You Wouldn't Pirate a Bunch of Weirdos

Apr 26th, 2013
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  1. [17:19:53] <~Aori_Radidjiu> SO! It took a whole 'nother day to reach Conch City due to *storms*, which by the way were a HUGE pain in the ass. But now you are at the GLORIOUS Conch City, with a few things given to you by Cap'n Lani, specifically, a little sheet with some information on things. It's now Saturday, April 24th, as you reach the docks. Apparently you'll be given transportation, so...?
  3. [17:22:38] * Mako takes out the information sheet to look it over as he walks down the docks. "Transportation to what?"
  4. [17:24:04] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Cap'n Lani scratches his head. "Aye think it'll be yer livin' accomodashuns. Somethin' like that." The docks are full of boats coming in, people dragging things in from ships, people talking, jumping onto boats, pyaing money and fines, and in the middle of it all you see that Man in Black. Oh. Maybe he's your transportation.
  5. [17:25:52] <Mako> "Oh." He looks up at the MIB and then back to Lani. "I think I figured it out. Thanks for the ride, sorry about the storm."
  6. [17:28:19] <~Aori_Radidjiu> He smirks. "Wasn't yer fault, and besides, ya' were pretty great help! Maybe we'll see each other again, eh?" Wink. MIB is standing patiently, he makes the slightest motion of his head in a gesture to follow, and then turns around and takes you to a sleek, sexy black car, that he enters the driver's seat of.
  7. [17:30:40] * Mako nods to Lani and gives him a wave goodbye before following the MIB. He stands next to the car for a moment before climbing into the passenger seat carefully and setting his bag in his lap. Mako braces himself. "I hate these things, sorry in advance if I get sick."
  8. [17:36:00] <~Aori_Radidjiu> He scrolls the window next to you down before starting the car up and DRIVING OFF. He starts talking as the drive starts, "I have to make a stop on the way to our destination, so you'll get a chance to straighten yourself in between." You start driving past marketplaces, and into a residential district, where he stops at a house. "I have someone to inform here, if you wish to come
  9. [17:36:00] <~Aori_Radidjiu> with, you may."
  10. [17:37:50] <Mako> "Inform about what?" Mako is leaned up against the window for air, but starts to unbuckle and climb out of the car as soon as it stops.
  11. [17:41:47] <~Aori_Radidjiu> "Well, to be more accurate, I'm getting someone else's answer." He climbs out, and begins walking up to the door, before clicking the doorbell. it's not an especially big building, most of the other houses in this town are on the smaller side, like this. It's painted white, looks like the walls are a bit thin, and while it doesn't encompass much area it's like, three stories tall.
  12. [17:44:46] * Mako opens up his bag and drops some flip flops down, which he slides his feet into before walking up to the door. He fiddles with his bag a big more before throwing it over his shoulder. Mako stands behind and to the side of the MIB. "Someone else who's s'posed to be on my team?"
  13. [17:45:58] <~Aori_Radidjiu> "Possibly. I personally do not know who is assigned to where."
  14. [17:48:02] <Mako> "What? I thought you were gonna be our handler or something." He perks up at a thought and finds his phone to send a quick text to Ryan: [Safe in Conch.]
  15. [17:49:31] <~Aori_Radidjiu> After a little bit, there's a sound from the other side of the door and a middle-aged woman, probably a mother from her age, answers the door. She's got brown hair and hazel eyes, and is wearing a red blouse and a professional black skirt, business casual attire. She has glasses on that she takes off, presumably they were for reading. "Hello! How may I help you~?" She's got such a
  16. [17:49:31] <~Aori_Radidjiu> wiiiiide smile.
  17. [17:51:20] * Mako gets a Deerling-in-the-headlights look and points at MIB. "He wants to talk to you."
  18. [17:51:29] <~Aori_Radidjiu> MIB looks her over and then responds. "I'm here to speak with Med Mizou, madam." She nods back. "All right, I think she mentioned something about a man in black! I'll go get her, just a sec~!" She walks off, not bothering to close the door, and you can hear her going "Meeeed~! Got a man in Black for you~!"
  19. [17:57:33] <Med> "A whaaattt?" replied the girl who was presumably named Med Mizou.
  20. [17:58:05] <~Aori_Radidjiu> "A guy in black~! He's all pale and bald and he's wearing a business suit that's black!"
  21. [17:58:34] * Mako gives the MIB a stare. "You have a real name, right?"
  22. [17:58:48] <~Aori_Radidjiu> "I do."
  23. [17:58:49] * Med stops her crazy yelling, on the account of leaving her room to talk to the motherly person without having to shout across the house.
  24. [17:59:01] <Med> "What's he here for?"
  25. [18:00:14] <Mako> " you want to share or is it shady government need to know business?"
  26. [18:00:16] <~Aori_Radidjiu> He says that like it's enough of an answer. Meanwhile, momma' over there continues. "He said he was here for you! I dunno' what else~! Also he has a guy who's just wearing a swimsuit with him, maybe he's here to propose marriage~! D-does my little Meddy have a boyfriend I don't know about? ♥"
  27. [18:00:57] <~Aori_Radidjiu> "Oh, you wish to know? It is Gran Zeboma."
  28. [18:01:11] <~Aori_Radidjiu> He doesn't even turn his head to face you, Mako. Wow.
  29. [18:01:38] <Med> "No, they're both leaving town too," Med says almost too casually, far too curious about the man in black to care about being embarassed.
  30. [18:02:13] <~Aori_Radidjiu> "Oh, well! Don't keep him waiting, I guess~!"
  31. [18:02:15] * Mako crosses his arms over his chest and hikes up his shoulders a bit in a pout.
  32. [18:04:37] <Med> The young girl went to the door to find out more. She looked very much unlike her character sheet images. Her hair was down, and she was wearing a sleeveless white shirt that had little ruffles and was slightly long, like it was fashionably designed to be just a bit oversized looking. She also had a red skirt with white hearts and black hemming. Her eyes were green today (she wore
  33. [18:04:37] <Med> contacts even when she was staying at home, just in case), and she had no devilish features to be seen!
  34. [18:05:12] <Med> "Yo. You wanted something?"
  35. [18:05:29] <~Aori_Radidjiu> "I'm here for your answer to the proposal you got in the mail a few days ago."
  36. [18:05:54] <Med> "Pro...pos... wait, wait!"
  37. [18:06:03] * Med points at the man in black, "You're from the pirates!"
  38. [18:06:12] <~Aori_Radidjiu> He nods. "Yes."
  39. [18:06:42] <~Aori_Radidjiu> You swear you heard a squeal in the background when the man initially said proposal
  40. [18:06:46] <Mako> "It's an acronym, you gotta say it like PIRATES."
  41. [18:07:22] <Mako> "Not a very good one, though, as far as acronyms go."
  42. [18:08:26] <Med> Med, naturally, has spent this entire (albeit short) conversation between her and the man in black trying to read his mind. Roara did this in PM, but then realized it's probably more entertaining to do it here.
  43. [18:08:42] <Med> (mostly because the next person she's going to mindread is mako)
  44. [18:08:55] <+Kraken> (So what, Gran takes everyone else sight-seeing / with him on errands and I just get dropped off at a hotel with no real information? :<)
  45. [18:08:56] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Your mind reading is giving literally nothing. You sure you're mind reading him?
  46. [18:09:11] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (1,1Mako's going to the same hotel as you.)
  47. [18:09:35] <Med> "And... you're immune to tele- I probably shouldn't talk about that."
  48. [18:09:49] <~Aori_Radidjiu> "I am immune to telepathy, yes."
  49. [18:09:52] * Med calms down and tries to read Mako's mind instead.
  50. [18:10:00] <~Aori_Radidjiu> He doesn't seem the least bit surprised.
  51. [18:10:11] * Mako hops back a few feet and waves his arms. "No, no, no, don't you try to read my mind, too!"
  52. [18:10:52] <Mako> [She's going to do it anyway, psychics are such JERKS]
  53. [18:11:48] <Med> "And you're not immune," she says, obviously staring at Mako. Obviously reading his mind.
  54. [18:12:12] <Mako> "Stop! Stop violating my rights!"
  55. [18:13:40] <Med> "I'm not," Med says so very matter-of-factly.
  56. [18:13:59] * Med glances back to the man in black. "Does this mean I should get my stuff?"
  57. [18:15:00] <~Aori_Radidjiu> "It's courtesy, not a right." He pauses. "You have until the day after tomorrow, to wait, you do not have to leave your abode unless you wish, as you already live in Conch City."
  58. [18:16:18] <Med> "So I have two more days? In that case, I'd like to stay here, and say good-bye to some people again."
  59. [18:16:44] <~Aori_Radidjiu> "That is fine."
  60. [18:18:23] <Med> "Is there anything else you would like to discuss?"
  61. [18:18:26] <~Aori_Radidjiu> "If you wish to meet others who are in PIRATES before the appointed time, you may come with me, otherwise..." He pulls an information sheet like the one Mako has out of his suit, and hands it to Med. "This contains the location and time at which everyone will be meeting."
  62. [18:18:39] * Mako grumbles at the back of Gran's head, then he looks at Med and his thoughts switch into Niihua as a little smirk plays over his lips.
  63. [18:20:14] * Med takes the paper, reading over it. "I should... I... should," she begins, waivering a bit. oh god, saying goodbye was hard enough the last three times... can she really do that again...?
  64. [18:20:22] * Med was not having very much luck in actually reading the paper.
  65. [18:22:00] <Mako> "You should~ come up with an answer."
  66. [18:23:16] <Med> "I should probably go with you," she says after musing about it. if this were an anime, her eyes would so be shadowed by her hair. because that's how anime hair works.
  67. [18:24:28] * Mako nods. "Cool, I get to sit in front, though."
  68. [18:24:43] <~Aori_Radidjiu> "That is fine." He turns around and starts heading for the car.
  69. [18:25:21] <Med> That's how Jake did it, anyway. He just packed his bags and left. luckily, Med already packed her bags.
  70. [18:25:38] <+Kraken> (I what now?)
  71. [18:25:38] <Med> "I'll go get my bags, then."
  72. [18:25:45] <Med> (mwahaha)
  73. [18:25:51] <Med> (evil plan has been realized)
  74. [18:26:03] <+Kraken> (To..make me...respond?)
  75. [18:26:39] <Med> (i named an npc Jake >:3 )
  76. [18:26:40] <DiceMaid-9001> JESUS CHRIST, IT'S A LION, GET IN THE CAR!
  77. [18:26:41] * DiceMaid-9001 gets in the car
  78. [18:27:19] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Gran also gets in the car.
  79. [18:27:40] * Mako sits back in the passenger seat, waiting for Med.
  80. [18:27:56] * Med goes to get her bags.
  81. [18:27:59] <Med> there are so many bags.
  82. [18:28:52] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Gwen helps Med out, even though only Med would know she's named Gwen. Mwahahaha~
  83. [18:29:34] * Med also says heartfelt goodbyes to her foster family - and if any of them are missing, she asks them to relay goodbyes
  84. [18:29:48] * Med there are so many tears too :(
  85. [18:30:44] <Med> it probably takes way too fucking long. like, if Mako and Gran just sort of sit in the car and way, there would be so much awkward silence
  86. [18:30:48] <Med> *wait
  87. [18:31:50] * Mako is totally fine sitting in the car waiting.
  88. [18:34:28] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Andrew's out on business, and Amelia scowls at first when you get in her room but GRUDGINGLY gives you a hug. Her face is stiff, but you can swear you hear a SNIFF as you leave her room. Gwen gives you a biiig hug and a kiss on the forehead, and she had lipstick on so you have a lil' bit of lipstick on your forehead~. Oh my.
  89. [18:36:42] * Med has a handkerchief or six for that. too bad she's not sure which bag she put it in!
  90. [18:39:26] <+Kraken> (Should I be nicking up or are we doing goodbyes in real time and never getting to the hotel?)
  91. [18:39:43] <~Aori_Radidjiu> WELL, YOU'RE GETTING TO THE CAR, RIGHT?
  92. [18:39:45] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (Yes.)
  93. [18:40:51] <+Kraken> (Don't do it, Aori. Don't be one of those people that answers either/or questions that way except for when it's actually funny!)
  94. [18:41:38] * Med gets in the car, all mopey and stuff, wiping her tears and stuff.
  95. [18:42:02] <~Aori_Radidjiu> ANYWAY, after Meddy gets in the car, MIB drives. And drives. You're in a residential district for a while, all the buildings almost identical, painted white, look like they have thin walls. Eventually you get into the business district again, with all the people doign stuff and some people dressed more formally, and after a while...
  96. [18:42:18] <~Aori_Radidjiu> You reach the hotel. The Glameow's Purr.
  97. [18:43:01] <Mako> "Please say this is it." Mako is slumped into the door and looking quite green by the time they reach the hotel.
  98. [18:43:09] <~Aori_Radidjiu> "This is it."
  99. [18:44:12] * Med was probably silent and mopey the whole way there.
  100. [18:45:14] <Mako> "Thank Raijin." He opens his door and practically falls out onto the street. Mako stands and leans against the car before wobbling over to the hotel.
  101. [18:45:31] <~Aori_Radidjiu> "Your room is Room 425, Mako. Med, if you wish to use a room here, it will be 412." He says this plainly, taking out two little paper sleeve things that hold keycards.
  102. [18:46:09] * Med gets out. "Okay..." She takes the key. "What about my bags?"
  103. [18:46:17] <Med> there are way too many for a single med to carry all by herself :(
  104. [18:46:35] <~Aori_Radidjiu> "I shall assist you, if you wish."
  105. [18:46:55] <Med> "Thanks..."
  106. [18:47:32] * Mako takes his keycards from Gran, then looks at Med. "Why so many bags, anyway? You know this is, like, a traveling job right?"
  107. [18:49:14] * Med looks to Mako, and tries to convey her entire reasoning into one single sulk.
  108. [18:49:18] <Med> unfortunately, it is not very enlightening.
  109. [18:49:23] <Med> so, she tries words instead.
  110. [18:49:39] <Med> "Aren't we staying on a ship anyway?"
  111. [18:49:40] * Mako gives her his patented wood-boring stare back.
  112. [18:49:58] <Mako> "Yeah. You know boats got weight limits before they sink?"
  113. [18:50:20] <Med> "Most of it's just clothes anyway..."
  114. [18:51:26] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Gran has grabbed as many of Med's bags as he can fit in his arms. "Shall we go?" He doesn't seem to be bothered by them at all, and he's gotten like, almost all of her bags.
  115. [18:51:41] * Mako frowns. "I'm not helping bring 'em back down." He grabs a bag and heads for the lobby.
  116. [18:51:56] <Med> "See, they're light."
  117. [18:52:20] <Med> If you ignore the fact that Gran is probably super-humanly strong, he very nicely displays Med's point for her!
  118. [18:52:31] * Med grabs some of her stuff, following the two.
  119. [18:54:31] <~Aori_Radidjiu> He leads you to an elevator, which ludkily isn't crowded right now, and you go up on the 4th floor.
  120. [18:57:07] * Med is slightly less mopey on the elevator ride. maybe she was just moping so much because the car ride was so silent :(
  121. [18:57:35] <Med> Finally, it occurs to her to ask...
  122. [18:57:40] * Mako clams up in the elevator, looking almost as tense as he did in the car. He has one hand gripped around the railing.
  123. [18:57:42] <Med> "Who are you two, anyway?"
  124. [18:58:04] <Mako> "Mako Kalama, PIRATES recruit like you."
  125. [18:58:07] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Your rooms are nice, wtih a single nightstand alongside a fluffy bed, a bathroom with A SHOWER, and a lamp on the nightstand, as well as a TV and a coffee maker. And Air conditioning.
  126. [18:59:41] <~Aori_Radidjiu> "Gran Zeboma. Servant of the state." He sets Med's bags down, or to be more accurate, he just sorta' dumps them carelessly in the middle of her room.
  127. [19:00:08] * Mako sets the one he was carrying for her down on Med's bed.
  128. [19:00:23] <Med> "Thanks for helping carry them."
  129. [19:02:00] <Mako> "Welcome."
  130. [19:03:39] <~Aori_Radidjiu> "All the rooms from 401 to 430 are PIRATES candidates. You may visit them if you wish. I do not know how the groups will be assigned, however."
  131. [19:04:03] <Med> "Are they all unusual?"
  132. [19:04:24] <Med> Asks the snowflake.
  133. [19:04:34] <Mako> "I'm not -unusual-."
  134. [19:04:51] <~Aori_Radidjiu> "They are extraordinary in some way or another."
  135. [19:05:07] * Mako puffs out his chest a little at that.
  136. [19:05:10] <~Aori_Radidjiu> "Now, I must take my leave, do you have any questions before I go?"
  137. [19:05:58] <Med> "I do."
  138. [19:06:05] <~Aori_Radidjiu> "Yes?"
  139. [19:06:15] <Med> "How are you immune to telepathy? Do you know if it's the same as me?"
  140. [19:06:39] <+Melons> Meanwhile, an extraordinary girl is now sitting in front of the escalators on the 4th floor, seemingly engaged in a staring contest with the demonic hell engine of mobility.
  141. [19:07:01] <Med> (brb listening to chaos;head ed)
  142. [19:07:24] <Med> (which btw is literally my favorite ed just because it made me crack up almost every time it started playing. because i'm a bad person :( )
  143. [19:07:44] <+Melons> (I don't know any Eds)
  144. [19:07:53] <~Aori_Radidjiu> "I am technically not a living being."
  145. [19:07:59] * Mako leans backwards out Med's door to look at the other girl, practically able to hear her staring match. "You okay over there?"
  146. [19:08:01] <Med> (it's a show about special people. the ed begins with "you're always super special")
  147. [19:08:27] <Varg> (OH BOY THAT SONG)
  148. [19:08:36] <Med> (it cracks me up every single time)
  149. [19:08:51] <+Melons> The girl is far too invested in facing off her enemy to realize Mako is yelling at her like a lunatic.
  150. [19:09:00] <Varg> (But it's a legitimately nice song)
  151. [19:09:01] <Med> "Oh."
  152. [19:09:16] <Med> "I'm pretty sure I'm a living being, so... we're probably different then."
  153. [19:09:35] <~Aori_Radidjiu> "Quite. Any other questions?"
  154. [19:10:20] * Mako gives Gran a concerned look, then quietly slips out of the room. He starts for the escalator and stops next to the girl there. "Yo, I said are you alright."
  155. [19:10:24] <Med> "That's all, I guess."
  156. [19:11:05] <~Aori_Radidjiu> "I shall be off, then. Good day." He walks off.
  157. [19:12:24] <~Aori_Radidjiu> The escalator continues to move, Melanie.
  158. [19:12:30] <~Aori_Radidjiu> it's relentless.
  159. [19:12:46] <Med> "Good day," she says to the retreating servant of the state.
  160. [19:12:55] <+Melons> She fall-dives away from Mako because HOLY HELL HE JUST APPEARED OUT OF NOWHERE! HE MUST BE IN LEAGUE WITH THE ESCALATOR! "WHA?!"
  161. [19:13:26] <Med> Deciding it'd be a waste to unpack all of her things only to have to pack it all up again, she decides to go see what the half naked man is doing.
  162. [19:13:28] * Mako startles backwards, too. "I was askin' a question!"
  163. [19:13:28] <Med> wait did i say half
  164. [19:13:31] <Med> closer to like 94%
  165. [19:15:16] * Mako offers Melons a hand. "Didn't mean to scare you, sorry."
  166. [19:15:28] <+Melons> She now realizes she's lying on incredibly uncomfortable and dirty ground, wearing short-shorts and a tank-top because she was feeling brave which only makes her embarrassment worse, and scrambles to her feet, avoiding his hand. "W-Why wouldn't I be alright?!" She expertly avoids eye-contact like a boss.
  167. [19:15:51] <+Melons> And by boss I mean socially inept weirdo.
  168. [19:16:24] <Mako> "Because you were starin' at it like it was going to bite you. I don't like them either, but I know more than that."
  169. [19:16:26] <Med> (assume med is watching in amusement possibly maybe i think. or maybe she decided to go unpack after all, and prepare tomorrow's outfit in advance)
  170. [19:16:32] <Med> (yeah the second one)
  171. [19:16:41] <Med> 3d6+1 FASHION
  172. [19:16:41] <DiceMaid-9001> Med, FASHION: 14 [3d6=5,2,6]
  173. [19:16:50] <Med> (that is my fashion check to see how FASHIONABLE it is)
  174. [19:16:52] <~Aori_Radidjiu> You're gonna' be damn fashionable
  175. [19:16:55] <Med> (it is 14 fashionunits on the fashionmeter)
  176. [19:17:10] <Med> (brbnow)
  177. [19:17:50] <+Melons> "Oh, no, they will bite, you can't trust them, they aren't as reliable as stairs!" In the fervor of her rant she sneaks a peek at Mako and WHY IS HE JUST WEARING A BANANA HAMMOCK?!
  178. [19:18:47] * Mako crosses his arms, prompting an accidental pec pop. "Nah, they'll just stop and then you'll fall down the rest of them. Or your dumb brother will push you."
  179. [19:19:13] <+Melons> "I..erm...I don't...have a brother."
  180. [19:20:57] <Mako> "Lucky you." He rolls his neck, then extends his hand. "Mako Kalama. You're a PIRATES recruit too, right?"
  181. [19:21:49] <+Melons> "H-How did you know?!" She recoils slightly as he reaches out, eventually offering him one of those terrible limp-wristed handshakes.
  182. [19:23:03] * Mako narrows his eyes and frowns. "The MIB said like this whole floor is recruits. I just got here with a weird psychic girl."
  183. [19:24:02] <+Melons> Why is he throwing out acronyms like everyone kn- wait, DID HE SAY PSYCHIC?! "Um...psychic...girl?"
  184. [19:25:06] <Mako> "Yes. She's down...that way." He turns to give a vague point towards Med's room. "I don't know, some kind of telepath. They not have psychics where you're from?"
  185. [19:26:44] <+Melons> "I've read about them but never seen she strictly telepathic? No telekinesis? Can she teleport? Predict the future? Read the past? How good is her mind-reading?" Her questions quicken in pace and confusing in scope as she interrogates him.
  186. [19:27:26] * Mako leans away from the girl. "I dunno, I try not to get involved with them. She's psychic, go ask her the specifics yourself if you want."
  187. [19:27:39] <Med> (back)
  188. [19:27:46] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (good timing)
  189. [19:28:08] <+Melons> "Does she not just know? Can she shoot those laser things? Are those real? She didn't brainwash you did she? Quickly, what date is it?!"
  190. [19:28:08] <Med> (thanks)
  191. [19:29:09] * Mako clenches his jaw briefly. "Look, I just wanted to know if you were fine, but it's lookin' like you need more help than I can give, so..."
  192. [19:29:20] * Med finally finds the matching bracelet/anklet things in the right color. jeez, why did she even put them in two separate bags, and neither of them in with the rest of her accessories?
  193. [19:30:06] <+Melons> Melanie considers what he's said, internalizing it a- no, she ignored it completely. "Which room was she in?"
  194. [19:30:52] * Mako squints. "4...12? Yeah, 412."
  195. [19:33:20] <Mako> "Wait, wait, you didn't tell me your name yet."
  196. [19:33:35] <Med> "Phew... I can't wait until I can unpack." @_@
  197. [19:33:52] <+Melons> She immediately wanders toward 412, forgetting about Mako completely, stopping outside the door because she just realized psychics are probably people which means this would be a stranger and freezes up. Is telepathy passive? Can these awkward thoughts be read right now? Psychics are probably dangerous...They ARE usually the villain in the many programs she's watched psychics in. Okay,
  198. [19:33:52] <+Melons> they weren't actual psychics, they were depictions of psychics.
  199. [19:35:15] <Med> The door was probably still open.
  200. [19:35:27] <Med> That doesn't mean Med is aware that there's someone on the other side of the doorway, though.
  201. [19:35:29] * Mako doesn't quite get that he's been ditched right away, but eventually stumbles off to his room to throw down his bag and change.
  202. [19:36:56] <Med> "I guess I'd better go out and meet some of my future coworkers," she says, walking out the door and into a melon. ow.
  203. [19:37:35] * Mako takes some camera phone pictures of the room and of the view out the window to send to Ryan while he struggles to get into his one pair of pants.
  204. [19:38:02] <+Melons> Should I put tin-foil on my head? Is that offensive? Is the spoon-bending thing a stereotype? But if they know I was here and left they'd think I was coward. Is th- HOW DO THEY KEEP APPEARING LIKE THIS?! The melon awkwardly keeps herself upright by grabbing onto the wall.
  205. [19:38:10] <+Melons> "AREYOUTHEPSYCHIC?!"
  206. [19:38:32] <Med> "Ow... who are you?"
  207. [19:38:38] * Med blatant mind reading start~
  208. [19:39:46] <+Melons> (So do latent psionics and/or elemental connection: dark reduce readability at all?)
  209. [19:40:07] <~Aori_Radidjiu> No, Mind Lock does, though.
  210. [19:40:28] <Med> (and mind lock is a thing you can get pretty early into dark elementalist o/~ )
  211. [19:41:48] <+Melons> Melanie's mind is full of rapid-fire thoughts, mostly concerning proper etiquette when dealing with psychics, trying not to think racist thoughts and consequently thinking VERY racist thoughts, attempting to logically realize psychics aren't a race of people. There's also a thread obsessing about her clothing.
  212. [19:42:13] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (>a thread)
  213. [19:42:31] <+Melons> (you don't think like a threaded program?)
  214. [19:42:41] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (Melanie's mind is 4chan)
  215. [19:42:49] <+Melons> (Nailed it)
  216. [19:42:57] <Med> (i think using conway's game of life)
  217. [19:43:20] * Mako steps out of his room, looking uncomfortable in jeans and a half buttoned shirt. He takes a few steps down the hall before turning around and disappearing back into his room.
  218. [19:43:49] <+Melons> (Please say he comes back out with a FULLY unbuttoned shirt)
  219. [19:44:07] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (button your goddamned shirt)
  220. [19:44:13] <Mako> (never!)
  221. [19:44:20] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (who the fuck played Wyl, I didn't watch PokEO that much)
  222. [19:44:26] <Med> "Who are you?" Med repeats, since it's pretty obvious Melanie didn't hear it the first time. D:
  223. [19:44:59] <+Melons> "I''re...that is..." Gulp. ""
  224. [19:45:02] <Giantree> (shotalyle)
  225. [19:45:11] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (Oh. Boo.)
  226. [19:45:26] <Med> "Huh?"
  227. [19:46:20] <+Melons> "MELAN...IE!" Fuck, why am I saying it so awkwardly! She's going to think I'm saying "melony!" ...FUCK SHE CAN PROBABLY READ THAT THOUGHT!
  228. [19:46:26] * Mako comes back out, pants missing but briefs changed out for a slightly more modest square cut in blue. The shirt is fully unbuttoned. Mako spots the girls and talks loudly as he approaches. "Is she being weird on you, now?"
  229. [19:46:37] <+Melons> (Hmmmmm....suppose those should have been single quotes)
  230. [19:46:50] <+Melons> (Or just assume she mumbled "melony" out loud to herself)
  231. [19:51:00] <Med> (i honestly didnt notice)
  232. [19:51:31] <Med> "Melanie. Got it. Why are you freaking out?"
  233. [19:51:44] * Med would respond to Mako, but... it's hard to tell which 'she' he means.
  234. [19:51:54] <Mako> "I think that's just what she does."
  235. [19:52:01] * Med is pretty used to being the weird one, after all.
  236. [19:52:15] <+Melons> "BECAUSEYOUCANREADMINDS!"
  237. [19:52:38] <Med> "No I can't."
  238. [19:52:53] <Mako> "Oh, was that supposed to be secret?"
  239. [19:53:22] <Med> "I don't really mind anymore, but it's still true that I can't read minds."
  240. [19:53:34] <+Melons> "But...but he said you had telepathy!"
  241. [19:53:38] <Med> "If I could, I wouldn't have to ask anyone what their name was, or things like that. It'd be really convenient."
  242. [19:54:13] <+Melons> "But you could be hiding it because it would freak everyone out if you just called strangers by name!"
  243. [19:55:08] <Med> "But if I could read your mind, I'd know how you'd react to anything I'd say, so I'd know exactly how to avoid freaking you out too."
  244. [19:55:41] <+Melons> "ButonlyifyouWANTEDtonotfreakmeout!" Who needs air?
  245. [19:56:09] * Mako raises his eyebrow at Med. "Good thing you're psychic, you suck at lying."
  246. [19:56:20] <Med> "I can only read your thoughts. I think actual mind reading is rare, even for psychic pokemon."
  247. [19:57:17] * Mako quirks his head and looks around, thinking. "Stupid Gennis semantics."
  248. [19:57:18] <+Melons> "But if you read the title of a book, you're still technically reading the book even without opening it!"
  249. [19:57:37] <Med> "Books don't decide their own titles - you can decide what thoughts you think!"
  250. [20:02:35] <+Melons> "Then read one of my thoughts RIGHT NOW!" She makes a rather weird face as she attempts to concentrate on a single thing: her adorable Spinarak. Of course occasionally other thoughts leak in, namely lots of paranoia and feeling naked. Which to be fair, both are justified.
  251. [20:03:10] * Shawyun_Sariri is now known as Scarlet
  252. [20:06:35] <Med> "Um... mostly a... spinarack I think... and then there's a bunch of other thoughts..." man, it's always awkward reading someone's thoughts outloud for them D:
  253. [20:08:10] <+Melons> "SOYOUAREPSYCHIC!" A massive grin invades her face. This is so much better than that stupid Ghost Hunters show. I mean, we all know ghosts exist, how does that show get funding? "And you're going to be pirate too?!"
  254. [20:08:10] * Mako rolls his eyes and turns to head for the elevator. "I'm going to go look around the city, have fun being weird together."
  255. [20:09:20] * Med waves to the previously naked but now dressed man.
  256. [20:10:28] <+Melons> Melanie remembers Mako exists. "Oh, so you're not from Conch?" It should be noted she pronounces it with a nice crunchy 'ch' sound. "I guess I just assumed what with basically being naked and all..."
  257. [20:11:46] * Mako pauses and looks over his shoulder. "What? How many other guys have you seen here dressed like this?" He gestures down from shoulder to leg. "I'm from Ark. You a foreigner?"
  258. [20:12:34] <+Melons> "Snowpoint."
  259. [20:13:35] <Med> "I'm from Sepia, but I moved here when I was nine."
  260. [20:13:43] * Mako counts off the major islands on his fingers quietly. "Yeah, that's foreign, right?"
  261. [20:14:07] <+Melons> "...Yes...yes that's 'foreign.'"
  262. [20:14:08] <Med> Med says, even though she's fairly certain no one actually asked her.
  263. [20:14:55] <+Melons> "Northern Sinnoh, specifically."
  264. [20:15:45] * Mako glances at Med. "Explains the weird." Then looks back at Mel. "Welcome to the islands, I guess."
  265. [20:17:14] <Med> "I think my dad used to live near there... sort of... he traveled around a lot."
  266. [20:17:54] <+Melons> "If water was almost always frozen and it was deadly to be out and about in underwear, he was probably near there."
  267. [20:18:44] <Med> "Hmm... I think it was cold in a few of his stories..." god, it's been so long since she's heard her dad's stories.
  268. [20:19:01] <Med> Why did he have to die. Now she only gets to see him on summer vacation and stuff. :(
  269. [20:19:27] <+Melons> "S-Stories, huh?" Ohgoddon'tcryinfrontofnewpeople.
  270. [20:19:48] <+Melons> "H-How about we all go out and That's what people do, right?"
  271. [20:20:13] * Med isn't going to cry, if that's who you mean! D:
  272. [20:20:24] <+Melons> It wasn't.
  273. [20:20:26] <Med> "I, um... that's what tourists do, and I'm a native, so I'll pass."
  274. [20:20:33] * Mako sidles away from the estrogen fest.
  275. [20:21:25] <+Melons> "Then...look at it like...a 'team-building' exercise."
  276. [20:24:57] * Mako continues to sidle and then starts pressing the elevator down button repeatedly
  277. [20:27:00] <~Aori_Radidjiu> You hear the elevator start coming up, and then it stops on an earlier floor.
  278. [20:27:14] * +Melons continues staring at Med like she was a research specimen, hoping to tri- I mean convince her into spending some time together. Oh fuck, don't read that, here are mental images of My Little Ponyta instead.
  279. [20:27:33] * Med probably got bored of reading melonsbrain
  280. [20:28:21] * Mako stares at the elevator and goes back to pressing the button, thinking very quickly in Niihua.
  281. [20:28:59] <Med> "But what if I run into someone I know? It'd get super awkward..."
  282. [20:30:15] <+Melons> "If you're from here and we're still going to be in the general area, couldn't that happen anyways?"
  283. [20:31:05] <Med> "Welll, if I'm coming, we'd have to go to all the cool places!"
  284. [20:31:44] <Mako> "What counts as cool to you?"
  285. [20:32:16] <+Melons> Melanie crosses her fingers, hoping she means temperature.
  286. [20:33:27] <~Aori_Radidjiu> You hear the elevator go up again. And then stop.
  287. [20:34:13] <Med> "You're talking to the drummer of Counter Detect, so... cool things do, obviously!"
  288. [20:34:40] <+Melons> (How well-known IS her band?)
  289. [20:35:04] <Med> (you'd have to be pretty fuckin hipster to know about it and not live in Conch City)
  290. [20:35:12] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (Nobody outside of Conch has heard of it, unless they're ^)
  291. [20:35:32] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (fuck he took the words out of my mouth)
  292. [20:35:35] <Mako> "Oh she's in a band. Please, Raijin, just let me leave."
  293. [20:35:54] <Med> (like if there's a youtube thing, there's a chance you'd stumble unto something, but)
  294. [20:36:12] <Med> (or other music things)
  295. [20:36:22] <Med> (before tree eats me for listening to all my music via youtube)
  296. [20:36:48] <+Melons> (I hear is reliable /he'llsuspectnothing)
  297. [20:36:48] <Giantree> (I've come to accept that non-youtube music is doomed these days)
  298. [20:37:05] <+Melons> (Youtube is also the easiest way to rip music for free)
  299. [20:37:29] <Med> (if it helps, the main reason i use youtube is because i'm too poor to buy it :( )
  300. [20:37:36] <+Melons> (So there aren't any kind of weird rumors about Med and/or her band that would be known by occultist sleuths?)
  301. [20:37:51] <Haiiro-Honoo> (you guys pls)
  302. [20:37:53] <Med> (that sounds like an occult education check to me)
  303. [20:39:17] <Med> (cause she is from a weird family, so there probably is something floating around)
  304. [20:39:26] <+Melons> 3d6+2 Quickly, are there any rumors about that band?
  305. [20:39:26] <DiceMaid-9001> Melons, Quickly, are there any rumors about that band?: 14 [3d6=1,6,5]
  306. [20:39:37] <Varg> 5d6+4
  307. [20:39:38] <DiceMaid-9001> Varg, 5d6+4: 16 [5d6=4,2,2,1,3]
  308. [20:39:43] <Varg> (BAH)
  309. [20:40:02] <~Aori_Radidjiu> There's a rumor that they're all helldemon worshippers who get possessed by demons. But that's obviously hogwash.
  310. [20:40:13] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (HOW'S THAT CHARACTER GOING VARG)
  311. [20:41:33] <+Melons> "Wait, you're from that 'demon' band?" Air-quotes accompany the word. "Though I guess if you're psychic, that's already quite weird, so maybe there is some validity to the rumors...HMMMMMMMMMMMMM~!"
  312. [20:42:29] <Med> "Huh?"
  313. [20:42:42] <Med> "We only dressed up like demons for halloween." stare
  314. [20:42:59] * Med tries to read Melanie's mind to figure out what the fuck she is going on about
  315. [20:43:33] <+Melons> "It's been suspected that you only 'dressed up' on the unholiest of days because your demonic powers would have been at their peak."
  316. [20:44:41] * Mako steps away from the elevator to take the escalator instead.
  317. [20:44:44] <Med> "Really?"
  318. [20:45:43] <~Aori_Radidjiu> The elevator reaches floor 4 RIGHT as Mako steps away
  319. [20:45:59] <Med> (AND THEN CLOSES BEFORE HE CAN REACH IT)
  320. [20:46:06] <+Melons> (Does it also ding?)
  321. [20:46:06] <Med> (this has actually happened to me before ;_; )
  322. [20:46:44] <+Melons> 2d6+2 Also, untrained perception to look for some kind of tell whenever Med is psychicing.
  323. [20:46:45] <DiceMaid-9001> Melons, Also, untrained perception to look for some kind of tell whenever Med is psychicing.: 9 [2d6=4,3]
  324. [20:46:52] * Mako freezes and mutters a string of colorful, trilingual cusses and goes back to the elevator.
  325. [20:46:54] <~Aori_Radidjiu> It DINGS and out steps some guy wearing poofy pants and no shirt. "Good day to you all!" He keeps going.
  326. [20:47:13] * Med usually looks at people when she reads their mind.
  327. [20:47:45] <Med> Unfortunately, she also usually looks at people when she talks to them, but maybe it's slightly different or something.
  328. [20:48:03] <Med> (that said, i dunno if people can actually tell if their mind's being read)
  329. [20:48:18] <Med> (but i assume not)
  330. [20:48:26] <~Aori_Radidjiu> The elevator door is open, and Melanie has no idea whether she's reading or not, but since she's paranoid that OBVIOUSLY MEANS HER MIND IS BEING READ
  331. [20:48:40] <Mako> "You too." He squeezes around the guy to get in the elevator, then holds the door close button while the girls talk.
  332. [20:49:29] <~Aori_Radidjiu> And you thought you felt naked before
  333. [20:49:38] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Melanie and Med, perception
  334. [20:49:49] <Med> 1d6+1 what the fuck is "perception"
  335. [20:49:49] <+Melons> 2d6+2
  336. [20:49:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Med, what the fuck is "perception": 2 [1d6=1]
  337. [20:49:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Melons, 2d6+2: 10 [2d6=6,2]
  338. [20:50:15] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Melanie notices the elevator is here. Med notices that that guy who just passed by is so unfashionable
  339. [20:50:21] <Varg> 3d6+4
  340. [20:50:22] <DiceMaid-9001> Varg, 3d6+4: 12 [3d6=1,6,1]
  341. [20:50:30] <+Melons> "H-Hey, where are you going?!"
  342. [20:50:32] <Med> 3d6+1 think of some fashion advice to give him
  343. [20:50:32] <Varg> (Oh come on DM)
  344. [20:50:32] <DiceMaid-9001> Med, think of some fashion advice to give him: 9 [3d6=1,6,1]
  345. [20:50:36] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Varg notices that she doesn't exist
  346. [20:50:40] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Yet.
  347. [20:50:45] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Maybe someone should hurry up with that
  348. [20:50:48] <+Melons> 5d6+1 ACROBATICS to keep the elevator open.
  349. [20:50:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Melons, ACROBATICS to keep the elevator open.: 18 [5d6=6,3,4,2,2]
  350. [20:50:56] <Med> 4d6+1 charm: give him the advice in a positive and cheerful and nice and kind manner that doesn't upset him <3
  351. [20:50:57] <DiceMaid-9001> Med, charm: give him the advice in a positive and cheerful and nice and kind manner that doesn't upset him <3: 13 [4d6=6,1,3,2]
  352. [20:51:01] <+Melons> (Diving is totally acrobatic)
  353. [20:53:24] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Melons pops the elevator open with her melons, while Med makes the man blush. "I'll consider my appearance more carefully, then!"
  354. [20:54:14] <Mako> "Nooo! Go talk to your psychic girlfriend." He keeps holding the door closed button, even though the doors won't close with Melons in the way.
  355. [20:54:17] * Med victory signs the man! another fashion day saved~
  356. [20:55:29] <+Melons> "S-She's not my were joking....right. Psychic girl, are you coming or not?"
  357. [20:56:41] <Med> "Huh?"
  358. [20:56:53] <Med> oh right, there were out-of-towners
  359. [20:57:05] <Med> "Hmm..."
  360. [20:57:16] * Med looks to see if any of the other POTENTIAL PIRATES are about, or if it's just the two weird out-of-towners
  361. [20:59:00] * Mako sighs in defeat. "Are you or not? I don't like being in these things this long."
  362. [20:59:40] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Juuuust the out of towners for now. Lame.
  363. [21:00:02] <Med> "I was hoping to meet some of the others, but I guess they're not here, so sure."
  364. [21:00:07] * Med goes to catch the elevator
  365. [21:00:49] <+Melons> 1d6-2 Unless nerdgirl fails her charm role so hard by suggesting it's like a three-way date without the romance part it sends Med running.
  366. [21:00:50] <DiceMaid-9001> Melons, Unless nerdgirl fails her charm role so hard by suggesting it's like a three-way date without the romance part it sends Med running.: 1 [1d6=3]
  367. [21:01:52] <~Aori_Radidjiu> You look like a derp.
  368. [21:02:09] <Med> 3d6+1 think of fashion advice for nerdgirl too :D
  369. [21:02:10] <DiceMaid-9001> Med, think of fashion advice for nerdgirl too :D: 9 [3d6=5,2,1]
  370. [21:02:19] <+Melons> Probably because she is a derp. WHY DID SHE SAY THAT?!
  371. [21:02:19] <Med> 4d6+1 dispnse it in a helpful and nice manner :D
  372. [21:02:20] <DiceMaid-9001> Med, dispnse it in a helpful and nice manner :D: 9 [4d6=1,1,5,1]
  373. [21:02:31] <+Melons> Obviously fashion will not help nerdgirl.
  374. [21:02:55] * Mako waits just long enough for the girls to get in the elevator, then smashes the ground floor button.
  375. [21:03:07] * Med talks to Melanie about non-subzero climate fashion on the way down~
  376. [21:03:49] <+Melons> *Non-subzero climate underwear, you city of lewdites
  377. [21:04:02] <~Aori_Radidjiu> You get the feeling that she's someone fashionably conscious, or dressed by someone fashionably conscious.
  378. [21:04:46] * +Melons makes a mental note to replace sleep with looking up fashion on the pokenet or whatever ridiculous thing it must be called in this setting because internet still retains too much logic.
  379. [21:05:07] <Med> (I-net)
  380. [21:05:15] <Med> (the I stands for "inter")
  381. [21:05:18] <~Aori_Radidjiu> You reach the bottom in a little bit~
  382. [21:05:33] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Thsi isn't mass effect, of course.
  383. [21:05:40] <+Melons> (They fixed it in the 3rd one, it's weird)
  384. [21:05:54] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Melanie~
  385. [21:06:03] <+Melons> What do you want voice in my head?
  386. [21:06:04] <~Aori_Radidjiu> You notice that Eliza's working the Help Desk~
  387. [21:06:26] * +Melons spots Eliza and alternates between EXCITEMENT and FEAR.
  388. [21:07:04] * Mako gets out of the elevator and sways a moment, then continues across the lobby towards the door, already taking a cigarette out of a box that seemed to just -appear- in his hands.
  389. [21:07:15] <+Melons> 1d2 In fact I'll just let DM handle this, excitement on 1, fear on 2
  390. [21:07:16] <DiceMaid-9001> Melons, In fact I'll just let DM handle this, excitement on 1, fear on 2: 1 [1d2=1]
  391. [21:08:49] <+Melons> "O-One second!" She nearly skips over to Eliza at the desk. "Eliza look, I met other people! And she's psychic! And in a band! And possibly a demon! And that guy I guess is from somewhere relatively near here where they wear underwear like the rest of you. Are you busy now or is it possible you would come with us wherever we're going?" It is almost unclear that a question is being asked.
  392. [21:10:27] * Mako puts a hand on one of the street facing windows to stare out of it soulfully. "Why is this happening?"
  393. [21:10:44] <~Aori_Radidjiu> She gives you a wave and nods. "I've gotta' work for another two hours, sorry! Let me know how it goes~!"
  394. [21:11:31] <+Melons> "'kay!" What a bitch, of course she's lying. Oh, right, keep thinking about ponies, you can't trust psychics. She returns to the group. "Alright, psy-...what ARE your names anyways?"
  395. [21:11:51] <Med> "Destiny," Med answers Mako far too seriously.
  396. [21:12:11] <Mako> "I told you already. My name is Mako."
  397. [21:12:54] <Med> "You shouldn't go around telling people I'm psychic. They'll get edgy and stuff."
  398. [21:13:16] <Med> "And I'm Med."
  399. [21:13:54] <+Melons> "Makomakomako..." She mumbles his name over and over to herself a few times. "If you say it fast it sounds like 'coma!' Medmedmedmedmed..." The same thing. "That can't be your real name...and can't you just make them forget?"
  400. [21:14:08] <Med> "A.k.a. 4Moon10light 2En3core 7Drummer." :D
  401. [21:14:36] <Med> "Not without permanent brain damage."
  402. [21:15:24] <Mako> "...yeah, time for a cigarette." Mako gets outside before he lights up and starts smoking.
  403. [21:16:28] <+Melons> "Oh..." Noted. "Isn't smoking really bad for you? And everyone around you?" Maybe the boring guy is more interesting. No, wait, the myth about ciagrettes being made out of corpses was debunked, damnit.
  404. [21:16:39] <+Melons> *cigarettes
  405. [21:16:45] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Eliza waves over to Med and Mako. "I'm Eliza Haukea, if you need help with anything while you're here, I'll be sure to give you some!" She winks. She's got dark skin, like most natives, and is wearing an orange uniform~
  406. [21:17:54] * Mako gives Eliza a wave before he exits. "Yes, they're really bad for you, thanks mom."
  407. [21:18:05] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (Sorry, was trying to get that out before Mako went out, but I kept forgetting what I was typing)
  408. [21:18:06] * Med waves back to Eliza. "Okay~"
  409. [21:18:39] * Med follows Mako and Melanie outside
  410. [21:19:19] * +Melons was following Mako and Med, though. D:
  411. [21:19:20] * Med suddenly walks in front of Mako, glaring at him.
  412. [21:19:31] <Med> (turns out med and melons were both the warpers after all)
  413. [21:20:07] <Med> "Say, Mako... it's your choice how you want to behave, but..."
  414. [21:20:11] <~Aori_Radidjiu> AND OUTSIDE YOU GO! It's bright and sunny outside, and there's pedestrians all over the place, crossing streets at intervals~
  415. [21:20:31] <+Melons> "So...where are we going?"
  416. [21:20:32] <Med> "If we're going to be coworkers, don't you think you should at least try to not hate us?"
  417. [21:20:33] <~Aori_Radidjiu> This area has a good number of other hotels around, and some businesses and restaurants.
  418. [21:20:41] <Med> glaarreee
  419. [21:21:50] * Mako sniggers. "Cute." He blows a smoke ring over Med's head. "I actually got recruited because I hate everyone, it's -my- special power. You tryin' to get me kicked out?"
  420. [21:22:39] <+Melons> "I don't see how that's a useful ski- Oh...another joke..."
  421. [21:23:07] <Med> determined glaarreee
  422. [21:24:47] <+Melons> "Also I don't think he hates us, I think he just thinks we're weird. Unless you're reading his mind and know things I don't."
  423. [21:24:47] <Mako> "Didn't like that, huh?" Mako takes another drag. "I can stop actively hating you, but I ain't making promises about anything else. Two way street."
  424. [21:25:18] <Med> "I'm not reading his mind. He asked me not to."
  425. [21:25:50] <+Melons> "Couldn't you it anyway? And he wouldn't know?" Says the girl with 4 ranks in Guile.
  426. [21:26:35] <Mako> "Oh, I'd know." He looms over Med. "She's making me think in my third language, but I'm pretty sure she can't read it."
  427. [21:27:31] <Med> "I could, but what's the point of doing that to a team mate?"
  428. [21:27:37] <+Melons> "Third? Not second?"
  429. [21:29:31] <Mako> "Yeah. Mom's from Kanto, dad's from Ark, and we gotta deal with a bunch of foreigners who won't leave our house, so there's three right there."
  430. [21:31:14] <+Melons> "Oh I guess that ma- hey, all of our names start with 'M!'"
  431. [21:31:41] <Mako> "Do they? You didn't tell me yet even though I -asked-."
  432. [21:32:44] <+Melons> "Oh, did you? It's Melan-ie." FUCK! I was thinking so hard about not doing that! She looks a little irate.
  433. [21:33:37] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Quick question, are you guys just standing outside or are you actually going anywhere?
  434. [21:33:52] * Mako will naturally head towards the shore.
  435. [21:34:21] * +Melons will naturally follow the most interesting person, which is Med right now.
  436. [21:35:56] * Med STANDS STILL >:3
  437. [21:35:57] <DiceMaid-9001> JESUS CHRIST, IT'S A LION, GET IN THE CAR!
  438. [21:35:57] * DiceMaid-9001 gets in the car
  439. [21:35:57] <Med> just kidding
  440. [21:35:58] * Med follow mako
  441. [21:36:14] * Med although earlier she was just standing there glaring at him
  442. [21:36:31] * Med actually wait
  443. [21:36:42] * Med why is she following him i'm tired
  444. [21:36:46] * Med STANDS STILL
  445. [21:38:09] * Mako walks off without the girls, seemingly in a much better mood after feeding his nicotine addiction.
  446. [21:38:43] * +Melons taps Med on the shoulder. "Are we going with him? Or is he not going to the...erm...'cool' place?"
  447. [21:40:35] <Med> "I'm still mad at him."
  448. [21:41:03] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (mad)
  449. [21:41:36] <+Melons> "For what?" You have GOT to be kidding me, I thought that psychics wouldn't be so pet- FUCK, back to ponies.
  450. [21:41:42] * Mako takes more pictures on his phone as he walks through the street.
  451. [21:43:25] <~Aori_Radidjiu> There's some guy playing an ukelele in the stree, Mako~! He's not anyone Med knows, though.
  452. [21:43:30] <~Aori_Radidjiu> *street
  453. [21:43:39] <~Aori_Radidjiu> ...actually, it's more like the sidewalk
  454. [21:45:30] <Mako> "Yo~" he waves at the guy with the ukelele. If there's a hat or something for tips, he leaves a few Wakinos there.
  455. [21:45:34] * Med takes a while to think of a good response, but eventually she settles on, "For being a jerk."
  456. [21:45:43] <~Aori_Radidjiu> That there is~!
  457. [21:46:12] <+Melons> "Doesn't...that a jerk, too?"
  458. [21:47:46] <Med> "Why am I a jerk?!"
  459. [21:48:23] <+Melons> "For calling him a jerk? But then that might make me a jerk for insinuating you might be a jerk. Which I do believe means we're all jerks, yep." She nods.
  460. [21:49:16] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (WHAT A MELON)
  461. [21:49:42] <Med> "Calling a jerk a jerk doesn't make you a jerk!"
  462. [21:50:28] <+Melons> "But the only reason you had for being mad at him was for believing him to be a jerk, not based on things he did, which is pretty jerkish. Have you ever had beef jerky? It's pretty good."
  463. [21:52:02] <+Melons> (I know what I'm gonna get tomorrow)
  464. [21:53:33] * Med stares blankly
  465. [21:54:00] * +Melons stares blinkingly. Wait...
  466. [21:54:29] <Med> (blinking is a part of staring)
  467. [21:54:50] <Med> (as the losing condition of staring contests, blinking is thus a necessary apart of staring contests)
  468. [21:54:55] <Med> (and thus, it's part of staring)
  469. [21:55:20] <Med> (my logic is only SLIGHTLY flawed)
  470. [21:56:34] <+Melons> (How bout you get to IC logicing)
  471. [21:56:52] <Med> (but but)
  472. [21:56:59] * Mako stays to listen to the ukelele guy for a little while, then continues towards the beach.
  473. [21:57:08] <Med> "You don't have to worry about mind readers."
  474. [21:57:39] <Med> "Even if they could read your mind, it goes in so many weird angles that they'd just sort of... I dunno... something."
  475. [21:58:47] <+Melons> "Oh good, I'd always kind of wondered if you could like...think thoughts such that a psychic's head exploded from confusion or something. Not Confusion-confusion, just normal confusion. So...where are we goign?"
  476. [22:00:07] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Mako, the beach actually isn't all that far!
  477. [22:01:03] <Med> "Probably not... they could just stop listening, you know."
  478. [22:01:38] <~Aori_Radidjiu> You find tons of people that are out relaxing and having fun and playing volleyball and other beachy activities.
  479. [22:03:18] <+Melons> "True, butseriouslywherearewegoingit'shotoutandI'mburning T.T"
  480. [22:03:44] <+Melons> (More like Dork elementalists, hurkhurkhurk)
  481. [22:04:00] * Mako no longer out of place in his swimsuit, he takes off his already mostly off shirt and just wanders around a bit, king of the beach.
  482. [22:04:08] <~Aori_Radidjiu> KING
  483. [22:04:09] <~Aori_Radidjiu> OF
  484. [22:04:10] <~Aori_Radidjiu> THE
  485. [22:04:11] <~Aori_Radidjiu> BEACH
  486. [22:04:13] <~Aori_Radidjiu> ROLL ME CHARM MAKO
  487. [22:04:26] <Mako> 5d6+1 King of Beach
  488. [22:04:26] <DiceMaid-9001> Mako, King of Beach: 18 [5d6=2,4,2,6,3]
  489. [22:05:12] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Some people playing volleyball invite you over~
  490. [22:05:58] * Mako accepts, fully aware that he is no athlete and recently smoked, but doesn't tell them either of those things.
  491. [22:06:10] <~Aori_Radidjiu> There's a bunch of good lookling girls and guys there. Go roll athletics~
  492. [22:06:18] <+Melons> (Does his charm roll even prevent them from smelling it?)
  493. [22:06:33] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (1,1Of course.)
  494. [22:06:40] <Mako> (you can't smell a single cigarette on a beach. too many dead remoraids.)
  495. [22:06:53] <Mako> 2d6 Athletics
  496. [22:06:54] <DiceMaid-9001> Mako, Athletics: 8 [2d6=4,4]
  497. [22:06:57] <+Melons> (Maybe you can't)
  498. [22:08:00] * +Melons begins thinking about going toward the beach after Mako...or better yet, just going back to her room. Both thoughts are thought as LOUDLY as she can conceive of thinking a thought loudly in Med's direction.
  499. [22:08:37] <Med> "It's hot out?"
  500. [22:08:42] <~Aori_Radidjiu> You do pretty well playing with them, and any mistakes you make are made up for by your sparkling body.
  501. [22:08:49] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Maybe you're a vampire.
  502. [22:09:12] <+Melons> Melon- I MEAN MELANIE points at the sun. "Yes, I can see the sun, therefore it's terribly hot."
  503. [22:09:17] <Med> "Then let's go that way," Med points.
  504. [22:09:32] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Where is Med pointing~?
  505. [22:09:39] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Or is it random~
  506. [22:09:49] <Med> that depends on so many factors
  507. [22:09:50] <Med> like
  508. [22:09:52] * Mako has to sit and take a break after a few rounds, fanning himself with a hand while he watches them continue to play. "I am out of shape..."
  509. [22:09:52] <Med> is it lunch time
  510. [22:09:55] <Med> if so she points to a place to get lunch
  511. [22:10:07] <Med> if not, obviously a mall
  512. [22:10:19] <Med> or department store or whatever conch city calls places that have shit tons of clothes
  513. [22:10:36] <~Aori_Radidjiu> It IS lunch time, actually~
  514. [22:10:44] <Med> TO FOOD
  515. [22:11:30] <~Aori_Radidjiu> You end up going to...roll me...intuition? Yeah, Intuition.
  516. [22:11:40] <Med> (can i roll survival instead D: )
  517. [22:11:51] <+Melons> (Oh god, if you fail it...)
  518. [22:12:04] <+Melons> (We're going to walk into the Wakino equivalent of a home depot and demand food)
  519. [22:12:19] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (Sure)
  520. [22:12:23] <Med> (yay)
  521. [22:12:29] <Med> 2d6-1 FIND FOOD, URBAN SURVIVAL
  522. [22:12:30] <DiceMaid-9001> Med, FIND FOOD, URBAN SURVIVAL: 7 [2d6=6,2]
  523. [22:13:14] <Med> ((although i kind of just sort of assumed med probably knew places))
  524. [22:13:28] <+Melons> (Oh that's why you wnated survival over intuition)
  525. [22:14:04] <+Melons> (I'll make your intuition rolls for you if you'll make my survival rolls for me :D)
  526. [22:14:17] <Med> (unfortunately all i'm good for is fashion advice)
  527. [22:14:18] <Med> (sorry D: )
  528. [22:14:58] <+Melons> "Did you just pick a random direction and point?"
  529. [22:15:35] <Mako> (Aori tell me more about these MEN playing vball)
  530. [22:15:56] <+Melons> (So what kinds of movement/machinery gets Mako sick? I want to bust out the Incredible Gulpin jokes)
  531. [22:16:11] <~Aori_Radidjiu> You quickly find a pretty good breakfast food joint.
  532. [22:16:21] <+Melons> DO THEY HAVE PANCAKES?
  533. [22:16:30] <Mako> (anything not normal for Ark. Cars are the big one, but he doesn't like anything more complicated than a row boat.)
  534. [22:17:02] <+Melons> (We need a helicopter)
  535. [22:18:42] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Ledian House of Pancakes~. FULL OF PANCAKES
  536. [22:19:24] <+Melons> "Ohmygodtheyhavepan- why the fuck are they using a bug-type to promote pancakes?"
  537. [22:19:57] <+Melons> "I may love my bug-type, but I don't think he'd taste that good."
  538. [22:19:58] <Med> "Because it's cute, duh!"
  539. [22:20:05] <~Aori_Radidjiu> As for the men, there's a bunch of really ripped guys, some pretty big guys,a nd toothpicks. As well, there's girls of all shapes and sizes, although most of them are dark-skinned.
  540. [22:20:25] <+Melons> (...where do eggs used for dietary consumption come from in this universe?)
  541. [22:20:35] <+Melons> (Do we still just have normal chickens for those?)
  542. [22:20:47] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (Yes)
  543. [22:20:51] <Mako> (Torchic farms)
  544. [22:20:55] <Med> (every single god damn pokemon lays eggs and you're asking where eggs come from)
  545. [22:21:08] <+Melons> (Do Exeggcute lovers find eating eggs offensive?)
  546. [22:21:18] <Mako> (pokevegans)
  547. [22:21:25] <+Melons> (THEY DON'T LAY EGGS, DUMMY! If you paid ANY attention to the lore, THE EGG MYSTERIOUSLY APPEARS!)
  548. [22:21:25] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (^)
  549. [22:21:27] <Med> (so they only eat plant-type pokemon? D: )
  550. [22:21:40] <Mako> (only nonsentient, nonmobile plant life)
  551. [22:21:53] * Med orders deviled eggs anyway, obviouslyl.
  552. [22:22:09] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Deviled Eggs.
  553. [22:22:15] <+Melons> (Nap eggs?)
  554. [22:22:26] * Mako gets up off the sand after his breather and waves at the higher-end of the muscle spectrum guys. He immediately feels COMPLETELY STUPID.
  555. [22:22:40] * +Melons orders all of the pancakes because she's been too scared to go out to eat...or order room service...she's been using the vending machine..
  556. [22:23:08] <Med> (also, obviously all eggs mysteriously appear then)
  557. [22:23:25] <Med> (pokemon is a world where eggs just mysteriously appear as needed)
  558. [22:23:35] <Med> (matching their environment)
  559. [22:23:37] <+Melons> (Touche)
  560. [22:23:59] <Med> (if an egg appears near a ditto and a charizard, the ditto is too busy looking like a charizard, so it assumes it ought to become a charmander)
  561. [22:24:14] <Med> (if an egg appears in a bakery, it assumes it's a food item like all the other food items)
  562. [22:24:18] <Med> (and it ought to become a cake)
  563. [22:26:39] <Mako> (this channel needs an ooc and ingame rooms)
  564. [22:26:39] <~Aori_Radidjiu> The pancakes are good, and the deviled eggs...well, you've had better, but they're not terrible or anything.
  565. [22:26:46] * Med also probably gets ham and pancakes with the deviled eggs.
  566. [22:26:51] * Med it'd be silly to just order deviled eggs
  567. [22:26:53] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (yeah it)
  568. [22:26:53] * Haiiro-Honoo ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  569. [22:26:55] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (It does)
  570. [22:26:59] * Haiiro-Honoo ( has joined #APirateIsFree
  571. [22:28:21] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (But after this mini is finished, to make logging easier.)
  572. [22:29:02] <+Melons> (>Implying we ever finish)
  573. [22:29:10] <Med> (well)
  574. [22:29:11] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (Well)
  575. [22:29:14] <Med> (i'll eventually pass out)
  576. [22:29:17] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (CONSIDERING WE LOST ALL OUR MOMENTUM)
  577. [22:29:19] <Med> (because i am really tired z_z )
  578. [22:29:22] <Med> (staying up this late)
  579. [22:29:25] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (I think now might be a good time)
  580. [22:29:35] <Med> (just so that i can go to sleep and wake up later than i usually do tomorrow)
  581. [22:29:41] <Med> (so that i can stay up late enough to do med's mini tomorrow)
  582. [22:29:42] <Mako> "Yo~" he tries to strike up a conversation with the musclemen. "Good game, guys. Do y'all mind if I get a picture?"
  583. [22:29:59] <+Melons> (Roara, give me your phone number, don't turn it off, and I can fix your sleep schedule once and for all)
  584. [22:30:51] <Med> (yeah, normally i sleep with my phone less than a foot away from my pillow)
  585. [22:31:01] <Med> (it is impossible to do that)
  586. [22:31:09] * +Melons presumably stuffs her melony face of pancakes until fade to black then?
  587. [22:31:16] <~Aori_Radidjiu> One of 'em gives you a thumbs up. "Yeah, sure bro!" They all pose together like the Ginyu Force!
  588. [22:31:30] <+Melons> (They will be my first sacrifices)
  589. [22:31:39] <Med> (what)
  590. [22:31:43] <Med> (why would you sacrifice your elder cultists)
  591. [22:31:53] <Med> (don't you know, they're surfer dudes)
  592. [22:31:58] <Med> (and that means they're closer to cthulhu than anyone else)
  593. [22:32:26] <+Melons> (Because they're worth more points on the Sacrichter scale)
  594. [22:32:33] * Mako snaps one normal picture, then does a second with himself in the shot giving an aloha~ gesture. "Awesome, bros. I just got into town, nice to know the guys here are as cool as in Ark."
  595. [22:33:00] <+Melons> (They'd take offense at being called guys and not dudes as surfer dudes)
  596. [22:33:46] <~Aori_Radidjiu> One of 'em nods. "Bro, if you ever wanna' hang out with us again, just ask around for the Gray Mightyenas, eh? You'll find us pretty quick!" And maybe then the GM will give them names.
  597. [22:34:37] <+Melons> (All of their names will be shades of grey)
  598. [22:34:57] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (1,1And there are fifty of them)
  599. [22:35:09] <+Melons> (I hate you)
  600. [22:35:13] <+Melons> (I'm quitting this game now for that)
  601. [22:35:23] <~Aori_Radidjiu> AND NOW
  602. [22:35:26] <~Aori_Radidjiu> WE FADE
  603. [22:35:29] <~Aori_Radidjiu> TO </SESSION>
  604. [22:35:36] <Mako> "I will!" He chuckles and sends the second picture to Ryan with the tag [Beach time!]
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