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  1. Peter Mayhew had arrived at the party a little late, having just walked in while Emmi was in the middle of her speech. He was struggling to walk in the pair of red high heels he had “borrowed” from his mom’s closet. In fact, he had borrowed quite a few other pieces of clothing from his mother’s closet. The seventeen-year-old troublemaker had heard about the 21+ Halloween party that very day and had decided he was going to sneak in.
  3. His mom worked as a nurse so her hours were sporadic and it just happened that she had to work overnight for Halloween. This was perfect for Peter as he could borrow his mom’s clothing and with a little makeup disguise himself as a “milf”.
  5. Everyone’s focus was on the woman standing on the stage, which was perfect for Peter to casually stroll through the crowd towards the bar. He didn’t bother to pay attention to what was said, his focus was getting a mixed drink from the hot bartenders.
  7. Almost to the bar, the magic hit Peter, who suddenly could walk in the heels as if he had been doing it for years. He then gained some height, reaching around 5'4. As his legs thinned down and his hips widened, the heels began to make his expanding ass sashay with each step. His waist shrunk giving him an hour glass figure, and his manhood went into his body. She never noticed the ample breasts that were now contained in a strapless bra wrapped around her chest.
  9. Penny moved a few long strands of her long hair out of her face. Her makeup looked on point and she hoped to attract a warm-blooded male.
  11. Walking in the place of Peter, was Penny Mayhew, a 37-year-old single mom with a teenage son. She needed to get out for the night, especially since she switched shifts with a coworker at the hospital.
  13. She adjusted her nurse scrubs, she didn’t have time to change into something more “Halloween-y” but dressing up as a hospital nurse counted, right?
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