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Anarchotopia SimInfo 2015-04-01

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Apr 1st, 2015
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  1. Manifesto [Anarchotopia] Sim Info 2015-04-01
  3. Manifesto [Anarchotopia] is a virtual island in Second Life running since 2 Months, providing free space for anybody. Users are allowed to build whatever they like, in any style or size they wish. Since land in Second Life is very expensive, this seems to be a great gift. But be aware: The space is limited and everyone can delete any objects or kill other avatars. You don't have to pay anything to use this sim.
  5. What can i do in the Group?
  6. -Send Group Notices
  7. -Invite your friends.
  8. -Vote on Estate Bans
  11. What can i do in the SIm?
  12. -Use free land with 15000 Prims
  13. -Return everything from other people
  14. -Send other people home by killing them.
  15. -Change Audiostream
  16. -Request Terraforming
  17. -Request Groundtexture changes
  18. -Request Windlightsettings
  21. Since SL has a lot of limitation, there are some basic "Rules" that will be enforced:
  23. 1. To enter the Sim you need Payment Info on Account (So you cant just grief with Day1 Accounts)
  24. 2. Buildings above 1000m will be returned without warning.
  25. 3. Causing a huge performance impact on the Server will result in an Estate ban.
  26. 4. Graphic Crasher will result in an Estate ban.
  27. 5. Automated return system will result in an Estate ban.
  28. 6. Automated kill system will result in an Estate ban (HUDS, BOTS, etc)
  29. 7. Automated Groupchat messages will result in Group and Estate ban
  33. ======FAQ======
  35. Q: Will you change the Groundtexture?
  36. A: Yes, send me 4 Texture to use for the SIm and i will use them.
  38. Q: Will you change the Windlight?
  39. A: Yes, send me what you want and i will change it, as long i don't get eye cancer.
  42. Q: Someone in the Sim kills me constantly, what do?
  43. A: Come later again, get some shield, kill him faster.
  45. Q: Someone in the Sim returns my stuff constantly, what do?
  46. A: Tell him to git gud.
  48. Q: Someone kills everyone and/or returns everything constantly, the Sim cant be used in anyway.
  49. A: Ask in groupchat about what other people think of it, if enough want the person to be banned from the Sim, the person will get Estate banned.
  51. Q: Some troll is spamming the group with Notices
  52. A: I can see that myself!
  54. Q: Do i have to pay something?
  55. A: No, its free.
  57. Q: How long will the Sim exist?
  58. A: Until Juli, but if enough people use the sim on a regular basis, it will be longer.
  60. Q: I want special rights, how do i get them?
  61. A: You cant.
  63. Q: How long does it take for you to reply
  64. A: Under 12 hours probably.
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