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  1. Today some terrible news was given to me by my mother. She came to the
  2. steps, to the call of all rape victims to come forward. She wanted to
  3. speak. She is now nearing 60 years. In the 1960's, she was with one of her
  4. female friends. And the friends brother offered to drive her back home. As
  5. she was in a car full of young teen boys, the boys decided to take it upon
  6. themselves to take her to a cemetery and rape her. She and a few of the
  7. boys were in the age range of 14-16.
  9. She wants me to let her story be known since she was unable to speak
  10. yesterday (1/5/2013). She is willing to write a statement to be read at the
  11. next upcoming #Occupy. I will be reading this for her. But in the case that
  12. I may not be able to make it out to Steubenville I would ask for one of our
  13. organizers to step forward (Preferably Female) to read her story to the
  14. crowd.
  16. This news has me heart broken as she has never spoken a word of it until
  17. only a few moments ago.
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