Samurai Splashfights

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  1. [16:59:10] <Plutonis> It's the fourteenth day of the Sengoku Era. Atsuko, Hitomi and the other proud members of their clan are currently surveying the Shikoku island's coast, searching for a good place for the Youkai to settle with the help of an energetic and willing Nekode and a not so energetic and willing Chosokabe. As most of the western coast is taken by fishing village and former pirate havens/ports, you
  2. [16:59:10] <Plutonis> are taken to a beautiful sandy beach, as well as dressed for some fun later. Chosokabe is wearing a frillish two-piece swimsuit, pouting at her condition while Nekode is wearing a... school swimsuit?
  3. [17:00:22] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro is unsuprisingly wearing his full armor.
  4. [17:02:55] <Plutonis> (No trunks under?)
  5. [17:03:25] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> (No. FULL ARMOR ALL THE TIME.)
  6. [17:04:31] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> (I do have a Fundoshi on though.)
  7. [17:04:42] <Plutonis> (Ewwww)
  8. [17:05:01] <Yukyun> (who would wear a fujoshi, you sick pervert)
  9. [17:05:38] <Plutonis> Speaking of Fundoshi... It looks like Yadoyama is there too, wearing one. 13<Ohhh what a sunny place... Still, taking a sunbath might be good at those times...>
  10. [17:05:55] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> (They're standard underwear for the time period. Its not like you can see it under my armor anyways)
  11. [17:07:20] <Hitomi> AIN'T GOTTA EXPLAIN SHIT. Hitomi is wearing the usual, though underneath the usual is a (purple) bikini. Why? To catch rays and to not be stuck if coaxed in the water anyway (and if they don't exist, pretty sure a school swimsuit didn't either so AIN'T GOTTA EXPLAIN SHIT), which may or may not happen. Anticipating getting some sun (which she desperately needs), she has a book too. Not one
  12. [17:07:20] <Hitomi> too valuble, though, in case some jerk splashes it to dead before she can do anything about it, but one worth reading and actually not work related this time.
  13. [17:08:09] <Atsuko> Well, Atsuko isn't COMPLETELY nofunallowed like his bodyguard, but he's not "beach party, whoo!", either.... He at least thought ahead enough to wear era-appropriate shorts, because beaches are hot, but beyond that... Eh, still business, it seems.
  14. [17:08:51] <Hitomi> Considering her company, she knows better than to be unprepared for sudden parties.
  15. [17:09:01] <Atsuko> "Lord Yadoyama, you'll have all the time to soak up the sun later. For now, we're simply surveying the island!"
  16. [17:10:13] <Yukyun> A certain someone was a stowaway on the way there!  Probably little to poor Atsuko's knowledge at that, too, as a big beige robe ninjas its way across the island.  Behind trees, behind bushes... are there even either of those!  Well either way her trademark hairstyle pops out behind whatever.
  17. [17:10:23] <Atsuko> He turns to face Motochika, who I'm assuming is acting as defacto tour guide. "Thank you again for cooperating with us," he says... As if she had a choice, being a prisoner of war and all. Not that he's trying to rub it in, but trufax, man.
  18. [17:10:36] <Yukyun> Also that's a question mark, not an exclamation point.
  19. [17:10:52] <Plutonis> "Yeah, i really do have a choice there, no? For your information i'm being sarcastic."
  20. [17:11:51] <Plutonis> Chosochan just pouts, giving dirty looks to Nekode. "I don't know why do i have to show you where to build villages on MY island for those freaks..."
  21. [17:13:33] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "It's not your island anymore. To the victor goes the spoils, such is the nature of war. You attacked us, and we merely responded. It's ours now."
  22. [17:14:27] <Atsuko> "I'm equally at a loss for what compelled you to invade our--" damnit ipadslowness that's what I was gonna say... Kinda ;_;
  23. [17:14:59] <Hitomi> "At least they knew better than to declare war on us." She also brought a cup, which is filled with 100% Hitomi-Made water. It's gonna get hot, a drink is always nice. Sip.
  24. [17:16:07] <Yukyun> Shffshff.
  25. [17:16:19] <Plutonis> "Arrr, i thought you jerks would be easy prey by then! We were going to just loot some stuff and then come home..." Chosokabe kicks some sand at Ichiro. "And who are you guys to talk, i never met you lot before!"
  26. [17:19:23] <Plutonis> Nekode meanwhile just keeps glomping on Atsuko. Ohdearthatswimsuitfeelsabitweirdtothetouchonhim. "Nyaaaa, why you took this hussy with you, Master? Lady Yuki says she's fine with any place as long as it's safe and big. And there's lots of fish here so Nekode will be happy-nya!"
  27. [17:19:52] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "Mitsuwa Ichiro. Yojimbo to the Daimyo. A little pidgey told me what happened down here."
  28. [17:20:34] * Yukyun peeks out and gnaws at her sleeves... vwoop, back to hiding.
  29. [17:22:04] <Hitomi> "Surprise surprise, we weren't. I would be Hitomi, Atsuko's sister and a Samurai as well." THAT'S what it was. Samurai.
  30. [17:22:55] <Atsuko> "As former Lord and Lady of Shikoku, Nekode, I figured that Lady Motochika would be best to escort us around the island in pursuit of a place to set up your new village. Who would also do well to treat our allies with respect should she wish to retain any level of influence within her homelands..."
  31. [17:23:14] <Plutonis> Yadoyama sighs and heads to fish up some Magikarp on the beach with his tail. 13<Well, you won't mind me slacking off a little bit, eh, my Daimyo?>
  32. [17:24:10] * Botherer is now known as Atsuko
  33. [17:24:49] <Yukyun> "Ufufu..."  The shadowed figure listens intently and sneaks behind... sand and rocks and shit some more.  How do you EVEN sneak behind sand?
  34. [17:26:02] <Plutonis> Chosokabe just pouts. "So you just wanna keep me as a figurehead, eh? Guess you do need me to control my boys, heehee..." A dirty smile flashes on the pirate captain's face as she approaches Atsuko. "Or... What if you take me as your spoils of war? What you think of a concubine, eh, 'Daimyo Koketsuna'?"
  35. [17:27:31] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> 1d20+2
  36. [17:27:32] <DiceMaid-9001> Mitsuwa_Ichiro, 1d20+2: 17 [1d20=15]
  37. [17:27:33] <Plutonis> Whatarethosepressingonhisfaceagain? Oh yes, boobs.
  38. [17:28:02] <Plutonis> Ichiro can sense... A disturbance in the force. Or just the pitterpatter of someone sneaking around?
  39. [17:28:25] <Yukyun> All of a sudden the brown robe-thing LEAPS into the air and spins, being thrown off to the ground to give way for Yukyu in a blue two-piece swimsuit with Magikarp print landing and pointing at the slutty pirate.  "Leave poor Pakupatsu alone!!"
  40. [17:28:46] <Yukyun> It lands with a WHOMP.  Hey, she's actually not a washboard after all!
  41. [17:29:02] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro stands up, his eys shift around looking for the sneaking thing.
  42. [17:29:20] <Plutonis> He finds a discarded robe.
  43. [17:29:30] <Plutonis> Oh yeah, she just did that, huh?
  44. [17:29:58] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro picks up the robe and examines it carefully.
  45. [17:30:43] * Yukyun holds pose for a few seconds before breaking back to the robe and the yojimbo. "Ooh, be careful with that, it has stuff in it! Mukyuuu..."
  46. [17:30:57] <Atsuko> "Having been in control of your lands already, you'd know best what your people wa-Aaaargh, would you please control yourself, Lady Motochika?!?" Atsuko attempts to remove her boobs from his face... By pushing at her from some place that isn't her boobs.
  47. [17:31:21] <Plutonis> It's from that weird girl from back at the Satomi necrohol! How weird of it to be there, no?
  48. [17:31:36] <Plutonis> (Roll dex botherer)
  49. [17:32:03] <Plutonis> (ROLL DEX BOTHERER)
  50. [17:32:04] <Atsuko> 1d20+2 Oh, hey, something I can do! ... Sort of...
  51. [17:32:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Atsuko, Oh, hey, something I can do! ... Sort of...: 7 [1d20=5]
  52. [17:32:10] <Yukyun> (APPARENTLY NOT)
  53. [17:32:26] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro raises an eyebrow and hurries back to Atsuko.
  54. [17:32:38] <Plutonis> He gets away from the slutty pirate's chest... And gets his face on Yukyu's chest instead.
  55. [17:33:07] * Yukyun grabs him by an arm and holds him in that position, sticking a tongue out at the pirate. And the cat.
  56. [17:33:19] <Yukyun> "You hussies are scaring him, don't you know?"
  57. [17:33:46] <Hitomi> Let's see...the catgirl, the pirate...possibly the girl that seems like a catgirl but isn't actually a catgirl (probably)...That's 3, isn't it? Poor Atsuko. Yet at the same time, he's lucky. Sip.
  58. [17:33:47] <Atsuko> ... In 'boobs in face' position?
  59. [17:34:19] <Yukyun> Well in 'being too close for comfort' position in general.
  60. [17:35:01] <Plutonis> 13<Ohh, how daring, my Daimyo! Are you that keen on securing descendants yet?> Yadoyama yells while taking off a Basculin from the sea and munching on it. The hussies meanwhile... "We aren't hussies!"
  61. [17:35:09] <Yukyun> "Are too!"
  62. [17:35:52] <Atsuko> Yukyu hears something muttering from inside her chest. "Luvoo uph me, preese!" He totally tried to say 'let go of me, please', but her boobs muffled the sound quality a bit.
  63. [17:36:49] <Yukyun> "Ooops, sorry."  She's still not very tall at least and stumbles back, still glaring at the hussies fiercely.  And actually lets go.
  64. [17:38:21] <Plutonis> "And who the hell are you? His wife?" Chosokabe starts to chuckle at the thought. "E-ehh? The master has a wife? Nyaaa..." Poor Nekode is crushed by that.
  65. [17:39:11] <Atsuko> Arms are flailing and, well, pushing off of Yukyu... Though nowhere near as forcefully as upon Motochika. *Whumph* He rears backwards upon release, falling buttwards into the sand. "Thank you... And Lord Yadoyama, it's far too early to be thinking about raising a successor to the Koketsuna family! I'm still preoccupied with the issues of the present!"
  66. [17:39:18] <Yukyun> "I-It's not like that, Pakupatsu's my friend!  But um, he's delicate and kind and..."
  67. [17:39:36] <Hitomi> "...From the looks of things, she's got a better chance of it than you two." Sip.
  68. [17:39:43] * Yukyun fuuuuuuriousblushes knowing he's right there.
  69. [17:40:15] <Yukyun> "Anyway don't touch him like that or I'll turn you both into grandmas!"
  70. [17:41:28] <Plutonis> "Hmph, was just joking for a bit. I'm not into guys you know... But you are pretty cute-looking, you know." Chosochan again has that pervy smile as she stares at Hitomi. "M-master nyaaa!"
  71. [17:42:07] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro facepalms as he gets back over to Atsuko and sits back down.
  72. [17:42:08] * Yukyun :<s and grabs him by the arm again to pull him slightly away. No faceboobs this time. Armboobs maybe, though.
  73. [17:42:28] <Plutonis> 13<Oh... Oh, i think i got a big one here... Ichiro, my boy, you look like a strong one, can you help me angle this one?> Yadoyama yells as he tries not to be pulled to the depths!
  74. [17:43:03] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "Eh? Sure, Yadoyama."
  75. [17:43:10] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro heads over to help Yadoyama with his fish.
  76. [17:44:05] <Atsuko> "Well, I'm at least glad we've sorted that one out..." Atsuko brushes himself free of sand with his not-enveloped-in-boob hand.
  77. [17:44:21] <Yukyun> It's the arm, not the hand.  That'd just be gross!
  78. [17:44:36] <Yukyun> It's how he's held closer to her heart~
  79. [17:44:49] <Plutonis> (Roll STR, omega!)
  80. [17:45:08] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> 1d20+6
  81. [17:45:09] <DiceMaid-9001> Mitsuwa_Ichiro, 1d20+6: 10 [1d20=4]
  82. [17:45:13] <Hitomi> Suddenly, she really doesn't want that corset at all. "Uhhh-huh." ...There's not a positive or negative feeling in those words at all. BRUSHED ASIDE.
  83. [17:45:50] <Yukyun> "Pakupatsuuuu, I still had things I wanted to tell you after last time, anyway!  We never got to catch up, right?"
  84. [17:47:45] <Plutonis> Ichiro and Yadoyama are dragged inside the water, engulfed by the cold water... The bodyguard can see what is grabbing the poor Slowking's tail and... HOLY AMATERASU THAT'S ONE BIG-ASS BASCULIN. It's four meters long!
  85. [17:49:25] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "...That's a big one."
  86. [17:49:41] <Plutonis> (You mean glub)
  87. [17:49:50] <Plutonis> (Since you are underwater. With heavy armor)
  88. [17:49:51] <Atsuko> "Oh, of course, Yukyu! We hadn't much time to talk since we last met, have we?" He should... PROBABLY do something about his bodyguard and the delinquent getting pulled under, shouldn't he, he's thinking as he watches them both get swept off their feet.
  89. [17:49:59] * Yukyun pullpull... and glances toward the two falling into the water. "... Oh."
  90. [17:50:25] <Yukyun> "Well, I was going to say I'm glad YOU'RE safe, but..."
  91. [17:50:57] * Yukyun loosens the grip so he can do something! ... He... CAN do something, right?
  92. [17:51:23] <Plutonis> "Eh? Why not?" Chosokabe leans close to Hitomi. "Or... Don't tell me you have someone in mind... Like the pretty boy over there." She points at Atsuko. "Or is he your brother? Hohoho, that makes it forbidden, no? Even more delicious~"
  93. [17:51:28] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> (True.)
  94. [17:51:53] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> (About the glub glub thing)
  95. [17:52:56] <Atsuko> Atsuko... Really can't do much of anything, no. That's not gonna stop him from trying, though! Though this doesn't turn into a Baywatch moment, he totally does try and help out in some not-quite-pants-on-head-retarded manner. "Hitomi, would you mind assisting me here any with Masami?"
  96. [17:53:40] * Yukyun runs over to fetch some scrolls!
  97. [17:54:02] <Atsuko> Not-quite-pants-on-head-retarded meaning kind of just joining in on trying to tug them free from the water in as hands-on a manner as possible.
  98. [17:54:20] <Atsuko> ... Which is still KINDA pants-on-head retarded.
  99. [17:54:37] <Plutonis> The fish opens its mouth, ready to gulp Yadoyama and Ichiro's legs at the same time!
  100. [17:56:46] <Hitomi> "Too busy." More brushing aside! The anti-fun sends out Masami, the Lapras! "Help them...not get eaten, alright? Show them your fun psychic powers or something." Ah, the side effects of knowing Psychic. Though I have no idea how much weight it can lift, it can at least give enough of a push in some direction to have them NOT BE EATEN as it gets over there and whatnot.
  101. [17:57:38] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro attempts to dodge out of the way of the fish.
  102. [17:57:53] <Atsuko> "You'll go no further, fish!" Okay, let's try the REALLY NOT pants-on-head retarded thing now! Dispatching his spinny top styler-esque thingy, Atsuko tries to restrain the fishy.
  103. [17:59:06] <Atsuko> 1d100-10 STOP RIGHT THERE, FISHY! ... Would this actually work? I have no idea. But we can try anyways!
  104. [17:59:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Atsuko, STOP RIGHT THERE, FISHY! ... Would this actually work? I have no idea. But we can try anyways!: 7 [1d100=17]
  105. [17:59:21] * Yukyun comes back from the side clutching an armful of scrolls buuuut doesn't really do anything with them.
  106. [18:00:54] <Plutonis> Atsuko manages to restrain the Basculin but it looks like it already swallowed Yadoyama whole... And it holds Ichiro's left foot on its mouth as well.
  107. [18:02:29] <Yukyun> "Was it this one... no, it was probably this one..."
  108. [18:02:35] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "Glub glub glub!"
  109. [18:02:49] <Hitomi> (Much better!)
  110. [18:02:54] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro proceeds to try and beat on the fish to let him and Yadoyama go.
  111. [18:03:11] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> or rather pry its mouth open
  112. [18:03:26] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> 1d20+6 str check?
  113. [18:03:26] <DiceMaid-9001> Mitsuwa_Ichiro, str check?: 13 [1d20=7]
  114. [18:04:13] <Plutonis> It shakes him around.
  115. [18:04:53] <Plutonis> 2d6+15 damage. The spinning top starts wrapping around Ichiro as well, and he starts to feel... Oh yeah, lack of oxygen, huh? Well that's not good.
  116. [18:04:54] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, damage. The spinning top starts wrapping around Ichiro as well, and he starts to feel... Oh yeah, lack of oxygen, huh? Well that's not good.: 21 [2d6=5,1]
  117. [18:05:12] <Plutonis>
  118. [18:05:50] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "Blubfffffffff!"
  119. [18:06:32] <Atsuko> "Now if we can just get this thing to calm down long enough..." ... Oh shit, he's drowning, isn't he? "Up here! To the surface!" He yells at the fishy.
  120. [18:06:47] <Plutonis> The Lapras is having some trouble to pull it as well...
  121. [18:07:03] <Yukyun> "Let's see, if I can slow down its movements... was it this one?  Ohh, nooo..."
  122. [18:08:54] <Plutonis> And Hitomi is having some trouble concentrating as well as she's being groped by a certain pink-haired pirate. "Oh, come on, yell me who you like..."
  123. [18:10:58] <Atsuko> Why you no listen to him, fishy? "Release him!"
  124. [18:11:58] <Plutonis> 1d20 spitting the both at Atsuko's face.
  125. [18:11:59] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, spitting the both at Atsuko's face.: 19 [1d20=19]
  126. [18:12:07] <Plutonis> 3d10+20 damage
  127. [18:12:07] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, damage: 34 [3d10=5,1,8]
  128. [18:12:57] <Plutonis> The Basculin releases them all right. He spits both of them on Atsuko, and lemme tell you what, a chubby slowking and a guy in full armor are pretty heavy.
  129. [18:13:10] <Plutonis> That and the speed that they were flung at. Yeowch-bonk!
  130. [18:13:39] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro hacks and gags, spitting out a bit of water
  131. [18:13:48] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "Sorry my lord! Are you alright?"
  132. [18:14:23] <Yukyun> "Eek!  Oh, well, at least it wasn't..."
  133. [18:14:27] * Yukyun runs and puts the scrolls back.
  134. [18:15:28] <Atsuko> At this moment, Atsuko is PROBABLY now swirly eyed and seeing stars. Or at the very least hurting real bad. "I'll... Be fine, Ichiro..." Once the initial surge of pain and dazed-ness passes, he'll return to his feet. "I was more concerned for your own welfares!"
  135. [18:16:06] <Hitomi> Hitomi is none too keen on being groped by a...much of anyone, though in terms of how much she doesn't want specific people grabbing, she's high up there. Gettingo out of groping position AND STAYING OUT OF GROPING POSITION, even if this becomes some sort of game. "Don't know much people besides my brother, who I am not looking at in any romantic way. And this is hardly the time to look
  136. [18:16:06] <Hitomi> for anyone, either." Yeah, not looking at him in any romantic way. ...At the moment. Weh heheh.
  137. [18:18:09] <Plutonis> "Oh... Really? You are really an unfunny girl, you know~. I mean, you aren't even wearing a swimsuit here..." Chosokabe pulls off Hitomi's clothes! "Oh... Well, there's a swimsuit, huh."
  138. [18:18:44] <Yukyun> "Pakupaaatsu!  Are you all riiiight?"  Yukyu ignores the rampant lesbianism being a mature adult - oh hey she only looks 16 huh - and dashes to poor Atsuko's side.  ;_;
  139. [18:19:59] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "Blah, I need to train more. Can't let a giant fish get the best of me."
  140. [18:20:00] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro coughs a bit more.
  141. [18:20:38] <Plutonis> The Fish is meanwhile just flipping you guys off with his fin. "Nyaaa, that one looks delicious... Master! We have to get him!" 13<I concur with the young Youkai lady!> Well, that's one thing that those two agree, huh?
  142. [18:22:31] <Hitomi> "Came prepared." Sip. ...Not to mention the telekinetic return of her clothes, if possible. Though (if not in a position where it'd be simply strange to wear this, anyway) she leaves them off, because GETTING SUN.
  143. [18:23:37] * Atsuko shrug. "I suppose it'd make a more suitable here than rice cakes the rest of the evening..." So, who's preparing dinner?
  144. [18:23:44] <Yukyun> "Ooh, well it has been a while since I've gotten to make something..."
  145. [18:23:49] <Atsuko> more suitable meal** how did I even do that?
  146. [18:23:57] * Yukyun barely resists salivating a little.
  147. [18:24:51] <Plutonis> (Why would it be strange, i mean only the dudes aren't wearing those)
  148. [18:25:26] <Hitomi> Then it isn't! Pardon the slight sleepiness of the Shuku. She still carries her clothes, regardless.
  149. [18:25:33] <Atsuko> (I mean, it's not like every other woman on the beach isn't walking around in a two-piece.)
  150. [18:25:46] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro looks at the large fish and cracks his fists. "My lord, with your permission, I'd like to restore my honor by defeating this fish."
  151. [18:25:57] <Plutonis> (Nekode is wearing a one-piece though)
  152. [18:28:31] * Atsuko nods. "Very well, then, Ichiro... You may proceed to engage this fish!"
  153. [18:28:56] <Plutonis> The fish does the fish version of a 'come at me bro'!
  154. [18:29:09] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro reassumes a fighting stance and...
  155. [18:29:24] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> 1d20 "YAaaaaargh!" (Spear)
  156. [18:29:25] <DiceMaid-9001> Mitsuwa_Ichiro, "YAaaaaargh!" (Spear): 9 [1d20=9]
  157. [18:30:55] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> (AC4)
  158. [18:31:10] <Hitomi> Ah, a fight is going on. Hitomi watches while still making sure to keep her distance from she who seeks precious booty, and all that.
  159. [18:31:55] * Yukyun takes a seat by getting close enough to Atsuko to make obvious the cat can't have him.
  160. [18:32:55] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> 2d8+6+6+5+6 if hit
  161. [18:32:55] <DiceMaid-9001> Mitsuwa_Ichiro, if hit: 32 [2d8=3,6]
  162. [18:34:14] <Atsuko> Atsuko whistles into the air, calling Reppu over so little Drifloon can latch onto him. All huggles and smiles, he clings to Atsuko by wrapping around his waist... Knocking an Apcirorn Ball loose in the process. Initiating terrible, ladies!
  163. [18:34:24] <Plutonis> The fish gets pierced! It flails around and smacks Ichiro hard into a rock. So hard indeed, that his armor is knocked out of his body!
  164. [18:34:31] <Plutonis> 1d20 BAM
  165. [18:34:32] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, BAM: 11 [1d20=11]
  166. [18:34:36] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> AC?
  167. [18:34:44] <Plutonis> 3d10+15
  168. [18:34:44] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, 3d10+15: 32 [3d10=7,3,7]
  169. [18:34:59] <Plutonis> (enough to hit)
  170. [18:35:43] <Plutonis> Nekode just stares at Yukyu, her tail flailing around with JEALOUSLY. Paruparuparu...
  171. [18:36:01] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "You bastard!"
  172. [18:36:11] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "You'll pay for that, Fish!"
  173. [18:36:21] <Atsuko> Jirou pops out of the PokeBall, right between Atsuko and Yukyu... Jirou looks at the poor girls next to him, and he LIKES what he sees!
  174. [18:36:40] * Yukyun has the same determined eyes! ... Kind of.
  175. [18:37:20] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro sends out Nara! (Speed is lolzero)
  176. [18:37:55] <Plutonis> 1d20 Swallow whole
  177. [18:37:56] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, Swallow whole: 14 [1d20=14]
  178. [18:38:06] <Plutonis> Nara is chomp'd.
  179. [18:38:07] <Hitomi> Hitomi likes where this is going. The presence of Jirou, anyway. Fun times ahead for him, that's for ture!
  180. [18:38:10] <Hitomi> Sure, even!
  181. [18:38:10] <Plutonis> 2d6+15
  182. [18:38:11] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, 2d6+15: 25 [2d6=5,5]
  183. [18:39:59] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> (Damage type of Swallow whole?)
  184. [18:40:23] <Plutonis> (Normal)
  185. [18:40:50] <Plutonis> Chosokabe just gives a disgusted glare at the Nuzleaf, while Nekode is too busy being ANTAGONISTICAL to Yukyu.
  186. [18:40:54] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> Nara gives no fucks, though is D: About not being able to see too well.
  187. [18:42:51] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> (Whats init order anyways?)
  188. [18:42:59] <Yukyun> Yukyu's glare at Nekode just gets tiercer!  ... She has no tail but her hair-tips stand on end kinda.
  189. [18:42:59] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> (Ichiro=20dex)
  190. [18:43:03] <Yukyun> ... fiercer.
  191. [18:43:51] <Plutonis> (Ichiro/Fish/Nara)
  192. [18:44:01] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> k
  193. [18:44:06] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> 1d20 SPEAR
  194. [18:44:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Mitsuwa_Ichiro, SPEAR: 4 [1d20=4]
  195. [18:44:10] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> (AC4)
  196. [18:44:27] <Plutonis> The catgirl glomps Atsuko, huggling him down. "Maaaaster, won't you help?" (And that misses)
  197. [18:44:56] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> (I suspected as much.)
  198. [18:45:23] * Yukyun pulls him the other direction, huggling him from the other side! "He probably just trusts Itchy a lot, that's all!"
  199. [18:46:04] <Plutonis> "He's getting eaten though." Nekode pulls Atsuko to her side.
  200. [18:46:31] <Yukyun> "B-But he's getting eaten honorably!" Yukyu pulls him back again.
  201. [18:47:22] <Atsuko> "Nekode! ... Yukyu! ... I'd appreciate it very much if the two of you would cease this petty fighting!" Meanwhile... Jirou gives a knowing wink to Motochika before charging forth at her, hands in the ideal grabby-grabby motion and position.
  202. [18:47:41] <Yukyun> "Okay!"
  203. [18:50:07] <Atsuko> "If there's anything I can do to resolve this quarrel you're having faster, by all means, let me know how I can help out with that."
  204. [18:50:07] <Plutonis> The Nuzleaf gets stomped on the head while Chosokabe gives a haughty laugh. "Don't even get closer, squirt." The big fish meanwhile, slaps Ichiro around with its tail.
  205. [18:50:15] <Plutonis> 1d20 tail slap
  206. [18:50:15] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, tail slap: 14 [1d20=14]
  207. [18:50:38] <Plutonis> 4#1d20
  208. [18:50:39] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, 4#1d20: 9 [1d20=9], 16 [1d20=16], 6 [1d20=6], 19 [1d20=19]
  209. [18:50:50] <Plutonis> (Ac 4, first three hit)
  210. [18:51:14] <Plutonis> 3#1d10+15
  211. [18:51:14] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, 3#1d10+15: 18 [1d10=3], 22 [1d10=7], 17 [1d10=2]
  212. [18:51:45] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> (Tail slap on Me or Nara?)
  213. [18:51:54] <Yukyun> "Hmm, faster..."
  214. [18:52:02] <Plutonis> (Ichiro :V)
  215. [18:52:14] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> (Oh, ok. Only first 2 hit. +5 Evade)
  216. [18:52:58] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "That all ya got, Fishy?!"
  217. [18:53:06] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "Show em what you can do, Nara!"
  218. [18:53:14] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> Nara used Confuse Ray!
  219. [18:53:40] * Yukyun keeps the hold on poor Atsuko in that girlfriend-at-the-movies way. "Itchy's sure getting into it, huh?"
  220. [18:53:52] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> (BW2 Bronzor is weird.)
  221. [18:54:40] <Plutonis> The fish looks really twisty out...
  222. [18:55:01] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> 1d20 spear stab!
  223. [18:55:01] <DiceMaid-9001> Mitsuwa_Ichiro, spear stab!: 7 [1d20=7]
  224. [18:55:09] <Plutonis> Nekode puts her boobs on Atsuko's head on a really unconfortable way. "Ohhh, he's getting even, nya!" (Hits)
  225. [18:55:32] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> 2d10+8+6+6+5
  226. [18:55:33] <DiceMaid-9001> Mitsuwa_Ichiro, 2d10+8+6+6+5: 36 [2d10=7,4]
  227. [18:56:10] * Yukyun rests her head in his lap then, assuming he's sitting. :< "See, he can do it!"
  228. [18:57:43] <Plutonis> The fish is impaled! It wriggles out as its harpooned, dying soon afterwards. Chosokabe gives a small chuckle. "Took you that long? Were i with my gauntlet i'd dragged that tuna bastard to shore on my first attack."
  229. [18:58:30] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "That's all ya got? I expected more from you!"
  230. [18:59:03] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro grabs Nara from out of his mouth, and pats her on the head.
  231. [18:59:17] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> (Bronzor is genderless. I just realised that.)
  232. [19:00:08] <Atsuko> "Indeed he has. Excellent work, Ichiro!" A round of applause goes to Ichiro. Jirou drools on the floor, as even from beneath Motochika's foot he still gets to see her cleavage.
  233. [19:01:02] <Yukyun> "Good job, Itchy!"
  234. [19:01:05] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro returns Nara. "Good work, Nara!"
  235. [19:01:10] * Yukyun sticks a tongue out at the catgirl. "TOLD you."
  236. [19:01:11] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro ignores Yukyun.
  237. [19:01:18] <Plutonis> Oh that he does. He's still stomped by her pirate feet a good lot though.
  238. [19:01:27] <Plutonis> "N-nyaaa..."
  239. [19:01:53] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro returns Nara to her pokeball, and washes himself off quickly, and begins to dry himself off.
  240. [19:02:01] * Hitomi claps for Ichiro too! It was a good show!
  241. [19:02:08] <Plutonis> Ichiro is on his fundoshi btw.
  242. [19:03:45] * Anise is now known as Kakita_Satsuki
  243. [19:05:55] <Hitomi> WHATEVER, YOU KNOW? He still gets claps anyway.
  244. [19:06:37] * Atsuko looks up as much as he can, given Nekode's boobs draping his face. "Yukyu, what'd I say about fighting?" Mildly sadfaces abound on Atsuko's face. He's not paying attention to the fact his bodyguard's in only his undies now, if he even IS in only his undies. Nope.
  245. [19:06:59] <Yukyun> Sniff.  "I'll be good, Pakupatsuuuu..."
  246. [19:07:16] <Plutonis> "Nya-nya, master told you off!" She sticks a tongue back at Yukyu.
  247. [19:07:23] <Yukyun> SNIFF.
  248. [19:09:16] <Atsuko> "And you shouldn't be so rude to my friends, either, Nekode."
  249. [19:09:44] <Plutonis> "Nyuu..." Nekode picks up Atsuko's hand and tries to bring him to the water. "What if we all take a bath, nyaaa~"
  250. [19:10:22] <Plutonis> Ichiro meanwhile gets a DEAD HUGE BASCULIN! It can be useful at the hands of a certain swordsmith.
  251. [19:10:43] <Yukyun> Yukyu takes the other hand, still not letting go.  "Oh yeah, we are here already, aren't we?"
  252. [19:11:36] <Atsuko> "And here I was hoping we'd actually get something accomplished today... I suppose it can't be helped..." He allows himself to be dragged into the water as is.
  253. [19:13:35] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro finishes cleaning himself up, and begins to dry off.
  254. [19:14:21] <Plutonis> Such manly muscles and fundoshi glistening as the sky hits him... Even though her preferences are different, Chosokabe can't help but give a quick glance at him.
  255. [19:14:39] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> (lol)
  256. [19:17:59] <Hitomi> Sip. ...HUH. Oh well. Since they're actually at the beach now and Atsuko has successfully been coaxed into the water, a towel is laid upon the sand, where Hitomi lays down and GETS SOME RAYS while reading something or other.
  257. [19:18:59] <Plutonis> Yadoyama lazes at Hitomi's side, belly up as he starts getting tanned. 13<Ah, this is really nice, isn't it, my lady? Almost makes me forget about the war declaration that we recieved earlier today...>
  258. [19:19:17] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "......What?"
  259. [19:19:38] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro rises up immediately, and dons his armor once again.
  260. [19:20:09] <Atsuko> Atsuko stops in place however far he is dragged into the water, more or less freezing up. "... I beg your pardon, Lord Yadoyama?"
  261. [19:21:09] <Hitomi> "I know, right?" She doesn't even ask. "...You should probably mention that now, though, since you definitely still forgot to tell anyone either way."
  262. [19:21:36] <Yukyun> "... Huh."
  263. [19:21:51] <Plutonis> 13<...Oh. Yes... Yes, there's that.> He coughs a bit before going belly up. 13<We recieved a not-so-friendly letter from Motonari Mori. It appears that she demands the handover of the Shikoku island to her.> Chosokabe freezes as well before grumbling. "Oh, that conniving bitch."
  264. [19:22:31] <Yukyun> "Ohh, but we just got here!"
  265. [19:22:59] <Plutonis> "She never managed to reach the shores due to the Umikomori and the fleet and now thinks she can take Shikoku? I'll keel-oh wait. Yeah, about that." She gives a REALLY dirty look to Atsuko's group.
  266. [19:24:27] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "Why wasn't I made aware of this?!"
  267. [19:25:22] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro yells at the ancient slowpoke.
  268. [19:25:40] <Hitomi> "As expected, one war declaration after another." Sigh. "Probably should have brought a more productive book..."
  269. [19:26:48] <Atsuko> "Lord Yadoyama, did it not occur to you that perhaps having war declared upon us is something we would've liked to be informed of?" Meeting at the glare unphased, Atsuko's attention diverts to Motochika. "Repairs of the Umikomori are already underway... If you'd like, Lady Motochika, you may resume your position as captain of the ship, if blasting a hole in
  270. [19:26:51] <Atsuko> Lady Motonari is to your liking."
  271. [19:28:03] <Plutonis> 13<Ohhh, don't get so angry, my lord. The pidgey arrived just as we left here...>He turns again, letting his butt cook a bit. 13<The declaration was accompanied with a request for us to go to her lands and arrange diplomatic talks. We might avoid any fights if things go well.> "And if you ignore the fact Motonari is the most cunning bitch in the entire Ransei. You might get my whole
  272. [19:28:03] <Plutonis> support if that means keeping my lands out of her reach."
  273. [19:28:09] * Yukyun frowns and lets the poor Daimyo's arm down. :<
  274. [19:31:52] <Atsuko> "Avoiding further conflict would be ideal... It'd be unwise to waste any more time occupied in war while we're still trying to establish a solid foothold."
  275. [19:32:28] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "Indeed, but we must stand our ground. We will not be bullied out of our land."
  276. [19:32:54] <Hitomi> "...Hm. As much as I'd like to avoid preferring war over negotiations, considering our current situation, with that sort of reputation we'd either be outplayed in negotiations or end up with a knife in all our backs."
  277. [19:34:29] <Plutonis> 13<The terms for the negotiation are that only the Daimyo and his closest generals must come to a village on her provinces... However Motonari will go only by herself and her two sons.>
  278. [19:36:38] <Plutonis> The reputation of the smartest and most cunning tactician is a fearsome indeed. Tales of Motonari's strategic prowess reached you more than once, although she was at an eternal stalemate with the Chosokabe pirates before you intervened.
  279. [19:39:45] <Atsuko> 1d20+3 Random Knowledge - Motonari's reputation? "Lady Motochika, is it safe to assume that you've had personal interaction with Lady Motonari? Beyond her intellect, what sort of person is she?"
  280. [19:39:45] <DiceMaid-9001> Atsuko, Random Knowledge - Motonari's reputation? "Lady Motochika, is it safe to assume that you've had personal interaction with Lady Motonari? Beyond her intellect, what sort of person is she?": 15 [1d20=12]
  281. [19:39:58] <Hitomi> "Letting her set the stage is a least we have someone here that would likely know her tricks." Hm.
  282. [19:42:09] <Plutonis> "A conniving bitch. She often laid mines and traps whenever i appeared to loot the coast, poisoned the wells and even set villages on fire as soon as we arrived to raid them... We never met personally though, she's too cowardly to avoid a direct fight." Chosokabe spits on the floor, crossing her arms.
  283. [19:43:11] <Plutonis> And yes, Atsuko can gauge that she really IS willing to do some really nasty stuff to win. Her lack of ambition beyond the Shikoku island is probably the only reason she didn't conquered her neighbours though. That and the apparently small army of hers.
  284. [19:43:29] * Yukyun exchanges glances with Nekode on the other side of the busy Daimyo. Not hostile ones.
  285. [19:44:44] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "We should proceed with caution then."
  286. [19:47:13] <Hitomi> "For all we know, she just might not come alone given we're meeting on her land, might poison the drinks...simply proceeding might not be cautious."
  287. [19:47:29] <Atsuko> "If that's the case, then we'll have to at least make an attempt to create a truly neutral meeting point... If such an arrangement can't be made, I'm afraid we'll have no choice but to engage Motonari... Lord Yadoyama, would you happen to know if any of the current warlords fostered a friendly relationship with both the Imagawa and the Motonari?"
  288. [19:49:03] <Atsuko> And are girls whispering behind Atsuko's back literally?
  289. [19:49:37] <Plutonis> Nekode is silent, just a bit 'catty' alongside Yukyu.
  290. [19:50:12] <Yukyun> Uuuuuuuu.
  291. [19:50:14] <Plutonis> 13<That would require us to send another reply asking to change the meeting ground.>
  292. [19:50:59] <Atsuko> "... Another reply? My Lord, did you already respond to Lady Motonari's previous message?"
  293. [19:51:56] <Plutonis> 13<Just that we would be considering an answer.>
  294. [19:54:44] <Hitomi> "There shouldn't be an issue sending another message then..."
  295. [19:55:11] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "Yeah."
  296. [19:55:57] <Atsuko> "Then invest yourself in finding someone who meets my criteria. We have a war to work our way out of, and I'm not going to stick out my neck over a silver tray alongside a bottle of sake for her!"
  297. [19:58:05] <Plutonis> Yadoyama gives a curtsy nod. 13<Would the lands of Lord Yoshihiro Shimazu suffice? He's not exactly an ally of either country, but he was never invaded and never invaded lands other than his. That isolationism might be a boon at such a time.>
  298. [20:01:59] <Atsuko> "Yoshihiro Shimazu... From the island of Kyushu, correct? I can't think of anything off the top of my head to the contrary, so go ahead and make the request of him. We'll just need to hope that Lady Motonari's willing to compromise..."
  299. [20:03:25] <Plutonis> 13<Of course. And... There is another matter as well. There has been reports that the Tokugawa are amassing an army themselves. Their lord just passed away, and his young son, Ieyasu, has taken his place.>
  300. [20:05:20] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "I see... We should step up our defenses on our western border then."
  301. [20:05:49] <Atsuko> "Do they have any direction? Or are their actions merely defensive? Considering their proximity to the Takeda, were it the latter I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest."
  302. [20:06:19] * castfromhp is now known as Klaus
  303. [20:06:42] <Hitomi> "At least they're easier to negotiate with." Sip. And yes, she's been reading this whole time, while getting rays. RELAXING.
  304. [20:08:55] <Plutonis> 13<Ieyasu lived with the Takeda for most of his childhood. And while their army is not that menacing compared to ours, there's... Something really troubling about them.> Yadoyama pauses for a bit, having a cold sweat. 13<They have Tadakatsu Honda, the Invincible One Man Army.>
  305. [20:09:10] * Yukyun finally takes initiative and graps the Daimyo by the wrist. "You're gonna say it's 'not my fight' again, aren't you?"
  306. [20:09:38] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "No man is truly invincible, not even I."
  307. [20:12:17] <Plutonis> 13<Then you didn't heard about him. Honda is a former mercenary that fought over a hundred battles. He's said to have slain more Pokémon and humans than anyone in the entire Ransei. I can't stress how much that monster is dangerous, Lord Ichiro.>
  308. [20:13:08] * Atsuko is tugged by the wrist, and his attention follows. "Considering the gravity and number of the messes we've been drawn into, Yukyun, I'm afraid I might not have the luxury to say that anymore. You're free to help in any way you deem appropriate."
  309. [20:13:29] <Yukyun> (ahaha did you really just include the n)
  310. [20:13:48] <Atsuko> (GODDAMNIT Tree!)
  311. [20:13:54] <Yukyun> (hahahahaha OH WOW ME)
  312. [20:14:00] * Yukyun is now known as Yukyu
  313. [20:15:46] <Yukyu> "You... You really mean it?  T-Then I'll go get all my spells ready tonight!  And then I should probably tell you why I came to help in the first place... and then hmm, what else..."
  314. [20:17:39] <Plutonis> (Oh, yeah 'spells tonight')
  315. [20:17:47] <Plutonis> (You mean having some sex)
  316. [20:17:50] <Atsuko> (Oh GOD)
  317. [20:18:03] <Yukyu> (no I actually mean writing a bunch of funky time warp magic on scrolls)
  318. [20:18:13] <Yukyu> (obviously, she said she'll have sex with him AFTER that part)
  319. [20:19:13] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "Hmmmm... Well if he's truly as strong as you say he is, we must use caution."
  320. [20:19:47] <Hitomi> "...though he might be very close to impossible to defeat in combat, combat isn't the only way to deal with someone, as we're worrying about on our other front. Simply attacking him head-on isn't a good strategy, that's for sure."
  321. [20:19:56] <Plutonis> "Then else what." Nekode breaks her silence and bites Yukyu's head.
  322. [20:20:11] <Yukyu> "Ow!"
  323. [20:21:28] <Yukyu> "I still haven't mastered all my magics yet, I-I just meant I'd study a little!  If I'm gonna be useful..."
  324. [20:22:14] * Atsuko thwacks Nekode's ear. "I said to stop, Nekode! ... But yes, it's been made quite apparent that charging headfirst at Tadakatsu is to boil our men alive."
  325. [20:23:17] <Atsuko> "We will need to ensure that Ieyasu's army isn't being amounted for the purpose of mowing our own forces down."
  326. [20:26:20] <Plutonis> "Nyaaa..." Poor catgirl... She ;_;s while holding her head low.
  327. [20:30:30] <Atsuko> He scritches her ear afterwards. "I promise I won't do it again so long as the both of you can behave yourselves." God, he feels like he's talking to children. You SURE Yukyu's actually sixteen?
  328. [20:30:42] <Yukyu> Twenty-something.
  329. [20:31:08] <Plutonis> (So she's older than Chosokabe)
  330. [20:31:31] * Yukyu nodnods. "It's serious now, anyway."
  331. [20:31:35] <Plutonis> (And probably older than everyone but Ichiro and Yadoyama what the fuck)
  332. [20:31:59] <Hitomi> Crazy cat lady. ...Sip.
  333. [20:32:08] <Yukyu> (yeah exactly)
  334. [20:34:38] <Hitomi> "...Poisoning likely wouldn't even work, not to mention it'd give us a bad reputation...why do all the easier methods of bringing down a one man army have to be so villainous..."
  335. [20:35:58] <Plutonis> 13<Ahem. Of course we can discuss that later. We are here for a reason, aren't we?> Yadoyama stops for a bit, zoning off. 13<...Take a sunbath, wasn't it?>
  336. [20:36:35] <Yukyu> "Definitely!  Let's finish what we started!"
  337. [20:36:44] * Yukyu grabs the daimyo's wrist agan and heads back to the water~
  338. [20:37:00] <Atsuko> >implying we weren't already in the water
  339. [20:37:22] <Yukyu> DEEPER.
  341. [20:37:32] <Atsuko> We kind of stopped mid-drag with a still completely clothed Atsuko already... I don't even know how deep--Oh, that works!
  342. [20:38:13] <Hitomi> Well Hitomi wasn't in the water. Neither was the Slowking. But hey, whatever! "...We were actually here to survey the coastline, but apparently they all still want to have fun."
  343. [20:38:47] * Yukyu splashfights the fuck out of the cat all day long.
  344. [20:39:01] <Hitomi> "...Let's just eventually get to finding a place, OK? ...Though as long as the sun is high in the sky, sunbathing isn't all that bad." Sip. Page turn.
  345. [20:41:38] <Atsuko> "... Until we've established whether or not negotiations with the Motonari are viable, we don't have much else TO be done..." *Splash splash*
  346. [20:42:34] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "True, Ill keep a lookout though for any Motonari spies, or advance parties however."
  347. [20:44:16] <Plutonis> And so our heroes finish up partying and frolicking around on the Shikoku island beaches. I'm pretty sure sooner or later they'll actually remember they went there to scout for a place to build the village but hey, since Nekode liked that place and Chosokabe is fine as long as it's not Motonari land it looks like things are getting better, no? Well, if you ignore the whole risk of getting
  348. [20:44:16] <Plutonis> at war with two countries at once stuff.
  349. [20:44:20] <Plutonis> [/session]
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