonDefilement}} considering the oft-quoted "We are no longer concerned with such things" line of the money-less Federation. Piper then goes on to save the ''Enterprise,'' save the Federation, and save the quadrant from an evil socialist authoritarian Starfleet admiral trying to start a coup. [[FlatWhat What.]]
  182. * Uhtred of Bebbanburg, the main character of ''The Saxon Stories'' pretty much combines this and the JerkSue trope in one literary figure. Although arrogant, rude and generally unlikable, he is a tall, blonde and muscular individual who has no trouble bedding any woman he comes across. This includes a nun and ''two queens''. He also seems to be best fighter in Britain, won at least three battles single-handedly and is the only reason Alfred the Great actually still has a throne. Bernard Cornwell has described Uhtred as being a fictional ancestor, which pushes the character into WishFulfillment territory.
  183. ** Worth noting that the story is told as Uhtred's memoirs, so he very well could be playing up his importance in all of these events. Still, he is depicted as being much more intelligent than pretty much everyone else. Worth noting also that he is a Norse Pagan, and he (and the other Danes) are depicted as somewhat sympathetic, whereas most of the Christians are portrayed as dogmatic to the point of stupidity, and often corrupt as well.
  184. * Rhonin from almost every ''[[WorldOfWarcraft Warcraft]]'' novel written by Richard A. Knaak. Don't so much as mention his name on the official forums unless you want a 26-page thread on how much of a Stu he is. Examples: [[spoiler:He rode the Dragonqueen into battle after saving her life and those of her children; was taught by and befriended her mate; married a beautiful elf and fathered two human-elf hybrid children by her who are said to be the only pair of surviving half-elf twins in existence; tutored and was greatly admired for his power by Illidan Stormrage; saved the world via time travel;); befriended and later commanded an army of raptors; is referred to every other page as "the fiery-haired mage" (and his hair either doesn't gray or he's extremely young for an archmage); was personally chosen by Nozdormu to help guard the timeline; and still somehow found time to become an expert at magic, swordfighting, and crossbow use.]] His only noteworthy flaw is that he's reckless, which only ever had serious consequences for him in his first book.
  185. ** [[spoiler:Rhonin never rode on Alexstrasza, he rode on one of her consorts in the War of the Ancients and never rode on her after he "saved" her in Day of the Dragon; Krasus only taught him specifically so he could free Alexstrasza and only befriended him after he had manipulated him the entire time for his own goals; the night elves are never said to be "vastly more experienced" and Rhonin would have doubtless combat experience anyhow; because half-elf twins, or indeed, half-elves at all are so commonplace. Even then that's only by her perspective; And failed miserably at it since Illidan ran off anyway; helped save the world, just like every other character in lore; point; only by being told what to do, and they were the ones who fought him off anyway and saved his life in the process; point; Jaina's an Archmage and she sure as hell is younger than Rhonin; He wasn't personally chosen, Krasus was and Krasus picked up Rhonin because he was nearby; he never befriended Cenarius; he was chosen as a mage at an early age and raised in Dalaran which is where the magic comes from, and says that he picked up swordfighting by travelling with his wife for years.]] And he gets over his guilt because by his second appearance the incident happened over fifteen years ago.
  186. *** ...of course, it should be noted that Krasus is yet another of Knaak's pet characters. It's sort of a pattern with him; if he can't find a legitimate explanation for his Stus being such special snowflakes, he tends to invent more Stus/Sues to prop them up. Such as the heretofore unknown Most Beloved Consort of the Dragon Queen, the heretofore unknown third Windrunner sister, etc. Rhonin's generally at the top of the Knaakian food chain, though. When in doubt, all characters, both existing lore figures and ones he invented, are just there to make him look good, which is what makes him a Sue.
  187. **** Given that Krasus has resorted to somewhat questionable methods in the past and been called out on it at least twice(Rhonin essentially calls him an asshole and Krasus admits that Rhonin's words, while hurtful, do contain a grain of truth, while kalec yells at him for constantly butting in where he's not needed and for giving anveena the illusion of life despite knowing that it would eventually have to end), and that Krasus himself is forced to admit that he does do pretty dickish things, I'm not totally sure that he qualifies. Some of his actions are clearly not meant to be seen as noble, and he has been called out for it.
  188. ** Taken to its logical conclusion with the {{World Of Warcraft Comic}}'s Med'an. Son of Medivh and Garona Halforcen, therefore [[HalfHumanHybrid half human]], [[HeinzHybrid one quarter orc and one quarter draenei]], prophecised Savior of Azeroth, master of shamanism and the arcane arts, studying Holy magic, extremely skilled in melee combat, can take down [[CosmicHorror Old Gods]] by himself. Best friends with Aegwynn, founding member of the New Council of Tirisfal, "beacon of power." Oh, and he's still pretty young.
  189. ** And at the very least, even if he's God Mode, Med'an is at least interesting and sympathetic, having pronounced ignorance and uncertainty whereas Rhonin is always sure of himself and at the ready with a quip. It must take considerable effort to be more of a Stu than the fraking ''son of Medivh.''
  190. * Daniel in ''The Dangerous Days of Daniel X'' by JamesPatterson is a YA version.
  191. ** Lets count the ways, shall we. He's a RealityWarper so powerful that the girl of his dreams literally pops into existence to join him when he goes on adventures. He's super humanly strong, super smart and can keep pace with a speeding truck. His job is to beat the crap out of the most dangerous aliens in the universe. Oh, and he's been super responsible since he was ''5 years old''. Patterson's insistence on [[{{Anvilicious}} heavy handedly]] dishing out [[AnAesop moral lessons]] doesn't help either.
  192. * Lazarus Long, protagonist of a number of RobertAHeinlein novels in his Future History timeline, bears a number of Marty Stu traits, chief among them a perfectly clean genetic code that means he never gets sick, has an abnormally long natural lifespan, and ''can father children with his own descendants'' without any risk of birth defects. This plus his natural common sense, exceptional reflexes, and the existence of rejuvenation technology has made him the oldest living human by a factor of at least a thousand years; this lifespan having enabled him to travel the galaxy and father kids on nearly every human planet. The upshot is that, despite being a gruff, borderline misogynistic, self-professed loner; close to 80% of the humans in the galaxy are descended from him in some way, heads of state seek out his advice, women fall head-over-heels for him (up to and including his own mother), and he later becomes a founder and leading member of the [[TheMultiverse pan-universal]] TimePolice.
  193. * ''HouseOfNight'': Zoey Redbird. After being "marked" to become a vampire, she is blessed by the goddess Nyx to become super special awesome. She is the only fledgeling to have her magical tattoo filled in so soon. Within two books, she already has three suitors (handsome vampire actor, handsome vampire teacher, handsome human) [[SoBeautifulItsACurse who think she is beautiful.]] When entering vampire school, she immediately gets a group of friends who only exist so that she ''can'' have friends (and they do whatever she tells them). The two girls who don't like her are painted in an extremely negative light. She is the only vampire in history who [[InstantExpert has an affinity]] [[NewPowersAsThePlotDemands for all five elements.]] After some deus ex heroism, she is made leader of some elite vampire group for girls. She's also [[IncorruptiblePurePureness incredibly "pure,"]] it seems. She thinks marijuana is evil, and alcohol is evil, and [[DoubleStandard giving blowjobs is degrading to women.]] She also complains about her parents just as much as FanFic Sues do.
  194. * In Steven Barnes's ''Lion's Blood'' and especially in the sequel ''Zulu Heart'', Kai ibn Jallaleddin ibn Rashid al Kushi serves as a mouthpiece and demonstration for some of the author's pet ideas. That probably explains why he's a very badass fighter, is more morally enlightened than most people in the book, and marries ''[[TenchiSolution two]]'' fabulous women.
  195. * The entire phenomenon is [[DeconstructedTrope deconstructed]] in the ''TheNeverendingStory'' (the original book). When Bastian enters Fantastica in the second half of the book, he gets the medallion AURYN, which grants all his wishes as he makes them and brings all his stories to life as he tells them. He uses this to become everything he's ever wanted to be, gradually becoming an extreme GodModeSue who can do anything and is nearly worshiped as a god by the Fantasticans -- but it all comes at a price: For every wish he's granted, he forgets more of himself and who he really is, until he almost loses himself entirely, at one point nearly setting himself up as an evil dictator thanks to the manipulations of the sorceress Xayide. Only through the help of Atréyu and Falkor -- the only two Fantasticans who haven't either worshipped him or tried to manipulate him, but tried to help him out with advice he found increasingly annoying -- does he manage to find himself at the very end and can return to his own world a wiser person.
  196. * Angel Eastland from Violet Eyes. She's a genius girl with a photographic memory, is the best athlete in the school, can sell the most brownies at the school auction, is flawless and beautiful, frequently rebels against the teachers with no consequences, and has purple eyes [[spoiler: because she's actually a super-evolved genetically engineered subspecies of humanity]]. Oh, and in the sequel, she is a super-smart detective. Everyone in the book is jealous of her and {{Marty Stu}} equally-perfect boyfriend.
  197. * Most protagonists created by David Eddings qualify for this trope, but Sparhawk from the Elenium and Tamuli series takes the cake. Starting off being the most skilled member of a knightly order that consists entirely of knights who are both the most accomplished close combatants and magic users in the world, Sparhawk is ultimately revealed to be the creation of a world-creating spirit (forced into the form of an oversized sapphire), both of whom are individually more powerful than the world's entire pantheon combined (thus technically being more over the top than the trope already is). Along the way, he is world-weary, cynical and bad-tempered (but not enough for anyone to take a dislike to him) while also being good-natured, idealistic, thoughtful and possessed of a fine sense of humor, and never actually loses control of his temper; his rugged handsomeness is marred only be a couple of easily overlooked character-forming features like a broken nose and rather coarse hair; the queen whose champion he was while she was the crown princess (and is therefore young enough to be his daughter) marries him because she loves him like no other, and their daughter is an incarnation of a goddess. His battle plans always work perfectly, and even when he seems to suffer a setback, it invariably turns out to be part of a cunning ruse on his part. Why it takes the guy six books to sort out his world's problems is the greatest unanswered mystery of the series.
  198. * Clive Cussler's stuff has a lot of this, mainly Dirk and Al. Dirk Pitt is handsome, athletic, and adept at almost everything he does. He seduces beautiful women (who he meets with astonishing regularity) simply by being present, defeats dangerous assassins and hordes of mooks despite having no real combat training, is an unparalleled sailor and adventurer, and is generally the center of attention at all times. He doesn't use his father's wealth and settles with his working class pay, though he's still somehow able to afford a huge stockpile of antique cars. And who knows how many thousands people he's valiantly rescued. Naturally he's quite humble about it too, going out of his way to avoid recognition.
  199. * Harry Koegh, the main character of Brian Lumley's {{Necroscope}}, falls squarely into this. His power is to [[ISeeDeadPeople speak with the dead]], which ''sounds'' reasonable enough -- but he's also a genius, BadAss martial artist, and every ghost he speaks with invariably finds him wonderful to the point of worship. Even actual historical figures are brought in to tell Harry how awesome he is - for example, August Ferdinand Möbius teaches him how to teleport throughout space and time with his mind. Harry also learns telepathy, is immune to anyone else's telepathy, can resurrect the dead from mere ashes, and the dead will rise from the ground to defend him without him even needing to ask. Naturally, he ends up AscendedToAHigherPlaneOfExistence - not that that's the end of his adventures.
  200. * Thorn, the hermaphroditic protagonist of Gary Jennings' ''Raptor'', is immediately attractive to persons of either sex, depending on how he/she is dressed at the time. He/she also tames a wild golden eagle at a very young age [[spoiler:and trains it to kill his/her rapist]], wins every fight he/she gets into, and is successful in pretty much every enterprise he/she takes on.
  201. * Nuklear Man of ''NuklearAge'' builds up to this as he fights more and more powerful villains and comes out alive, creating more and more of an impression of ultimate power (at one point he demolishes an entire city block with a single attack) until the author finally sends in a nigh-invulnerable god just to give Nuklear Man a bit of a challenge. The god wins, up until the point that trauma [[spoiler:gives back Nuklear Man his memories of his own previous god-like powers, allowing him to utilize an arsenal that could destroy entire galaxies. He destroys his nemesis by channeling the power of the stars, causing every star in the universe to dim slightly as reality itself is temporarily warped and destroyed.]] God Mode Sue status definitely kicks in from that moment, which is good considering how much it is needed at that point.
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  205. * Horatio '''[[MemeticMutation YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH]]''' Caine from CSIMiami. Bomb expert. Master of the SherlockScan. Flawless Marksman. Peerless Driver. Applies/removes sunglasses like a pro. He rarely does any actual CSI work, but when he does, it's guaranteed he finds evidence his team missed and thus will break the case. [[TheOnlyOne No wonder the city of Miami cannot do anything unless Horatio is present.]]
  206. ** So, it can be said that David Caruso is... *GlassesPull*...[[IncrediblyLamePun playing God]]. '''[[color:white:YEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!]]'''
  207. * Suzee, from the second season of ''SpaceCases'': She's the only one who's ever crossed over from another dimension, she's the smartest member of the crew (especially in engineering), has immense telepathic abilities, the ability to breathe in any atmosphere, and both of the male leads instantly fall in love with her. Jeez.
  208. ** And apparently she's the only person who can communicate from the dimension she's from - since she made no mention of [[{{Cloudcuckoolander}} Catalina - the girl she traded places with]] - this also makes her a {{Replacement Scrappy}}.
  209. * Captain Dylan Hunt, played by Kevin Sorbo on the TV show ''{{Andromeda}}''. From [[JumpTheShark the middle of the second season on]], all other characters were reduced to pale before his awesomeness, regardless of however competent or courageous they had been before. Also, episodes came to focus on him more and more, to the point where no other member of the cast could get on camera unless their scene was also relevant in some manner to Captain Hunt's personal story arc. Sorbo's [[WagTheDirector growing influence over the show]] is related to the departure of the original executive producer, Robert Wolfe, halfway during the second season.
  210. * RobinWilliams's character, Merrit Rook, in the "Authority" episode of ''{{Law and Order Special Victims Unit}}'' is the ultimate crime drama GodModeSue. Representing himself in court despite having no legal training or court-appointed advisor, [[spoiler:Rook dismantles the A.D.A.'s case, destroys an expert witness on cross-examination, and handily wins over the jury]] with his understated humor and forceful personality. His anarchist beliefs win him the fawning adoration of the entire city (including [[JohnMunch Sergeant Munch]], who attends a Central Park rally in his honor), while his sympathetic FreudianExcuse (his AssholeVictim was the DrJerk who killed [[DeathByChildbirth his adored wife and their stillborn baby]] through medical negligence - note that he, ''without any medical training whatsoever'' was able to tell they were dying, even though the highly trained DrJerk couldn't) allows him to chew the scenery and monopolize the camera with emotional soliloquies. When a squadron of New York's Finest attempt to arrest Rook on a second charge, while he is unarmed and in a crowded public space, he [[spoiler:manages to not only slip away but to disarm and kidnap Stabler's partner and best friend, veteran detective and local ActionGirl Olivia Benson, in the process, by fooling her into believing he had a bomb and he'd make it explode in the train station if she didn't surrender]]. After playing MindRape-level [[HighOctaneNightmareFuel psychological mind games with Stabler]] [[spoiler: by making him believe that he was torturing the kidnapped Olivia and browbeating him with lots of his banter]], Rook [[spoiler:releases Olivia unharmed, says he never ever had a bomb, dramatically escapes from custody and vanishes, seemingly into thin air. It's implied that he drowned himself, but they NeverFoundTheBody]].
  211. * Cordell Walker in ''WalkerTexasRanger''. None of the other good guys on the show matter, because it's always Walker who saves the day. The only episodes in which Walker doesn't beat the main bad guy to a pulp are those in which Walker shoots him. Not only is Walker the best Texas Ranger ever, he's also a ([[MightyWhitey suspiciously pale]]) MagicalNativeAmerican! This character was [[strike:probably]] definitely one of the inspirations for the tongue-in-cheek [[MemeticBadass Chuck Norris "facts"]].
  212. ** TruthInTelevision: Chuck Norris is one-half Cherokee (with two of his grandparents full-fledged members of that tribe). He also has law enforcement experience (as a military policeman in the Air Force) and his [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chuck_Norris#Fight_record enviable martial arts record]] speaks for itself. It doesn't hurt that [[RuleOfCool the script helps him out]], either.
  213. * Where would ''PowerRangers'' be without Dr. Tommy Oliver, ''the'' most Suetacular Ranger of them all? As a VillainSue, he singlehandedly decimated the Rangers, wrought havoc on the Command Center, got hot chick Kimberly to fall in love with him (and used it to manipulate her), and even knew their secret identities. When he did his HeelFaceTurn, he actually ''avoided'' most of GoodIsDumb by still being ''the'' best fighter out of the team, even going so far as to beat TheDragon of the BigBad Goldar in one-on-one combat ''[[BadassNormal without morphing]]'', regaining his failing powers, performing a HeroicSacrifice with his powers to thwart the baddies' plans...and that's just while he was the [[SixthRanger Green Ranger]]. Then he became the ''[[MightyMorphinPowerRangers White]]'' [[MightyMorphinPowerRangers Ranger]], and then [[PowerRangersZeo Zeo Ranger 5]], and then the [[PowerRangersTurbo Red Turbo Ranger]]...and even far into the future of the series, he is still a MartyStu {{badass}} as the [[PowerRangersDinoThunder Black Dino Thunder Ranger]] with a [=PhD=] in [[strike:awesome]] paleontology. Hell, he's even been called the greatest Power Ranger of all time ''in the series' continuity itself''. This is one guy where GodModeSue is met with PowerIncontinence.
  214. ** Consider also that he managed to pull off his doctorate within what must have been a remarkably short period of time - a normal doctorate is an eight-year degree. Tommy graduated high school at the beginning of season five, 1997. When ''Dr.'' Oliver is reintroduced, it's the beginning of season 12, 2004. Seven years. In theory, a person could, with a whole lot of effort, pull that off - but given the other things (such as being Turbo Red for a time, or helping to design/build the Biozords) he's supposed to have done during that period, and the fact that he's apparently already ''been'' Dr. Oliver long enough to have landed a position as Reefside's science teacher, I'd be surprised if it took him more than four - at which point, most college students have just finished up their baccalaurate (bachelor's) degrees. Dillon from ''PowerRangersRPM'' also fits this.
  215. *** Don't forget his promotion to Power Ranger Leader during his debut as the White Ranger, for no apparent reason whatsoever. The fact that Jason just stands back and smiles speaks volumes... or not.
  216. **** Making him leader may have been due to [[RealLifeWritesThePlot the impending departure]] of Jason, Trini, and Zack. And in practice, he spent most of the time fighting Goldar somewhere away from the main action, which the main five would take care of. He was ''still'' so {{Sixth Ranger}}y it hurt.
  217. *** The trope doesn't exactly fit for Dillon. Sure, he has robotic implants, thanks to Venjix, thus giving him upgrades. And much is made of that fact in the second and third episodes. But he fights no better and no worse than the other Series Operators.
  218. ** In Tommy's defense it was due to being an extraordinarily popular character at the time, his sueness was a reaction to fan demand more than it was purposely making him into one.
  219. * With random power-ups owing to his mysterious origin, Nick from ''PowerRangersMysticForce'' - that black hole of screentime that consumed the rest of the series - could dabble in being this brand if Sue in addition to so many others.
  220. * The Go-on Wings from ''[[{{EngineSentaiGo-onger}} Go-onger]]''. Take a new BigBad with a name something like Hirakikamedes who can beat up the original 5 heroes without trying, then debut the AloofAlly pair who can beat ''him'' easily. True, they're supposed to have had training, but they outclass the Go-onger so badly it isn't funny.
  221. ** Interestingly subverted when said villain assumes OneWingedAngel status--his new, ChaoticEvil personality makes it impossible for the master tactician Hiroto to beat him, while Sosuke is able to kill him by fighting random with random. But until that point, the series may as well have been called Turbine Sentai Go-onWings. They fell into a common rhythm: the MOTW shows up, the Wings respond, knowing of the MOTW's arrival through their psychic powers, then the Go-ongers show up late and fight Mooks while the Wings fight the MOTW. The Wings would then either defeat the MOTW or get thwarted by having to protect the Go-ongers as well.
  222. * Kenji from ''MadanSenkiRyukendo''. Even for a titular protagonist, the sheer amount of power and attention that the plot heaps on him is utterly ridiculous. Despite the fact that there are two other heroes in the show- Ryugunou and Ryujinou- expect Kenji to ''always'' save the day, even if the episode was focusing on another character up to that point. If there's ever a new power to be gained- even if its the other characters who put the work into attaining it- it will ''always'' go to Kenji. He could best be summed up by the fact that he gains a MidSeasonUpgrade that is actually called [[{{God}} God Ryukendo]], and ''that's not even his most powerful form''.
  223. * The brilliant minds scripting ''[[Series/RobinHood Robin Hood]]'' weren't finished after making [[JerkassSue Kate]]. In the third season they introduced us to [[MeaningfulName Archer]]. Yes, ''Archer''. He's brought in as the obvious replacement to Robin and given full responsibility of leading the outlaws by Robin. He's related to ''both'' Guy and Robin as their half-brother. He has a birthmark in the shape of an arrowhead. He was raised an orphan with no idea who his parents were. He's irresistible to women. He's travelled in the east and returned with "mystical knowledge." He fights with [[DualWielding two]] [[KatanasAreJustBetter katanas]], has perfect aim with a ninja star, and he's as good at archery as Robin. He's got the gift of the gab and a twinkle in his eye. The BBC website describes him [[http://www.bbc.co.uk/robinhood/characters/archer.shtml as a master of all weapons]]. Yes, a '''master''' of '''all''' weapons. The show was cancelled two episodes after his introduction. The world clearly wasn't ready for so much concentrated awesomeness.
  224. * [[Series/{{Heroes}} Sylar]] is virtually unkillable and always gets new powers as plot demands. Every character on the show wants to kill him, and they have succeeded several times. And yet ''he keeps coming back'', always defeating everyone with ease. Initially his ability to apparently stop himself from bleeding via telekinesis (writers have suggested this in interviews) as well as stop bullets [[TheMatrix Neo]]-style made him quite the foe, but now he's got that power AND regeneration, plus [[spoiler:regeneration's main weakspot can be moved now thanks to shapeshifting he acquired later on]].
  225. * Peter Rickman in ''KingdomHospital'', [[StephenKing Stephen King's]] godawful American remake of ''{{Riget}}''. He's the most important character who has no antecedent in the Danish version, the first episode is entirely about him, he has remarkable similarities to King himself, and he solves all the problems in the series in the final episode with a truly ridiculous AssPull.
  226. * Lana Lang from ''{{Smallville}}''. Everyone loves her, it's depicted as wrong for others to act questionably when she is forgiven for every bad choice, Clark keeps loving her even after she breaks his heart about a dozen times, she learns martial arts and how to handle guns amazingly quickly, and then they give her superpowers. She is given a biological suit, which mimics Kryptonian abilities, meaning she is as powerful as Clark. But then to top it all off, in order to save the day, she absorbs a massive amount of Kryptonite from a bomb (and as a result, her body now radiates the stuff itself) and then departs from the show. Effectively, this means that Lana Lang is now the one person on the planet, '''who could slaughter Clark (aka "pre-Superman") with ease''' if the circumstances made it so.
  227. ** Gets a bit funny when you look at her character's history in the comics: WomanScorned, FirstGirlLoses hard, and of course, nearly killing every Kryptonian on Earth once because she couldn't understand why Clark would pick Lois over her.
  228. ---> Clark: ''Lois'' would never have pressed that button.
  229. ** And then played straight in the comics, where during the show's run she was brought to prominence (thankfully more in {{Supergirl}} than Superman stories) as a mentor who lost her job at LexCorp because she "had to save Superman's life." She's suddenly [[TheWesley important again]], and most people blame this show.
  230. * Tendou, aka ''KamenRiderKabuto''. His catchphrase is "Walking the path of heaven, ruling over all." And this is without charming a crowd of ladies he's never met simply by walking the path of heaven, almost, but thankfully failing, to beat Daisuke at apply make up, Daisuke's specialty whereas Tendou has no experience. Oh yes, and pulling his MidSeasonUpgrade, after the bad guys had destroyed it, out from the future with no prior indication. Even Tendou fans regard him as a GodModeSue.
  231. ** The best single example of his status here is during the fight where the Worm call him out for being so powerful and tell him he has to beat them without going into his time-reversing super speed. He then simply points in the air, and a brand new {{BFS}} just falls from the sky into his hands out of nowhere with no previous acknowledgement of its existence.
  232. * Where to start with [[TheScrappy Billie]] [[TheWesley Jenkins]] from {{Charmed}}? She waltzed into the sisters' life with a great deal of knowledge about martial arts and could use her telekinesis far better than Prue. She immediately gets accepted into the sisters' lives faster than Paige and Chris despite the fact that Paige is related to them by blood already. She was taking college classes on metaphysics and she's under the legal drinking age. Then, she became a RealityWarper and a half of ''The Ultimate Power'' which [[AssPull was not even discussed before]]. Even the last episodes was just all about how she saved the Charmed Ones by using her power to actually TimeTravel into the past just by concentrating really hard. Heck, the reason there's a season eight was simply to introduce her so she can get her very own spinoff show.
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  235. [[folder:Other]].
  236. * Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen, in ''Figments of Reality'' and the second ''Science of Discworld'', sharply distinguish between "tribal," "barbarian," and modern-thinking motifs in storytelling. While they don't use the actual trope name, a key distinction of the "barbarian" motif is the casting of God Mode Stu as a protagonist: the hero never fails, the rightness of his course of action is never questioned, and every non-enemy he encounters invariably sets aside his, her, or its own interests to tag along and help him.
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  239. [[folder:Professional Wrestling]]
  240. * {{Sting}} in 1997 turned the invincible NewWorldOrder into a pack of incompetent cowards, kicking their combined asses with contemptuous ease, when they're not frozen in their tracks in fear. He [[NoSell no-sold]] any attack they made, and outwitted them in every turn, often with Undertaker-esque mindgames. The BigBad was terrified of him, regularly abandoning his men while he ran away. {{WCW}} was utterly ineffectual against the nWo onslaught and was only mobilized into an effective force when Sting returned to take command.
  241. ** HulkHogan himself was almost completely invincible during the 80's and 90's: the only three times he lost in a straight 1-2-3 count were versus TheUndertaker, only to defeat him and win back the World Championship less than [[strike:a month]] a week later; Yokozuna, who squashed him in his final appearance in {{WWE}} for close to a decade; and the Ultimate Warrior. After moving to WCW, he embarked on a neverending quest to destroy any credibility WCW's home-grown talent might have had, beating RicFlair (several times), Big Van Vader, and others. Once the nWo was formed, he got to do it ''all over again''. Even going so far as to concoct an angle where the Ultimate Warrior was brought to WCW, built up as an invincible threat, and finally beaten in a match bordering on unwatchable. One of the big reasons the nWo angle eventually turned sour and ruined the company was that WCW simply [[BoringInvincibleVillain ran out of credible opponents for Hogan to face]].
  242. ** it should also be noted that that particular match (Hogan v. Warrior) probably wouldn't have been a good match even if well-booked; both wrestlers were considerably past their prime and Hogan was never a dynamic wrestler - his finisher was a fucking leg drop, ffs. A leg drop. One moment, actually, let's discuss this: Hogan made damn sure we was always portrayed as an invincible god machine because of all the cash he drew in the 80s, right? Which meant we got to see him effortlessly beat (and squash and bury) dozens of talented young wrestlers, and how did he do this? No-sell, no-sell, punch, punch, Irish Whip, Clothesline, Legdrop, Pin. Every Goddamned show, we were forced to watch this insultingly lazy display squash wrestlers who were ''vastly more entertaining'' and ''worked far, far harder.'' Beyond his raging egomania, beyond his incessant grubbing for cash and screentime, beyond every gripe and grudge and tale of locker-room-drama, ''that'' was Hogan's true sin as a GodModeSue: he was consistently, inexcusably and thoroughly fucking '''boring.'''
  243. *** Anywhere he went, Hogan directly made sure he'd be a GodModeSue. He had [[ProtectionFromEditors creative control written into his contracts]], and wasn't afraid to manipulate events off-screen to keep that status. When he wasn't directly given his way, he'd complain until he got it. This has backfired on him more than once, most notably during ''Summerslam 2005'', when ShawnMichaels responded to Hogan playing the creative control equivalent of a royal flush by [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XyN5sAShqOA hilariously overselling all of his moves]] and making him look bad.
  244. ** If 'he' means Shawn, anyway. Shawn's overselling annoyed a number of people and made Shawn look pretty much seem like a complete asshole.
  245. ** YourMileageMayVary, of course. Because of Hogan not wanting to lose to Michaels, some see this as a justified TakeThat at Hogan's [[ExecutiveMeddling bid to retain his God Mode status.]]
  246. **** Some of us consider this particular match to be a split between CrowningMomentOfAwesome and CrowningMomentOfFunny.
  247. *** Beating Michaels (a veteran whose loss actually helped his HeelFaceTurn the following night) wasn't nearly as bad as Hogan beating Randy Orton the next year. Orton was a much younger wrestler that the WWE has been building up for the past few years, while Hogan was so lame from hip surgery that he couldn't even perform his famous leg drop.
  248. *** Nit-pick: TheUndertaker loss wasn't even clean; RicFlair slipped in a chair for him to get Tombstoned onto. That said, he did drop a non-title match to The Genius once via countout, so all you really need to do to beat Hogan is to be the brother of his friend.
  249. **** The match with Yokozuna also did not end clean, as a reporter blinded Hogan with an exploding camera to set up the end of the match. On the other hand, Yokozuna no-sold every bit of Hogan's arsenal (including the Leg Drop of death) and pretty much destroyed him otherwise.
  250. * KurtAngle, upon joining {{TNA}}. He headbutted resident [[WildSamoan Samoan]] {{badass}} SamoaJoe and not only lived to tell the tale but beat him. ''Several times''. While feuding with Joe, Angle managed to win ''every'' title the company had at the time. He was (and still is) featured ''heavily'' on TNA programming, to the point where the company has been nicknamed "Total Nonstop Angle." In recent times, he was a founding member of the Main Event Mafia, a group of other older wrestlers who'd made their reputations elsewhere (many of whom, including the aforementioned Sting, are also [[GodModeSue God Mode Sues]] of varying degrees) and proceeded to punk out most of the homegrown TNA roster. Even in the rare times Angle is made to look foolish, in the end he always wins.
  251. ** Subverted by his feud with then-newcomer Desmond Wolfe, who basically punks Angle out over and over and over again on Impact in order to make a name for himself. When they finally have their first match on PPV, Angle ''does'' win, but it's via a triangle choke (which is, technically, illegal in wrestling) which gives Wolfe an out, which he uses on the following Impact before beating Angle up ''again.''
  252. * TripleH. He loses matches so rarely that regardless of your card position it's considered an upset. On the rare occasions that he does lose a match there will probably be some foul play involved on his opponents end. When he loses he'll usually get revenge on the next show, or on some occasions the same show.
  253. ** Triple H is the biggest GodModeSue in professional wrestling today. When instructions for what screenshots could be published went out to gaming magazines regarding ''Smackdown vs. Raw 2009'', one of those instructions was ''not to show Triple H in a compromised or weakened position''! Not even Hogan can claim that.
  254. ** Though Triple H did lose ''three straight {{Wrestlemania}}'s,'' and he has a lot of ability to make up for his more decadent moments.
  255. *** Not to mention the fact that at all three of those {{Wrestlemania}}s, he was a villain. Although he almost never lost as a villain, when he did lose it was when it mattered most.
  256. **** Also, Triple H has the dubious distinction of having cleanly lost by pinfall to ''the Brooklyn Brawler'', of all people. We're talking about the ultimate jobber by definition scoring the pin fairly against the then-WWE Intercontinental champion. The crowd POPPED when the 3-count was made, and the only thing that could have made it sweeter for them would have been if it had been a title match. Lombardi himself considers it the fondest memory of his career.
  257. * {{Goldberg}} easily qualifies. He won his first 173 (the actual number of matches is up for debate, but 173 was definitely inflated for ''Kayfabe'') consecutive matches before finally losing to the larger Kevin Nash, and only then with some illegal help from Scott Hall. Even after joining the WWE, he went undefeated for nearly a year before finally losing to Triple H, again with outside assistance from Ric Flair. In fact, the first (and only) time he was beaten fair and square was late 2004 when he lost a handicap match in which he had to face THREE top wrestlers (Triple H, Randy Orton and Batista) forming a team against him, which is basically only "fair" in the sense that no one broke the rules set for that specific match. Basically every single time he's lost, it's either been against multiple opponents, or with the illegal outside help of some other wrestler, and he usually gets revenge on the perpetrator in the following weeks.
  258. ** During his initial winning streak (and, incidentally, the height of his popularity), not only did he win constantly, but every match, no matter who it was against, was a CurbStompBattle. Only a very few wrestlers managed to get in any moves offense-wise. In one notable example, Steven Regal took it upon himself to actually put together a string of offensive moves and, for a minute or so, had actual momentum before Goldberg came back and beat him. Behind the scenes, Eric Bischoff chewed him out for "making him (Goldberg) look like a fool out there!"
  259. * Rob Van Dam, sometimes accused of being a [[SpotMonkey Spot Monkey]], can qualify. Yes, the man can do a lot of fancy kicks and acrobatics but he gets to win practically against any wrestler who's put up against him while the very few moments he does lose usually involves his opponents cheating. Every match with him usually includes him launching a few kicks, doing a few flips, get knocked around a little, hit a Rolling Thunder on the opponent, and finally a Five Star Frog Splash to end it. And while people may not call RVD out for this as much as they do with Triple H, it should be noted that Rob Van Dam rarely, if ever, puts over younger wrestlers. He beat Rey Mysterio Jr. cleanly in a non-title match ''while Rey was the World Heavyweight Champion.'' He also didn't put Randy Orton over in his final WWE match and won that very match (usually it's considered proper etiquette for a wrestler to gracefully lose their final match before leaving the company). It also doesn't help that Rob Van Dan himself has admitted in past interviews that he's pretty much a non-conformist who always does his own thing. Then he defeated the reigning TNA champion AJ Styles for the title on an episode of Impact barely a month after coming to TNA.
  260. ** In ECW, Rob Van Dam was pretty much a Marty Stu extraordinaire. In WWE, however, he wasn't nearly as excessive. The reason for this is because WWF/E at the time had so many other God Mode Sues running around that there was no way Rob Van Dam was guaranteed to rise to the top of the God Mode pyramid. While RVD did get to beat pretty much all the lower card and mid card wrestlers, along with higher-card wrestlers like Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, and Rey Mysterio Jr., there was always that top tier group of wrestlers (aka Vince [=McMahon=]'s Elect) RVD could never overcome. He never defeated The Rock or Steve Austin, nor for that matter, Triple H. Both Undertaker and Kane have also defeated him quite decisively on several occasions. Brock Lesnar not only defeated RVD, but he kicked out of his Frog Splash. And even John Cena was able to defeat RVD cleanly on an episode of Raw once. However, now that he's signed up with TNA, RVD is looking to be turning back into the God Mode Sue he once was in ECW, having defeated both Sting and AJ Styles in less than a month of joining the company.
  261. ** When it came time for RVD to drop the TNA championship, he didn't even drop the belt in a match. Rather, he was attacked by Abyss with a 4x4 with giant nails coming out of every side of it, forcing him to vacate the title.
  262. * Almost every big name wrestler who signs onto TNA is guaranteed to have cheats enabled and run through everyone on God Mode for at least a little while after they first show up, and, despite being brand new to the roster, they will ALWAYS be the top contender for the championship within days of getting there. See above, Re: Kurt Angle. Generally, the only reason they ''won't'' have God Mode on is so they can paint someone else as a VillainSue.
  263. * The [[strike: Ultimate]] Warrior in WCW was an attempt at a GodModeSue, and the result of what happens when you have two of them dueling. For some strange reason, he now had the powers of teleportation (via trapdoors), could fill the ring with a smoke that knocked out every member of the NWO aside from Hogan, and [[MindScrew could appear in mirrors visible to Hogan (and the announcers, and the viewing audience) but invisible to the other members of the NWO)]]. The he finally fought fellow GMS Hogan, and was humiliated.
  264. ** Ultimate Warrior in the WWF was a God Mode Sue played straight. He rarely ever lost and pretty much ''never'' lost clean. He ran through other God Mode Sues like Hogan and the Honky Tonk Man with relative ease and ended the WWF career of legend RandySavage. Later on, he would face a pre-God Mode Sue TripleH and NoSell the Pedigree at ''Wrestlemania''.
  265. ** Warrior had some losses under his belt during his pre-WWF days, but after coming to the WWF and having his character re-invented as The ULTIMATE Warrior (Before going to the WWF, he was simply known as the Dingo Warrior in what was essentially the minor leagues of wrestling), ''he literally never once suffered a clean and fair loss for the rest of his wrestling career.'' That includes his time in the WWF along with WCW. Any loss he suffered came at the hands of outside interference or his opponent using a foreign object; not a single loss was from being fairly pinned or made to submit.
  266. * Michelle McCool was considered one. Around 2007 she was pushed as the top Face on Smackdown and eventually became the first Divas' Champion, making Natalya Neidhart (yes, Jim's daughter, Stu's granddaughter and Bret's niece) tap out. She was pushed as an invincible superwoman until she lost her title, promptly turned heel and feuded over the Women's title. She practically handed Melina's ass to her every week until she got the belt which she kept for over seven months only defending it about four times (A champion is supposed to defend the title every 30 days, but to be fair, rules for Women's belts have never been enforced as strongly). Even when Mickie James beat her for the belt she continued to bury the other divas until she got the belt a second time only four weeks after losing it.
  267. ** How bad people thought Michelle was varied, but her haters where very loud and constantly cited RomanceOnTheSet. She's definitely not a sue now regardless. She's still built up as a strong villain but not an invincible one. She has suffered clean losses regularly from Beth Phoenix and has cleanly put over the likes of Kelly Kelly and the Bella twins. She has also tapped out several times to Natalya now and has recently been put through a table. Chalk it up to the writers finally learning how to book a top heel properly.
  268. ** For example, some accusations went to Melina Perez after her return in 2010. Claiming she immediately earned a Divas' title match for no reason other than she pinned the champion once in a match. [[ItGotWorse Then effectively buried the current champion Alicia Fox twice - first in the match she won the title and secondly in the rematch which was basically two minutes of Melina doing move after move without letting Alicia get any offence in.]] Fans who would defend Melina would then be forced to aknowledge they may be slightly overblowing Michelle's "suedom"
  269. * JohnCena was a rather notorious example of this during his first run with the World Title through 2005 and 2006. Prior to picking up the title, Cena was arguably [[BreakoutCharacter the most over]] wrestler at the time, so the WWE responded by finally putting the belt on him. What followed was Cena steam rolling over any competition in his path, Goldberg-lite-style. This in combination with his [[LighterAndSofter underdog and free spirit attitude]] and his perceived lack of skill contributed to a very [[XPacHeat antagonistic crowds.]]
  270. * Let's not neglect to mention the man (to the extent that he can be called a man) who may well be professional wrestling's ultimate God Mode Sue, especially if the BigDamnHeroes element of his character is emphasized. To give just one of countless examples, there was the legendary 2007 Royal Rumble Match in San Antonio, Texas. The Great Khali came in as the 28th entrant and tyrannized the match for the next three minutes, head-butting ''everyone'' in the ring (which was done in so hilariously perfunctory a manner that it looked as if the competitors were ''lining up'' to receive their head-butts!) and eliminating seven men almost effortlessly. As the seconds ticked down to the arrival of the 30th and final entrant, one commentator was breathlessly raving: "The Great Khali is dominating this Rumble! Who can possibly stop him? Who?!" Cue the sound of the final buzzer, and then....[[TheUndertaker *DONG*]].
  271. ** And let's face it, we love him for it. Undertaker's one of those few guys that can be a God Mode Sue because he rarely steals the spotlight outside of Wrestlemania, and even though he usually wins his matches it's usually hard fought and the other guy is praised for being able to stand up to the Deadman. Even Smarks who call him "Nosell Mc. Neverjob" usually do it in an affectionately teasing manner, and anyone who's suspected of legitimately thinking the man is overrated is usually chewed out immediately. Of course, it helps that unlike most other God Mode Sues he's actualy willing to put guys over.
  272. *** Taker is also very often used as a [[TheWorfEffect Worf]]. Whenever some new monster heel shows up, he will inevitably target Taker and destroy him just to show how bad he is. This has led to one of the most indisputably brilliant professional wrestlers in the history of the business being stuck working in some of the most disastrously bad matches of all time - with matches against the likes of El Gigante, Kronik and The Great Khali - through no fault of his own.
  273. *** Also, Taker's unique spin on the no-sell helps immeasurably; instead of just standing there like the massive fist colliding with his face was nothing more than a particularly aggressive gust of wind, he permits himself to actually hit the ground. Hard. He'll be lying out flat on the ground, eyes closed, completely immobile and his opponent will be celebrating [[ItGotWorse and then he sits up.]] He has perfected his ImplacableMan routine and it is indeed a large portion of why he is beloved.
  274. * Brock Lesnar took this trope to the extreme now unlike most of the other examples, he did it in his first 12 months that included him winning the King Of The Ring, winning the championship 5 months later, defeats Undertaker in a Hell In A Cell, loses the title due interference, wins the Royal Rumble then highlights and wins the main event at Wrestlemania. All of them are his first times.
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  277. [[folder:Tabletop Games]]
  278. * [[ForgottenRealms Elminster of Shadowdale]]. Probably the most notable is that he gets to bed the goddess of magic, as well as numerous other hot super-powered babes. And that he's still alive in 4th Edition, which means that not even the death of his patron goddess, the magic Weave going bonkers, the resulting Spellplague, ''and'' the chaos resulting from the deaths of other heroes and gods could kill him. The saving grace is that the death of his goddess was a metaphysical kick to the balls, meaning he isn't orders of magnitude more powerful than anyone else and doesn't have PlotArmor anymore.
  279. ** In 3.0 the normal maximum character level is 20, and characters roughly double in power every two levels. Elminster was level 39, ''768 times more powerful than it is possible for a PlayerCharacter to be!'' (as a comparison, an Olympic athlete is level 5-6 while the most ancient and powerful dragon in the world is level 27)
  280. *** In ''CallOfCthulhu'' d20, '''Cthulhu''' is ''only'' level 35.
  281. **** And yet in the playtests, if I recall correctly Chtulhu beat Elminster 17 times out of 20, and even when he won [[BrokeYourArmPunchingOutCthulhu Elminster was so spent that he couldn't do anything to stop Cthulhu from regenerating and subsequently kicking his ass]].
  282. *** 2 writeups in 3.0 - once in ForgottenRealms and once in [[ExpansionPack Epic Level Handbook]]. [[MinMaxing He's not very strong for his level, though.]] Also, whenever his stats appear, those levels are available to players, too. In theory.
  283. *** Level mostly stops having any meaning in DungeonsAndDragons past 17. As at [[BeyondTheImpossible level 17]] you already can pretty much [[DivideByZero destroy reality]] [[MinMaxing if you care to]]. But even without infinite loops and "I win" exploits, and exotic class combinations, Elminster is actually piss-weak compared to an average level 20 spellcaster, who picked straightforwardly useful options during his career. So, if there is a such thing as a failed attempt at creating a GodModeSue, Elminster is one.
  284. ** It could be argued that Elminster actually ''grew'' into this over time (not that that makes it any better, per se). His earlier AD&D stats are largely just those of a wizard of high but theoretically reachable level with a few custom tricks and mostly rumors for background; somebody player characters might someday catch up to. Cue the later novels (by his original creator) ''detailing'' said background and introducing the whole 'getting there by boffing the goddess of magic herself' bit apparently wholly out of the blue, and...
  285. *** In first edition, Elminster was a 29th level mage whose powers were largely undefined (leaving it up to the individual DM to determine what spells he had). In AD&D, he stayed at 29th level, but had his rules codified and all the Chosen of Mystra mechanics added in (the Chosen of Mystra concept wasn't in Greenwood's very first ideal of the Realms, but he did have the Seven Sisters and Elminster by the time of his very early stories for it; it was basically just background with potential aces up the sleeve for the characters in question until AD&D came along). In 3rd edition, he was stuck with the problem of a number of his levels being from early in life (Fighter, Rogue and Cleric), so in order to keep him as a 29th level mage, the people responsible for statblocks had to artificially inflate his levels up to 35, then add on the Chosen of Mystra template (+4 CR) to bring it up to the 39 total. When he was re-done for the Epic Level Handbook, they didn't do a very good job of shifting him across from the proto-Epic rules to the actual ones. As has been pointed out, he's extremely weak for his level, to the point where low-epic (levels 21-25) wizards can beat him if they put their minds to it.
  286. **** I almost feel Elminster should have a separate entry in the literature section. In the ''books'' he's ridiculous competent at ''non''-magic things (not to mention seducing Mystra) but the wizard (and his other classes, of course) don't have his massive investigative and social skills so his in-game counterpart won't be as strong. Furthermore, in 2e magic items didn't suck, and his 3.x counterpart has those same items (which do), so he's not properly MinMaxing either. His tabletop version is not GodModeSue. His literature version '''is'''.
  287. * Players of the White Wolf WorldOfDarkness fan club Camarilla's global chronicle know a God Mode Sue whenever any of the White Wolf staff show up to a convention. In the Year of Fire of Masquerade, any time an Antediluvian walked into the room, you knew everybody was going to die.
  288. ** ''VampireTheRequiem'' has The Unholy, who is clearly somebody's boner. Not only is she a badass half-crow cowboy woman who also has the looks of a model and kills absolutely everybody and everything in a room for the slightest provocation, but she's had no less that ''three separate write-ups'' in canon, each time detailing her badassery a little bit more cranked up. Oh, and there's the WordOfGod that she's also Dracula's ex-girlfriend.
  289. *** Though somewhat compromising this is that the second mention of her name in the core book is as an example of how long rising from torpor takes... following her getting her ass ''thoroughly'' beaten by Lupines. Long story short, eight hundred years.
  290. **** [[FridgeLogic Wait a minute...]] That means she was still in torpor when Vlad the Impaler was a living mortal. Either that or the historical Dracula was a cover identity for an older vamp.
  291. * The concept transcends setting and game franchises, but the [[{{GMPC}} DMPC]] is a well-known one in most gaming circles. At its best, the DMPC("Dungeon Master's Player Character") is just another player character, subject to all the rules and failings of all the others. At its worst, it can end up being that character that's just...better than everyone else. Because the DM controls the game world and can adjust it to allow for the character as he likes, the character can be nigh-unstoppable, and thoroughly ruin the experience for the other players- after all, "Why play if the DM is [[{{IfYouKnowWhatIMean}} just going to play with himself]]?"
  292. ** Can't think of many other games that use the concept, but at least in [[MaidRPG Maid: The RPG]] the GMPC character, the Master, is actually mechanically weaker than all the others. This is why he needs them and depends on them. Of course, the Master also gets a Power Source that, while not giving him any mechanical benefits, makes sure that story-wise he is still the most powerful dude around...
  293. *** That's different, though: The rules are actually built to include (nay, require!) a [=GMPC=] character. Most game systems (and non-system games) assume the [=GM=] will play all the [=NPCs=] the same; things go awry when the [=GM=] takes a vested interested in one character and makes that "his" character, bending the rules and/or setting of the game to give said favorite [=NPC=] an inappropriate level of focus/influence.
  294. * Kaldor Draigo, the Grand Master of the Grey Knights of Warhammer40000 fame, has claimed the dubious title of being the most ridiculously overpowered character apart from background ones like the Emperor. He has taken on a [[PhysicalGod Daemon Primarch]], destroyed the most powerful minions of the Chaos Gods and all while being in the Warp (where all others would be driven insane or simply killed). He has actually managed to break the WillingSuspensionOfDisbelief in a setting that runs off BeyondTheImpossible. Ruleswise he can also [[BuffySpeak out Creed]] [[MaryTzu Creed]]. Unsurprisingly he was created by Matt Ward; who has done similar things with the Ultramarines (who apparently have a psyker more powerful than the Emperor) and Blood Angels (who view a force of [[CompleteMonster Necrons]] as a WorthyOpponent, to the point of letting them escape).
  295. ** To further elaborate on the above, he carved the name of the previous supreme grand master Janus into the heart of said daemon primarch, single handedly holding off a daemon horde for two days in real space, killing a daemon prince with a broken sword, Killing one of Khorne's strongest bloodthirsters with little to no weaponry, taking said bloodthirsters axe and reforging it into a sword for his own personal use USING HIS MIND, slaying 6 of Slaanesh's chosen daemonettes, setting fire to Nurgle's garden, walking into the City of Tzeentch and single handedly smashing it to rubble and slaying countless daemons whilst being trapped in warpspace.
  296. ** In fact, the above stole the 40k Sue crown from another Ward creation, Ultramarines Chapter Master Marneus Calgar. Beloved by all? Check. Even the other uber bad-ass Astartes commanders want to be him? Check. Wise ruler of one of the mightiest and most prosperous systems in the galaxy? Check. Led his personal armies to destroy a Hive fleet of billions of alien monstrosities that can swallow entire -sectors- of the galaxy? Check. Calgar actually faced an Eldar Avatar of Khaine (the incarnation of their deity of war), a being that one of the most lethal Primarchs needed to resort to an [[Infinity Plus One Sword]] to defeat, and after taking two hits for the sake of theater, destroyed it in a single blow. Characters are supposed come across as powerful in their codex, but...damn. Partially subverted in that while he is a strong unit in the actual game, he is not overpowered and in fact rarely used competitively.
  297. * [[EnforcedTrope Enforced]] in {{TSR}}'s ''IndianaJones'' RPG. Lucasfilm insisted that Indiana Jones could not die in the game, and didn't care about TSR's protests that they couldn't control what players did, so TSR pumped up Indy's stats to the point where he was completely invincible.
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  301. * Deconstructed in ''FireEmblem: The Sacred Stones'', when Lyon, a [[LawfulGood noble]] but fairly wimpy {{Bishounen}} [[TheWhitePrince prince]] [[HeroicSelfDeprecation with horrible self-esteem problems]], ''tried'' to become this. In order to overcome his own weaknesses, become the ruler that Grado needed in order to save it from [[spoiler:a horrific natural disaster]], and also [[GreenEyedMonster prove that he was better than]] [[GuileHero Ephraim]] and woo [[HotAmazon Eirika]], he created the [[ObviouslyEvil Dark Stone]] from the [[SealedEvilInACan Fire Emblem that houses]] [[{{Satan}} the Demon King]][[SealedEvilInACan 's soul]], believing that with its incredible power that he'll be able to overturn the fundamental laws of nature, raise the dead, and see into the future. The good news is, it works. [[JackassGenie Kind of]]. The bad news is [[spoiler:that it was all a part of the Demon King's BatmanGambit to take control of Lyon's body and plot his own return to power.]]
  302. * Shuji Yamagami, the protagonist of the VisualNovel H-game ''Season of the Sakura'' is something of a {{Deconstruction}} of the GodModeSue. He's an incredible athlete without ever having to practice, but he refuses to join any teams at his new school despite the insistence of all his classmates. Later on he admits that at his old school, he joined every team and tried to be the "school hero," but the ease with which his skill came annoyed those who actually had to work to get good, and he ended up an outcast. Following that he promised never to join a team unless he found an opponent who could beat him. The only sport he isn't good at is swimming, which he actually can't do, thanks to violent hydrophobia.
  303. * Ingrid from MassiveMultiplayerCrossover ''Capcom Fighting Jam'' sure seems like this. A goddess who is apparently [[OlderThanTheyLook older than she looks]], has [[WhiteHairedPrettyGirl white hair]], claims that M. Bison stole her powers (despite them never having met), can TimeTravel, and is apparently one of the strongest characters in the series (she was also made a CanonImmigrant after an appearance in ''StreetFighter Alpha 3: MAX''). The game she debuted in wasn't received too well and she hasn't appeared since. Make of this what you will.
  304. ** Ingrid is an interesting case. In her intended origin game (''Capcom Fighting All-Stars''), she was one of three heroes whose main importance was holding part of the code needed to stop a bomb from destroying [[FinalFight Metro City]], and she seemed to be nothing more amazing than a standard CuteBruiser. When ''CFAS'' was cancelled, she was put into the oft-maligned ''Capcom Fighting Jam'', where she became a powerful sun goddess while the other two ''CFAS'' protagonists vanished never to be seen again.
  305. * Crowe Almedio from ''[=~Star Ocean: The Last Hope~=]''. Oh dear gods, Crowe. He is the protagonist's eternally unbeatable [[TheRival rival]]. He met some of your party members before you (they all thought he was awesome). While you were saving the world, he was busy saving it better. Enemy stronghold? He was there first, and left it in ruins. Ally stronghold? He was there first, and they loved him. When he finally shows up in the flesh he [[spoiler: proceeds to massacre the enemies who your whole party struggled with, and the ship they flew in on (while one of your party comments on how awesome he was at it). After his [[HeroicSacrifice heroic sacrifice]] (destroying a weapon the size of a planet about to destroy a whole fleet. By himself). a wing of his ship manages to escape the resulting carnage and land in the exact necessary location to block the unpassable whirlwind guarding the final dungeon. And then finally, for literally no plot reason whatsoever he's not dead, but alive on another planet, where he immediately marries a beautiful woman and becomes the ancestor of the protagonist from the first game.]]
  306. ** There is actually one person who does ''not'' like Crowe and is trying to kill him (Myuria Tionysus), but [[spoiler: just when she's about to kill him for the murder of her husband, Crowe ''immediately'' [[AssPull pulls out a recorded message from her husband putting him in the clear]], just to make sure that he's on ''everyone's'' good side.]]
  307. * Rex from AgarestSenki. As far as the continent of Aegisthus, [[DarkestHour a continent where the only remaining bits of civilization are isolated to incredibly small portions of land and about to be overrun as well,]] was concerned the man just came out of nowhere yet the first king you meet, who's known as [[RedBaron The Emperor of War]], hands control of his armies over to Rex and he proceeds to immediately turn the tides of battle wherever he goes. He [[TalkingYourWayOut talks Vashtor back]] from the Forces of Darkness, something not even Vashtor's best friend's son could manage. Any trap thrown at him fails, even those set by [[MagnificentBastard Vashtor himself]]. Everyone [[UnwantedHarem woman he meets falls madly in love with him]]. He kills the remaining [[SuperpoweredMooks Gurgs]], something that not even the Gods of Light could fully accomplish. [[ScrewDestiny Unlike his ancestors he is given the choice of whether or not to sacrifice himself]]. He chooses to instead release the six Gods of Darkness rather than die to seal them away, and then proceeds to [[DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu kill them all.]] He survives [[TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt the world ripping itself apart]] for killing said gods, and lives out the [[BabiesEverAfter rest of his life with any one of the women and their child.]] Sure, [[InformedFlaw he tries to tell people he has faults, but never once do any of them ever show up.]]
  308. * Bo Jackson from ''[=TECMO=] Bowl.'' {{ESPN}} writer Bill Simmons once half-jokingly suggested that they do a special on him where gamers recount their stories of abject domination in hushed tones.
  309. ** [[DiscreditedMeme Bo Knows]] how to own you completely.
  310. * Sigmund from InfiniteUndiscovery. He's a badass warrior, he can use the item crafting system to literally craft ''any item in the game'' which can be made that way, and he starts the game as the defacto leader. Hell, most of the cast within the story resent (if not outright hate) the protagonist Capell simply because he happens to kinda look like Sigmund and yet isn't a complete badass. He spends the first act of the game as a flute player who has just learned how to use a sword and they're wondering why he doesn't want to throw himself into the fray. Like Sigmund.
  311. * The Phoenix Gundam of SDGundamGGeneration is quite possibly the most powerful Mobile Suit in any of the seven ''{{Gundam}}'' universes. The Phoenix is pretty much a walking black box with no concrete origin, but abilities that seem to be gleaned from every ''{{Gundam}}'' universe (except ''{{Gundam 00}}'', which was made after the Phoenix) turned UpToEleven, like {{BFG}}s stronger than [[GundamWing Wing Zero]]'s and a FinishingMove more powerful than [[GGundam God Gundam]]'s -- and oh yes, it uses {{Nanomachines}} both for quick repair and to disable other MS' nanomachines, meaning it might be capable of taking down the mighty [[TurnAGundam Turn A Gundam and Turn X]], which are the watermark for absolute power in ''Gundam''.
  312. ** In the later game ''G Generation World'', it gained its ''{{Gundam 00}}'' element - data on every MS ever created and cells from the shapeshifting alien ELS, which {{Retcon}}[=/=]HandWave its ability to create any other unit in the game.
  313. * Rai, the PlayerCharacter in the ''CodeGeass'' VisualNovel ''Lost Colors'', is a rather extreme case. He's effectively a "best parts" combination of the show's male leads, being as smart as Lelouch and as strong as Suzaku; and while the anime does have a character like this (Li Xingke), he has disadvantages such as the IncurableCoughOfDeath; Rai has none. He also possesses a Geass almost identical to Lelouch's, but based on speech rather than eye contact. On the plot side of things, he either become Zero's right hand, Suzaku's partner, or he can revive the Japan Liberation Front single-handedly and oppose both sides. On the romantic side, you can end up partnered with virtually any character from ''CodeGeass'', regardless of annoying little things like {{Canon}} romantic rivals.
  314. * Ash Crimson in ''KingOfFighters'' starts out as a promising villain in 2003 by sneak attacking BarrierMaiden Chizuru Kagura and stealing her powers... but as the games go by, he starts pulling off some really crazy stuff like [[spoiler: effortlessly defeating Orochi Iori and stealing his powers as well, and finally doing the same to series protagonist Kyo Kusanagi.]] It is revealed that [[spoiler:this was all part of a XanatosGambit to defeat the true villains, Those From The Past]], and the series ends [[spoiler:with Ash single-handedly foiling the menace by erasing them and himself from the timeline.]] Yes, you read that correctly. [[spoiler:Kyo, Iori and Chizuru, the iconic main characters of the series, have been made obsolete by a character coming out of nowhere who can wield green flames for some reason]]. No wonder [[AmericansHateTingle Western KOF Fans Hate Ash Crimson]]...
  315. ** To be fair, [[spoiler: taking Chizuru's power was the reason why Orochi Iori was easily defeated. The Yata Mirror has been shown to seal away Orochi powers, which, combined with Orochi Iori already been in a battle or two before, wouldn't make it so impossible for Ash to actually defeat Iori.]]
  316. ** Also, in a way [[spoiler: his [[XanatosGambit Xanatos Gambit]] failed. His plan was just to kill [[IdenticalGrandson Saiki]]. Unfortunately, [[CompleteMonster Saiki]] easily overwhelmed Ash and [[FusionDance took over]], causing the whole [[PaintItBlack Dark]] [[SNKBoss Ash]] situation. The best Ash could do after that was pull a [[TakingYouWithMe Taking You With Me]] on Saiki. And keep in mind this is ''after'' you beat Dark Ash.]]
  317. * Keiran Thackeray comes off as a bit of a GodModeSue in the ''Guild Wars'' chapter Hearts of the North, when you control his character to experience his memories. Many forum-goers complained that Thackeray's missions were "too easy" because of his ability to steamroll everything, including being able to pretty much casually one-shot one of the hardest bosses in the game. Some interpret this as a bid to make him seem worthy of marrying fan-favourite Gwen at the end of the chapter rather than fitting characterization. However, heavy hints from the developers suggest this may actually be a subversion - since we are watching Thackeray's memories from his own point of view, he may be an unreliable narrator, and is probably greatly exaggerating his own prowess when he views his past deeds. This interpretation of it as a subversion makes more sense than taking it literally when you compare his POV missions to the missions where he is a helpful NPC; he is a competent fighter but certainly not the unstoppable beast we see through his own eyes.
  318. * In the Gameboy DS installment of ''GloryOfHeracles'', a major plot point is having your characters discover their true identities, and 2 of them are believed to be the legendary hero Heracles. The one that isn't the SilentProtagonist PlayerCharacter [[spoiler: turns out to be Iphecles, brother to the actual Herecles]]. After this is revealed, [[spoiler: Iphecles disappears, having been DeadAllAlong, and is replaced by Heracles in your FiveManBand Party]]. Now, before he leaves, [[spoiler: Iphecles]] is TheBigGuy and MightyGlacier of the party, with high health and attack stats but is on the lower end of the speed and magic stats. Standard logic would dictate that his replacement, who even has the same equipment capabilities and the same gear as his predecessor, would be in the same vein. And standard logic would be woefully wrong; [[spoiler: Heracles]] joins the party with LightningBruiser stats that give him more attack power than TheMario PlayerCharacter OR his replacee, more speed than FragileSpeedster Leucos, higher defenses than StoneWall Axios, and stronger magic than SquishyWizard Eris at that point of the game.
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  322. * Kimiko of ''DresdenCodak'' has gotten a few of the same accusations, only with technophilia instead of sorcery. The whole "being [[WithGreatPowerComesGreatInsanity batshit insane]]" thing would do better to redress this if it weren't heading toward making her [[AGodAmI a nigh-omnipotent (but virtuous and misunderstood) nano-being]]. [[spoiler:This lasts a page or so before she loses her enhancements.]]
  323. ** An early comic [[http://dresdencodak.com/2006/01/30/epilogue/ also shows]] that her path of becoming nigh-omnipotent would lead her to destroy most of the world and end with her miserable and alone, wishing for the past. The page is titled "Epilogue."
  324. ** The arc following "Hob," "Dark Science," starts with her making a stupid mistake that costs her her house and ''all'' her money.
  325. * Gregory Deegan in ''DominicDeegan: Oracle For Hire'' starts out as a physically handicapped, emotionally frail person that was made that way due to the bullying of older brother Jacob. Eventually, this aspect just gets overturned and Gregory is turned into a near-invincible supermage capable of doing pretty much whatever the plot demands of him, at one point turning him into a literal superhero.
  326. ** Dominic himself is also accused of this, with his [[BatmanGambit ability to plan]] being seen by some as getting [[XanatosRoulette more than a little out of hand]], while the rest of the cast sees him as the [[DeusExMachina "I Win" button for the current crisis]], and at one point deliberately ''avoided'' getting his help in order to prove to themselves that they could get along without him.
  327. ** Recent events may have curbed this a bit. Greg's suffered the double whammy of having his girlfriend dump him because he was ''too'' carefree and [[BroughtDownToNormal having his magic]] ''[[BroughtDownToNormal ripped away]]'' by the Infernomancer. The current EldritchAbomination BigBad has also managed to render Dominic's Second Sight useless in matters concerning it.
  328. ** And then Greg invented Metal. Yes, ''that'' Metal. In a fantasy setting.
  329. *** In all fairness, electric guitars already existed. He just crushed glam rock with the power of METAL.
  330. * [[AuthorAvatar Chris Chan]] in the webcomic ''{{Sonichu}}''. With the power stored in his High School Ring, he can become Chris-Chan Sonichu, a very powerful entity who has a singular weak spot, which has been targeted a grand total of twice, and can defeat most of Chris's enemies with only a little effort. Even without his Sonichu form, he has ComboPlatterPowers out the woz. He can use [[AllYourPowersCombined all other Sonichu powers]], magic spells, ''{{Yu-Gi-Oh}}!'' cards turned real, and psychic powers. He's even got an [[{{Transformers}} Autobot]] for a car. Even before the comic began, Chris was a [[MightyMorphinPowerRangers frigging Power Ranger]]. He's so powerful that he essentially negates the point of the title character even existing. Chris appeared to realize this after his "fans" informed him of this, and comic book Chris eventually left the story, with the promise that he'd give Sonichu back the spotlight. Needless to say, Chris broke his promise and his character not only returned, but also was made ''even more powerful''.
  331. * Stella and Claire in {{Collar 6}} are the embodiment of this being capable of doing everything from changing someone's clothes before the person has even noticed that they've moved, to [[spoiler: finding all of Butterfly's bugs, capturing her spy, and feeding her faulty information]]. Somewhat ironically, they use their abilities [[ItMakesSenseInContext to be slaves]]
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  335. * ''HomestarRunner''. Look out! It's "[[http://www.homestarrunner.com/sbemail188.html Twelve Times a Day Man]]"!
  336. * Adonis Zorba of ''SurvivalOfTheFittest'' version 3. It is mentioned in his profile that he boxes at a regional level - something matched only by [[ScaryBlackMan Bobby Jacks]] who spent literally his entire teenage years training for his prowess. Added to the three other martial arts he knows, and this is a far greater level of proficiency than any teenager could ever have.
  337. -->(Profile excerpt)'''Hobbies and Interests:''' Martial Arts (Hapkido, Judo, Kenpo), Boxing, Island Music (reggae, ska, raggamuffin), theatre, and [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking juggling]].
  338. ** Don't forget post-handler adoption Liam Black, who uses what has become known as "superlogic" to discover a well-hidden kidnapping plot using practically nothing at all to base his discovery on, as well as deducing that the lack of announcements meant that [[spoiler: the terrorist's computer systems were down (they were, having been messed up by the return of the Jack O'Conner virus)]]. He also catches another player running at him with a flag, deduced that she was going to try and choke him with it (she was, but is that really the first thing that comes to mind when somebody rushes you wielding a flag?), and then proceeded to drop onto his back, get back up, and get a garroting wire around her neck, all supposedly before she could react to it. Fortunately, all this is offset by most of the characters around him not taking him seriously.
  339. *** There is a good reason why he's my OldShame.
  340. * Drake Musha in the ''Living Dead RPG'' (a forum RPG based on ''DeadRising'') is the epitome of GodModeSue. He's a badass, merciless killer that slaughters every single zombie in the Entrance Plaza with bullets, blades, a grenade, a propane tank, his bare hands, and [[{{GrievousHarmWithABody}} another zombie]]. His eyes also [[{{RedEyesTakeWarning}} turn red]] when he's about to kill things, then turn normal when he's done. He's looking for his sister who's lost in the mall and has no problem threatening to kill every single person he sees for no particular reason. Needless to say, he just killed pretty much the entire hoard threatening the group he's with. By himself. With his [[{{BareFistedMonk}} bare hands]] for most of it.
  341. * Dragore from the Furtopia ''[=~Darwin's Soldiers~=]'' [=RPs=] is ludicrously powerful. Several times, he effortlessly slaughters a group of armed terrorists in mere seconds. Oh, by the way, Dragore is '''six''' years old!
  342. * Fey from WhateleyUniverse. Depicted as hands-down the most beautiful girl in school (with a magical effect that adds to it, so not only the straight guys and lesbian girls want her, but also everyone else; including the elements), the SINGLE most powerful wizard in the world, being the only one who does not conform to MagicAIsMagicA, has the highest possible Wizard Rank when she's not bound to her spirit, and only gets more powerful from there. Broke the supposedly indestructible Arena forcefield, and has been referenced being potentially powerful enough to defeat the multitude of Lovecraftian horrors in the setting. And the whole "Queen of the West" bit with convenient claims to rulership of the Sidhe and ancient pacts with the elements, the Weres, and no doubt a bunch of other supernatural beings we haven't seen yet?
  343. ** Chaka as well, although to a lesser degree. Seriously, what ''can't'' she do, if you stick 'ki-enhanced' in front of it? Massages that are practically addictive and leave you in a puddle on he floor? No problem. Passing through a PK brick's force field? No problem. Fixing or alieviating problems for a good number of the Thornies? No problem. Ridiculously proficient mastery of any weapon you hand her, almost instantly? No problem (though admittedly martial arts is basically her superpower). 'Blocking her brow chakra' to make herself invisible to psychics and immune to their attacks, as well as trapping evidence of said attacks? No problems. Ki-powered super-mopping, for goodness' sake. At one point she manages to use Ki to stick to the walls like spider man (during the TK's first sim run story).
  344. * The BinderOfShame features Dungeon Master Biff Bam and his favourite NPC, "Dick Marvil."
  345. -->Dick Marvil was a man among men, a millionaire playboy and inventor. His hobbies were archeology and fighting crime. He was a master of the martial arts, boxing, fencing and a crack shot with any kind of gun. He could also drive racecars, navigate ships and fly aircraft. As he led us from room to room of the strange manor he puffed away on a pipe that had been given to him by 'Sherlock Holm''ses'''.
  346. ** Also, the character Deviant Boy creates for his girlfriend is TheChosenOne who gets to team up with extradimensional angels and save the world from vaguely alien sex slavers.
  347. * Linkara from AtopTheFourthWall alternates between this and a BrokenAce TedBaxter. He portrays himself as something akin to the protector of reality itself, though it's played for laughs most of the time. Most blatant when he gives an InTheNameOfTheMoon speech in the finale for his 2010 Halloween special, where he explicitly talks about how awesome he is. Considering his [[SelfInsertFic earlier]] [[OldShame work]], this might not be much of a surprise.
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  351. * Omni from ''TeamGalaxy'' is a really blatant example of this. In the season two finale, "Predator Plants From Outer Space" (sadly, nothing to do with ''{{Little Shop of Horrors}}''), he is not only incredibly smart (more so than {{the smart guy}} on the team), but nice, sociable and heroic, an accomplished fighter and has ''PsychicPowers'' to boot. And now it looks like he is becoming a regular on the show.
  352. ** The show got cancelled so there's no telling, but it definitely seems more like he'd have been a villain in disguise in subsequent episodes, rather than a wonderful new Wesley stand-in.
  353. * Subverted in ''Ben10AlienForce'' with 'Alien X'- one of the forms Ben can take that seems to be indestructible with godlike power... but to use it, he has to gain the approval of two other beings within the form... that have not been able to agree with each other in ''millions of years'' (they were still debating over whether or not they should save the dinosaurs from the impending meteor). Until Ben came along, they had no tiebreaker. After changing out of this form, Ben says "It's not worth the price."
  354. ** Ultimate Ben.
  355. * Bloom from ''WinxClub'' becomes this in season 3, when she becomes incredibly powerful for no apparent reason, to the point that, in her standard transformation, she was much stronger than the other girls in their ''Enchantix'' transformation. When she finally got her Enchantix, she was able to beat [[VillainDecay The Trix]] (yes, those three scary and unstoppable witches from the previous two seasons that almost took over the world) almost effortlessly. In the movie this gets even worse... however, the writers seem to have noticed this and took steps to remedy it: in Season 4, Bloom's power level is more or less equal to her friends', which takes her out of the trope.
  356. ** The second movie also does a good job of avoiding this trope. While Bloom is shown to be more powerful than her friends again, it's only slight and really only comes through when she exerts the full extent of her powers.
  357. * [[ThisLoserIsYou Ron Stoppable]] from ''KimPossible'' gets turned into this in the GrandFinale of the series, making Kim the biggest case of {{Chickification}} that there has been in quite a while. Actually [[WordOfGod admitted]] to have been a case of PanderingToTheBase of Ron's fans.
  358. ** And Kim was this in just about every other episode. [[CatchPhrase She can do anything]] indeed.
  359. * {{Recess}} has an interesting case. One episode revolved around a new kid showing up who's at first reluctant to engage in the various activities of the playground. The gang, however, convince him to at least try and it turns out he's not just good, but better than everyone at everything. In fact, his only flaw (self-admitted) was that ''because'' he was so perfect, no one ever liked him. The episode ends with the kid being called up by the President of the United States to solve some national problems and he's never heard from again.
  360. * Parodied in ''PhineasAndFerb'' with [[ShowWithinAShow Captain Improbable]], a superhero with ''every power that ever existed''.
  361. * The ''MenInBlack'' cartoon tends to portray K as this, mostly for the purpose of having J maintain a ButtMonkey role in their partnership. In one episode, K is blinded near the beginning but yet because of his training and years of experience still outclasses J at everything; not only does he still drive the car, but towards the end of the episode he's able to essentially use echolocation to plot out a complicated multi-rebound shot with a blaster pistol.
  362. * Played with in the ''{{WITCH}}'' episode "N is for Narcissist." A battle on Candracar ends up netting Cornelia with all five elemental powers (and a smoking hot body to boot), rendering the rest of the girls powerless (and unimpressed with her ever-inflating ego). She uses the powers to clean the floor with Nerissa's goons, which is [[XanatosGambit exactly what she wanted]] in order to obtain their powers. Thankfully, Corny gets her head back on straight and relinquishes the powers than let it control her.
  363. * I.M Weasel of IAmWeasel. Pretty much the whole premise of the show was showing how much better he was than I.R Baboon, a formula that gets annoying after a while.
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