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  1. # You are being told that a player is abusing a major glitch / bug in game. What do you do?
  2. #### I would immediately contact the staff team and the team which focuses on bugs and glitches first. I would also reassure to the reporter that the glitch/bug is being worked on and the person is being talked to. I would then check who abused the bug and glitch and temporarily ban them until they respond to me through discord or through Minecraft. Instead of being harsh and placing a ban on them, I would be understanding for their first offense, asking them why they abused the bug and how he/she thinks he/she should be punished. If it sounds reasonable, I would follow their punishment or if there was a CLEAR misunderstanding, would let them through, but if not, I would give them a 14 day ban. If they are seen to have past records that show major griefing or bug abuse, I would think about a permanent ban after consulting with other staff members about the player. If the technical team cannot fix it immediately, I would make an announcement inside of the discord to warn those to not abuse the bug or face punishment.
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