Bram "bmk_tv" Admitting to Multi Million Dollar Tax Evasion

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  2. Today, 9:46:20 PM
  3. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : I love holding your freedom in my hands and then shitting on it  LUL
  4. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : I love holding your freedom in my hands and then shitting on it  LUL
  5. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : Hello, Thank you for submitting your abuse report. We have begun our investigation into the source of the activity or content you reported. We've determined that an Amazon EC2 instance was running at the IP address you provided in your abuse report. We have reached out to our customer to determine the nature and cause of this activity or content in your report. We will investigate your complaint to determine what additional actions, if any, need to be taken in this case. Due to our privacy and security policies, we cannot provide details regarding the resolution of this case, or the identity of our customer. We may notify you during our investigation if our customer requires more information from you to complete their troubleshooting of the issue. Our customer may reply stating that the activity or content is expected and instructions on how to prevent the activity or manually remove the content, as well. If you wish to provide additional information to us or our customer regarding this case, please reply to this email. Please note that if we determine the activity or content to not be abusive, we will notify you and resolve the case; we may refrain from communicating further, in that case. We will notify you once this case has been marked resolved. Thank you for alerting us to this issue. Regards, AWS Abuse Team Case number: 59745103764 Your original report: * Log Extract: <<< The Domain name information is below: Whois Record for How does this work? < > Whois & Quick Stats Registrant Org Domains By Proxy, LLC was found in ~13,005,219 other domains < > Registrar GODADDY.COM, LLC Registrar Status clientDeleteProhibited, clientRenewProhibited, clientTransferProhibited, clientUpdateProhibited Dates Created on 2017-01-23 - Expires on 2018-01-23 - Updated on 2017-03-12 < > Name Server(s) NS21.DOMAINCONTROL.COM (has 47,521,781 domains) NS22.DOMAINCONTROL.COM (has 47,521,781 domains) IP Address is hosted on a dedicated server < > IP Location [image: United States] - Virginia - Ashburn - Inc. ASN [image: United States] AS14618 AMAZON-AES - , Inc., US (registered Nov 04, 2005) Domain Status Registered And Active Website Whois History 3 records have been archived since 2017-01-23 < > IP History 13 changes on 3 unique IP addresses over 10 years < > Registrar History 2 registrars with 1 drop < > Hosting History 5 changes on 4 unique name servers over 11 years < > Whois Server Website Website Title Jolt Coin < > Server Type Apache/2.4.18 (Ubuntu) Response Code 200 SEO Score 47% Terms 16 (Unique: 13, Linked: 16) Images 3 (Alt tags missing: 2) Links 3 (Internal: 2, Outbound: 0) Whois Record ( last updated on 2017-07-16 ) >>> * Comments: <<< >>> How can I contact a member of the Amazon EC2 abuse team or EC2 customer? Reply this email with the original subject line. Amazon Web Services Amazon Web Services LLC is a subsidiary of , Inc. is a registered trademark of , Inc. This message produced and distributed by Amazon Web Services, LLC, 410 Terry Avenue North, Seattle, WA 98109-5210.
  6. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : boom
  7. bmk_tv : lol i got the email
  8. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : cool can you keep talking
  9. bmk_tv : Just gonna send them this screenshot
  10. bmk_tv : thanks
  11. bmk_tv : lol
  12. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : so I tell amazon this?
  13. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : you are gonna submit a screenshot?
  14. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : did you read that it said you were to be suspended
  15. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : I'm gonna ask them for your dox
  16. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : and to report that to law enforcement
  17. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : I'm pretty confident you are mentally fucking retarded
  18. bmk_tv : lmao
  19. bmk_tv : get a job nerd
  20. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : are you retarded?
  21. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : wait
  22. bmk_tv : why arent u a millionaire?
  23. bmk_tv : did u not buy eth at $12?
  24. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : you are admitting to running a ponzi scam?
  25. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : do you have a job?
  26. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : what is your job
  27. bmk_tv : how do u fuck up so hard
  28. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : so you are tax evading
  29. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : and fraud?
  30. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : cool awesome I'm gonna report you to the FBI right now
  31. bmk_tv : Nah i pay around $3m in taxes last year
  32. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : no you dont
  33. bmk_tv : and ill be paying $7.5 this year
  34. bmk_tv :  LUL
  35. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : you don't have a fucking job
  36. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : wtf do you do?
  37. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : what's your job
  38. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : where are you listed
  39. bmk_tv : Bought eth at $12 homie
  40. bmk_tv :  LUL
  41. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : it's not a job
  42. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : it's illegal
  43. bmk_tv : sure it is
  44. bmk_tv :  LUL
  45. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : you have to pay for that
  46. bmk_tv : I did fam
  47. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : are you admitting to tax evasion and fraud?
  48. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : no you didn't
  49. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : Arizona has strict laws for cryptocurrency
  50. bmk_tv : let me send a canadian my american tax returns
  51. bmk_tv :  LUL
  52. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : you realize that you can go to jail for like 50 years?
  53. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : you realize that right?
  54. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : if it's that high?
  55. bmk_tv : yes tax evaders go to jail for 50 years
  56. bmk_tv : LMAO
  57. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : if it's 3 million dollars
  58. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : yes
  59. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : it is
  60. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : you are such a corrupt lying fucking pos
  61. bmk_tv : No buddy
  62. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : and keep in mind I'm logging all of this
  63. bmk_tv : i paid $3m in taxes
  64. bmk_tv : get it?
  65. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : you admitted to it
  66. bmk_tv :  LUL
  67. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : so you make more?
  68. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : so ya
  69. bmk_tv : i pay around 20% a year
  70. bmk_tv : do the math my dude
  71. bmk_tv : lmao
  72. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : gimme your tax return or I'm calling the cops right now?
  73. bmk_tv : OH NO
  74. bmk_tv : THE POLICE
  75. bmk_tv : LMAO
  76. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : ya I'm getting you raided
  77. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : if that's the case
  78. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : I'm not even kidding
  79. bmk_tv :
  80. bmk_tv : the police?
  81. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : you just admitted to million dollar fraud
  82. bmk_tv : EVERY BREATH U TAKE
  83. bmk_tv : EVERY MOVE U MAKE
  84. bmk_tv : ILL BE WATCHING YOU
  85. bmk_tv : =)
  86. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : you realize
  87. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : that this is not a joke right?
  88. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : like you can be raided
  89. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : if that's the case
  90. bmk_tv : EVERY STEP U TAKE
  91. bmk_tv : its called an audit u monkey
  92. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : do you realize
  93. bmk_tv : not a raid
  94. bmk_tv : lmao
  95. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : ya and it's happening tonight
  96. VexxedGlinksDogeColab :  LUL
  97. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : btw gambling at a non tribal casino
  98. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : is a fucking $25,000 a year in county jail fine
  99. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : but ok
  100. bmk_tv : whats my full name
  101. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : A bill in Arizona that recognizes blockchain signatures and smart contracts has officially become state law. The measure was first introduced in early February, seeking to enshrine signatures recorded on a blockchain and smart contracts – self-executing pieces of code – under state law. Specifically, the bill aimed to make those types of records "considered to be in an electronic format and to be an electronic record". That effort is complete, public records show. Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signed the bill on 29th March, just two days after it was sent by the state's Senate. Senators cleared the bill on the 23rd by a near-unanimous vote, after Arizona’s House of Representatives advanced the bill in late February. As previously reported by CoinDesk, the new law focuses on any "record or contract" tied to the tech. The text states:
  102. bmk_tv : Oh
  103. bmk_tv : damn
  104. bmk_tv : good thing i live in arizona
  105. bmk_tv : lmao
  106. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : that is arizona
  107. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : I literally just linked arizona
  108. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : are you on drugs?
  109. bmk_tv : yeah man good thing i live there
  110. bmk_tv : tahnk goodness
  111. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : ohh you live in california
  112. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : it's even worse there dude
  113. New Whispers
  114. bmk_tv : Good thing i liv ein california
  115. bmk_tv :  LUL
  116. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : Regulation • News • Regulation 352 5 45 128 The state of California is once again moving forward with legislation that would update its money transmitter rules to capture businesses engaged in digital currency activities. Deemed inactive last September, Assembly Bill 1326 was re-introduced by the legislature this week and has since been read and amended. Given the discussion that surrounded earlier versions of the bill, the update is already being scrutinized, though signs suggest pros and cons remain. Most notably, the bill no longer proposes to license businesses engaged in financial applications of the technology, but would instead create a new Digital Currency Business Enrollment Program. Lasting five years, the proposed program appears focused on helping the state learn more about the emerging technology. According to the bill, companies that store, transmit, exchange or issue digital currency qualify as digital currency businesses and would be required to pay a non-refundable $5,000 fee to participate in the program, a cost equal to the New York BitLicense application fee. In addition, there is a continuing cost of $2,500 annually, and the text proposes giving the program commissioner the authority to impose "a claim for civil penalties" of up to $25,000. The revised text reads:
  117. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : you are admitting to fraud
  118. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : like in whispers
  119. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : with someone that can't be jailed for anything
  120. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : you can
  121. bmk_tv : proposed program
  122. bmk_tv : proposed program
  123. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : you realize I'm logging all of this
  124. bmk_tv : sure gl
  125. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : you realized I'm logging all of this
  126. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : you literally admitted
  127. bmk_tv : what smy full name my man
  128. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : to tax evasion
  129. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : and fraud
  130. bmk_tv : whats my full name
  131. bmk_tv :  LUL
  132. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : it doesn't matter
  133. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : the cops can do that
  134. VexxedGlinksDogeColab :  LUL
  135. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : I can just ask for your ip from Twitch
  136. VexxedGlinksDogeColab :  LUL
  137. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : and then report it
  138. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : you should really watch wtf you say
  139. bmk_tv : You're a paranoid
  140. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : you are going to jail
  141. bmk_tv : schizo
  142. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : and I'm gonna fuckin laugh
  143. VexxedGlinksDogeColab : good day
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