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Chapter 9.11 - Brandon ( exclusive)

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Aug 25th, 2019
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  1. Chapter 9.11 ( exclusive)
  4. Segacamp and Jonathan were pounding it. They felt so good, alternating their duneworms in their butts. They tried everything. Missionary, doggy, one of them even jumped inside the yellow slime. But this wasn't good enough. Segacamp had a need, a lust for destruction. And while he already twisted Jonathan's duneworm over 180 degrees with the wrench an hour ago, it still did not compare to the amount of degrees his head tilted and twisted over the evening.
  6. Segacamp took several beers during the evening, and he was starting to not make sense anymore.
  8. "Sunrose... I hope you're still watching..."
  9. "I may be drunk and stupid Jonathan..."
  10. "Sorry! There's no way I'm climbing the Twin Towers to get a ho!"
  11. "SUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  13. Jonathan meanwhile was on a diet of Smirnoff Ice and was completely sober, so decided to help his friend. He grabbed a bunch of cheezit boxes and stacked them together in the other room while Segacamp was vomiting on the previous pit of yellow slime. He then grabbed him.
  15. Segacamp threw Jonathan at the first tower of cheezits. It fell to the floor quickly, simulating the first tower destruction. Time seemed to stop.
  19. He then threw himself at the second tower. Some of the cheezit boxes opened causing a flurry and quake of orange specks on the ground. There was also a huge yellow puddle as Segacamp had peed himself again. Jonathan was just getting up and, in Submissive mode, decided to call over some of his friends to roleplay more towers getting destroyed, but not before inserting his duneworm into Segacamp's anus one last time.
  21. "Brandon? Are you there?"
  22. "Yes! Yeah! Is this for the next Windows system rant?"
  23. "Uh... no sorry. We're just over for a... sort of party, and..."
  24. "Oh! Yeah- I've had these sex parties with Segacamp all the time before! It'll be about an hour drive for me. See ya!"
  26. While Segacamp was conked out, Jonathan decided to play some Final Fantasy 7 to pass the time, until at last, Brandon finally arrived. They were checking up on Segacamp to see that he had apparently wokended up and was shitting hard into the toilet, with shit, blood, rocks, and piss. He didn't even land any of it in the toilet bowl, either. There were some rocks in the upper decker, piss in the garbage can, and most of it landed in the bathtub.
  28. Jonathan then went to the cosplay section and found some old grey boxes next to the old wall of dildos. He cut open the bottom along with Brandon, and painted them to look like windows. There were six boxes, enough for both of them. They went into the bathroom to find Segacamp finally stopped shitting all over the place, and Segacamp looked to see his two friends cosplaying as two miniature towers inside his bathroom.
  30. This was a great moment. The grand finale.
  32. Segacamp took the soap dispenser and toothbrushes and started throwing them at the 'towers'. The smell of toothpaste, shit, blood, and slime punctuated the entire room - luckily, Jonathan and Brandon couldn't smell it at all in the costume. They fell back on purpose, exposing their bottoms. When the towers fell, Segacamp got a big erection and went inside the tower costumes, first violating Brandon, and then Jonathan came out through the back of *his* costume and stuck his penis in Segacamp's ass - Segacamp then let out an enormous moan. This three-way party broke Brandon's side of the costume.
  34. But something wasn't right.
  36. "I could have sworn I saw Azatoth..."
  38. "Did anyone see that black suited man?"
  40. Segacamp of course was only tower-powered and didn't notice anything, and seemingly went unconscious again. But Brandon and Jonathan just sensed something was wrong, cleaned up (not with the stained bathroom sink) and quickly left.
  44. Five minutes later, someone opened the door to Segacamp's room and smelt something horrible in the bathroom.
  46. "Michael Campbell?"
  48. He walked closer...
  50. "Sir. We've been having some noise complaints, and..."
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