Aebation x Justicar Spermicide RP

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  1. [2019-11-13 22:42] *Lone Hunter Justicar  It had for once been a pretty dry night, though some of his beta's and girls were actually going to put out he was getting tired of the usual- and all they knew how to do was the usual put out. Deciding to hit the movies to get his mind off things, and especially his hard cock, a clear visible outline in his sweatpants he bought some tickets to the new Monkey & Weasel Chase 3 movie. " Ugh when will they stop milking this franchise " he uttered to himself plopping in  his seat~ it was decently crowded and  just when he thought he was going to have some nice space to stretch out and sit his drinks some big puffy Panda sits right beside him... A WHOLE damn row.. and he scoots right there... Justicar sighed and rolled his eyes , as the lights dimmed he figured he'd barely notice anyways.
  3. [2019-11-13 22:52] *Aebation  rolled his eyes as he sat down. How many fuckin' times had he been to this theater and sat in his spot? He even carved his initials into the bottom of it years ago, and STILL some overgrown pile of fur decides they could steal it from him. The panda figured sitting down right next to him was a fitting punishment. Take his seat? Deal with the lack of personal space. The lights were completely dark, and the movie had started, casting everything in the auditorium with a sickly blueish glow. The panda put his popcorn by his side, wedged between his leg and the chair wall, and he started popping it back while watching the same banal jokes play out on screen. He knew why he came though: these movies always had some stacked blonde wearing too little clothing. At least the panda could have some tits to eyefuck while he ate some popcorn, seemed like a good use of a weeknight.  When she finally showed up (and a nipslip to boot), Aebation tried poorly to hide his adjustment of his groin to allow it to swell more by pretending he was scratching his balls. Shame the wolf sitting in what was supposed to be the panda's chair was breathing roughly, too. Did they both seriously come here for the same reason? The thought made the panda shudder. This wasn't supposed to be a porno theater, it was supposed to be HIS porno theater.
  5. [2019-11-13 23:00] *Lone Hunter Justicar  ignored the panda for a  good start of the movie, but when he noticed he kept annoying fidget he was about to tell the guy off, turning with his eyes nearly glowing in the movie theater he  uttered only a " H....." before stopping as he was about to lay into the guy. Justicar was trying to eye the girls rubbing each other. A group fo three, one seeming to be the 'mature friend sat on the end, with a nerdy girl in the middle, and a punker girl on the right. Both the punker and milfy looking mature had their hands up the nerdy girls skirt, it was obvious this was her first time wearing something so skimpy and now her friends were making her pay for it. Justicar could just smell them from here... but as he was going to tell off the big panda ruining his peep~ he smelled something too. Musk, need,  and  another dude.... The outline of both of them rock hard in their pants. Justicar sipped his drink with a smirked, letting one of his hands wander very slowly in the dark~rubbing up the panda's thigh and touching the outline of his cock before whispering without even looking toward the panda " Shhhhh~ or I'll call out how you were stroking off to those college girls" course the panda wasn't stroking off... yet? Well  he was getting stroked off... Justicar smirked his hands had already dug into the panda's shorts and fished out that dick, stroking it in the dark movie theater~ he was going to teach this bad panda a thing or two.
  7. [2019-11-13 23:10] *Aebation  gasped in shock when he felt a massive, clawed hand slip into his pants, gripping his cock. Almost managed to shout in blind range before he heard the wolf whisper in his ear. Aebation used every ounce of his power to restrain himself. He had a very, very bad feeling the wolf would make good on that threat. He mustered the courage to hiss out of the side of his mouth, looking before he did so to see that he hadn't attracted any attention. "You fuckin' wouldn't dare." When he turned his eyes to whisper, the bear caught a slight glimpse of something in the corner of his eye. It was almost impossible to see, hidden by the shadows the theater's projector had cast over every surface, but still he saw more than enough. The crotch of the wolf's pants were tenting. Hard. He hadn't ever seen a cock [i]half[/i] that size. When the pandas eyes flicked up, he saw the wolf staring at him, slight smirk on his muzzle telling the panda: "I caught you peeking". Suppressing his shame, the panda snapped back to reality when he felt the wolf's paws stroke down his shaft, claws ever-so-gently tickling the panda's flesh, now exposed to the air. "What, you some kinda fag? What's wrong, boys at the club reject you?"
  9. [2019-11-13 23:16] *Lone Hunter Justicar  smirked looking at the panda, in complete control~ if he cried wolf... or cried panda. The guy would get in so much trouble, he was pretty massive for a big panda, tugging down abit more he let those nice panda balls out loving the pattern and color of them hanging free in the dark movie theater " If I'm a fag, then what does that make you" justicar wipes a bit of precum  from the panda's dick " Seems your enjoying my big hand, and why wouldn't you~ I make anyone I touch enjoy themselves" Justicar moved down and left the panda hanging, only to cradle those nuts of his as the movie played on, justicar reached with his other hand and freed himself letting out his fat 14 inch cock as their two sticks stuck up in their row quietly. He jerked himself nicely while leaving the panda unattended.
  11. [2019-11-13 23:26] *Aebation  looked dejectedly downwards, trying to hide his shiver from the tip of the wolf's claw sliding over his dripping tip. What could he even do? If he tried to get up and leave, he'd get his ass on the sex offender registry when the wolf called him out. Couldn't hide it either, the beast's first stroke had caused him to involuntarily spurt out a short dollop of precum onto the theater floor. There was proof now. He was only getting out of this theater unnoticed if the man sitting next to him let him out. The panda considered his options. Start a fight to distract people and leave while no one would listen to what he was saying? Couldn't work, the wolf could probably knock his head off in one punch. Try to just put his cock away? It'd just get pulled out again, and he would risk angering his 'captor'. Ask nicely? The panda wasn't about to tap out like a bitch to some pervert. So his only option was try to assert some dominance and run the clock. Do what the wolf wants, eventually the movie would end, and people would leave. It was late into the night, no one would be coming into this theater for hours. Hiding his nervousness, Aebation gently pushed off the wolf's paw and replaced it with his own. "You can jerk it to me if you really want to. I still have 3 film babes to keep me going. Nice tool though, bro, must be tough never getting to use it." The panda stroked his paw down his cock, letting the precum that had been building up lubricate his thick prick. The wolf did have the size advantage. but confidence was everything, or so he thought, anyway. Just don't let the guy get to you and you'll get out alright, the panda thought. He tried to push canine thoughts out of his mind and focused on the girls in the movie as he started stroking, trying to look more relaxed and nonchalant than his "stroke partner" next to him.
  12. [2019-11-13 23:36] *Lone Hunter Justicar  smirked , after getting a good rub, he  reasserted his grip  back to the panda. Justicar was kinky enough to get his precum allll over that panda's cock " There got you all lubed and ready for the ladies~ but then again I'm sure they'd rather have a big alpha stud filling them full of my next generation than a big silly panda" he teased the panda but in earnest the panda actually had his attention more than the other girls. Back in his hey day sure it would've been  more shy to admit that a guy was giving him more interesting feelings than girls but now he was way more experienced and with a pack of beta's arranging from male and female and everything in between about nothing was no limits to Justicar. Justicar suddenly reached for the panda's pants and pulled them back over his hard on " here took a good pic of you stroking to the ladies~ I happen to be pals with the police chief... Wonder how well panda's do in jail... all those big musky  guys and some soft round guy just there for the taking" justicar grinned " Follow me... if you want me to get rid of it" he stood up and yawned grabbing his soda and leading the way to a nearby alley- not to the bathrooms " Get in the stall buddy, let's talk" he smirked, as two big guys were gunna 'talk' in one tight stall.
  14. [2019-11-13 23:44] *Aebation  pretending to give an annoyed grunt to hide a lustful groan from his needy cock throbbing against his tight pants. God, the panda could [i]smell[/i] him. Not his own cock, but just the precum the wolf had slicked the panda's member with. It reeked of masculinity, like every locker room he'd ever seen put together. A foreign scent like that wafting off of his prick made a bead of sweat form on the back of the pandas neck. Obediently, the panda followed the wolf into the stall, still holding onto some small hope deep within his mind that he would be out of here quickly. He followed the stall, and grunted when the wolf pushed behind him and shut the stall door, one claw pushing the lock forward with a final *click* that echoed through the air. The panda had an impressive pokerface, but it was beginning to slip. Another dude had stroked him off, the other guy took pictures of him jerking off in public, and now he was locked in a stall with no chips to bet with. "Look, man, just what do you want to "talk" about?"
  16. [2019-11-13 23:49] *Lone Hunter Justicar  " easy relax big guy, relax, I know your totally straight we won't get your wires crossed" justicar grinned and moved closer his fingers poking the panda moving up to his chin finally he moved in and they kissed long and deeply.  as someone entered the  bathroom justicar quickly sat the panda over the closer seat, making out with him with his legs kicked up in the air. So only one pair of feet appeared to be in the stall. The intense lathering of kisses as justicar pushed his tongue deeper inside the panda's mouth, hands taking advantage of this opportunity to feel all over that both muscular but lovely fatty body. He pushed their bulges together " Just let go panda, Be mine!" he growled he saying it gently now... but he'd take the panda if he had too, afterall he'd taken so many in his time.
  18. [2019-11-13 23:57] *Aebation  tried to turn his muzzle away when the wolf leaned in, but the panda was exhausted. He didn't know how he could fight it anymore. He could pull his mouth away, try to spit out the tongue trying to clean his throat, and tell off the wolf that he's just not that into him, but he had all the power. The wolf was mingling tongues, his roaming paws were affectionately massaging the panda's love handles, the bear's legs were helplessly thrown up in the air, limply bent around the wolf's backside, and above all, he could feel every single throb of the other man's cock against his own. The panda had no choice but to admit it to himself: the other man's cock was bigger, it pulsed harder, its musk was overpowering. Aebation could smell it on his own cock, and he knew with a touch of regret that the minute his cock popped free of his restricting garments the scent would be irresistible. The other wolf was some sort of fag sure, but he managed to get a straight boy on his back in a bathroom stall, seconds from taking his body. He meekly pulled his muzzle from the wolf's, a trail of saliva connecting their lips. "Just please let me go." He did what he said he couldn't do. He was tapping out. But still, as he begged, his cock threatened to burst the button of his shorts out.
  20. [2019-11-14 00:06] *Lone Hunter Justicar  " let you go? Oh pish posh, look you're enjoying it so much. Remember when We exchanged juices from our knobs. " justicar  slowly unzipped Aebation's spants letting that cock thud against his own belly " OH my look how big and swollen it's gotten, guess when a werewolf gets all over a panda he swells up... but the cock doesn't look like it's more useful... If anything it's more floppy semi-erect hell" he joked stroking that new boomstick of a cock, he used his thumb to tease that bulging's head big slit " Fuck you got a big hole dude...." he angled them up as he slapped his cock on the panda's a small swordfight, nothing alarming.Until he started poking onto that panda's dick, he'd do it again... and then do other things stroking, juggling those nuts, squeezing that panda ass... things to get him off guard then again his fat prick would press on the slit again until finally he couldn't help himself anymore " Fuck, i need this hole~ you're gunna take all my essence dude. Then You can have all the girls you want " he smirked
  22. [2019-11-14 00:17] *Aebation  's eyes widened as he watched his own supernaturally-swollen prick flop out. It was fully swollen, but not quite hard, molding perfectly in the wolf's hands. And the panda's fears were right: his cock reeked of the same musk the wolf's own dick smelled of. Precum dribbled constantly in a small river down his shaft, but even that constant application of masculine fluid did nothing to mask the overpowering scent of canine masculinity.  The panda's pretense finally died as the wolf slicked his cockhead in the bear's river of pre, while his huge paws shook the submitting panda's testicles. The panda's cheeks turned crimson with shame hearing the canine talk about the bear's swollen groin like it was some floozy's desperate cunt. Still, the ursine remained oblivious to Justicar's intentions until, after teasing it a couple times, the wolf pushed forward to mate his cockhead with the panda's piss-slit, and pushed [i]too far[/i]. "Wait, you're gonna fuck, wait, I..." the wolf cut off the panda's pathetic pleas by pushing forward, making the tip of his prick disappear into Aebation's shaft.  The bear groaned without any inhibition, making it very obvious how pleasurable it felt to be fucked in a way he never knew he could be. His mind disappeared under a fog of desire, and he spoke without thinking. His pisshole widened to accommodate the canine's superior prick, the constant slicking of precum inviting the larger male inside. "God, more! Deeper!"
  24. [2019-11-14 00:24] *Lone Hunter Justicar  put both hands on the wall as he used that to leverage " Fucking hold me~" they justicar leaned over kissing more, now dicking  The panda's swollen corrupted dick, adding a big visible swell in the undershaft piping as it was used as a pleasure chamber for the big wolf. Justicar raised the panda's shirt loving seeing that body jiggle, he was fucking amazing, soft and strong not some complete sissy and a tough guy that he could guilt trip- especially  down the line. Fucking that cock more, he dared not pull it out all the way, well until it slipped out  and  that big sloppy gaping hole of the panda's slit " Fuck put me back in that pussy  faggot!" he broke from the kisses  just to utter, before going down and sucking on the panda's man teet.
  25. [2019-11-14 00:40] *Aebation  quivered with excitement, pulling off his shirt to give the wolf a better view of his body. He wrapped his arms around the wolf's hulking shoulders, pulling him into another kiss, enticing the canine to again slip his tongue down the bear's tight throat. In between attempts to suck more saliva from Justicar's mouth, the bear moaned, "Please fill me, I'm so close..." Pulling one arm from the wolf, Aebation took his pre-slicked, musky member in his paws, lining it up with the wolf's rock-hard groin. When their tips had just met, Aebation wrapped his legs around the wolf's backside and pulled hard, slipping the canine's cock to the hilt. Aebation screamed with pleasure, the tip of his his dom's prick kissing the entrance into the ursine's corrupted ballsack. "Cum into me, please!"
  27. 2019-11-14 00:40] *Aebation  quivered with excitement, pulling off his shirt to give the wolf a better view of his body. He wrapped his arms around the wolf's hulking shoulders, pulling him into another kiss, enticing the canine to again slip his tongue down the bear's tight throat. In between attempts to suck more saliva from Justicar's mouth, the bear moaned, "Please fill me, I'm so close..." Pulling one arm from the wolf, Aebation took his pre-slicked, musky member in his paws, lining it up with the wolf's rock-hard groin. When their tips had just met, Aebation wrapped his legs around the wolf's backside and pulled hard, slipping the canine's cock to the hilt. Aebation screamed with pleasure, the tip of his his dom's prick kissing the entrance into the ursine's corrupted ballsack. "Cum into me, please!"
  29. [2019-11-14 00:45] *Lone Hunter Justicar  justicar smirked  " Such a big straight guy, needing me to cum into him, you have any idea-Ugh.. Oh fuck... OH FUCK!" he groans he groaned not letting up fucking that dick, his own balls quaked then  he bucked and squeezed at that panda's rump " FUCK IMMA FILL YOU UP DUDE!" his hot cum barrelling into Aebation, his balls swelling to outlandish proportions before pulling out getting abit of his cum over the panda's dick. He watched as the open cockslit oozed, justicar grabbed milking it " You're turn dude, you're gay right? Go ahead blow out all that old seed, your MINE now" he stroked that huge massive panda cock  while coddling his balls.
  31. Aebation moaned whorishly as his balls swelled, thick canine seed flooding down his shaft and entering his testicles. It felt white hot, like his balls were melting under the power of his superior seed, constantly pumping in with what seemed like no end. Felt like gallons of corrupting filled the ursine's sack, but at last the flow abated and Justicar pulled out. The wolf mocked Aebation, but the panda could only concentrate on a strange feeling welling up within his balls. His balls twitched, grew hotter, roiled around as if they were boiling. The bear could feel what was happening: the wolf's cursed cum was violently establishing ownership. The panda's last vestiges of masculinity tried to maintain independence and resist conversion, but it stood no chance. Cell by cell, the wolf's seed changed Aebation, enslaving every cell in his sack to produce nothing but cursed, thick, musky werewolf jizz. The panda played with his nipples as his body lost its battle, the panda using his own failure as a man to fuel his inevitable orgasm. The constant tossing and turning of his balls slowed, and the bear knew that he had reached the point of no return. His seed forever belonged to Justicar, his gaping cock to never to fill a womb with anything but Justicar's pups. Still for a moment, Aebation's fat shaft started to twitch in response to Justicar's words.
  32. "Your turn dude, you're gay right? Go ahead and blow out all that old seed, you're MINE now!"
  33. He was right. The panda tried to resist but another man pinned him down and fucked him full of his seed. He wasn't just gay, he was an unabashed faggot, body converted into an altar to worship the werewolf. The panda's own musk had all but disappeared, replaced by the constant masculine werewolf scent dripping from his cock. The panda thought, in the few lucid thoughts he could dredge up, he was destined to lose the minute he got in the same room as a superior alpha. The instant he had to measure up, he ended up on his back, his balls filled with another species' jizz. Aebation's balls pulsed again, and the panda knew what was happening now, too. At Justicar's command, his orgasm would cleans his sack of any inferior, watery ursine jizz. Aebation wanted nothing more. "I'm your fag!, I'm cumming, sir!" Aebation whimpered as the last orgasm he would ever have as a real man gushed out of his abused, stretched piss-slit, splattering on the floor with a sickening *sqlk*, floating for just a moment on top of Justicar's cum before mixing in with the other fluids on the floor, disappearing forever. When he was at last finished shooting ropes of cum, Aebation stood up and staggered towards the wall. His balls hung to mid-thigh now, constantly throbbing, already needy. He patted with his paw as Justicar watched with amusement and a victorious smirk.
  34. Aebation felt a new need now, his lust not yet satisfied. The bear understood his new purpose as his alpha's tool, useful only to serve his alpha by spreading the gift that conquered his own manhood. He was so insistent on his "heterosexuality", and now he would get to pretend that who he was. A snail trail of canine cum dribbling between his legs, Aebation staggered out of the bathroom, walking with lustful purpose towards the seedy alleys that connected the now-empty building to the rest of the city. There was at least one girl out there in the night who would be going home with Justicar's brood growing in her womb, and Aebation wouldn't rest until he served his master by making it happen.
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