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[M4A] The Test.

Teasing_To_Please Feb 13th, 2018 73 Never
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  1. [M4A] The test. [For u/JayeWilde][Incest][Mommy][Futa]Crossdressing][Blowjob][Anal][Kissing][Cum play][Spanking][Whimpers][Exhibitionism][Cuddles][Aftercare] and two [l-bombs]
  2. ___
  4. Okay mommy, I'm all ready for you now. Are you proud of me? I managed to get myself all tied up just like you taught me, I admit the rope around my right wrist might be a little loose because I had to use my teeth to tighten it myself. I think I did everything else the way you wanted though, on my stomach with a pretty skirt on and my chin barely hanging over the edge of the bed so that you can use my throat.
  5. (Pause)
  6. Thank you so much for buying me this new skirt, I have to admit getting ready took a little longer than usual because I spent a few minutes looking at myself in the mirror. I looked the way it just barely covers the curve of my ass, makes me feel so pretty.
  7. (Spank)
  8. Mmm, I'm glad you like it too Mommy, I hope it makes your cock as hard as it makes mine, I love being a pretty little boy for you.
  9. (Pause and gasp)
  10. Do you actually mean that mommy? You wouldn't be able to tell if I was a boy or a girl if all you got to see was my ass? That makes me so happy you have no idea, come down here and kiss me mommy?
  11. (Slow gentle kisses)
  12. So, are you going to tell me what this is all about, what this "test" is?
  13. (Pause)
  14. Yes, of course I remember the plan you laid out for us.
  15. (Pause)
  16. Repeat it? Yes Mommy. You said that every month we would move a little bit further. Last month for my 18th birthday you started letting me suck that thick cock of yours. Then next month that you'd start teaching me to please your cunt as well. Then you then month after that you'd start touching my ass, start stretching out my virgin hole and making it yours.
  17. (Pause)
  18. I can hardly wait mommy, every time you use my throat it teases my little hole so much but at the same time I'm glad, your huge cock is kind of scary to think about being inside me. You're so much bigger than I am and I don't want it to hurt too much. I want you inside there though.
  19. (Pause and smile)
  20. Yes Mommy, in your greedy little slut that needs your cock. Would you, um, let me stroke it a little with my tied up hand while we talk?
  21. (Short pause and moan)
  22. Oh thank you mommy, get that thick cock out for me, let me give it a little kiss before I start stroking you, well as much as I can stroke you using only my wrist.
  23. (Brief pause and then kiss)
  24. Mmph, I love when you are already all swollen for me when I pull you out. Oh, fuuuck, that little bead of precum that just dripped out... Here, let me spread it across your head for you, get you nice and wet for me.
  25. (2 spanks)
  26. Oww, I'm sorry mommy, back to the plan. The month after you start playing with with my ass you said I'd be allowed to be inside you for the first time, that I'd finally get to cum inside you after months of teasing.
  27. (Pause)
  28. Yes, I want to please you in every way possible. Finally, that last month you'd turn me into your little pornstar. You'd start recording everything we do together and turn me into a little online whore. You'd show everyone what a good cocksucker you've made me.
  29. (Moan)
  30. Yes Mommy, I want to be your little exhibitionist slut and I want your cock in my mouth right now, I want to taste that sweet precum and feel your swollen head push into my throat.
  31. (Pause and groan, breathless now)
  32. How could I ever forget your plan, it's all I think about now, being a good fucktoy for you.
  33. (Spank and whimper)
  34. Yes Mommy. I love that cock of yours more than anything else in the world, it's so veiny and thick and I love how swollen and purple it gets for me, how needy you get for me.
  35. (Pause)
  36. So this test has something to do with the plan? Please tell me Mommy, tell me the news, you sound so excited. Pleeeease, I need to know.
  37. (Longer pause while groaning, stop groaning suddenly and add a little fear into voice)
  38. Oh? You're...  changing the timeline? What happenned?
  39. (Short pause)
  40. You found an "investor"? What does that mean Mommy?
  41. (Longer pause)
  42. He's paying you HOW much? Oh god, mommy, that makes me so happy that you can make this your full time job.
  43. (several kisses)
  44. I'm so happy that you'll get to spend all day with me cuddling and using me and training me.
  45. (Pause)
  46. What's the catch mommy? You said the timeline needed to change.
  47. (Long pause and whimper)
  48. You're to start touch my ass, today?
  49. (Pause and whimper again)
  50. I mean I know I said I wanted that but it's still so scary mommy, I mean, you're so much bigger than I am and you my hole hasn't had anything inside it before...
  51. (Short pause)
  52. Oh, so we don't have to start with your cock? Oh thank goodness, thank you mommy.
  53. (Kiss then pause)
  54. So, right now? This is really happening huh... Just a plug for now?
  55. (Pause and whimper)
  56. Yes Mommy, I'm as ready as I'll ever be.
  57. (Spank and groan)
  58. I'm sorry, I'll raise my hips higher up for you.
  59. (Groan)
  60. Fuck I love when you grab and spread my are like that. You're... Going to use lube, right?
  61. (Pause and whimper)
  62. What do you mean "kind of"?
  63. (Short pause)
  64. He had some other conditions as well?
  65. (Spank)
  66. Yes I'm sorry mommy, I got distracted talking to you, I'll squeeze my hand tighter and keep it moving this time.
  67. (Pause and groan)
  68. Oh mommy I love it when you call me a good boy like that.
  69. (Kiss and then pause)
  70. Yes, I remember how we collected all of your cum last week, how could I forget, I've been wondering what you were going to do with that.
  71. (Pause and groan)
  72. So... Our cum is the only lube I'll ever be allowed to use? We're going to have to collect most of it from now on huh?
  73. (Pause and giggle then serious tone)
  74. But how will the investor know that we are following orders?
  75. (Long pause and then whimper loudly)
  76. Y-you installed camera and microphones already?
  77. (Whimper again the whisper)
  78. So he can already see me? Mommy... That's.. Oh god, why does that turn me on.
  79. (Spank)
  80. Yes, I'm your little exhibitionist whore mommy, to do with whatever you want. I'm as ready as I'm going to be.
  81. (Pause and groan)
  82. Ohhh, mommy, it's so hot watching you dip the plug into your com and get it all nice and lubed for me. Fuck, I love it when you squeeze my are like that mommy.
  83. (Whimper)
  84. That feels so conflicting having it rest there just at my entrance it's so teasing, but it' also so scary, what if I don't like it?
  85. (Pause)
  86. T-that's the test? To see if my hole is as slutty as the rest of me? How will you know?
  87. (Squeak and start panting)
  88. Oh god mommy, that, that isn't fair. You didn't give me any warning as you pushed it in.
  89. (Pause then super quietly)
  90. Yes Mommy, it does feel good, it only hurts a little bit, I'm doing my best to stay relaxed so that I don't hurt myself.
  91. (Whimper)
  92. You want my mouth now mommy? I thought you'd never get around to that. (Kiss) Thank you Mommy.
  93. (Sucking noises)
  94. Thank you so much for giving me your cock Mommy, you were leaking like crazy all over my fingers and I couldn't wait to get a taste of that precum of yours that you know I love so much.
  95. (Sucking noises for a few minutes here with whimpering and moaning thrown in liberally.)
  96. What did you want to ask Mommy?
  97. (Spank while briefly sucking.)
  98. You want me to describe how it feels while i just stroke you? Okay, I can do that.
  99. (Kiss)
  100. It um, God it's hard to explain. It's like I'm just being held open slightly, like my body knows it should be fully closed but it can't quite get there.
  101. (Kiss)
  102. I can feel little shocks travelling up my spine and this little spot inside of me, right behind my cock, starting to pulse. You called it my prostate I think?
  103. (Spank and whimper)
  104. Fuuuck, when you spank me like that I can't help but clench and it hurts for a second but then it feels really re a lot good for some reason. It feels so slick inside me, but it's um, starting to feel like it's not enough, like I need more inside me.
  105. (Spank again and whimper)
  106. Yes, I know I'm a slut mommy.
  107. (Groan happily)
  108. Mmph, yes mommy, use my throat.
  109. (Deepthroating noises while moaning until out of breath)
  110. Fuck my little throat with that thick cock Mommy.
  111. (Deepthroating noises for as long as possible)
  112. Mmph fuck, when you call me a good boy like that, it makes me tense up and then I can feel the bump of the plug sliding against my little spot.
  113. (A little more deepthroating)
  114. It's time? Oh god, are, are you sure that you don't want me to suck your cock for a little longer?
  115. (Slap)
  116. I'm sorry mommy, I didn't mean to talk back I just... I'm a little scared.
  117. (Kisses with sounds of movement on the bed)
  118. Oh god, you're actually going to do this aren't you.
  119. (Moan as the plug comes out)
  120. Oh fuck, I feel all open and vulnerable now with you spreading my cheeks like that, oh god Mommy...
  121. (Pause and kiss)
  122. Y-you want me to beg for it?
  123. (Whimper)
  124. Okay Mommy. I... I want your cock inside me for the first time, I want to know what it feels like.
  125. (Pause)
  126. More? Pretty please mommy, I want you cock on my tight little asshole.
  127. (Gasp and scream)
  128. Fuuuuuuuck.
  129. (Pant heavily)
  130. Mommy mommy mommy, stop oh god, please stop, it hurts. It hurtssss. Please it's so huge...
  131. (Whimper and meekly kiss)
  132. That's. That's barely more than the head? Oh fuck, please don't tell me you have to put it all in...
  133. (Long pause while groaning in pain)
  134. That's what the investor wants though? Oh god I forgot about him watching...
  135. (Slap and whimper)
  136. Yes Mommy, I'll be good and put on a good show for him, you can, push deeper, slowly please?
  137. (Whimper and scream as she pushes in, fucking noises for as long as possible)
  138. Oh, fuuuck, you're starting to feel so good Mommy. Especially when you pull almost all the way out then push back in again I can feel your head pressing against my little spot and it's making my cock leak Mommy.
  139. (Pause)
  140. Are you getting close Mommy? I can feel your cock throbbing like it does when you are about to fun in my throat.
  141. (Pause and groan happily)
  142. Oh thank you Mommy, I want that hot cum in my tight little heat. I want to know what it feels like when you fill me up, when you tip over the edge while you are inside me, cum inside your baby boy, please.
  143. (Pause and then groan)
  144. Please untie me Mommy? I want to touch my cock. I've been a good boy for you haven't I? I've been grinding like a good little slut for you.
  145. (Whimper loudly)
  146. Oh, but please Mommy? I want to cum.
  147. (Groan)
  148. Okay, I'll clench for you, Mommy. Ahhhn, that hurts a little mommy. Now can I touch my cock?
  149. (Spank)
  150. There's one more investment condition you didn't tell me about? But mommyyyy.
  151. (Short Pause)
  152. I-I can only cum from my ass? How does that even work?
  153. (Scream)
  154. Oh my fucking god, that angle feels so amazing, you're fucking right into my little spot. Holy. Fuck.
  155. (Moaning and whimpering)
  156. Please cum for me Mommy? Pretty please fun in your slutty little baby boy?
  157. (Cry out)
  158. No, please Mommy, I don't want to have to cum first.
  159. (Whimper)
  160. No... Please don't choke me Mommy please
  161. (Choking noises and whimpering)
  162. Oh god, mommy, I'm going to fun I'm gonna-Ah. Please give me that hot cum mommy, fill up your little boy. Cum right against my little spot, give me that hot mommy jizz. Pleeease. I can't. Hold. Back. Fuuuuuck.
  163. (Orgasm while whimpering turning into happy moans)
  164. Oh... Mommy.
  165. (Panting heavily while kissing)
  166. That... I didn't even know that was possible. That, felt amazing, I'm so lightheaded.
  167. (More kissing)
  168. Thank you Mommy, you made my little hole feel sooooo good. I hope you enjoyed it too, I can feel how much you shot inside me.
  169. (Loud whimpering)
  170. Oh fuck,no no no, don't move, it's so sore. Please mommy.
  171. (Frantic kissing)
  172. Please stop mommy.
  173. (Whimper, clearly enjoying it)
  174. I mean... Yes it feels good. It's so intense though Mommy, I need a break.
  175. (Groan)
  176. Fuck. Please just cuddle me Mommy?
  177. (Moan happily)
  178. Thank you, fuck, thank you for stopping. I love feeling you just collapse on top of me like that, your tits and nipples pressed into my back, your thighs squeezing gently around mine.
  179. (Kisses)
  180. I love your weight pressed down into me like that.
  181. (Groan)
  182. I love you too Mommy, don't pull out just yet, I like feeling you inside me like this even if you aren't moving.
  183. (Whimper)
  184. Sorry, aftershock. It felt like there was an electric shock running from the tips of my toes, up to my balls and little spot then roll up my spine.
  185. (Kisses)
  186. Fuck, okay, please pull out Mommy? It's starting to get too sore.
  187. (Moan as she pulls out.)
  188. Thank you Mommy, that was amazing. I hope I performed well enough for you, and um, the investor.
  189. (Kiss gently)
  190. Do you think I did a good job Mommy?
  191. (Groan happily)
  192. Oh thank you Mommy, I love being your good little boy.
  193. (Kiss)
  194. One last thing, what?
  195. (Pause and then whimper quietly)
  196. You need to get a close up of my ass in my pretty little skirt leaking your cum? What do you need me to do?
  197. (Short pause)
  198. Okay Mommy, let me just arch my back and angle my hips for you, is that good?
  199. (Spank)
  200. Ahhn, more, okay. Like that?
  201. (Moan happily)
  202. Fuck I love when you spread my cheeks like that. Am I a good little pornstar Mommy?
  203. (Kiss)
  204. Oh thank you Mommy.
  205. (Pause)
  206. You have to plug me to keep the cum in?
  207. (Whimper)
  208. Okay.
  209. (Gasp as the plug goes back in)
  210. Mmph, I love being your perfect little baby body, it always makes me shudder in the nicest way when you call me that.
  211. (Kisses and pause)
  212. Okay Mommy, I'll wait for you while you get cleaned up and check with the investor, I hope he's happy. Mommy? Come untie me and cuddle when you're done okay?
  213. (Kiss and smile)
  214. Thank you Mommy, love you.
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