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Rucka Rucka Ali - I'm Osama lyrics

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  1. I'm gonna fly some planes
  2. Into a couple buildings in Manhattan
  3. I'm I'm Osama
  4. Run tell Obama
  5. I'm your fucking uncle
  7. I walk into a airplane like
  8. Bro man salam
  9. This will be bumpy ride
  10. Put your seat belt on
  11. I got C4 bomb tucked into my undies
  12. The pilot says "DAMN SHOULD'VE RODE MY DONKEY"
  13. It's about to get crazy
  14. When it's time to pray
  15. I strap grenade to a baby
  16. "Allah save me"
  17. Happy Ramadamadamadingdong everyone
  18. Let me show you what plane flying lessons gave me
  20. Okay now turn left
  22. "For everything else... there's Mastercard"
  24. Maybe we just got off on the wrong foot
  25. Let's start over
  26. Hi we're gonna die
  27. Here's a plastic bag for cover bro
  28. Hope you're in the mood for 72 virgins
  29. And I don't mean dudes that get your computer working
  30. I'll explain it in a way that you can understand
  31. p;uitgf)(*&^vxzn/zjki;&%agfsbcsz dirkistan
  32. Hope you're planning on hearing 'bout great insurance offers
  33. 'Cause this plane's 'bout to crash into some health insurance office
  34. You heard of One Direction?
  35. I'm in Al Qaedirection
  36. My name is Zayn Hussein
  37. I flew a plane on 9/11
  38. Yes I may have let 'em planes go too far
  39. I meant to get 'em back to Yemen for a new car
  40. I'm the coolest guy every year at TerrorCon
  41. All the terrorists are like "oh he got a telephone"
  43. I'm gonna drive a cab
  44. Only got 20 bombs in my pocket
  45. I'm I'm Osama
  46. Sorry for the drama
  47. Where should I drop you off at (Thank you)
  49. I'm gonna drop some bags
  50. At the marathon up in Boston
  51. "TOO SOON"
  52. Shit I blew my balls off
  53. Whatchu know about explosive turbin on your noggin
  54. Who you know been getting more hate than Bin Laden
  55. This nigga, will fuck your kid and kidnap your parents
  56. One man's terrorist's another man's arab
  57. I'm a bad man bitches
  58. I'm from Palistan which is in Afghanistan
  59. I blew up Pakistan with a gas can
  60. Come and find me everybody I'm right here
  61. Hide and go seek champion 12 years
  62. I'm selling you slurpees at 7/11
  63. Up in Dearborn chilling with Saddam and his mothafuckers
  64. I lead a Syrian rebellion mothafucker
  65. I'm in New York on welfare mothafucker
  66. They be like "you must pay for 9/11"
  67. I'm like "Bro, can I pay you in Trident Layers?"
  68. I give you free Chili gift card and a bootleg Iron Man 3 and a Angry Birds t-shirt
  69. I call that a gift from me to your nation
  70. I call that a full 9/11 compensation
  71. Now we're squared up
  72. And the Kardashians have always worked for me
  73. I just wanna get that cleared up
  74. Anyone you see with a turbin is workin' for me
  75. Will we ever see middle east peace?
  76. Nigga please
  77. They'll always be 1 or 2 jihads at least
  78. Watch me spit a flow bro (Here we go)
  79. I got back hand like Macklemore (What)
  80. A bitch walk up and I smack a whore
  82. I'm gonna pop some caps
  83. Homie got dynamite in my jacket
  84. I'm I'm Osama
  85. Get ready for the summer
  86. Shit's about to blow up
  88. I wear the baddest robes
  89. I chill with bad ass bros
  90. Like David Allan Coe, Al Assad, and Camel Joe
  91. I wear the baddest bombs
  92. I kill americans
  93. I win the marathons
  94. Taylor Swift has camel toe
  96. I'm gonna fly some planes
  97. Into a couple buildings in Manhattan
  98. I'm I'm Osama
  99. Run tell Obama
  100. Let me fly Air Force One
  101. (Oops)
  103. Thank you
  104. First I need to thank, Jesus
  105. Without him there could be no 9/11
  106. I'd like to thank my flying instructor, Barack Osama *clears throat?*
  107. Obama, sorry hummus in my throat
  108. Jihad Xpress for the last minute job
  109. The Saudi family, Paula Abdul, Selena Gomez, and the rest of Hamas
  110. Thank you to my wife, there's too many of them to name
  111. And thank you R. Kelly who made me believe I could fly
  112. Thank you
  113. Oh and the fans, thank you to the fans
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