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  1. Angie, Jul-30 12:04 (PDT):
  2. Hi there,
  3. The account jaredvaldez has been determined to be compromised and has now been deleted. No further requests will be responded to on the issue.
  4. Thanks
  5. Angie
  7. Jared Valdez, Jul-30 11:06 (PDT):
  8. Foster my mom has called you guy's before, i have a message from you guy's and
  9. you said you removed the parent account
  10. and it is still not removed?
  11. ________________________________
  12. From: ROBLOX Help <info@roblox.com>
  13. To: Jared Valdez <valdezjared@rocketmail.com>
  14. Sent: Sat, July 30, 2011 6:33:27 AM
  15. Subject: [ROBLOX Help] Re: parent account. (ticket #1256885)
  17. Foster, Jul-30 06:33 (PDT):
  18. Hello,
  19. Thank you for contacting us. We can break the control of the current parent account but first we need to confirm account ownership. A parent needs to contact us by phone to verify that this is their child's account, and that they want the parent account removed.
  20. Please call 888-858-BLOX and leave a message with the child account's username, the parent's name and the last 4 digits of the billing card that was used for Builders Club (if applicable).
  21. Thanks,
  22. Foster
  24. Jared Valdez, Jul-30 00:04 (PDT):
  25. But i created the parent account???
  26. ________________________________
  27. From: ROBLOX Help <info@roblox.com>
  28. To: Jared Valdez <valdezjared@rocketmail.com>
  29. Sent: Fri, July 29, 2011 12:35:19 PM
  30. Subject: [ROBLOX Help] Re: parent account. (ticket #1256885)
  32. Angie, Jul-29 12:35 (PDT):
  33. Jared,
  34. We we won't be responding further to these requests. If you want a parent account released it must be the parent calling and not someone pretending to be the parent. If you continue to prank call us then you run the risk of getting your account jaredvaldez moderated or deleted for harassing the ROBLOX email and voice mail systems.
  35. Thanks,
  36. Angie
  38. Jared Valdez, Jul-29 09:53 (PDT):
  39. It seem's you guy's are not getting the message's i am sending.
  40. I would like to remove a parent account on my account.
  41. called "jaredvaldez" Not "Jaredvaldez2"
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