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outlels pastebin instructions for /irc/

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Dec 6th, 2015
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  1. For /nba/:
  2. - Play >PONS and PEEP MY OUTFIT regardless of condition
  3. - At 69', sub in WHO /10-0/ HERE? (RWF) for SOR YUU and sub out ALLU (RB) for PogChamp
  4. - At 77', sub out Memeback for 70+7 (SEVENTY)
  6. For /4ccg/:
  7. - Play IRC Shitposting Squad, Memeback, and Powdi's Sister regardless of condition
  8. - At 69' sub out both fullbacks for best conditioned replacements
  9. - At 77' sub out Memeback for 70+7 (SEVENTY)
  11. For /sbg/:
  12. - Play PogChamp regardless of condition
  13. - At 69' sub out !roll 1d100 and SOR YUU (LB and RWF) for best conditioned replacements
  14. - At 77' sub out Memeback for 70+7 (SEVENTY)
  16. If/when we ever play one of these teams in the knockouts, follow the same instructions as above.
  18. If/when we play a Group A team in the knockouts (/ag/, /neo-ag/, /ija/, /nadja/), ONLY FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW:
  19. - At 69', sub out the most tired fullback (LB/RB) for his best conditioned replacement
  20. - If we're losing at 77', move both wingers (LWF/RWF) to the upper edges of AMF box and sub in the SEVENTY SEVEN ATTACKING MIDFIELDERS; if not, then just sub out the other fullback and the AMF
  22. Regardless of opponent: If we're losing by 4 or more goals at 69' (normally sub time), sub out both wingers for the benched GKs, move the CB up to AMF box, and sub in another SEVENTY SEVEN ATTACKING MIDFIELDER
  24. #YÖBL
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