Piss Contest - Final chapter (PISS)

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  1. >The event took place just outside of sweet apple acres, and quite a large crowd had amassed.
  2. >The judges had been picked, a few of them happy about it, and a few not so much.
  3. >Cloud Chaser, Vinyl Scratch, and Berry Punch had been selected.
  4. >Right now they were talking about their personal lives, and who they thought would win.
  5. >Underneath the stage, a different story unfolded.
  6. >A lone unmarked guard sneaked, trying to accomplish his mission.
  7. >Rikward was his name, and he had been given a top secret task, and only 10 minutes to complete it.
  8. >He was given a bag of the diuretic powder Celestia’s engineers had made.
  9. >To speed up the contest, he was supposed to put a small portion of the powder into the barrel containing the cider that they would use.
  10. >This wasn't an easy task.
  11. >There were easily 15 barrels here, all of them unmarked, and all of them containing the same thing.
  12. >The Apple’s had arranged to provide drinks for both the competition, and the watchers.
  13. >He had a one in fifteen chance of correctly guessing which barrel would be used for the contest.
  14. >If he failed, some very unlucky ponies would be having an accident today.
  16. >That was the bell that everypony should take seats, his window was closing.
  17. >Panicking, he dumps part of the powder in every barrel.
  18. >Technically, he completed his mission.
  19. >Hearing the lock, he runs into the shadows, only a moment before the door opens.
  20. >About 3 ponies come in, and roll the barrels out.
  21. >The door closes, and is locked again.
  22. >Others would come and get him later.
  23. >But for now, he would be able to see the show above him.
  25. …………
  27. >Celestia headed onto the stage. As the challenger, she would be the first to enter.
  28. >There were maybe 100 ponies here, the rest composed of members of government who were only here to watch over.
  29. >Discord was pulling some strings. Despite the oddity of the situation, each pony treated this as just another even. [?]I know its a fucking cheap, but honestly, how else would anything like this be considered ‘normal’?[/?]
  30. >The judges were seated, and all had their complementary drinks.
  31. >Those judges where; Berry punch, Vinyl Scratch, and Cloud Chaser.
  32. >Berry punch had already downed several glasses, and was already pouring another.
  33. >After watching the crowd for a bit, she sees nearly everypony get in their seats. Now would be the time for her opponent.
  34. >Her red enemy approaches from the other side of the stage. He wore a blank expression on his face.
  36. >She had been introduced to applejack’s minimalist brother before, but she never expected him to look so… Bored?
  37. >Applejack whispers something to big mac, and he steps onto the stage.
  38. >”Mares and stallions! Fillies and colts! It’s time to begin!” Discord shouts.
  39. >The two contestants walk towards the table, and take a seat.
  40. >”It is my pleasure to announce, Equestria’s first pissing contest!”
  41. >”Now the rules are simple, finish your drinks, and last as long as you can. Now I know that your sphincter won’t break instantly, so after you leak… Lets say about a shot of urine, you lose the holding contest!”
  42. >”Once you break, try to make the show as interesting as possible! No cheating now, so no magic, and no physical contact.”
  43. >”Enough boring rules, lets begin!”
  44. >Discord vanishes, and two pitchers of cider appear before Big Mac and Celestia.
  45. >Grabbing it, they bring it to their lips and start chugging.
  46. >The pitchers had been enchanted to draw directly from the barrel. Neither of them would need to it down until they had both consumed their share.
  47. >Celestia feels the cool liquid go down her throat, collecting in her stomach.
  48. >She starts to slow down, letting her body take it in slower.
  49. >She felt bloated, and the fact that she had to sacrifice air for liquid wasn't helping.
  50. >Desperately fighting against the urge to inhale, the pitcher finally runs out.
  51. >She tosses it aside, panting.
  52. >She doesn't feel good. There has never been more liquid in her stomach than right now.
  53. >Big Mac shares her reaction. And after a bit of dry heaving, they put on a straight face, and begin.
  55. >The first thing Big Mac would do is to try and distract himself.
  56. >He had once gone an entire day without relieving himself, just because he was too occupied with other things.
  57. >He looked too the ponies, many of whom he recognized.
  58. >They had their drinks out, and were conversing against each other.
  59. >There was supposed to be no physical contact between himself and Celestia, but that didn't mean they couldn't engage in friendly conversation. It’s not everyday you get to meet the princess.
  60. “How’re you today, Princess?”
  61. >Celestia had not been expecting this, she merely decided to remain calm, and hope her focus was strong enough.
  62. >She couldn't ignore the pony in front of her though. She needed to play along, maybe she could get some tips out of him?
  63. “I’m fine Big Macintosh, just a little tired.”
  64. “Please, just call me Big Mac. So, what’re ya tired about? With Luna back, ah’m sure it’s a reduced workload.”
  65. “It is, But that doesn't mean the world slows down. Everyday new ponies are born, new laws need to be approved. It just never ends.”
  67. “Sometimes I just want get away from it all. I love my subjects, but that doesn't mean they love each other.”
  68. >Big Mac nodded, understanding. He had often worked night and day nonstop, he knew how tiresome a task could become, even though he loved it.
  69. “Ya should take a vacation, someplace tropical. Mah cousin had an orchard down sout-”
  70. “Big Mac, as much as I would love too, I’m needed here.”
  71. >Celestia looks over to the ponies watching, clearly bored at the display.
  72. >Each of them didn't need to be here, they could easily have gone to work, or went out with friends.
  73. >Hell, even her sister had some time off. Maybe she could take a break.
  74. “Big Mac, maybe you're right. I could use a vacation.”
  75. “Great Princess! Yer gunna have a great time!”
  76. “I hope so. But right now, right now, we have some more pressing matters.”
  77. >Celestia felt her stomach, it had processed most of the liquid.
  78. >Some of it had already passed to her bladder, and she started to cross her legs.
  79. >Big Mac did the same, a determined smile on his face.
  80. >Soon, the real challenge would begin.
  81. ……
  82. >It had been only been 15 minutes, and already she was starting to feel the pressure.
  83. >Big Mac had his hooves the his crotch, and had a pained expression on his face.
  84. >The weirdest thing, however, was the fact that a number of ponies in the audience had crossed their legs as well.
  85. >There was a long line to use the bathroom, it seemed like everypony needed to go.
  86. >Her bladder spasms at the thought of her eventuality.
  87. >Trying to remove some pressure, Celestia gets up and starts walking around. There was nothing in the rules that said she had to be sitting for this.
  88. >Big Mac remained seated. By sitting down, he would prevent himself from leaking
  89. >At least, that was his logic. The only thing he was able to do, was watch the crowd.
  90. >A flash of red by the ground grabs his attention, and he sees Applebloom in line.
  91. >There’s easily another 30 ponies in front of her. She wasn't going to make it.
  92. >He watches his sister cross her hooves, and begin to rock back and forth.
  93. >The other crusaders are there as well, both of them look like they have to go.
  94. >Scootaloo is jumping in place, and sweetie has her hoof jammed up inside.
  95. >This was interesting, and for a moment, Big Mac forgot all about his own pressure.
  96. >Applebloom mutters something, and it’s clear she won’t last much longer.
  97. >She curls up into a fetal ball, and suddenly it happens.
  98. >Applebloom gives up to the pressure, and a stream slowly starts trickling down her leg.
  99. >The stream increases, and Big Mac watches in half horror-half arousal at his sister urinating.
  100. >The other crusaders break as well, and the ground beneath them soaks wet.
  101. >Almost like a domino effect, many other ponies began to spring leaks as well.
  102. >Some ponies resist, other just take it in shame.
  103. >Even some of the judges had broken down.
  104. >The piss around him reminds him of his situation, and his bladder is hit with a wave of desperation.
  106. >Big Mac clutches his crotch, intent on lasting.
  107. >Celestia was doing no better, all of those ponies wetting was lubricating her insides.
  108. >If she wanted to win, she would need to do it fast.
  109. >looking at her opponent, her eyes drift towards his member. Slowly growing thanks to the situation around him.
  110. >Desperate times called for desperate measures, and Celestia was certainly desperate.
  111. >She turns to Big Mac, her dripping pussy catching his eye.
  112. >The sight of the holy sun princess is too much for the poor stallion, and his dick grows.
  113. >She starts swaying her plot, trying to break his focus.
  114. >She didn't really think the swaying thing out, and the motions in her body torture her flooded bladder.
  115. >She spurts a bit, and immediately grabs her crotch, desperate to stop any liquid from coming out.
  116. >Big Mac notices, and grabs his erect member, desperate for relief.
  117. >Celestia dripping with her juices is a nearly irresistible offer.
  118. >The slight trickle of urine pouring out, dripping onto the stage…
  119. >Big Mac is seconds away from cumming and Celestia is seconds away from bursting.
  120. >Discord rematerialises, and walks around the duo.
  121. >”Careful Celestia, anymore of that and you’ll have lost the holding competition.”
  122. >”And Big Mac, you really need to cum don’t you? But if you do, then you end up emptying your bladder. Such choices to be made.”
  123. >Discord walks over to Big Mac, circling the tip of his member with his paw.
  124. >”Just Imagine a great dripping marehood, waiting for you…”
  125. “N-Nope!”
  126. >While teasing Big Mac, discord splits in half. While one side continues to torture Big Mac, the other goes to visit his opponent.
  127. >”Now Celestia, can you tell what I am?”
  128. >The voice taunting her, she opens her eyes to a bloated organ on the ground with a face in it.
  129. >”I’m your bladder, silly! Look how full I am!”
  130. >Discord begins hopping around, and Celestia’s bladder follows the same notions.
  131. >She can’t take it anymore, her bladder unable to hold another drop of liquid, sends one last spasm throughout her body.
  132. >Her backside explodes in a fury of piss, right into the watching face of Big Macintosh behind her.
  133. >With Celestia pissing on Big Mac, he holds back no longer, and he sprays the his fluid into the air.
  134. >The fountain of piss and cum reaches its apex, and returns to the earth.
  135. >The stream lands on Celestia’s face, Spraying her.
  136. >Celestia sticks her tongue out, intent on tasting some real apple cider.
  137. >Meanwhile, a lone guard watching the show from underneath the stage cums buckets.
  138. >Big Mac showers in Celestia’s stream. Her sweet juices tasted like tangy apple cider.
  139. >Applejack had never let Big Mac taste her fluids. He had never tasted pee before, and this time it was glorious.
  141. >He opens his mouth, the stream quickly filling up his waiting hole.
  142. >His mouth closes, and he swishes the stream around inside for a bit before swallowing.
  143. >Celestia’s stream slows down, and Big Mac’s does the same.
  144. >By the time the flow stops, the stage has been thoroughly drenched.
  145. >Some of the judges are as well. Vinyl looks happy with the outcome.
  146. >”Well now, it appears for the scoring part of the game!” Discord announces.
  147. >With a wave of his hand, the liquid rises out of the stage, each drop collecting into one of two floating balls of fluid.
  148. >The one on the right has a string of white cum floating inside it, clearly Big Mac’s.
  149. >”Now! Each of these ponies has done a wonderful job!
  150. >Discord is speaking to a practically non existent crowd, most having run off to find someplace to relieve themselves.
  151. >”Alright, it looks like Celestia was able to last a grand total of 20 minutes, and 31 seconds.”
  152. >”Big Mac, was able to hold out for a total of 21 minutes, 4 seconds!”
  153. >Celestia felt numb. She had just been beaten by a mud pony.
  154. >She held her breath, there was still two more things to be judged.
  155. >”For volume, Big Mac was able to pull out an astounding 3.9 liters! Celestia only managed a measly 4.1 Liters. Point Celestia!”
  156. >For a good 30 seconds, sat there, thinking about her incredible hold. 4.1 liters. That was more than anypony had ever been able to put out.
  157. >”Now for the tie breaker, presentation. First up, Big Mac.”
  158. >Celestia turned to the judges, each of the holding up a card.
  159. > 8, 10, 9.
  160. >”That’s going to be hard to beat! Let’s see what they think about Celestia!”
  161. > 7, 9, 7.5.
  162. >”Ooooo! The face pissing was good, but not good enough to compete with Big Mac’s fountain!”
  163. >Celestia had been defeated. She had lost at something she thought she was best at.
  164. >Dejectedly, she walks off stage.
  165. >Discord sprays the piss over the audience, turning into confetti.
  166. >Applejack walks up to her brother, congratulating him.
  167. >”Make sure you fill up for me tonight, ah wan’ta explode.”
  168. >Big Mac isn't interested in that.
  169. >The sight of Celestia walking away tugs at his heart, and he follows her.
  170. >Behind the stage, he meets up with the princess.
  171. “Princess, Ah uh…”
  172. “It’s alright Big Mac. I don’t mind losing.”
  173. “Bu- you look’d so sad…”
  174. “3.9 liters is an amazing amount. And if you’re up for a rematch, I hear there’s an orchard south of here.”
  175. “It would be mah pleasure, Princess.”
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