Shieldbro Ch:172

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  1.                                         Training
  3. Naofumi: "Motoyasu wasn't encountered on our way back, since Firo doesn't want to meet him."
  5. I thought I could persuade Motoyasu if he was encountered, but did he die from the beaten he received?
  6. But I cannot imagine that guy lying in the vicinity.
  8. Naofumi: "Even though the level reset was unexpected, was a stretcher not necessary?"
  9. Sadina: "Such frail making was not carried out!"
  10. Fohl: "My body feels pretty heavy since I can't move."
  11. Naofumi: "It was like you."
  13. I tried poking Fohl arm since I was in the mood.... Firo is well.
  15. Fohl: "Tsu ~~~~~~!"
  17. I thought it was tight.
  18. Fohl is worthy whether he understands, I am making him try.
  20. Sadina: "Ahaha, I'm ticklish"
  22. Seemingly, it was a profound remark about the calm Sadina.
  23. Is it calm when strengthening the body through training? 
  24. The level rise is in a different category compared to body strengthening.
  26. As for any bad conditions does it matter since  they received the divine protection of status readiliy?
  27. I mean these two have been carrying out self training, well Rafatalia did a similar thing too.
  28. But such a thing is no lose since such training will likely be compensated on level reset.
  29. Although the shield effect may be supplementing it to an extent.
  31. The guy who needed the stretcher was mainly a practitioner in magic, even though he got his level up by strong will he still needed sleep. I seem to take the technique to employ noble candy or adventurer, but only level is raised.
  32. I could anticipate some effect but I am not bad since the slaves in my village are given similar training method.
  33. The problem lies in self-discipline and the hag after having gone to the level limit.
  35. There didn't seem to be level restrictions for a hero, but training is always better to carry out, too?
  36. The limit value in this world which is levels and status, naturally rises if you keep repeat training and magic everyday.
  37. It may be possible for myself to train like Fohl and Sadina for a small time to get used to being strong.
  38. I don't know of training methods to calm a wave, since theres no writings of such in this world.
  40. I wondered how levels or status would turn out if I returned to my own world.
  41. Even this shield, since it already acts like a curse item which will not come of my hand.
  42. But I could make it look like a book shield in my world to stop it being noticed.
  44. I would become a laughing stock for being a man who carries around strange book.
  45. The idea was dangerous, since coming back was neither a unreliable account.
  46. I would think if there would even be a shield attached after it was time.
  48. Naofumi: "When we return, raise your levels right away."
  49. Sadina: "Yes"
  50. Fohl: "I understand"
  52. Sadina and Fohl were both told so, while the carriage trip home went smoothly.
  53. A little while later, the village came into view.
  55. Rafatalia: "Welcome back...... Naofumi-san"
  57. Rafatalia seemed slightly tried when meeting us.
  59. Rafatalia: "I seem to be tried."
  60. Naofumi: "Well that old man took the lesson well."
  61. Rafatalia: "Huh..."
  63. Rishia fell down onto the ground, well I did hear a groan from her meaning shes not dead.
  65. Naofumi: "Then rest like this!"
  66. Rishia: "Feeee...."
  67. Rafatalia: "I wanted to go out only a little."
  68. Naofumi: "Where?"
  69. Rafatalia: "The mountains to train."
  70. Naofumi: "I see."
  72. I said so, and Rafatalia was accompanied by the Hag on a trip.
  74. Such a thing would be expected in a manga, in such case I learn martial arts after all, whether or not such training will be necessary.
  75. Was it the place that the Hag asked about, since she advised Rafatalia who raised her levels and self training meaning the shield got tired?
  77. Atlas: "Welcome home, Naofumi and elder brother."
  78. Fohl: "Why is this guy called first? Atlas"
  79. Atlas: "It can't be helped."
  81. Well there is no help for it?, even though it may because I am their master.
  83. Fohl: "I, already became level 15."
  84. Atlas: "Is that so?"
  85. Fohl: "Ha, that is fast"
  87. Well Rishia was level 20 in half a day, is he not the slow one?
  88. There might be individual width around here, well Risha was a one to rise.
  90. Naofumi: "Well Atlas growth was understood, how about the baby dragon?"
  91. Gaelion: "Kyaaaaa."
  93. Gaelion came speeding over here leaving a cloud of dust behind, and picked up Tainiko.
  94. Judging from his size, it was about the mangitude of a wild boar... compared to Firo, he is well bigger on second day after birth.
  96. Taniko: "Oh, Gaelion came."
  98. Atlas doesn't turn around, at the dragon who made the cloud of dust.
  99. Is there anything for Taniko not to get on the back of?
  101. Taniko: "Atlas-chan"
  103. I suspected that Taniko found me.
  105. Naofumi: "Why do you dislike me?"
  106. Taniko: "Well hero because"
  107. Naofumi: "....?"
  108. Taniko: "It's nothing"
  110. Taniko regards me with hostility for some reason, although she has devotion for the monsters.
  111. The level raising she showed was not disliked, well she was level 10 when she initialy came here even when it's a delicate direction.
  113. The cloud of dust cleared up and the baby dragon is seen, its head was round with parts of a dragon but I feel sorry about.
  114. I feel like it grew the tail of a lizard and wings of a bat, what is this?
  116. Firo also became a similar form like this once, will it not become huge as well?
  118. Gaelion: "Kyuaaa!"
  120. Gaelion who's smile on his face bloated, drops Taniko and leaps towards me.
  121. Do I let you do it?, as I hold the shield and prevent him.
  122. However, it sticks to the shield and climbs over to cling onto my back.
  123. Because it's so big, he is heavy.
  125. Naofumi: "Let go, do not cling to me!"
  126. Gaelion: "Kyuaaa!"
  128. It keeps licking my cheeks easily, since it has become strangely attached to me two days after birth.
  129. It probably thinks of me as it's parent.
  131. Naofumi: "Hey, quit doing that."
  132. Gaelion: "Kyuaaa!"
  134. Gaelion keeps licking me in moderation even though it's defiance of my order, as expected it knew I hated it and only clinged instead.
  135. It's charm is unexpectedly, although it's the charm of being a child like Firo only it did not talk.
  137. Firo: "..peel..."
  139. Firo was frustrated, as she stood in front of me.
  141. Naofumi: "What is it?"
  143. I was licked by Firo which felt wrong.
  145. Naofumi: "What the hell?"
  146. Firo: "That position of master is Firo's!"
  147. Naofumi: "You know, I would not imitate something like that with you."
  148. Firo: "It is Firo who loves master and is idle."
  149. Naofumi: "I don't know."
  150. Firo: "..peel... "
  152. Firo ran off in spite of being angry, which is I say she is dissatisfied.
  153. Well she did become displeased the same way when I had played with the new Firorial chick.
  155. Was it jealousy? since I have heard a habit of dog to dislike other pets be given attention.
  156. Well it's a bit severe to treat Firorial and dog the same, but was it the same thing or is it the personality of Firo?
  157. I should ask Rat about this.
  159. Gaelion: "Kyuaaa?"
  161. Gaelion leaned it's head as Taniko patted it, with it's eye seemingly mysterious following the back figure of Firo.
  163. Naofumi: "Hey, play with that fellow."
  164. Gaelion: "Kyuaaa"
  166. Gaelion stretches out a hand to me that it still wants to play, but I hand it to Taniko.
  167. If such loveliness is in Firo then the charm of childhood is still there.
  169. Naofumi:"It seems to be rather large?"
  170. Taniko:"Yes!"
  171. Naofumi:"It is not adult yet?"
  172. Taniko: "He is still a baby."
  174. Taniko told me while holding Gaelion, shes seems well informed about it did she hear from Rat?
  176. Taniko: "Were you not getting on it's back"
  177. Naofumi: "That hag should be able to train that monster properly."
  178. Taniko: "Huh!"
  180. I trained with Firo by riding on her back around the vicinity, but is training with the dragon different?
  182. Naofumi: "I like Galion very much"
  184. Atlas seemed pleased as she says.
  186. Atlas: "What will elder brother and Sadina do in that place in the future?"
  187. Naofumi: "I'm not sure for the use of it, because just going out with Firo a while ago......"
  189. Well that guy is convenient for movements.
  191. Naofumi: "Is there anything?"
  193. Well since I said Firo name, she came over from somewhere.
  195. Naofumi: "Ah, whether to raise Fohl level, but isn't he tired?"
  196. Atlas: "Is it safe?."
  197. Naofumi: "It is."
  198. Atlas: "Alright, may I also join too?"
  200. Atlas asked Firo, Firo responded with a nod.
  202. Firo: "Don't worry."
  203. Gaelion: "Kyuaaa!"
  205. A  small arm was raised as if Gaelion was a candidate.
  207. Firo: "No goodness!"
  209. Firo stuck out her tongue in a provocative manner, refusing to partner up with Gaelion.
  211. Firo: "This is area where suitable monsters live by the carriage."
  212. Sadina: "Well I am not bother because I grew up in the ocean."
  214. Sadina told us so while holding a harpoon.
  216. Naofumi: "Is it safe for a level 1? I asked if necessary."
  217. Sadina: "It's ok because it's getting accustomed to fights."
  219. Sadina told me, I worry too much and walks to the sea.
  220. Since I am speaking in a way a guardian would sound, I was saved when Sadina takes the trouble to bring the material from sea monsters which wasn't much since I wanted to status up quietly.
  222. Naofumi: "Then the guy who wants to level up quickly..."
  224. Firo had a instinctive dislike of Gaelion, because of me spending time raising him though it's not possible to complain since I am not concerned.
  225. Since Firo was counted as massive war potential to me....
  227. Naofumi: "Firo help raise the level of Atlas, Fohl and Gaelion will you."
  229. I call Kiel after pointing at Taniko and direct it to take Catapiland.
  230. I wanted to cheat you to Firorial but was refused, the saying that a dragon and Firorial don't get along is true.
  231. I feel Firorial is lower and weak if it grew up in the wild?
  233. Atlas: "Naofumi, Gaelion-chan is better in such a arrangement."
  234. Naofumi: "Oh is that so?"
  235. Atlas: "Yes, because I am brought up with Gaelion-chan"
  236. Naofumi: "Atlas!"
  238. Is it synchronized, that such leveling up is almost nonexistent at such a time?
  239. The intense training of Firo is serious and preparation is good for Fohl.
  241. Naofumi: "Then Firo."
  242. Firo: "What?"
  243. Naofumi: "Do as much of hardest intense training possible so Fohl can rapidly raise levels."
  244. Firo: "Yes"
  245. Fohl: "You, such thing of all things you make me do!"
  247. Firo picked up Fohl with it's beak and place him on her back.
  249. Firo: "Well I go now."
  250. Naofumi: "Ah, go now."
  251. Fohl: "the feathers of this bird don't come off! Atlas! ..Ahaha..Aahaha."
  253. Dothing and ready to go the feathers on Firo are strange, making a strange song which grabs the person on her back.
  254. Soon Fohl voice couldn't be heard.
  256. Firo: "So we will now go."
  257. Atlas: "Do your best."
  258. Firo: "Naofumi doesn't want to go together?"
  259. Naofumi: "I would of liked to go Firo."
  261. Gaelion is pointed at while I explain the reason.
  263. Firo: "It is serious, but I wanted to raise levels with naofumi soon."
  264. Naofumi: "You are right, I should feel like recently because I hardly went monster hunting"
  265. Firo: "It is a promise."
  266. Naofumi: "I understand, since you're a fellow who won't change."
  268. The people who wanted to go leveling up with me by monster hunting were rare in this village.
  269. However, it may be important to coordinate with me since defense is my only option when I think about battling the wave. Well there is no one present with the combat experience of either me, Rafatalia or Firo to some degree.
  270. Well the coordination in the village would be undone if they can't team up with me in a wave.
  272. Fohl: "Come back at night time."
  273. Atlas: "Understood, elder brother."
  275. Thus I see of the group who were going to level up and resume the work in the village.
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